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April 23, 1959     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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April 23, 1959

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Cronise Overlook; the beautiful view from Rumsey Monu- ment at ,Shepherdstown up and down the Potomac; the rolling countryside up and down the 'length and breadth of the County. What other spot in this blessed land can compare with what each and every pne of us has come to know as "home." i ~aee ~mAm~[#n, pe T member is o furnish a dish for[ SPIRIT OF JEFFERSON FARMERS | _ li 9 INTO0 IIVIII~IIIOA~I)Ithe dinner, meeting will start 10:]4 A .......... , . IPTI /A . I j 30 DST I ~" lrlUK~l)AI, m' ii IV I RlliI Inrinar lar A} I Mrs. William Harris will attend I------"----"-- ---- vu.u iis~,iai~aulva #4! Lead r PUBLISHED EVERY THURSDAY AFTERNOON IN CHARLES TOWN. W VA, I ] ' e ship Training meeting The Church women nf ~t ~.r ~nwar~ ~}1 ,~f J eks ................. -r---~ .......... I I a .on's Mill this week April 20- ~holomew's rCp~..p~] P~ .... ~ in U~ie ~/r.p~ S,~ ~'~"~,' P''BI ,S'-'IN~ COMPANY INC 8C34arHlea:eTWowO~n ~e~e. sSlteUrtZman and Mrs. Keener Eut-[ Rms0n Grade School 12C4u%s adelegate frm theLeetwn Leetwn wist~'t~ex';"ress'~l~e;r'ap" Mrs'-"Eveiyn'Niaphtz' - A ril 1 ' ~- "' " ~ ' rprecia'tion to *the residents of the town Mr .and Mrs; P - voca~e the 8 counties of t'he Eastern ( the / er Mrs William Harris presented -~ .~ ; .... '- - ~ .... : -- -= ......... Charles Town, W. Va 4Vh) district of West Virgin]'a for I ~i;:; ::; : ; ithe lesson "Fo~ ~ ,,- ~^~.~ ~nan~ m] ~nose wno dona~ea ar~ic ~er m c;narJes 'rowu! .^ ................ Dear Sir: . the "Women's Field Army Gf The / I Fads" in a very .interestin~ way _Z ...... P ~ I rom ~he_sa!e a- I Lois Ann Brewer ..................E ~I'RER'r ~ TELEPHONE azz I have been a resident of Char American Cancer Society" I met / I endin~ in ,the form ,e , ,~....~ : m~.,~eu '~o one nunoreo .oonars: I afternoon with Call los Town for little less than a with the organizing group wom-/ ~~ ....... I discussion .... ~ ....... Ii Tne. nepnewsLMrs;iLY .~ra~'l Mr. and 'Mrs. Ol ' na cnartes and Joseph ~laEeie SERVING JEFFERSON COUNTY FOR 114 YEARS AND READ BY MORE i year In that time my observations en ~t Mrs. Harveys home in Hun- | "~'~ :!~:~ : I ' ~ ............. I _, -- ..... Y I and daug~hter and M ...... ' .... ..... / .... ! ~ne tnu~bln'g ao3ournen ~o enjo m ~iouces~er ~ew dersey a'ccom THAN SO,COO PEOPLE eVERY WEE~. nave oeen ~na~ your paper con~in ~ing~on Moron ll'th 1~3'~ unaer .~: - ~ . .... . . ~ 7 ..... Y - - -' .... " Is'hire of Luray Vs. ............ ' ' i -~~~::~ ...... ~ ~uc~a~ sour wniie vne nos~esses .paniea ~y a Irieno ~'ranx Mc~ua- guests recently' of 1~ ' ' Y " "" . 4 Nwtional director of .the , " ' ' * 1 P * - w " "' "urda - ... .................... as su(~h, Does the use of ~he label Woman's Field army of the Am i ~~ i, o,f Mrs. Taylor Winkler wi'th ! c'h,an.tvi~lle N J visited 'his son-in /weJe.vlsit~rs S~'~,an ~mm~=T #umw~e-Apm.H ,~EPREEENTATIVES IN~. I . . .- . " ;~:~:::: ........... :~Mrs. w h. Barren ,as co-nostess! ' ' " ,,,,. ,~,,~ ,~,~. u,~--,-.. .... ' tend to make an article just a 1,1% terlcan Cancer Society with Dr i : ............ law and daughter Mr. and Mrs / ~ .....a ~,~ .~m ~ew YQR~ . CHICAGO . ATLANTA . DWrRO~T . LOS ANGELES ',tle more spectacular9 [Clarence Li.ttle Director ,~f ~.h~ l !a~_~.uup. m. (D~:l:). Ily Bra,tina for ten days During /._':%" .... ."~' :::. !~ ! Newspapers are now in an era National Program, Plans'*were] ~~~ [ ,~,~eguiar preaching., ser~ce in;the past weekend Mr. and Mrs. Ru /~m~c,~ee,s:pr~ ~; we*~ ~* MEMBER O~" THE in which a large number have made to reach every County and [ ~:~~ 2-~ ~ee~own Me,nowise^ ~nurc;n dolph P Bauman and their .two |~,-~:~*r~-" ...... ~,.T,,, .... ~,,~,-,n,., ~ found it e)cpedien.t to drop the !Distric~ in Wes`t Virginia. [~~ ..... / ~unaay morning, ,~pni z~ at 9:45 daughters Carole and Leola were| ............... ~ ' ' ~ "~ ~,~ ~,,~ ~ ~ ~ ~.~ ~, ~-'i~ use of labels and have not suffered Mrs John S. Harvey was asked ,~ ~~~~ _y :_~ne pas:~or l~ev.. ~muel But- guests ,at Prate Rio and on their | m .... 1, ~,~+ ~-~e I IA${SDOh T[O] [ l a lA % any circulation loss. to be State Commander and she ~~if~ t;ner. ~unaay school 10:45 D~T. ireturn home were accompanied ,by |~,~-~$~,:s ....... {~:~'(~:]=~ I i ~:~~J ~:~ | ~i lmm~i~ ~] ! i Cordially yours appointed the District Command- -- ~ .. i Don't forget the meeting of the i Mr. Joseph P. Bauman. i ...... ' ..... ~'v* ..... - - , ~ == . i~ , Mrs Shirley Tolbert ors I ../ " ]Womens Society of Christian Ser- I Mr. and Mrs. Oscar RVIason and / _, ~ ~ I only war~t .to speak ef our owfl - ~t~er of ~the Leetown. Methodist son of Winchester, Va. were visi- i ~ sm~ [~'~ wasning~cm D C - I ~ ~ : u cn l,'riaay night April 24 a't mrs ~a~uroay evening at the nome 1 I ..... I county and town ~istrict bu~ I ~mI ::~ th ' A~ suncm~x,oNs D~uv~,~ , x~t ST*V~ ^,~ SunJ~cv re Z% Co~$u~,s . April 13, 1959 most grateful' to the many wonder .... _.e home of Mr. and Mrs Victor of Mr and Mrs. Charles ~rewer/ "~ ~-~ "~-' 8At.IS TAX. 8UBSeRIFTION ESSO PER YSAR IN AOVANC. Editor-Advocate ]ful un Pm h .... ..... I ~ "~ue.i I Vlsi,tors Sunday w~:th the Char- .p.ffile ,, iCharles Town, W. Va. I ties w"ho"d'id "~5~':h~':~--~"~ ~=~ I~ Thursday morning bri'~ht and Iles Brewer family included Mr. [ ~, ~1 r----r, t Thursday, April 23, 1959 DearSir: lin this educ-ational'program ..... ~ Sixteen mere .......... .coyly 40 women of Jefferson Counland Mrs. Harvey Miller and son / ll~""|it=~l IIII .......... _ , 'oerz oa ~ne ~etsy ty mos~ of #hem Farm Worn.n~ Mrs wesley ~amuei aria oaugn-/ Ilrll . [I expect to be home in Bolivar, W. I ~ aszeo Mrs. bm~zman to oe IRoss Home Demrm~tr.*~.,~ r. ........ ' ..... . .. .... a. o ..,il' Q[I IIU laa~#~s~ a~#~ai~= ~.--~==,. =,~.._ !Va. about ~he last of this month- ICaptain of Jefferson County in Imeebin~, at tho ~,~:JL"Z/'~';t-"Lu*'~' wmo_memoers o~ardea a grey .................................... ~,,~ nl%/llKI/ nllll~_P . hANIII'N /IIIIR ]April 11937 and she ~ppointed Mrs Keen Iward ~ior-a-" ~:_~;e Y2 zv~ru. ~o- nouna ous zor a ~our of Wash------~ ~-~'-- ,,,.v,,,~ ,,vv~= vmamrm=al .VVII I Please address my paper to Hnr Ier Eutsler Chairman for "Shop- Inumber o~ re'~p~;':-5'~'-~neara ~ !ng~on, D..C. The first stop was at _ herdstown district , ~,~ ,.cmumg one me washington C~thedral with ~ , ~ lisPer~ Ferry post office. Bolivar P. O ~ Since the flrst small be-'n l~rm .Margaret Ennis on ,the much a *guided tour, then through ,the .... To hundreds and perhaps thousands of people who are "s ede en o ed ,the Adv ~nings in 1937 ou; county has~al-Ineeoea incinerator buil.t by t'he White House, lunch at a cafeteria ~ ! expected to attend the Historic House and Garden TourI .... J ~' .... ocate / ..... :t,o ' .......... *~,, ~ ..... "*h~:/cm a~ ~ne ~canson Grade School nex`t stop some of ,the rou we t V I I I~1 ~ or . w nne away. l.t t~lzea ~o me as an ..... ......... .... '~- ,- ..... recen.u 'in .... g P n a m, here this week-end we extend a most cordml welcome old friend [tremendously valuable work | ..... ~..e above picture shows to the Smlthsonlan Institute and I ~ .. ._. i~-e ~raouve concrete clock in some to the Art Gallery ~h~- ~ We hope each ands:every one of our guests will find Jef i ............. ! r'our years agp after l'# years Ucin .................... - . .~ ' , ......... ferson County e erythmv we, the nahves are so ,~roua -f I (@ITS) Blanche A w, ho,~,,, [I had to resign on account of ill- [buil`t for th~ ,~u,h ... P . with a guzded ,tour Plus Small DoWn o , v "- -" ............... .,i s ' ., ...... we were able to si~ in on tw . nes~ but These ,two are still carry In ..... o There are few of us who live here who care to hve any- ~ ing on , /~1 connec~on w~t)h ~has projec~ sessions, one of the House of Re ......... where else. We are proud of our rich" hemtag'e" of h story." MRS. STUTZMAN APPOINTED Again this year, Mrs. Harvey ap ~'np~r~.U.:tigear~r. omrea~l a aetter of ,presen~tatives and one of the Sen ~!~i~:!~:i!i:~:ii We are proud of our County's natural sc.nle h.n.t. , FOR 22nd YEAR pointed Mrs. Stutzman .for herk, .............. Mr. Robert ate, from there to the Library. We .i Thomas J efferson, after whom the County- is"'named, ,Shephe~d~t~Fi95~ Va. 22ntyear as CountyChair~nan,~I [ c 0Uo l': n'principaa o,me ~anson ~h;b~rd;~etoOU:e.!t~ethealNea~tsrO:Zd *varies aeeordin~to reported-~ to have said that the view from Harpei.s Ferry Editor- ~" ' "-" go"~[f'~iendsan"~l'coa'jut"or~"~" "" ~. I-h'!da Bush had charge of %he ~hododendrons, which is .in its local and state t~xes down the Potomac and Shenandoah Rivers was, alone worth ~pirit -Advocate Many changes have taken ,place .oevo~ionats prior to the b asiness ] early stage of developmen.t and ..... :'- ' ,, @harles Town W Va in @he -ast ,,ears and the Societ- !sesison It was announced ~hat : is under the Agricultural Resear a l~rlp across ~ne ocean ~nere are other skes eqUally-, ~ ' " " ~ ~ '~ ithe -l-" ........ -- ~ - - ' - p turesqueL, the breathtaking view five miles southeast saya word of praise rn oWci yh.e West V, rgima Can m [e vi et e n n ?nT erpCepose of the Arboretum o~ (~narles sown irom tt~e mountain at what is known as andadmiration for two of my ~el Charlotte Pendleton C~ldsborough g ~. The citrb also agreed to ~s ~o conduct research with woody low _townswomen___.__._.._:, Mrs. Ernest "Leeland" Shepherdst~wn, W. Va. . ~ = THIS WEEK'S NEWS IN We hope each and every one of our guests will enjoy their brief sojourn here. We hope the hosts will show them the hospitality that is so natural with our people. By Mrs. Stuart Phone 47-F-032 ~ttend the Episcopal Ohurc~h ~t plants, trees and slhrubs suscepti,b Summit PLint Sunday May 17 le of cultiva.tion in the climate and made plans to ,holci a White prevailing in the Washington, D. Elephant sale along wi~h the Tog It. area ular meeting next month. I Next st~p SHyer Spring, Md. for IMrs. Thomas Kern gave an in-l shopPing and supper ,then :home- teresting lesson on "Food ~acts ward bound we arrived in Char and Food Fads." Mrs. Myers gave los Town a% 10 p. m. a demonstration on making corn Thanks to Mrs. Marian Myers muffins and ,banana bread, and The bus driver for such a well Refreshments were served at p~anned and enjoya~ble ~rip. ~he close of ~he meeting by ,~he Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Slusher !Hostess and co-hostess, Mrs. Ad- Jr. v~ted Friday ni.~ht with Mr. STAUFFER'S "MAGIC COUCH"@ in trio beautiful new Model is yours for only $149.50. And we are confident that when our guests depart they " ' i will agree with us that this is truly a garden spot of the 4-H Club Meetin~ ,.~n~ *h~- ,f ..... ~,~,~ .... z~...., idle Green - and IMrs. Edgar Webb at Shenan- ~n--~.|,,-~,'~, kla "1 1=.4a~.~a r=~J, ,~-" , " " " "~." ~ ~ ...... Y."'--"" '~ ~'~"~- --- -- - - doah Junction r~,,~H~,~.4 ~ s'~,.~.i i i),,~JiJ~ I~u~.,I ~arth to whmh they will soon want to return, j The regular monthiy.meetir~g of Iv]lle, Va. and M~sses Deborah and l W ......... ' .......... ~_ " ~ l the Su.mmi~ Poin Busy Bees 4-H ]Ia~t~cia Cheshire. Also visiting at I Mz's. George Glasscock who plans Mon~a~e~,uw~n, ~-~ ~.mb_wui aneet #~ ~ i ~a AI~ _ a, ,, ~a --.~ ....,.. oo ~. ................... Clu'b was held at %he sc~noo~ on ~@he Light home on Sunday after-I~O spend the next several weeks ..... y m~n~,, ~pr~J z't ~ ~i~ I Aim I' PADDIICaH0ns l=:;~.~':%~,,~A"*~:~:~~ ~'p** Mond,ay evening April 13,th I noon was Mrs Loring Snapp of /V'isi'bing ~ith her son-in-law and [cnooJ nouse ins,~eact of ~'riday m.~ .~... A .~ |.. 4~ I II i, rr ..........,- ..... n~ ...... ~.,,... ,.,..~,o. ' ' " Berr ville Va 'dau h~er Mr mga~, a~ay I. "qi T ]Tr ........... ;~,,. t,~ *h. ~-~,,,,,~ ~.o~..,~.o The meeting was ca~,lod to or-I y ' , . The Reverend Mr., g . and ~4Irs Claget,t ,................. il tJW t.J ii l Y I /.. , ~A P ,~, , 1^,.~-.~7..~,'L.::~=~'~Z~'~'~=3"'.I_~::~~ der by @l~e ,president Nora .Ches- Ligl~t was here to ~btend t.he 'Warfield Jr. and ~heir daughter ,,,~;~'r~o~'uyy~.~'pen~ .r'rlqay nlgn~ ~ ~ il - ~1 v. wu,.,, uu..s ~,,e x.oo ,.,~.~w- , ~ ' ';Yout`h 1~11 !Caroline at ....... ~,, ~msner aI:ter tney naa prli r0,w0 ling eax i*. i$ ,r~t~ci :ted that t;he .hire an_d was opened py rangingI ..... ~1 ~t the Me thod.lstI ......... thezr home m Laytons :attended the r ~,n h .... ~ ~,~, i i-- ~,~. I ,.~*.oY.,.,o ~.....~.~...'~a'~e~^--- .... "Tne l~no~o~enaron ~ong" a~xl I'-~*uren in t:narles Town, a~ wmcnl .... e, ,~u .......... e .... - ............ ~ ......... *,*,,,.,*'-,*~ ~,,~,**~ ~'-~*,*.*. ~ w**o*u- ' . , __ nzunl~y wen~er. I Ilemoves excess wel bt an in " r0vw ~. _ ** ~ .,. i er-bl- hi-h~r ~.~t~ it ......... repeating ~he 4-H Pledge Follo~- I he was the prmcrpal speaker and I "'r .......... ~ ' g d ches, ~mp incentive ravmem I~ZZr ~previous ~n~$.;.:~~.t~u~l 1~; ing this Wallis Anne Snyder read t*he and his f am!ly were overnight I I P r T ~ Ui ILl of'~t~ar~es ~or~- ~araner ~ Cure without starvation diet or strenuous ex ~,1 -- ~ " uestz on ~mroa a t,h - UVV*I W~I'~ VISII;OrS _Wl'i . the 67th 'Psalm and concluded the [g y t e home of L r I; / d " '. h w ..... I prof, ltable for producers of wool or r~,,~,,,,,~ h~, ~o~i,# ,~ ....... ~. , Mr ~nd Mrs ~len l%n.m.~hnr~ in I U ~ r~ ay night with Mr. and Mrs. J~m ~ 2. T e Stauffer principle has brought ne .~neep proaucers wno sore wool lames vo bring their sales sli,ps %o ,~.~'=~'':~. ~ .............. .... I,..,._LT":=",~',,~'j~ .................. I ~.o -a~__ ~ .... my Locke ~ beautvtomoreth-nLf~O0of~ow,~, isis or unshorn lambs be`tween the [~he county office and submit their .me ~o~s r'rayer, i ,mj e (o_w_.. - . , I ~,~rs. ~uary ~ruce ~urr Mrs. Alton Grove Elizabeth ~,~a N , ~ .... " ....'o~,~-~. ........ _,. ~es of April 1, 1958 and March [,~pplication for payment. The final The roll was called, Wi~h twenty I.. ~ar. an~ Mrs. ~ooer~ Smltz and I .... -- Larry Grove wcre callers ;1~,-~'~, R Dy more man zu years o~ reaucmg succe.o' 31 1959 are eligible to receive an I d~te for receivin~ annlications is members answering and ~the min- |~'neir ~wo sons enrou,te to Quonset ~ weanesday ~fternoon Mrs Char night wit.h ~,~, ~a ~r,~ r ..... ~ ~ _~ P,~h)r,~ ~,~ct ..... ;,~,~ aPn,;n~ ~-hx~thm{e {S ~ncentive payment, stated How; ,~prtl 30. 1959. - "-'- ~ , utes o~ t~e last meeting were read I1~.hde Island: from Cuba where los Owens was hostess to the Lee- Grovea,-{'Su"m'm~t'Poi"n:~' .~awrence~ ...: ...... :?~,~ ~,:.,u.~ ~.~_.., ...... ~.... .... ~trd Sagle ~he County Office Mah- . .. land approved. A report was made/cne. ~.ormer nab been stationed ,~own r'arm Wocnens Club at ~her Miss Elizabeth Grove'was a sun ~ ~ory moues. ~o[ a vmramr, ~tger of the Jefferson ASC County P---I- ....... f_L.__l icy the treasurer a~er which sev-3W' ~ne armed forces for the past nome with Mrs James Hammond ~,~r ~uests F-~, .............. ~ - - - - ..... Office. [ rzllJle t;ll001 , ler l of bum/ness~ere~l~sc~-~.~rs were recent v!'siL~:q :ve~.~hoO~r, _IS_members ~nd ,three a~nd ~Mrs. Jq'se"p~he~h~'an.~olC~%r~ .. ueware 0t Imltatqr.s! IqSlS! on STAU,t[ Mr. 8ogle stated ~hat in prey-[ lea. zne group oeclaea ~o ACid a]w~z ~. a nu. ~v~rs. ~.ames n, troy, ~.~j~pre~.n~.. ...... Ranson. Mrs. Shanholtz was the ~o ~,rn~..~ ............. ~r ,uta~a ................. ye~*~ ~t~lJ-u~**z*~e~y'---*-"" ~u'~^ ---pro- i ~ *__ ~ pa!oer, arive, in ~ne communltv~ '~- { ~LL_a- Iuer ~zru ,,~nelr .[am,lly ,a~,, "J~a/~. i xzsc p*v~u~n~ ~.vlrs: William liar Iormer Mary Ellen Ramey, she ., u~, 1. Ul~lrlE~K ll~ 1~ UI~,I1AIlU).~ d e s 'hay ..... ,,,~, .... *, ....... i announces ~erles m gamin this year 'and plans were ]Zhenstone . ~VIr. Snyder s sister, ris called the meeting to order and Ehzabet ....... ( _uc_r ................. , ~, " , h graduated t 6 ...... ~ , " M- ogether ments in Jefferson count,,,~. To dat~ / made. to collect pa'pers, and ....... mag Iand b~other-m-law, the Reverend ~s Mary Bruce Furr was m char at Charles. To~n H,'~.......... WRITE TO P O_. HOX 231 rormcommg cvems 2nd. ~gh~[ wM:;:%Tt 2t~l .of IrOn!rSeea~[nMrfS~oZaV~a..Bell:,_scripture Joseph shab~ht:ra~:eZdnd Mt~s~! .... ..... ...... Newspaper. , ~ *.~.,+ / ~__LL_____o~__ P_ _,_ azlnes on Sa,turday morning May End Mrs. Roy Vernon and their {go of ,the devotions in the absen Miss Ehz , C/O This , The ~,"resiaen~ announced .~**~o**'-* It , . pc ma ~o ~trrave . .* ~ ark me gro lp Charm ~evue l,'rlday night, at, I ' the' Count Health Da w ul- - ,here on Monday for a y~sl~ at .the ranging I would be True Mrs M Charles Town Hz On Thursday April 30th at Y ' y o a ve , ....... ' , - ' :. " I ---SALESWOMEN WANTED- .* ~a~va~at ' el ~nyaer nuuze ~--. ~owers mace a prayer then Mrs F , 1~1~ 8:00 p. m. ~he first four grades 'h d at ,the Community Center on I ~ "- ~- the Fla- Salut ..... ' .... " rank Clapham visited I " I would like'press the ap- ef.tEa:]%Ave~l;epSr~h~alyi~rPdey~ ~(~teUd~aYhoMlt~lP:hn~tdmte~t~s/~ [en?upp~u[ ~es~:ne'l~?r~v~.Y::d ~:C~emta~Y, read ~h~l~lin~Yesl::lr?tL~l~ ~,Ucnl~:Y afternoon with Mrs. J. S.I i .1STAU uRrnHOMnEue.PLoL ,N e pt cX Hf ' , Mrs Howard L r coting the treasurers re rt preciation of the many people, May 8 is the date set for a pc- an earlier d'a~te in order to make 1. . 11 -- . W a e were the B~t was -iven B: * pe The Young Fa~rn Group of Jeff J I Please rush me further inf0rmat on ab0u* )~ ...... e)o.ffer who, like myself live in the area geant g~ven by ~rades five six andpreparations for the Health Day ~ ~er's moaner mrs ~egin~ld Stau'bs _ ~ . . . usmess was next, mere erson county had their an~,,o~ t I ......... , ,-~.,a,,,uu~ ~ that was include~l in the extended seven. ~ = ' program. This meeting will be Iand famlly of Charles Town and *~ers vo~eo ~o .make a don.orion to .turkey dinner Friday night at*~t~he J j ~eaucmg rtan-now at me mwesz pr)ce in history. 'her aun,t Mrs Rober Dun .... . )~,ne cancer zu,na and to contrl h~me . boundaries proposed by the Cor- Admission to both events will held vA; t~he school on Tuesday ev I~, *'. , ~ ,,=.~ ua bute to the h s ..... "- ,_ of Mr and Mrs. Lyle Ta,bb. I I Name Ph0n( or f emn (Ma 5th an ",~l r'noemx Arizona On Sanda Mr o pl~ai oamoozee Mr and Mrs L p ation o Charles Town We be 15 cones OCT children and 30 " g, . y d "ll begin at [ - -" ' -' " ' Y " Ju'ne 5 als " : _ " , . y]e Furr and son [ | ... sincerely appreciate the courtesy cents for adults The publtc .is cor 8:00 o'clock ~yligh~ Saving Time ]~nsO an~S~mWmare l~inrsd their sons ional ~Ioan~ ~em~a~neirPa~i~ein DNaat K~m of Charles Town were callers | | annress and cooperation extended by the dially Invited. Y~llowing the 'bustness meeting ~,.. --. ' Y, . Staubs and Ma'" 7 at Corn .... Y' ] ~ nday evening with !Mrs. Mary [ | Cit~ Mayor and Council and the many Registration of children who the 4-H Ir~.tAa~;Jon ceremony was ~ar~..uunnem visited wigs the lot y mum.w cen~er eacn ~ru.ce ~"urr. ) ~---- citizens of this area who expressed will enter first ,grade in Se,ptem- held for the new merr~bers of .the 1 ~ers orother-in~law and sisCer Mr. ~ -~--------_-: ...... _ ~ ..... an interest in the welfare of ourher will .be ~eld Monday, May 25. ad'ournedClub after whiChan"~ the.~..,....meeting,~.^ was_^ I homeand EllctonHUnterva'Sipe ~t .t.helr community. Parent+s are requested to bring J ~, u...~ ,~**~ ~e-[ , '. With sincere thanks and ap- birth Certificates and record of im creation periodwhich followed ~ Mr. and Mrs. Williams Zombro mumzation for each child. DelPhic Cheshire led ,the group in of Charles Town were Sunday vis games and delicious refreshments itors at the home of ~he la~t~ers preciation, [ am Yours truly, SHIRLEY M. HUNT April 23-1t. I I High court reaffirms on ban wife's testimony. THE ANNUAL RED GATE ly, April 27, 1959 AT 12 O CLOCK NOON THERE WILL BE BARGAINS FOR EVERYONE. ENKINS a were served, by I~arbara S,hull. parents Mr. and Mrs. Charles Rob Card Party Successful erts and their family. ! The card party held a~ ~he Mrs. Alton Grove wi,th her son school on Saturday evening by ~heLarry ,and daughter %VIiss Eltza- Stm~ntt Poir~t Farm Women's beth Grove of Leetown wisiCed on Club proved quite successful and Thursday evening ut the home of the eommiEtee in charge wish to ~hank all ~hose who contributed in any way .to Ws success. At ~he close of play high score prizes were awarded to Mrs. Kathryn Bealim in Can,asta, l~ss Georgian n,a Gl,asscock in Set Back and Mr. Oeorge Glassford in 500. Several d~or 'prizes were awarded the top prize, a Revere sauce pan, going to Miss Mo~lie Jane Glassford ,and a decorated cake being won by Mrs. James H. Snyder. Joins Husband In Germany Mrs. Lewis Jenkins who ~as been m~tking her home with her ,parents dn Berryville, Va. since her marriage during the Christ- rn~ts holi@aYs left recently by Trans-World Airlines *from Idle- wl'Idd ~rpoPtA,L in New Jersey to join her husband, Private Lewis Jenkins who is sta~oned with the 7th Medical Corps in Darmsted Germany. Pet. Jenkins ~s .~ne son of Mr. and Mrs. Aubrey Jenkins of Stimlni5 Point. Mr. and ~Mrs. Allen Glassford and daughter Mollie Jane and Mrs. Olassford's ~rents Mr. and Mrs. Carl Menear visi~ed recently in Baltlmore, Md. where the for- mer were guesst at the home of Mr. ~nd Mrs. Robert Adams and the latter visited with ~helr son and daughter-in-law Mr, and Mrs. Char~es Menear and ~heir .family. ~Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Cheshire spen.~ Sat~Irday visiting wlth ..the former's brother and sisterqn=law Mr. end Mrs. C~arence Cheshire u.t their ,home in Augusta, W. Va. Mr. George T. Shirley of '%o- oust Grove" is a patient in King's Daughters Hospit~al in WIar~ins= burg having undergone surgery there on Thursday morning Supper guests on Surlday even ing at the home of Mr. and Mrs. R~bert L. Light and @heir son Bob ,by were the former's brothers and sisters-ln-law, the Reverend and Mrs. Harry P. Light and z~hild- Ten, T~ina Gay, Randy *and ~han non of 'West Liberty, W. Va.. Mr. and Mrs. John Light and daugh- ters, Jl~dith Ann. Susan and Bar- tara Jean of Silver Sprin~, Md.. Mr. and Mrs. Joi~n M. K~ckley her parents-in-law Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Grove. Dinner guests on Sunday a~ the home of Mr. and IMrs. EIwood Cheshire and their f~tmily were ,the loiters parents Mr. and Mrs. Norman Michael of Kirby, W. ~a. YN/I James Gl,assford of the N, av~l Gun Factory in W;ashing- ton, D. C. vis~H;ed over .the week SPOR SWEA Women's $1.49 Washable NEWBERRY SIZES 10 to 18 LOW PRICE WOMEN'S SIZES 32 to 38 LoW end wi@h 'his ,parents Mr. and Mrs. S.renC.JimmyGlassfordGentaandandwithTonyhiS GlossChild Women's Sleeveless Women's Women's Cotton Women'S ,ford Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Kisner D R E S S E S SIZES 10 to 18 E Cotton Knit and son of Charles Town were v~s SWEAT RS itors on Thursday evening w~ ~he LOW $ t .99 CAPRI PANTS B L 0 U S E home of *Mr. and Mrs. Marshall Jenkins and their family. PRICE lib LOW $ .97 LOW ,.99 LOW .Mr. and Mrs. Reuben Poston of Gaitheroburg, Md. ~pent *Sunday ALSO HALF SIZES PRICE PRICE PRICE ~siting wil~h the formers ,brother and sisters mt ~he Poston home. .00 $1.00 Girl's SIZES 7 to JAMAClA SHORTS LOW PRICE LOW PRICE $1.00 Girl's 4 to 6x Sleeveless POLO SHIRTS GirFs 49c SIZES 2 to 8 LOW PRICE ALUMINUM $6.69 Chairs with "Saran" Webing. LOW INFANTS CHARLES TOWN Mr. and Mrs. Ross Stagner of Mechanicstown v~sited on Sunday ~fternoon with ~he formers bro- ther and sister-in-law Mr. and Mrs. Clayton Stagner ,and ,their children, Libby and ~cotty a~t "". tMrs. James ,H. ~nyder and Mrs. ~.ohn Porter Burns of Charles "gown ~preesnted a spring program :~t ,the meeting of ,the Berryville, Va. Women's Club on Thursday evening Mrs. C~rnet Thomson of Win- chester, Va. was a visitor on Sat- urd,ay evening at :the home of her ~un~ and ancle Mr. and Mrs. ~VIel Tin Davey and their family. Visi~tors on ~Sunday at the 'home of Mr. and Mrs. Aubrey Jenkins Were 'their sons-in-law and daugh- ters. Mr. and Mrs. Joke Frye and son Kenny and Mr. and Mrs. How ard Shewb~idge al'l of Charles Town. Mrs. J. A. Deck ha~s returned home from Winchester, Va. where STIe had spen~ the winter months visi`tlng with her son and daughter in-law ~Ir. and Mrs. Junior Deck ,and their small son. {Miss Margaret Randolph of Sil ver Spring. Md. was a guest over ,the weekend at ,the 'home of M~ss I Georglanna Glasscock. Upon her i return she was accompanied by SHORTS LOW for $ t PRICE NEWBERRY REG. $6.98 LOW PRICE PHONE 314 RED GATE FARM MILLWOOD, VIRGINIA I I ., II i