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Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
Charles Town, West Virginia
April 30, 1959     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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April 30, 1959

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Ma~knei|r~ Mrs. Bertha Loudan accompan-{Reedy and three sons , "Great I!xnedationC' I Ynkefdhw Bert I PIRIT OF JEFFERSON FARMEaS ADVOCATE gll IVMI31 Ferry,led by MrS.Mrs. CeciIBert WebbLoudanOf andHarperSson [ Raphine,Mr" andva.MrS.spentROYt;heHarriSweekend!Of ........ ~ r .......... I ................. : [ THU I{SDAY, APRIL 30, 1959 5--B M-~r[t 1 ~*k and Mrs William Kidwiler motor-/with their son Roy Harris Jr. and J * To Be Sermon Sunday Hew Officers; Cain m m~ke uIn I ~UIII ed to Berkeley Springs on Satur- ]family near" Byrd's err'hard. Be- $~ f he will _ day and attended ~he Band festi- fore returning home they visited ~ I [CHARLES TOWN LIBRARY ]ham; April Harvest, Lillian Budd: ,. n. ,val with he,- parents Mr and Mrs. J For Luth"r'- rh.,,,.h ] i" R ----- t Cricko mith-, on*o =nklo *er: ~ VII ItlUJ d li Mrs. Robert. Stewart is a .patient. /L. Cha~pman. I =,~ $ Ull q~llUl~ll @ I1UIIIGU //q~,}lU~lll { Among ~che new books now at I The WhJte Room, Elizabeth Coats _~ [.;. n the Kings Daughters Hosprtal Sorry Mrs. Lee Adams, Jeffer- ~. i , the Charles Town Public Library ] worth; Home Town Doctor, Ellz ~ !~!'! '" "'." " "' "' ~ '" "i ] . " . ..' i. _ i ! !~:~~i ?~: tot, announced Monday the follow iiden.t of ~the Yokefellows Bible[The Roy Richard E. Neal, pas-I Harry J. Cain was elected pros lard: I abeth Seifert. ing schedule of services for St ]Class 'of the Charles Town Pros- ~..~..:~:;:~:>::~::~=:::::*,~*.>...'.-:.~..~,.~ ..-,.~~~-- ~-~ Thomas Lutheran Church, Ran-/byterian Church to serve for the l ~!ii!ii~!il i!}!iiiiii::iiiii! : . son for Sunday, May 3 and the [next six months at, the regular[ following week days. I Sunday morning session of the l Sunday Church School and Pas- ]class last Sunday. Other officers [ tor's Class at 9:45 a. m.; Robert elected to serve with Cam are Hu[ ~d 12:15 i). m. Everyt ,Mr. and Mrs. Samuel R. Trun-[George Clark were viistors to in"][]~|~ ~1S~llJ|lfA [viceStne'at Superintendent.ll:00 a. m withThesermon,Ser" [bertjohn O'Bannon,Rbinsn' secretary,Vice president:Harris I[ ~~'~t "~ ~~]~~:~ to bring one dish Idle of Shepherdstown and Mr. and [quire about Ronnie. I[ row.6 m=~v~,,s.~ I "Great Expectations". Nursery on Rouzee, assistant secretary, [ | ~~i] . 8. will furnish the Mrs. John Gibbs of Washington [ Sunday dinner guests with Mr. [[ ] held during worshi,p; coffee hour Owen Conklyn treasurer, Edgar [ I ~ ~ ~ ~_ [" ~ qhP v w, ~i!:J ~[K,.D.C. were Sunday guests of Mr: [and Mrs. ~obert Leake were Mr. [[ ]Lesson for May $, 1959] follows the Service. Junior Lu- Pry, 1,ibra:rian and John Dunn as- ] ~~1 II r~r~ to all faiths wel- ] and Mrs. William L. Snyder and [and Mrs. M. L. Adams, Mr. and [[ ] thor League meets at the church [sistant librarian. Cain succeeds [ ~~.i~ l~-_ their house guests Mrs. Donald [Mrs. J. L. C ha~pman, Mrs. Roy Har I " at 6:30 9. m.; topic by Dick Eber- Richard Stein who has served the ] ~~:~i!i~ |,- ]Trundle and daug:hter Karla Kay. Iris, ,Mrs. Oharlie Hill Miss Nancy [ I'~AVID, as King of Israel, would sole. Senior Luther League meets [class as it's president for the past [ f~~ : DT/2 Donald E Trundle who is Dawson and Mrs Lulu Castle of L] not make nearl so la e a I Y rg at the parsonage at 7:30 .p.m. |six months. The newly elected of- I ~~1i~ |AKFRTflM ] st*atloned at the United States ]H.agerstown. The occasion being [ splash in the modern world as h, Stewardship Committee meets fleers are all asked to be present ] ~~:~ -- ~,'_' ~ |s s ~t# I1 [Coast Guard Academy, New ton- [Mr. Leake's birthday. Your friend ] did in his time For one thing his Tuesday at 7:00 p. m. at .the ,par- I thJs Sunday for insq;allaion by the | f~{:~ In Margaret.._.___ Houser i dw~l~ ~~nsn' Tsge ~e*' ana~he oaugn~erWeekend / wish you many__many more. I kingdom was a large one, for him,. . TuSnage'esday atChurchthe parsonageCUncil atmeets I Rev. 8:00 ] at tenCarlyleo'clock.MCDnald promptly|_ ] ~~i~~~~'~" ~ *- '::*:'::*:: | I K rl g ........... ] I but m our t~mes it would seem to p. m. Evangelism commibtee and / / ~~~ ,, a a ay and ~r. and mrs. w~t- /Roger Perry T- woo~h i ......... l~ ~aXS. W J B Houser liam Sn,,der / ~, a ........ i oe pretty small. Ac zts greatest ex- lay visitors meet Wednesday at [ [ [~~ '~'I~enamoncl S'hepherds " ' /Methodist Builders Class ILent it measured only about 350 7:30 p. m. a.t Mr. and Mz:s. E. O./Methodist W. S. C. S. To | a Marshaft Kearneys ~ | ------- ]miles north to ~ Siler's Senior choir rehearsal LH. vo ........ ,v .... a .... [ the April imeeting of ][~ | ][~ ][~ J~ ]d] | Announcement was made Tues- ]south, and an ~/ Thursday at 8:00 p.m. [ .... vv ........ .~ | ~~~_ :~r, Cresbytery held at ]~1 ][- ]]- ~ ]~ [dl~Y by Dean Bush, class president, [average of about ~ [ The members'------of the W. S. C. S. ~ [~ ~mll~'L--~~ 1~'~01~'~0 ~'~*'~'~*" :~:~l.~:~i: l,n,dag ~: Va. student minis- i ........ it at Attorney ~.oger J. Perry will ]120 east to west. FRIENDLY CLASS TO MEET lot the Charles Town Methodist| ~i!!~ #f~L~~ ~. ~ ~m~ ii!i l~~~/~{! [~i~!i~! ~ HAVE BIRTHDAY PARTY I C~urch and their families are in" [ [~gt ] ~DST)an Irwn Hall. Each mem-/ ~i~l -- ] viLedto ~ttend thecover dish sup ] ~t [ ~ ~ ~llill~l~ w , . per Tuesoay May ~ at 6"30 P M 1 The Friendly Class of the Chal . .. - -~ [ ~ ~I ,I~'~- ~ ~,~ .~,~i,-~*,','~'~'~,~,,~",~'~'~" ]ber is requested to bring a covert ~'~i::~ ~-..~P'~ ~ ~. =" " .,a~'~~ ..v.., ~"~-.".:"~".2" "'=~"?'2~-'2'L~" dish and silverware etc for their/ I~%.~ ~r~l~L~m u.~ ~ ~4"///~]k ~.0r eh May 10 at[ y well until Dr. William Pifer / Have you ever noticed how / more, kings are ]ngh~)nTil'~:'aaY~ ~haey t~.a~^e-oo l~ay f~mily. Business meet, ing Lo follow. ] [~] ~~ ~,~0~1~ ~~'~ ~, ' .... "IS t~l~ar ....... /pe}'formed an operation. [.many people haven't learned to|very unpopular Dr. Foreman Stuart Miller, Martins,burg" Pi'~e:[ -- [ [~ ~'O~ pallia mills spen~ a iew mrs M L Adams Mr and M~s walk0 ~][~{~,.. ' ] .... * , ". | ' [nowadays. We cherish the few This also is the annual birthdayl Then there are me people who | ]~.:~] ~hd~a In Washington D Charles Adams, daughter Martha | --------------~- /that are left, but more as curio- party, like jokes-on the other fellow. ~ ~ ----I-- ..... ..,,,~ |'~ ~4rs. W. S Geary and Is, pent last Friday in Silver S,pring | Now that we've had a taste of ]slties than as vital necessities ................................................................................................. ~/l~U[ :~. with Mrs. M. L Adams sister and lit, wincer doesn't seem all we/ . ~`~e.~`.~.~`~*~.-~e.~.`~`~.~.`~.~.J.~.~.*~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~yL~udan spent Satur-Ibrobher-in-law Mr .and Mrs. Hil |thought it was-last summer. ] NevertheleSs, this ancient free- ~ Creek, W. Va. and [l~ry DeHaven and their daughter | ~ | booter who rose to a throne, who _.__k~hi(] o ~Mrs. .............. Late Files and son-in-law Mr and ~VIrs Joel READ THE CLASSIFIEDS |hacked a kingdom out of the , --'--- | wrecks of other kingdoms, waa a .......Available Now -- Good Used Trailers. You. Low Rental Advance and Low Monthly Payments. ED Rent Applies to Purchase. We Deliver and Block to 'Your location. ent. RAILER SA ES Route 15, 1-Mile South of Frederick, Md. Open Daily to 8:00 P. M. Including Sunday !: "The #ccuracy of the mixture of materials in ORTHOCIDE 3-Way Mix" ,and the simplicity of mixing in my spray tanks saves me time and money during application, reports Jack Garst, manager of the Occanneechi iOrchards at Boones Mill, Virginia (pictured on left of ORTHO Fieldman ill Hawk). "And with the excellent scab control I've been getting with ,0RTHOCIDE 3-Way Mix, this means extra profits to me." Don't delay--start an ORTHO program today! This report is just one of hundreds received from leading fruit growers Who have found that ORTHOCIDE (captan) in an ORTHO program ,ha improved color, finish and keeping qualities of their fruit. This out- .Standing fungicide ORTHOCIDE (captan) provides exceptionally fine Particle sizes, better sticking and wetting agents. Ask your nearest ORTHO I ieldman how ORTHOCIDE in an ORTHO program can increase your crop profits, tool Helping the World Grow Better ~lifornhl Spray.Chemical Corp., A subsidiary of California Chemical Co.,133 Kings Hwy. East, Hsddonflsld, N.j. I There is an ORTHO Fieldman in this area to help you... Phone right now;'.., LONG, Jr. CHARLES TOWN, W. VA. Call Skyline 3.7561 man of such strength of character personally that he has remained a figure of romance and religion combined, for centuries. It would not do us much good to think of him as king, for nobody around here has any ambitions to become a king. Still, most American~ do cherish the ambition of some day becoming an executive, the bigger the better; and we can do our- selves some good by thinking of David as a good ~znple of a big executive. For the People The executive will always be with us. Whether you are operat- ing a lifeboat or an orchestr~t or a college or a steel plant, there has to be a boss of some kind. People may not like particular bosses, but a man who thinks we'd better abolish all bosses doesn't know what he's talking about. The an- cient king, like the mo~lern busi- ness executive, is the policy-maker, he makes the decisions that affect his whole business. If he is any good, he is worth his extra salary. But what makes a boss a good one ? Of oourse he should know the business well, from the inside; and David mLrely, did. He lmew the land and the people, he was an exper- ienced guerilla fighter, he had been trained in the leadership of smaller units before he took high eom- mand. He knew what the people needed, having come up from the ranks, he knew what they thought and what they wanted and how they lived. It is said of him that he "administered Justice and equity to all his people." Some kings have used their power for themselves; David used his for hie people. Publlo Relations David was no Hitler, perpetually unsatisfied so long as another country was left unconquered. He dreamed no dreams of world-em- pire. His territory for those days was ample, and larger than most. We read of his friendly relations with other kingdoms on various borders. Now that is another mark of the good executive; he not only uses his position for the publto good, but he maintains good "pub- lic relations" in every direction. Nowadays every business of any size, including educational institu- tions, will have a publlc-relations director. This is not mere adver- tising. Whatever good your ou~flt may be able to do, it can do its Job better if its aims are under~~ood. Under God David was first and last a reUg- lous man. He learned some hard lessons the hard way; one of theme was that not even a king can be above the taw of God. His king- dom, strictly speaking, was not his own' it was God's kingdom which he was expected to manage as Go(i's representative. The people he ruled were God's people before they were his. Like all kings, he came and went; only God remains forever. God is King of Kings, Lord of Lords. When J. B. Phillips came Lo translate Ephesians 8:9, he had ~t happy thought. Turning what Paul writes into the forms of the 20th century, he remembers that "master" and "slave" are no longer realistic words. I~o he has Paul warn employers: Remember that you are responsible to a Heavenly Employer! High office, whether it is in a business firm, a manufac- turing plant, a university, or in a political position, is not only a public trust, but it ia a remponsl- bility under God. (Based on outlino~ eopyrighh~l bT tan Division of Christian Education, National Connell of the Churches of Christ in the U. 8. A. Released by Community Press Sez'~lce.) HEXT WEEK- ANOTHER LESSON- RELIGION FOR Irl THE CHURCH FOR ALL . . . ALL FOR THE CHURCH The Chmdx is the greatest factol on earth tot the building of d~aracter and good t iti~hq~, It is a storehouse of spiritual value,% \~,'ithout a Howsmall man seems, compared to a mountain or even a tree. strong Chinch, neithcr democracy norci, dization And yet, how great is his potential! Man can fashion a tree into a ean survive. Throe a,e four sound reason~ ,,by l chair, a boat, or a house. And he can, if he wants, tunnel through evmy person should atumd services emaI.,,iy a.d a mountain. , support the Church. 'Ihey are: (I) l'or his Man has been created in God s own image; he has been given o,,n sake. (2) Forhis child,en's ake. (,3) For dominion over the eartl/ and over all other creatures on the earth, the sake of bls community and nation. (4) lor initiative and 'ill power. But the ilse of these gifts must be mot|- moral and material suppo, t. Plan to g,, to Among the many gifts which God has given to man are intelligence, the sake of the Clmrch itself, ulrich needs Iris rated by the love of God if man is to be rewarded with peace and chu,ch aegularly and read your Bible daily. Day Book Chal,tcr Vet.,es laappiness. ' Down through the ages, the Church has been teaching man that Sund l the misuse of intelligence and power brings on sin and self-destruc. (; ...... tion, while love-motivated use of God s gifts brings joy, peace of mind Tuesday Psal ....8 and salvation, t t Thursday Ephesians 4 1 24 Church attendance, 'prayer and worship will help anyone under, t Co o s a,,.a 1,7 stand the proper relationship between God and man. t, a.r sz sz-a, I {hs.ey~i~ht I~, K*Iot~r Adv, $~r~a, Jk*'~bur~, V~h This Advertisement Sponsored By The Business Firms Below In Support Of The Churches Of The Community: SMITH & STRIDER FUNERAL HOME Charles Town, W. Va. J. L. EACKLES FUNERAL HOME J. DONALD EACKLES Harpers Ferry, W. Va. CHARLES TOWN ESSO SERVICE STATION Phone 5007 Charles Town, W. Vs. H. W. WAGELEY, INC. SUPERTANE GAS SERVICE Phone 241 Charles Town, W. Va. JEFFERSON HARDWARE CO., Inc. SHERWIN-WILLIAMS PAINTS Phone 45 Charles Town, W. Va. J. EMORY KABLE ESSO DISTRIBUTOR Phone 578-W Charles Town, W. Va. t RANSON REAL ESTATE & INSURANCE CO. RANSON, W. VA. PHONE 309 WHITMORE LUMBER CO., INC. BUILDING SUPPLIES Phone 650 Charles Town, W. Va. 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