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Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
Charles Town, West Virginia
April 23, 1959     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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April 23, 1959

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SPIRIT OF JEFFERSON FARMERS ADVOCATE Donald ivlycq. . Caio]yn Lehman Alice Ann Edwards, Mary Ann!llT 8---A THURSDAY, APRIL 23, 1959 Cheshire, Sandra Adams and Da[[[[ ..... vid Marsl all Burns ifll ~ ,,L _o ... ._ L____ I'__..._#'_ [['ells' Longview Angus Farm of ~ "~@', ra,omon r.rnl, [ Burlington, Va. The high-sell Bo ,d, y Ill ~~ --"'~ ............. ling female of the sale was Black dP..l&|A ~'..; .... L. [bird 127 of Paignton and ,the Re- FROM PAGE 1 I|11 " ~[~ L-~' ~"~ Ldllllt /Humnflx l serve Champion a daughter of I~AI--...L .... {~'L .... Isold at $630 to Chinqua-Penn rmersuuro )now [Plantation of Reidsville, N.C. gave such reasons as more taxes, ill[ ~Wg~.:x.~/tMM~m ......... ;i ...... I A daughter of Paignton's Prin lack of clear-cu,t facts on what all ]ill | 10= ......... ice Rowley, Blackcap Bessie 9 of was involved in the issue with re-lift [ Fa.lgnLon t,'arm ol charles Town I Paien~on also a blue riObon win and Berryville. owned by John P. [ nerwent to Warner Farm Moore- forthcom:ngSpecL to taXeSrorandanyWhattax [llllll " " /t "tWNi ,~morose nas a~am triumphed in I field W Va es. They fete that the general pub- ][[[ Aberdeen-Angus Shows and Sales. [ ..... lie is not interested in voting for , :.~ At,the Orange, Virginia "Pace-, .,.. ' anything now they feel is goingliH setter" Sale earlier in April Paign ]/nlrPan toun exhibited ~he Ohampion bull [ ~,pl| to add more taxes to what they lift said is an already heavy tax bur-{lU a_ ~ ~r~d ~wo heifers, each of which l .. -- _ ~ad the distinction of winning a ] ,rum It-age une den. And they say one of the rea [|H .~ ~11/ _ blue ribbon in her class, i ----- .sons the voters of Charles Town Illl .,rt ~ '"~b/I ~ , favored the issue so heavily is be- Illl ~ ...... II1"-"-- ~ "11 Paignton .Prince Rowley 7, a /paration, be it. in high school or cause there nob not, be added tax lift ~~ "~Z'h, 1~ grandson of the famous Imported !college. His remarks were follow- es or other expense for them. llll " Prince of Rowley, was cha~mpion led with close attention. Not only would Charles Town {Hi bull at Orange and sold to Bar- I Toastmaster Burns presented have reaped an additional $50.000 fill V ..NIIIIlilB.::n/%..' :iiD, boursville Angus Parm at Bar- [those seated ~t the sgeaker's table .in tax revenue from the two race illl -" boursville, Va. His half s.isger Pal land they included Vhe Rev. and tracks, but other added tax mon- lift u- gnton Lady Blacl~bird 22, also sold [Mrs. Robert Hiller,, Mr. and Mrs. tea from the real estate and per-ll|l -" ~~~:::-.~:'...mqiL going to Loudoua Orehaxfls at I C. W. Shipley, Mr. and Mrs. T. sonal property taxes, along with lift Leesburg, Va. ]A. Lowery, Mr. Dayton of Keysertgarbage fees on the some 200 Ill "~"'.-'--~'-- A daughter of Bardoliermere of [Mr. and Mrs. Charles Relnlnger, :homes and businesses properties Illl _ "~b~ , Bee Mac, Enchant Erica 33 of iPrineipal and Mrs. Gordon Eis- ! in the area" I~li ' Paignton, looked awfully good win [mort ,Dean McKee and Max. ~._..~~~ f,=~...~ -o..,,,-------------- ..-.-.- __ i]id}~" , rlL~ '' '"'ira O0Z CTHS U UC HI DAZZLE- FLUFF .... --,,O qf. b0ttle" high selling female, going a,t $950 [ Spring 'flowers and printed pro i coven nun ,to Buffalo River Ranch of Am- /grams were in'the table and a bale ,herst, Va. ~ led him dinner was se/wed by the FROM PAGE 1 'At the West Virginia State |ladies of t'he Methodis Church. Show and ,Sale in Petersburg, W. |Mrs. Lehman and the ladies were Va. t'he Ambrose-owned cattle |bhanked for arranging the dinner. ~~d.~wb~'tt ~[~~'rn~v~m~ made a clean sweep of the show i Mrs. Shioley presented ,he gavel ~" rear time blew out. I,t went off i||l ]~.~_ " ~ !'" ~ ~ ~ ~ v "~ ~ by having all ,he champions. The |used by the Honor Society to retir the road and through a fence at lift , (~hampionChampin ofBUllthe showand wasSUpremepaign |Jr.|ing president John Porter Burns, the Allen property. Damage to the ill[ ,-- ~" ~ /1 ! ~ " "" ton Eileenmere 47, a son of Eil-i The ,t~hirteen lni,tAate. who were vehicle and fence amounted (o Ill] ' - ~ ~ ten,mere 511. He sold at $900 to /chosen for their outstanding lead abou~ $200, Trooper Truex said, l i|l ~t | ~ f ~ ~ ~ll I I I ~ I~ ~ I""~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~'~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~.. ~S No charge was placed in ,the ac- !~oy L. Saville, Augusta. W, Va.' |ership ,service and character for ci~ent.. . Illl . I / wh I/h rUN PUUL)b ALWAYb The Champion Female was also |membership included Susan Gregg -luesaay morning about 11:15 lift by Eileenmere 511. Shew as Miss |Gi'bson, Mary Jenk:ins, Mary Mar Wix 21 of Paignton and was itin John E. Martirt. Larry Burns, near Baumgardner's on U. S. Rou llll l nocked off a,t $600 to W. G. Mer -Danny Eismon, Joanne Lemen, te 340, a truck-car collision ocucrr Im In . * n. n . , n o ill .. Im ii edcort: ral I. P. Richardson , llll telS AlwaysrlenTy or r.l:l: rarKingann rlemy 0r uerKs10 Wall on You A I TRUSTEES SALE I '" " " ' ~ makeu, s. Rou[e340, started to pass aCar being driven East on t e n,e. Your Grocernes are Camed to Your Car FREE of Charge. t953 International truck being lift . driven in the same direction by Homm Edward AHen of Martins OF VALUABLE MERCHANDISE b rg "Corporal i~ichard~on ia{lliPHONE 159 WEST WASHINGTON STREET CHARLES TOWN, W.1 i ,, , '--' I pany, a Body Corporate, located at 233 North Market Street, of Derby County Burrough, End-Illl ' , I Frederick City, Frederick County, Mary!and, on I land cut back in behind the truck HH i w en the drwer sa an ther car .: .:.:::.., :..~l:.:..:.z..~.,:~ .,,. ...... .~.::...~ ........ x~ :...,.i~k~.:.~ .... n approaching as he went to pus _ ~!::~.~'.-[."~ ..'.~,, ,~.'-, .~,":.~;~;~k~::~ .~j~:, .N~r:~"~. , THURSDAY, APRIL 30, 1959 " " " ~nd cut too swiftly, and hit the ~ i`~':~:~]i''t;~:~'~r~:. ~, .............. ~""~ ...... "~k..~ '~ the two vehicles, mo t of it to the/ill ..N If l ff -.., t Pursuant to an order of the United States District Court Lawrence car, amounted to about lift ~ ~ ~~~ ,~ 1 n for the District of Maryland in Bankruptcy in the matter of Frederick Paint and Glass Company, a body corporate, , $1~rporal Richardson said .ollll ~ Jill= I" A ] ~~L I Bankrupt No. 10985 the undersigned Trustees will sell at II Public Auction as above the following property of the within ' rence lift m E .... m, charges were placed against Law-Ill[ " R[ Wood Finish, Wall Primers, Rain Bow, Dry Colors, Semi Davlfl (DIllS ~UJlllISIS i:1: -- Glss'Bristne'FlatFinlsh'Thlnner'Sealer'Prlmer'Caulk'ii In Army l'r 3 Years Iill ( ing Casts, White Lead, Paste Wood Filler, Wax, Cello Floor I Cleaner, Paste Wax, Krylon Spray, Spray Enamel, Drap li ----- ..... n Kirch Seal, White Soft Paste, Patehing Pl~,ter, Cement and |i= M/Sg,E. George R, Schnm'r of fill d| Stucco Paint, Roofing Cement, Lot of Sand Paper Wall ni the local U. S. Army Reeru,iting|ll| " i 1-U l~ ~ J~ Paint Rollers, Paint Pans, Rug Cleaner, Steel Wool, Glass nl wishes to announc~ ,that" David Le FORDH00K LIMAS - - 2 10-0z. k s. Plate, 2 Filing Cabinets, l Paper Cutter. 2 Floor Sanders, l] , 2 Floor Polishers. I Oil Heater. Stop Rust P~int. Lot ~f ,,Roy CoIIis ~f Bunker Hill, en- AN I FADY FRESH P g Furniture Wax, Red Devil Paint Shaker, Lot of Tin Strip- n listed in the United States Army I|][ ............... ping, Lot of Glass all sizes; Glass Measuring Sticks, Corking Ul for three years at Baltimore, Md, lift ........ ~ I~ l'~ /'~ T h Compo,nd. Varnish Removers, Clean and Drying Oil. Mir- on April 16. 1959. He enlisted for I Ill rnl [rn n i n nn I "" ~" ~ special assign'mentwit hin' e2nd]lU ~Ul ~V in ! rers, A]umim, m Paint Mops, Talbots, Fabric Co,or, Paint ml Ar ;rch 1957 he was order Colors in Tubes and Boxes; Paint Sets, One Coat House., FREHCH FRIES . . pkg. 4 i Paint, Bruning House Paint, No. 422 House Paint. House ! P~tint, Trim Kote, Floor and Deck Enamel, Non-Yellow Enamel, n] ed to active duty as a Reservist I [[ []/ i i / [] m vI i ll Varnish, Linseed Oil. Turpentine, GlaZtflg Cbtti[~ound, Linoleum;:: i~l and served ,tWo years with an l tll I m m ] m m m m m u m. i u . .. , Lacquer, Varnish Stains, 1 National 'Cash Register, 2 Show ml Army Field Art. Bn. un:dl he was |Ill U []! l[] ""I" /m ! I N1 U It 1 U Cubes 1 (;l~ss Rack, 1 Glass Show Case, 1 Clock, 1 Desk Iseparated on 12 March 1959. His[!fl II li II IV " ,~v I ' grade w'hile on active duty was I .,,d Chair, 2 Grinding Machines, i Specialist 4,t,h Class. t111 } I PARKERHOUSE ROLLS - p g. of 24 rolls Many Miscellaneous Articles not mentioned. Complete l' n list of inventory on .~ale day. . "l ( ' ' LOWE. T EGG PRICES TERMS OF SALE:--CASH with Clerk on Sale Day and ii --~ i I .4., H. & G. WHITIHbS - - 10-lb. box $. m no property removed until paid for. Immediate removal. I ! I SCHIM1MEL, HETTLEMAN n IIII .N 15 YEhRS- I I and TATELBAUM, Trustees | IIII =.- A- ( P CO 0 A GE JUICE - - 4 6-oz. cans 11 NULL and NULL, Auctioneers. i: IIH LOCA'[ Fi;G ,, z c,,, , u COUHTRY o I For Inspection ConsultAuctioneer, Ii u II!1 . BANQUET " '" " illl ! ' -- ......... - HEhT PIES--Assorted . . - 5 pkgs. I Exeeutr's Sale ! COLLAI1DS AND KALE large 20 oz. bag F I XqB , ' n , will sell Her Entire Household Effeets, located on Fill- i ii.~!i: ':! ! !i:i!: ' i iiS!!ii!"::~ii!!i .i~ ! ~'!!i:~ :iiii/i!i:: .i:i: ; :il; i:/:ii]~. '::~:i: " ~' ;:~i~ I more Street, Harpers Ferry, W. Va., on i f i~.~i~i :~: {~!i~}i! ~i:.'..i~i~i~i~i~ ; ~!i ::S!~i!i~i:i~i~i i~ '!i~! G~i~ig'.:~!~::~i~ ........ ~ ~i m SATURDAY, MAY 2,1959 I i, :i i ....... ..... i; ...... ,| , HOUSEHOLD GOODS, ETC. [ , ~lnut Chest of Drawers, Smw~l Wal.ut Chest, Mahogany, ~ Ill H~ LOWER P ! Desk and Book Case Combination; Oak Dressers and Wash I S~ands; F.xtension Table and Six Chairs; Eleetrte S,nger | EES- I WAbHIHGTOH CAKE HIXtS--Assort.- pkg. LIBBYS BEEF STEW - - - 24-oz. can frigerator. A-1 shape; 4-Burner Gas Stove, Electric Mixer ~' and Toaster; Electric Carpet Sweeper, Hand Sweeper, Double i OR FLUFFO - - - 3-$. can 79c ) Iron Bed with Springs and Mattress; Double Wooden Bed, ! Spzings and Mattress; Day Bed, Cot, Stra!ght Back and n Illl L0G ChBfll SYRUP-- I bIONEY SAVi PRE[ ON- Rocking Chairs; Morris Chair, 3 Metal Porch Chairs, Porch I Swing, 12x12 Rug,' 9x15 Rug. 6x7 Rug, Lineleum Rugs, |~ 111!' ' * ~ EE. , :l,]bl ~;~ 37:t:~ I ::~ ~~FDu~__;If~ .... ~';~ i;i o, sin.l, Rugs..,a. o, hest, s an.s, Ra.,o . t II 36 oz. bottle 69c ..... Pictures and Picture Frames; Large and Small Mirrors; 8- I Day Mantel Clock, Window Screens, Lap Board, China Cabi- U net, Te~ Cart, Ironing Board, Some China, Breakfast Set, I Victrola and Records; Magazine Rack, Library Table, Floor n OTTf| - ." Cans, Oil Stove. Safe, Benches, Tin Plate Stove, l.~rge Jack. i Water Tank, Grindstone. Tool Chest and Lot of Tools; Some | I INSTAHT COFFEE .... 6 oz. jar 99c _ .... ToDdSome Paint, Power ].,~wn Mower, 2 ]]and Lawn Mowers, | T I D E 3C Off large box ,Step Ladder, Cistern Top, Wheelbarrow, Garde. Plow, Garden i DAltON l M AXWELL HOUSE } Tools. Sfeel Drum. 2 Sprayers, Large Lot of Electric Wire0| l;~,";g;'i~l till Log Chains, Fence Stretcher,, Groins C,teher, |ron Bars,| IHSTAHT COFFEE .... 6 oz. lar 99c Chicken Breoder. Tressels and Boards, and Lots of Other I - - Articles that are n0t mentioned.TERMS:__CASil. Nothing to be removed until .~ettled for. li $6.25 Gallon BOSCUL IHST HT COFFEE - - 6-oz. jar 79c / SUPER SUDS--16c Off - - large box Sa el0%n4Gals'AtUl " / 20c Off - - giantbox L. D. NICHOLS, I " :' , | BEECH NUT INSTAHT COFFEE - '6oz. lar 85c EXECUTOR OF ' | MRS. L. LDER E T,,T I B 0 V/E R S ,m . . r..z -,o. I ChHAY SOAP--V Price Sale--4 reg. bars ,, Aue,,o.eo,. / LIHIT LIQUID STARCH"bc Off " qt. bottle C. SV. MOORE, Clerk. I / Camp Hill Methodist Church W|II Serve Lunch. i CHARLES TOWN, W VA. SWANSDOWN OR PILLSBURY April 23 and 30-2t. ' TELEPHONE 486 CAKE HIXES--Assorted .... pkg. 29c ] 10c Of/--V -gd, bottle