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Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
Charles Town, West Virginia
April 30, 1959     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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April 30, 1959

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OF JEFFERSON FARMERS ADVOCATE t ~ the same office are not marked f ~ n p iMonday evening of Mr. and Mrs. It v___ ll0__L h__ _m=_ hi_ r ~, an , ~l .~m t , APRIl, 2~) 1Q~Q "7 1~ ~ .......................... therefrom, and if only one name i [1 t !" IT. w. Wel,ty and family ,and Mrs. II |0U want nesults use ~plrlVA0v0fate LI~SIfI~! .......... ' ...... ---~" I------ ~ be printed as a candidate for ai ,~ =,, ,m laugh Clegg. ,~--'---"---- ~ ~ particular omce and no mark be [ By Mrs. Lena Ambrose I Mr, and Mrs Fred ffVIartdn and ....... i ~O [the Wards, shall be entitled to L_J .......................... placed in the square opposite his | _____ IMr Buddy Mar't| of Ranson Mr "------ I i , /IJl| [ vote for the councilmen to be el- i ----- ~ name his name shall be not I Mrs. Reba Jam]son o$ Baker- I and Mrs. Bill ~her and Mr~ a,nd ,~G~r,~P ! aL [ected [ For Councilman, Fourth Ward scratched, such ballot shall beIton spent Wednesday with Mi's I Mrs Harry Raney and baby all of ~ -- i, iATI~LI El r~TI~LI ~ .~." ....... : .. - I (Vote For One) counted for such candidate [Esther Brau~ ~ ' iMa~:tinsburg s~nent Sunday wit'h -Q ~ ................. 1 A /I (z) ine DalIOL usect snailDe ----.--- ~ . ~'~" --- - u KLrL/IUPi isubstantiall- ~ f.u ..... [ r---'-I (9) All tickets at the respective ] Mrs George Price and Richard I~he,r mot:her Mrs. Mamie Mar~in. t~ Ilknngilnramnnlt i L.~~ i |~ | poll room shall be kept in the lRutherford anddaugh*terofBaltl-I Mr. Warren Walker of Charles~ J~l|i|iV~i|~1~ii|1~i|| ~f~r~ of the Council of ]~ ] ~ ...................... view of the Commissioners and ]more spent .~he weekend with Mr. ITown visited Mr. and Mrs. Harry ~ ]illi JmlLtl0a of Charles Town ]xne ~orporauon or unaxtes town ] ~ shall be given out to prospective ]and tMrs. Harry Locke, ]Gageby and daughter Sunday. ~ ~LJAA~ nLi~BiS~ LiAm a~L~Am~ IIVm '~:~Tj2_, 1959 the following l CORPORATION ELECTION ~ ~ voters, only at the time they shalli Mr. and Mrs_W. W. Welty ,and ] Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Ambrose vis ~ ~kM||||| |~d|~[~ ~|I~|'Y o~,~election was adopted J May 28, 1959 | ~ .......................... o~er ~o vo~e at the time wnen so Isons and Mrs. 14uth Clegg visited Jited Mr. and Mrs. Neale Ambrose ~ ~lrl'lVV/ I Il~WVll/~lllbth J~lL-Ilq~/ |~e fact ~,~*~ ......... ~,~ ~--~: i~. . ! ---7~. ~( ~ n given out it shall be signed on the ]Mr .and Mrs. Harold Covert and and son m Charles Town Sund~y ]ht~,~-bers of the Council J For Councllman,..Flrs,t Ward J,z,,.~.. 1~ ~all..~e+~ne+ou~y oI erie back by at least two of the corn-]daughters in Win*chester Sunday. latternoon. ~ ll~lT T /~I)l~%l ]h'~t'~I~ I'~|T~I~II~ /~ ~r..~ expire it becomes | tvo~e vor one~ ^~^~2~' missioners and no ballot unless so | Miss Carolyn Hoffmas~ter of Bak j ~, ~~h,,, ~ ....... + ~,,,,X ** al.~l~ ~.]xa:~ a' ~,at, a~_~z~ a:~j x~,~.~ ~I th, -- t ~ ~,*~ v--,wu ww~uc ~, ,~c~c~ sl~nedshallbo counCe~ h,,+~,o ~erton s,,~n* ~h ...... w..~ ...,~ ,. ~ ................ ~,~, ,,v .... ~,,,,- x ,e ~ouncil to order ~, ~ ~ " ~'~~'*~ ~'~ ~ ~ ~ --~=~-=,,~ wl~ ~wlss d " : [-"'] ary books pens pencils papers, . ay in Waxhington with her dau , and it is therefore , , , commissoners, nor shall any hal- Dorrene Gageby. ht z ~La-~ ]L._J Iota and to have suitable booths lot "qven to a voter'-" a ^-m--i-- ] ...... ]g e" Mass Beverly Br~gg. ~ ~1~ M~ 1{} 1~ erection be held .......................... erected in t~e respective poll-' ~ ~$ ~ m ~- Miss wnarloVte Athey of Char- Jo ce Jamlson of Bakert /IIMU I |'m~ n~n| |o~o loners be taken from the room by los To n and D " Y on ~ J 10~0 L7a /["'1 Iroom and to dehver the ballots ........... [ w avid ~ageby. Mr.]sn~nt theweekend withher ~rand ,~ l ' ' . , ~uca a vo~er, provloea nowever and Mrs D i " r-- ..... 0 ~. :~ I1~1 ~M~ 28th DAY of MAY [ ~ ..................... ]books, papers, etc. to the Commms that should a voter mismark de ] ...... ' avd. Lmk and M~ss |paxents ffVIr and Mrs B C Mit- ~ IN THE SADLER BUILDING (~b~eagatheede~imehf~ed] For Councilman, Second Ward /~onneraSt~hvTo~ignpl~agcf :h: e lee_ f~CenOraSPo~ea bba2]~:6 hue~Ytbee/i~naa~P~l/n~ooeyaa?fO~r~sO~ng. ]chelae W" S. C. S. will hold t~eir (Over Kastle's Stole, ~; and fho, o, .... h / tvote vor one~ | Tne poll snail oe openeu at 0:30 return of the defaced ballot to ! ...... " |mon~nly mee'~ing .at Che onuroh ~ ~-T~II~*~ Q*~ & "M ~g~ 1 *~ P ~/~ X ~o'.C :.': .... .~ ~ . ..... / /A M (EDST) and close at 6"30 eh,~ o,,m,,,,~o; ..... / ,mr. d.~vmes _vol;ss enteredthe /Thursday ni=ht M~v 7th ..t. '/.an M **...~.o ,/,vv .~. .,.. ,~..~-.,,,, =. .,.. X ~nall be eleceo one ~ " " . ' ............. '""~'" Kin s Dau hters " ' " ' "'*-" -' ........ .~ :~-each from the First | [--7 |_P= M.((EDST)) a or open at 7.30 A. (10) Should the prospective to- itinsg___~,s ~,~may~r=~-- Hospl*almr x ,aysm Mar:ano ]DST. ~ 6 DAYS PER WEEK. rd an .' .......................... M. EST na close at 7:30 P.M. ~ .-" ~ /~re~la fl Foyr~h Ward~,. ] ~ .......................... [(EST). The officers of the elec- tceZm~eed,the,,a~ist~nce ,of the mtreaVmen and observation, i RUBBER ST/~lPS'--Made any Other Hours By Appomtment Only JiM~-~ ~lon snan De nela | [---7 Ilion shall consist of four commls- ,,, ~,o ~.~?,~,, ~,~:,~::,~ ,,..~ ~,~2 | Mrs. Eva Gageby visited Mr ]Size you desire Quick and Effl-~ HandlingAll Lines of Insurance. IA~L L "~ ng rules. ] ~ ..................... [sloners and one clerk, commissioner ^r .... , **` .... ]and Mrs. Gordon Gageby and f~m ]cient Service. Telephone 222, 0 .... X " .... ~ U UI~ UI bll~2:lll bU , " rk.qUa_llfled male and fe- [-----~ [ (4) The voting place shall be eive such infnrmati-n ~ t.,, th~ ]tlyFrlday m Chaxles Town.|SPIRIT OF JEI~ERSON - AD- ~ Teleuhone ll)HI 6 . _. ~OI the town regard- | For Councilman Third Ward |as follows" ~nanner of m--~k~-=~" 5"~^-7-~'~--*"=: / ~tev. J. D. Sergent of Shenan- |VO@ATE Old'rICE, North George } .... '~ .......... ~dA| ~o-r One-)- ..... ] Instead of the re-ular ,,-tin~ may be needed but they shall/dah Junction was supper guests Street. "rNSURE TODAY TO BE SURE TOMORROW" J* I~~~ |-laces used at former -it,,"~lo~" not directly or indirectly influence ]i ~ ~ ......... . ..................................... . ........ .......... | i Q|tions and as a matter of city econ any vo~er asr, o wna~ canolaate ne i~a ( ~ O ,m)imnnv, ~T to a u m h l snail vo~e zor nor disclose how AC~I: | i . ~|o y.t e vot'ng place for all four ' ~i ~i|~| i~ ~i P ~ I-. r- DU'~| ~~]. J~. o an voter ma have vo vlm mmmm- Ntlm - " - --- " - " t~ wards this year shall be at the Y Y ted and 8 .,, l)UR mmm #tm t#tlmT ~l~ouncil Room (Mayor's Office)lo- shall mark such ballot if requiredlm IlN t~- I I~IlIIEIII~.lll ~ /cated on Oeorge Street near Wash for such candidate or candidateslm mvlkm,, V[ikk vl, v v vmm v |ington Street and at the junction as the vote indicate. ]m XTa ---r) --- -----, ....m ) omo n i t )ga ol omo m omn , MANA6 F tq|of all four wards. (11) No election officer shall dis[m .r I-'KOVISIgI'I a 1 f ~_ ~| (5) The system commonly close the name or for whom any|m CONDUCTED BY .... ....... t k t~ known as the Australian Ballot voter shall have voted. * ~ P REXALL 1 C[NT SALE ~[System shall conform as nearly ash (12).As the polls shall Im NULL & NULL, Auchoneers. F [)i U } ave oeen declared closed the ~~ - ................. ~|possible to the provisions of law . ' - m )~, ~._ _ ~ |governing' state and county elect- commissioners snail proceed toi, Discontinuing Farming, I the undersigned will sell on prom- | ATIONALLY ADVERTISED FOR THE ~]ions. count the votes andmake such | ises where I now reside "Laurel Lea Farm" (formerly Creighton g ~"" ............... o| ............. returns as to the result as it is ] Jones Farm) located on Martinsburg Road, 1-mile North of ... WITI-I lit TODAY --- t rl~]~ ~w ~v ~+~ ~h XX~T I .~i..,~o~ ~o,canal~.a~e snan oe on- required by Section 9 of Charles | Martinsburg 4-miles South of Dickerson in Montgomery ........... "" ~-Tl2~kl ~:~i~U 112~kl ~tt[ *1JLJ&~ .~l~l~lea ~o nave ms name prlnre~ Town ~ount-' ~',~,]~,,a ,., " r ~I(E 1), ~ ,,~, ~, S Ior listed on the ballot for election The Commissione ............ s "~ ~'-"'- ........... - - PLACE AT of municipal o~ficers in the Cur- SAT RD m-,,ta PLACE AT ........ are as follows: Clark Purr, Lacy U AY, MAY 9, 1959 . | O lPora$1on ol L;narles Town unless Bailey Ann Evans Mary i In ~.~*-,-,--,-~ , | _ t lhe shall have first filed with the ,.. _. _ -_=-.-- " ...... ~,~a~ AT I1:00 OCLOCK A. M. (D.S.T.) i I SC Clerkof h ' " gram, ~v~rs. n. k'. wnl~more. . I ~ t e City Council in wri THE Y OLLOWING ~[ O WIT nTT z WHITE'~ l~ing his lntenUo;~ to be such can: NICHOLAS CARSON, Mayor ~ ' " : I -,~,v| i m w |u|L ~ ,~ldidate, stating his full name, the C.F. PRINTZ, Clerk 34---HEAD HEREFORD CATTLE---34 m ] CHARLES TOWN, W. VA. ]fea t thaterhes~SreaqqU~f~d ~op[ ~ H:ifeHrere::rd Cows with calves by their sides; 20 Hereford ~ I m * ~|ter for such officer and the office L; IUNER S NOTICE g e large enough to breed; 6 IIereford Steers 20- m m for which he desires to be listed ' months old Vaccinated for Black Leg, T B and Bang' ac I | ~{]~/1[~~.4,,,.,3n,~ ~/l[n,,1" ~l~s acandidate. Such written no- I certify~'hatIhavebeforeme eredzted. Lust testwithin3Odaysofs~le. Heaith sheet given = amroay, ivlay It) ~ltification to the Clerk shall be for settlement the accounts of the with each animal, Eligible for interstate shipment. ~~M~ ____ -_ . :_ _ . _ ~ . __~ ~lfiled not less than ten days prior following f6du*ci.aries: ONE THORONGHBRED MARE 7 vear aid .... t ~-~,,a FEATURE HEALTH AID lto such election and shall be sign- Bank of Charles Town, Admires daughter of "Man of Wax," papers furnished 25 WItITE ~-" S-.- ........... 9led by such candidate personally trator of BenjalTzin E Buraeker ROCK LAYING HENS " ~ l~UUlvl i'~ ]~ ~. ~ [ (7) No one shall be allowed in deceased. ' MACHINERY Model A " h ........ ~ ~" ! the voting room except the officers F. Dean Nichols, Administrator . :-- Jo n ueere Tractor R31{l L;mtIva- of election and the voter in the of ~Stephen ~. DMgarn, ~r., deceastors; ]Vlodel 66 New Holland Baler, New Idea tractor manure SLASHED! SEALING SAFETY m 6.70-15 RAYON 7.60 x 15 "PLUS TAX AND RETREADABLE TIRE (9-T) CASH NEEDED ~UP, TRADE.IN CAN BE YOUR DOWN PAYMENT CONGRATU ATIONS NEW AND BEAUTIFUL ' the Completion and-Opening i tour New Race Track on t MAY 1st. [% Our Best Wishes to You. i |J"~Odrich Company ~, i ,iT, 1 e, TTERI r {0. h0ne 888 Charles Town, W. Va. act of voting. As soon as the voter shall have marked his ballot he shall then hand it to one of the Commissioners who shall deposit it in the ballot box in the presen- ce of the voter announcing public- ly the name of the voter which shall thereupon be recorded for the purpose. The voter shall then be required to leave the room. Any qualified voter, however, may en- ter the poll room for the purpose of challenging a voter but for such purpose not more than two shall enter or be in the same room at the same time. The commissioners may summon such witnesses as they may desire to apepar before them to testify as to the qualifi- i cation of any one to vote. :~'1 ~ (~ The voter upon entering I the poll room shall be handed the ballot and retire to the booth and :through the names of all the can- didates whom he "does not desire to vote for; or by placing a cross mark in the square opposite the name of the candidate for whom he desires to vote or in any other manner that he may desire and that shall indicate with reason- able certainity for whom he de- sires to vote. Nothing herein con- tained shall be construed so as to prevent any voter from writing on the ballot the name whom he may desire to vote, although the name of such be not printed on the ballot and in such case, the person whose name is so written thereon even although the name or names of other candidates for ed. F. Dean Nichols, Executor of D. Shirley Nichols, deceased. Helen O. l~berts, Executrix of W. J. Roberts, deceased Rosa N. B. Hankey, Executrix of Anthony Hankey, Jr., deceased. Kathleen C. Hughes, Adminis- t~atrix of Harry M. K~ble, deceas ed. Linda M. O'Brien, Guardian of Stephen Patrick O'Brien, Infant. Old Naional Bank of Martins- burg. Trustee of Addison Cam- mack, deceased. Old National Bank of Martins- burg, Guardian of Ruby Terry, Infant. Old National Bank of 1Var~ins- ,burg. Executor of Frank B. Owens deceased ..... i:! Old Naionla] Bank of burg, Executor of Louise Moore WisweH, deceased. Roger J. Perry, Ancillary Ad- ministrator of H. LaFay Corwin, deceased. James P. Rinehart, Administra- tor of Charles H. l~inehart, de- ceased. F. E. Brenneman, Admr, of Jos- eph H. Writ,t, deceased. Given 'ander my ha~qd this l~th day of April 1959. !MARK B. WETZEL Commissioner of Accounts Jefferson ,County April 23-2T- When advertising something to sell never bother o ~ell the cus- tomer how good you are-tell him what your product will do |or him. spreader on rubber; tractor field sprayer with cattle spray]lag attachment; Minn. Moline 21-disc grain drill, McCormick- Deering corn planter with fertilizer attachment; "D. B." corn shelle~, J. I. Case side delivery hay rake, grain conveyor, trac- tor 3-section springtooth harrow, tractor mounted wood saw, tractor post hole digger. HOUSEHOLD EQUIPMENT:--G. E. Refrigerator, Electric Stove, Bedroom Suite, Radio. Many Miscellaneous Articles that are not mentioned. TERMS OF SALE:--CASH with Clerk on Sale Day and no property removed until paid for. ~ Lunch and Refreshments Served on Premises. MERLO J. PUSEY, Owner PHONE Diamond 9-3176, NEAR DICKERSON, MD. NULL & NULL, Auctioneers. Frederick, Md. N. WA~IIT~Clerk~ Lt. WE STOCK THE VERY BEST AND NOW IS THE TIME TO SAVE MONEY BY ORDERING YOUR SUMMMER FILL-UP. CalLUs Right Now At Phone 73 and we will start filling your b ns. PHONE 73 CHARLES TOWN, W. VA. 1 i ,]1 i i i i i = ,TI I I II .... ,r. ~ , nr :, f ---TO--- As Executor of the Estate of Mrs. Castilinia L. Elder, I will sell Her Entire Household Effects, located on Fill- more Street, Harpers Ferry, W. Va., on SATURDAY, MAY 2, 1959 BEGINNING AT 10:00 O'CLOCK A. M. (D. S. T) HOUSEHOLD GOODS, ETC. Walnut Chest of Drawers, Small Walnut Chest, Mahogany Desk and Book Case Combination; Oak Dressers and Wash Stands; Extension Table and Six Chars; Electric Singer Sewing Machine, Kenmore Washing Machine, Frigidaire Re- frigerator, A-1 shape; 4-Burner Gas Stove, Electric Mixer and Toaster; Electric Carpet Sweeper, Hand Sweeper, Double Iron Bed with Springs and Mattress; Double Wooden Bed, / NEWEST, BRI HTE,ST TRACK /N AMERICA --,FROM THE-- Springs and Mattress; Day Bed, Cot, Straight Back and M3NTITI AI T|TI:tl .I :g OF Rocking Chairs; Morris Chair, 3 Metal Porch Chairs, Porch QUALITY PAINT SINCE 1914 Swing, 12 x 12 Rug, 9 x 15 Rug, 6 x 7 Rug, Linoleum Rugs, Lot of Small Rugs, Blanket Chest, Stands. Trunks, 2r Radios, Pictures and Picture Frames; Large and Small Mirrors; 8- / P 0 BOX 1038 Day Mantel Clock, Window Screens. Lap Board, China Cab]- * * net, Tea Cart. Ironing Board, Some China, Breakfast Set. Victrola and Records; Magazine Rack, Library Table. Floor and Table Lights; Kitchen Utensils, Pots and Pans; Lard Cans, Oil Stove, Safe, Benches, Tin Plate Stove, Large Jack, Water Tank. Grindstone, Tool Chest and Lot of Tools: Some Wood, Some Paint, Power Lawn Mower, 2 Hand Lawn Mowers, Step Ladder, Cistern Top, Wheelbarrow, Garden Plow, Garden Tools, Steel Drum, 2 Sprayers, Large Lot of Electric Wire, Log Chains, Fence Stretchers, Grass Catcher, Iron Bars, Chicken Brooder, Tressels and Boards, and Lots of Other Articles that are not mentioned. TERMS:---CAStI. Nothing to be removed until settled for. L. D. NICHOLS, EXECUTOR OF MRS. CASTIL1NIA L. ELDER ESTATE, K. K. CAVALIER, Auctioneer. C. W. MOORE, Clerk. Camp Hill Methodist Church Will Serve Lunch. April 23 and 30 . 2t. m