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April 27, 2000     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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April 27, 2000

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SPIRIT OF JEFFERSON - Farmer's ADVOCATE - Thursday, April 27, 2000 7 Farmer's Advocate bring this information in an to some extent with for the forthcoming pnmary May 9. When used in With the sample ballot information s issue, we hope that make good use of the informa- vital interest to this news- the League of Women Voters will take advantage of their duties and go to the polls on May 9. chapter of the League of Women each of the provided by the West Voters, Inc. each question responses to a 50 words. Thus, where state- herein appear to be incom- followed by = ", the word limit the remainder of the reply mostly due to as the candidate submitted published not endorse candi- League does not assume respen- contents of candidates' replies. CANDIDATE BIOGRAPHY What do you be//eve is the appropriate role of the Federal Gommment in assudng /hat affordable health care is availaNe to all Ame cans in the future? What prac#cd su eslions do you propose for promoehg free that would insure fair labor prac#ces and environmental protect? Francis Joseph David Garry P, Robert C. Whelan, MD Gallaher Adkins Byrd Libertarian Republican Republican Democrat Born February 21, 1938 at Fort Warren, Wyoming to an army family, I left the army as a A 1971 degree graduate of Morris Harvey College with a Born in Wayne County, WV January 2t, 1939. Ranking Member, Appropnations Committee; in Sociology. Experience includes Father Everett Adkins a coal miner. Mother Marie Member, Armed Services Committee. JD Lt. Col. with a M.S. and an M.D I've practiced medicine 33 years, 15 in West Virginia. Having lived and worked in various locations, I consider myself fully qualified to be your U.S. Senator. Federal government has a duty io enhance successful professional activities and to encourage ideas arising from within medicine and nursing. For example, volunteer MD's, RN's, and pharmacists staff at least 8 free clinics in West Virginia. These people need tax credit for their hours. This system would care for millions. Scrap Nafta and Gatt. They're failures. Present and past governments have never stood by Amedcan workers. If enforced, existing international laws and regulations could untimatety help global labor practices and environment. The only winners are huge, faceless corporations. Child laborers in Asia and American middle class workers are the losers. mining, construction, banking, data processing, electric utility, mass transit, manfacturing sales. Experience and exposure to issues critical to all families and businesses of West Virginia and the nation qualifies me for the office I am seeking. To ensure affordable health care is available to all Americans, we must resist efforts to socialize medicine through the federal government. Allow private enterprise to provide health care to American families and eliminate governmental subsidies and regulations, which drive up costs. Resist all free trade agreements, which do not enforce the same worker safety, civil rights, environmental and product safety standards that are required of U.S. manufacturers. Ensure equal legat access and liability for trade partners and equal copyright enforcement. Adkins a housewife. Graduated Logan High May 1957. Joined USAF in December '58. I graduated Marshall University May '85. Married Annetta Lowe June '64.2 children Wendy married to Rod Fisher and Garry 2. The quality of America's health care is the best in the world, bar none. I want to make health care and health insurance more accessible and more affordable. I want to allow health care providers to respond to consumer demand through consumer choice. As we prepare for the dawn of a new century, it is essential that our public policies keep pace with an evolving economy. Increased productivity is essential to expand the economy and improve the standard of living of all Americans. We must expand our leadership role. degree, American University, 196.3; BA, Political Science, Marshall University, 1994. Married: Erma Ora James. Two daughters, six grandchildren, one great-grandaughter. Champion of infrastructure development, high- tech diversification, health care access, and education opportunities. Congress has recan~ focused, appropriately, on issues ooncerning health care insurance. But there is another basic challenge to affordable care - access. Health insurance does little good for families who have no nearby physicians or hospitals. These are things that I have helped to provide through my Appropriations Committee work. We must better understand why our trade deficit is soaring while many of our competitor nations are breaking trade rutes. I authored legislation that created the national bipartisan Trade Deficit Review Commission. which is currently studying the causes and consequences of, and looking for solutions to, U.S, trade challenges, Jim Humphries Democrat Beth Taylor Democrat Ken Hechler Democrat Nick Joe Rahall, II Democrat Richard S. Kerr Libertarian RAPHY .YOU believe is the role of the Federal tin assuring that alth care is available in the future? ' /suggesdons do forprornotl free WOuld insure fair labor environmental Bom in Nitro and graduated from WV.U I served in the WV Legislature for 12 years, and fought for reforms to control hospital costs, reduce class sizes, and I am the only Democrat endorsed by West Virginia Teachers, AFL-CIO, and UMWA. In Congress I will fight to reign in HMOs so seniors and families can choose their own doctor and guarantee that doctors, not HMO bureaucrats, make medical decisions. I'll fight for health insurance for every West Virginian and support allowing the self-employed to deduct more of their health care costs. Impact studies should be commissioned to examine the environmental and labor impacts of future trade deals and Congress should mandate compliance reports on these deals. I support expanding job retraining programs so if workers are displaced by unfair deals they receive the training they need to find new jobs. Graduate, State University, NY; WV licensed financial services representative, WV licensed real estate broker since 1973, straight commission income raising daughter as single parent from pre-school through law school, ten year veteran County Commissioner. National issue participation: Successful campaign stopping national unfunded mandates, national Smart Growth and Health Steering Committees. Shoring up Medicaid with prescription drug benefit, reigning in HMO's, and expanding access to affordable health care for all Americans through private enterprise providers. The PEIA crisis serves as an excellent example illustrating why the bureaucracy of government should never be trusted to act as the 12L0 VJ.~[~ of insurance. Through U.S. Commerce Department, creation of a standard of approval devised to ensure that all U.S. companies operating in foreign countries demonstrate a standard of fair labor and environmental practice, like the USDA "stamp of approval". Impose a surcharge on all commodities manufactured in a foreign country by American companies. A,B. Swarthmore, Ph. D Columbia University. Political Science Professor Columbia, Barnard, Princeton, Marshall, University of Charleston. Army veteran European Theater of Operations. President Truman's White House assistant. U.S. Congressman 18 years. Secretary of State 16 years. Only Congressman on Selma march with Martin Luther King. In 1945 1 supported President Truman's call for universal health care tied to the social security system, scuttled by the AMA and the insurance industry. Today I support universal health care guaranteed by a single payer program, financed closing loopholes providing tax shelters for corporations and wealthy individuals. Establish federal review board to develop an industry-by-country sconng system on labor and environmental standards, then require labeling and scoring of imported products by industry and country. American consumers with informed purchases can reward countries with good environmental and labor records. A native West Virginian, Rahall is senior ranking member of the Natural Resources and Transportation & Infrastructure Committees. Rahall has brought millions of dollars to WV, creating jobs through highways, mine reclamation, national parks/rivers, procurement/ economic development, waste treatment/safe drinking water, He fights vigorously for: Education, ARC, Black Lung, mine, health and safety. Support employer-based health coverage by improving tax incentives to employers, and create a level playing field for small businesses enabling them to offer the same affordable group coverage as large businesses currently offer, Immediately, parents of children eligible for Medicaid should be covered also, based on low- income. Demand that the U.S. Trade agreement contain appropriate, enforceable language that ensures our trade partners will observe fair labor laws, environmental protection, and human rights (no products that are produced with child or prison labor). This will also help keep American jobs from disappearing overseas because of available cheap labor. have AB and MD degrees from WVU, 2 years' experience practicing government (Army) medicine, and 27 years' experience running a small business, practicing pdvete medicine. I understand the perverse incentives built into the tax code and the stifling, counter-productive, dangerous effects of federal regulations. Make all (not just employer-paid) health care tax- deductible. Failing that, make Medical Savings Accounts more practical. They have been made user-unfriendly in deference to the insurance industry, Phase out federal programs and regulations. They lack constitutional authority, and they raise costs and distort the market. Populations demand cleaner environments as theirwealth increases. Free trade improves the wealth of both parties to a trade and therefor improves their environments. Laws to restrain trade on environmental or "unfair labor" pretexts subsidize uncompetitive industries, raising costs for others. Quest for ~dect fairness is costly and always fails. |y S, IY John Brown Libertarian John Brown led the 1996 founding of the Libertarian Party. The LPWV is the first new political party officially recognized by W. Va. in more than 70 years. The party is fiscally conservative and defends personal freedom. He is a Charleston stockbroker and a graduate of Marshall University. Please visit L~ First, we have a responsibility to honor our ~'~l/e~lSM e. health care promises, especially to our seniors. ottnef- eral I Secondly, the federal government causes more ~j~tJll&Tsuri[N#lJ[ II health care problems than it solves therefore ~TC'~;//Ah/, I Medicare, Medicaid and the FDA should be ~';,','*-":" I privatized. This would give US top-quality "] "'~'/~/fl if/e/Z/lure/ I services and prescriptions at very affordable mces Shelley Moore Capito Republican B.S Duke University, M.Ed University of Virginia, Member, House of Delegates (1997-2001) Member, Judiciary, Hea (rrmor char), Ban ng and Insurance Committees. Advocated for econermc development, health, and educational issues. Former career counselor, West Virginia State College, Community volunteer for Read Aloud, Habitat of Humanity, Kanawha Scholars, Capitol Market, and school activities. I believe the federal government should assure that all Americans have affordable, accessible, and quality healthcare. Every child should have coverage with an emphasis on prevention and wellness. Seniors should not have to choose between medication and food. Incentives for small businesses to purchase healthcare are important. ' Jeff Robinson Libertarian Experience: Pharmaceutical Sales Representative, Beckely, WV, 1996-2000. U.S. Army 1985-t 996 Logistics Assistant Operations Officer, Military Police Section Leader, Arabic Linguist and Team Leader. Education: BA, Geography, University of Utah, 1992. ROTC Scholarship winner; Nuclear, Biological, Chemical Defense Course-Valedictorian; Military Police Officer Basic Course; Military Intelligence Interviewing. Promote the expansion of medical savings accounts (MSAs), which are designed to return control over health care spending to the consumer, reduce costs, and avoid the rationing of care inevitable under either government-run health care systems or managed care. The Federal government lacks constitutional authority to provide healthcare. Alan B. Mollohan Democrat 14, 194,3, in Fairmont. Earned A.B. at Wdliam and Mary, law degree at West Virginia University. Practiced law 12 years before 1982 election to Congress. Committees: Appropriations; Subcommittees: VA, HUD and ~ndepandent Agencies (top-ranking Democrat); Commerce, Justice, State and JudciaP~,; District of Columbia. Congress should work toward universal coverage at affordable costs. I have supported steps toward that goal, including coverage of pre-existing conditions and coverage during job changes. In addition, I am co-founder and co- chair of the Congressional Generic Drug Equity Caucus, which helps consumers gain access to lower-cost pharmaceuticals. Martha Yeager Walker Democrat sanator Madha Walker graduated from WVU 1961. : After years as a speech patholcxjist and small businesswoman, Walker was elected to ~e WV legislature. As Chair of Senate Health and Human Resources she has successfully focused on HMO reform legislation, a children's insurance program, and increased lund~j for home h~,'th care. I am an advocate for a strong federal Patient's ' : Bill of Rights. I believe in expanding the Children's Health Insurance Program to cover more children and their families. I support expanding Medicare to iocluda prescription drug benefits and preventive care. ~,'~#/$U~estioIl$ NAFTA and GATT are not needed to protect free do ~,u,y'~ $eforl~rOfflO';"~se trade, and the EPA is part of the environmental l~u/difl$ure~ f#ir/Rbor problem, not solution. We need to find better i~ ways to protect ourselves from pollution while environmental respecting property rights. I support the right of individuals to voluntarily organize and associate with labor unions. Free and open trade will result in greater economic prosperity for our nation. Environmental concerns and labor practices should be considered without being overly protective. We must be willing to protect key industries from truly abusive trade policies or unfair competition underwritten by other nations. End corporate welfare, saving the taxpayer $75 billion annually. Multi-national companies should bear the risks of foreign operations. End U.S taxpayers subsidies to foreign governments which are typically used to bait out corrupt or otherwise ineffective economic policies. Encourage unions and other groups to publicize overseas labor and environmental practices. On a ~eve( field our workers can compete with anybody. I opposed NAt-TA, GATT and other trade agreements because they titled the field to favor our competitors. In negotiating agreements, we must require - then verify - that our partners follow environmental and worker standards such as those in America. The U.S. needs to participate in the global - economy. I support economic policies that I~lp American workers prepare for future U.S. access to burgeoning markets. I would support trade deals, which adopt pro- competitive principles and stipulate that countries eliminate practices that cost American jobs and address environmental concerns. E Bob Wise Democrat Wise, 52, grew up in Charleston where he attended publk~ schools, He earned a bachelor's degree from Duke University and law degree from Tulane. Wise served in the State Senate before being elected to Congress in 1982. He and his wife Sandy have two children, Robert and Alexandra. ~r#(Ir#~efolle~'~ vision To create more economic opportunity in West Virginia so that our children can stay home and inia in the new our families can stay together. Education is a /t WWouldyoumakeit very powertul economic development tool. t t~U"------~Ii want to fully fund PROMISE Scholarships so II deserving students who work hard can afford a I college educat o~ n or technical training. diversifyWest row '!~ ~'0//0 ",I from wilhin". The jobs of the 21st century, omy to provide Iespecially in e-commerce and technology, must | POrtunitiesforour Ibe supported W~th greater access to vent'ure I" II capi'~~y trained work force, and | II a state government that will aggressively market [ Iwest Virginia companies and products" Jim Lees Democrat Graduate of WVU and Wake Forest Law School. Former police officer, Deputy District Attorney. Owner and manager of law firm. Husband and father of four children. Elder Presbyterian Church; Board member Special Olympics, YMCA Little League. As a small businessman 1 have balanced budgets, made payrolls, and experienced government regulations. My vision for WV is modeled upon Switzerland, with a clean environment, diversified light industry and technology, reasonable tourism, and virtually full employment. My vision includes children staying in or returning to WV tc work and live. And my vision provides quality health care and education for all. While maintaining a program of attracting new business to West Virginia, I would concentrate on growing our economy from within by introducing entrepreneurship curriculum in public schools and emphasizing business retention, business expansion, and business creation. My entire Strategic Plan can be read at ~P p,~ J~g or obtained by calling t -877- 984-5337. Bob Myers Libertarian I have been a Huntington city councilman, a county commissioner, a member of the Cabell County Board of Education and a ten year member of the State Board of Education. Born in 1928, I ran a successful WV business and was educated in WV schools with a B.S. from WVU. Stop population decline with by creating a living environment free from high taxes and with a free market education system. Next governor appoints 5 of 9 State Board of Education members and can cause change. Taxes and our schools make WV unattractive. WV's economy wilt self diversily if we make our state a desirable place to live. Less government, less restrictions will honor the producers of the world. Honor the worker/producers and they will come. Honor only the government and they will not come. Let the people go and wondrous things can happen. Joseph Oliverio Republican 12 years Catholic education. Attended Fairmont State. Graduate School of Hard Knocks, Married 20 years to wonderful wife (Rams), three daughters. Business 28 years, started solo, very successful renovating company. A visionary with. progressive ideas who can attract quality people to join a successful team to accomplish goals. Extremely hard worker!I! EconornH.~ Development and Job Opportunities: W, Va. needs a mult~ional program whk~ invests in infrastructure (roads, water and sewage). Special Econom~ Zones: These S.E.Z'S. would have econorr~ tax incentives comparable to other states. Assist newly located companies in these S.E.Z's. with on the job treining skills for workers in the establishments. would focus on the regional strengths of various parts of the state and build off of that, Where there are pockets of unemployment we Larry Eugene Butcher Republican Wood County farm boy, 48 year WV citizen, veteran (71-73), father, landowner, houdy craftsman. The number of large campaign contributions from outside WV show that wealth wants to keep it's privilege in WV. Leaving the general working public to carry the tax burden. A worker's governor. The representative form of government Abe Lincoln had in mind, when he stood for equality and liberty for all, not just the wealthy few. Four years of a governor working against the historical privilege that wealth enjoys, respecting the working public, and giving more justice for our majority. will develop industry. Tourism (NASCAR TRACK), and manufactunng jobs. We need to fully exploit economic opportunities along our waterways like the Ohio and Kanawha Rivers. One step farther than tourism, preventive health care retreats, physical activities around physical attractions. Health care by persona~ effort with the support of full nutrition. Mountain fresh air and sunshine with organic farming, healthful herbs, and cardiovascular activity could improve our health and heat the healthcare crisis.