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April 20, 1961     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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April 20, 1961

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A'm I wexe Cecil Miller and Butch Rup gave the Harpers Ferry High Tig - War~ in the uh~ono,~ .r ~h,~ n,.~; ent Mill ............................. " SPIRIT OF JEFFERSON rARM aS ~ I P hal, er rapped out a dou- ers a 3-2 victory over Shepherds-THIS WEEtr N "" dent. The meeting was dpened by 2--B . THURSDAY, APRIL . Ible and two s!ngles wh!!e Rup- town Friday afternoon on the] lxo r~w~ LL~ the singing of, "West virginia --_ ~ IPenmal came through wire a sin- tlarpers ~err field =L , , -- ~ w nd G" ~' fnltn,,~,oa hv eh,~ _ Y , ...... . ,, BO~. a.... Irl ............... [|~ Igte, double and triple. I The little righthander singled] ~ ~ N "~ || 4-H Pledge and scripture verse.~.r~'~',lJ ~,~ ~'~.~-~e-,~,~,~,rj'~-~-~-.r~ r'.~,~'~,A I Four walks, following a leadoff to drive in the winning run after] "7'* ~ I" .............. .... uurmg me vusmess meeung, A N T I Q U E G U N S | Isingle by Miller, gave ttedgesville Meier nad been put on via oeing I By Mrs Roy Breeden W.le.h..o 9~ I the memh-r ..... r~ ....~-~,, hi it .... ~ --,- v .......... " ........... s ............ Itwo runs in the opening frame, t w h a pitch and Donme Het-] h..U t. con n..n, .t~ n, .;,~. ~ ~ BUY -- SELL .- TRADE IFrank Albright's double, follow- zel got an infield hit on a hit and ' : ~'k~n~i~" ~"~'~,~'~'~i~: The Hedgesv!lle.High baseball]ing a pair of walks, drove in twolru~hPelaya ..... I Mr. and Mrs. Victor Espinosa Donald and two grandchildren all th"e~ar~g~t"'am-'oun"t~"of~'St~a'nie~ WANT FI~E ANTIQUE PISTOLS O~ ers got a one-nR pitcning pemorm [more runs in me mira ana a n g me provea to oe a nne and son Victor with Mr and Mrof Berrvville Mr ~ R ~ p~,,m,o, .... m h~ .; ...... if, o, KENTUCKY RIFLES .... s. ~ , . and Mr .... u~- ..............8 ..... ,, ..... ance from their big righthander |three base error on Ruppenthal's pitching due between Lynwood I Sam Gilman and son Sammy re-fsell McAbov and son nf R ..... th .... *,~oo*~.. s HAVE 40 CIVIL WAR MUSKETS TO SI ] Wayne Spies and it played the |single plated two more markers Stride and Grey with both pitch-Icently returned back to their town, Va also Mrs Richard"l~rai ~":": ......... ];s" -- ...... VERY REASONABLE. major role in a 9-0 victory over|in the frame Singles by Miller, ers striking out 12 batters. Grey ]homes in Ranson and Charles ]thwaite and children and Mr and ,,y~ers on me.calm "l:neme the still winless Shepherdstown [two-bagger by Ruppenthal, walk issued one walk and five safeties ]Town after spending six weeks ]Mrs John Sinai[wed of ~nson b~ ~ooa. L~cn ~or are. to fDoe'To B. WIBBERLEY High Cardinals, on the diamond|and infield grounder accounted while Stride dealt out three pass [with l~h'. Esvinosa's mother in Iwere all Sunda,, vi~ ............. .... ,he. o ugnt to .._ next m.eetmg or 54 E. LINCOLN AVE. HAGERSTOWN, at Tomahawk. I . . . - ~ ]uoges. r~ea~m Day wm oe ~v~ay for two.more Hedgesville talheS es and gave up seven baseh~ts. |Acapulco, Old Mexico. On their[home of Mr. and Mrs. John Edgar 20th at the Communit- Center PHONE RE 9- 3048 The game, an experiment With |m" the fifth. The ar s,. coachea , evm [return home they all said they ISmallwood. c, c:. April 20- lt.--pd. Saturday morning scholastic base / Miller doubled and rode home l ~rmer, pu~. togemer singles oy [had a wonderful stay there I Mr. and Mrs Robert Tenarv of ~ ~'~'-Y ....... %~.""%~ ."~:. "~."" baU ,,o-~ f'.~h cab,.., um,~,~ Ion Runnenth~l'~ ~h,-~ h~,~ ~. i~mmons, wnittington, Van Met-[ ......... ' [tIa~erstown ~n ,.~o ~:,~ao,, aay a~ternoon, ~aay 7 m me ~nar c~-~-.e-~-~'~'~-~.~.~-,~'~, ~e',~,,e~.~,~.,~,~ - ~ "~ %* "~ ..../the - ~ re and Stride to score both their / . ana lvlrs ~narms oames Mc Ini_ht su ....... les Town Baphst Church r~eugesville ooys their mira con- sixth " g pper guests wire Mr ana " secutive victory and Shepherds-/ I runs in the second frame. .... l DnBu~h ~ eh:z Pa~ydb~r::ts I ~ ~mm~l Mrs. Charles Mauck and family. . The next meeting will be he!d town *heP" third defeo* I#~ ~e~ ~ ~ . I A s ngle ny ~eorge ~mwuer ~ .. ," .... .... I Mrs Mary Ramsbur~ of third a] me nome o~ ~raa ~luuer m " " "~" , o lvla " ~ -- .... o ........ ~.i,,~ ~ .... a i. *h~ ho~ hi,oh. I|lr~ ~|l'rn~_ K~ ]and Grey s double gave the Fer- ]on rcnpl in tne ~narms ~own ]avenue s~ent Sundav night with Charles Town. ~.~.. .................. o~ 1- ..... v=~,,,~ ===~,,q~o# ~mao rans a run in th o r General l-lOSpltal. He nas oeen ~ - : ~-- ....... mg performance of the season I_~ ] ......... e f Gar,y~ ..... a to~.~, c..** ~.~ ..r~.../her daughter and son-m-law Mr. Members, counsellors and to date, fanned 14 Shepherdstown ] ~i~ ~,,~ TAbatsmenA fifth inning single by Eugene [lib,J| |g|U~l~l_~ |I~||,~ '~-,|~, Ikntted'~er~ Ien'se aui'e'tuwea Y" Kiawil |~h~h'Z f~'~ ~*~'~'~"~ [and Mrs" Gerge C" James f Mt" guests numbering twenty' enjy" i' s seconathe ~ilt'nz~ atf 2-allme inafternnthe six |~Irs]~'="~ o- ~'Ch~Pies a~I.g nC~P;x o?t Ka~|'~] :.Z.. ~..~_:.?..~.~ ..~.o~..~..~a I ParVonO Monday,'Mrs.AVenue George James eies,d deliciOUSpotato chips,refreshmentSnuts andfpunch!Ck I~"~~ q? g!.Ml - Whittington spoiled Spies no-hitl~Im |luA~ |'~'~l~la" [m. lt.wn " "[of Charles Town and Mrs. Toni served by the hostess during the bid. The .hard throwing right-]"l" %#'~1 alUIH I3 t~am~a.J T...L ...... |DeHaven of Clearbrook, Va. spent social hour. J I I 1 k hander yielded only two walks [ ||~ [, on ~unaay ~lr. an a mrs. ~nar |the day with Mrs. Mary Ramsburg ----- les mc~onougn ana new oaoy Sunda " " and was in complete charge of | Irving Grey stopped the Shep-! ..... . ] ......... _ .. i y ws~tors at the home of ~.~Pl'*n~ ~'~' Am#m#~ the contest as the Eagles ran up a Iherdstown High Cardinals with a T,,=m ea ,,e W.n / OhnrlVeXsS a an~ Mrs./Mr. and Mrs. Robert Jenkins were ~JuHmnl t#H /411Nl,~ 6-0 lead in the first three innings. Ifive hit pitching job and then /I;UlII ~,/~*VI~;~ ~| Ul | . ~ ~PP m l~aommwn. |Mr. and Mrs. William Smith of ,. . ,. ~.. . Batting hroes for Hedgesville Iwent on to bat in the run that!#~#% . ell |...l.virs. Roy Breeden and sons |Wash!ngton,.Mrs:, Charlotte Funk ~aDD~ ue.a e, [0 .e ~ .... V~IilIIVAp q~UlVllOIllll~12Thn@Vllla llong with Mr. and Mrs. Earl Me- Sharon.l~'nmP ana wayne ot r~anson a-lwim her sister bniriey ana little " "- ---- - -- FOR SkL[ I ' ' I --- nonoren AT.anquet ! A &l-... r__ _~ I..Co ch se, Riggleman took his [Wednesday night April 12th at Va Garl ..... -'" " " ILl I'llBIlaW rr;~ nr i~nepnera ~ohege track and field]the home of Mr and Mrs C J I ~if~oon ,,~o,~h ..... *h~o.~ ana utt o~ unarms TOWn, ~ Elm ~ V . . ............ -.......~...o ~,~*.~ [ team rote Catonsvllle, Md. Satur- ]Hill and Mrs. F. A. Hill with a [there, including Mrs I N Ben son of Mrs. V r eOtt, was one of eleven ~n nern uolle e stuaems ~day afternoon and scored a dec{s-]very ~ood attendance after tho hat, ~f. . ~ ~ ~ i ........ ,.---~--~o~-,Wi~h~'" .,.xz~" ~o',,,,o. . ep g " ~ !lfi 1 .| |,. ,.~t.. -- .| II..||line . .............. |lYe 72-32 vlet0ry 0ver.~ the Cat0ns I meetings the Hills served refresh !T~dd ~f l~i~oh~+~. .................... ........ ;+h initiwh will. be honored at a Spring lh[l[~ OLUl: tKU~ & ~LHt ~HIt[U [wile Jumor College team. Iments :Mr~ ~.h~'~ ~,~ ~.. c. ,.~,.. at{on banquet of Delta Psi --v ~-,. "~.. u ~.vvv mm~ nv ~lm~ tm~i U nln~ . . * ...... uv~a4~a&~ u~l~ &VJLLO. k.) 1~f llll~y C a " . ~ I Although thin ~s only the sec- [ Mr and Mrs Ernest Tiede nf ran~nn ........ ~ ~.~ ~ h pter of Kappa Delta PI held at ' " ~qY. ' l ond year for track at Shepherd ]spent last week at Mexico City E G-ra'h~am "The" spe'a'ker "Mrs" ~'ithe Shenandoah Hotel!n Martins. B~;~iirihy~alin di~ ~a(bYMrMfsrSB'~MlrYoe!:llla:ndVe:h~y~[! burg batur(la n I n[ The Dan uet i College, the Rams looked Satur ~ " L" A 1o " " " "" Y "g q Care for You 'd:Yrl~kefar~t~ancebUvnChoaS:hey ene~as :fr~led d~c : ~:l~lT:Sh~hitleanrt!~oll:;r?mnles nine ot the 12 events and also -- " Va haa -;.,::-'-^-"-'- ~ ....... : w members are - scored additional points on see- aria ~rs. Will!am Hough it b~ing ious groups" i'n=" t~l~e~' ~er~i'Vl~e honor students and prospective Our recent Confederation-Merger with the West end and third place berths in all mr. rlougns mrmaay. Tnose pres area-i ............. ~'* teachers )LIIJ /LlllI/ ~ff, V I:gl) DV W I/ en~ were Mr ~ nee her tour OT ~USSla " ' Vir ini ' events. .and Mrs. Carl Shank . Ott ]s a graduate of Charles g a Blue Cross and Blue Shmld Plans of ......... of Ranson Mr -"~ " ....... whmh she made last year ............. Wh..|: ..... ,u- .,..., -~ ^ ~.t-. ~_- ..~ nJ. _ ~C-_- TnlS was me secona vmmry ior .... , . ~z~ .~v~t~;. ollllt~ ........ Town rllgn bcflool ana at ~nep- -v~ *-~ a~w mc ~tmt uJ a ,'~cw ~.,~ ~. pray ~rus~- Shepherd in track in the two ~iua ana sons o~ ~vlfliviue; lwr lwrs. ~y,or s was accom-herd College he is majoring in TELEPHONE 2610' Blue Shield Care /or You. It has materially ye~ars the school has had track and Mrs. Bill Mercer and children panied by pictures of interesting mathematics and chemistry. He strengthened and modernized both plans. With rate change of April first came increased benefits -- benefits that keep your coverage in step with the advances of modern health care. New convenience of making payments was reached when scores of community banks, moved by their community spirit, agreed to accept Blue Cross-" Blue Shield subscriber's payments. (Of course you can still make payments by mail to the Fairmont eeling offices.) Yes.the Confederation-Merger will insure better servi to you, the subscriber, and closer coopera- tion with your physicians and hospitals. the New Era in,Blue Cross- Blue Shield Care for You has already brought about better, more corn- prehensive coverage, more efficient management and prompt, courteous service. Remember, Blue Cross and Blue Shield give you and yours Priceless Protection. OF NORTHERN WEST VIRGINIA, INf.. {Formerly Mar;on County Hospital and Medical Service, Inc.I Phone 922 201 Masonic Bldg.- Fairmoaf, West Vlrginla --- AHHOUHCES - Open Friday Hights Until 9:00 Closed Saturday At 6:00 P. M. Me Charles Town Photo & Gift Shop Diamond's Smart Fashions Everhart's Music Store Feagan's Jewelry Store Harry Cain, Jewelers Old Dominion Appliance Stoge Potomac Light & Power Company Riddleberger's Stor Siler's Shoe Center Smith & Strider Valley Hardware W b's and T. V. Service Caperton Brothers Jefferson Hardware Co. Kastle's Men's Shop Leggett's Dept. Store Lueille's Small Fry Shop Modern Home Appliance Sales and Service Smith Tire and Battery Company Melvin T. Strider Co. Swimley's Furniture Store, Inc. Town & Country Clothiers Western Auto Associate Store White's Record Shop and in winning this event a warm up for a big tri-angular meet in Shippensburg, Pa. Tuesday eight different men scored first place victories. Those finishing first were: Stan Morgan, Dean-H~ult, Dick Cover, Tom Riely, Paul Coff man, Dick Tacey, Willie Waiters and Bob Terpening. Shepherd's mile relay team of Re{fly, Cove, Morgan and Claud. feltner, also" picked up five points for the Rams by finishing first. The results of the meet wre: 100 yard dash: 1-Morgan (S); 2-Griffin (C); 3-Hoult (S). Time 10.3 sec. 220 yard dash: 1-Hoult (S); 2- Bridner (C); 3-Ludwig (S). Time 24.3 sec. 440 yard dash: 1-Cover ,S); 2: Ott (C); 3-Ciaudfelter (S). Time 52.0 sec. 880 yard run: 1-Ott (C); 2-Hull (S); 3-Nashbaum (C), Time 2:15.7 Mile run: 1-Reilly (S);2-Mikos (C); 3-Bishop (S). Time 5:06. 120 yard high hurdles:l-Coff- man (S); 2-Taeey (S); 3-Griffin (C). Time-15.9 seconds. 180 yard low hurdles: 1-Tacey (S); 2-Coffman (S); 3-Griffin (S) Time 22.3 seconds. Mile relay: 1-Shepherd. Time 3:42.1. Broad.jump:l-Griffin (C); 2- Frederick (S); 3-Cook (S). Dis- tance 20 ft. inch. High jump: 1Griffin (C); 2- Coffman (S); 3-Hinkle (S). Hei- ght-5 ft. 9 inches. Shot Put: 1-Waiters (S); 2:Pap pas (S); 3-Owens (C). Distance 42 ft. 6% inches. Discus: 1-Terpening (S); 2-Lay man (S); 3-Owens (C). Distance- 132 feet 6 inches. Martinsburg Batsmen From Page 1-- A noon it will be Charles Town at Shepherdstown for a 2 o'clock game; St. John's of Frederick, Md. at Hedgesville and Shepherd College atBridgewater (Va.) Col lege, thus making for a varied pro gram of action that afternoon. And in nearby Maryland compet- ition the Boonsboro High War- riors will travel to Hancock, Md. for a battle. Monday afternoon the Shep- herd College batsmen will be in Washington to take on the Dis- of Kabletown; Mr. and Mrs. Wil- liam Snyder, Bolivar; Mr. and Mrs. Bill Ainsworth and Mrs. Vir ginia Bowers, Charles Town and Mr. and Mrs. William Hough Jr. a~d sons, city. Mr. Robert Morrison of Balti- more, and Mrs. Strother Morrison' motored to Terra Alto, W. Va. and visited the latters husband Mr. Strother Morrison who is a patient at Hopemont. ENG E By Mrs. Lena Ambrose The K. C. Y, Fellowship of the Methodist Church here held their monthly meeting Monday night at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Got- don Gageby's. There were twenty one present. They had a ni~ group and plenty of nice refresh merits. Wayne Welty spent Saturday with Clifton Peacher near Hall- town. Mrs. Lena Ambrose spent Wed nesday with Mrs. Catherine Hain es and family in Halltown. Mr. and Mrs. Ray Breden of Ranson Billy Johnston and Miss Linda Hilliard of near Kearneys- ville visited Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Breedn and family Sunday. There will be a charge wide Hymn Sing Sunday, April 23 7:30 P. M. at the church here. Every one is welcome to come and en- joy the fellowship. Mr. Neale Ambrose and son of Charles Town visited his parents Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Ambrose Sun- day night. Mr. Rodney Engle still remains a medical patient in the Charles Town Hospital but is getting a- long very good now. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Muse and two daughters of Ridgeley near Cumberland, Mr. and Mrs. Jen- nings Avey and son of Martins- burg, Mr, and Mrs. Kenneth Pen well and two sons of near Chest nut Hill, Mrs. Owen Johnston and sons of near Ranson a~d Miss Linda Hilliard of near Kearheys- ville spent last Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Breeden and family. Lawson Botts UDC Meets With Mrs. Metz trict Teachers College. Then on Tuesday, April 25, At Berryville Home Charles Town will be at Martins. burg in track The April meeting of Lawson Wednesday, April 26, Charles Botts Chapter of the U. D. C. was Town will participate in a dual held Tuesday afternoon, April 11 meet at St. James, Md. at the home of Mrs. R. E. L. Metz " : .... * on Tredwell Street, Berryville, places she saw and her remarks is a member of the College stu- of the people and how they live dent court and his special inter. were most interesting. The business meeting was held after the talk. A card of thanks from the family of deoeased mere her. Mrs. Mary Johnson was read. The treasurer gave a report of the balance of money on hand and Miss Baylor reported on the flower fund. The hostess served from an at- tractively set table centered with a bowl of Jonquils and Hyanein. ths. Coffee, punch different kinds of cake, candy and mints wcres erred. The May meeting will be held at the home of Mrs. James Gran- tham on Tuesday afternoon May 9th and the speaker will be Mr. Thorn_ten Perry. Kiwanians See Movies Of St. Lawrence Seaway ests are sports. Upon graduation from college he plans to be a ma- thematics teacher. Members of the Charles Town Kiwanis Club were given an in- sight of what they will see in July when they go to Toronto, Canada for the Kiwanis International con vent{on last Thursday night when they were shown movies of the St. Lawrence Seaway, as the pro- ~'~ gram for their weekly dinner meeting at the Thomas Jefferson Hotel. The motion pictures were taken by Mr. and Mrs. Ed Heckman; who visited the Seaway and other parts of Canada last year. | Announcement was made at the [ |meeting that th club will observe l United States-Canada Week on ' April 2~. This will be an inter- club meeting with all of the clubs of the Fifth Division meeting with the Charles Town Club. Plans are to have a speaker from the Canadian Embassy in Wash- ington, D. C. The club also voted to sell box lunches again this year at the op- ening of Jefferson County Memor ial Park, to raise funds for char- ities. Leetown Toppers 4-H | Club Has Business Meeting At Slusher Home The Leetown Toppers 4-H Club held their meeting for the month of April on Friday evening at the home of Mrs. Ernest Slasher Jr. with Miss Emma Ruth Bradley as hostess. The meeting was called to or- der by the vice pro{dent, Abner / L . . i II .. Ppril 6--E. O. W. t Whatever You May Need in the Way of .' By Miss Margaret Houser Mr. and Mrs. Richard Houser and daughter, were recent supper guests of Mr. and Mrs. l~ster Mason at Lovettsville, Va. Miss Karen Gift, student at Har pers Ferry High School who was on the sick list last week return. ed to school on Monday. Mr. Clyde Daugherty of Hagers town, Md. was Sunday guest of Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Daugherty. Mrs Florence Runion who spent the past four weks in Chain bersburg, Pa. With her and daughter Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Stillweil and sons returned home on Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. Don Trundle and daughters of Shepherdstov]n were Sunday guests of her parents Mr. and Mrs. William Snyder. Mr. William Capriotti who has been a patient in the Charles Town General Hospital returned home on Moada . w. s. c. 8. eet g The W. S. C. S. held its regular "World's largest termite control orga, ization" ~_ $5000 GUARANTEE Against Future Termite Dom"go ~%-"~ Represented nationally by over 1800 lumber dealers For free inspection call 114 South CHARLES TOWN 47 LOCAL REPRESENTATIVE NICELY SUPPLY tO., INC. George St. Charles Town, W. Va. You Can Depend On the Friendly... TO Sttpply It.. Promptly, Efficiently Courteously... and We Are Always Happy to Have You *Visit For Friendly Help with All Your Banking Needs, you can depend MEMBER FDIC--MEMBER FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM PHONE L0 CHARLES TOWN,