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May 4, 1989
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24 .MIDDLEVI',AY Naomi Barrow 725-2500 UMW MET Mrs. Effie Zeigler and Mrs. Naomi Barrow hosted the United Methodist Women Wednesday evening, April 26, in the social room of the church. Twelve members were present. Mrs. Marlene Popkins led the lesson on their study of the men and women of the Bible and her lesson was related to Esther. Mrs. Donna Greenwalt presided over the business session. Routine reports were presented. A report was given on the gift for the adopted friend at Jeffersonian Manor Nursing Home. Plans were discussed concerning the mother and daughter banquet, and also the Father's Day banquet. The ladies were reminded of the box in the back of the church for items for/ Shenandoah Women's Center in Mar- tinslmrg. Also, a box will be placed in the church for old jewelry, to be used for games at the Jeffersonian Nursing Home. The May meeting will be the mother and daughter banquet and will be held in the social room of the church. This SPIRIT OF JEFFERSON Farmer's ADVOCATE -- THURSDAY. MAY 4, 1989 will be a covered dish dinner at 6:30 p.m. The date was moved up to May 24, due to the holiday. -.. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Hough and Mrs. Ella James returned to their home in Sanford, Fla., "departing Thursday morning. Visitors at the home of Mrs. Wearilee Cain, where she was staying this past week were Rev. Charles Frum, Mrs. Catherine Cross, Mrs. Ruth Stevens, Mr. and Mrs. Albert Butler, Mrs. Beatrice Reed, Mrs. Virginia Dunlap, Mr. and Mrs. John Hough, Mrs. Virginia Pierce, Mrs. Marlaine Chamblin, Mr. and Mrs. Ar- nold Dailey, Mr. and Mrs. Andy Seal CHARLES TOWN here. Most importantly, there will be a special youth ministry after the 7:30 service, for first through 12th graders, separated into age groups. Babysitting is also provided during the weekend. A 24-hour prayer vigil will be held from noon May 8 through noon May 9. The church will be open for those 24 hours; anybody who has the time and inclination may enter and join in the silent prayers. NEWS AT ZION The men at Zion Episcopal Church will honor their women at a mother- . daughter banquet, Wednesday, May 10. Be there, women, at 6 p.m. If you don't have a daughter of your own, bring an "adopted-for-the-evening" one. Food at this affair is always delicious and the men of the church such delightful hosts that you won't want to "miss it. It would be very nice if you could let the church office, Barbara Hooper 725-7742 The Charles Town Presbyterian Church is offering, to all who wish to attend, a very special spiritual enrich- ment program. It's called Lay Renewal and begins with a 7:30 p.m. service every night for three evenings, from Thursday, May 11 through Satur- day, May 13. This service is in the church sanc- tuary and will be conducted by 20 lay people who will come here from all over the eastern United States to share their message with us. They are peo- ple from all walks of life who have " something important to share and will travel many miles to do so. After the 7: 30 service, if one desires to be with these people and ask ques- tions of them, there will be meetings at homes of local Presbyterians, call- ed "Afterglow." Everyone is welcome RAN00;c)N Marty Lancaster 725-4370 Didn't the weather in Ranson Sun- day just warm yotr heart? Not to mew tion your arms, back and your insides. I can see spring and best of all I can finally feel spring! I'm so tired of be- ing chilly that I could just scream.. • of course I'll be too hot this summer, but we'll cross that bridge when we come to it. School is almost over and finals are just around the corner. I'm cracking the books, trying to make some sense of linear equations and other equally baffling mysteries of math. Ms. Shirley assures me it's easy, and I'm making it more difficult than it needs to be, however I'm suffering from a full blown case of "math anxiety" and the fact that my brain is 25 years older than when first introduced to the material. To tell the truth, I'm quite sure that most of this material was thought up in the interval between my high school days and today. I'd swear that I never saw any of this "stuff" before. Speaking of Memorial Day brings to mind the program which the American Legion and the VFW an- nually host. Please take time out from your schedule of picnics and parties to participate and honor the many veterans who died for their country. Specific details of this program will be published in another column. You can be assured of an inspiring speaker and a lovely program. The Space Shuttle is scheduled to once again take to the sky. To my way of thinking that would be the best job in the world. To have that much knowledge and to have the opportuni- ty to travel to outer space would be wonderful. Being an alumni of Purdue, I was pleased that one of their students was privileged to have an experiment aboard when Discovery blasted off in March. Purdue senior John Vellinger designed a chicken embryo experi- ment which would incubate the em- bryos in a weightless environment. The carge involved 16 two-day-old em- bryos and 16 nine-day-old embryos growing weightless for five days. An identical 32-egg clutch remained on a control. The earthbound eggs were rotated five times a day, as mama chicken would do. The hypothesis advanced was that eggs in- cubated in space would not need the constant rotation. While in space the eggs were "mothered" by Col. John Blaha (Purdue M.S.A.E. '66) shuttle pilot. Upon landing at Edwards, half of the 32 space and control eggs were flown to Kentucky Fried Chicken labs in Louisville, Ky. to hatch; the other half were taken to Purdue to be studied and compared with their Ear- :thbound brethren. March 30 was the birhday of Purdue Peep and fifteen other chicks, they ap- ;peared normal in every way and they are the world's first space chicks. Vellinger announced Apirl 3 that none of the eight two-day-old eggs :from orbit hatched but that all eight iof the control eggs on Earth hatched and were healthy. 100 percnet of the nine-day-old embryos lived in both the space and control groups. Details, after a professor of veterinary anatomy gets finished examining the two-day-old embryos which died, will :be advanced giving their conclusions. , I can see you folks rolling your eyes and wondering what in the world all this has to do with Ranson. Well.. this experiment was developed while Vell- inger was in Junior High School. Yet, a teacher inspired and worked with , him on his idea and encuraged him to develop it to the point where NASA  i was interested and he had the backing of the best (to my biased mind) school in the world. Jefferson county will be losing quali- ty school personnel next year due to early retirement. This quality teaching and administrative personnel needs to be replaced with quality and qualified candidates. We are wonderful staff each year to Virginia and Maryland. The county is fo/unate that many dedicated and talented teachers have remained in West Virginia despite the pay scale. These teachers are in contact with the most precious gift you have.., your child. I want my children to have the best teachers, educational materials and to be inspired to learn more than was thought possible years ago. Last week there was no Ranson News. I could come up with many ex- cuses, but the truth is that I was almost "bowled to death" over the weekend. Four peole.that I thought were my friends tried to do me in. Mol- ly Nobrega, Karla Glassford, Babe Smith and Lori Mills took me to An- nandale and Falls Church and bowled me to death. Yep, they made me bowl until my arms were ready to fall  and I could hardly walk. I'm not sure how we did, not great if my scores were any indication of how the others bowl- ed, but we did have a great time. We stopped at a Zayres near the city and my luck was still out to lunch. I touched the rear of this really neat car, and the alarm sysem went off. The siren is wailing and I'm trying to act as though I didn't hear anthinng or do anything• You can bet I hustled back to the car in a hurry. I could hear Bill now if I called from the city and told him to send money - Quick! I don't want to add breaking and entering to my list of accomplishments. We plan to try this bowling stuff again this fall. This time we'll be trying our skill in Williamsburg. Mom always said I was hard-headed and didn't learn by ex- perience. Actually she said I didn't have sense enough to come in out of the rain, but that didn't seem to fit. 725-5312, know your plans. There was an Episcopal church women meeting last night at Zion, Nellie Fleming Covener. The purpose was to discuss forming a new evening and new morning group. If you weren't there but would like to be a member of one of these groups, call the church office and make your wishes known. Your input is very much desired. NATIONAL HOSPITAL WEEK The week of May 7 through 13, is observed as National Hospital Week. Jefferson Memorial is offering a varie- ty of events as their part in the celebration. Some of these are: All week: the business office will give ten percent off current hospital bills if paid in full. Monday, May 8: free blood pressure readings from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m., in the hospital lobby. At noon: the new physical therapist will give a con- ference, third floor classroom. Tuesday, May 9: free lung capacity tests (normally $45) from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., by appointment only, call 725-3411, ext. 289, ask for Jeoff Williams. "THE GREAT RACE" At Charles Town Race Track. Presented by Jefferson Memorial Hospital Auxiliary, to benefit their hospital fund, which has given to JMH such things as automatic doors at the entrance, electric thermometers, redecoration of the ICU waiting room, and funding help for continuing educa- tion seminars for the nursing staff. Day: Monday, May 15. Price: $15 per person. Includes: hors d'oeuvres, buffet, parking, program. There will be a cash bar. Always a fun event. Call Jill Nau for reservations, 725-3411. MAY CALENDAR Charles Town Council. At Town Hall, 7: 30 p.m., Monday, May 15. (Met also May 1.) Jefferson County Commission. At Jefferson County Courthouse, 9:30 a.m., every Thursday. Board of Education, 110 Mordington Avenue, 7:30 p.m., Monday, May 8 and May 22. GIVE AWAY... ...Free balloons to day care eentezs, church Bible classes, church youth organizations, or any d.ildren's group. Tom Lennon has asked me to help given away free baRRoom to the above groups. He has put little notes in his Spirit ads, reading, 'I will give any one organization up to 50 balloons free. All they have to do is identify themselves and their organization. So far, no one has taken advantage of this gorgeous offer. There is no obligation to buy anything from Mr. Lennon, he just likes to give away balloons. Please call and make ar- rangements to pick up your 50 balloons, 725-7476. Thank you, Mr. Len- non, for caring about the youth of to- day. They need our support, not a lot of hot air. BITS AND PIECES Edna Eyster "drove to Stevenson, Md., to spend several days at the home of her sister and brother-in-law, Mary and Herb Reynolds. Pat and Kaye Bush were house guests last week of Francis Boyer, in Kingsport, Tenn. While there they also visited with Frances's daughter and family, Susan and Leonard Nicely, Melinda and Marge. I have really been entertained by those stories of Fritz, the wonder dog of Bakerton. He's a real bow-bowl More, please, Bill Theriault. and children, and Mrs. Alma Swartz. Mrs. James attended the morning worship service at Middleway United Methodist Church Sunday morning, wher she is a member. She received a war'telcome from her friends. Mr. and-Mrs. Allen Cain hosted a family dinner Wednesday, April 26, for those departing for Florida Thursday morning. The honored guests were Mr. and Mrs. Joe Hough and Mrs. Ella James. Other dinner guests were Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hough and Chris, Mr. and Mrs. John Hough and Mrs. Wearilee Cain. Steward Craig Hoffman, stationed at Fort Bragg, N.C., graduated as a physician assistant April 21. Those at- tending the graduation, banquet and reception from this area were his mother, Mrs. Leewanna Stuckey, Nell Stuckey, his brother, David Hoffman and family, his sisters, Michele Myers and family, Chawn Clark and daughters, his grandmother, Mrs. Grace Swartz, and his aunts, Shirley Bowling and Alma Barnes. After graduation, Grace, Alma and Shirley traveled on to Simpsonville, S.C., and visited with their friends, Mr. and Mrs. Waymon Jennings and family. They returned to their respective homes Tuesday, April 25. Being retired, one of the most impor- tant things to look forward to is "mail." It may be a bill, refund or a letter from someone special. Well, Tuesday, I had a letter in the mail from Henry Plotner, who is stationed with the U.S. Army in Korea. He stated he has already been there four and one half months. From there he thinks he might be sent to Germany for two years. If not, he may be com- ing back to the states. He sends a big "hello" to his friends. Tuesday afternoon, I had a delightful visit with Bertha and Earl Smith. Don't see much of the Smith's since they are not at the store. Mr. and Mrs. Allen Cain attended the wedding of 3ohn Hough and Miss Janet Hess, who were united in mar- riage Saturday, April 22, at Trinity Lutheran Church, Arden. It always makes me feel good to know people are reading the Mid- dieway news in the Spirit of Jefferson. I received a letter this past week and this news is being read in Abidjan, Cote d'Ivoire. Now isn't that great. This really makes me feel better to know people are concerned as to what is going in Middieway. Remember, it's like a letter from home to your friends. Registration was held Thursday, April 27, at South Jefferson Elemem IF YOU HAVE HAD YOUR HEALTH INSURANCE PREMIUMS GO UP TOO MUCH -- TOO FAST... -- IF YOU WILL CONSIDER ANOTHER CHOICE FOR YOUR HEALTH INSURANCE PROTECTION ROBERT D. OTT 420 Forrest Ave. Charles Town, WV 25414 i I THEN PHONE ME TO SEE IF WE CAN GIVE YOU A BETTER IUY ON YOUR HEALTH INSURANCE! UNDER AND OVER AGE 65! CALL BOB OTT T25-5221 Before 5 P.M. 725-1587 After 5 P.M. BANKERS UFE AND CASUALTY Chicago, Illinois 60630 "4, an I ny . P-520 tary School for those entering kindergarten classes this fall. Among those from the area who registered were Stephen Ring and Gregg Duma. Mrs. Barbara Biser, Keyser, W.Va., spent the weekend with Mr. and Mrs. .Jay Dunn and Blaine. Mr. and Mrs. Allen Cain motored Saturday to Fayetteville, Pa., and at- tended the antique engine show. Mrs. Ella James, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Hough, Mr. and Mrs. Russell Unger, Mrs. Dolly Dickerson, Mrs. Cil Bush, Nip Ritter, Mrs. Batsey Bowen, and Mrs. Suth Hough and Chris, were visitors this past week with Mr. and Mrs. Allen Cain. Mr. and Mrs. Grover Russell, Jr., Herndon, Va., were Sunday afternoon visitors with Mr. and Mrs. Grover Russell, Sr. Miss Gaila Poston, Alexandria, Va., spent the weekend with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Poston. Happy birthday to Mrs. Jackie Ran- dolph, who celebrated her birthday Sunday, April 30. Mrs. Mary Ann Cain and I took a hike Sunday to "Stranger's Grave," in Priest Field. Had a little company on the way back, a black snake. Mrs. Freda Gallion, Mr. and Mrs. Gary Ellis and Steven, Mrs. Betty Poston, Larry and Susie Ring, Debbie and Stephen, Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Ring, Sr., Mrs. Naomi Barrow, and Henry Ashly, were Sunday visitors with Mrs. Nita Leatherman in the village. Mrs. Helen Shirley was a Thursday dinner guest with Mrs. Louise Garrett. Mrs. Bessie Price and birs. Dora Feigley, attended the Genealogy Club luncheon and meeting held Saturday in Leesburg. Roland and Joyce Moore, Inwood, were Saturday dinner guests with Mrs. Ellen Moore. BIBLE SCHOOL It's almost that time for vacation Bi- ble school. Middleway United Methodist Church will hold its school the week of June 12, starting at 9 a.m. VBS is fun, you make lots of friends and there is lots of fellowship. There will be cookies each day along with a picnic the closing day. There will be classes for all ages and crafts. The purpose is to strengthen the Sunday Scbool progrmn. Stanley Dunn, Jr., was a Friday visitor with his mother, Mrs. Gladys I)unn. Mrs. Kenneth Snyder, LaDona, Ken- dra and Lesley, Mrs. Kevin Jones, Eric and Brannon, and Mr. and Mrs. Sonny White and.Katie, were Sunday dinner guests with Lester White. Mr. and Mrs. Carr˘ Saturday visitors with Cave, Martinsburg. Little Miss Christie Sunday afternoon wit] Swartz. Marvin Turner and Wednesday visitors with] Wilham Turner Mrs. Gladys Dunn, Hough and Mrs. Pearl i Thursday visitors at Reeders Boonsboro, Md. Dougie Turner Special Olympics ferson High School. home four ribbons• Nicei Richard Turner, Paul Dawson. were with Mr. and family. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Heather, spent the and Mrs. Harry Sunday afternoon, was honored with a baby in the fellowship hall ofl Adventist church, She received many there was a large Mr. and Mrs. were Saturday Mr. and Mrs. Harry Mrs. Patty Cam weekend with her Stevens. The Summit Point holding a meeting 7 p.m. at Summit Point going to seeking all attend. Mr. and Mrs. Richard Saturday Ruth Moreland. Mr. and Mrs. FranciS Sunday visitors qth Harry Childs, Sr., a I guests, Mr. and Mrs. and Heather. Mr. and Mrs. were Sunday nie Kackley, Mr. and Hounshell, and Mr. Heironimus. Larry Ring was visitor with his Nanie Kackley. Sherry Sunday afternoon with Wednesday, I of my cousin, Mrs. Hedgesville, vho die Hospital. Sl Certificate of Depos CD 182 day $50,000 or over 12 month 18 month 30 month Through May 8, 1989 Many of our customers are keeping a close eye on our certificate of deposit interest rates. And for good reason. They can offer higher interest rates than regular passbook saVings accounts. Of course, they are fully insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. If you're considering investing in CDs, we invite you to come in and see the folks at your local community bank. The following chart lists the minimum deposits and current rate for each CD offered. There is a substantial penalty for early withdrawal. ON YOU CAN Bank of Charles Town /-irpers Ferry Branch n Office 1318 Washington Street • 111 E. Washington Street P. O. Box 7 P.O. Box 906 Harpers Ferry, WV 25425 Charles Town, WV 25414 Phone: 53545336 PI'Ke: 725-8431 A Full Service Bank , f Kearneysvtlle Bral Rt. 9 at the J lt P. O. Box E Kearneysville, W Phone: Member F.D.I.C.