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Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
Charles Town, West Virginia
April 30, 1959     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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April 30, 1959

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v,=~Lcd m the Hari3cr: PenS, ~rc~ ILur~ rcccmly ::pent ,~ few dayn ch at ;5 BBT. ,pirkh~s n~ f,~r d,~:~:~rt ,f~,]t :.~1- SPIRIT OF JEFFERSON rarnTr ADVOCATE D17~N~d'AI A(,TTX;'TTT~ t3kT i were the home of Mrs. H. T. Mc-Iwit,h his grand,parents Mr. and Home Demonstration Day for ad and cake. Two biPthday cakes IrrTyt~o~ ~ x, r)r,~r,~n ,,-, - ,'. all the clubs of Jefferson County were baked by daughteL E. telle - . a,~,~,~.~,.~ ~ ~- ~'~ **~*~ J~" Donald, John Browns Fort and [,Mrs. Bill Sponsler. His parents "s s ~tlt t~aI~l, .~vtttt~ m, l-m:J .~--I; ,_ ............... ]the Harper House. The latter is in [were visitors at the Sponsler home will be held May 7. Mrs. Ehner and Rosebud. They were butter- ....... I~[" I:: I::: []} IJ V A&|I~ I~~| L ii] [the Park area. A Park Ranger es- Ion Sunday. Vickers will demonstrate the Iroz scotch and coconanut. Mrs. Wilt Pill Ill '111111 i~ iJ ILlln /41WI/ $L I ~ 1 Icorted the visitors in small groups I ~ en food knife, received nice presents and all left i i l~ ~ I through the Harper House. Over I ~ The meeting adjourned to meet wis, hmg her many more happy ~ F ~'~ ~ V ~ || ~ II (~. E 9 one hundred people visited [helm wo, ..on. 2 '2 I omo Mrs. McDonald during,.,01er s Farm Club Meets withAhumorousMrS" JeSSepoemL. FryewasOnreadMaYfor13 [birthdays.~ . V. a V v. i I[~l[} ~/ Ithe two d,ays, some of them being[ _ --. _ __ __ irecreaUon. Delicious refreshments I J! REMIY" MIX COHCRET HFFII~ I ~~ ~ ]from Canada and Norway. The i A~ ~1 Fmm: hnnr $ l were served by our hostesses. [ ITTII" Afl$ I| ............................. ~~ h the Rev. Milton Pol-J four hostesses at Harpers House in" :.n,a,,~ .--..u~ v4~v~ttt~. [ .......... ] Utile aT..._ II . CALL CitARLES TOWN 899 OR l ~~ted by the I were dressed in Centennial Cos-[ ..... 1 ~~y. Interment was[tume. We have heard many com- ] The MoJer's farm woman'sl~r~ Ann|p Wil Hnn rpd [ ,-4 Ii VISIT OUR PLANT AT MILLVILI E, W.VA. I ~~. Olivet Cemetery in [ments about the wonderful display ,Club met at the i.mmeof Miss Em ] ; ........................ .,,.., I I] THORH LUHBER COHPAHY IIii~~er- I Frederick, Md. [of practical everything of interest ]ma, usoourne, w]tn mrs. H.. K. ~~nnual Ba dn Concert held fat the home of Mrs. McDonald. l~omr~,as co~no.s[ess on .~pri,..~. ith mr*~a-m..., ~~---~-~-~-{~,~-1 I /Mrs. U. n. raoler conaucted me , ll/. t~ 1 tl~ ~ KU.I bULl till I U'I ~,l 1(= IO',.61 i J.92'| H ll Top House served 350 dm-idevotions [ I ]| Millville Plant No. 899 Charles Town I --,~.,~,,,,u, ~mu,~ mgn SChOOl on lasT, r'rlclay even- rs ' s " ~[ ~rmayeve.n: [ne . on last Sunday to v].,tors [ The meeting, was onened bv [ Mrs. Annie Wilt was,honored on I~..~ = "~.-'~-" i| ................ | ~ well a~naeo ana mas tand s..eei~l ~rou-'s A~-"t'+ fifh. / .... ~ _' ,, ". < ~ every way. Eiuhteen / ,~v, % ,,s . v.:. 5u.'.- .~ /staging "~mg ann bmile" ann I Sunday witch a birthday dinner by [ ,k:,~ tI zvlarunsDurg l'lan~ 2ktvl l-t~oa ~'~and~~~'~'2~'~are senmr~ ,f/members ................. o[ the ~oums r'eJJowsmp. ..... ,/Pra- .... Mrs Tabler read the 19th [her children. They gathered at i'~'~ N~ ~m ~~- laeir-fo-m' [ {o,~ ~,eve~y, . ~u. ~nc~ttumg |Psalm and a clipping "Hustle and ~her home and prepared dinner] [' " ' ' .... ~ ......." .................. 1 hi; ILS S n " fl ' , ~~C)~t'he'~:a'- [e g. aou , pe kaaruiaay ~ e}e [Grin' closed w~th The Lord's Pray iwhile she went to Sunday School [ ~ [ -- ~~mbe'~'~ /ana o I~y-. even ow e ~eouT~s. /er m unison. The president pres- land preaching service. ] I I - ,~,.u,~ ,.c~c v.=.c.~,~ ~, ,,,c,.~c,,. i 1 in six 1 s from il ~a~'~v~;.~ [~nc ud g :. adut, ,. S veI" ]lded, the minutes were read by [ Those celebrating were Mr. and I qP . ~ [ . . r~~d~n~" d";~7:~ [bpilng, MO. pen~ rme weeKeno [the secretary and roll call with/Mrs. Paul Wilt and daugh,ter Pat- [ / n r t x " " " s" end'i/ /the, e. The Hill Top Hou,:e will ]seventeen members and our v,sl- isy of Charles Town, Mr .and Mrs. [ I FT! e - -,-,- ................... " ....... 1 ver f wln l r i~e~..... ....~ , ....... (~'.~'A~'rm'.~. /really. oe.]lled to o s! g. o [tor present Mrs R S l:Lenaud [Elmer LaRue, daughter Conme ] kltll/IM I' tP'll'Olhl~l~ Pill ~ ~':" " "" ' ~~'J::_:: ~" "':"'": ]m~s weeKena as.requests iol me-[gave the lesson on "Food Fraets [and .~v~s.L~:ui~leOfM2er]n~n(~s.dYur. ] V l~l-lL~[i[~ l, j/llll/rll t,U,] ~~is~_.~ts -~: ...... s. . .... Rowland /serva[ions. . has ~een comang m lor Food Prods"9. . She gave .some I[ . and daughtezs" Shn-" .annunce The birth of a son born thick and fast. [good __points. ~~~osb~p:[n [ The Apple Blossom Festival thi~i Food fads start in man wa si~hterlm ..... Normaxxr,,+ ^eJean~.~.,~.of Ranson~.., ....~Mr'I/ ~t'~ ,.t f% ulf" ..i fl ,,~XIT, ,,& ,.~I" it --~ ~Im.y'" ~ ....... ~, m m -- ~~'-~'~,~.,. ,. , . Y Y lweekend will bring a number of land spread rapidly because of ex- ------- -- ...... IMzs. Lloyd McDanlel, son Wayne I I~ITNIERAT, HC)MFI ] .~,...~. ~1~ ~ ~student in the [visitors into our home towns. We ]cellent means of communicating, [and daug'hters S~aaron and Sheila. [ ................. [ ~t,~"~ ~-~-=--fMt~ ~~hool and a member [hear many regrets expressed re-]the speaker said. ~e H!g_h_ school band. [garding the B. & O. tZailroad not / The Food and Drug Administra- [Also da, ughters Arbutus and An- / f'h~'l~ Town / "-" "......... ~e fifth annual Home and ir'mning a train to Winchester this ]tion has done much to keep harm [tionnette and Mr. and [Mrs. Hum- [ ..... [ Easy Tern~ Low Down P&ymenL Llbert~ ]~ [ ~ S-hena-ndoah lyear for the two days. iful products off the market. ]phrey W!lt., The menu was .fried ] Shepherdstown [ Trade-In. Come In Today! ~ih'~ei~on | Mrs. C. C. Johnson is indisposed I The club had one new member [cmeKen, oaKea ham, masnea po- | [ ...... ..._, ....... .~ . ~~n-da-y-~-was /a,t her home due to a heavy cold. ]Mrs. C. C. Writt, May 3rd the club [t~%tde~ade~in)i,edpeggSc:t~gY' :l~::see i 35 - Telephones - 162 i t2iAKLI:b /UWN l.O., Inc. -- ~~. T eh ~hree "places Charles Barker Jr. of Martins- wHI attend Uvilla Methodist Chur toss salad, rice "l~ud~ling, celery', I ' PHONE 226 CHARLES TOWN, W. V& es\;pent S t r- s. C. p. Snider in Char and $ er, r,a,s " J~. Harold Hicks of .~ ~, ran visited Mrs. J. S turday ter, dwards of nearby m /~'ty, Va. returned --" t~:~ _~Tederick Memorial ~.,.. |~-~unday and is show- ~"' L~I~t~zt, Of improvemen,t. ~" ~m"~ent there for about Nice $ ..... ater, John Glover Jr. ,~",rBl~:'~ and daug'hter Cher .~ ~l~,~.Ya. former residents s" ]~nfited the formers par- V-8, ]~Vllle on Sunday and ,~ ~f~aeral of Mr. Dewey ~of Mr. Glover. Ernie me spen,t Sunday af- '- II'~t~erry' ~his former nei 'lean $ ~".~,c~If~end. w ~"~Id Betsy Barker of ,~i~'s --siting her grand m ~I:~nd Mrs. Bill Spon- "~:'~ a new sister Mar- ~. .~i~rn in Winchester, t' ~i"~ua Monday morning. ,~h~.~rs. Irving Seeley of tF -I~va, Va. visited .their ;-Cy- I'~nY.; E. Lit,tie[on and $ ~l~i~er is enjoying a lh~[~ his home in Bol ~ts b &~,~3 een employed in m ~It~'~, C. for many years. of the trout season .~,W all local anglers _, ~tll~l'l~.r favo,ite streams. .~ i~'~lt~ons were very fay -r ~:rearas were very low ~ood. .ll:"r this season of the ~2. $ ~.e spotty wi,th some ---'uln,~7:~ g empty handed tl~W.'lucky ones return $ '~' limit. .i~ Were reported by Harding, .Ch~r~ , IIi.~ ~ ~U%ts. On Sunday, ___~-..l~i~Ught in %he limit i ~ I~ ~i~~s ngerbeam brought [~ R CHiC.catch so far re oit ' " ~" ~ hi P " " ~g:~ee 18 inch brown 3 i''~ a holdover of prey- .............. ii-mmii ...... i ..... .... l ........... n ...................... u nm ....................... iinlllnmnnn i,I j ', _ GENERAL {6E)! . ..,. , , .., , =-..... tPI;.,K , lilt I -i SAVE E " HI Speed" Cah'od ""', It rllll/ , Hu.e Ma tet O, en ,I,EFRIGERATOR- ' " I I L I 11 I I : I * No Drip Cook Top # " Pushbutton I Huge 12 Cu. Ft. (ontrols II X\ Capacity ff \ [ I I A, ELE RIC O AutoDefrost X l l'--"" * Large 70-I,b. Freezer L I I Y Sliding Shelves '''ER, HOW !;'ECIAL HOW 77 , II . I1'1~ I'111 "'"' ' GEHEflAL .....FREEZERS Sandy Hook Augusta Holder, O. Railroad em- ~t his home on las,t Thursday born in Brown- Heate, ~ a son of the Sarah Phillips ~S W many years as !ab for .the B & O retirement some X 20 died eighteen raember of the of the Bret, h- :31;3~':~, The deceased t the San- Church i,n re- are one son Edwin Holder Beahm. both two grandc~Id- grandchild. The Radio Eackles Funer rda~y when it Services 'ires, afternoon r Methodist ISBURG WORKS ODOM, Mgr. John Street W. Va. Model No. LAS-11S Huge -l,18-Lb. Capacity Temperatures from 0o to 10 Below Zero Built in Lock s: x All Shelves Fast Freezing FUL Y A MATIC PRICED TO SELL*2 t/IODEL HU-] Huge 8-Lb. Capacity Hot, Warm Water Wash I111 III IIII I IIII New High. Speed Drying Syslem GEHERA Works on 110 Volts FAMILY SIZE 'i % CHARLES TOWN, W. VA. PHONE 202