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April 29, 1982     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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April 29, 1982

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2O SPIKIT OF JEFFERSON Farmer's ADVOCATE THURSDAY, APRIL 29,1902 COMMISSIONER'S NOTICE I certify that I have before me for settlement the accoun- ts of the following fiduciaries: NOTICE OF TRUSTEE'S SALE Bank of Charles Town, Notice is hereby given that subject to 1962 taxes, utility Conunittee of OllieBlessing. by virtue of the authority un- service easements, public's der that certain deed of trust right to use the sidewalks in executed by James F. Price front of the main residence, and Wanda L. Price, to James and to a sma/1 portion of the Maulou and Jdm N. Taylor, garage roof which encroaches Trnstees, dated tbe 25th day of upon the neighboring real July, 1980, and recorded in the estate. office of the Clerk of tbe Court- JAMES B. CRAWFORD III, ty Commission of Jefferson 'Trustee County, West Virginia, in April 15-3t Trust Deed Book 473, at page 102, by which was conveyed to said Trnstess the hereinafter NOTICE described real estate to secure I have before me the aeeamts the payment of a certain of the Estates of the following promissory note set out and deceasedpersons: described therein, and the un- Estate of Gary Eugene dersigned having been appoin- mery Bank of Charles Town, Committee for Alice V. Ring. Bank of Charles Town, Trustee of the William W. Ronss Charity Fund. Donald L. Fink, Executor of Lena Elizabeth Fink, deceased. Bank of Charles Town, Committee of Mary Bogardns porterfield. Given under my hand this 19th day of April, 1982. P.T. PORTERFIELD, JR. Commissioner of Actmmts Jeffersou County April 22&29-2t ted as Successor Trustees by Estate of Idella Hendricks "Appointment of Successor EstateofMaryE.DavisNOTICE OF SALE OF GENERAL ADAM STEPHEN CHAPTER SARHAS MEETING Trustee Agreement", VALUARLE ALES'rATE The General Adam Stephen Chapter of the Sons of the American .dedinthoaforesaidcierk.sof- Estate of Audrey V. S dy In ex uen of a min Revolution met at the McFarland House in Martinsburg last Friday. rice; and.default ha "vingot~e~ Estate a Grace Elizabeth deed of trust made by Richard e ex mane m me payment at sala Professor Ralph Sherrard, Shepherd College, related to the group th - undersi, vino Carper L Swartz, divorced, to the un- . . te, the o.---, ha.--, penenees of General George. Washington and General Adam. Stephen been requestod in wri'tmg by EstateEstateofM .heUG.Sm.ofCharles A. Grey ders gned Trustee, dated during the French and Indmn War. Shown above are, left to right, new the owner and holder of said Any person having a claim February 29, lm, and recof deal in the Office of the Clerk of membor George M. Williams of Charles Town, President Charles Printz, note, wm sen to the highest againstthoEstatooft said thoCountyCommi iouofJ - Professor Sherrard, and Harvey Unger, another new member to the and bidder on n, " " artin l rz, at p.m emstern deceased person or persons, ferson County, West Virginia, Chapter and a member of the SAR from Ilhnom and a natwe of M - Daylight Time, at the front or why has any beneficial in- in Deed Book No. 468, Page 97, sburg, door of the courthouse of Jef- ter~t in, may appear before dofault having been made in ferson County, West Virginia, me or the County Commission the provisions of said deed of A. .- -- ~ s ~ I fraternal groups, that the cen- t~. real estate, conveyed by at any time within thirty days trust, and being required by Ghanges Keponea In :d:glal ter has an active speakers' saed deed of trust, together after first lmblication of this the beneficiary so to do, the notice, and request roference undersigned Trustee will sell burmu available for their use. with the improvementsof said Estate or object to con- at ~mbllc auction at the front "ty Di ""ty S " thereon and appurtenances firmation of the said accoun- door of the Court House of Jef- Secur, saM, enefds bureau, made up of ~LLreUn~mobel ~~ tiag. In the absence of such ferson County at Charles staff of the VA Medical Cen- ing pa Y request or objection, the ac- Town, West Virginia, on People who receive Social the rmrk. ~i~ r~ e ~o ,~,a ter, is available to speak on a described there.m as follows : Security disability benefits as for ~e." --"= "~'~"wide variety of subjects that All that certam lot or parcel counting may be approved by Friday, May 21, 1982, at 10:00 theC, ounty Commission.A.M the following described well as benefits from another 'rhpO.nld~n Aeee.~ Passnnrt encompass not only Veterans of real .es~te, with. Ira- Given under my hand this realestate, to-wit: l 1 r- provemems mereon ana ap- public disabTty programis a ~e permit for the Administration activities and should be aware of a recent ,~-ks It ; ; '-d to "~various topics on health care, partenanees . 26th day of April, 1982. All that certain tract of land, change m the law that man~nt rp.qid~nt.q Of the but numerous speakers on belmging, sit.uu~ in Clmrles JdmE.Ott, Clerk town DiSU'lC"Jefferson of ~C unty Comml~ with all improvements. provmes for an oztset mat United States who have been subjects that are of a general -, of Jeffersen County, WV. thereen and appurteuances may limit the total amount of m~;~, ao,~ ;,~,~ nature. County, West Vlrginla, and ~4~.t~.Z thereto belenging, situate in thetr disability beneflts, blind or "~rmanen*h" disabled designated as Lot Na Middleway Distr~t, Jeffersml The provision, enactedlastand as are 'li ble for Billes points out that at ap- Three(S) of Shasta East Sub- ~ County, West Virginia, more particularly described as smTLmer as a part of P.L. 97- receiving benefit~"under proximately this time last divb.i~, as sam lot is more Notice is hereby given that follows, according to a survey 35, extends the SO~I Security ,~o o~ ~'.~ year, all service-oriented parueumrty umumen aM offset that applied to worker's ""~" ~."(~,o. ; o anisations were provided deserlbed on a plat of the the Eastern West Virginia by Charles K. Sager, L.L.S x" u& xl4luJ~;x aaa~xasa~ax rg compensation to certain other mm*~ * ,~.Ir h~rt~u~r*m.a with a listing of speakers and same made by Fr~ W. Gates, Area Agency on Aging will dated~Augnst, l~S, to-wit: public disability benefits ~,'~'~"~ ~"',~'~'-"~,-"-'~ topics. Anyone desiring to L.L dated tm~r 31, lY/~, receive Request for Proposal PARCEL B, aS.US Acres: provided by Feder,S te have a p ker for of at office on at a wood, andlocal prom'ams Under the -'f" % 'l.:~,q,' ' mmuo should contact PD the Clerk of the cmmgy com- Road, Petersbm'g, West fe~ce post (S) in Owe~' line, a ~" " . telephone L~ul) ~o,~. ~----- - law, payments to a disabled Luttrell at the VA Medical mission of Jefferson County, Virginia until 4:00 p.m Thur- corner witk Pareel A, tmid to worker who also received ~/A ~nt~nr ~k~q~ center, telephone number 263- West Visaing, in Plat Book S: eday, June 10, 1982 for the Hackler; thence with Hackler provision of nutrition services (Pareel A) the following ,:our- another public disability un ,~unt~,n ~ld~U.' ~ 0811, extension289. " . at Page~s. for older residents of Grant, ses aad dJstoa ~s, to-Wit: 216- benefit cannot exc~ ~d 80 per D,m g'~l~,~klh.k~l AND BEING the same real Hampshire, Hardy, Mineral, ~ I~.~ feet to (7), a era'- cent of the worker's average UUI~,GU L~4L~U||~II~ ~ estate omveyed unto James earnings before he or she TR~3~e',S~;ALE F. Price and Wanda L. Price Pendleton, Berkeley, Jeffer- her wooden fel~e put; thence be e disabled The a e at m conjuncuon wire Nauonai e, hv a d do d I.d, ~ ,~ son and Morgan Counties in cam . g ~ ~ : 1, -, wl~ch the offset applies was Consumers week, I.V. B~es: Notice m hereby gwen that from Herbert S Snyder and West VLrgi~ or any portion :~S-4~-~ 8S.S feet to (S), a eer. net wooden fenes p~t; tbem~ alse raised from 62 to ~. director of ~ VA m e~'cal by virtue of that certain deed SmumG. S-yderlhus-bandand thereof to be funded under 21~18-~.5feetto(~),aset The offset applies to people center, Ma.~ ~urg, caWl~t of trust dated September 28, wlfe,and ~ed in said provision of Title !II(C) of the cappedrebar;tbem~Ze4-13-41e who become disabled after virgiia, woma like m u~ 1978, executed by Jack Lynn Clerksoff~e. Older Americans Act of 1965 766.4 feet to (I0), a earner February 1981 and who first the attention o.f service:. Ma~ey and Donna J. Mar- This sale is made subiect to as amended. Woeden fence post, a corner become entitled to disability organizations, ana civic ana teney, his wife, to Ernest S. v ~r,~,~ia] a~,~am,~n~-.n- Requests for Proposal are ,with Blue; the~e ~ Blue benefits tour mont after Lmda L on such as August 1981 It will apply the NOTICEOv~aLe; r mel, Trustees, of record in the ditionsreservatim~ andCongregate meal preparation 312-4,%10 ~I~.~ feet to (II), a r--, fennd stone, another corner first mont'h the disabled VALUABLEREALESTA.TE office of the Clerk of the Coun- restrictior~ affec~':', the and provisions, home with Bine in Owens' lien; l By virtue of the authority Commmszon of Jefferson ~ delivered, nutrition beneficiary rece'ves both ty " " aforesaid real estate Social Security and the public ves umm ~eunuerst~v~li~Y a County, West Virginia, in Pursuant to the "terms of transportation,nutrition thence with Owens the disability bendit, m~.o~u'us~nmae y mtonTrust Deed Book 447, at Page said deed of trust, theoutreach and nutrition following eenrses and distan- ces, to.wit: aia 47.@o 717.7 feet The offset will not apply to .~ ~ ano ~y 224, the makers of the note Trustees may x tooue the education. needs-based benefits, to v~.~ma McJJo~m, n~no and obligation having faLled to sale b hlie a~ent A letter of intent is requLred post;to(12)'ae ~w ndenfeneethe~e 311-el-2e 781,4 V m and wife, to the undersigned the same as ded for : eterans Adm" istration . . . pay provi at the time and elace to be submitted no later than feet to (lS), a comer wooden his trustee aated October 3 1960, under the terms of said note ~- disability bene ",private . . designated for the sale The May 17, 1962 to Eastern West fen~ post; tl~mce I~-~ pensions, or insuranceana~o~.mmet~nt~o~ and trust deed ~d the holder West Virainia H~ Virginia Area Agency on ~L4feetto(14),asetca[q~ed ,hlic emn~-~,oe me cJerg at toe ~oumy com- of the note havlno dec~ the .- -?,--~- ----:~Aging stating which of the v ~,--,#~ "-', ueveJ t or l~S mission of Jeffersm~ County, whole to be a and "-vable olm~en emm. above services an applicant rebar; thence 130-17-$@ 1012,3 pensions oa~e~ t~z serwce . ~u~ w~ designee may imrctmse me covered~ underbSocia] wes~vn'gmm, mueeauoo~ and havmg requested the un. nre~,~evatany~l~ will be submitting aReqnest feet to (~), the polnt of begln- - 476 Pa~e 200 default ha-" --r---, ------. for Proposal for and which ning; COotatulll~ .~9.116 acres, ~lty 8,vuq$ nerslgneQ m wrltlnlg [D ma~e ,lrm,lDue ~1;, ~AI ~. f%oh ;. A Social Security survey been made in the provisions of sale of the real estate -,~,-,~'~- ~"~-,~ countiesthoirapplieationwili m~eorless. There is in lnded . -. uanaonuay o~ ~ale. cover. Request for Proposal and hereby eenveyed, that the deed of trust and being described m sa|d deed of trus showed that about 44 per cent ;- " " " t, DATED this 20th do" of ofpeople who received Social ~L,'e~ by the .beneficmry to Joe C. Hereford having been A,-q~, 1982 : received after June 10, 1982 Security disability benefits do so, the undersigned trustee appointed trustee in the place v-- will be ~ to sel~ertenenteertainthereto,rigl~'WaYas ~bedaPlmr'in received benefits fromwill sell at public auction at various other public and the front door of the Cotwt private programs. Total House of Jefferson County, ~fits to these people were, West Virginia, at Charles the average, more thanTown, West ~, en twice fife amount paid to those receiving Social Security disability benefits only. About 12,000workers and dependents All of that certain tract or are expected to be affected in fiscal year 1982. People who need more in- formation on the disebflity Joseph A. Lazell Successor Trustee LewG. Tyree Apr.2 Successor Trnstee NOTICE OF SALE OF VALUABLE REAL ESTATE By virtue of the authority vested in the undersigned by a deed of trust made by Norval unopened. Request for Proposal shall be made in accordance with the requirements of the "ap- plieation packet and instruc- tions" a~pies of which may be from West Virginia Area Agency on Aging, P.O. Box S66, Petersburg, West C. Furr III and Nancy H. Virginia after May 11, 1982 Furr, husband and wife, to the (237-1221). undersigned Trustee, dated The selection of applicants March 30, I961, and recorded to be funded by Eastern West and stead of Ernest S. l agale and Linda L. Gimmel by in- strument dated March 23, 1982 duly of record in said Clerk's Office, I will sell at Friday, April 30, 1182, at 10:00 public auction to the highest A.M the following described bidder on Saturday, May 15, realestate: 1902, at 11:30 o'clock a.m. at the front door of the Cour- parcel of real estate, together thouse of the said County of with aft rights, Hgbts of way, Jefferson, in Charles Town, privileges and appurtenances West Vh'ginia, the following thereto b in~g, located in property in the District of offset provision should contact any Social Security office. The office in Winchester is located at 20 S. Cameron St and the phone number is 667- 1511. The office in Martinsburg is located at 615 W. King St and the phone number is 263.6911. Middleway District, County at Middleway, County of Joffer- in the Office of the Clerk of the Virginia Area Agency on Jefferson, State of West son and State of West Virginia, County Commission of Jeffer- Aging will be based on eou- Vk'ghda, to.wlt: BEGINNING at towit: MI of those two (Z) cer- son County, West Virginia, in fortuity of the ser- a point in the Northernlain lots or I rceis of real Deed Book 482, Page 549, vice(s) to the stated goals and dry llne of the Charles Town- estate, situate oa the East side default having been made in ' objects of the Eastern West Middleway Road (State Route of the Opequou Creek in Mid- the provisiom of the deed of Virginia Area A ge y on No. 51) atapointlatheceml r diewny District, Jeffersou trust and bei| by Aging as outlined in the three of a side read iea dMg County, West Virginia, more the beneficiary to do so, the year plan 1901/83. They will therefrom in a NortherlyI particularly desllpmtod and Imdersigned Trustee will sell also be based on the teria dir tiou and a corner with the' doseHbed on a plat of"Hidden at pubfie auction at the front outlined by the agency which Passports Federal land of Thomas Magaha (for. RiverFarm, Sertion 3," ,de door of the Cotwthouse of Jef- is stated in the application merly McCoughtry); thence by Richard U. Genie, C.L.&, ferson County, West Virginia, packet. Parks Are Available the said Nor~ern bean- dated July ZS, INS, and ream'- at Charles Town, West A regional "" of line of the sam Route No. deal in the office of the Clerk ~ Virginia, on Friday, May 7, Request For ~ Ap sIN. S3 S4'~"W.~.~leet theConntyCommlsskmofJof- 1~, at 10:00 a.m. Eastern plications will be beld May12, prior emveyaaees of reeerd, and in a deed thereof from Floyd P. owens, 8r. et uffi to Roland L. Thar~ et ux, dated December 18, 11511 and rece- ded in the Offke of the Clerk of Couty Commlaskm of Jef- fersm Ommty, West Virginia in Deed BoOk No. ~S. Page ~3, wherein it is described as fel.~ according to survey by J. Jas. Skimm~, SJ.C dated November ~, IM& t~wit: Beginning at a Pest (I) on south slde of Middleway and Leetown Pike and east side of Watsna Lane; thence with enst slde of Lane 8. 45-15 E. ~ feet tea ~ in Wa~em line (Z); thence with said lane S. ~ W. l Z feet to a pelat (3) in said line and in line with west ~ of iL~; thm~ Wi~ same N. 4S-15 W. 865.11 feet to a pest (4), ou south side of Mid. dleway-Leetown Pike; thence with same N. ~ E. 1 1 feet to the bet0uin,said way being 16 feet wide. LESS AND EXCEPTING THEREFROM, HOWEVEI a parcel of brad ceatakdag al~ut I.~I~ acres, wl~ dwelling Imuse thereto and nm.ezcinsive rtght~-way for access thereto, which was I~ofore ~mveyed te Paul E. Bohrer et ux by deed dotal May 16, 11181 and ~ 11, said Clerk's omce in Deed B~k N~ 4S$, Page ~/. Cmveyuee will also be made subject to utility easements u/reeer& and to these eertaln a~reemmts and ~way grantod by or TERMS: Cash; or otber terms as may be agreed betwesn the Trmtm and the . 111OMAS W. STEPIDE Tmstoe Paul E. MLII~, Jr. Auetimmr Daylight Savings Time, the I~2 from 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 follov~ described realp.m. at The Bank of l~mney, estate: All those certain lots Main Street, Ronme-y, West or parcets of land, improved Virginia. by a dwelling house and other Eastern West Virginia Area ----" to an ,in, to previously e~veyed by the Superintendent Virgil G; said Grantors to Julian C. Leimer announces, the Clatterbucketux;thencewith availability of Golden Eagle the line of the land of the said fersou Catty, West virglala. in Desd Book :~1, at page 1~1, to.wit: PARCEL ONE: Lot No. H, cmtoiniag 0.S94 acres; t ether with a nm-exeluslve Golden Age, and Golden Clattorlmek N. 18 18' 41@" E, rlght.of-way over all rind. buildings, situate on the west Agency on Aging hereby Access PassportS, at An- ~I feet to an ir~ pl~ in the~ "ways delineated on said plat, side of Jefferson Avenue in notifies all applicants that it tletam National Bagtlefield. Nor~ lineof a ~0 foot right, or situated on any eth~ pet Charles Town District, Jeffer- will respond to bids without The passpm-tsare designed to of.way; thence, and forming al ~ of said sahdlvblm, son County, West Virginia, discriminating in regard to race, color, handicap, national admit the holder a carload of ewner and omtlanlag whether now platted or not, more particularly designated origin or sex in consideration accompanying people into all other land of saM Ciattertmck for aeeess to and from said and described as Lots Nes. 4, 5 federally administrated S.~ ~49"E. 21421feet to a lot; PARCEL TWO: Lot No. and 6, in Bluck a, ontbeplatof of grant awards. Under parks, monuments, and polat ia the center of said road 15, eontalulag 0~ aeres, the land of the Charles Town trade requirenumts, proferen. ~eation areas. S. 15 ~' SO" W. 276.112 fes4 to, together wlth a no~exehtsive ~ Wnshi~ City ha- ce is given to minority algl/or The Golden Eagle is tbepohttoflaqpulag; omtalw right-of.way over aH road- Wovement Company, which small bminess contractors. plat is recorded in the Office of Eastern West Virginia Area the Clerk of the Cou.ty Cam- Agency on Aging reserves tbe mission of Jefferson County, right to accept or reject any or West Virginia, Deed Book W, all bids. Page 196, to which rderence is Bids should be addressed to made, each of said lots fron- Eastern West Vb'ginia Area ting S0 feet on the west side of Agency on Aging, P.0. Box defferson.Avemae and eaten- ~, Petersburg, WV 26847, westarly be ve and should be dearly marked lines hS0 feet to am on outside eover: RequmtFm' al]eyintberem',asshonon Proposal. Far further infer- said piaL matio~ omtaet Bill TER OFsALE: Allcash xecutiveDireetor, ST-l L on chteofemie. ' available at a cost of $10 and It bg L ' m aUows the holder to enter any TERMS OF SALE: of the areas charging fees in AHCashouDateofSule. the National Park System at I no cost. This pas@ort is for The deed from the trustee persons under 62 years of age will be subject to all ~ Terms of sale: C~ in and is good for one calender is, liefis and encumbrane~ ea dayofsale. year. which have priority to the The Golden Age Passport is trust ~ ment/oned as well Given under my hand this lat persons age 62 and over. as the paym -,t of and dayo~Apl~IM~. :The Passport allows the l~ real estate taxes. JoeC.Her~o~l bolder free admittance to the JAM B. CRAWFORD Hr Trustee parks and a discount of 50 ~l . a Trustee~--a~.n.a percent on federal use fees in ways delineated oil said plat, or sltuatod ea uy o@ r pro'- flou of said subdtv'mion. uow platte! m" aces to and from aid lot. NOTICE OF ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP MEETING OLD CHARLE8 TOWN LIBRARY, INC. The annual membership MAY 27, t meeting of Old Charles Town Notice is Library, Inc will be held at there will be a the Library, 200 East tion in Charles Washington Street, Charles on 1"nursday, Town, West Virginia, on Wed- the Council nesday, May 12, 1962, at 4:0o George St p.m for the purpose of dec- atT:OOa.m. ting directors for the ensuing p.m. (DST) year, and of transacting any electing a other, b~ine~ which may council properly come before said terms. meeting. T mas W. Stoptoe Candidates President ty owners and fde~ OidCharlesTownLlbrary, tK. W. Park, City Apr.~.~t ten days VALUABLE REAL We will offer for Sale 4.33 ACRES WITH SPRING ON CHESTNUT HILL ROAD SATURDAY, MAY 10:00 A.M. - E.D.1 Jefferson CovMy Court How Charles Town, West Virginia BANK OF CHARLES TOWN, ADMINISTRATOR ESTATE OF CHARLES E. HARC TRUST DEPARTMENT PHONE. 304/725-8431 ~: Paal E. Miller, Jr. Terms: 10% day of Sale Balance on Delivery of De4 APRIL 1, 14, 21, 28 and MAy 5th - STimes AUCTION FARM MACHINERY, COMMERCIAL ROTARY M01 GROUND MAINTENANCE EQUIt SATURDAY, MAY I, AT 9:30 A.M. NOTICI: Mrs. tedle A. Maser, ~ I. ~' farm MaziWM V. LOCATION: On Richard L. Masser's farm !o~ Old Receiver Rd, just off Sl~okstown Bd Fred~ From Frederick City take Exit 7 (Rosement Ave,) RL IS towards Fort Derrick, left on Shmkstown ] sale signs. 9 TRACTORS: Ford 7700 Turbo diesel tr~ weather cab, SN DSNN6015, 1964 hrs.; FORD 5t w/roll bar & 455 orig. hrs SN C552356; FI diesel tractor, 730 hrs SN C581930; FORD tractoc.SN C7NN6015AK; (2)Ford 1900 die~, (1) SN U903206 g 791 hrs (1) SN 900876 & 1 FORD 1300 (4) w h.~l drive troctor, SN 3030~, lawn tractor w/46' mower & $4" blade, SN 682 lawn troctor w/44 & 50" mower; FORD w/snow & material buckets; (2) S~UDER FH~ loaders w/forks; AgTech, 7' snow blade; IH auto reset plow w/4 x 18 ; FORD 140 3 pt. 3 plow; (2) BRILLION 16' TRANSPORT HARRO~ 12' TRANSPORT CULTI-MULCHER; DUNHAM 1 borrow; ff single cultipacker; Deerbom 3 pt 16 tooth saxson; N.H. 850 ROUND BALER; 69 HAYLINER BALER; N.H. 469 HAYBINE; 717 harvestor w/corn head; N.H. 328 Maycraft 24' elevator; (2) flat bed rake; IHC SP125 combine; IHC flail FITCHBURG CHIPPER, 15", MODEL V8 MOTOR; (2) WOODS HD 315 rotar guards, 180"; (2) WOODS L30~ underdeck WOODS LS? 60" mower; LILLISTON 7-6' w/chain guards; N.H. 4.51 3 pt. sickle JACOBSON Ram Lift Ranger 3 gang SN 74659 (selling under confirmation); mower; 4 comm. lawn mowers; Mighty splitter; (2) 2 wheel utility trailers; 1968 1600 truck w/Parkhurst metal dump body; 2 ton stake body truck; 1953 Olcls Delta SMALL TOOLS: Atlas 5 HP roto-tiller; (3) (3) HOMELITE CHAIN SAWS; (2) BUNTON ECHO WEED EATERS; (1) ECHO & (!) POULAN blowers; Moerind Mockissie 55 gal. sprayer, g 25' hand sprayer; MONTGOMERY WARD WATT GENERATOR; log chains; front & weights; top links; plow parts; lawn mhOilfeeder; butchering kettle; ant. 5' coke cons; fence posts; oil; grease; and items too numerous to mention. AUCTIONEIRS NOIT: Most Of this excellent or like new condition, H for ~ood usod 4qulpment don't TERMS: CASH or guaronteed funds net ~ fw aa~dents A S% MID State tax will be collected ,~S North Court Street/Frederick, 301/663-1555 LUNCH BY THE YOUTH CLASS OF EDGEWOOD CHURCH OF GOD "PLEASECLIP THIS AD" sF. aam, rr