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Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
Charles Town, West Virginia
April 27, 1961     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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April 27, 1961

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3" RSON ADVOCA 2 c,o To Ctr x co Zo g--C THURSDAY, APRIL 27, 1961 ted past officers, liouser, (;ary Capriotti, Vernon home (it" Mr. and Mrs. E. O. Slier. Daniel L. Smallwood, command [)rector, Jimmy Rin~L ,leannetle Thursday, Dens 1 and 2 of Cub er; Leighton' Welsh, senior vice Pierson. Scout Pack 39 meet at 4:00 p. m.; ...... :|day through Tuesday. t commander; M. I). Wiley, junior, Seventh Grade:- Nancy Bow- Senior Choir rehearsal at 8:00 p. I~ P ~ (km /ill LII | (km I Mr. and Mrs. William Puckett, vice-commander; Jack Currie den, Patsy Rainey. Katy Wilt, l)or m. Friday. Junior Choir practice r r ~ ,~ u ~ ~ L ,_~ Griffith, W. Washington Street Quartermaster; Roy .hqt, Guard: (.as Lon~( rbeam, Vicky tlou~er, at 4:00 p. m. ............ are ,.e proud .arent. o,' a T,'ussell, Ad.,.n,; 2: "av'ttocal --: --.; ............. - - ter Elizabeth Ann born in thechaplain; A. Cain, Sur~,eon; t't. Revival Services Begin Deferred From Last Week IWinchester Memorial Hospital.IIill, officer of day; Kenneth An- "mrs.......... veJyn rawna., Associate C.a. ,. Mrs Griffithu,,... .is .the former Miss ders, Charles Dodson, William Attend R I-eoi0na Apri, 30 at, Summit Point Grand Matron of the Order of ,'~ ............. ~"" Whittington, House Committee. Baptist Church, 8:00 P. M. ~a e Star and District De ut Mrs tI tI McCormick celebra- E St rn , . P y lt ,. ".. + The new officers of the I,adies of the Order of Rainbow for Girls Knotted herRestblrthdaYHome,recentlYAll the at the partmen'tAuxiliary were installedpre,(ident,bv De-IU $ ~ II1, ill',, Revival ser)iiees will begin on of Kevser was a uuest APril 16 of guests Junior vice ,vleel[nM .e, ser april at it. Summit Point Bop = ' v _ Mr. and Mrs. Roseo6 Payne. Mrs. iat the home who were able Io be Mrs..lack Pierce from Marlin~- list Church and continue each ev Pawnall attended the District pres,~nt attended. She was pres- burg; Mrs. David Breeden, past The Future IIomemakers of ening, Saturday included until meeting of Rainbow held at the ented a Devils Food cake, ice District president frmn Marlins- America r(gional was held Satur- May 7th. (All services will be on Charles. Town High School'" on Sat" ! cream and mints ....... by Mrs Alger burg acted as installing eonduc- day on April 15, at Potomac ..... Stale daylight time ) Services will be- urday, tier children and friends called tress. The following officers were College in Keyser. gin at 8 p. m. with the Rev. Jud- ..... Ire see her during the (lay. She installed: Mrs. James F. Nicely, The members of the Charles son Baldwin of Rileyville, Va. , mr. ann airs. uaymond Long,received many cards gifts and president; Mrs. M. D. Wiley, S(,r- Town Chapter that motored to doing the preaching. The pastor, has returnee home tro m. Chester- [ flowers, t vice vice president; Mrs. Edward Keyser were Mildred Dailey, Bec- Rev. Charles E. Williams, extends gwn, alter spenatng some- ] Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Link an- ]Jones, junior vice president; Feltner, tlazel MeDdnough, I a very cordial welcome to every- t.lme with tnelr son a naaaugnter [nounce the birth of a grandson !Joyce Johnson chaplain; Mrs. J'oyce McKee, Ellen Conrad, Ken- [ one to attend these services. -m-law Mr. an a mrs. ~ooert Long [born April 6th The baby is the Kenneth Anders, treasurer; Mrs. na Frills, Geneive Rodtruck, Don [ ana new granason born March 31 I , n s ....... "~.'. " [ son of Mr and Mrs William B ' C turk s Dodson, conductress a Iiartman, Mollie Glas.'ford and ~e has been named ~naries ~oo-]Link of t(rlin,,ton, Va and has Mi.~s Rose Barren Guard; Mrs the past president Darlene Dil-] err+ ~" . ~ ~ , ' . . " .... [ been named Dav,d Gordon. They Len Bell, secretary, Mrs. Ed lw. + I IH[ -AND- mrs. PTank L. Busnong ana ] nnw have throe harm in thair fum ward Spinks, past instructor; Mrs The chapter mothers were Mrs " Mrs. Newton Gibson attended]i'iy'Wll'llam"isem~lo'ye'cl"t):v*'tb'e Daniel Smallwood, Mrs. Fran'l~ Glassford, Mrs. I)ailei,, Mrs. Dill[ mI:IVtM T ~TRII~FR ef~ the Social Council Dauuhters of ~Department of "Agricultm:e in I)orsey, ('cAn" bearer and Mrs. low and Mrs. Rodtruck with one] v=,.-,-taat me ~pll|m~a,a-i| ~1~., 1812 The" are dele"ates)rom the I Washington D C Shirley Writt, historian guest Mrs Conrad also the advis I Capt'ionJaames Gib%n' Chapter.] S.ndav-~,,+:,:a ~+,+ .+.., .+...1 Folh)wingtheinstallationahJr or Mrs. llendricks. [ o o+o.,+, IFST IN I Headquarters will be at the Sher-[Howar'd As~wood~.V'l~an'son'u Mrs" key supper was served by the Arriving at the college aroundI It i:, D . . ,. +.. + ++.. f,....~,_, u..+..t ,. ~,,_+,.:_-,__ t ' ' " mxiliar- " nine o clock they were served re-I r t~ s = ~ n L ,a ~ +,i r, The meeting will be from Satur-]~nn~ ~_~,~.,"',,+s=i~'~ ~;;"~',.~' a~,~ Gifts were presented to Mrs. freshments in the gym and a pro [ Charles Town , I~) 'Ca"trow']n'-Ma ins ur " ...... + Dorsey past president of the Aux- gram entitled "Friends at home [ I I , -~1 ", ....... ~ ~, iliary and to the installing off i-lan~,l abroad". [ Shepherdstown . " t ~ a | ~vir. aria mrs. Henry w0te, ~en I ccrs I rhea they toured the campus I ~I[~V ~x~r~ Aa~c~ ]ny and Tammy Wolfe of Annan-t +" after which the), were served a[ 35 - Telephones - 162 :~--~`~--~~--`~dal~Va.wereweekend~isit~rs.~.~.'L~n~de~ici~usmea~.Theyr~turned~ ...... I Gr ti N[W 01:i=ICE ll0flR~ lot Mr. and Mr+. Tom Kemp, Ran- a| 3tuaents mameo t ba+k ~ the gym for a very pleas-[ a e ...... 7-- "'"-~_-"~- [son. Nevin Shatter, Timmy and ling evening which consisted of] nee+ JSlIE~uve ~y' 1~ 19(6,[ I Dawn Shatter also visited with 11".= U ...... I~ ..... a style show,,,a skit entitled 'Wide I , -- ............ ~,. [ them. I m harpers rerry [ Wide World and then election [ ~ eommuNtrr'a' :~:UU A. ~L. tO LO:U(P A. filL. I Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Kimes Jr. ] of vice president of public relat-[ I FUEm KIDS-] 12:00 Noon to 3:00 P. M. [flew here from Miami, Florida Hlnh Hnnnr Rail ion and historian. [ t ......... ! _ Ire spend a few days with their[ =~ ............ At four o'clock a reception wast MONDAY Thru FRIDAY [grandparents Mr. and Mrs. J. Mar A total of 51 students were nam field Afterwards they motored I f , - CALL 841-J 'For FREE [vin Kimes..Mr. Ki~nes has recent]ed to the honor roll 'at itarpers 'home after an enjoyable day[ | F~TMEI~$ ~~l ly remrne(~ home trom the ~ings F, "~, " , . ' s ent b~ all ........... [ . ] erry th+h School for th+ t)fthl P + MOTt-IE.I mea-t~p aria L~envery ;~erv,ee. |Daughter's Hospital, Martinsourg '~iv ~.vool~ .... ina ,,,lib ,h ....... t [/ . / Location:--N.:& W. Stationlwhere he underwent major M/till,.., A W.,J,, [ | OUi .OII. I IM | ....... ,A ..... . Igergery. Other out of town guests l The Sophomore'~cla~ had l()+'on nc. ,tmam a. ,auc I / "ram-rAng:. / J ;~ L l'llA lg 1~, .~gent " , ]who visited at the Kimes home I the roll and *he +"+~?+" .... +'~'~ " I ~ , . ~-=~,~,~,. ~ ~ J April 2 -lt.-pd. were Mrs. John Fullerton of Nor- eighth graders" nine ivT^ I~ ~ ~tJM~,)l~llOlP'~ J~lRlO~Ol4~g][~| . [ ~ H~ll{~l~i~1 ~'~'A [ wood, Pa., Mr. and Mrs. Andrew "rh~ li~ +~ ~ ,,~ ........ P [ I _~"7~--1~[~Y~ '+' ' ~ ,, [Rutherford, Mr and Mrs. Norman~. +. "'++:'+y'" : .......... _ _ I ! ,b~/J.J'~F-_'~--Y~."O~"~_ .... ~enmrs-moy Auvil Nancy Clev -- Anderson, Mr. and Mrs. Douglas , ' '. It.e, ,V,.r, wi,~ [l~rio and dut~htors Tammv Mr enger, tommy Cummings, Blake I:0r tutheram Sunday I i + ............................ A+IK Oi CHARLES TOWI :t, tlarrison, Donme Iletzel, I lnda IN.: v'~ IDEA,SFOR I land Mrs Paul Parker and Mr 1~ , . , . ".+ " [ The Rev Riehard E Neal pas ] [/~.~~'f [ ..... ~AN~:I/1/.RA ~andMrs..JamesFriesa~fMar-]`LacuKsfin~h~#nnE~i::~e~erM~y't~r~fSt.~;Ph~masImt.(~eranCh~r-[ [~w-~~x) "~9~x. [ ,v,+ i |tinsburg, W. Va. [ .......... 3~._ , ;. ,.~. .... :" +ch corner Seventh Avenue and -- " I line raimer, ~anoy .oc' North Mildre" ~'~--+ ~ ...... / ~~." Lf ,anUAU r: vlr, ur.n [Charles Town VFW Post, [vlJa~[:''B#cky Y;a'ri~ht?h'~r~es 2, n ilPJ+a d? X eth; E- ve?[ ~mu,#eu~ s. / l Neweomer, Nonie Grimm, Mary lI ...... ,. '. ~" ot +. +. -. E . . .oveHsvllle, va will De guest , . r=vo~r+n,ffi*,~, .,~ffi+,-,.,, 11,,,,,I ..... I,,&,il [ mma Kldwiler, Carolyn eden. s--eaker at the church for the 11 Comfort does ~ts share |/4UXIIIIIly IHblClll I Sophomores:- LaVern Haines I:v ........ Itoward kee-in the f mil-" ' a m worship service rlne ser- ~, ~, ,~ d Lmda Hardy, Marllyn Jones,:'. " ha Wh ' aBE CEmDERUnLtiE-C:iIiACROSg FROM TH: COURTNHd~:'ql~'::::A Office City Building /Newl. B..tea nffi,.., [Mary Louise Jones Sandra Little- ~lC3eW~lhbdeul3n 2uarY2igrht Saving uglPiY. fue ato]l wh t e o~i I $ t,t,u v t,~ta [ton Kathy Moler', David Trail .... ;". :; . y.wilj oe[ q l" y .... . m_t__t..._.. =~o t +o_._'_ .......... t ..... ; ~,,, nero curing ine worsmp hour I xou can oepena on l[ Jl.~lg~liU[l~l iO~ ! ~aran anne lrottev, ,,+,,,+ ,.+~+~+ . . " " I The Veterans of Foreign Wars iw~M" nm xxra, land coffee hour will follow the l ' + land Ladi " " ' , ................... Charles Town, W. Va. .es Auxiliary to Veterans j .......... + t worshlp service. Sunday Church[ MEM R TION --__ t +of Foreign Wars Post No. 3522] ~resnmen:- l,~ez}n Auvu, ~on-]Schoo1 at 9:45 a. m. DST' ,roseph ~-"~ | of Charles Town had a joint in- hie Bond, Dottle Cornell, Sandra OR. Staley, Superintenden't. Tues-[ ~u~--.-.a~tmtmmn~ stallation of officers Tuesday, Ap- ~augnertff, maruyn ~aton, Joyee day Church Council meets at the ril 11 at 8:00 p. m. at the Post 'GrinL. Connie, ainey, Syh'ia.parsonage at 8:00 p. m. Wednes- .~e..~. ~;~t Fret ~su.~ ~/ Home. I wasnmgton Gzen lwyman. I day Brownie Scout Troop 15 I I,'~.,~ LflFt INSUR+4d'~[ COMPANY' Past De " ' | ~.o~. c~.~., o,~.| I partment Commander Ezghth Grade'-Carol Ann Nol- meets at the church at 4 00 m ........................ ',Harold Wilker from Romney in- and, Preston Spiekler. LaVerne Evangelism committee and laPy vis II II ] ....... i! .,..... .... ::::::: + ........................ ........... tI DO0000 Ooo O O O O0 OOOOOOOO00000 - WOo000~O0 oOOOOOOOo0O "0 O OOOooOOOOO0 ..." OOOO0 OO0 ooOO0 O0 OOq~'IqpO (