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April 21, 1966     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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April 21, 1966

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G01't~ t~lllll~ @llld~lV - ~~ -. -- :- :* _ ing on Thursday at Taneytown,, and sister, Mr. and Mrs. George T was held on Monday at Tr. inity] part time capacity. ] SPIRIT OF JEFFERSON FARMER'S IIJ t~[IUht~ll ,)Ul~Ybti .Md. Anyone wishing to attend| Ellis of Fails Church, Va. Also Episcopal Church in ~nepneras-I ~ I THURSDAY, ........ APRIL 21, .... 1966 KFAR FVr, VII I Fmay contact Norval Jo ton,,I, visiting at "West Shenstone" on town. I~~-',~l~--I - . .... nl~-#,tnsi lkn~ IIMl= for further information. | Sunday afternoon were Mrs. Rob- Honored by Co-Workers k J hVl--mlP hPh~hT 1 99 r,a ,,, 9~ ~n. ,,1o;,, ,, ,~o,ti, m non- , Mrs Elsie Hamstead There will be a joint Worship ~ err Light and her daughter Linda I Honoring Mrs Ralph Dunn who MA~r I Nrr'u,~l ] ~]il"~ ~ ~~' ~'." ~r,m~'~'~"~ ~ ,~" - ..... ...... .................... , .......... , .............. ~001 Du~cner Hogs, ..... ........ | ~,,,~~~~ Servme at Chmst Church, Shep-| Mrs. S. C. Cdassford and herI has resigned her posztmn at the ................................ [ ........................... tch I ~, ~~ --:-- :'- - ~ h,,rd,,,wn *, hOnn~ th.~ Re_ev rend.. / avoung ....... grandson.Master Tonv I T ~ P~n,,, C,mnanv_ _.., _t_r.~ a ,~ in I~'~:~,~a~.~ll~z~| COWS, ZU.OO t0 zJ..OU; ULlllty COWS, z,,.zo; meumm uu .... ; ........... r ~ " ~ " " t 1900 to 2000; canners and cut- 2300 to 23 65; heavy 11 Mrs. Wilson Whltmore, Mr. Roy Coulter who wfli rebre froln[Glassford, were dinner guests onl Charles Town where she hasl Quotatmns of the Blue Ridge _ - .... - ..... ..... ....... ( [ ll~'~.~~ [| George Whitmore and Mr. and the Shepherdstown Charge on | Easter Sunday at the home of her [ served as office cashier since I Livestock Sales, at Charles Town, [ ters. l~.;v aown ^.cows vy me hogs, zz.ov to ~.~o; ouL [ r~lll~l/ ~ Mrs. Kenneth Whitmore and faro- April 30. Everyone is cordially| son-in-law and daughter, Mr. an_dI September 4, 1950, the employees[ W. Va., Monday, April 18, 1966. ~eeeag~rUPe:/s, Z2t~.b%~;toS~c0~ert~n~ x~._~o to; ne:vY2~;i ily, all of Winchester and Mr. and invited to attend the covered dish | Mrs Holly Miller and their family of the store entertained rer at a i Receints of all classes light, I . ~ light bu her hog , . ] k~%k'.ll~.~l ~ Mrs. Monte Stucey and Nicole, of lunch which will follow the [in Charles Town. i party held at the store on Satur-lwith a good demand for all stock Iheifers, 20.00 to 26.00. ]shoats per hundred, 34 [ l~:T~i~,/~ ]] Leetown, were Easter Sunday din- church service. Church School at/W. S. C. S. Meeting [ day, April 9th In appreciation | cattle I Choice to prime calves, 38.00 to pigs per head, up to 25: [ l ~ I! her guests of Mr. and Mrs. Robert the local church will convene at[ The Women's Society of Christ|of her fifteen'years and eight[ Choice butcher steers, none;t41"~0; good butcher calves, 84.00 lg.o0 down; sows and pi [ ~ ]1 Whitmore. 9:30 a.m. on ~is Sunday J ~ Se~ice of the Methodist months of full time service. Mrs. l good butcher steers, 24.00 to I to 37.50; medium butcher calves, 90.00. ' ] ll~ltt~lll~l!! }[ Carl Woodard is a patient at Richard Blue, of Shenandoah[ten me~ on weonesaay eveningt Dunn was presented with a lovely ~ 27.00; plain to medium steers,/28.00 to 33.75; thin calves, 27.75 Miscellaneous Sales ! lr'1 ll:"L_l W:" II Newton D, Baker Hospital. , Junction, has been carrying the ] of last week at the home of Mrs. t gift of monogrammed silver trim [ 20.00 to 23.75; choice butcher heif- ] down; heavy calves, 24.00 to A.M.---Livestoek Sales ! i f14 l"" ~=~" ~l Mr. William Fellers, Sr., is con-|mail this past week .while James|Joseph StarKey w~th twelve metal reed water glasses and matching/ ers, none; good butcher heifers, 130.00. lEach Monday. | "~ ~ ' ~"" " " " ]] fined to his home with the flu. | Bubby" Slusher has been on va.[ hers ann guests in attendance. { pitcher, a silver tray and a silver/24 00 to 25 50; plain to medium i T ~.~. .... a +.. ~,~ .... ,~,. I ] ~mr ~v,e vur Huff ~], Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Hartlove [cation. | Among ~hose present wa~ a for-] candy dish engraved with her[ heifers, 20.00 to'23.75; good bulls, : . ~,,~o, ~,, .~.~ :~\~.o~,,,~,[ Ai4~ Ph.~h ~ ] ~m~ ~,n. ,,. ......H l and family Baltimore Md ~nt I _ | mer member of the group, Mrs.] emplayment dates. Mrs. Dunn will/ ~u.u~ to oz.~o;, uutcue,- ewes, ,a~J. 14111;ilU t,IIUII, II tilt ] Our al~ency doesn't take ItI Sunday width her parents, t~r. a~"ndl ~----:: -.:: ~:[ Rose Baker of Charles Town. The] continue to work with the J. C. 1 ~a~q~,~ ~v~ ~n~nv~n,~ : to ~z.vo; S~OCK ewes per neaa, I --- your insurance business I]I Mrs Burrel Frith I ~n aaa~ ~is~ /Devotions and the evening's ross-t Penny Company in an extra or| ..................... ~ ..... for granted. We strive to " od me rs on, pertaining to Easter, were pre ...... ...'7:7--- . earnit. Whether,t's plan- U I The..Edgew0 _H0 make [ ~MHll ruINI /sdnted bv Mrs. Ralnh Dunn, andt ................. [ To the Creditors and Benefit|. i It ning your program, up- ]~[ met a~ the home ot Mrs. Jack t;a- I,L_ o .... _, ,~_.-_. J ...... ";^,'....,~.~ ~.., ~ "i..;~ ,,,,~ine~s/ l~Ul't~X~ *U ~r~r~**~x~/ aries of the Estate of LAURA ~ ~ ...~ " rotection or ' " t mrs otunxt ~rlm .~.~ ,u,u,,~u ,,a - --*~- -~ dating your p _ trow last Monday w~th etgh ] ] ........ / l VIRGTNIA SANBOWER deceased m I~ri ar~ " ," " ton - helping w)th your _claim|, ~ l members present. Mrs Norman]ll~lt~m~l~~ ---~= .~ _-[ raeetmg aurmg .wn)cn )rm .... / To the Creditors and Benefici.| All persons having clam~ a-I IV/ t otuhrel~Y's:ehr~o~aml~tServr ~ ! W::::gl p~eind~d atth~ebiUdS:~e~olHame Demonstration Club Mee~t WaeS~'~e~:rnee~e~?t~Spon~ ~:s[ ~)SN~, ~:cEa~tea~e of EMORY A.~ gain:tstanh~owEeSrta~ecOefseL~d~eVierr i l~ tl.. CHARLF ice--to assure yon corn- ~ The Summit Point Home Dem- made by the treasurer and several " " a g ' te titfactiol~ donate money for two chmrs for All ersons having claims- " " it pieu ~ ],~.~,~ ~ .... ~,u .... ~,~,, ,~, no !onstration Cltlb met on Thursday{ Reins" of business" were discussed/~.~;" o, P* o ~o,o,o o~ due or not ......... are notified to exhib i . , ,~-,v --~,-~. "~"~--'"~ ~ ..... "~ ~vo-~.~-..,,i*h Ur~ .Tames Grant-! ~'-~-..,;-- .a~.,,, o nlaa~n*! 8au~o~ ~ ~ ~ . "::" "" ! ~ame, wlm me vouchers tnereoz, votions by Mrs. Catrow, the "Pan- " ...... s ............. __ ,,..~ _...__.l. "~ "~: ..... ~ ~"~ ........ ~. .... v'~':.'::/A Stone,deceased, whether,! ,o(,~m, v,~rified tn the undersign- i .... - - - ~ .......... ,~ ~,,a~u~ H. S, CLOBBER, JR, !hies for Friendship" were collect-[ha~ wt::[thO~ne~ ~ya~i~eenlme~| ~cal hO~:liWaSs enjoyede2urmg| due or not, are notified to exhibit | ecl~'a[" l~is off'ceSta the Cit~-e~n-s l :~ |ed Miss Fannie Catrow led the | ....................... :Z:.l _ :" .... / same, with vouchersthereof,/~fflco Bulldin~ Charles Town ~~~ " ,, . oez-s ann gue~ .ue meemlg w~m were servea oy me hostess .~. ~ b, , Hill Dale Shopping CenterI lesson on A New Design for| .... "~ ..... ~[ " | legally verified to the undersign-| West Vir~tinia on or before the l ~~!~ . ,, openea w~m uevouons tea uy a e Sn der was the ...... , ..... ,m~ I West V~rgma Beauty, and Mrs. [ u,.~ ~-~.-.~ r ,-~., -- ..... h;.~,| Mrs. J m. s H. y . [ ed at h~s office m the CRmen_s| 12th day of Sentember 1966 other i ~~ rnone t Homer McKee reported on the | t'*h'e'm~nut~es oT'~he l~'st~'meet'~g/guest_ st~:Kerrat theF:Pnlpa~?ntt| Office Building, Charles To.wn,| otherwise they~may, by law be ex- i ~~ ., County Health meeting. At con- ... ...... .1 ^.a -. ....... ~ ~.,~ o| lr g t m ~ P r .Y . [ West Virginia, on or before me/ eluded from all benefits of sejd !ll ~ ~~ Insul~nt~ ~ Resl Estate . w~ ~ a.,~ a~v.v ....... Teachers Association which was ~ he - " ~, _ . tclusmn of the meeting the host-|number of items of business werelhe!d _t tim Hi_h School on ThurS] l~h da.y of.September, 1966 ot ext.| estate. All beneficiaries of stud ! ' i -I _ ~~ II r-'--x--~ ~ ~ ess serve~ ~ce cream, cake, nuts,! ~.. ...... ~ ,,,. ......... ,^., ,^1 ~ ~ ~; ~} omerwlse mey may, oy taw oe -/estate may appear on or oezore ! I H U: ~~~i~ u~u~eu. .-e ~,~ia w~ ~,, da yen 0 Sunda evenin " ~ -'-~*'~ ! I kEtnal ll/mints, and coffee. | .... m, .... f,~m,, o~h. , : ~],'.] :. y e Lin_g" .. n ~ Y .. gl eluded from all benehts of saxd/said day to examine stud cimms i ~~1 [~ [] t The Lay Life Catoctin Associa-| ~a;'mn'~o Camp"~a~'ancl plt~l~sl~r: and Mrs. ~n},_aer were mnanne~] estate" All beneficiaries of .said| and otherwise protect their hater- ! ONLY '~~ i tm~~ M ! tion of the United Church of/-- :--- L. ....... ,~ .... '-~'^" -t I guests a~ uae aurae o~ ~,,-. ;I estate may appear on or netore| est. I ~~l weze mane to uum ~ ,vu~r.~.uV a rs iUou b Henshaw ann I~ ,' , .... /I [ Christ will have an all clay meet-[ the home of Mrs Robert Light on l M . W., gh y ...... 'I said day to exam~e saxd cla].ms| Given under my hand this 18th I .QRAMI,~~ ...................... t Wednesda,, Ma~: 4th This work ~ meir ~arnuy near mmamway: - | and otherwise protect their inter-1 day of April, 1966.i .......... ~~1 a ] st / MARK B. WE'IZEL I ~~~, ~ " a~rs x~avia ~urner ann her e shop, for the purpose of m king F Ro alVa . three children of rout Y , Gwen under m hand th~s 18th U WORTHY ..... r o Y COMMISSIONER OF ACCO NTS _ I _ lrl/i;lulmm ., /Flemmh flowers, will be und~e~ ,spent Saturday visiting at th da of A ril 19~6 - Holstein Herd and ...., l the directi0n of Mrs. Marian MY-t home of her parents, Mr. and[ y P 'MARK B WETZELI ...... JEFFERSON COUNT ] OF THE- APRIL 27th A I/ II~qPIl~lkl APRIL 27th |.ers, and will begin at.10:00 o ~ock~ Mrs. James Burner, and also att-[ COMMISSIONER OF .~CCOUNTS I apn~ Z~-~-~. l[ ~~ ,o.~o A~ ~sr ~IJlk,/lll,/!M ,o:~o ~ ,st / ~nleunmg:onl~ng{ :~n ~o~:~gl eRd.ed_the Riley sale which wasI JEFFERSON COUNTY| NOTICE TO C]~J)ITOI~ l| ~AME .... . . neitt mat any April 21-3-t -- ~::~!~::ii::~::~::::~::::::::i~i:~ . the business meeting the even ere ~ ~ ' ~0BERT L, W~H~J~, E~TATE BERRYVI[.L~, VA, / ....... : "1 Mr and Mrs Page Hinton w .'1 " / To the Creditors and Benefici-II o~ww T~~] tRt 340 North 1 8 Miles) ~ I in g s lesson. A l~ew..D,,esign zor~ dinner guests'on Sunday at theI NOTICE TO CREDITORS | aries of the Estate of MYRTLE [I OOl-l--xlUOW ~ ~/ " ___ _ . _~.~ ........... | west yargmm s ~eauty was home of the latter's brother and] l VIRGINIA PENWELL, Decea~;ed. I1 ~' 19~ Pawe . Ii,]f$r /sented by rs .wauace anyaer,t sister-ln-la'~v, Mr and Mrs. Leroy] To the Creditors and Beneftel-I All persons having claims a-II ,L~ uu.,~ - ...... . ~~~ | ~'no. c0:nCluaed me program o./1 Ware and their'children, Donnie[ aries of the Estate of JOSEPHI gainst the Estate of Myrtle Vir-[I ~] e W in Summit Poil~t on Saturday|Sound of Music." e[ COMMISSIONER ~F ACCOUNTS1 NOTICE TO CREDITORS ]l SEAMLESS V-- | morning, April 23rd, beginning] ~AIr. and Mrs. Robert L. Lightt JEFFERSON COUNTY I ...-77"-- . |1 . -- ~J i ~ about 8"00 o'clock Those having / and children, Bobby and Linda,! April 21-3-t. | To the CredRors and~ B enef]e-I[ ~ -~ '~ = ~ _' ~l .... @ __ _ " aries o[ me ~ oi ~.,./~.,~ 358-- 8493---- ,~ H~:RMr ~GI~ ROA[:)/I=II(:;I-4MONO, paperremindedtO bethatCOllectedto be stabled,are agam/pap./wereevenmg, supperat thegUestShomeno f SaturdaYMr .... and ~utICE TO CREDITORS BETH S . BRENNEMAN' ....... Deceased t~:.._ _ ql!l " ~lL1-L~-I-wr~-w~ i~'-L 1-~-~ [ | ~L-~ ~_fl d- Mrs Llo d Good and their dan h- 2xu persons having c,atm.~ a- ~ ~ ers and magazines must be bun ] . Y .... g , a Creditors and Benefici. c,ain~t th~ E.~.t~tp_ ,f E izabeth S [1 JL S T O C K I N G S i Le a T the o 1 _ . __ ~ led separately These should be] ter Karen m ~w m y, v ^-i - -~ the ~'state ^f FANK J -~-- .......... -= .... -7 - _ ._ "~ I ~ " . . . . " n~ es ut ~ u tsrenneman, (;eceasea wnemer stacked where they will be ws~- The Riley home m Summit BECKWITH deceased " o" ar tilled to exhibi~ll b c a e ' aue or n t, e no y .a ble from the road so that none Point, whi h was sold t th -ers-n- having" claims a .-.- -- , .... , ..... '[I ~ll~O'tJU~ -- ............. aleheld there on ex~ p u ~ ~; "same, wl~n me vouchers mereux, I, ~':":i:~ ~$r Will ~e overmoKeu rnose ou~siae ~xecutors ~ ;~" t'-e Estate of Frank J .......... :::::::~ b ga.,.~ n legauy veriziea to me unaers~gn ~." the village who have paper they Saturday, has been purchased Y ~-c~- "i'h deceased whether .......... "] ~ 'h o~ ~w ~ , a , ea, at his oz~ice in me t;mzens [ wish collected may have the truck Mrs. Wentzell Habel who, wlt ...... ;*" th .... uchers thereof ,~,;-^ n..--~,-.- ,~-*-~o- ~' .... I ~ call at thew homes by calhng Mr. her mother, Mrs Lomse Mul er, i "e the undersi " " the ~P~ ~ ........................ : ..... th .... e legally ver f[ d to . gn"West Virgmm, on or before ~ When you want the hxgh-fa~ Lero wnesmre prior tO ~aturaay has veen In renmeuce a~ e .ore " fi " th Citizens h r ~ . , ed, at h~s of ce m e 12th day of September 1966 ot e le u morning of the latter s daughter-m-law, n~;~, m,aa;.. ~o~o~ 'Pown ............... ' ....... ~ I ~ seamless look...andgent s I ,.,~,,~ ~,,,,,,,~, v.......,. -- , wise mey re.y, o.v law, oe e~luu- ~ ~ A~ .Mr: Stewart Yarbro has com- Mrs. Anthony Hankey, for the West Virginia, on or before the ed from all bene~it of said estate,t i~~:~ ~o=:.msmt.on the on_ly _sea_~ li] I ~ ld pm~eiy recoveren z~om injuries past year. 12th ~avof Sentember 1966other .n ~-,,,~'~i-~o* -~ ~-~;d estate' t,a~mml;::~ stOCKings ~na~ oear me name u~ 1 Suffered in an automobile acci- Mesdames Philip Creamer, Geo,~;~ ~h~'~, ma~ b,, law' be exclud- ~=;. ~"~'~'~"~'~-":,'~,~- h~'-~'~ai~ da,~ ! ~~. one and only Supp-hose! It's V1 dent on March 13th, and on Mort- rge Crim, Bessie Sommers, Page ~"~'fro"m~all b~hef~it of 'said estate t'~n~" .~|"d~'la'~ms'an~l o~the~'-', ~[~: assurance that you're getting the : ~m~ ~ -q=~ -- dayresumed h~s full timedut~es Hinton, Alexander Dunlop, Stu- All beneficiaries of said estate w'ise-p'~ct-'t'heir-in'-terest. 1 ~~ .... effective seamless possible...the at ~tation wAv~ ~n #snarmsart Grim and Miss ~rances t~oie- may appear on or before said day Given under my hand this 18th" ~% seamless that gives you gentle .... ON A~L OUR.... Town. man attended the spring meeting to examine said claims and other- day of April, 1966 " I d~~~ hose ~upport' Smartly sheer Visitors on Sunday at the home of the Episcopal Churchwomenwise -~rotect their interest M~K B WETZEL u - .~:.:~ , 1,- " at|on of the v all-nylon in new tones, pro- of Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Snyder of the Eastern Convoc Given under my hand this 18th COMMISSIONER OF ACCOUNTS ~ ~ ~ portioned sizes, -" were the latter's brother-in-law Diocese of West Virginia which day of April, 1966. JEFFERSON COUNTY ...... MARK B. WETZEL April 21-3-t. WHILE THEY LAST COMmSSIONER OF ACCOUNTS If you have real estate to sell, or wish to buy JEFFERSON COUNTY PLEASE CONTACT: April 21-3-t. SS 2 HP 18" POWER MOWER Here's A Wonderful Value SS 3 HP 20" POWER MOWER An Outstanding Buy Now SELF.PROPELLED 3Vz HP 22" ROTARY MOWER SS 3 HP 20" ROTARY TILLER (Briggs & Stratton Engine) HP 24" ROTARY TILLER (With Power Re.rye) Here Are Real Buys REMEMBER CHARLES TOWN COOPERATIVE P. O. Box 7, Boyce, Virginia Phone 274 !L (BRANCH OFFICE) and bonded ia Va. and W. Va. , CHARLES TOWN WE HAVE A FINE PIECE OF PROPERTY AT 311 E. WASH- INGTON ST. BRICK DWELLING. 11 ROOMS. 2~ BATHS. LOT 131}' x 4@'. $][3,~00. GOOD !NyEST21~N~ P~OPERTY. ' I OODI"W. VA. WE HAVE LARGE STUCCO HOUSE, 3 BEDROOMS (One Un- finished), BATH, ~VING .~OM,. DINING 1~011I, I~D_ERI~T" KItChEN. ~ED PORCH. OIL, HOT WATER HEA . OUTSIDE FIREPLACE. SHADE TREES. ABOUT 2 ACRES. ($ More Aere Avall l ). MIDDLEWAY, W. VA. NEAR THIS NICELY LOCATED TI}WN, WE HAVE A 2 STORY BRICK HOUSE WITH 3 BEDROOMS, BATH. LIVING ROOM, DINING ROOM, KITCHEN, OIL HEAT. GOOD WELL. ABOUT 1 ACRE. $16,000. (Additional Acres Available). l tweim BU KER t!ILL And MIDDLEWAY, W. VA. WE g&V~ A ~, M~ BRICK HOUSE WITH 3 BED- R00~, BATH, "LIVlN~ ~i~ObM, DIN~G AREA. FULL BASEMENT. OIL HEAT. GOOD WELL. 83 ACRES WITH 4,000 XMAS TBEES PLANTED. $36,500. FARMS IN THIS SAME GENERAL AREA WE HAVE A 204 ACRE FARM WITH 2 HOUSES, WITH BATHS WELLS PONDS. SPRINGS OTHER BUILDINGS. ROAD FRONTAGE. BEAUT- IFUL LOCATION AND VIEW. $41,000. AN EXCELLENT BUY. ~J s, J ~ =-", ~ , ,it 6-MTItE F/ dgM &eres Frederick County--40 Acres in Berk~ey) WITIi NICE' FRAME HOUSE AND OTHER FINE BLDGS. 180 ACRES' CLEARED--REST WOODED. 2 DRILLED WELLS. FISH POND STREAM.' SPRING. GOOD FENCING. $38,000. AN EXCELLENT BUY. NOTICE TO CREDITORh; To the Creditors and Benefici- aries of the Estate of BENJAMIN FRANKLIN BENNER, deceased. All persons having claims a- gainst the Estate of Benjamin F. Benner deceased, whether whether due or not, are notified to exhibit same, with the voucher thereof legally verified, to the undersigned at his office in the Citizens Office Building Charles Town, West Virginia on Qr before 12th day of September, 1966 other wise they ma3; by law be exclud- ed from all benefit of said estate. All beneficiaries of said estate may appear on or before said day to examine said claims and other- wise protect their interest. Given under my hand this 18th day of April, 1966. MARK B. WETZEL COMMISSIONER OF ACCOUNTS JEFFERSON COUNTY April 21-3-t. NOTICE TO CREDITOI~5 To the Creditors and Benefici- aries of the Estate of EDWARD TAYLOR W1NKLER, deceased. All persons having claims a- gainst the Estate of Edward Tay- lor Winkler, deceased, whether. due or not, are notified to exhibit same, with the vouchers thereof, legally verified to the undersign- ed, at his office i~ the Citizens Office Building, Charles Town, West Virginia, on or before the 12th day of September, 1966 other wise they may, by law, be exclud- ed from all benefit of said estate. All beneficiaries of said estate may appear on or before said day to examine said claims and other- wise protect their interest. Given under my hand this 18th day of April, 1966, MARK B. WETZEL COMMISSIONER OF ACCOUNTS JEFFERSON COUNTY April 2 ,3-t. I 1 's great! II | Immediate de/iverf of your favor~re co~or and options~ 1st class selefftion I 1st class trade-in/ "66 Buick Special--winner of its class in the Pure Oil Performance Trials plus_ the Popular Science Gold Cup for outstanding mance in the Triais l Wouldn't you really rather have a Buick Special right now? (You never had it so easy!) your 6uick dealer during his Ptr-BuStiv ! 0 $