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Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
Charles Town, West Virginia
April 23, 1959     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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April 23, 1959

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FORECAST. TWO SECTIONS ----.-_.___ this morning but csth~ghest28 tonat36 with6ikm m ncar Out- II~ai.~.i~ I ~l~iii]l] Ii I~ *i * l IAi....~.~ ". .....~..~...::: :::. ~ - Undel [3FOVlSlOnS of Cha les .:::. : .:.:> . ::,... ...:~,~,~::~:,:~.:~::::;:;.::; . add h(~pe,d to ac- n's cha 'ter a numbe~ of erones. this year in Jefferson county than ' .~:..,~::.: .: :::~ : ~:.~ t~ii~l~:~:~:*:h:~ ...... tmn came at specml meeting of ........... i ~: .... sons voted twice m the electron .................. heretofore there will still be .. i:..::::-: ........ ~ ::the Boa, d of Educatmn held Tue~ ~, ~||nlrv wvr~f~ electron pros ~heTow . *' . P, " ,Council also wen,t over the re- , . :::;:~:: ::~:: ::.::: : : " iZ. ':!~i~'!/iii~ii~i~i!i~ii:::::~!:/: " " " s de.d tad .cvenue castin a vote in the c~t if the' sults of ,thv buuuda~y exten~,uus some who will stick ~0 Standard :;.:::!::::::::.:~!.::: : -:...: :: . i~!ii!i~ ~i~ii!i~ti~i~ii~i!iii!ii!i:ii:/: day l~ight in board offices, at ~q@~||| wm |V~m~ ha. _come .. amngreside~therein and als;y castingy election 'held .Tuesday_in Chaz:les Time, or what they refer to as [ iI:::: :i;i~ " l~i!i;i which most of the members of this I Y--- ~t'CKS Will alSO t " - ~ *- ~.;~. s~.~^, ,r "~,.~.,/Town and also in ,tne oul;lylng/God's Time Past time or Daylight I :::::: .:!:::~:::::% ~:~i:~::~::~:::~::~::: ::. ] special group were present. The . . . , . , too many of rh~2 ]said following defeat of the issue ]extended 1~,~.,. ,.f u~,~:~ vi,~.~.~ f~,- ~ |exercises are heldfor the grad- ]in Club and upon graduation from t fi .... ~'~ n,-,~l~ .... /.th th:~ h~,.d/which four cars and one truck r ' tha.t they plan to keep work ng I~ was also decided bCouncil . . uating class ofCharlesTown High high school she plans to attend a wine damaged to the extent of - e c~ty folks. For . Y years now and so it will be again . . at length and then requested that hecornnrnt.olim In the bundary extensmns planfbhat repair work should be done[,h, .......... ~. m .~,,-n--IschlMay25, twfthehrghest[medicalsecretarmlschoolinHag-I .... i.l.lm-tlnnh~oall.d ..... [$2,350. wn .~a~;X~r"e'~'~ [ with a view to l~aving Council !on some streets in Charles Town 1~.'.'~..:..~" ,,,~"o"~ ,~,.~.~' ~"{X~'"~".~'~ Ischol.astic tributes ,that can gO to J erstown, Md. I*~'("~'~a'~:';r~"~-~'~" ~o'~d'~/ The more serious eft the three 'h" razse the issue a am early ne and the street commzttee was ask , any students, will be bestowed Skinner who served as presz- acczdents occmzed about 2.55 p. zle only 72 op- " watches will be set forward one , . , on the date of May 19 as t~he ear- ,yea,'. ,ed to go into this matter 'hn,,r M'.~t rm.r), will do t 'r~pon,Mzss Nancy Smallwood. dau,dent of the schoolstudent council, .~, f.. h n. ~ ira. Sunday afternoon on U. S. , ~ l ...... hm . lie ..... style and ~r_ctical da~e. , ..... ] Although mo~t members of the l Payment of a number of bills I:'Z.2V ,7::Z.:._':~:J.::^ ~ ..... .~ ....gbter of Mr. and Mrs Charles |.in 1957-58 was co-captain of ,the[ ~h~ ~.~o~.~ m,~t~,~,~ ~ era- ~h.| Route 340 at Baumgardners ~t~ neigrtDol"noo(:ls " ~;~u~;~ ~,uzzuxz~ *J~.vac v-~.x .wv,.~ .,,. ' . -- ..... ~. ........... .... z ..... ,~.... ........ [r.,.~.~. c, ..... o ..... ~ eo~ he[presented was also authorized by |o.~,,.n .... ~,,h~ ~,~ f,,. ~h~. f~ [Smallwood ~f JeffersonAvenue,|Charles Town High football team lnn.~.~. ~f ,~r..imn~, ~aiti,~[ where Route 340 and Secondary ' Council , as valedictorian and John Skin- in 1957-58' ,has beer active in foot .~ whi s Rou,te 24 intersect. ~n the idea by a I issue would pass bo~h in the city I ' l who forget ,t.o do so there will be [ ....... f,, .........^~... o / .......... , ...................... I. hool funds ch would be tL ed! o~o.,o..o. ~ o,o,o ......a 7" . , ......... .___ .,..._ o.._., ..... r ,,,~., o,.~,, v. ,,.. ~,.,a ,v,,o. ,.,~,., o ,~a~ ~x~,~ w,,u ~cvo~** o.. t~tat n for *^"^h .... '~r'" rai--s an'* muc~'" ,.,,,,.,~.. --u.. ~,,~. --,,,,,~,~ .... or a ma'ori~ and in me ouu in- areas mey con, iUSlOn mr ~,~,..~ '.,v - ~ r f L e ' . ~a~ c. ~,a ~ ~c u . . , ' ,] Y Y ,~ ", . . . . Skinne o awr nce Street, Char years in high school and was the , , J. Wade sa~d fxve were .treated m said they were not m the least dis nmg. le Town as s lut " ' .. , needed school ~mprovements, Su- . . . . a'itv in both tho ]coura-ed that ~t d~dn'.t but [ Thomas Je erson H e [ The mumc~palitms of Charles [mo~ ~,~ ~mou ..... .~ ,~,...~ ,~ o.~.. I J permtendent Lowery sa~d. [ ..... ff ot I .... s , a atozmn of their winner of the Mez,t Scholarshi9 . Genezal Hospital he,e and two .... - ~ ................................ t a~ard. He is a member of t.he . were admitted as patients. u,t feP that with more ublic educ- Town Ranson Harpers Ferry Bol ~ At the ~ecen~t session of the lying areas was [ . o .. . e .... I ,, . .. .... I. , - ..._ ' ...... ;_ff [lastic avera~.e for ,four years of I school's Monogram Club and ] West Irl, at~i. 1.aisla~- .... ~h.~ ,.~ [ State Police sazd an auto oper- ~ue to ass i~ion on me merits o, ~ne ex~eno[ ,var an. ~nepner~smwn m oe ...... . -,," ........... . .......... p " " Ha I~een blven t~rl fit u 3.93 while Skinner s average was upon graduation from Charles . , ated by Margaret Rachel Roberts nt of the eli ible ed boundaries, it could be carried S g erson County will all go on Day- 3 IIA l,v ...... .... n o~,o,-XX,oo~[lslature enacted a bill which per-I~ ^~ ~m.,,,l-o ~,~ Cal-l~i.~ e ' later o,'s~bl, w~thin a ear hght Sawng Time Sunday mo .... ,ts counhes w o are .m need of . corporate hm- , P ~- 5 Y ' ~ d ms m .s I ................. I 'Mzss Smallwood, a commercial ]V, rgmm Unzvers,ty next Septem-[~,~,~,~,,~,~., .,.h,-~, f,,n~, t,~, .... ]four passengers and tra vehng east ~Vhile about 80 Continued On Page 8-A [ uressmo u0 Inst0e i,:.~ ~r2 r ema:zi~u~un.~z~Z a~. lstudent is secretary of the C-or-[ber on a full athletic scholarship. [ ~'ul~"~'~"~;~"'~::~",;~.'~'~tS[was struck by an auto driven by I ~ r I .... Y~o ?:_""~,"[_~__%'2~"2__7"_.,'*."2" /don Eismon Ch~Ptei" of the No&-I Robert Lorenz -was the third l.~ "_"2.:_~'2-'L~;".~.Y'~=~=.:",~'_,s",'Y2"I George Henry Rutherford 20 of mos~ ox me u A~III~;S ~IlU l[lUtlb- i .... 'b 1~. ,D, CLIU[I UL bLl~ ~bD, bt~ 1~1. l~b- - ' n~ n ~ . I The ~ob of com*~.letel,, renovat I ........................ n'* [ onal Honor Society; a vnember of [highest m the graduating class[ ........ +,, h~,~ .f .n .... t~.[Charles Town which had pullvd ma.wooa .ec[p[enr ling 'and redecorating the entire in[ies but in the county generallyl ~.he Ra bler Staff, the school Iw]th a 3.84 average. ]were limited to only 50-percent|nt the h~ghway zorn a ."~de . r . , to a t ~terior of the Thomas Jefferson ~ will go On f~st time. I [levies. |zoa~f~. .... ~. ..... ~ ~.,~.o,f~n r cnmrsnm aw ra [Hotel in Charles Town Which was[ Jefferson Coun,ty's Schools will]t~l~__.. U ..... II Ill [[~ I_le I ae I Jefferson countians have con-1 .~..c~.=. ~,,?,~.. ..~,? ..... ,. .... ~:'~::!:*;::!. ~i: :i~ . : !:~:;~:" : ,:: :~::~::::~i:>.:. : ~ dress v~i'.Ic..has '0 ,pu,t on the of the county does ' ~ a~d the May 19 balloting Will be ' ' ' L:]i:::i.: ,: l ea;ablishment has'one muVh ,to [ Most of the rural communities/~[l~n~nd.~h ,hAlkl~n~ Trl~e~[ T~ RI~ ~||[~I~ [to determine w.hcther they.will go ]~)~ncd ~eke: James Ta~vlot l. ::~::: " ~~~ I brighten it and give it a most at- I and farmers will however remain [ ~unu~, ummwvunum nnwvvvun~ n u~ v ~ I along with another 50-percent ,~. _. ' ' , . ) -" _'* .: .... : ............... - ' ' l Iowa no'~, sial oFleo Wl[['] Lne :~::~:: : ; ~~ [ tractive appearance. Ion Standard Time I ......... I levy for needed school purposes ~( ~ ,.,' ................... , ::- '::: "~:':: Nil r n a d " i . ,- o ,,dry ~ ,,,~-: ,,a,y ,xo.-~.,~, : ....... ............ e gee n ivory s the col- Nearby Washington County The comin Sunda (A ril 26) L~wery sazd before ,the electron ~:: Ior ,that has been followed IMd: for the most part will switoh/wilI be (~pengHouse ~ay 2~ Shenl F,mt HI~ Its held every effort .ill-be I doah Down. General Manage~ - .... " ...... . ' lacezatmn~ of the left wi t G~u- :, ......... .... .... Y , Leavitt mwtes everyone interested g .... .... .... .:.:...::. lobby the dmmg room and all the Count but in neighboring Clarke and ot, hers to meet with roups " "~:::-: : ........ ......... " : ...... bedrooms on the n bar . . z~e Hemy Ruthe~fmd lacezatmn~ second a d t d Count and Winchester Va the in KI E ~ m varmus parts of the count~ and ~: ': ::: :':~ fl ors y , NO HO~ to not only n- Band Wnll Present o, he ,'i~ht knee and abrasions of .,,,,,:::.:.~:~,.: .... ......... , OAll of 40 ro m " ' time will remain Standard. speot West Virginia's most. beau- fully explain the facts and details, t h~ ............. z~sht' ~du " Maz~azt t''" ' R,,,,h~l~ ~ il;!ii::,.ii. !:i:! ...... r the .... o,~ ~sln. the hotel ],Uful rae, ngg~plan,t, bUrg to watchg ""rl'U ., n of the special levy proposal, l andRbett'left side'b'u ses~ OfRosalindrhe baCkM Carlehest'lc ,,uw ,, ~ ,..-~,~,,u,o,u.~ ~,, ,,~.c , ~he thorou hbleas 0 throu h ,oncerT r oa AT . " . ' .' - I ? agner Che y 6a g I. e'r morning paces ] [ CJm,,~. n Cm*.A& |. [58 of Baltimme Md lace, atmns : nim green ano ivory ana all have " i-I] a| ro JIllUU1; JI,; ..... : ~~ ]- r - .......... [ In addition to General Manager I The Harpers Ferry High School[ ~ [ of the forehead and a blu sed left :~,~::~. oeen epa,perea anu ,bz)e ~oo~ ca~ L .................. ] IJ^m 14~e I~,nll eavitt and Race Secretary Oreg|13and directed by C C Arms will/ .... |leg A Victoria Whittington 68 I~W IlUJ /M I ~IU Johnson othezs wh ~~ [wmi.m f'.rim~s h~o~ ....... r I , ", o w 11 serve re|present a concert Friday Anril[ I~av~ Incnlr~n~ Firm [Baltimore bruised righL leg a- ~~.,~~:~~lm I "'U;- .-. ":. " ""- ?_..'~ ....... "TL':~'~.~_ I . .. [official capamties a,t Shenandoah 124t'h at 8-00 ' - | .-~.~,# mn,~u~0t~.~ msomnm [brasions of the forehead left arm :~i:~r~.~ n mr ~rlmes sam now ma,~ ,me ~ Announcement, was maue mis, ...... , - ". " - ' ":~:~ ' v " " ~' ~owns are" b~ewaros-oay .:ys~er and left side" r~orma C Bealmear ~~ [ rend atmg and decorating Job has I week b- Junior Wagner of t)he ] ...... ;-- .... [ The program will includethe /Announcement was made today I ..... : , _ ._ , ~~a:.-:: = u been com leted the hotel dinin t s ,' ~ot wnarJes 1own" oonn r" Turner t _ n -- t o~. ~ammore WhO was mrown ~~ ~room is bPeing opened on a dangIWagner Chevrolet Cprp~raUon !Sr. of BarUmore, Md., and Leo]~onowingnumbers: Odd and Counjby,Mrs. Jgorothy H. Caperton that|from the car 'into a field lacerat ~~ ' basis ,be"inin~ Frida- ' | that ~he company now nas se~ up I O'Donnell of Kentucky. Placing I try Overture, American Polka, In ~ Edgar P..Stud or, Jr., ,who has j ions of the head and right little s ~ to ersonnel for giving ~;ne com ~ ~oeen assoclal;eo with the Moore ~~ I , . .. . " ~ | P 'P ' . Judges" Azt Kennedy of New York l a Clock Store The Walls of Jer-,. "" " -- L -- I finger and a broken wz:ist" and ~i~ Ho~'rs ~or ~ne,a!nin~ room's ~,pany ex'perts in body ,wort:, gen~ Lew Kreig of Shenandoah Junc-[icho Snow W:hi,te I~an, tasy selec-l l-nsurance, an~ ~ea.l~y ~'ompanY/Edith C. Nesser 65 Baltimore la ~~/~lii~ , operauons now wm ,~e zrom ~:~u I erai repair worz car wasning and tion West Virginia and James Fel I ,;..~." ~,^~. ,~....^_.~. _. ' ~.~. ~ zor sometime naa Jell tne com- t cer-q,~ns of l,*f: ~hk.t. ,.~). ;~r a. m. until 8.30 p. m._wi~th the |greasing in,s33ectlon. ... [trier of Berryville, Va. Clerk of ["My Fail" Lady" and "The Mus,ic ,party on A~prll 15 and is no lonfer[ies and side bruises, The Beal- ~'--~: - =:- ~ i mos~ delicious ~ooas and desserts I Wagner said ~aivm Amer, Will I Scales" Willie Garner of Cleve- I ~...,, ~r ..... ~xr.~*.. ,n ,.~ ~.^ ~ associace~ wi~n re. / mear and Nesseer women are still ~---=: --~ . ' ..... "I ..... _ , _ . " . [Ex-Jockey Eddie Smith of Wash- | following students: Judy Auvil [ ... [ Also Sunday evening about 5 p. lng room (.~rlmes s~a~ecl the huge l~en~tyon Peck garage In I D u~to same pollc~es r~ ~'-: -.-- i---- , ' ' ] ! . . - .,. ~ ngton .C.C ~,, dianoftheiock[Nancy CIevenger Sandra Rocken[ "' | , Charles To~ State Trooper JeffersonDraft Board , oc wm Chester Waltms of Char] :U np :%e KMi~har?t~:)o~aek~ [RUMMAGE SALE [Rc:ydT~t~i~ves:i~ar~ed0 aat~e e;Ea~ -: - To Send Two Volunteers I . ',, . / ~J ..... I Eddie Fitzpatrick w.hose cam-I Davidson Steve Wilt Ronald Har Members of the Order of East-| d Allen tatm neaz Ri~pon on .... ~:> ;,:.: automotive motor ~ransmz~m-, ' . : .......... ': _ ................ ,~.^ [....^~^- ~ .......... ,~ m,~.o. + ..... |era nhotograohs the ,finishes of [ dy, Leo Shz'eck, Blake Harnson, ern Star will hold a rummage sale ]II~ S. Root 3i0. West of Cha~le~ :.. Mrb r emn u,.., .o,,e ....... .... . j .' 'rbwn - ..... ...... ,~ r ohn Lzttleton. Donald Hetzel. Fzxdya and Saturday, April 24 and , Jefferson County Selective Service|of mechan!cal repaws: _.. [ aces from atop the roof at manYJThe other band members will re-125 in the building located beside] T, ooperTruex ~aid a 1956 Buick Board announced Monday that Rober r.ircner and utis tl~w-I American tracks will be on hand' ' - - ' "beta " s ", " is Miss Nancy Smallwood as she was presented ........ /_. ,, ...................... n , ' Iceive ~rwce citations The pub-IStrider's Furniture store on Lib-/ g driven West on Route 340 vne J~oaro has rece]vect a cadl for K]ns vne mt~er atso ~o4-mez'~y w.~zz ....... ger Scholarship Award at the Initiation Dinner of ..... ,,^- ,*-*^ *h~ | flh~ 'Arlin~t.n~ ~ma~ will hays [ to lend su,pport to the placing jud ihc xs znvzt~d to t~his musmal event. 'erty street. | ContinUed On Page 8-A )Do L" ........... 5wo men ior ln~luo~uzx~.LU ~,~ ~ .......... ~,...--- ,.-.-'.-., ' .......... . ......... . .......... r ~OClCty last rrmay nlga Mr Charles I 1 re ges in Close ilnl~nes Tim blnn Sentin~ the wa,~ in memor: of' his "son the la~c n~tion's Armed Forces for the|~harge of general au~omot've -| ,[ ~r who~ ~as fatalb, wounded~in the Ar~ed Force~ monVh of May Mrs. Glenn said / ,pairs and offer au,~omobile inspec|who like Fitzpa, trick, resides in[DACT kdACTCD M M DCh DV LdAITA I/~th/~C k d A eaklr II "~ " ~ ~ - " " the board 'has ,two volunteers[ tion'service without delay. | this city; will operate his ground I [~J/ IVIRJ|LaJ IIVI~YnLM D/ I/4L|A LWUE .. ~v~rs. ~eminger is ShOWn at the raft of Mr.4rhich will be sen,t ~to the Armed| Alex Lanham well known Char|camera for coverage for the I mallwoad, a senior at Charles Town High School,Forces Induction station in Bal-|les Town s~'lesman has joined the| track's publicity office and all~ as valedictorian of her class. She is the daughter tAmore Md to fir the quota /'Wagner sales staff. /visiting newspapermen. I Charles II. Smallwood of Jefferson Avenue. Charles ' " i'i~i!i (Photo By Tim Sinn Students Charles Town ,High Inlo Gordon Eismon Ho or S " ty At D" n 0cle ifl erly -~t~ a,t Charles One of t,,he highli~Thts of the en- gl~ School were lovable evening was the awarding member ,that they ers of t'he Gor- :er of t~he Nat- ~ty at an init- Charles Tg,wn last Friday initiates w,as , po sor of t~he )~ nn Eismon se .in b~half of ceremony and in Irvin Hall the Methodist night witch a- present At- ~f the init- of Charles mere,bets of and some Jr., presi- Society presi- 'and reco.g- The invocation! ~,ober t I-IH1- Church. of the Reininger Scholarship to Miss Nancy SmaHwood, daug'hter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Small wood of Charles Town. In award- ing ~he ~shi~p ,to Miss SmallI wood, ~Mr. Reininger said that i~t was being given in memory of his son, the late Charles Re~nin,ger, a graduate ,of Charles, Town High S~hool who was fatally injured in it;he Pacific bheatre o,f World War II while serving with the U. S. i Marines. ])t will 'be an annual a- w,ard he said. Dean McKee Speaker Introduced by Princi, pal Gordon Eismon, guest speaker for ~he ev ening was Dean K. S. McKee of Potomac State College in Keyser. Dean McKee spoke about ,the nu.m erous opportunities 'for hlg~h ~hool and college studen,ts today and s.wid ,he would class them as opportunities who take yoJ,,, ,those who make you ,and those who break you. Above everything else, he said. (~ppo.rtunity is going to take you on the level of your pre Continue~d On Page 8-A )nts " I Docket of Jury Trials For April Term of Jdferson County Circmt Court is Set, M,~m[ DATE NAME OF CASE TYPE OF CASE ~|J April 28--State vs. Penwell Criminal April29---Sperry vs. Johnson Civil The April Term of Jefferson April30--State vs. Lindy Peacher Criminal County Circuit Court convened in~Ma, y 4--W. L, Dunn vs. It.. K. Wall Civil . Charles Town wi,th the ,ffr~nd lvlaya--,~,tate vs. uarrle M. JenKinS urlmlnal ful'y brining in a ~totol of ~welve May ~--Funkhouser vs. Warren ~:~! indiotments. Eleven of the.indict- ~vlay~---umget~. vs. w au ...... z ments were for felonies and oneMay 13~-R. J. Rosinski vs. unartes Town JOCKey for misdemeanor Carrie Mary Jen . . . Club . Civil . kins S hepherdstown Negro worn-Petit Jurors will report at 9:30 A. M. umess otherwise excuseu an ~as indicted for murder of alby the Judge or Clerk. Court will operate on Daylight Saving Negro mun who was stabbed fat-tTime after April 26th. ally several weeks ago. Others in- dicted, all on 'felony ~harges. in- clude: Donald Howard fMcDaniel, alias Daniel H~ward ,McDaniel, Charles Lewis McDaniel, breaking ~and entering; Wilbur Scott, Jr.. Clarence McDonald, robbery; Wil- liam C]ffon Poston and Mur- sl~all Cli,fton StickLs,o Jr., theft] of cal,f; IAndy Percher, a~sault and battery; Nelson Woodrow Pen well. stolen proper~ty; David Mar- shall Turner, forgery; Jerry Lee Beamer and John Junior ,Host-! ler, breaking and entering; John~ Junior Hostler; forgery and Jerry Lee Beamer, breaking ,and enter- lag. Clarence Douglas Fisher was in di~ted ~or a misdemeanor and pled guH,ty. He was sen~teneed to serve ,six~monChs In the country jail, sentence to begin on Febru- ary 3, 1959. FURNACE AND HEATROLA CLEANING--Call 545-R, BUDDY FRAZIER. March 5-tf.--FP ATTENTION--FREE GAS THE RANSON ATLANTIC SER- VICE STATION (on the Ranson Circle) WILL GIVE AWAY 10 Gallons of Gasoline to the lucky winner each week. Drawings on Saturdays at 2:00 P. M. WADE BENNETT R. M~ SMITtl, Distributor. May 22-tf.--FP Frida~ night, April 10 was a special one for all Past Masters of Malta l~)dge No. 80 of the Masons as they were honored guests at a special "Past Master's" .night staged at the Masonic Hall in Charles Town. Special guests who came In for the occasion included Past Grand Master of Wc~t Virginia Lodge, Rqbert G. Coffman, of Maxtlnsburg, and Herbert Avey. aiso of Martlnsburg, Junior Grand Deacon of the State. Both spoke briefly as did each PMt Master. All the Past Masters present gave brief histories of the events which which took place in the lodge during their term of office. Following the program refreshments were served. , Pa~t Grand Masters honored as shown in the above picture are, first row, left to right:--Harold "Chuck" Kisner, Herbert A. Avey, Martins- burg: Robert C~rper, pre~sent Worshipful Master; Coffman, George N~uilen, Richard Adams. Back row, left to right:---Harry Evans, Jr., Charles Gore, J. J. Skinner. Howard Clendening. Norman Kisner, Fred F. Hammond, Harry G. Moffett, Frank L, Ronemus, the latter being District Grand Lecturer. +,; !. i i'!i il ii