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Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
Charles Town, West Virginia
April 16, 1959     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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April 16, 1959

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..... ' safely get on RouCe 340. The" residents of Washington Heights will receive the benefit m m of weekly garbage collections which is now at ,the very low fee PUBLISHD EVERY THURSDAY AFTERNOON IN CHARLES TOWN, W. VA. of $5.00 a year. This is cheaper BY THE JEFFERSO'N PUBLISHING COMPANY, INC Charles Town, W. Va. which I now reside because I sin- 1)hun the cost of gasoline in haul- " April 13, 1959cerely and honestly believe it will ing your garbage away in your car. "''~':: ~;. ~ .84~" . . D VO~ A T ~ ~ S~ . . L . . .~D , ~ 8~ r Mr" Max Brown' Editor benefit Charles Town and I :feel ..oWeWl;lth~fothe benefit of local - .,, morany omig~vtea to suppor~ a ~, P -. :o ..,PINED MARCH I 1948 iSplr=~ of Jefferson-Advocate program that will make Charles We will' have a voice in the city ........ ~ i Charles Town, W. Va. Town a bebter community government. We will elect men MAX BROWN. EO,~OR Dear Mr Brown" I shall endeavor to enumerate and or women to the council that OFFICE NORTH GEORGE STREKT ---- TELEPHONE =Z2 I have read carefully the news a few of my reasons for favoring will direct our city to a 'better columns regarding the" Boundary the extension of the boundaries, communJty:.The councilmen ~',hat SERVING JEFFERSON COUNTY FOR 1|4 YEARS AND READ BY MORE Extension in the issues of April The proposea new boundaries we elect wm nave a say in semng THAN 20,OO0 PEOPLE EVERY WEEK. 2 and April 9 of the Spirit of include both race ~racks. The tnat tne proposa;s o~ vne presen,t " ___ Jefferson-Advocate and also the state law provides that every such council regarding Washington ENTZ. o A SECOND --L* .... INotice of Special Election in the race track located within a mun- Heights are carried out. s ~ ss MATTEa AV THS J'osvorr~cE m ~HARLS TOWN ~ ............... B'" bein~ in Charles Tow- w- w. w.. UNOZ. V"Z ACT O~ MARC, 3 1879 last is'sue. In the event of such an lcmpal.lty s.nm! De ~axeo oy_ ~nas .... ~ ~ .... .... -: = ' " - ....... municipality a~ tne ra~e of $250 00 Wln oe englme ior suos~anlal re- t annexamon ~nere nave come vo ......... Wb=~KLY N[WSp~,pER ~EP~ES~b4TAT VES NC tmy mind certain moral obliga~- for.each racing day. There are 200 oucmons .m nre .!.nsurance. ai~ " " ions which would develop there-racing d~ys In1959 at the local prope_~y~n _W. es~ vlrglnla mcatea .; .f~m ...... 'r~cks. .... These zoo pays ol rain. g uey~uu, bile Clty IIIII1LS IS now in- u ,:~ b :ug - $'3 -~" 3 sure:, m Cl=~ss 19. Property w~thin o~ec~C~ce,~:~t,k:~,~ [~ o~c):o~l: a "year in revenue for (Jharics the city limits and within 1.000 Z_ ~ ,~,~"'mu'm~.,,~.~c ,p~ui~,~cu Town In addition municipal prop feet of an approved fire plug is in- areas w~mm me ooun " ' ' 'sur d N A I ~ ~ ~ A L D I I 0 R I A L ~11~ .............. i er~y tax on the tracks should bring I e at Class 7. The difference a f~ r- ~ ~Y~| I a t-~ %, caries oi ~ne ~own, provloeo s~at i- -- om-,,~+ ~-- o~ooo ^f ~ nan in the rates is very s-,bst-,nti-I I [A$(Sj~CIb~tT O1~ ~'/I ~{~-~I,~ i idehmte advantages would be gum;00 a .... ,~,~,-,~; .... ,~,~ - ]Class 7 on a frame dwelli-= ~ [;:::TeL~[:~I I ~:7 %./ ~.~ ~ ~t L~_~ ~_ # :e by ,those areas and provided: .......... ]over ~4 00 a th ......... " ~ " - ~ ~'.~tJ itha, .h^ r_s,~^_._ ^,..~ ......... moun~ oi vne assessmen~ i canno~ I ~ . uu~nu vileaper " " - ~ I.~....,..^ ,, , ,. .............. help but beheve ~hat Charles l b e same house in class 10 I r ssion h ..... }Town will benefl,t substantially by[I ck dwelling ~s $2.00 p e , owever, irom me las~I ' ch this tremendous increase m reven caper than the same house in ALL SU~$CRI~IONS DELIVERSO IN THE STAT AR SUBJECT TO 2~ CONSUMERS issue of ~he paper that the only as - ^- -- ~cl""= "" ~ ................. sA~s Tax. suncm~r~ON Sa.SO P~. vAa N ADVANCe. sured advanta-e to those areas ue. .'or over za years ~ne race [ a.~ .tu. /:)o111~ i1uub~ Will qualriy .... ~ . I track has benefited from Charles Iaria every house would qualify Thursd ., .a:a Iw~l~tiges ?n~am~Jns_u_r~.nce. r~e ]Town at no tax cost-let Charleswith ~the improved water system. ~, .'~gL~ ~u~ x~o~ I u u ~w.~ mtr~ u~ ~m ITow,, n,,~ ho,,~~+ .... ,~ .....IAII property will dron to -1~ a obher hoped-for improvements 1 ~.o ~t.o hmmediatelv urmn ~-+a~i-~ ~h~ UP! I~! ~th! l#~le! [would be dependent upon monies ~'~; ........ |city bound/tries=and 1~s'in"i-~:,~ ~a-m~m ~mmmm=r| #received from a ~urth^r "^- ~,,, I i oeneve ~ne council ol ~naries ~ ' 11 b3t~l'l IIl,~/o'i Vi, lbL, ..... ' . =, _~=.-. um [Town to be honest land sincere In [is a substantial reduction. Check wmcn has no~ yet passea tne l~eg-ithelr proposed water project. They [Your ,insurance and see how much Jefferson County one of the smaller counties in tbe[''Wh le I do not minimize the im [ha eranpt nytoab Y e nhginleCra [YLwial d]aVetaxe State With a population of less than eighteen thousand Iportance of insurance rate reduc-/have subm+ ted a program oI im-Istitu~ioan c~n~roleS'tl~'ene~mtoau~et~r~ ...... it represents, population-wise, but a small percentage of /tins, yet !.n view of the uncer- [provements that will give an ade- [tax that can be levied by a mun- +ho ~.~o ~,,~ -f l- e -T fer on ~,,.h, ho~ ........ ,.~ [.m~.nw ~ other a~v~nmges ~o ~ne ]quate supply of water to all of icipality. This amount for a house of r-~l -ow^r In" *he ---* "* -l~-'- "- "~- ~: .... . :_~ ..--- _...__ ] ........... en~ ai areas to oe mcmaed, is. Charles Town and to Washington" [In whmh, you reside' ~s' 25c a hun- vv, p t~ ~ p~t~ a~ p ~yu ~u t,n~ zm~tncizu ~z-uc~ure ]no~ ~ne real ~ssue a~ stake snm~ ca [Heights Adequwte not only for a |tired or $2 50 a t'housand of as- of the State. The State operates on an annual budget of ]Char)es Town's :becoming an an- !bath but for fire protection-some- [sessed valuation. As you know, slightly more than one hundred million dollars a year. nex ~o two race.tracKs..witn sucn [ thing ~hat the people on Wash- [property is assessed very low with a ..... ;.~,--~-..n.. +t, ......... ~ ..4, .t._. ~....~.^~ ; ........ ....~ la mrge pro?ormon oi ~s income ]ington Heigh%s do not ~have. There |the majority of the residents on ~r~ppx~aa~a~a~ vH~ p~x~aa~ ~- ~xtab ~uu~v ~ ~uaavvunto Oe usea for pnyslcai lm~rove-, ....................... ..... ~, are nomes on wasmngon l-ie~gn~s wasmng~on timgn, ts assessed low for In fees derived from horseracmg, and approximately men.ts being derived .from these Iwhere at times durin~ ~the day n~ [er bhan .2 ~q fm %~ .~ ..... ~o~ sources Will not the citizens of more h ............ ~...,.. _. ,_~. ~. half of that three percent comes directly out of Charles I th to' ~ _. . [ t an a drop of water w`ill ]ticket. If your property is :assessed _~.._.q~-~ With,, th~,,~ adaition a new race r-ck. ...h'~r'~.~ ..~.--[~ e : wn nave ..a..crrespnmgiY. ' I come from a faucet. A person can |~t $1,000.00 your addition w~ll be grea~er responsmmCy Ior vne soc- wait on 'h .... ferson Cou y a be depended on to take on a greater lal and .moral welt-being of its[ nt c n v e water if he orfly $2.50, at $2 000.00 ~t wil lbe $5 00 burden In meeting the State s fmancml obhgatmns, veop e. [the house is on fire This will be The State Constitution limi,Lq th~ ..... As " '- .............. The point to our observation on thin is that the m- a former social worker within [corrected by the new water lm- tax on personal property to 50c ......... ~ - ,-~ - .~,- ,, .... Charles Town and Jefferson Coun [provements for the program calls a hundred It is needless to say creasea aCElVll~y flere irl deiIerson,couple~ Wlbn L[le ~ul- . . H~i~,~A ; .... ~,~A ; ..... ~-,~,-~ + .... ~, ~t,,, ,. ^,u- ty I have .been made aware of [for a fire plug wibhin 1.000 feet ithat personal property ~s assessed .... ' some of the moral and social prob of every home. I might add Chat lat a fraction of i*ts actual value good county of Jefferson oughtto have and needs in- lems attendant upon a race track [this ean'~ be done over night but and you can figure your addition creased rollcen " =rotectlon.n " Some few .years back we a i- culture. What moral resources and [,tt will be done. [ by referring ,to your ~tax tinker" and ........... ,_ 1_:_ _= ,,__ social agencies do the people of [ The council proposes to install [use 50c per hundred m~ea ior increasing ~ne memoersmp o~ Lne iota] ue~acn- Charles Town hay ..... str " li ............ " e ~o cope wren eel g ncs on wasnmg~on rim-[ I-Iowever your taxes can be more ment from two to three members A short time later such problems? Before automati- ghts. This is essential now Ch~t'than offset ,b,, the -~.~, oH~ ;. the membership was increased front two to four. qhe ny voting for annexatmn `it we have ,~he high school in our vm]r lnsursn~ v.,, ~ ........ ..... n might be well to know the answers section and children wH,1 be going c~l-r ....... , ......... time for an additional increase ]s at ha d. Commencm ............... ose to the actual value b t ^,,. ~-.. ~ .... 1....1 ~...1;~...,.. ~. ...... ,^~ ,.. 1. .... .t.^';g to these quesuons. ~e~ it not De ]to Gnu Irom scnooi evenus m ~ne .are assessed for tax ,~'v~UesY~ hands: full w th the advent of nlght racing here Follow- plum" may have a very bitter ] Tramc within our section will )Y-- -[r_actlon or actual value.. . . ~ ' . ~L~Ull~Li'kb your insurance agen~ ano ing that there will be a long sessmn of day racing. And re. - I be under ,the control of ~he c;ty you will readily see the differen ii " " ~ Sincerely yours if we come within the city limits " Ii the force we have here is simply not big enough to cope ' ]'eft so .... :co. i ' with the added burden. . Patty A. Mitchell I a er o nane, jepuen h: a ,be~er Canmmakl;Cha~l&Towna If Jefferson is to be a ma]or source of state income in Charles Town W Va ]for years The council proposed to 'se'v ........ "~ " s !the future the State owes "the people of this county a April 14:19"59 "[SlOeWdd:a~en ~ohis itoramct . ma safe we ?il~~~et l~ys3n(~oCn~. iiijdebtinstateservices. The firstinstallmentis lobe found Mr. MaxBrown [sPf. for+h ...... asstatedbyMr. PaulCa`in "ares in increasing the membership of the local detachment of E ia lre nA c ilive and trave "along:"Je erson imdesntt oftJ~ff:J~nn A~enue ,a,~d a the Department of Public Safety Help po ce ' Z' +. ' " n Avenue The Council proposes to ...... ~- .... s. , [.~ven ..... L~ear ~ir" , .... : ....... ~ ~__ ~*~ ~rlJ~"~c~ z~n glves us novning , ,mr , , .~,-~r.,;a., ' "" .~ Ilns~all ,~ranlcc on~ro~s a~ ,~.,= ,.- we would be n -- "" " + +H r+ O 66. O This year, with a wide choice of de- signs, Americans have made their minds up overwhelmingly lot the spectacuhr 59 Ford. Ford has the classic simplicity that people of good taste prefer,, . wonderfully crisp and clean lines without brassy ostentation, And just see how sensible this beauty really is. Discover how Ford is built for people. Notice how the extra-wide doors open all the way out.. , make it easier to enter. See how all six passengers-even the man in the middle-have the comfort of full-depth euslfions. There's plenty of leg, lfip, and head room, too. Of course, every inch of every Ford is built [or savings. Ford's standard engines, Six or Thunder- bird V-8, thrive on regular gas, sav- ing you up to $1.00 per tankful Ford's new aluminized muffler is built for double life. 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After attending numerous meet ,ings and listening to discussions, it seems to me the advant@ges of belng incorporated in,to ,the town greatly overshadow any disadvan- tages connected with the issue. The Council has patiently point ed out ~hat by incorporating the proposed area ci,tizens in Chat lo- cality can expect much lower in- surance rates, more, police 'protec- tion, adequate street lighting, weekly garbage collections at $5.00 a year, Improved water service and much additional revenue to Che ,town. On ~he other hand what has the opposition to offer in .the way of ,a basic platform? Frankly it is a hard question to answer because no really valid reasons were even brought up in any meetings that I a tA~ended. I Charles Town `is to continue ,to grow and prosper it needs the ~roposed area and ~ice versa. A vote yes to incorporate is a vote cast for good community coop oration ~nd betterment of q.he com muni~ty as a whole. This is a good section of the state to live in. The citizens have an opportunity to make it a bet- ~ter one. James P. Morison Jefferson Avenue Charles Town, W. Va. By Dorothy Bowers Mr. and Mrs, John Pope ,and two childcen of Bolivar were visi- tors Friday evening wt~h ~he for mers parertts Mr. and Mrs. Maur- ice Pupe and daughters. Mrs. Edward Costello of Loud- oun Heights, Va. sper~t Friday wi~h .Mr. ~nd Mrs. Edwin Cleven- ger. Mr. and Mrs. William Trail ,and sons of ~ollvar, Mr. ~nd Mrs. Earl Pear, her and sons of Hall- town were Visitors with ~the family Sunday evening. Mrs. Clevenger cor~tinues to Improve af, ter being qui~ iudisposed over ,the week- end. 'Mrs. David Penwell and daugh- ter, Judy and Mrs. ,Nathaniel Grey Jr. shopped in Martinsburg Wednesday .afternoon and enroute home visited Mr: and Mrs. Robert Whitmore and family .near Char- les Town. Mrs. Winerd Bowers spent the weekend ~v~th ~er sis~r Mrs. Mar ~aret Dove ~n ~Vinohester, Va. and on Sunday they,were dinner guests .of +their and sister Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Pope in Clear- brook, Va. :Kcn nobll Wilt of Harpers Perry accg~paaied by Wayne McAboy !was in Pittsburgh, Pc. Saturday SPIRIT OF JEFFERSON FARMERS on business. A :Mr. and Mrs. Bill Strickler and 4--- THURSDAY, dau,~hters Joan and Barbara of Berryv~lle, Va. were visitors Sun- social hour, the hostess assisted leave, following a day evening with Mr. and Mrs. by her daughter served delicious ion. Elmer Wright and son, refreshments Mesdames Mrs. Bill Bowers and son St,- Mr .and Mrs. Charles Grey were Elmer Wright, phen of Charles Town spen,t Sun in Winchester, Va. Friday on bus- erd Bowers ano 'ct day with Miss Elsie Edwards. Mrs. iness and also visited the lat~r's teaded the Dis~n Anna Longerbeam, her son-in-law mother Mrs. Vergie Rumbarger the Women of th and daughter all o,f Bolivar also Sunday. Mr. and Mrs Grey and Church Tuesday a vlsi,ted at the home. daughters Carla and I3~nna were terian Church in Mrs. Paul Mills was in Martins dinner guests of Mrs. ~umbarger Mr. Ramcn Grey bttrg Thursday where she ,attend and her daughter Miss Betty Rum ni,fer Grey visicea ed the Spring Meeting of Group burger, in-law and sister : III, Shenandoah Baptist Associat Dinner guests Sunday of Mrs.Mart!n ~" ~"' ~rimes on~ ion at ~he 2rid Ba, ptist Church. Nathaniel Grey, Jr. and family wna~ les own ~ww,~ Mrs. Donald Frye of Charles were Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Ranalli CARDET~B Town was a sttpper g ~e~t Satur- day of her brother-in-law and sis- and family of Millville and Mr. _... ter Mr. and Mrs. Alton Muse. Harry Dinges, Miss Suzanne Grey HAM TO LELANU Mrs. Rose Courtney, Mr. and was an overnight guest Saturday The C~rdette Cl~ Mrs. Henry Mc.Kee of Ranson of the Ranallis. awarded their cou -,~re ~+.~er "uests ,Sunday +of Mr. Master Michael Simons of Char April 10 at ,the ~ir and Mrs. Mars.h.all McAboy and les Town spent bhe weekend width to Mr. Leland ~u~ sons. O~her visitors wi~h t:he faro his grandparents Mr. and Mrs. Town. of ily during the day were Mr. and Will,Jam Hock. This was one Mrs. Eddie A'l-ralt and daughters, Mr. Alec Co~tello returned to sponsored by ~the his work at Valley Board Corp. on money ,to purchase~' Mr. Charles Y~l,$h of Ranson, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Courtney of Boll- Tuesday after a seven week s~ck t'he town of RanS0~. var Mr. and Mrs. Elwood Bowers 'and son Bruce and Mrs. Earl Pea PUBLII', SALE, .her and sons Clifton +and Allen shopped in W~nchester, Va. Friday evening. Mr. Wallace O~t and children of Mi.llville spent Tuesday and Discontinuing Housekeeping I will sell at Public Wednesday ~vibh Wallace's parents Following Articles, located on Jefferson Avenue, just 1 Mr. and Mrs. Bernard O~t and as- sisted ~hem wibh repairs on ~heir Road No. 340, also about Vz mile East of Charles ;home. Va., on Mrs. Edwin Clevenger and her son- in-law Mr Alec Costello were SATURDAY, APRIL 25, 19~i dinner guests Thursday of :Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Milton near Char BEGINNING AT 10':00 O'CLOCK A. lVl. ]es Town. , I~ Miss Jennifer Grey spen+ :the HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, t weekend w~th her ,brother and sis Two Double Iron Beds with springs and mattreS~ ~ Cer-in-law Mr. and Mrs. Charles Grey !~nd daughter Miss Donna p:: ;?d :~tti:e:g :::=7~i.:a5k Cihn2tg ~ D:aC;$r~, *~ Grey was an ovevrLigh~ guest Fri- e o daYrey.Of her cousin Miss SuzanneChest, Very Old; Mirror, Very Old; Oak Table, SP~,r~$m~ OPfc James ~. Pope ,and Pfc. aire, like new; I. H. (3. I)eep Freeze, A-1 shape; Tony'A. Gregory of 8th and I St. vision, like new; Wheeler & Wilson Sewing Machine ~ :Marine Corps, Barracks, Washing-Vacuum Cleaner, 4-Burner Oriole Gas Stove, EleCtric "i :ton, D. C. were Friday overnightHeater, Power Mower, Westinghouse Washing MalUIr i~ guests of ~he formers parents Mr. 'and Mrs. Maurice Pope and da ~- Wardrobe, Desk, Library Table, 2 Small Stands, 2 Fl0 ghters. 2 Table Lights, Ironing Board, Kitchen Stool, KAtcher Circle Meeting Kitchen and Utensils, Pots and Pans, Some China ;I Fourteen members and one visi- Porch Glider, Trunks, Clothes Basket, Pictures, Boo~ .~ ter were ,present Monday evening when the Presbyterian Circle met ions, Bath Room Scales, Tool Chest and Tools, :~ip at the home of Mrs. Edwin Clev- Pistol, 22 Repeater Rifle, Vtse, Garden Plow, Wh{ '~i enger. The chairman, Mrs. Nath- Snow Shovel, Rake, Step Ladder, Some Lumber, LotS ~: aniel Grey, Jr. opened ,the meet- ing Wi,~h prayer. Mrs. lV~arshall Mc Articles that are not mentioned. Aboy, Secretary read the minutes TERMS:---CASH. and had roll call. The chairman made several announcements. :Miss Sharon Clevenger ~made a MRS. MARY V. brief prayer, before the lesson April, "The New Community of PAUL MILLER, Auctioneer. Love" ~aken .from I Peter I:22-2- C.W. MOORE, Clerk. 3, was discussed 'by Mrs Alec Cos April 16 and 23 - 2t. ~tello..',Mrs. Clevenger closed the meeting w.ith ,prayer. During the !: money Y i"The accuracy of the mixture of materials in ORTHOCIDE 34Vay and the simplicity of mixing in my spray tanks saves me time and moneY- 'during application," reports Jack Garst, manager of the Occarmeecl I Orchards at Boones Mill, Virginia (pictured 6n left of ORTHO Fieldu Bill Hawk). "And with the excellent scab control I've been getting w u" .ORTHOCIDE 3-Way Mix, this means extra profits to me." Don't delay--start an ORTHO program today! This report is just one of hundreds received from leading fruit grower# who have found that ORTHOCIDE (eaptan) in an ORTHO prograr~ has improved color, finish and keeping qualities of their fruit. This out" standing fungicide ORTHOCIDE (captan) provides exceptionally ~ ORT14 i particle sizes, better sticking and wetting agents. Ask your nearest Fieldman how ORTHOCIDE in an ORTHO program can increase yotg crop profits, tool Holping the World Grow Better ~iliforn]a Spray.Chemical Corp.. A subsldlaryof California Chemical Co.,133 Kings Hwy.Ealt, Hd TM'I RI{I. U.I. PAT. OVF,~ O~HO, OI~tHO~IDI There is an ORTHO Fioldman in this area to help you,," Phone right now;'.,, WILLIAM CHARLES TOWN, W. VA. Call Skyline 3.7561 /