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Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
Charles Town, West Virginia
April 30, 1959     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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April 30, 1959

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' PIRIT OF JEFFERSON ADVOCATE t [ THURSDAY,, APRIL 30, 1959 7--B " " ", m :proWL this,power at : er I Jefferson Little ~ ica's l~ewest fla tm, ck plant, the [ _ r, T _ tom.c ght and Po er Corn-I Lea.uo M:I,o Ph.c J V | # F There's a little invisible fellow tures below the vision line and p any oonstruoted a line and sub- ] "~$ ~" ,-,unl.,~ .,umm~ . , . S~VlOn ~o meet me neeas. A a~,- J V, [ ~ who wilt play ~t mighty Important shielding ~em from the spectnt-~nn .~.,, . ..... ~.,,-+ ~^-. ~-~+ [ Officers and dirf*e.t~rs ~nd t~nrn r01e en the new $4 million $hen tars eyes The effec is one of ..... ]mann"era of the Jeff~r--~n ...... ...... a,~doah Do,,,ns ~rack .~.~ri~ at 1..~tm.ffi ~.~..~ ~ ~,,.n..~ ..f no~ ann eyman avenues, nor~n along I. s . c ~ ~-~zv ng and historic side l:he redskins, money instead of calico and grain,e i ,ty Charles Town on May 1 lamps, s~titlir~:dlAVet,nl:: it~ns.~d: ~1w Sl~b" ]l~llaem~'torla~hte w::kiI~gdd!~:~; tndoah Downs is ~'ts Recruited Rangers Now Telling Story ry e His name is Reddy Kilowatt Designed By Hamilton acre Shenandoah Downs estate. ]season. system. To provide resource, one of t~he In 1758, l~obert Rutherford of Now we have ,traded .the mule I A~ s ~ and he will. be top man on ,the Designed ,by "Arthur S. Hamil-The line, which is a branch ,from [ League President Donald NoN Wing Springs" has "Flowing Springs", .near Charles pack and covered wagon, for shiny I s ( is tote board~y prodding ~ectricton, Jr., a Rochester, N. Y. light- the MHlville to Charles Town high land sa!d rules and regulations I au~omob~les and huge .buses. We I e. a'i, powe~. ~or ~ne lvz.m-.~tianzm ~tazes," ing engineer, the system features volt.age system, ,measures nearly ~were aoopted ann announcement seal. This sparkling Town, recruited a com~ny of ran ]have traded the trails ~or two ~nd I'to ge~ mrger as the years roll by. orana new, mzra-moaern mgnt low poles set at 15-degree angles three-fourths of a mile Twenty was made theft the "Try-outs" for flows from the coolgers to meet ~he ~thre~t oI lndi~n[three lane highways We've seen~ Shenandoah Downs another re- racing plant. And lots of power on the inside and outside rails, one poles from 30 to 55 feet insix league teams will be held ~Unded in a low re-attacks. George Washington had of 70,000 gallons ca- advised Governor Dmwiddie of I deisel engines s'hooting by on I creation al d .eevl~pment, the far- ~!.ll. be required_too. In fact, Joe thereby eliminating the glare us- height, were required to carry .the I Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, I steel rails shove the mule-carted Iges~ ano most e~pensive ye~ vo oe ~aiey, tmarles Town manager o~ given off wi~h high arc-type line. IMaY ~-~-V on the Held in ~ack of Virginia to a~ppoin,t I4u,the,vlord in I.tugboats 'in~o oblivion" and we ]undertaken in Jefferson countythe Potomac Light and Power lamps. * ~-.~..~.,., e.~.+~ ~.. +,. ...... Ithe Charles Town Junior High .~ssure pumping thecommand at the newly formed ' " m an a ~ ~*"'~"'~' "~'"~ "~ ~"~ "'~'~ " ' I have also seen ,giant airnlanes I will help to make ,the army of Co p y, reve led that the new Lighting on the 80-foot wide~,h~+o~,,~ ~.~,,,~ ...... ~.o... ,,, ] School. Practice sessmns will start ' is fed into a ten- group. 2~he rangers were ,to oper- - " r i .................... .~u~,~m ...... come from all parts of ,the nation ] county v~sitors grow by leaps and t ack w U have a total connected stretch will come from infield~. ~ ........ T,. ~. ~.^.. ~ ~n. ,^ [ at 4 p. m. DST each afternoon. aaJn and then reduc- ate only ~n what .was rthen Fred- . we 40 i a .... ~"'" .......a~ """" ~'~ .... ~t primary mains coy- erick County, Virginia and were ~o [ and world to fly close 'by, and I bounds, each passing, year. pc r load of 2, 0 k low Sis. poles and off the top of .the 4 180 volts I The annual player auctmn will errtlre Shenandoahfi~h.t in true Indian style Brad- ~over, this majestic scene which [ It Was ,3us~ a year ago m Jan- That, according to ~taley, is grandstand and club house, pro- 'T~-~ 62 "da .... ~n ....*~ .... . ]be held at the Junior High School I Jefferson county now is tel:ling the ]uary that wor~ was s~arted on more ,than the electric require- v~ding v~sibllity equal to a bright ~o'..'~.~d.:'h ~r~:.~,~'. ~.~"~=,~"~.~ [Monday evening May 11 a~ 7 p. m. The pressurized dir- dock's defeat had .revealed ~l~t i.t Ination and the world .about. ibtaldlng .t,hls nuge and beautiful ments of all residential customers ~fternoon. ~.~'~"t~ro,,~'~.~lv ~ ;,~,#~ ~'~'~'~" ] President Noland said the leag ; capacity ~s 60,000 was necessary ,to abandon Euro- [ We have .~ent. ~ur v~un~ vnen [norse racang plant In Jenerson in the communities of HarPers In addition .to his efforts in ~.~" ~" ~.'.~ ~,~:~ ......... ue will have six tearns ,this year ~ur. penn milt,tary tactics in favor of [intow~s'to-bl-eed-and'c~l~e~ Dre-: Icunty" And Friday and Saturday Ferry, Mlllvllle and Kearneysvllle lighting the racing strip, the vast ~'~'~=~ ~.~..'.. ~.. ~..~,~.Atl~n~c ]ln~teaxl of four and thus be able flyings' 'is ,located at ligl~ting Ino~ans in ,the Indian "" " nl t Ma 1-2 it wil,1 be dedicated .... ~o v .......... ,. ...... ,$ =u=,,w- Point of ~he 137-fashion. Accordingly, Robert Ru- ] serw ~ur rich h~r~,t-~" ..n,~ w~, [ gh y ,.. . . combined, grandstand and lawsh club house, ~ ..,.~, ...a +~. .... . ,....,~..+,. I to do away wi, th ~he two farm ................. and have a rana ~o nnln of bar , ,~,,~,.~ ,~.,. ~,,v ,,,~ ~,,.,~,,~,~ have sent some of hem .... g egi. g The biggest power use, of cour- the concourse, paddock, the 22- teams which h~ve been operating estate on the historic ~herford's men did not wear un-I. . . t to .~he.cit Ise racing under ,the scars I=,~ will b~ fo- liizh.ti-- w~-~ "...~-* acr~ '.~..-tq.~. ~,.*...... a-~ ~o~r= l~lghted raci~ng strip in the country, t.o..h ~.~.,. ~. *+.o ..,.~. ~lled by Robert Ru-lfovms, but instead :the pictures- ~ lea ................... :~ ~rreat m~n m sus- t w e r .... , - ~- o ..-~ ............. r--.-.-o ............... ~ , ..... . .......... ~..-o.. |iness on~ Ot~- po~ds xxro ~ .... | A fe. y a s ago when the coun than a mtlllon watts will tlltml- and other facilities Reddy Kilo- And, again, the little ln~isible ~ Noland also asks any persons ~ruted Indian fight- que garb of ,the frontiersman.) ]not oni~" ad~l'ecl 'to"',t'he "county's [ty's rock quarrying OUslness ,oegan ina/ce the 5/8 mile track. This spec i watt' w~ll be on hand in other fellow is going to be on l-rand for [interested in belong with Vhe ~l's Rangers" wereFrom 1758 until after *2~e Re- | :randeu~ and wisdom but also I to. slump and farm. prices were ially designed lighting system I areas too These will include the the thrilling cry 'They're off and ]le~ue's opera~ions this Summer V: Years 1775 ,to 1760 volutlon, Robert Ru:t~erford set- ] ~.r~ *.h~ nsUnn'~ ' ' [ not what they n~ ~een, an.a not marks a departure from all past modern outside restaurants and runnlng...under the lights and un to contact him or any of the team ~ns threatened the veal in ,the Vi,rgima House of Bur .................. l | . . |a much as the county s Iarmers track l~ghting, throwing all fix-the under-grandstand sna~k bar der the stars." managers. l)loneers along thegesses. He was one of the dele- / Yes, we nave ueen right in the I needed to keep the economy on i ........ ~tier. gates ~o a convention held in Rich/middle of America's great age of [an even keel, some folks began ,to 1| ==== "= :mortal and inter at Williamsburg eihaxl.first thememberd~stinctiOnfrom [(1775) which resolved itsetf lwto ]growing up. And now that things /look over the horizons for indus- | [have quieted down a bit and we ]trial ,plants. And they worked I| Blue Ridge Moun- ' a committee to bake ,into its rut- [have had time to look upand brea [hard ,and long at it, .and still are I| leered .to Congress. He are consideration ,the state of the [the deeply, we find ~he progress [working :hard at it. II ' " ~-"~- ~ i 1793 to 1799 when he colony. Robert Rutherford was [we have made, especially in the [ O~hers jus.t said like ,the lyrics t| / /=~g'-- '-'~"-'- ~by General Daniel one of ,~he seven delegates Chosen Ifields of 'travel and communieat- tfrom "Oklahoma!, when the n~t- I / /-=z~ . ~r to ,this, he had 'to reply to the orders of Lord lions, have lifted us out of our live returns ,from the wonders of I t, as a statesman in Dunmore ,for Virgimans to join /mountains and valleys, Odr minds [Kansas Crty to sing, "They've I" ~ ~]~ ~ ~ t~ (~ J - i r / ( ----- the British Army, or be held ~s [have been widened, and we now igone ~bou,t as ~u as they can I _ ~ __I . __ ~ ~ ~'] ~ ~ ~" I rebels. OR December 13, (1775) [are finding that our great heri-/go?" t| ~m~~t~t~Jw~t~ ~T ~ ~ ~ 1 ~e0thtnd the answer severing relattonse be- [tage, our man-made wonders and ] But Kansas City went on And II I I"| | 15' I ~evford is supposed ,tween Virginia and England was [the beauties of nature which we ]so will Jefferson County. There's i -~- ~" V ~ ~ ~ ~ . ~, ~~r ~ . -, ~)rn in Scotland. His announced [haven't had much 'time ,to notice [a thread bare tune: "It was good tl ~ ._~r~;. vt~jr~'.~ ] s Rutherford, bou- The 'next year, Robert Ruthcr-]are being noticed far and wide [enough then, so i.t's ,good enough li I g Bullskin Run inford, together with George Mason,/and ,the tourists are coming. [now," .that has been heard many II I 'son County from Edmund and Patrick]; ~g times t~remarUnda lie,thenoland'matterBUt who,theil '| ' T ~~~~'~J.~'~-%~"r~'~1"*~ "~ ~-'~ ~'~'~h' "..~ and shortly there- Henry, drafted the Declara.tion of It ir~:egri3iotnhtt o~l~2fio~he !lyrigc: ,Rights ,and ,I,ramed a ,plan of Gov- f4 sS wa~sfamily~ppoir~edt this In-on eminent 'for Virginia. Robert Ru- grew up.~ in .~he~county .............. in .the ~orm_.~. ] tq~ ma.,h "b ..... , ~ ....unP-, ]i ~ . ~f ~ ~.f/ *'~=,,~r'-~ ~,..'~1~;~ ] 1743. the first high therford did ~ot fight in the Con- Iof horso racin~, o,~ o ~-t~,u,,,, ~,~ i ~ a ...... ........ ",.~' #I i" ~ ~ll~,/.. |~1 _,*'~ tl I i lar h,~rs- racln~ vl,o~,t Tlil~ ~+o,~ lAnd we aven ,t been struck by an ]1 - rC:.-_ ......J_ I erick County (Jeff- ,tiner~tal Army bu.t supoprted the ' ~ ~- ~ " ...... ~ ..... " industrial cloudburst. But we .are ed a ~low of spor~s lov~$s into the ] ,hat time a partof cause for libe,rty by doing what I ...... ~,, I soon to be struck b ya new lndus- [I ~U L'111 U ~ ~~~'~'~ ~ ~~"~_ ........ try wh c for too long has been l| ~ ~'~-~--~'~ -.-.---'~~'~ Lnty). Robert Ru- he could a.t home. His subsequent ...... ~. i h ' -- ~ ...... ~ ~'~ ed '.his fa,ther as a ,terms in Congress from 1793 to Aoou~ the same time ~ummer,rdtt II ~-~1~ ....... __...~'~--~'~ In 1750, Robert 1799 afforded valuable experience, ~.~ns ann cottages oegan getting nature's beauties to see, II ------------- Washington survey ,but did not add much to his mater t .'cz,er and . thicker along .the his.tory ,to learn and .both night [I --. Shenandoah River ial means. Consequently, upon his ]county's ~wo Dig rivers, With can- and day racing and fishing, boat-II ( l ] ~usgrove, and the retirement he was heavily in debt. oeing boating fisning ann swim- ing calm, lng and arks for re ~" " mi ' ' ' ' P P " err oI:~-med a sk)re His vast holdin:gs in Jefferson [ ng offe, ofa varle.ty creation, they're bound to come II oz recrea~on ~o vo~n name rams , , County, as we~ as his wes,tern ...... And let s hope old Jefferson Court- II to be a m~st~ke in l'ands were ~11 sacri,flced in an e~- [ana visitors ~na many came ~rom tv will be ready ~or ~hem tust as II far and wide to enjoy this outdoor - ' ~ ~ " i ernlng the date of ~or~ to meet his obligaUons. ]. ' ' ' they have been for every other il )rd's marrirage, 'bu.t RObert Rutherford died at his l~un. occasion in history. [I ~ ~ I~ ~ ~ # !~!l his wife was Mary home .and was buried in an un- ,,the widow of Via marked grave a~ "Flowing lMaT;e~dni:w:hes0t Y te ]1 Clc}( I ag'~s'tus Howe. The Springs", a mile and a half north a,glish ,army officer east of Charles Town. thv~rS~gantf:' ofwi~ar ec zderoga in 1758. ~ big assis't from Uncle Sam and g .... - [l t his 'pocketbook decided the his- with all six of his mounts at Fair- i/ ter his marriage, Horse torv of Ha era Fer should notmount Park .the evening of Oct- oral left Winches- rp ry ]i '~ o farm, "Flow- FROM PAGE 1 only be .preserved for posterity but ober 2. Meuux wen.,t on to ride a]! .... , , . . . . Wresen~ Jefferson some 'that had almost gone with total of 118 winners at ~he 60- Reddy Kilowatt, your electrical servant, is off and runmng. He s racing over., the power lines to,bring ..... 9rginia. al came and along i.t another the ages be restored but i.t is program session for a new record l/ ...... " efea,t of General war-this one among our own pea- ,too la.te. 'The restoration job was at the track. Fred Kratz also had ]| lighting, refrigeration and many other services to this beautiful new track. ...... '5, ,the I, ndians be- plea. ~whe~f~:~d:y fine Jtwhui~nY:e~!,cI:!95~, ]/ ~at i,t was necess- But in spite of ,the blood, sweat started ~nd ~oday ceV~pthOUghn~! Redd and all the folk " t" P " m "' "" " " ........ Uersmen to defend and tears shed both in war and from all parts of ,the nation, yes ~ * : ' [/ Y s at ne oto ac #.#gnt ann Power ..ompany are proud to De able To serve ~nenan- this, Rober~ Ru- peace, paths became toll roads, log even some from across seas and many engagements, il ized a company cabins grew into :homes, churches oceans .are coming, seeing and ~ [i doah Downs and they wish the management (and the customers, of course) all the very best of luck. 'I~I.rrI-IEI~D~)RD'S and schools s,prung up. Barter being conquered by i.t all. LRst Too many specialists, no~ en-II , money deals with ,the year alone an ~gh. broadened person all.ties,J|, P any an Ilion Jar ion an ran pentn II N. Raleigh Street Martinsburg, W. Va. AM 7.8955 Miliville Plant 899 Charles Town