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Charles Town, West Virginia
April 16, 1959     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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April 16, 1959

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I pooh ]'(~d iood ilaltedCl]'inK' m~x all andP]% familyWJii beofa Arden,gd rc-pOrLw. Va. were .~[ock owe; por l io~d noi?e; ANn nneu~D I together,,pout' mixture evenly over Mr. Walter 'Wilt who had been Good butcher hogs 17.60 to 18.00 L. ~.=..~=~ batter. I bake 50 to 60 minutes critically ill at his home for see- medium butcher hogs 17.00 to 17.- , , _ ............ I III at 350 degrees. Then ready to ser eral days and under the doctors 50; heavy butcher hogs 15.50 ;to li I II I I I I I IIIIIII ..... IIII I II I - IIIII 1 I Ill I~ re. I cut in blocks and top with care was removed to Leesburg 17.50; butcher sows 12.00 to 15.00; '/ I Ia-~- a large helping of vanilla ice Hospital, Leesburg, Va. Tuesdayheavy feeders and light butcher . .... +i i ym .. t,eorg,,~ " ~'~['lthis cherry cake and I used !,2 gal, turned home Friday feeling some hundred 27.00 down; pigs per " --.,...._.._._ |ice cream. Its delicious. If I am better but is taking treatment, head 20.00 down; heavy boars 9.25 ~.~We~-~ serving less people I use whipped Best wishes Walter for better heal to A.75; stags none; sows and pigs ~.mer Inow 9:30a. m. I see from my win [cream. Please try it and let me th. up to 170.00; stock boat's 16.50 to l r~laesday 80 degree dot from where I am writing the know the resuluts. Everyone will Mr. and Mrs. Clyde McDaniels 20.00. IIldav+-~ ....... snow is,sinking away but still be well statisfied Miscellaneous sales start 11:00 ._lib C'I;slrl?y k'n. rl, plenty left as yet. II} yotl love out I, Garden Making ~k L g wlLn me of door life and spring time as I I It seems as though all the folks dinner guests Sunday with the for A. M.-Livestock Sales 1:30 P. M. "~'a~g this mrn~ng d and cu~d f seen this picture~wh have been busy making gar- mers br~ther and family Mr~ and each M~nday~ i : II rl ~ I IOl~O II ~'~.'~, some sunshine you would of said the hand of [den are just sitting back and tak- Mrs. Clyde McDaniels. --- ~/~.-~e evening strong Providence did a most wonderful ling it easy since the snow storm Mr. William Wilt is now employ Moulton Farms Cow Has w~:edc~esd'aY mrning wrk f painting hpe t be alng [has paid us a visit its real winter ed as carpenter near Falls Church' High Prductin Recrd ti I I b i~ ~ ll 0~r~ 0uos and in af- for a chat next week and that you ]about seven inches deep. Sunday Va. p'~'ate and a little war enjoy reading my few notes as |evening 8 p. m. still snowing, the Mr .and Mrs. Eugene Wilt and The Holstein-Friesian Associat- , | , , i l~-~~ mrning a real, much as I enjoy .talkir~g with you. [grass seeds and oats that had been daughter Cindy Lou and son Lee ion of America has announced the [i,~l[~rto~~ warmer 70 de-~A few days ago asked if I was the/sowed will really look refreshed of Murrell Hill were visitors Satur completion of an outstanding of- f~. ;~, L~0"r~.~/?l like summer. Mrs. Georgia Pearl who wrote the/when the snow leaves we were in day evening with the formers par ficial production record by a re .... ~l~_S. a few clouds Chestnut Itill items I said I do and [need of rain and the seeds were ents Mr. and Mrs. Humphrey Wiltgistered Holstein cow owned by 01~ anng sun burst- Ishe tolud me she enjo ed reading/'ust about one in hi h one can and daughters Antionnette and Moulton Farms, Charles Town: +. -~ a - " ' Y /J ~ g ' Arbutus Wilt. ~,i4~n8Osomewarm:them forshe felt as though she scarcelybelieveafteradegreeof Hazelton Pride Caseader Lou i I[ ! [~[[I~L 24 ]~.fc!ouds covering !was talking with me. I trust all 180 and garden planted and several Mr. and Mrs. Virgil Peer and 3159621 produced 17,562 lbs. of ,.tee ..... ram ana sure thereaders feel thesame way. finches of snow. I remember very family spent the weekend with re" milk and 601 lbs. butterfat in 365 : ] I ' ' ~.l~..n~'~mng a nice rain. ICherry Cake Recipe |well fifty six years ago on the ; latives in Baltimore. Md. days on twice daily milking as a ~.:~. ~;a~n coming downI Hello dear R~chard How abou~ ltwenty first day of April we had This is spring and just the time 8-year-old. [[hg" ~,~at.uraay morn- ~ .... ~ ....+:., ...... '.~..~ T+~ ~0 /a snow, some t,hing similar to =this of the year to be driving out in a West Virglnia University work- ' ! IlV+ "~-u l:lght rain all ~ ~uuu at~,c~L-J~ ~c~.,c..~,, ,~.-|my nnronfa had nlnnted garden new car. Mr. and Mrs. Charles ing inclose cooperation with ,the urnlng cold an hclous It is my laVOllLe a cherty i~ha+ _ " " ". , ' .. /beans a couple inches little onion Oarrett are driving a new Chev-national Holstein organization, su :+: i~2?~ a surprise about~ ~ cake. Its mY ChOiCe more so man ]tnn~_,.+. '~oon, ng~.~,_...~ ..... thrn,,gho.+ ....... t h~ SnnWrolet, Mr. Thurman is next in line pervised the weighing and testing g ilHH H6 hT H00H Jh~'~"nw-m flakes falling .pie so easy .t fix and just the /.,~,~.,~ a~'~l~n ............... ~nmo omhhma~,:,.~ ,_nlmn~tS.....~ ..n'~t.++ also a Chevrolet. The Chevrolet of production as a part of the + ~ othroughout .t:he best for ~ervmg fo[ your W. S..C./and after the snow was gone all and they are pretty cars. SeemsHerd Improvement Registry pro- ;.:,+=yen incnes oeep b. cJu~. i serveo ~ms cherry ca~e {th,~ .n1~n+ ~,~nkod vary m-ch re- to be taking the lead In our little gram. We . ,,* = --, 1-- ............... .., -- ~der:e.kept busy but when I entertained the W; S. C.. S. [freshed. This happened ear Rich village and the Buick is next in This official testing program, ~lgor-yu should oi chert were ~wency one,~or Jun2/mond Indiana at ,the old home line and so on. commonly referred to as HI:R, pro ~ Lgeous picture as cn and this so easy to *oaKe ann /nlace' 4~idge was beau- also to serve everyone was so 1" ~.~ T,,vor, wn]f+~,, w, n ,i~ tnr Mrs. Annie Wilt and daughter rides continuing lacation and life +ate wi ................................. Mrs. Rosebud McDaniels and little time production records on every 1,~! ndow and see well pleased. So ~f you care to try | ............................... Mail or Bring This Ad to Southern States Charles ~[ d " . . ~cuc.~,y w,~. ~..--. r~u* ~,~.=~ u. daughter Shelia were visitors Wed cow in participating registered Hal l~ own on the ever th~s here goes the recipe you can/x~,,rreP Hill nesday with +the ,formers daughter stein.herds. ll[~,n. The forcythia m~x your own cake batter but I [ Bey and Mrs C W Lloyd and Mrs. Elmer Larue of Murrell Hill l~.'~,~aw Peeping throu always use the cake mix. Its much/~.~ ,~..,~ ~'2,.,2~. 2r ~he "~r and son tannic. Lonnie has 'been a READ T~OCATE TOWI1 Cooperative, aanson, W, Va., and Receive 20 ~ W " . ~.~ ,,~,,~v ~=~.~.~ -, ~ ~ ~ - real sick boy but at this writing we ]eav a q mcker t good use 1 box [sonage and Mr. and Mrs. Charles ~as cywere oumen, at prepareo wnl~e cake +m~x. ge~ [Garrett were supper guests Satur- is showing a little improvement, i O T I C E ! II~Z~'-an lne OOXWOOa your va~er reaay anu i .nave. a 1,~,~..~ .... ...~.--+"h+ ,,+*h__.....,.--,.~r' ~...r'-''r'~'ts~ .is- Those visiting the past week in T O e Q U A L I T Y HEAVY BREED COCKEREL [~,'~, g a heavy bur-pan 12x9.V,2 greased and hne the [ter Mrs Geor~,ia Staubs and dau- the home of Mr. and Mrs. John mrge Willow trees ,pan, pour in your cake mix, this /'=ht.. ~'.h~ ,~ h,~. hnm. we ........................ Bunion and ,f~mily were Mrs. Liz- To RObe~ Mosby Burton, Geo- l~h,.~ ~ te so beautiful just fills my pan to the top when [Rr,,,,,,ht 1,*~re~tin,, M,,ssa~,e zie Longerbeam, ~Mrs. Eva Longer rge ~ Burton, Maxy S. Has- ' .................. CHI'C KS FREE With the Purchase of 50 Pomlds ll~r. httle green leav done: I use 2 No. 1 cans of red | ~^-- "~ ~" -------~ ~- ..... ~'+ +o "s beam and three little daughters kell F|n|&yson, Sue Sharp Spald- i;elth snow. I wish tart cherries, take jmce add 1 cup [a very interesting message Sun- Mrs. Ada Cogle, Mrs. Celi~ White ing, Robert Mosby Sharp, Alice ~' ~o~als glo.rgeous sugar, z ~aole spoons_corn s~arcm [day morning at Chestnut Hill. Tak and two little sons, Mrs. Fred Nick Duuaean Sharp Mont~gue, H.W. SOUTHERN STATES STARTING and GROWING l~ela ,~mng +me sun ~ teaspoons aimona extract, z find for the lesson he read the first and three sons, Mr. and Mrsl Rich Willis. ~gh and its tablespoons margerme, ,z ~eas- [chapter of St. Johns Gospel and ard West and two sons, Mrs. Hen- You will take notice .t~t W. P. ~gl~ ] the :first eighteen verses ,for ,his ry Longerbeam, Miss Ruby Engle, Fleming, ~he purcha.~er of ~he fol 0P JEFFERSON FARMERS ADVOCATE su'bject, he chose ~he eleventh ver Mr. and Mrs. John Run|on and lowlr~g real es~te, Lot 1 in Block MASH For $3.00. Please Bring Cartons For Chicks. lY, Ap -- ~ r) se reading .as follows, he came family visited on Sunday evening 105 ~ronting 25 feet on Buchanan (~ lO, l~O~ ,)--D unto his own and his own recelv with Mr. and Mrs. Lester Jenkins Street andi extending back a uni- :~ ~-- ~ ed him not. The attendance was and family at Mannings. ,fomn width 125 feet located in +i|____~__GLAS;E;DR. ~~ ~m~=~:~'~llrather small dim ,to a real winter Ii1|1 ~ Ill RansOn, Jefferson Cou.n' estty, W NAME.. .......................................................... VERA FISCHER, Optometrist lillday . _ Virginia, ~hieh was returned de- I'ES " Mr. and Mrs. Charms uarrett MARKff [PO T llnquent in the name of Mary Hil ~~... __ ~ __ _- FITTED [H [were visitors Sunday evening with leary Esate, and was sold by C he ADDRESS .................................... PHONE ............ :~~.osed Tuesday and Thursday I]|ltheir daughter and family Mr. and : sheriff of Jefferson County at the I sale .lor delinquent taxes made on ~d y Evenings Until S: Charles -St. 9:00 P.M. |l[IMrs. Neff Slusher1.~* ....~ .~ ...~5,1~ansn:mess" Cha,ies Town, W. Va. I[[/ MrOC ea I I I the gth day of December, 1957, has Extra Top Quality Chicks May Be Ordered For . . . =;[visitor in Leesburg, Va. and Pur- The quotations of The Blue Rid requested tha~t you be notified bh~t -- -'_ I cellville, Va. recently, ge Livestock Sales at Charles a deed for such real estate will be You, ~]"~~@~.,~.,~e,,~,~',~,,,~'~,~,~'~g~',~,~,~ O [ Mrs. Howard Wilt has returned Town Monday, April 131 1959. made to hlm on or after the .first ~l~a ............ ~lto her home after spending sever- Receipts of cattle, hogs light day of June, 1959, as provided by ~IIIlUidAE II:CCCDC'flM MflTgl g [al days with =her cousin and has- with a good demand for all classes law, unless before ~at day you I WISH TO PURCHASE ............. . ......... BREED ~laJ JLI ! 1-nJYll I ltJ I L.L t~iband Mr .and Mrs. Lester toy of on sale. redeem such real estate. The a- ~..+ - .................. ~[Washin~ton, D. C., Mrs. Lay has Feature of sale was prime veal mount you will have to 1any ,to re- ~~il'Ik4 !.11(' or'rkl Dr' fl~klJeh ~been critically ill for quite some $38.00; hogs higher wfth $17.60- deem on the last day, May thirty- ADDITIONAL CHICKS. '~ ~uM nA~ 5~:C. 51: - ~rr~r~ Of'time. She is showing just a slight $18,00 ,top.. first, will be as follows: ................ .-~v .~,mu.* ..,.. v. --..--.~ n,. W S va ~t[[~ . - ........... M IrmProvement. Best ishes e Choice butcher steers none; Amount paid sheriff a,t sale, + ill ...... to you and we trust %he next re- good butcher steers 25.00 to 2q.00; wi,th interest to ~May 31, ]14" gular Dinners- ............................ plain ~to medium steers 23,00 to 1959 $4.10 M. Until 2:0 0 P.-M., We Are t[ 25.00; choice butcher heifers 26.00 Amount of taxes paid on the N O T I C E to 27.50; good 'butcher heifers 24. property, since the swle, with EXTRA:.... 5'~ Off On All Poultry Equipment. ~ Special Lunch for 85c .~l)To Ellie W. Pa-------ithgeKe 00 to 26.00; plain to medium heif interest to May 31, 1959 $2.43 ers 18.00 to"23.00; good bulls 24.- Amount paid for survey and ~--~--V~ MaM---~c----~*~_ X[ YOU will ~ake notice that W. P. 00 to 25.40; plain ~o medium bulls report $1.25 egetables, ~lFleming the purchaser of t,he fol- 22,00 to 23.75; commercial cows Amount pNd far,preparation l~ ...... - ............. ~]]lowing real esta,te, LOt 29 in Block 21.00 to 21.80; utility cows 20.00 , of fist of those to ~be served ....... i Alto,, o ...... ~ .... _- ..... a n ......+~. ~il 100 fronting 25 let on Marshall to 21.00; canners and cutters 19.- and for preparation and m0 Cater to Parties and Banquets. ~lStreet and e~tending back a uni- 75 down; cows by the head up to service of the notice$16.25 CALL - R WILLIAM GRIMES ~1 form .width 125 feet ,located in 200,00; stacker and feeder steers I Total $24.03 M lRanson, Jefferson Cour~ty, West up to 33.50; stock heifers and bulls You may redeem at .any time tal~ |~,p~,p~,~| mm~%5'rm ' .~[Vlrginia, w~ich was returned de-by the head up to 172.00; Ibefore May %hiff~y-first by paying 'PlA3 Jl:rrl:l' UN HUII:L xl linquent in the name of E.M. Choice to prime 'calves 36.00 to the above total less any uneaxned ~[ Page, and w~ts sold by the shez~ff 38.00; .good butcher c$lves 32.00 to interest. TOWN, W. VA. PHONE 131 0/of Jefferson Coun~ty at the sale 35.00; medium butcher calves 25.- Given under my hand this 16th @1/for delinquer~t .taxes made on :the 00 to 31.00; thin calves 24.00 down day of Ma/'vh, 1959. 9th day of December. 1057. has heavy calves 25.OO to 33.50; , Mmr A. M. STANLEr RANSON, W. VA. PHONE '43 requested that you be notified Lambs spring 25.25; lambs meal. Clerk of County Court that a deed for such real estate 23.00 to 25.00; lambs wool 14.00"to of Jefferson County W. Va. will be made +to t~im on or after 22.00; butcher ewes up to ,8.50; April 9-~T- the first day of June, 1959. as pro vtded ,by law, unless 'before bh~t day you redeem such real estate, | The amount you will have ,to pay 1 to redeem on the last day, May thi~ty-f'h'st, will be :as follows: Amount paid sheriff at sale. with interest to May 31, ,1959 $4.76 Amount o~ taxes paid on the 5 property, since the +sale, wi,th interest to May 31. 19.59 $3.09 Amount paid for sum, ey and report $1.25i: Amoun~ ,paid for preparation of list of those to be serYed,+ and for preparation and service of the horace$16.00 Total $25.10+ You may redeem at any ~me be . fore May t,hirty=firs't ,by paying the above total less any uneaxned ; i! interest. Given under my hand this 16th day of March, 1959. EMILY A. M, STANLEY Clerk of County Court - "_'~ of Jefferson County W. Va. April 9-3T- N O T I ,C E ! = --+" To +,+ s,o,+ You will take notice that W. P. Fleming, ,the purchaser of the fol- lowing real esta,te, Lot 15 in Block 132 frontAng 30 ,feet on Lee Street and extending ~back ,a uniform wid ,th 125 feet; Lot 5 in Block 160 fronting 30 feet on Park Avenue and extending ,back a uniform wid th 125 feet ,located in Ransom Official results prove Dodge gives better gas mileage than any other ear from the .. Jefferson Coun,ty, West Virginia, "" "" : which was returned delinquen,t in 10w-priced V-8 class on up (best mileage shown): , ~;" " ~= i the name of George A. Stolze, and was sold by ~he sheriff of Jeffer- Dodge Coronet 21.74 Chrysler Saratoga 19.07 Pontiac Caialina 18.31 ~.. "-." son County at .the sale for delin- PlymOuth Belvedere 21.15 DeSoto Firedome 19.06 Oldsmobile "88" 18,22 "" quenLt taxes made on ,the 9th day ~. of December, 1957. has requested Dodge Coronet 21.01 Cadillac "62" 19.04 Imperial 18.20 that you be noti fied hat a deed Plymouth Belvedere 20,98 Ford Thunderbird 18.99 Buick Invicta 18,20 for such real estate will .be made Ford "300" Custom 19.66 Mercury Monterey 18.9b Oldsmobile "88" ! ,10 ,to him on or after the first day Chrysler Windsor 19.64 DeSoto Firesweep 18.86 Edsel Corsair 17,90 of June, 1959, as provided by law, unless before that day you redeem Ford "300" Custom 19.44 Buick Le Sabre 18.83 Buick Invieta 17. 7 su(~ real estate. The amount you Ford "500" , 19.28 Mercury Montclair 18.78 Oldsmobile "98" )7.54 will have to pay to redeem on the Chevrolet Impala 19.26 Buick La Sabre 18.68 Lincoln 17.27 last day, May thirty-first, will be ( as follows: Rambler Ambassador Pontiac Catalina 18.66 Pontiac Bonneville 16.94 Amount p~d sheriff ~t sale Stlper 19.23 Buick Electra 18.58 Oldsmobile "98" 16.87 width in~terest to May 31, Chevrolet Bel-Aire 19.16, Pontiac Star Chief 18.56 Oldsmobile 1959 $ 5.11 ' Ford Thunderbird 19.13 "88" 16.77 Super 80.00 Trade In Allowance on Amount of taxes on the property, since the sale, t and others. ith interest to May 31, The '59 Dodge, fully equipped with automatic transmission, power steering, and power 1959 $ 3.71 brakes, averaged 21.74 miles per gallon for the ruelling 1,898 mile run. ,Trade +-.. Allowauce'"- on ALL AmountandreportPaid for survey $ 1.25 More dramatic proof: It+ pays to own a DODGE . [ ' ow Beln- GIven." Amoun,t pa~ld for preparation J~ g of list of those to be served, [ 'tcAI) NOW AND SAVE! and for preparation and service of ,the n~tice $31.00 Totals E . $41.07 I' + ~ou may redeem ~t any time .............. |~ ~ # before May ~hirty-4irst by +paying [[At, ~ , Ohe above total less any unearned lal~][~ interest. lk'U ,. TCI rMl('l~&l &l~J Ilkl/~ICC' ~iven under my +hand this 16th / LKVlJIUrl -- ArrLIAfl K3 day of M~,rch, 1959. W zm v A. M. s'rANLm, aShin, to, cho,.u,o w w Clerk of Coun+y Court EAST WASHINGTON STREET CHARLES TOWN, W. VA. ~.~ ---~ ............. ~, ....... , ...... of Jefferson County W. Va. lii -- . .