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April 21, 1966     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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April 21, 1966

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THREE SELCTIONS LATEST IN LOCAL, AREA SPORTS -- COUNTY NEWS ADVERTISEMENTS TWENTY PAGES LOCAL NEWS-- PICTURES WEDDINGS -= SOCIETY CL SIFI] ADS 1844 .... The Newspaper Charles Town And Ranson Grew Up With .... 1966 102 NO. 16 Business-News Dept. - Dial 725-2046 or 2047 CHARLES TOWN, Jefferson County, W. VA. THURSDAY, APRIL 21, 1966 West Virginia's Oldest Newspaper PRICE 10 CENTS I Beginning April 24th the Shep-lcompany, without recompense, n | herdstown Fire Department is, fight our fires and render a re- I ]putting on a drive for monetary markable service and ~hOUlnd" ] gifts to cancel the remaining debt merit the support of the con mu - [ of $5,000 on their building. This ity. This is a permanent civic | debt has been a great burden and thing. The company in 1965 met | | hindrance to the fire company 217 emergency calls, 129 fire calls r |( | and it is felt the community is and 88 ambulance calls These |, I " | large enough to meet this issue, men spend time and labor in up- ~ =" -- (~ -- - | In announcing the drive off[c- keep, meetings, and schools for n m again the town of Ran- [ j. w ~ __ ] ials of the fire company said any training of recruits as well as p I MI been turned down on l I~[S~ Je~lnnlne bruaer | volunteer fire company should many other items. [ I I ]n delivery mail service, this| ...................... ]have the financial support of This is a community project k I II the reason given was the[ T~ DA U~...~.. El.. | every citizen in the community common to everyone. Some could . - -- Cipality is not larue enough| IU D~ flUIIUI{HY [ll~ [ owning personal or real estate give $100 out of their tax exemp- [ Only two indictments were re- The only other indictment was ... ~ n Four jury trials have been ,*uon-w~se~" ...... Ior tnis service. I - / ~-"""or*" ......... since contributions from tion, some could give $50 each, [turned by the Grand ,Iury of returned against Dalton. Reid ~I|SS Jane Kis$1er Is docketed for hearing at the cur- ~ab rg .e tho R.n,m ( I rth|,~$ ]n~nan~,~n} (*#t ] the ublic is the fire company's others $35 or less. Every gift will I Jefferson County here Tuesday Broyles, of Virginia. He is rent term of the Circuit Court ;~e-tolcl th'is Mon~la'y ni'~]~t~ I, IlU~;I IIIU~;~glIU~-II/ ~Vo | onlyp source of financial assist- be received with gratitude. Let's [in one of the lightest grand jury charged with unlawful and fel- Au,,~J.~J U~&|A~_-~I ~,~,~ of Jefferson County which con- [11 at their monthly ~us-[ | ance. get together and put this drive[sessions in recent years onious assault against Thomas W. /4WOIU~d IIO|IVIIOI Jt, ltgllt,~ vened here on Tuesday of this rne'e,in~ ] ~:~7~~'~:~.~ | A ~ood fire company and the across The boys will be deeply[ A felony indictment, charging Dillow, Jr The incident out of _ week e club'~i~ad re-uested the[ !::::i::!?::::::i:!::~ii::~~!ii~!i~!!!:~i:~:~:~ ~:: [ fire protection it provides, plays grateful and happy. |the accused with voluntary man- which the indictment arose oc- ~|l~}|An Trst|nl~/~{hiN The first jury trial is set for )ffice Department'1 once agam"] ~~~;:: :: ~ :::::~:,: ~::I:::~ ........ ,~,~;~::~:i!:::!i~!::!:i~: .... ~i ] a major role in keeping property Bring or mail your. gifts to Jack [ slaughter, was returned against curred earlier this month. L mvwuvunavun mmwnu~*--V next Tuesday,_ Aoril_ 26 and. is hom~ ~ou ........... ...... ~ ............. ,; .... ,~,~ I ~:: ~:::: : ::~:::::~~~:::~:;'I.~ :: :~:: ~ :~ ~: ~/ insurance down. Strider, % Postofflce, Shepherds- Lilly Pearl Nuckles, of Shenan-[ Theseweretheonlytwomat.,~..~. : . : .~: .... ,:. .................... **~ ~ ~;: ~. ~ :. :?.~,,~. ,~.., the case of State of West Vir mid. g ~nson throu~,h a letter ~- ~ho[ :: :~:::::: :::~/ Members of the volunteers fLre town, W. Va. [ doah Junctmn. She ~s charged ters presented to the grand jury : r = :~,~'~:.. ~ vs Dalton R. Broyles. The defend- anal Postal Director on/ :::::::::::::::::::::: [ ~ J w~th the fatal shootmg of her as a result of whmh the grand i~-.~ ~..)~:;: :~ ant is charged with unlawful and h 22 th~ ~l-h .... t.ld And| i::::i:: :::i~]iiii~ l mm~ II m A UI | husband, Warren B. Nuckles, in jurors were dismissed in mid- ,~ ~: -~ ~!:-~: ~ felon[us wounding as a result of 's of th~ ~ ~er .... :n~,'tb~[ | l~allnlg~@ ~"~lllll~ [ an alleged altercation at the home afternoon Tuesday the openmg i ~ :: "~!an episode which occurred near ~st were sent to Congress-[ i:i:-:i~::!:!::~: ii:: ]U~[~vn|~n|t O~l~[|||~ IIme |of the couple m. Shenandoah day of the current Jury Term of~, :::::~ here earher this m~nth m which / g Town Baptist Church I @.nmnanv flffnenal ] raSnit1 as the'besl s2 oi~ io'b~gJ[ The He: Ky d D:: L Ca . ~~~ [ Methodist Church Upon her grad] [ ries of membership dances at the[ I~]~ VVIII~qMilI$ gIIIgIqMlI~ [ g _ . pp: . ~m ~ | S- ~ : .~_2.Y. .o ~ _ mp . . . f . ~ ner worl~ tot an evemua~ rn u. ons oi ~om:ecmrm:eve~:erans, ~---~-!':: ::~ } uatmn from high school m Junel Youth Week ~s being observed [ Je ferson County Youth Center[ [ ~. +~.^ ..,~.~, ~., ..... " [ wm ~ola,~,o~. A,,.,~ ,~oo~, .... .! " ' Sat " il ' ,,, ,.,,,~ ~,,o,,~ ~.,~uc~ -'~ ," " ~"~'- "~'*** ,,,'~'~,,.a ~,,', she plans to enroll m the West at Charles Town Baphst Church. urday mght from 8.30 unt . " " " d" iVirginia College of Beauty Cul-I Doug Perks, who is a Senior at[ll:30 it was announced this weefl[ The 3M Company thmks of it-lPlants at adinner meeting in[ sShem~iel~ enr~ll:teWr tVo b~Inn[ a~nne~ ~tuetshdevShA~Y1R~sttR~:~ I~~.I [Into.................... in Msrtin~h~r~ Her fathe_rl _hC .......... arl~g T~wn Hioh School will l bv Mrs Leeds Rielv ...... vresident of I self as a very young company, l wmcnesmr, va. I ~" Z .'" ~ " " " ~" II -' "~" , l~~ ]is manager of the Potomac Edison ]deliver the message at the morn-[ the Youth Center. I lust st,artmg out on ~ts second| He and 12 other top 3M officials[ her graduate program m ~otany. p.m. n Prowdm h music for danc bzlhon, Bert S Cross, 3M prem are on a three day swmg through ~[[~li~~~ |system in Charles Town and she [ ing worship srevice on Su day[ " " g t e " -] " " . ,'" ] " " ] " m ~ w 11be "The dent told employees of the hrm s four plants and two sales offices m I~~I~~ [has one younger sister, Kimberly[April 24, using ashis topic Ye[" g this week i ........ a |" " | II I ___ I Snacks o Ha erstown Md ~mdleway plum, weaneso y m New Jersey, West V~rgmm and I Ann, 5 years old Must Have Faith. I , f g , . | I . " " " [ immlInI Ti n ~~~ I~~ ImaM" previously reported 19651Pe~eSy~p~ing ,the group, allI IL'U||$ |III|I||UU|I~J~UL|U|I I h Hflll VICi?aI'~ M~gf W~U.rnn namr~ I sales of $1,D00, 200,000, the first I members of 3M s management[ R AI I I I I >~: ,%,...r,'.....~ VIVVV VladPilVnlia~ /Iqit~ll I! viii IIII liliW~lTlI ' com " " ~~ ........ I | time the diversified manufacturer I vicem~ttee'remdent~S Edwardof the J" rintmKane'| | IIalll/~ Hg~gt ...... ~,~:~:~z~::~ has toppedthe billion-dollar P " P " g I I / / .......... / IJllllf Ptfl t U II l l -- -- -- I -- ~ ~ I I I I l mark ' I prooucts, (llVISIOn wnlcn operatesl ...... ~::::::::.~:~:~::~. . the M~ddleway lant. ............................ ~.~::~::~ at Cross sa~d the company s grow. P [~Ir~ r.nnhni~n~ ill ~nlnIl~,~ | .... ~"mn iu n urn William LPetersen, plantman Anearlyimmunizationcampai-saysHealthDirectorNH , ..... ~%!~::~.~:~i~::~ ~. ,,,~o,,~ ..__re than . st a _ . . . DYer | IlI~t VVIIqbImI~qk#II~ VI hmUl vnI~t~t~v ] ~,,~.,~ ~- *~ ~|~ ~-rvo ,~r *h,~ ager, took the executives oil a gn is now under way the Jeffer-[ M. D ~~ i ...... ~ ..... ~ 1 ~"i'l'i+s- "~o-~aJ-iar~,er divi~ten~ds [ tour of the plant before they left| son County Health Department [ Voiunteers will call at tl~ Far- .... " ~'; ~ " ~ " ,, ' to visit another corn an lant in nee todd ent h ~~~ I N ...... -~ ~I| -- ,I=~----.~--= = I~ J- I~L, ~.~-~ [ It s a personal thing, too | P Y P | annou d y. [ s ome to explain the ~arn I~I~~ / II PPIIIOH mIIOI'In,orHau aT log _Orll / . .. :" ..../ Belle Meade, N J / This is part of a statewide pro I and urge parents to seek ~need ~~ [~IIIV~U ~UII~U~$ ~ ~U ~Ip~. I He s.aia mer%l~I,:re:::Utso~V.v| Petersen said'the tour gives the| gram to raise immunization tevels ] ed protection from thei~"family R. STUART GRIZZARD" I I ..... | Prnma~mnst ~rou~ ~ast Plear an~ | visitors an opportunity to view] against smallpox, diphteria, who-[ doctor. In this manner, the child ........... I A I A ~ I] _ _ _ m __--I_ |II--AI- / ma~ ~.~u co~uld ~not h~ve been operations and become better] oping cough, lockjaw, poliomye- is protected from infancy. ~on~rles "1ow~n 2nu.i l.~tn~avi -$ ~ IIAN lllla l,~n wn,n~ ~ tna~ me y ut this rowth and ex I acquainted with employees at the j lit|s, and red measles The cam-I --- -- uunces ~naz specmi,,new- . n| ~I] Id~n~ ma~e w]tno g " corn an a nts " " " Vices to be held at the ~m| L~|~ /,-~F UV~I~| I~ ~qM]1~ ] mq[~ pansn" , p ys. m ny pla ... . pa~gn will place, emphas~s on the. ~V: -~ .. -- 5~:, -_~_ T-w- l~..,i., f~,,,~/ / .. " ....... I The Mlddleway plans mazes need for protectlve shots especml./ - a- ~.:"IZ--:--Z~L;-~; ,~_Z..Z'7,'~/ q,~o w ...... w v Job Corns, comnlete-ni~v ical examinationsAnother contingent of some 25[ ross ~alzea m supervisory an_a photo offset plates and a variety ly for children under five years / t.W~l|~t~ /ll .t " -,,.~ .... ~.o _err~ ,- ~ ,- ,s M T~se ~el'v~cePs'w~| Conservation Center is now in op- [ Saturday, the enrollees, as they boys is expected to arrive at the[ management personnel./ram 3111~s ofother products for the printing of age. ' ] ~~.~ eaci~ night through Fri-/eration with 20 enrollees having i.are classified at ,the outset, will Center sometime next week and[ Middmway and wes[mm~s~er, ~a. maustry. . According to results from a| - )ril 29 All services will| arrived at the Center Wednes-[ be taken on a l~our of Harpers they will continue reporting to[ ~ sample survey taken throughout] " 7"30 15 M [ day The entire contingent came I Ferry under the supervision of the Center at the rate of about[ @-L..I O.,..J ~mm,~]'h, ] kd.,. U~lJ,~ P.~m4~Am~ the state, only about 50 per cent! _ .=- _- - -_-~'d: _ _ - L Stuart Grizzard will be[ from the New England states and [ Wes Wolfe, of the National Park 25 each week until the Center s| ,)~HQUI ~[U/UIIIKIiI~ I Pllb, H|IUO ~,IOWIgI U of the children under five years st minister for these ser-[ their average age is 17 years. [Service. Then Sunday morning capacity quota of 200 has ~een] ..... are adequately protected. This ,..muvra~fle ~ ~m~ mu~mv~, ~[e is the Pastor of the[ The boys arrived at the Har-Jthe boys who desire to attend, reached. | X~an~ RII~} I Rllv P II| ~II~ means that some 98,000 children p m~dy ~.~.alte~oon, wire 1 Baptist Memorial Chu-[ pers Ferry railroad station in[ will be taken to the various The boys, all to be between the[ ~vvl#no a#ue~,~u~..$ I ~$'~ =~e=~ ~'~r' in West Virginia have not receiv- ~ 68. te ]a.. ~.'onsmerame Washington, D. C. He is a[ three different groups the first|churches in the county for wor- ages.of 16 and 21, are classified| a_ .... .~.J D.. fat_i_ ,!-- /~..I.. Y ...." - ..... ~ble:t~u~ll t~l~rm~ewl~ )f Virginia, a graduate of| boys coming in on the 2:05 train,[ ship service, a~ tHe .~enzer as enrouees _~or[ ~ ~pru~[] D] Jl(l|t: ! m Uld[it |uwl| THe. we~ yirg mia za eneann low wers iversity of Richmond in[ another group came about 6:08 [ Sunday afternoon they will be me~irs~.~v aays.~nere: ~er t naz[ ..... Director, r~. n. Dyer, m: u., g~ves endtuffi ~.~ "Frt~ follow~ by n ~raduat~ -f the c.r.~orl and a third ~roun at 8"05 I ......... it mey nave me~ au me reqmre-IThe Jefferson t~oun~y ~oara of -- several ~reasons ~or tnese poor . ., ~.,e=~ . -.?., . --~-- ............. I token on a recreauon rake over ~_, eiearl turn oaler "l~me :icai Seminary m" 1944. In| Ce~,ter Director Robert Chand-I th~ .... BI~' BI~-~ Trail.' Then ~n- ments, they. wzll become, atCrPS'd byl Education. met Tuesday mght as Announcement. was made to- immtm]zatmn levels. . F~rst, too highestngs$~to 7@ 'tag " e Universit of Ri h ond ler sat the bo s were reatl men and will be so demgn eY reqmred by law and adopted the day by Paul Re~d, owner and op- many people thmk that because , .. y e m d Y g Y Saturllay, April 30, the ;roup , . Outlook for Saturday, fair with ed upon him the honorary I impressed and expressed pleasure .,~. ,.. ,.t. .... ~,,,o' ,.~.. and ms~gma patch to be worn o budget for the year 1966-67 and erator of Paul s Super Market on State laws reqmre thmr child to .-.. ~., .._...~._. ~,... of Divinity. ,~,ro~ n~ h~ I ,...,'"~+~" ~..~*~ .~..~.e'"* .... .,,..n ,.~+'s .ao~l~+ie~..~ o. / .~'" ~Z~ 2-'~u ~' "~ ..o ~,~ the shoulder of their camp snir~s, also laid the levy to provide the West Washington Street, Charles be vaccinated before he enters ~'a, ~,~" '~m~-~'~"~e, _'~_.~" )ly served l~is'de~nomina~ |Today the boys are being* nut/ nru'n, arpers..Ler i.^ ,l ar s The boys, all of whom are ou :l funds for the budget Town, that Mrs. Hilda Crawford, school ,the child does not need .~rly. ~w~! ~m__.r~$ )U~h~ the -X~ir'i"i"s ..... -o.,~,+,o~ I~ .... throu~hs the "l~asic or;entati0n[~ .... "~"'"'~own ana~:~'~u'S'omer points o,j~po~ in ..... "eres~: of-school, out-of-work., and classed[ The budget had previously been of IIalltown, has purchased his this protection until he, is five mgthis ~=~o~mmg ~meas~$~therlytOwtml~mmbe. an under merle ed oung men, ;ion, the Southern Baotist[ routine and following that the] ~., ~.., .... :: ...~ ~,~.,~,~,, r~.,~+ P g Y ~,] adopted by the Board, as was the Super Market. The sale has been or six ~ears of age Th~s means __'~ ...... .~. ....... ~= don all in ways too Hum-| administration processing will be-] :~- .-.~ c,,...~... ~... ~ ~.~+ g g r] levy to support it, but both had consumated and Mrs. Crawford that the child ~s unprotected m .............. '~"~"".,,~,,-~,,...~ ,~; ..... ~-=~-~+~'" ~ s"i" ..... An~ t,,,~ M,,-,~,,~,,,,~, ~*he bo~,js wlll~' | '~'seein, ~ ~'*~mur .... ~,,~,nas ~"~een ~'arrm ~- ~,s,,~:e~ on ..... a voluntary basis to be givennI to be approved by the. State Tax has. already taken over the. oper-, the years, when these diseases are s~tu~lng to Normw~g ~rmay. after as an evengelistic| be ready to begin their work and ,^. tl,'^ ,~_ett.,.~.ur. 'Pa' NatiOnal res~dentml trammg to g~ve them1 Commissioner before fmal appro- atmn of the Market, Re~d sa~d. most sersous. _ .......... He is married and the[~ducation program Sometime ~ark and ~o~he~Cal~lonia State a change o~ environmen~ and ~.o val could be given. This was don~ Mrs. Crawford said she does In addition, too many people su~scrilm TO ~ $1~rlt*Advocate ........ I ~._, ........... ,..i. ...... m ~. ....... prepare them for jobs at which Ttmsdav night ~ot lan any changes in the oper think that because these diseases - - two awayI ~Y u~x~ w~a ~u~.v .., "~ ~ FarK near unam~ersauro .......... i - - P ..... " Hi.hi transported to the Baker V A I , ~," mey mtgnt earn a aecent zlvmg~The board did not take any ation Of the Market, nor the per- no longer run rampant, they are [ Center Where they will be given [ MORE NEXT WEEK TURIN TO PAGE @---A other matters at the brief session, sonnel, at least at this time. no longer serious. This is net t2ee