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May 4, 1978     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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May 4, 1978

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2 SPIRIT OF JEFFERSON Farmer's ADVOCATE THURSDAY, MAY 4, 1978 THE "BIG" (ELECTION) NEARS Once again the "Big" day is drawing near. And it most certainly should not only be a "Big Day", but a most important day, for you the voters of Jefferson County on Tuesday, May 9. That will be Primary election day and all the candidates seeking office in this Primary election are making the most of these final ays of t ae campaign to te: 1 story to you either through advertisenents in this newspaper, via final days of the campaign to tell their story to you radio or just by personal contact and speeches before groups. We urge you, the voters, to take a look at, and read the messages which the candidates are sending to you through the medium of this newspaper prior to casting a vote on Tuesday, May 91 The Democrat and Republican ballots have been carried in this n.wspaper for the past two issues, along with the ballot on the Non'Partisan School Board candidates, plus the special referendum on whether there should be electronic computerized voting in the county in the future. Although there are a host of candidates listed on the ballots, they are not nearly so lengthy this Primary election as some have been in the past. So now is the time to study your ballot since it won't take very much of your time. Make up your mind before you' go to your respective voting Precinct on Tuesday, May 9. This advanced procedure will save you time on election day. If you do not by this time know how the various candidates stand on issues of vital concern to you, you still have some time left to find out. But wheer you do or not, remember this one thing -- your birthright in this great nation is your right to vote as you please. The vote is not something to bef traded, unduly influenced, or even sold as is done in: some places, although not in Jefferson County. Neither should your vote be exercised lightly. You can help shape the future of your country, your state and your county for the next two, four or six years. So, play your expected role Tuesday and go VOTE. It's your country, your state and your community and it's also your vote. Be sure you exercise it in the Tueday Primary election. LABOR LAW REFORM A tremendous battle affecting the American worker is now shaping up in the United States Senate over new Labor Law legislation. And if the Senate passes it, fhe rules of the game will be changed in disputes between management and unions over organizing all  of the nation's workers. The United States Senate is already feeling hot, and new, pressures from the Big Labor Bosses and also from the Carter White House to enact the labor law reform bill without further delay. But is the law reform, or is it just another "ripoff?" Now that the U. S. Senate has ratified the Panama Canal treatieS, the Union Chieftains, who pushed what they call their top Labor Law Reform act through the House of Representatives last Fall, are exhibiting a dazzling display of political muscle to shove it through the Senate. They have informed Senate Majority Leader Robert Byrd,+that he no longer has the canal debate as an excuse for refusing to call up the bill which actually is intended to help the unions enroll thousands of additional members, through short-cuts in the legal procedures. Big Labor is not seeking merely minor revisions in the National Labor Relations Act, it is demanding drastic changes in the rules to make it much easier to win collective bargaining elections and to organize non-union business firms, whose members have time and again elected not to become unionized. An editorial recently in the very liberal Washington Post pointed out that Labor and management have both been guilty of some abuses under the present Labor laws. However, the Post concluded that the proposed Labor Law "Reform" Act is designed to attack the abuses of business without really dealing with the even greater abuses of the unions. The new proposed law raises another question in our mind -- whether the worker is given an adequate role in deciding whether he wants to be in our out of a labor union. We hope the United States Senate will decide what rule changes are needed, if any are, to be reasonable and fair to all sides, especially the individual worker's right to determine for himself whether he wants to become a union member or not. Let your Congressmen and Senators know your feeling about your individual rights to belong, or not belong. 10--YEARS AGO-- 10 Miss Linda Bradley, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Bradley, of Leetown, is crowned "Miss Charles rown-Ranson" at the Charles Town Junior High School; the Charm Revue is sponsored by the Band Boosters Club. For the second time in less than a year, Specialist Fourfl Class Jerry L. Grim, of Route I, Kearneysville, is wounded in action in the Vietnam fighting. The Camp Hill Methodist Church in Harpers Ferry, oh- serves its 139th year of the congregation's existence with an anniversary service, with Dr. James H. Pyke, Professor of Missions and World Religions at the Wesley Theological Seminary in Washington, as a guest speaker for the service. James R. Conard, a welder, and Dearl A. Grove, Jr., a truck driver, with the U.S. Steel's Eastern IAmestone Operations Moler Plant, receives their 25- year service award pins from W. Carl Benton, plant superin- tendnet. William Ricky Manuel and Susan Diane Viands have been named Valedictorian and Salutatorian respectively, of the Harpers Ferry High graduating class. DEATHS: Alonza S. Welch, 54, of Charles Town, dies of injuries received in an auto accident; Herbert I. Irvin, 73, of Bakerton, dies in the local hospital; George Diehl Phillips, 70, of Charles Town, dies in the local hospital; Mrs. Roy S. "Delores" F. Steeley, 50, of Leesburg, Va., dies unex- pectedly enroute to the Loudoun County General Hospital in Leeslmrg; Adolph Ernest Beeg, St., 65, of Charles Town, dies in the local hospital; Mrs. George "Mary" Dunaway, 77, of Ran- son, dies in the local hospital. Dr. John A. Washington, H, of Charles Town, is appointed to the staff of the Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minn., as a coo- sultant in microbiology. MARRIED: Miss Carolyn Lindsay Gordon, of Bluemont and Mr. Charles Richard Langdon, of Charles Town; Miss Brenda Sue Biller, of Harpers Ferry, and Mr. Edwin Lee Higdon, of Baltimore, Md. of Alexandria, Va., wife of I Charles Dillow, is a member of I the graduating class of the[ American School, after having I completed a two-year corn- mercial course at the school. Woodrow Adams, of Rippon, is elected president of the Eastern Panhandle Dairy Herd Im- provement Association at their annual meeting. The Charles Town High baseballers knock the Harpers Ferry High Tigers out of the Section IV race on their home field, when they score a 7-4 victory over the Tigers. The Charles Town 'High Panthers score a 15-3 victory over the Martinsburg High golfers at the Sleepy Hollow Golf and Country Club to remain unbeaten in six matches. The Charles Town High track and field team, led by Mickey .Walker and Raymond Roy, score an easy victory with 971/ points over the Shepherdstown and Musselman High thinclads in a triangular meet staged on the Charles Town track. 20 -- YEARS AGO -- 20 The Charles Town Methodist Church holds ground-breaking ceremonies for its new $100,000 educational building. Miss Sandra Thompson and Miss Wendy Anderson are named valedictorian and salutatorian respectively at Harpers Ferry High School. Perry Eugene Ott is hired as a policeman by the Charles Town Council, to fill the vacancy created by the resignation of Arthur Lee Pierce, who accepts a position as a guard with the U. S. Government at Bluemont. The property of the estate of the late A. C. Nichols, near Middleway, is sold to Charles S. Faulkner of Baltimore, on his bid of $7,35O. MARRIED: Miss Shirley Taibott Thomp- son, of Atlanta, Ga., and Mr. Charles Stockmar, of Orange, N.J. DEATHS: William Ayler, of Summit Point, dies in Washington, D.C.; L0uis Henry Beck, 86, formerly of Harpers Ferry, dies at his home in Cleveland, Ohio; Mrs. Nannie M. Carper dies at her home on the Leetown Road; Walter Lee McKee, 77-year+old farmer of near Baker V.A. Center, dies in the King's Daughters Hospital; Kenneth Edgar Wasson, 45, of Mid- dleway, dies in the local hoSl:tal; Paige Willingham, of Charles Town, dies in King's Daughters Hospital. 30 -- YEARS AGO -- 30 Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Goode of Ridge Road, Shenandoah Junction, celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary. DEATHS: Melvin Luke French dies at the home of his brother in Cahrles Town;. Mrs. Susan Rebecca Bates dies at her home in Middleway; Mrs. Ida Blanche Bradley dies in local hospital; Isaiah Coleman dies at his home in Charles Town; Mrs. Blanche Crane Schwrar dies at the home of a daughter in Sewanee, Tenn.; Mrs. Nannie Cockrell Melvin dies at her 'home in Columbus, Ohio. MARRIED: Thomas Barhour Pringle, of Charles Town, and Miss Mary Wells Code, of Tyrone, Pa.; Miss Pauline Lee, of Gaylord, Va., and Mr. Claude Clemmons, of Peoria, Ill. DEATHS: Mrs. Ann Marie Feeser dies in Ranson; Mrs. Barbara Cook dies at the home of her son near Znar. 70 -- YEAR,S AGO -- 70 MARRIED: Miss Ola Duncan of Riverton Va., formerly of Summit Point and Joseph Huppking of Royal, Va.; Miss Rose Harrell of Charles Town and Mr. William R. Rickard, of Clarke County. DEATHS: Mrs. Virginia Whittington, of Jefferson County, dies in Martinsburg; Mrs. Emma tl. McClure, a native of Jefferson County, dies in Philadelphia, Pa.; Mrs. Mary Butterfield dies at Clifton, near Gaylord, Va. 90 -- YEARS AGO-- 90 The farm home of Mrs. Mary Moore on the Leetown Road, is destroyed by fire. Tyson Widmyer buys the John Hess farm of 53 acres near Kearneysville, for $3,000. ii$$ God moves for the good of the world when the good people of the world move in the same direction. April 28, 1978 Dear Sir, The Constitution has been called the greatest document ever produced by the mind of man. It has given Americans unprecedented freedom which brought amazing prosperity. In the last several decades, there have been attempts to take from Americans various privileges guaranteed by the Constitution. The second amendment says the right to hear arms shall'not be infringed but repeatedly attempts have been made to infringe this right. Outraged protests from citizens have prevented Congress from usurping this right. Now, however, a regulatory agency, the Bureau of Alcohol. Tobacco and Firearms, (BATF), is trying to sneak in control of arms without notice. On Tuesday, March 21, 1978, it published in the Federal Register a proposal for a system of serial numbers on all firearms, so that computeres can be used to locate all gun owners to confiscate their guns when the time comes. This is the back door route to gun control because Cngress needs take no action. Anything published in the Federal Register becomes law. All a bureaucrat must do to make a law is have it published in the Federal Register. I wrote Robert Byrd saying the BATF was usurping powers given congress by making laws. Although he had taken an oath to support the Constitution when he was inaugurated, he replied: "...Congress enacts the per- tinent law initially under which an agency operates but after that the designated agency has the authority to administer the law..." (Because the ad- ministrators are appointed bureaucracts, they are not responsive to the people.) Byrd went on, "If it is believed that the agency is overstepping its authority, under the law, any individual (or group) has the right to go through the judicial process to enjoin that agency from taking action..." In other words, Byrd wrote an unelected bureaucrat can saddle us with laws and we must go to court if we don't like them!!! Apparently that's how Byrd interprets upholding the Con- stitution which says Congress shall make laws. If you want to retain your Constitutional right to have a gun, write Rex Davis, Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, 1200 Penna. Ave., N.W., Washington, D.C. 20020 before May 22 protesting the new system of serial numbers so that computers can be used to find gun owners. You probably remember that Robert Byrd is the one who forgot Article IV, Section 3, Clause 2 of the Constitution which says Congress shall dispose of U.S. property and therefore worked so hard to get the senate to ratify the treaties to give away our Canal in Panama. Despite Byrd's actions, there are patriotic Congressmen who are fighting to have their con- stitutional right to say whether the Canal shall be given away. Congressman George Hanson sponsored H. Con. Res. 347 which would enforce the right of the House to vote on this vital matter, but John Murphy has it bottled up in the Merchant Marine and Fisheries Com- mittee. Now a discharge petition is necessary to that it can be brought out of committee and voted on the entire house. All W. Va. Congressmen have signed the discharge petition. Harley Staggers sent me a photostat of a letter Congressman Hansen had sent him. Hansen says, "A Con- stitutional crisis exists..." because the Senate is trying to take power from the house and deprive Representatives of their rightful responsibilities. And we, the people, are being deprived of the protection of the Constitution. Lela Gardner Harpers Ferry, W. Va. May 1, 1978 Spirit of Jefferson Charles Town, W. Va. Dear Sirs: Your editorial of April 271h said that we would all remember April 18, 1978, as a "Dark Day" when the Senate voted to pay a "little dictator general" to take the Panama Canal. My feelings about that day are considerably different. I lived and worked in the Canal Zone for three and a half years. The Panamanians I met were warm, friendly and fiercely proud of their country. It was an embarrassment to most Americans there, and a humiliation to Panamanians, that the U.S. occupied a 10-mile :wide strip of territory that stretched across the country, where the natives were treated like foreigners: a Panamanian could not do business, or even enter a U.S. store there, nor work there without an approved permit, nor even travel across the zone without a pass! If April 18th is remembered, it will be as a day when to the Panamanians, to other Latin Americans, and to the rest of the world, the United States showed itself to be a just and generous people with consideration.for the rights and patriotic feelings of a smaller nation. Sincerely yours, Peg Bagladi Bolivar, W. Va. 5303 Essex Court Apt. 152 Alexandria, Va. April 24, 1978 Dear Sir: Since the Edge Hill Cemetery does not permit the planting of live plants, flower or shrubbery, the only alternative is the use of artificial flowers. It is disheartening that such flowers are prohibited on the graves of our loved ones, except during certain months of the year. Last summer, while traveling through "Wild Wonderful West Virginia", near the city of Charleston. There were cemeteries with artificial flowers on each grave, A spectacular sight! There was a feeling of warmth and aliveness. I AM JAMES M. MOLER YOUR CANDIDATE FOR HOUSE OF DELEGATES I Offer You: -- EXPERIENCE that has proven productive for our county. -- KNOWLEDGE that has translated into leadership roles. -- DEDICATION demonstration in the concern for the needs of people here and throughout the state. I am not aligned with any special interest group nor am I endorsed or sponsored by business or organizations. I have but one motivation, that being to do a productive, responsible and honest job in representing ALL the people. YOUR VOTE WILL BE APPRECIATED TUESDAY, MAY 9 AT THE iqlIMARV REC110N Pd, for by the Candidate THE ENEMY WITHIN \\; "'I think we can squeeze you in.'" Someone cared and took pride in the appearance of the graves of this loved one. Why must Charles Town be different? Sincerely yours, Frances L. Millard April 21, 1978 Dear Sir: Enclosed is a check for $3.75 for a six month subscription to the Spirit of Jefferson Advocate. We feel in that time we should be relocated in your area, and are very excited about receiving our first copy of your newspaper. Sincerely, Mrs. C. A. Segelquist 215 E1 Cortez East Columbia, Miss. April 28, 1978 The Editor Spirit of Jefferson Dear Sir: Your 'readers who are in- terested in history should know that the house at Walper's Crossroads, now known as Pleasance, was built by Casper Walper in 1805 and not in 1895 as stated in the recent report on the house. Very truly yours, John A. Washington, M.D., Chairman Jefferson County Historic Landmarks Commission Historical Society Meeting Announced The annual spring meeting of the Jefferson County Historical Society will he held on Saturday, May 13 at 2:30 p.m. at the Charles Town Civic Center, corner of Washington and Samuel Streets. Frank Silver, of Martinsburg, will comment on the present knowledge of the tunnels which have been discovered under that city. In addition, he will describe the development and use the ingeniously contrived Land Grant Maps of Berkeley and Jefferson Counties. A set of these is available for use in the Office of the County Clerk in Charles Town. Members who have not paid :heir dues $5.00) are urged to do SO. Nm Help II Replac Kemper has which will personal lost, stolen William Kemper because a property is decrease t replace the ite$ Most insu only partial are stolen or common determining Now, Fede fering full personal this homeowner re sum to replace an item of There is no This policy, value endorS helpful in consideration replaced. items such furs and praised and separate poliCY, Waggy. Winner An Contest csP l National Clubs has citation to Elementary Wilson. Conference Mrs. Royce president of Garden achievement whose poster W. Va. first plaCe category. SPIRIT of JEFFERSON Farmer's ESTAOLISHED 1844 MAX BROWN DO/ EDITOR.PUBLISHER NI Published Every Week at The O ffic JEFFERSON PUBLISHING 210 North Geor CHARLES TOWN, w.VA. SUBSCRIPTION Price: $7.50 per Second Class Postage at U.S. CHARLES TOWN, W.VA. 254 Changes of Address, Und Subscriptions and Other Mail Items Are P.O. BOX 231 CHARLES TOWN. w.VA. Pol. Adv. by Candidate CHARLES "CHIS" STRIDER, JR. Democratic Candidate For @ Jefferson Counly- om Kabletown District FOR A PROGRESSIVE JEFFERSON I Will Always Be Friendly and To Your Problems. I Am Concerned about your thi0 feelings On both Your's and jeffer} ty's Problems. Resident of Old Cave Road, RFD 1, ,IL20-3T Telephone: 725-