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Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
Charles Town, West Virginia
April 30, 1959     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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April 30, 1959

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iiii!i,,~ i, !!i:? i i!i [ Good Neighbors J THE WEATHER AND OTHER I Mr. and Mrs. l~rankie Ashbaugh [and .family of The Blair were vls /~IIIPlPlBklIrJP IIIII I kliL~llgm IqPl~lkdi~ ~itors Sunday evening with Mr. Lnr~/mil/ nnl Nl'W.~ I/rMX land 'Mrs. G. C. Pearl. The Ash- vm m~mm ,v urn=m= a am ~ i=m~ mY ] bau~h's ~t one time lived in one By Mrs Geort, ia Pearl ]of the Pearls Cottages. They were " ~" ]really good neighbors, what one I would call as the old fashion type. ............ [That is what is needed is good unangeabm weamer rang neavy cJouas, aamp heavy a~ [ neighbors and friends. Well we have been having some ]re.sphere, some clouds all day. Fri [ Mr. and Mrs. Paul Gavrett of changeable weather this ,past week day morning sunshine came out [Murrell Hill, Mr. and [Mrs. Gar- rather mixed I should say. One [brisrh.t and we really wole,~mp~ it ]land Piper, Mrs. Mamle Russell " ......... er 1 t " week ago this past Monday mar- [and a fine day Saturday mornin~ [w e w s tars Sunday evemng ning rather a gloomy one, cloudy ]clearing skies"another wonderful [wi,th Wfr. and Mrs. Howard Wilt some fog and a very heavy mist ] day. Traffic rather heavy on Route I and. family. 'near and noon clouds began to[9. A fine day for a trip Sunday[ Li.ttle, Rlc.hardRmg spent the scatter- fog disapoea~ng and sun ]morn|no as the sun came u~ i~ lWeeKena wren ms grana~paren~s shine trying to peep ~through. And ]brou~ht real snrin~, ~,~*~b i o-,~ ~ ]Mr. and Mrs. Ring of Bakerton. by 1 In. m. skies were clearmg i was a lovely day" also a very hea[ M : and Mrs. Charles Gaxret, t and sunshine came out full. A lit- [vv ralTic on rou.t~ 9 ,r~,~+ ,~.m, |an, Mr. ann awrs. rtumpnrey wiJ~ le breeze stirring. Tuesday morn-~el"0oying the ]~lue' R i-~dg'e~'~m'ounJ- i~V~dl~dH~hesre~ivali~t.ting at ing some fog early and then clear I taln breeze Its ~ust ~reat ,~- I " Y g lng and sunshine and nice day. ]day morning fog~omeOrain'~er ]..Mr. and MrsxClyde Harris of Wednesda.y mornlng a brisk cool [gloomy morning. Take good care [, 1):.~. were gues~ ~uu ai,r, sunsmne no~ so bright in l~te Iof you*tacit. Ho~e to visit a~ain [ ' y e enlng wrvn me~r uncle ann afternoon, air cold. Thursday mar 'With you. -- ..... |aun.t Mr. and Mrs. G. C. Pearl ~t /~new name. | Mr. and Mrs. William Wilt who I ....... all I spent several days with the latters l DR. VERA FISCHER, Optometrist U[lmother Mrs. Oft of Murrell Hill as Mrs Oft has been very Ill her $ E ES -- SSES HTTED " - augurer avers. Wilt hus been tak $ Hours :9:45 .:o 5 :O0-- l.osed !ue. ay and Thursday lll llng care of home and also Mrs. Ill ur) m rrtcmy *:venmgs unto u:uo P.M. ]Ott as she needed some one wH, h m Pho.e 785 m s. c axl, st. W. W |lher. The mira have retu m to IMItheir home to attend to some work tw~xich needed attention. We hope Mrs. Obt will soon be able to be Now everyone with a termite problem can afford the best in termite control m~,,ice. Sensa- tional improvements in treating chemicals and techRiques, de- veloped by the Bruce-Terminix Research Laboratory, hayer made it possible to offer complete Terminix protection against ter- mites at an actual cost that l~ no more, often less, than ordi- nar~ termite control service. NOW genuine Terminix Protection costs no more than Ordinary termite control $5000 GUARANTEE T~ th~ new low-cost Te~dnlx protection just as effective as before? ~he answer la "yet." Prcof: We are now able to offer a guarantee up to $5000 against termite damage to building and contents, including carpet~. Why t4tke ehance~ when you can be safe with Terminix. FREE INSPECTION Local Texminix Representative NICELY SUPPLY CO., INC. about in her home again. Miss Lois Jenkins of Murrell Hill spent Sunday night with her cousin and family Mrs. Deloris Jenkins and was up bright ~md early on Mond,ay morrdng to get the school bus so ,to be at .the roll c~l at her school ~he Blue Rid ge. Mr. Charles Talton of Hamilton, Va. was a visi.tor Sunday with his family Mrs. tavern Talton ~md two children who are making their home at Mr. Howard Wilts. Mr. and ~_rs. Cqyde Harris of c her hogs 16.S0 ~o 22.00; shoatsi SPIRIT OF JEFFERSON FARMERS WaShington, D. C. motored up to ..~m ....-..~.u-- per hundred 26.75 down; ,pigs per [ ~v ~.t~nor~v ~nntt the formers brothers h~ne Mr. MaRl]l= | ~l=~||~l head 14.75 down" heavy boars 9.00 [ ~"-~ xnur~oL,2xz, ~rx~x~_. James B. Harris of Neersville, I'llHtlllllUb | I|llm/Vl|/ ,to 9.70; sows an~l pigs up to 110.- ] ~ "---- ~--~-~'~ Va. and took an active part of cel 00; stock boars 12.00 to 18.00. , [ Good luck rarei~ comes unex- [ Any wife can mu,ki~1 ebrating his brothers 50th birth- ~wsceltaneous sams start 11:00 ]pected; usually it is over-expe~t-[her husband if he wl~ day and ,then came over ~ .our.litThe quotationsof The Blue Rid A. (M.-mvestock Sales 1:30 P. M. ] ed ' leo w~at she says. tle commum~y for short wmt w~t~hge Livestock Sales a,t Charles each Monday. [ " [ relatives .and the last stop at .the Town Monday, April 27, 1959. I I home of uncle and aunt Mr. and Recei pts of steers and cows mad ATTEN--D S'UNDAY " ATTEND CHURCH SUNDAY " READ THE CLAS' Mrs. G. C. Pearl the Harriss from erate with a good demand for all the clW report a very big day. classes ca~tle +and calves. Mrs. Charles GarreSt 'was a vial- Feature of sale was veal top tar Saturday evening with her dau $38.50; steers .top $30.15; cows ghter Mrs. Stella Painter and tam strong and higher. ily. Choice butcher steers 29.00 to ~r c,,-~ xr~,~ _~r ~ ,.,.~ 30.15; good butcher steers 27.00 ......................... 29 O0 laid off from work at Berryville, 2~4 00 "to ;26P.~mtoi, steers Va i~ ~w with his . ; ce ou~cner ne]x .......... r 27 ' i e s 00 to 27 90" good butcher father-m-l~w Mr. Elmer Jenk ns . . , . . . . neilers 2400 to 26 50" plato to where he Is a carpenter near Falls ~ . , -~ ........................ meoium heifers 20 00 .to 23 00' as carpenter for his father-in-law, goo~ ouJ!s za.uu to z4.~0; plain .to [[ "'r ............ memum oulls 18.00 to 23.00" com- . .~aearle Wll~ wno ,has oeen mercial c w ......... ' -" o s z, ou ~o zz.~u" uml- aut of work for several weeks xs it- cows 20 00 to 21 00 ' --- now Y . . ' cannvr~ employed as carpenter at and cu1~t~rs ~o so ,~,~.' ~, h,, Bul ................ ~") .'ke. Va. !uck Me rle. the head up to 265.00; s ocker and . .mr. ~nd Mrs. william W Ht were ,feeder steers light 30.00 to 36.00; wm~ors recently at ,the name oI stock heifers and bulls 'by the their daug,hter and family Mr. and head up to 148.00; Mrs. Frankle Angel, of Burke, Va. Choice to-prime calves 36.00 to Mr. and Mrs. Angel, axe .pl~nnin,g 38.50; good bxteher calves 32.00 to on building a new home near 35.00; medium butcher calves 28.- where they are now living. 00 to 31.00; ,thin calves 27.50 down Mr. and Mrs. Mearle Wll~ and heavy calves 25.00 to 35.00; lambs son David were visi,tors Saturday choice 26.00 to 28.00; lambs good Mail or Bring This Ad to Southern States Charles wi,tth the l,atters sister and family 23.00 ,to 25.00; red shoulder grade Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Jenkins of lambs none; butcher ewes 6.00 Murrel.lHitl. to 10.00; stock ewesperhead 16.- Town Cooperative, Ranson, W. Va., and Receive 20 ] (Mr. Eugene Shreeves of Arling- 00 to 29.50; ton. Va. motored .to the farm and .Good butcher hogs 17.10 to 17.- *THANK$I PAt.. WE CAN KEEP OOt OPE/u m Yet this very day, 4 out of 5 homes are inadequately wired for today's electrical living! Step-up to FULL HOUSEPOWER through Certified Wiring and start enjoying: CONVENIENCE, SAFETY, and ENOUGH HOUSEPOWER for today's living and the All Electric Future. See Your Electrical Contractor Or THE POTOK C LIGHT POWER CO. on *varies according to local and state taxeJ STAUFFER'S "MAGIC COUCH"@ h the be~ut~6d new Prlaee~ Model is your= for only t149,50. America's No.1 Home Reducing Plan now only ?o Rem( e ezce wdg]it and inches, impmv po - turc w't .zu starvation diet or strenuous exerdse.. 2. The Staufiier+ t; c;ple has brought new figure beauty to more than 5,000,000 women... backed by more than 20 years of reducing success. 3. Posture-Rest provides genuineosd]]a,* tory motion. Not a vibrator! Beware of in,[: orsl Insist on STAUFFER! FOR FURTHI R NFORMATION CALL 519-M ..... Or Write 107 S. Charles St., Charles Town, W. a. --SALESWOMEN : WANTED-- Will Be in Charles Town spent several days. He was busy 60; medium bu, hex hogs 16.00 plowing sowing seed and making to 17.00; heavy butcher hogs 15.- T O P Q U A L I T Y HEAVY BREED COCKEREL garden. He reports he really en- 50 to 17.00; butcher sows 11.00 ~o joyed also ,the wonderful .nights 14.50; ,heavy feeders and light but rest athiscottage. CHICKS FREE' With the Purchase of 50 Pounds Mr. and Mrs. Charles C rrett N 0 T I C E! were visitors Sunday evening with their daughter and family Mr. -- SOUTHERN STATE'S STARTING AND GROWING and Mrs. Neil Slusher of Ransom W'HEREAS on the 13th day of Mr. Leftridge Staubs who is April, 1959, C. W. Spiker, dba employed near Washington, D. C. Spiker Motor Sales, East Washing MASH For $3.'00. Please Bring Cartons for Chicks. spent the weekend recently with ton Street, Charles Town, West his wife Mrs. Nettle Staubs. Virginia, under the p~ovisions of~ Several folks in our commuhity Chapter 38, Article 11, Section 4 have had an abtack o severe sore of the Code, gave no~ice to l~alph UP. 0. T. REITB throat. Mrs. Georgia Pearl has Young, 424 South Broadway, NAME ..... been very much indisposed the Wheeling. West Vixginia that un ...................................................... past week due ,to tonsilitis which less the amour~t of One Hundred FOOT SPECIALIST was very painful. She is improving Forty Two ~nd 50/100 Dollars at this writing. ($142.50), plus storage on said re- ADDRESS .................................. PHONE .............. Mrs. Jane Hawk is getting a- hicle at the rate of fifty-cents per round very good now ~fLter an in- day from April 13, 1959 until ,the AFTERNOON and NIGHT jury to her ankle from a fall at date of sale was paid on or before Extra Top Quality 'Chicks May Be Ordered For You. her home. the 28th day of April 1959 to From 1.:00 to 7:00 P. M. A Good Water Boy Spiker Motor Sales .for repairs, im I feel most certain that the Mr. provements and storage on *that I WISH TO PURCHASE .......................... BREED 107 South Charles Street :Howaxd Wil.t family feel as though certain 1952 Ford Station.wagon, ,+, q elephmm , , ~t~ a miracle has happened at their Serial Number B2BP108774, the ,. ~ "' .. p]ace, ~ ~., h~xg., b e~en ~auling same would be sold u,t public auc- " ADDITIONAL CHICKS. ~nd c) "~r.' ~'6r ~t' long, elan; and, " long, i~me W]-IEREAS the said l~lph ~ + ~i~rs anal. ~roung has :fa~led to pay the said ~ ~ .i, ; " . , $flw~ys~ o~ , sJhm due and owning on thei'~r~n~e;!:" needed i.t Just the past week ,a i new electric ,pump was insta~lled ahd,i W~EREAS: ' me,'; skid2 ::::Sl~ea"=>:"Mo-i EXTRA:.... 5%Off On All Poultry Equipment. , ,for th~'weW of w~er ~hich~ was tor Sales is holding ,the:s~id 're-~ . , ) : ; r' "~++ ' ; drilled sdme,~ime,pas[ 'and rhOW ~cle to satisiy i+ts lien-thereon belieyejt or not e.verybody is~ h~p a~rains.t Ralph Young, the owner py. What a Blessing came to ~his o~r person on Whose account the .home and ~Galen a son was the wutomobile is held. >,~ water boy. Some how he man,a- Notice ls hereby given that the ged .to get water .to +the ,home with ~ -~, said .E~k~+~Motor .~a}es Will+:' sell . " < ,. ; :: ,. ~., .- a cart or wheelborrow or a sled the said described vehicle at pub- but the quickest ,way was the lic auction to sabisfy its lien a- automobile. He could have a far- galnst the same in front of the ger quantity. I know Galen is Court House in Charles Town, ha,ppy if he isn't I am happy for WeSt Virginia, on the 16th day of him. Galen you done a good job. May, 1959 at 10:30 o'clock A. M. You deserve a ,medal. Eastern Daylight Time. Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Hytonen of C.W. SPmZR ' RANSON, W' VA. ...... 'PHONE Falls Church, Va. motored up ,to Spiker Motor Sales their ranch home late Tuesday Charles Town, W. Va. evening. Thought perhaps .they April 30 and May 7 migh~ catch the in,truder who ...................... broke into their ranch 'home some time back but everything was i iquite around the ranch. This !night rambler ruined a fifty dol- :la+r door prying it open. The law also has been looking around, you beVter wash you may get caught. ,Mrs. Georgia Piper and Mr. and L McDONALD JR Mrs. George Talton and two child ren were visitors ~hursday with * # *e the formers sister-in-law Mrs. AGENCY Maud Everh~rt of Silver Grove. Mr. and Mrs. Nelson Grove and family were vial,tars recently with INSURANCE AND .the formexs brher and familY [ HANU OPEN NG 0 Mr. and Mrs. Junior Grove of Sil- REAL ESTATE Per Grove. Mr. and Mrs. Nelson Grove and " Mason Building family were visitors recently with the formers brother and family Phone 735 Mr. and (Mrs. Junior Grove of ~Sil- Per Grove. Charles Town, W. Va. Mr. and Mrs. Herman Garrett were visitors Sunday with the for mers parents Mr. and Mrs. Frank RepreHntlng THE TRAVELERS, Haldffo~d Garrett of Millville, Mr. Garrett who has been handicapped for a long time which he received, a broken hip from a fall is now try lng to get around in the ,home in a Wheel chair but due ,to cataracts of his eyes he still has some .troUb get~in.g around and he also has !a walker but has to be very care ful in case he might get another hard fall, so far he has been very lucky but a few days ago he ,fell from his chair but no bones bro- ken just a fetv bruises on his face. Best .ashes ~Ir. Oaxrett we do hope you will soon be vistorious and c~n walk again as in years gone ,by. Mr. and Mrs. Junior Hardmg and little son J~hnnie were bus- WE PUT YOU 021 iness visitors In l~rcellville, Va. A PEDESTAL Saturday. Mrs. Lavern Talton and (Mrs. Howard Wil.t were accompanied When it comes to the by Mr. Charles Talton motored to strictly personal matter of Georgetown hospital where Mr. your insurance protection, Talton went for another checkup. we know how important it The doctors seem ~o think an- is that you be treated as other operation may be necessary. an individual. That's why Mr. Walter Wilt who was a pa- Te always "put you on a pedestal" with P.S., ,Per. tient in Loudoun County hos'pital sonal Service. Leesburg, Va. for observation .and x-rays is home but just don',t seem H. S. CLOPPER, JR. toMrs.imprveDelorisveryJenkinsfaSt" and four To Located in the Room Formerly little children were dinner guests Insurance, Real Estate Sunday with her aunt and faro- Occupied the Union next to V.F. and Bonds fly Mr, and Mrs. Elmer Jenkins of Murrell Hill. W. Post Rooms on East Liberty Street. Formerly W. Berry Grove Mrs. Annie Wilt spent Tuesday Agency and Wednesday With her ,mother Mrs. tMay Get of Murrell Hill. Mrs. E. .ashington Streeto~t ;na~ i~en very ill and shows Charles Town, W. Va. just ,a Siig~ht improvement. , Telephone 216 Edgar P. 'Buddy' Smoot, Jr. Will Open Insurance Agency on May 1st. Announcemen~ wa> maoe early th~ wee~ by t~dgar Y. (Buddy) Smoot, Jr. tllat :he will enter the msurance business on a fuN time basis and on Friday, 'May 1st will open omces in +he Sadler Building IT'S NEW'---IT'S MODERN AND YOU'LL LIKE IT! above 'I e Kastle ;Men's S ore in Charles Town. On another ~age ot ,tins issue ihi~ advertisement ap e ~ ~ l~[~ ~a~ pear~. ,caxrying ~he ;hours an~ other del;alls about his business. High eour~ reaffirms ban on a wlle's te~tlmony.