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April 21, 1966     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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April 21, 1966

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I U]BLISHED EVERY THURSDAY ]BY THE JEFFERSON PUBLISHING CO.~ INC. 210 North George Street - Charles Town, W' Va. Zip Code 25414 READ ]BY MORE THAN 22;5~ PEOPLE Second Chlss Postage Paid At Charles Town Postofflee NATIONAL NEWSPAPER MAX BROWN, General Manager DON RENTCII. News EdRor --- HENRY MORROW, Assoc. F.Altor National Advertising Representative, American Newspaper Representatives, Inc., 404 Fifth Ave., New York Detroit - Chicago- Atlanta. San Franclseo. Los Angeles sUBSCRIPTION - $5.00 Per Yr., Plus 15cts. W. Va. Tax For Business, News or Advertising Departments DIAL 725-2046 or 725-2047 THURSDAY,. APRIL 21, 1966 A CRIMINAL PRACTICE THAT MUST lie STO-- A few weeks ago, on this page, we made note of the seem- ing lack of prude oI" some proper y owners in Jefierson County in pelznitting, by omission more than commis on their property to fall into such a state of disrepair as to become eye sores. Since then we have noted, and also had forcibly called to our attention, another practice that is working almost irreparable detriment to Qur community and to our country- side. We axe speaking of the wanton and criminal disregard; of some for the property rights of others in discarding trash, debris, and, yes, garbage, by and near the rohdside on both public and private property. Jefferson County has upwards of four hundred males of primary and secondary roads. One need to travel only one mile of them to see that every mile of them is being used, criminally, as a vast trash and garbage disposal site. Littering is too mild a word to describe this savage and downright criminal practice. It needs to and must be stopped, not only from an aesthetic standpoint but from a health standpoint as well. To borrow a common cliche, where do people get off, believing they can use the whole outdoors as a vast disposal site for their waste? There is only one way we know to put a stop to it and sheer necessity compels us to resort to recommending that way. That way is for every property owner whose private property or whose adjoining roadside property is offended by this practice to become his own policeman and secure war- rants for the arrest and apprehension of the violators. Unless reprisals and the threat of reprisals axe utilized the thought- less offenders will soon conclude they have a vested right to use other people's property for this purpose. May we offer a tip to those who are most offended by this obnoxious practice: most garbag ,.q t fins some means of identifying its owner. It s a rty and naUseating job tO have to root thriugh it and find it, but believe you us: when that identifying mark is found you won t have to call the owner " " " ' ' l twice to tell what you are gong to do ff lsn t prompt y removed. _ [I am opposed to the Wild Rivers , i~['~-~---m-~ --4~IEx| IBill as it now stands. Why? Not I Ll[ll-i-lil~ ~[ j because of the right of Eminent | --_--_" -._.--~" J~-~ [ L] [ Domain allowing condemnation of I TO M p.~J || ]private property for public plea- | _~- ~=-- ~ ]sure which seems to be fhe lead- |lilflll~l[I- ,~| | ling argument at present. Our |mw=.w=,| _ ~ | J Ifamily has derived too much - [ pleasure from National Parks and Charles Town, W. Va. [ the National Seashore to oppose April 18, 1966J it for this reason. We have also Mr. Max Brown, Editor ] seen what this prhaciple has done Spirit of Jefferson-Advocate [ for Harpers Ferry. Our memory Charles Town, Its not so short that we do not e_tW ~ _lrol._l_V" ~'n'a [ know. such condemnation, proceed /)oar MAY," /rags were used m the est~blish- ............ men t of the Harpers Ferry Nat- Fwst let me hasten to say that ] .... ,,, , I mnm vark. We lik~ the new [ttarpers Ferry better than the I old. r., ... , ! We are opposed because, in this | ] instance, we do not feel it is ] necessary to grant so much power _ . l |to the Federal Government |f, thi II | ~ I~ ~ I~lI ||,~ | ~lt property owners along the Poto- i " --~-- - " ~ ] |mac, Shenandoah, and Cacapori ] ]Rivers and the county officialsI Jr| ||,~ | ~V~l~ | involved assume their responsibi- I -,tel ! : [ |lities to the public and to theI |development of the counties in- ~tI~I~~~ | We feel the newly estabnshedI ~~1~. '~ [West Virginia Eastern Panhandle 1 |Land and River Protective AssociI ~~~ |ation in cooperation with the l f~~!~ |County Courts involved has a[ ]tremendous opportunity to prove] H~~:~ l to the Federal GoVernment that t"~~) (~2~] Iwe can assume our individual] ] and county responsibilities, If we[ I I do this, we have grounds and] ~~ [ argument against the inclusioIt of l ~m~~~-i:~,~ [ the Shenandoah. Cacapon and] I even this Portion of the Poto~2tc, ] - ~ - :| [ in the Wild Rivers Bill. ] _ ,. ......... | The property owners along the [}on t SK,mp on ?enmzer or t ban' .... f th ...... ~' . ; . . / KS o ese rivers ao not own I plant m er r seen oecause [ the rivers, only the bank The/ you are short of cash. Let | public ,has a right of limited] Farm* Credit supplythe money | access to these rivers where tt / .... ~ ~,,. re,, n,~t ~|* does not interfere with" 15~i~ate/ .... ' ....... .......... [ access, farming operations or1 ,.,T.,. |other bUsiness operations. The I~] h~t ~,~ ~~ ~ couatms through which the rivers i s~,~z, tml~t~ ~ [flow, have the right to demand i ttm. - *aV | sanitation requirements and pre' t servation of scenic beauty along A Farmer Owned Fa~e~ ~fra{~ . * [the shores of these rivers. This I~'~,~ ]could be done with little ad~it- VGl I! 1 ]tonal county expense since the [game warden who patrols the ~.~/| ~.4~ Jarea anyway could at the same ASSOCIATION ]time have powers to bring liRer- . |bugs into court. The County [Health Department can enfOre W W sanit ion requirements set Up 11. W. IIMI'II'IVI~INW|by the County Cot~rt. ] WRh a little planning, little Fg ve and take on each side, we. Sheplterdst wn, W. Va | can make the Shenandoah, Caca-. ..... " |Pon ,and Potomac Rivers, areas lnnt, ] for 're-creation;, rathc than for WINCHESTER 62.3 7.q [ Wreck.creation . Shall we do it ...... r4~ ......... O ~l~----| or wait until the F teral 6overa-, Air i Y, People from far and wide will flock to neighboring Win- chester next week to observe the annual Apple Blossom Festival, one of the most beautiful and colorful spectacles held by any community anywhere the blossoms are expected to be at their peak, a radiant spectacle of the Shenandoah countryside, the pride of every native of the Valley. Few sights we have ever seen can match that of an apple tree in full bloom, every blossom a tantalizing and: teasing promise of a gold ea, and eri on harvest yet to come. Through the summer months to foll_ow and leading into the cool autumn months ahead N ture s metamorphis will work its magic f0liuwect by the rich harvest reaping its abundance. God must surely love the Shenandoah Valley to give us such a thing of beauty. And each year the beauteous cycle con- tinues. Who, s i4 m acles never happen twice ? But the trouble with recurring miracles is that we have a tendency to take them for granted. The sad truth of the matter is that apple fever among us is highest at Festival time, lowest at harvest and consuming time. Once the miracle is spent we allow the golden and, scaxlet fruit to literally rot under our feet. We discard God s particular miracle visited upon us as if it were a thing to watch, not a thing to use. Apples are food, food that can be used, in a thousand different ways. (Who ever heard of an orange pie?). Imagine our consternation when we attended a horticultural banquet some years ago and were insulted with an appetizer of tomato juice [' And for dessert? Cake and ice cream! Charity, it has been said, begins at home. So do a lot of othdr things. And if we are to expect other peoples from afar to enjoy and' use that which comes to us naturally we had precious well soon better begin using it and consuming it e " ' ourselves W. hope it won t take another depresmon to make each one of us apple sellers. We have, right here at home, a product without peer. Let s start using it and talking about it!! . , ment does it for us? dinner guests of the litter's par- Dorothy H. Caperton ents, Mr. and Mrs. William Ho-ugh of Bakerton, this being Mr. Denvel:,, Colorado Hough's birthday. April 13, 1966 6:00 a. m. -- ~'- --' :,~~lg~ Dear Mr. Brown, and fellow workers; I thOught I would sit down and write you all a letter being 1was just thinking about all the good ole times we use to have together. I wish all of you could be out here to enjoy this fabulous city. I tell you, Denver really is a tough city, there's all ways some thing different to do, one week you can go skiing the neXt water skiing and if you wish indoor or outdoor swiming, ice Skating, base bail, bowling and I could go on all morning just listing the things to do and places to go, of course good ole Charles Town has them beat when it com~s to the horses. They have a track out here but it's not near as good as any one of the tracks in Charles Town. By Kaai Lane, Mgr. Charles Washington Theatre "THAT DARN CAT" Showing Thur.. FrL . Sat., April 21-22-23 This latest from the studios of Walt Disney is an entertainment gem for the whole family, which should thoroughly enjoy the on- screen nonsense from start to fin- ishr. Youngsters as well as adults should be pleased by the entry, which contains not only humor but also some suspense aand even The Hospital I'm in is the larg- a bit of action. The use of Tech. est Military hospital in the World nocolor will provide an added as- playing ability. On Satttrday morning the band will audition as a concert band to acquire a rating on their instru- mental playing ability as a group. Later, they will march in a parade through Romney, in which approx imately fifteen of the bands in the Area-Four portion of W. Va. will participate. The Charles Town Senior High School Band, under the direction of Mr. John R. Pestun, has parti- cipated in the Area-Four Band Festival since its organization. The officers of the band this year are the following: Librarian - Beppie Clark. Drun Major - Harold Chamblin Captain - Danny Creamer. Co-Captain - Peggy Vickers. Head Majorette - Becki Pestun Drum Sergeant - Ronnie Shade. Property Man - Gil Mobley. Asst. Property Man - Steve Anderson. New M ceived At Church The names of the young people who recently united with the Charles Town Presbyterian Chu- rch, are as follows: Sharon Yvon- ne Webster, Donna Kaye Webster Mary Victoria McDonald, Garland Hurst Moore, Steven Kent Cooper John Louis Crane, Marcia Ann Mason, Virginia Louise Tabb, Cal vin Scott Stokes, Richard Carver Funk, Jr. Robert Calvin Hen- shaw, Gerald Andrew Rhodes, Forrest Richard Feagans, Karen Kay Marcus Richard Carroll Tabb Stuart Runkles Ocker, Dean Lynn Coyle, Jeffrey William Rhodes, Dean McNair Nichols, Patty Jean Anders, Cletus Van Watson, Rich- ard Wilson Shockey. All of these were received on profession of faith and the last three named were baptized. In addition to these young people three adults were received by transfer of membership as follows: Mr. and Mrs. Charles D. Warfield from the Catonsville Presbyterian Church, Maryland and Miss Frances Mary Rice from the Princeton Presbyterian Chu. rch Princeton, W. Va. 2hese were all introduced and presented to the congregation at the worship service on April 3 at the Palm Sunday Service. Powhatan Garden Club Has Exhibits In Peoples I in Bakerton and later was custo- SPIRIT OF JEFFERSON FARMER'S ADVOCATE [ dian of the Grandview School in,THURSDAY APRIL 21 1966 .... /~ Harpers Ferry and the Bolivar, ' ' :~ Methodist Church. [ He was widely known through ~MI ~AiqIN~n ~ ~ Church, located on Fairfax~ out the area. i n~.. ~.unuvnu .~'lu~= vim at Fifth Avenue in Ransom,| Surviving with his son are two ,t~__ ~ .,, ,~. ~, . nounces the following sched~l daughters, Mrs. Martha Downey, IRe ~u~cn [0 ~|n services ior ~unaay anu ~.~ South Norwalk, Conn., and Mrs. qquent weeK nights. .~[ Whelma Blue, Philadelphia, Pa.;!Al Preehw}~|~n I*h.~@h Sunday School at 10 a.m.~ nine grandchildren and two great ~$ ~ m~ ~,nU~,li- ing Worship at 11. Evening~[ grandchildren The minister of the Charlesice at 7:30. ~W||||-'~'"~ Town Presbyterian Church has Tuesday, Christ Amba Re meet at 7:30 p.m. announced a new series of ser. vere , monK beginning on Sunday, April Thursday, Bible Study 7:30! 24, on the theme "Christ's Words Bartlett To Exchange of Commendation Warning and P0wh~t~ School ll~ Promise for the Church." The Pulpfls Sunday,Morning services will be at 11:00 A. M. T t|n D ,,, For , Daylight Saving Time. The texts .es.,ns .ro~m There will be a pulpit exchange ' for these sermons will come from between The Rev. Mr. Allen Bart- the first part of the Book of NeW Student~, 1966,~ lett of the Zion Episcopal Church Revelation where Christ appears and The Rev. Mr Lee Williams and gives messages to the "Seven Powhatan School, in Boyce, of Asbury Methodist Church, Cha- Churches." begun testing applicants for rles Town, April 24 at 11 o'clock I There will be a Family Night 1966-67 academic year NeXt A Nursery for pre-school children Supper at the Charles Town Pres urday, April 23, will be the. is provided for this service, byterian Church on Tuesday, ond testing date for candid April 26, at 6:30 P. M. at which for the first grade and al~ Church School is held at 9:30 time Bibles will be presented to grades 2-8, according to hea~ a. m. with classes for all ages. high school seniors, new members ter Donald E. W. Niemann. The Church invites you to come will be recognized, church officers Interested pa~ents should ~ and worship Other activities at Asbury Chu-[will be honored and the Rev. Mr. the school office (Boyce 9!][ Vincent G. Stubbs, III a mission complete information. Additi~l rch include: I ary to Japan will speak, testing dates will probably I~] Jr. & Sr. MYF at 6:30 p .m. ] Young people of Junior High for May. With the excepti4 Sunday. ] age will meet for supper, fellow one grade Powhatan has a f~ P, CherUbm.; Jr. ChoirChir atMndaY4 p. 3:301 onShiPApriland 24.program at 5:30 P. M. rollment this year, with a t0~ The Commission on Finance,] 121 children. [ Chairman, Mr. Charles Myers, 1importantMr HarryprogramHarner onWilltheleadchu'an /N~~~~||| Monday at 7:30 p.m. j rch's Vocational Guidance pro- The Friendly Bible Class will/gram on Sunday, May 1, at 6:00 meet in Fellowship Hall Monday/ p. M. This will be a covered dish at 6 p. m. for a family covered supper program for All Senior dish supper. / High Youth and All their parents. Bible Study Group, leader Mr. I J..-~~0 Williams, Wednesday at 7:45 p. mi Sr. Choir rehearsal Wednesday I ,}[~U(I~ r at 7:45 p.m. [ The Commission on Member. i A~se[~~ Gad Church ship and Evangelism, Chairman, Mr. John Boyer, Thursday at 7:30 The Rev. William P. Reed, pas, p.m. tor of Calvary Assembly of God GO TO CHURCH FULL 4 PLY WRAP-AROUND TREAD DESIGN i it sure is big, that is it is the larg- sist to the efficient performances, est US ARMY hospital in theI fine direction, and standout pro- Rank knlav Wlndnw world It's located mght near the, ductio val .-,-.....-.,~..,,. ,,,,.vv.~ ., _ ... " .... " n ues. Stars Hayley J fli~Jl~i~l qc~U2-K~ll I l~gq~L)l11 ~UAlaITY mrport of Denver ann believe me [ Mills, Dean Jones, Roddy Mc-Members of the Powhatan Gar Denver's Stapleton Airport is a iDowali and Doroth,, Provine .......... " RETAIL 2ndTIRE RETAIL 2ndTIR~ busy place, I can stand outside[ " ~ ot ~narles ~lown nave S I Z E PRICE PRICE S I Z E PRICE . PRICE ' ,, olsplayea in tWO wlnflows of tne my barracks and practically see GHOST IN THE INVISIBLE Pe ........ 7 00 - 13 - BLACK - $30 20 $2 74 7 00 - 13 BLACK - $22 15 6 15 , , oples l~anK on main street "' I ." ~, ~. ...... [ J $. twh: Plea~:s~l:ndrtoloh~tj,s h0w. closel~;pSrt~O~4~.g2:u~ - Mort. ",One of the windows depicts th; ; 7,.00_- 13~WH.~TE-!l 33.60 ]!4.04 ~ 7.00- 13- WM~E-II 25.65 I 7.21 .. , , " .. ~ _ / -.":' .- " . 7 . o ]importance of conservation It 7.35 - 14 ,-'BLAUK'- 1[ 32.30 II2".90Ill" 7.35"- 14 - BLACK - 22.50 6.28 kn~wOWt~eeV~yO~%eO:~k taere. I[ thr?:act~e g::goi twisters trom [shows how the intelligent uses of 7.35- 14- WHITE-II 35.15 ]I4.23.]]] 7.35- 14- WHITE-[I 26.00[[ 7.26 Y IIgntcause e , g tie story aour a the -ood -le [bit with the u .... , ....... [ n tural.water supply, as well 7.75 - 14 - BLACK - 34.10 [ 3.06 [[ 7.75 - 14 - BLACK - ]22.90 6.42 same ole l eau ul'self. T'real y side and the usu al "good'guys and oSd nserva mno. our soil_and 7.75- 14- WHITE- 37.10 II4.44 1/ 7.75- 14- WHITE. I/ 26.40 7.42 ............ , ....... 8 25 14 BLACK II 37 35 II3 3 8' 5 4 LA look forward to reading that,I gals on me omer, mrow mem au [fho natinn' cl...... f .... - - - ,, . ,, . 7 i]/ .2 - 1 - B CK - i] 27.35 ][7.67 e ery week. I know every Monday [ together in a haunted castle iazz[food water wildlif, ann 8.25 - 14 - WHITE - I[ 40:60 []4.88 ]it8.25 - 14 - WHITE - [] 31.68 [[8.82 when I go get my mai~ it wi~ be ] up the gimmicks~ and y~u~ve~g~t ] une~p~ymen{ unres~t as~we~-~as 8.15-15 - BLACK-H 37.35]1 3.37 Ill7.35-15-BLACK-H 22.00l[ 6.14 there, I tnen remx and read about I another entry that should please ]our receation areas 8.15 - 15 - WHITE - II40.60 II4.88 i!l7.35- 15 - WHITE - I[25.45 I]7.11 eve at home, it's about the [the juvenile set aand adults who I The other window depicts the 8.45- 15- BLACK. I] 4L00 I[ 3.68 lil7.75- 15- BLACK- I[ 22.90 [I6.42 ~,e~ ~,me o~ me weex. ~x peopm I iixe meir comeay reany ~road. [National Courlcil of State Garden 8.45 - 15 - WHITE - [I44.65 5.33 7.75 - 15 - WHITE - 26.40 7.42 goodnly olerealizedhometownhW mUChnewapapers I sense those ] The uSelookOf moreClr pleasanthelps the Starsn0n" I ClubS,o Inc. motto, "World.,, . Seed 8.85 - 15 - WHITE - ]1,~,, 49.55 6.33 I 8.45- 15- WHITE- I 34.60 /I9.68 mea ....... " t~r Goal for 1966 Will you .nt .to us G I S , they would[Tommy Kxrk, Nancy Smatra, Bo-tCARE alsov Will wu holn ,~ tn r~,U~ FEDERAL EXCISE TAX PLUS FEDERAL EXCISE TAX reauy De surprisea t ris Karloff a-a ..... .... ". " - -: ..... .... " wor~m n~,nt'" " ..... t .... ~'~'~"'" "~'--~.I nelp mose in countries wno are f, ronm li-to--7gint~e" Snr~ing?~["SECRET OF MY SUCCESS,,[mdenre ds afyS edeS?' and tools m d~lil|lm All l llpap . ..... m really like it. Im the only one]ShowingWed..Thur.,.Apr. 2,281 .......... ~JlO~i. " " - -- And Man More I WOrek-mg then and it lS reallY[aSmOoth, s.li_.ek, .fun,ny, versatile, . |,..|.i~ ...|.. .|- ~'1"" Ufl/fiLet y . " . l .tl ClltCftallllng IS mlS cu~e com. 1 IMI~ EI~I Ml~b J. wor~ in Out Patient Records, I edy that features mirth and may-[ ~ffir~=~ I/l" ~11"~ TT&T.T't~ "f~&T"~f"f &l~m~r,,"~ "tr'~,v l"~'wt~l~l#"~l'r~r~w'lk'VTVT'~'r~ ~Tr~.w-~c'~ I type file records and do a little I hem in generous amounts, It i At Ho'" n q,,. I. w ~ ~t~JL~ rl-t'm I~AI~AIt~ IN IY~'UU'N'Jt:tI~UJ~L~ ~I~ of everything. But I like the work [ should please most audiences, I lll~ UI ~1 Ill aria m gla4 they put me here. | with many a chuckle here and/,, .. ,, . , II ...... I I .. - Well hope all is well may God[ there. It s good' escapist fare t vule lur{la .... bless yoU all and keep his loving | with capable performances. In/ , , . . care over all, and guide and pro. [ color ami starring Shirley Jones, [ Funeral services were neld Wen lily A I i-- 4 [PIP tect you. . | Stelia Stevens, I~onor Blackman,,nesday at 2 p. m. from the Eack- ~L~l~i~L~ll_~ll~_~ll~ liar mNn- . ", .~g Your faithful worker] James Booth and Lionel Jeffries.[les Funeral Chapel in Harpers I~~F ~lr l] IlllL VI~ m /ll~ll Cheeko | /Ferry, for Isaiah Reeler, 93, of Editor's Note: Pvt. Dominic | /*k_~,~ T..... I~.L [ Bolivar, one of Jefferson County's Ai '~ tt ti e a u a~ ~ ~%kd,~e'vn~ete ~ngt, lr~m~n~- Co tt~ Jr.,yS .~. 91~2; IUWN ili~, i eldest citizens, who died Saturday U N A L i: AI L .I:|HI1: I UUIAIII I3 .,o. ~ox J~a~, rst~zmons t~eneral t I at the home of his son, Isaiah - Hospital, Denver, Co, lorado, [ Ta AHead Ar a [Reeler, Jr., of Kearneysville, ' LW.T |Lq O|T TL- , 'F'I, TW.N V g IFD gnl[-Ig IlnW'' is nispresent auaress aria ne i --,.----- -.. --..,*.~ n.V~ [ following" a long Illness." The Rev. --,~ ,-~,-, *-~,~,.~--, ---- ~--,~ ~,x~xxx~ ~.~.~x~ ~,.,xxvx~.~ Would welcome letters from any i F ~-- p .. n | Harold R. McClay, Jr, of Harpers of his friends in this area Nice [ r~J~ ~iu~a risqlr~v~ [ Ferry. officiated Burial was , ,, , L o near trom you, ~nee&o, ariel [ /made in Cedar Hill Cemetery in wi'ite us again soon. | Saturday, April 23, the Charles / Harpers Ferry. ~ax aa ~m ~ m,~.,~z~m AA L .... [Town Senior High School Bandl Born in Bolivar, March 9,1973, I.UMMUNllT UIL ~U. Me ,,o ~ : ~ = - r @~ll attend the Area - Four t3and[son of Charles and Sarah White ' -riO" r.~U~LUtL~ z~V~~ nm IIii I [ Festival in Romney, W. Va. t Reeler, he had spent most of his T'~TI~-'~'-~rT'~ ,,,.- .. r... m~,,,r,T ,r .rA, I LL1LLI;: / Each year the Area-Four Festi. llife in Bolivar and Bakerton. IurlUNIPa I~-~7. ~I1AIt[JL~I~ "IUYVIN9 ~T. , _ | vii zs neld to graae the bands in I Early in his life, Mr. Reeler was Miss Dorothy [ our area on their marching and I employed by the Keystone Quarry I , II I , I I I] [ I " .~ Mrs. Pittmaa Russell, of Wil- Uamsport, Md.,visitedllermoth.[ WITH FF41PlF iil iV F VIIllI hAUV Ml:l:llq_.. er, Mrs. Mary Wfltshire, on Fri-| v..--v .vm.,r~ |m'v~ ~ ~ i "-/ i Ill --V~|| V~l[~/ I~l~lir~ day afternoon. [ On Monday of last week Mr,| , ..... .al d..M s, Wayne Mason 0f Chaxles ] .... ( y , - , Town, Mrs, Bud Stuart and Mrs. , FF, ED LAWNS NOW-- [ [ -- } , / RE OU SHORT OF GRAIN NEW FIELD SEEDS / I SEE US TO-DAY-- t H A Y G R A Z E R [ " , , REGULAR' TURF FOOD . [ honor of l ,s. l~sons birthday,r [! ~'" [ S I L O M A K E R Mrs. George 'L[nton and d~ugh- | r TURF FOD (with 2-4D.) [ P E O P L E S 1 6 % D A l R Y I ....... i ters, Kathy~ Ljnfla an~ Waa~la, 0f/ : I " : I w u u A I Middletown, l d., Mrs. Robert[" LAWN sEED [ PEOPLES BEEF MIX [ " HIDANE [ Fogle land Mrs Avery GordOn I P E O P L E S H O G R ] .... [ owfe rTaU d rsa O k:gsitors [ MARION BI~UE [ ' [ S E E D C O R N-- ' | Mr.'and Mrs. Tony Xngelo, l' , KY. B, LyE." [ PICK UP BAG OR BUL o.,,. i GOLD LINE I Jr., andchiMren, Jeffrey and Jen.|' , @ HIXE~ t x~ ~ o~xVr~ -- / .,., ,.~ .,,,,. ,-~ ~ .u ., t. tr ~... , I f~:r'P~satp~r?~,S~r.C~a~t~hM~:[ I @ WHITE CLaVKI~ . . I OR WE WILL DELIVER-- ] BEACHLEY -- HARDY [ George Whittington, of Ha~r~. t ....... Mr, add Mrs.,Gu Coff t and/ ' ...... ,Mrs, ,CaxpeS, M 'W.iaet/e - ] [ I T 'S P A I N T U P T I M E . ; [ ter, Va., spent Sunday afternoon I - | T: [ [ DttPo tt House Paint -- DuPont Wall Paint -- DuPm t Porch & Floor i ;, , Mrs. llJ tald Clar anal ' n ~!!.dr~nMi~w~; Se,t a~ldTo/a-], SEE US TO.DAY--WE ,AVE IIUNDREDS OF NEW COLORS--ASK ABOUT THE CLOSE-OUT COLORS r .Y~ ~Y, ~r. a~l ~s. | ' * t CIMom KeRcen and son, ~alT,[ .............. ' '" rNo mantG . S E E D P O T A T 0 E S -- G A R D E N S E E D S -- O R D, E R B A B Y C H I C K S -- Chaprr~t~ of lVhrt~btrrg. , y Mr and Mrs Jame 1 PHONE 725-2002 A. s LiUa and CHARLES TOWN, W. V son , Jay and Viace, were G dayJ