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April 27, 2000     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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April 27, 2000

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SPIRIT OF JEFFERSON - Farmer's ADVOCATE - Thursday, April 27, 2000 31 the Trustee. The undersigned is deed dated March 4, 1963 by I.D. ject property to vacate said prop- tensions of the District's facilities ertv to serve proposed developments, as al Advertisements fully vested with the authority to VanMetre and his wife, whichsaid TERMS' Ton uercent tlO%)^ well as review of plans and specifi- sell said property as substituted deed is of record in the said Clerk s . ~ present holder of the note, said Trustee by instrument to be re- Office in Deed Book No. 258, atthe vurchase vrice as a cash de- cations of facilities to be acqmred osi~: with t e a or operated by the District TRUSTEE SALE Trustee will sell at public auction corded. " page 455, to which reference isp . h bal nce due and 7 . -flaunt to the authority .Jin the undersigned by deed at 4:45 o clock, p.m. on the Should. any party have an in-made for a further description of Davable within 30 days of the da" mterestea nrms snouta suomtt of ale. . . ~dated the 20th day of De- 2nd DAY OF MAY 2000 quiries, objections to the sale or- the lot hereby conveyed.' - s " Y written expressions of interest, in- S , I :~r, 1990, signed by Davidat the front door of the Courthouse protests regarding the sale, or re- 'This conveyance is subject to A~d 13 Pfl! cluding quahfications and perfor- ~J ~ Spring and Patsy A. in Jefferson County, West Vir- quests regarding the sale, please the rights ofth~ public road to the Substitute'P~mt~,* mance data of firm, by 5:00 p.m ~Usband and wife, toJoan ginia, the following real estate notz/ythe trustee below byoneof extent that the same may,en- - RichAr-~dA-'~l'~l- May31, to the District foritscon- ='~ and Michael D. Thump- more particularly described as fol- the means of commumcation set croach upon the lot cqnveyed. S" bsti-*'u-[~-~'-'~-'-' sideration. No pre-proposal inter- ~: tees, which said deed of lows: Being all that certain lot or /orth below. Being the same parcel of real u l~.O~. B^~;~ views will be conducted. Please -- --- ~ WII| IVJtlll $Z" J[~l U ~f record in the Office of parcel of land situate, lying and R. VANCE GOLDEN, estate which was conveyed to H. 1444 A Ed -'- tin ~vJ submlt such expressmns of mter- eat to" CALVIN FLEMING, JEF- being in the Kabletown District, TRUSTEE Louise Orndoff by Harry L. [vmr~msourg, wv zo4u~ ~c~.Tr, r~Tr~-.r~TmTTr, o~o I --1~!i~.'t of the County Commis- rr~ ~v~ ~v~,~ ~ ~-~,J,~L~, o~,- ~-t~!Sfferson County, West Vir- Jefferson County, West Virginia, 543 Fifth Street, P.O. Box 81 McCormick, divorced, by deed 4/20/4t (304) 263-4971V D RICT 10 WEST ~ Trust Deed Book 673, at on the east side of the Shenandoah Parkersburg, WV 26102 dated April 23, 1984 of record in ~ ICE IST,2 "~l, and the undersigned, R. River, about one mile west of Fair- Telephone(304)485-3851 the Office of the Clerk of the INVITATION TO BID " THIRD AVENUE, RANSON, mont Schoolhouse, more particu- Facsimile: (304) 485-0261 County Commission of Jefferson The Board of Education of Jef- WEST VIRGINIA 25438. 4/20/3t IQ01den, III, Trustee h ~aving LEGAL AD FOR :3-~.Uested so to do y the larly designated and described on 4/20/2t E-Mail: County, West Virginia in Deed ferson County will receive sealed * ' a f a ds " "~" ~ ~,A,~ o~ ~ oo~ tm "J~.and default having been a Plat of vortion o the I n of rvgiii@mail eurekanet com Book 523, page 751. b~ds untd noon on May 22, 2000 r~n~,~,~ ~ffi,~r~ ooa~ ,~. ~ ~der the terms and condi- Joseph Tyskiewicz, et al known ~ THE SUBJECT PROPERTY, for the purchase of: regular un- ~r~ ~r~r~ ~,~o ~ leaded gasoline, No. 2 diesel fuel, ~ ~ a~.~.a~-~.~o .~-~ if. aid deed of trust, and the as "Re-Subdivision of lots NoR. 18, "'Pursuant to'th autho 'it INCLUDING IMPROVEMENTS gasoline and diesel motor oil, No. pNST UU'rmN = ~ in said deed of trust 19, 20 and 21, John Brown Farms, . Y THEREON, WILL BE SOLD IN The Corporation of Harpers vested m the undermgned by deed terry a~ ,~pn~ xu, zuuu t~ouncu ~ng acceleration having Ivloun~am ~ectmn,mane oy mcn- ~ "AS IS" CONDITION WITH COV- 2 fuel Oli, transm~ssmn fired, and am u. ~ooae, ~.~.~ aatea inlay . LP gas for use m bmldmgs of the r|~Plied with by the Lender OZtober,trus~1996,aa~eQmgnedme OUmby AlexanderaaY ot uc- ENANTS OF SPECIAL WAR- . meeung passed the first reamng RANTY. THE TRUSTEE SHALL denerson wounty voara o~ ~auca ~nt holder of the note, x~ t~o~ ann recoraea m me umce ~. ~on ~ ann ~ary dane won~, BE -UNDER NO DUTY TO tion. Contracts will be for a one- for adoption of Ordinance Section will sell at public auc- of the Clerk of the County Corn husband and wife, to Robert Skin- 0"^ 335 06 TRAFFIC VIOLATIONS -~44 o clock, p.m on the mmsmn o[ae~erson wounty, wes~ CAUSE ANY EXISTING TEN- year pemoa xrom auly,z uu ~ ner, trustee, wmcn sam (teen ot ANT OR PROPERTY OWNER mrougn dune an, zuu~ 2 virginia, in ueea I~OOK Z~U, a ~- ~ -J ^,~^ t. -**^J 2 accoraance wltn wvauIlC-~-gD --~ I)Ay OF MAY 2000 trus~ is ox recoru m me umce o~ All b~u~ ~uc ~u uc ~uu ~cu ~, ~t door of the Courthouse page. doz, as t~ot ~o. Jo-~ on sam OCCUPYING THE SUBJECT nnes are mcreasea m constructmn one ~mrK of the t~oun~y ~omm]s- PROPERTY TO VACATE SAID mu mrms to t~eorge r~. frame, u~- ---"~t~ -r~on County, West Vir- pint containing ~.zx acres, ru- . areas rroposeavotemrnnmaaop- stun of Jefferson County, West Vir- PROPERTY. THIS PROPERTY rector of Support Servmes, Jeffer- ." ~he following real estate ova; nl?~o:2~ys ~ r~g::t [n wa~ "~:i:" non ,s expec~a to raze pmce at me son County Schools, 110 Mordmg- . ~CUlarlydescribedasfol- a ,5~7n3~aaU~ttD:ei2 sk8:6d,~t" WILL BE SOLD SUBJECT TOALL JEFFERSON t~w A~m~ P Ct Rn~ ~g~/ ~h~rl~ inlay ~. ZUUU "town tgouncll meting plat or situated on other lands of ~-s s. THELIEN, IFANY, OFANYANDcouNTY "~'" ""~"-~W:~s~:~rbgi~nna'd 2:t~l~e-'''.~" . Z h:lwd:t~i?fwPh~na~3:rer~s~e:per~r.: . . sala d sepn IysKIeWlCZ, et al" ~ r h .o~ ~, ~, n. ~ th~ T :C; ~fiOWing described real es- vance ~olaen, HI, irus~ee nawng ~ith' all improvements purposes of ingress and egress to 7~'Z "'~'~"~ ~:~ ~'~/~' "? "~, REAL ESTATE TAXES, WATER ti sons may appear and be heard i~enaer, ann aelaulI~ saving oeen ~oara ol ~auca on o,lice in and the appurtenances ann ~rom sam.lana, wmcn ease- made under the terms and condi AND SEWER CHARGES, UTIL- Charles Town on weekdays from w~th respect to this proposea ora.~- ]~belonging, situate in ment shall inure to the benefit of " ITY CHARGES OF ANY KIND, a.aa ~ m t, a-an n m ,~ h, e,nnance. A copy o~ proposea orm- ~mns o sam aee~ ox ~rust, and ~ne AND JEFFERSON COUNTY nance ~s available for pubhc in- ~vn District of Jefferson ~ne owners ol sam lana, ~ne]r " r ~----" heirs and ssi ns prov]smns m sam aeea o~ trust GOVERNMENTAL SERVICE tact~ng Mr. frame at ~u,i-#zs- . -~West Virginia, more par- m, . a tg ~ . . concerning acceleration having FEES IF ANY THERE MAY BE. 9240. spectmn at the Town Hall. 4/27/lt ~des.cribed as follows: ine alcove uescnuea real estate been compue~ wire oy one ~en~er The Jefferson County Board of NOTICE is reporcea ~o nave a mailing ao- . . . ~ . ~l~l of Lots NoR. 12, 13 ~~F ~: TOn percent ann present homer o~ onenote, Education reserves the right to re-TEST OF AUTOMATIC ~ eetion 7-J asthe same is aress o[: ;~zuuu rover J)nve, harp (10%) cash on the day of sale and ject any or all bids. TA]B~TING EOUIPMENT ers terry, w v z~az~ balance in full to be paid within ~on a plat of the subdi- .~ stud Trustee will sell at pubhc auc- ~mn a~ a:ao o clocK, p.m. on methirty (30) days from date of sale. David W. Markoe PRIMARY ELECTION ~ereof, made by Shannon- ~,~v~ ur ~r~: ~asn ~n zna u~x ur lvJ~ zouu Superintendent In compliance with Chapter 3, nana on aay o~ sam or w]mm ia at the front door of the Courthouse cept or reject any bids and to con- Article 4A, Section 26 of the West ~At '='~c'~a corporation, by Trustee reserves the right to ac-~4/20/2t Auril 17. 2000 aays ozctate olsale upon terms to . . ~. .~ . . Surveyor, dated a t. ~x. n dezzerson woun~y,wes~ v,r- Virginia Code of 1931 as amended: .- "~ gram, ~ne loHow~ng rea~ estate The Clerk of the County Commis- recor O* to ot er tired OF ~e~ Clerk of the County ana successmi Dmaer; paymen~ and place, far ,nn~id ra,1 o~tato t t,~ h~ more par~mumrly aescrmea as zm- Michael B. Keller,UNA ~MII~ NI~IS'~TEIItEr]D .ESTATE sion of Jefferson County shall ~on of Jefferson County, ~" lows: Nohce ~s hereby gzven that have the automatic tabulating . ~ a~inia in Deed Book No. assumed .by,the purchaser, ~o~ a m ~ect~on une ~J~ of 4/20/3t "Trustee settlement of the estate of the fol- eauiument tested to ascertain that ~e 240. a Any sam nereunaer may oe aa- t Spnng Valley Hunt and Country " TRUSTEE'S S/~LE OF lowing named decedents will pro- it'will accurately count the votes ~ve described real est te ]ourneu zrom t~me ~o ume w~mou wJuo ~uouw~smn ]n lxametown ~rALUABLE REAL ESTATE ceed without reference to a fidu- cast for all offices and on all mea- ~~~lt have a mailing ad- any notice other man oral procla- : ~ ~ xx ~+ D;~ ~ ~v u.~, The undersigned Substitute ciary commissioner unless within sures for the Primary Election to mauon a~ one ~nue ann pmce ap- . . forty five days from the first pub b h 1 s a ~a pom~ea for ~ms sale or Dy pos~lng . n]at ~ ~, ,~a ;, ~h~ C~m.~ .f~h~ Whippo & Bny Ln, . wrgmm, as sam lot aescrmea on Trustees, by virtue of the author- " " e e d on d y, M y 9th, 2000. e ~ v c ity vested in them by that certain lication of this notice such refer- The test shall be oven to be wit- " Ferry, WV 25425 of a notme of same Any sm may ence m requested by a party m m e of : Clerk of the County Comm;ssmn Deed of Trust dated March 16, " ness d by representatives the ~=~ OF SALE: Cash ~e conuucte~ or ac~ourneu oy me aeszgnated agen~ or attorney o r ~-, ~m~y of sale or within ~4in f oxsam woun~y m rm~ t~oOK une at 1978, and duly recorded in the Of- terest or an unpaid creditor files a nolitical narties candidates the clmm and good cause m shown to ureas and he Du i ersi ne" '- page 173 to whzch plat reference zs rice of the Clerk of the County th - bl c. ~t~ of sale upon terms to me Jrustee ine unu g u zs suppor~ sucn re~erence ~o a nuu n fully vested w~th the authority to ~1~. Upon between Trustee . ma~e zor a more partzcumr ~e- Commission of Jefferson County, . " The test shall be conducted i scnpuon ox sam real estate. West Virginia, in Deed Book 436 cmry commissioner, the County Commission Court- ~Saful bidder; payment sea sam proper~y as suost; utea xne aoove aescnDea rein estate at page 595, Archie Wise Caniford Mildred Estslle White room, 1st Floor, Jefferson County ~t~ ~i.~4 real estate taxes to be xrustee ~y instrument to De re- i~ ronnrt~a tn h.~,~ ,:, m~flln, nd corded ~" --- 'and Martha A. Caniford, husband AuDrey E~zzabeth Kerr Stultz Courthouse, Charles Town, West ~'~ ,bYthe purchaser. ~ " dress of: and wife, did convey unto Ernest . Felicia H. Cogan Virginia on Tuesday, May 2nd, vnoum any party nave an m- - Dated this 20th day of April,2000 at 10"00 o clock a m --z~ hereunder may be ad- . t) l)ervy rmce S. Fragale and Linda J. Gimmel, ~o~a time to time without quiries, ov]ectmns to the sam or unarms lown, w v zoa 14 Trustees, certain real property de- 2000. Given ~der my h~u'~d'this 27th ~ee other than oral procla- protests regarmng me sam, or re- ,~ quests regarmng me sale, please - lit the time and place up- . ~vi~ ur ~: ~asn ~n scribed in said deed of trust; and John E. Ott day of April, 2000. ~this sale or by posting ti ustee below b one of nana on any o~ sam or mthm 14 the beneficiary has elected to ap- ~lerz o~ the t~ounty uommismon John E. Oft no xy me tr ~ . Y. ~ days of date of sale upon terms to point Richard A. Pill and David D. of Jefferson County, WV Clerk of the ~, :~ of same. Any sale may the means oz communlca~mn se~ . . By Robin J. Gaynor, 4/27]1t County Commission . . De agreeu upon between Trustee Pill as Substitute Trustees by a4/20/2t Deputy, ~Y ~Zed or adjourned by the forth below . .~fle " R VANCE GOLDEN, ana successzm maaer; payment Substitution of Trustee recorded d a ent or attorney of TR$~S,p~.~"for unpaid real estate taxes to be in the aforesaid Clerk's Office; and g PUBLIC NOTICE , O The undersigned is "~ ~ assumed by the purchaser default having been made under FID CIARY The City of Ranson wishes to :S~ g]~! with the authority to 543 Fifth Street, PO Box 8 ' ' " I have in my hands for settle- advise the uuhlic of an unwanted " 2 ~ny sam nereunaer may oe an- the aforementioned Deed of Trust, ~[~l~roperty as substituted Parkersburg, WV 2610 ment the First and Final Account v oc urn 1 3ourned from t~me to time w~thout and the undersigned Substitute " acti ity that has been c "ng I~[~Y~ instrument to be re- Telephone (304)485-385 1 any notme other than oral procla- Trustees having been instructed i ng of Accounts of Joyce S. more frequently within the City. Facsunfle (304) 485 026 : -~l~ '1 mation at the time and place ap- 4/20/2t ~: m ~ w --~ , ~-/IL.anY PartY have an in" " et : pointed for this sale or by posting by the secured party to foreclose ofTh rnton' ~xecutrix ofthe EstateElmer Eugene Stanle de Aocordin- to Chanter 19 'Zoni-~, , thereunder, will offer for sale at Y, " Section 15 Signs of the Ranson rvgllllgalnml eureKan corn '/6"~4~jections to the sale or " -- of a notice of same. Any sale may public auction at the front ~loor of ceased. . Municipal Code, no sign shall be , Cot~t~garding the sale, or re- ~n~xf,~ ~ ,~wx~.~'P~.~ ~~ be conducted or adjourned by the the Jefferso6 County Courthouse, . Jo A~n S. Perkins attached to utility poles within the Fiauciary uommissionerCit= of Ranson ~'~ .t~.stee~arding thebelowSale,by pleaSeone of "'~rursuant: ~o:"Y'~''"~"ho'~'tne aut zty -'edesignated" uste agentT, un r attorney of in Charles Town, We~t Virginia,~20/2t Jeffe~on County, .WV C.'General Requirements ~. d m tr e ne aersxgneu ~s on 0 veste~ in me unaerslgnea Dy ace " '" 2. Imnrouer attachments. Non- EL of communication set ~ ~.v~-f *,- -* u=~vu~*^'~ ~,c*~'^ ~o~,'n**" ,-y'~^" ~-^ r~. fully, vested wzth the authority to WEDNESDAY, MAY 17, 20 0, at to me wrem~ors aria ~enenc~anes me ~ si shall not be at sett sam property as substztuted 10:00 O'CLOCK A.M. ;fA~~o~ gO:~e~ t~ ~:~ ~ooer, i~v~, mgnea Dy meiouy u pag~nted on power a . VANCE GOLDEN, I,I, i. .3 n^ ~ ~z ~^~. irustee oy instrument o De re-the following described real es- t~, or nyrn~ i~ " Trustee Ju.unu. a.u ua, y, ou u ~ All cornea, tate, with its improvements, ease- wife and husband, to Stephen R persons having claims ~noum any party have an in- ments and appurtenances there- against the estate of the said Willis ".?" ~ ~ ~ . ~ ~ ' a'm f h Street, P.O. Box 81 . i~ ~arkersburg, WV 26102 l~ersnner, "xrus~ee, wnzcn sam qmnes, objections to the sale or unto belonging, situate in theAveral Shuman, deceased, taal?ae el Pte dr o::o g " aeea of trust Is oI recora in me UI- . . . .I/ !ephone (304)485-3851 pro,s, regaraing the sale, or re- CharlesTown District, Jefferson whether due or not, are notified to a ' ' )ol (0~:.~aC~imile: (304) 485-0261 flee of the Clerz o~ me ~ounty ue -- re womrmsslon ol oenerson wounty, ~ .~ - " . . ~ Dlt am,wltn tne YOU ner -- E-Mail: q garamg me sam, pmase County, West Virginia, and more exhi"* s e c or diner na urat Oec . nouD" me trustee oeJow Dy one oz particularly described as follows: "" I tz a mgn zs amacnea m a uunD' En~ west vlrg~nla, in irust ~eea ~ooK mereoL egany vennea, ~o me un- ,~o q~o ~it~ ~r~11 I-~ f-~wl tn ~.~. ~zu, at page zvz, ann me unaer- ~me means oz commumcatmn set All that certain parcel of land dersigned at 515 S Samuel Street, e .? v.:~ . y ~ == .- :~l (~~~~ signed," R Vance Golden, III, zortn oe,ow.R - located just north of the Town of Charles Town ~'254"4 on r be move 1~ ana the cz~lzen coma De " VANCE GOLDEN, Ranson, and being all of Lot C-27 " o . " fined for non-compliance with our COURT OF Trustee hawng been requested so " l fro to do by the Lender, and default "4 ~o~r~r~ in the Orchard Hills Subdivisionrare me xstozauly, zt,Ju, omerwlse 4~no,M they may, by aw, be.excluded m xe '~ ~-, ~ ,a,~,~J I~'~][tSON COUNTY, N" :~~V~ ~Go~II~ ~ ~ ~ havzng, been made underi thed o a ~iIth Street, P Oparkersburg, WV". Box8126102 . aSscribedsaid inl ta iSplatbOundedof said Subdivi-and de- all benefit of said estate. All benefi-, an ev;nt;u&'L~v'~A~saiew4~any r IRVIN ASHBAUGH, terms and eonditmns of sa d dee :m?:SO~oSreaids e~ may appear the City, the Ranson Municipal xesepnone ~au4) a~o-a~)xsion, made by C.R Atherton, C.E ~e ma y m exann e . " "n " iii~,Plaivntiffv. OfdeedtruSt,of trustand theconcerningprOvmmnSaccelera.Zn sazd . . ,z - ~ ~. = =. ,o~-,~ n~ ~*o~-~x~ = .oe~ dated September 30, 1968, and re- 'said claims and otherwise protect C deo .m,C hap ,~, r. ~."Z~esnit~g~ 'mSgr. tion having been comphed w th by " Ch~I'ILEEN ASHBAUGH, . 4/20/2t E-Mail. corded in the Office of the Clerk of their interests, non. x~ :~zgns. ".specme~, - t holder of the County Court of said County, " der hand thi 17th net m wmcn tins can De uone. ~. ~ Defendant " me t~enaer ann preseu . . Given un my s ~o 00~q97.qiH~ the note, said Trustee will sell at ~'~'H SALE O~ in Plat Book 1, at Page 37, as re- da~ of A~ril 2000 ~. ~gns allowea m amurm~s RJECT OF THIS SUIT public auction at 4:45 o'clock, p.m. ESTATE vised by three plats, the first by = ' Jo Ann S Perkins 8. A temporary sign not exceed- - rAIN A DIVORCE. on then nay t3 ' MAY nnn The undersigned trustee by vir- C.R. Atherton, C.E dated May Fiduciary Commissioner, in g 24 square, feet event ~ll (~ng by affidavit filed t ve te 18, 1971, and recorded in the said 4/20/2t Jefferson County o~generm interest, sucn mgns ~o De e rue o~ tne autnon y s a m mm Clerk's Office in Plat Book 1, at,~ re'coved within ten days after the H al)G UB ya at the front door ofthe Courthous,- Dy that certain Deed of Trust Page 189, and the second by A.G.' ' INVITATION TO BID event. The date of the event must ~l( in ~ezzerson t~ounty, west vzr- . - . . aated April 11, 1995, made by HHooper, Jr dated May 28, 1971, IMPROVEMENTS TO THE be noted upon the sign. / ia t e Sta'te of West gram, the following real estate ' ~ouase urnao~ ann o~ recoru m and recorded in said Clerk's Office BOLIVAR COMMUNITY The City of Ranson encourages ebyordered that more par cumny aescnveu as . tne uznce ot the t~erK oz me in Plat Book 1, at Page 193, and CENTER the safe and legal posting of signs, lOWS" ,tm~ ~. -~ L---- 34~~nROBERT R." ~," County Commission of Jefferson the third by Johu S. Kusner, Sealed bids will be received by but can not allow the use of utility ~~~~ ~?V~y ~, mat certain parce, o, rein - - . t ounty, West Virginia, in Deed S.J.R dated March 23, 1972, and The Town Council of Bolivar. Bids poles for this activity. This notice is (Ka~ess is P.O. Box 249, property, w~th the ~mprovements Book 802 at page 711 to secure recorded in said Clerk's Office in will be accepted until Wednesday, intended to inform the public on West Virginia, an thereon and the appurtenances t~amDrmge Management & In- Plat Book 2, at Page 301. May 3, 2000 at 7:30 p.m. local time, the proper way to place signs in the ~~ng an-y'related thereunto belonging, zdentzfied for. . d vestment t orporation, under At the time of the execution of at which time they will be opened City. The cooperation of everyone ~tt ~efen-s-e" YOU may postal purposes o! Iux ~vJcuona, wmcn cmea of trust default has the deed of trust, this propertyfor public inspection. Specifica- involved in this activity is greatly ol ~laint filed in thins ~reet, szma~e zn me i~anson t~or- t been made, will offer for sale at was reported to have a mailing ad- tions and information can be ob- appreciated. ~- -0{).-I-f You porat,on, deHerson ~ounty, wes . , pubhc auctzon at the front door of dress of: 200 Peach Tree Drive, tained from Mayor Paul I. ThankYou 4/27/2t ,thereafter judgment, v~rgm~a, uesxgna~ea ana at- . me dezterson ~oun~y tJourmouse,Ranson, WV 25438-1130. Courtney, Town of Bolivar, P.O.~ scrlDeU as being me normerly . .~. . . ~ ~r hearing and trial ~n ~nar~es town, aeHerson AND BEING the same real es- Box -~7 H~,~,e~-o Fe,~, West. Vi~'- NOTICE TO CREDITORS AND ~n against you for the natz oz ~nose two certain lo~s m~ounty,~ west" V~rgmm, on ~ ' "~" ~' ~'~I'~V ~S aded in the complaint. Ranson in Jefferson County, West . tate conveyed to Archie Wise ginia 25425. Or by c~lling 304-535- ~.~.-~. ,~u~, . ~aid complaint may beVirginia, known as Lots 15 and 16 FRIDAY, MAY 5, 2000, Caniford and Martha A. Caniford 6353 or 6352, or Toll Free 1-800- To the Creditors and Benefima- in Block 107D as the same are AT 10:00 A.M. O'CLOCK by deed dated March 16, 1978, 327-3963, Mayor Paul I. Courtney. ries of the Estate of ELLEN LOU- the undersigned by the Clerk of said Patricia A. Noland Clerk of Court By:V. Smith Deputy Clerk SALE ~t to the authority -'~. ~e.undersigned by deed ~~ the l4th day of May, ,by Gregory L. Jones ~:'r~ K taill, I,I, Trustee, ~ ~ deed of trust is of ~q~e~g:~ q~ Office of the Clerk of Commission of Jeffer- West Virginia, in ~ 901, at page 171, ~O~l~dersigned, R. Vance ~::~t, Trustee having been ~t ~i~o to do by the Lender, :J.~trhaving been made un- at ~ tar and conditions of o~:~f trust, and the provi- !u~tid deed of trust con- having been by the Lender and marked and delineated on a plat "All that certain lot or parcel of from James S. Zirk and Rhoda Lee The Town Council of Bolivar re- ISE MYERS, deceased. recorded in the Office of the Clerk real estate, with the improve- Zirk and recorded in the Office of serves the right as the interest of All persons having claims of the County Commission of Jef- ments thereon, situate, laying and the Clerk of the County Commit- the Town of Bolivar may require, to against the Estate of the said ferson County, West Virginia, in being in Middleway District of Jef- sion of Jefferson County, West Vir- reject any or all bids and to waive ELLEN LOUISE MYERS, De- Deed Book 73 at page 310. The fersoncounty, West Virginia more ginia, in Deed Book 436 at page any informalities in the request for ceased, whether due or not, areno- property herein conveyed fronts particularly described as follows: 593. And by deed dated June 30, proposals and to award the con- tiffed to exhibit same, with the 60 feet on the southern side of All of that certain parcel of land 1999, and recorded in the afore- tract in whole or in parttothe most voucher thereof legally verified, to Sixth Avenue and extends back a known as Lot Number Six (6) onsaid Clerk's Off~ce in Deed Book qualified bidder Firms owned by the undersigned at his office, 110 uniform width 71.25 feet." that certain Plat of Opequon For- 929, at page 445, Archie Wisewomen and minorities are encour- North George Street, P.O. Box 728, The above described real estate est Park 1, which Plat was pre- Caniford conveyed said real estate aged to bid. Charles Town, WV 25414, on orbe- is reported to have a mailing ad- pared by F. Silver, Registered En- to Stephen R. Kershner, Trustee. By Order of fore the 30th day of July, 2000; orb- dress of: gineer, is dated July 11, 1960 and And by deed dated June 30, 1999, The Bolivar Town Council erwise, they may, by law, be ex- 101 S. McDonald Street ~which Plat is of record in the Of- and recorded in the aforesaidPaul I. Courtney, cluded from all benefit of said es- Ranson, W V25438 lice of the Clerk of the County Clerk's Office in Deed Book 929, at 4/20/2t Mayor tate. All beneficiaries of said estate TERMS OF SALE: Cash in Court of Jefferson County, West page 447, Stephen R. Kershner, may appear on or before said day hand on day of sale or within 14 Virginia in Deed Book No. 242 at Trustee, conveyed said real estate PROPOSALS FOR to examine said claims and other- days of date of sale upon terms to page 314, to which Plat reference to Archie W. Caniford and Dana,OCCASIONAL wise protect their interest. be agreed upon between Trustee is made for a further description of Marie Caniford. ENGINEERING SERVICES The Appraisement of the Estate and successful bidder; payment the lot hereby conveyed, the said The above described property The Jefferson County Public of ELLEN LOUISE MYERS, aka for unpaid real estate taxes to be lot fronting on the Bower-Leetown will he sold subject to any cov- Service District, a Public Service louise E. Myers has been filed in the Office of the Clerk of the assumed by the purchaser. Road 50 feet and extending back enants, restrictions, easements, District providing water and sewer County Commission of Jefferson Any sale hereunder may be ad- in a northwesterly direction to the leases and conditions of record, service in Jefferson County, West County, West Virginia. journed from time to time without southern edge of Opequon Creek, and subject to any unpaid real es- Virginia, will receive expressions Given under my hand this 24th any notice other than oral procla- the lot having a boundary on the tate taxes, of interest for engineering services marion at the time and place ap- east of 233 feet, more or less, and a The subject property will be relating to the review of applica- day of April, 2000. Ralph A, Lorenzetti, Jr. pointed for this sale or by posting boundary on the west, of 253 feet, sold in "AS IS" condition. Thetions for water or sewer service by Fiduciary Commissioner of a notice of same Any sale may more or less, being one of the same Substitute Trustees shall be under developers. Said reviews may in- 4/27/2t Jefferson County be conducted or adjourned by the lots which was conveyed to the no duty to cause any existing ten- clude the preparation of cost esti designated agent or attorney ofparties of the first part herein by ant or person occupying the sub- mates for the construction of ex-Continued on next page