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Charles Town, West Virginia
April 14, 1966     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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April 14, 1966

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SECTIONS LATEST IN LOCAL, AREA SPORTS -- COUNTY NEWS ADVERTISEMENTS TWENTY PAGES LOCAL NEWS -- PICTURES WEDDINGS -- SOCIETY CLASSIFIED ADS 1844 .... The Newspaper Charles Town And Ranson Grew Up With .... 1966 102 NO. 15 Business-News Dept. - Dial 725-2046 or 2047 CHARLES TOWN, Jefferson County, W. VA. THURSDAY, APRIL 14, 1966 West Virginia's Oldest Newspaper PRICE 10 CENTS m # mm m Youth Week will formally gt m underway at the colse of the m _ -- ...... Morning Worship Service on W . The annual tuna a rive ot tne April 17. At this time the Pastor w Jefferson. County .~ed . C~ss Rev. Russell J. Urquhart and the Chapter, is sull lagging zar oe- chairman of the Deacons, Ken- l r m m hind ,its goal this year even neth Sager, will present to the m m m though ]t naa oeen, no.ped zne Youth their symbols of leadership [] m drive could be complema oy me The following were elected to m m end of March . ., fill places of leadership during ~. .. Red Cross officials said mis the week of Anril 17 to Anril 24 , ' "g, ---'- __ . --.."7-" .... "~' -- week that only 65-percent of the Doug Perks" Pastor; Tana Bar- P .... kJ.,.,, D,,,,,, P=,,.,] !),,,, D.,-I .... CL,~., I',, D,,[ + After ,getting off +to a rocky ~egumr Aprn Jur-y Term ] T. D.. C.....,L,,.. P,,. goal has been reached to date. ron. hssocate Pastor; Harold Cha I-UUI" MUI~ OUyb [IUmli I IM$. IMJ~IIlt~ ~)IlGW /u I~ I start a Iittle more than a year lrcun: uourt ot Jezterson I/U D~ Jut~u][~l rUl ..... 1 ......... an~ *~r workers ......... " I I ago when it was first proposed will convene in Charles ] r- w~ "have'~ no~alread;completed mbl~nJr.; urganis~o~Jec~ofs -~- P--.,i~, Im~hm,*&~ l&&~ I ~.~.hL^= A& U^&hANI~& ]for Jefferson County, the Harpers next Tuesday morning, I ~t~D I~|.~^. A..IN 5fl their solicitations and made re I~cl~'~ R~iac~l'le ~t~e~" "Miiler' ~,tl~lHlJ IHUUt, II~'U IHIV I ol :aam al MtglHtl~l~m I Ferry Job Corps Conservation 19 u Jr UIHH ! R Ill ou " e , [Tt ; h J ~ ports, to do so at once so thatI ............ i- | I Center, has weat ered the storm veacons -- ~anny MIllS, LIla [- I ' a ~i jurors, who were sum-I the drive can be completed as I.-... o.^..... ~,m+ r~.... ~m MatlM C AmUUl l:nre~: I f*hmweh In ~imnhm~h:tawnl of controversy, and is now re dy -.,eL .lU..l WI. mee~ in [ ~: = ::=T[~];: ;i::l'ct :" 1~ oUlCKIV S DOSSIOIe r~.,.,;A ~o,.h.~l+ +l'o~z-tr R~ilia+f non | | ~u u,~ pu~+ .r~u u~-~,~..., ouu..,+- lrcuzt Court room at the; Contributions to date total time next week . ~: :i~:i:: , nis Gayhart Scot Whitmore, Dew Once again this month Jeffer- ~ " r s g[ :::i~ ony $4,000, " P ev Perks, R~mnie Woodford; Gen. son Countyseontingentofinducr-! ~ I ........... House and after bein 1 with the Cha ter s But before any Co p men are w!ll ~ceive their charge ] iil]!ii!i::i::i!~ goal this year having been set ) eral Superintendent of Sunday ees for the nation's Armed Forces | L- : ~ :- ~ [ to zne ~enter the generat Jua e t~ra Silver Jr public ot tnzs section ann area g Y , [ i~:iF~i:::::ii~!~ at $6,102. The goal is slightly a- Scnool, Harold Chamblin, Jr;Gen was light in comparison with the | I ...... Owing the charge the grand l" ::::::::::::::::::::::: bove last year's since the Red Jeral Secretary of Sunday School. previous mon,ths late last year| |are being .given an opporzunlw Will retire to their room] ii::iiil}~:~i~~ Cross has been forced to step uP[Danny Mills; Superintendent DOUG PERKS and early this year, with only[ ]this :~atur~ay ann ~unaay to COnsider the ma+tters to be] ~!i::i!ii:~ many of it's activities and the] AdultDent Cherv~ Miller; Sun- A-ril 24 usin~ as his tonic "Y~ four boys being sent Monday[ [ comean~ see to,r memse iveswnat cts surrounding the fatal [ i::::::::~:i~ ry | ior Department; Jimmy Robinson at the church on Friday April 22 J Y. eY./ l ~. ............ ' ~l~ ~ o civilians lne nalt milllOn QOllar center ,ing of Warren B, Nuckles]~i~i~:~~ "~" . ~. ]Superintendent Primary Depart- at 6:00 P.M. Bernard Douglas Aikens and[ |~.^. ~. .... ~..~+ ........... " :. m ....... :~ ~oncern was ex resseo znis ........... - .... ""--- +,.^ ,-,.~- -. - ~~ - ,,,,~ ~,~. ~.~.,,~ .L~ ..~ enandoah Junction earlier[ ~~ .... ~.. ~P .. . I ment, Linda Wilhngham; tlegIn- At the close at me mornlngl~mve ,...y --.~., .,c ~.ttcr a/ ~~: :.-- /:~ I ~, .... ,...n .+ ,, ......... ' ~":':':+: e " " Ui I~IIIIIO*|lU ~t, /.~U~I', ~ ~t i, Year i! w eK oy Iocat Ken ~ross ottmlalS n Llo d Train volunteer . . Nuckles wife, Lily[m~,~! ..... [nerWorker; Dian e y; Worship Service on April 24,1 [ ~~:/ i...~.--. ........... ~ .... L~o~ thatunless thet~na ter s cam , w,.~. i~ a ~,a.~ ut ~ ,~ ..... ~..,,~ Nuckles, who has admitted] m~ . . p .. .~" I ing Union Director; Dianne Kratz Doug Perks as Youth Pastor and J The local Board s draft call for[ .:m ] ~ .... rl~, ....... i... co,,. c ~,.~ ~ooting Nuckles, is free on[ ~~m p e,lgo ! iS r~au~:i~,slutc::ght.[ President of Women's Missionary Danny Mills as chairman of the]April was five men, but one re-[---_- .... !~m [ ae~s'.'~A~ou~*aye~y ~'go" M'ic~;e~ls . Pending a grand jury de-/ ry zo .. I . . "l Society; Angela Lloyd. Youth Deacons, on behalf of all ! ported in that a relative was ser-| | ~.,:';~ +,.:: ...... :if,_" . ~:~ ~ation of whether or not/ munity service as me ~joo.a pro-| Th~ Youth Pastor Dou-Perks the youth, will return to the] iously ill and he did not make| [ ~y,~=u-,= ~-y p~umvm, w[E~:, i ~ , ~, , nao uevelopeo wnen tne JOD s gram, Water ~afety, nrsta d, he tri ~_ hould be an indictment in[ ...... [will brin~ the message at the Adults their Symbols of leader-Jt p. m ....... :o+,o++ matter I ~~!!~ nome care ot me sick ana in-I ~...~.. ~r..o~,~ ........... ~., I Mrs. Lyle Townsend. clerk ofl ~N~, ~ m yo+,: .............. + ..... ~, -- " ...... / ~::~ iured and disaster I +'".... + ....... oox+,~o " ?"+ I,ho inoal .~,~laptivo .O~rw']p~ .entre ] location in the county, by donat. ~epting for the ~ucKzes mat- " - " ................................... - + .... | JOHN S. CALLEBS Persons who have not vet been[ + i,ho 8~mo w~t Vtr~ini~ e.-o r/ [ lng the land as the Center site. ,ere are not many new mat- . . _ ...: ~.v ....... o ..... = Since then work h b - to come before the grand[ John S Callebs, 0f Huntington con~cted .by a drive member[O__L~l ~[~~ l~al~llll~41~ TA Isaid no men would be sent this/ ~:~\,~~ /~,~ ......... + .... +,.. as eenun However, there are a num-| Republican Candidate for Sacra- snoma, mall con.~rinudo.ns ~o me|_~k|=||i~|| ~||~f || |~m||~pl~ ||| ]month for pre-!nau.ction exam-] REV. RODNEY SHAW | a~"~uil~l~s"~.~oa~s t:edn~e?r 0f criminal matters remain-/tary of State, will speak at the ~merman ~ea ureas ~napter ,n|vvmmvv= ev~me mvm~wwvv iv i imati0ns, since the uoara nas am m~ ~., ~,,,~ .... w ~*,--, ..~l,:C: ...... s.~ [. _ ~: ~narles Town. a o -i ~,,~ .,~...,v,~.,.# "'" '~w ~ xa:tllUeS a~ tne camp site. Ana ~1 the docket from previous|dinner theJeffer- , ..... ..,, ....... ~,~+ he. = u ==m Ib ckl g of pre nductees to drawlth~ General Board of Christian[now that all ha- h,~, oo,,,,h,,~ ! and present [rid[cations]son county ttepuolican u nj~ ..... u~,o,~ :he w, nPm ae i ~ |Social Concerns of the Me,he-[ and the camn is about rea,~" for nat an effort will be made| APril 30th The dtfiner will be l~?'v%o,:~" ..~#.-T ..... .7 .'*-'*'trmum~umu mmpfllmmu _l'm,,,,/l[~li..m'-_'~ m '~+ *:'" + ~dtst Wlll e-- on The Peo le's] "- ~" ~al~v~ of these ma, ters, inl p::d2~et~3~se Cml?b in CharI g~d ~h:af~llo~ie~g~~)ic~fsfI~:lmmmAmd[~|Jl~ .m~lMmlm~mmm, w k m.mvvv i Stoma' [Rep.blic ~ ~h~a at an ~pen) ~tpT:l~(~e,~P~:~l~lb:e~'pdl~n:f (:~or another at the curl isP ; ista p ]exc quads tba|m m ) m m I |forum to he.~d at New Street|by the ~nler staff , ,+ -+ 50Unl S , ~~S [o evemn A ril 17, at t ~seC~Vi~IoScid:t f:he:~nk:~ shall U;tversityHe'lms : ut w+...lln .... bcnoots m Aflmd ,. p ] he Ceptyr:+sa)._~+;thi) .W+ep R =that ........... t z., ~.^;,~ ++...h+..~ ..~d~ =+ w.=.,~-I virginia Dersey. cnairman; t~ak-t + m. I / :P- ~. + ., . .lute puDtiC IS invlleet a~l urgeo eases But again there are a/f~ "~'E tY ....... s~,,~--,_~ ~:~'"?~1 erich Mrs William Ca.,,~ot~i / ...... " I M~.,~lk&" ID,~I~, iraqi1 ~fl | Bey. ~naw. a we~t-imormea, I to visit the Center and inspect ~r of'cases which have been[ D urg ~ollegein yenns~lVa~oall~ [ chairman;" Bathe Mrs ~arles| Teaching and non.teaching per- [ The Board also approved the [ INl~lll ]ill IJMpI II Ku [ widely-sought and forceful speak*I any, and all, of it's facilities any- over from previous terms[ ant ~llo)~da"""~'. """ ...... S~l Totals chairman~ Betryville/sonnel resignations and appoint-lattendance of Miss Lucille Hefle-| At least one ~ational, and two ]er on worta affairs, n~ spo ke~[ time Saturday or Sunday during ting that the petit jury,] u ..... "^.~ ~.. +~,~ XT ~ a+~l PierS. John P Burns, chair-| ments; an expansion of its pro-J bower, and Mrs. Minnie Wilt, at[ .+..^ ,, ..... =~^~' .... ~ .... ;| across the country. His sub]ec:[ the hours ofl and 6 p. m. ~, e=..uu ., ............ " ....... ee in bein held ~L=~U ~ull~/e~rxultat /-eyl+e;seu~mt- will be A Hard Loo~ at the Will report for the first/ ................. / man: Blue Rid~,e District--The/=ram of health services for the I a Lmgulstlcs m t g g [ ............................... | ~1 Members of the Center Staff 0 ~orce tar tour years urnrag m= - o o- xves. wHx t~e tar~exll, at tlze ~azzu- 1 ' lie China" ' + n April 26, will be kept/ . + / Rev lerankiim chairman; Hall | school children of the county; I by the State Department of Ed- | ........... ;-: .........| Peep e s Repub of .I will be present to provide guided .~bly busy. Notwithstanding] .Kore.anconflict with the strateg- ] to~_:~.~,. W Whittington:[ and approval of attendance of l ucation in Charleston, April 18. I L?atyL~:..~"~L]o ~_2~e%",72:,1" Before coming.with the GeneralI tours and distribute literature re. ~sence of new jury cases on| ~Cr~ol~ ~~en: ~:r ~n;a~Jn[ver|-| chairman;'Key"s Ferry Road-Mrs.] school personnel at a number of] Mrs. Wilt was also named to rep.I a.~?h~Yc~:~e'sg~ow~Pr'hac~ ~ou;se I Board of Christian ~ociat ~on-I luting the purpose of the Job ~eket, there are a number| .. ea a . sz "g ........ "[ Louise D Ramey, chairman; Mid-J district and state meetings, were J resent the Board in a Workshop| ,~ ...... ~,_~.___ ,~ ....... ~,^. ~v[ cerns, Rev. Shaw servea as anJ Corps Center and what it hopes ~IL " Slty wnere ne earneo Dam ,m ~. . . " e herd C 1 uy the eetxur~u. ,,uunty ~,extze- Cha la" n as star -Jury cases listed. [ ~ .ha ~ A ao~oo~ +n nnlitieal[ dleway--Mrs. Harlan James, chair[ among the matters of business I to be held at .Sh p o :lege/,,o+,~ A~oioH,, ++ w.o., J Arm.y .- p in. a a.. a Is: _q to accomplish for the some 200 e d,~t-o, . ~,~o~ ,^ he hoe,a| ......... ='" "~" ....... "- - ~ man" ~innnn Mv l~oh~rt R J handlon h~r the Jefferson County I June 13-24 for me purpose at re. ~ ............. "~-, ........." r~e is me author ot me COOK, boys who attend the Center - ............. ~ in sour years. ' ......................... ~ , " " " " " ade uides 7 12 nounced this week by William W. "None Shall Make Them Afraid .... " tzted at the Term will be set| m,.~...+,. ~.. +~.^ ,,..~, +he,Can |Smith, chairman; Summit Point--| Board of Educatmn at a meeting J vising English gr g " / ...................... ! ; .... , ~1 Directions to the Center site ~'edn~av A~rt~ 27 ~nd/-..*L~,~s ~u .... ~ "~,~ "__~'/Mrs Stewart Yarbro chairman:[ Wednesda ni ht I grades The program was develop-| wm~..~mn, ~e~mu.t. _1 and of several articles whmn naveeI will be provided at the turn-off ..... ~, ,-'-- , - (~loates' ainner are ~z.~o e~cn. , Y g " ........ b, rormrt,.n +n ,~o+~H ~* tb.t[ .... - i Ha--er~ Wo~,~ ~.. Y.~o,,~, ......... +~,., led by Region 2, several years ago/ Whittington said Staggers, wnuI appeared In slgnlfIcalgt magazmesl points on the Flow[st Svrm.s -r .......... ' ........... ,reservations may oe maae Dy -t- .... ~--, ........ v ....... " xn a muv*: tu u~uau=. ~,~ ..... i corn-= ~ ~ ..... ~'n-tt in Shen | tice, chairman; Bolivar--Mrs Reid[ health Services for the children[ The Board also a~thori.zed the| is once again seekm.g the D . o-i The forum will be held.m Fell| Road and also on the Halltown. h .......... m "-t-'~ ........ ~.'." "" ~_" _ +. T.'/Gernim- ~h~+,~, ~,~ ' Miss/ ................ ~.^^, ~,,~+o,,~ ,~i Superintendent to Issue mvi~t-[ cratic uongressiona! nominatmn owship Hall. The pubhc IS ecru- Shepherds,own Road. Distance to ~':~ wm oe in session xrom] heros,own or tars." l~ooer~ r.| Beatrice'Misk~mon'. ...... [ ~^t~ ~,~y ~.:~:,,~, :~:~.~.~] ions for purchase of three new|in the May 10 Primary electionl] tally invited to attend. Question~] the Center from the two main ~ through May 16. Leonard in ~arpers terry. / .............. | +~u~t~t~.=,~,~ ~ ,~.t|mo [ school buses; fueI oil, coal and| Mrs. Donald Baker, of Moorefield] may be presented after the add-| highways leading into it is about ~" ..... " I ............ | ~ur~"f'or ~tl~e cot~n~y schoo]'sy's[ | gasoline for the 1966-67 school | who is after the Democratic nom-| ress. | three miles. ..... u'- - =~ I llani l W hh '77 i-W ! ............. , _, ...... ;.~[i term ] [nation for the State Senate, andl The program is being arranged[ Last week a two-day readiness . , [ --.,,,., v,..., .. vm i tern. xne money w., [ a in ...... St te Senator Clarence E Mart , by the Commmmon on Christmn ins ectlon was made of the Cen i ~ office space for the nurse and Purchase of four new school . P - i|rles 10wn li0$pital Does Tnwn k the materials and supplies she buses this past year and with the]f Martins.burg, have already ?.c'-]soeial .Concerns.of New Street] ter by officials of the National vuU,,~t# .vv, eu u~ .... health"--urchase of three more new onesI ceptea invitations zo attena melMethooist Church /Park Service and the Office of Will need to carry on ner p art " in ' " '+ " L d~l _ == ~m m ~ B I _ | ...... i it will nrovide for the up-gradinglP y.. Whltt g, on also stated he~ . ~ | Economic Opportumty. And this [ _0r 1 Ke_elVeQ I K, led In Car Crash . / The Board said it is conf t] - [Jennin s Randol h who is alsorl e m.. m. | unarge P 00Q C v,,,~ ......" " [den of the=school buses now being had been notified by Senator . week officials of the National / loca~ doctors an~ dentists will! used to the point that the oldest | _. g .. .. P ' + .)1 r|l|i|p r~! |l$1||lg|us Jl~ | Park Service the C & O Canal and 1 " .... bus in service will date back no seemng me uemocratic nominat- the Antietam National Battlefield ,,-- A .... nl__J It.._.+.....-J ToDw nl aW h ~edfs:t:r[ne~ J coop~r~e lnthis expanded health] further than~195(). By pprchasingl !on agal.n for .U.S. Senate, tha I Ilaln~ Bankin. Post | were at the camp working out in . . . . ne WOUlcl not be ame to be pres- mP,,~mm~ru.~ ~ + detail the various related duties im lieu bru$$ DiUUU rru [dllll neth hmapheW e cslYt nyl T~e resignations accepted by[)ma ,tbeU es ~:~theYre?p.gtheBa[d/ent because of a previous commi~"I It has been announced by] and responsibilities, each will __ . [w: e itnra~ia:e ~bo~d w~[ep:hO~a)Sul~;:ae[ ~r:nis%rt~io~tiSoYSt~om g:::mfO~ ianotnho~e:7:k:nogf ~ei ~am~SoW~hS;Fjde~own~?~d:tat:n!I ~rep~g:hJs?nter s operatmns ~lC~h_arles__tTnoWn. anGdenn::ealr ~,~ ~|~ ~b~ " [Maryland police said '[sch~,l facultyi M~ss F~renSte[ service, when and where needed,[S~te" _ . . "...liar Vice President, Philip T~[ The first enrollees for the t,~., UUe~ _llU~ .... , . ~ .....IIUJII~ ttmm~mm vv um m~ I The victim, who ~sides on thel a onns tram me ~agm ~ _| Schools Superintendent T, A.| Mrs. BaKer, wno was appolnteaI Porterfieid, Jr, has tendered his[ Center are expeted to arrive some "~rgea^pau~?~ *t~:s Vb33n ~' " " -- "" [ B Webb farm near Charles Tov;l~ [ ,acm y, ann ~aniet ~ac.z.son as a| Lowery stated. / to fill out the unexpired term ofl resignation to" the Board of Di-~ time Tuesday, about 25 of them .,=m . ~ " maintenance man a.u u.~ u~ v=~ An Dire o ' ank effective on d ct r Chandler said that ed +),o h,,~,++o, h,, +he ~ed blven ~ea uuff Aner I and who has an interest inl ....... "| The Board also authorized the| her husband, the late Donaldl rectors of the B , " I Bl~" "~'~'v~"~'~r~-v"~ " m Webb.s Jewelry and Pawn Shopi A.ppoi.ntments mane were: miss] advertisin~ for sale four obso-| Baker as Stat~ Senator from this[ April 12, 1966. i it is expected that about 25 will ', "~hos~ta~'adm'~n~strator rm|~Vhl~ 1 ~=~v |.~v~ [ in Charles Town, was employedl Mesa of Himon, w.[ lete school buses on a sealed bid| district, is seeking to be elected] Mr. Porterfield's future plans I arrive at the Center each week d ...... [ ,-mmjvsmmm~ I 1 IW~3 N~vw | as a groom at the Laurel Racel va. to teacn t~nglzsn a~| q~n~ +o ,o~ ~-A m to that nest ' | have not been disclosed I thereafter until the Center s full o w~e~ Town Senior Hi h Scnoot ~ne .......... " co " t0Harner made the state- ~~.. _ ..... : ..... I ~2:kk JoThhe Mi:~3ere? 30, m:~v~st!l will be graduate~ from Concord II ~ ~ _' I ream~U~ent of 200 has been tne press ann raoio m " " i Dottie mm in C wh was " 1 College thls Spring M ss r of ~larification released ~~ / gton, D.. o ho plta-I ..... .... lax m _..-..- ~lmadatm~----.l.d rmmmlw~m Ua~bmlm~dl~ ! The Centers staff of 50 per- ized ~wisners of ttomney, wno wiu sons bee , has n completed and all effort to explain how the " Col m hill erstand,n~ could have de I Maryland police said the car, lbe gradu~ed from Shepherd "13[m LUUi~$ Ell lllt)l)lllll rmm mmm a lhave been put through a series t as the ~esult of certain m which apparently was traveling lege th~s +pring, ~o ~,ar-[ .... . _ ,. .. l of indoctrination and training , assessed against hospital [at ahighrateofspeedfailedto]~arSe ~r?mat~igho~Cns2J~h~r~S:Ir~ .... '....~m..~ T----,,JI,------JI, nm..a, t-.....A., m. |co=+s for the past several ne otiate a sha curve on Whis g , h+ wn+] m~l~_Wl[~l+e SWho need, andare given ~~" "~ JkegBttmR neartheLaure+)twn: :aCha lroST el'hWem+i'''----O" /fUIILmUIIL rltml @UlVUy IH [arn~P ~nid it ha~ recently ~~ | Race course, The car dropped . e gr!. b d f . S p...? -| ..... has been designed for the center ' ............. J cote e lege tnis ~pring, m teacn at +/C0unty To Completed In 8 Weeks / the attention of Has ital over a 604 mbankm nt and " ' enrollees P Shenandoah Junction School; and s ,ha erso s were came to rest near the road bed , A ro t some p n, Melvi Tomblin who has been p gram to have the Center ~ently, but mistakingly, of the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad ..... ; n o~ o ~, a,.i~,,~r t. re- lip and it's enrollees working with zn tracks. + .... ~ .................. th " g that they had been ~~!~ m | nl~o~ D~ni~! .Tack~nn | ' - .. + [ e people of the county was in- for blood during their~~~ | ' | r'Trhe-Board also-~ranted a leave|' Two representatives of R. W. omic Development Administrat- serve Harpers ~'err~j, ~olivar,[ aguarated this week under the di- the hospital ~~~-~ ~ ~am#l#,~ [~#t~ ~[wsma i ,, oh ..... *- I~o-a~n Mickev / Booker & Associates, Inc., consult ion of Washington, D. C., to make ] Shep.nerastown, Charles Towni rection of the Center officials ; w " a e The , ~ v..~;~ mvm I~,~IIU I ................. "' " Louis ann u.anson when a as not the c s ~~~ ms "-i~ .... "-^ctor ;" th^ count"'/ "ng engineerin~ firm of St. , the study I _. .. ..... | Community Relations ~u u~.ue u.v ~ = $ " i The uount uourt and ,me. Your relatives or family~~~ ..... ~4~ . ] o,.h..l ~,~+,,~ +^ a-^-.-, a" e;"ht | He, are in Jefferson County work Earl~, in December renresenta- .. Y . . ~ Council was formed. was provided..the has-~~.~].~ ~semb|y ~ ~c~ [ w~ee~k~'G~dance'~nst~u~e ~ coun.1 ing on a feasibility survey.for a tives of the U. S. Senate Public Mu~ClP:u~ey gsaiV:ceene~t~S:rm~~ I TURN TO PAGE 6--.A pauent use, oy me Amer- i ~]in~ +a~+;n~ ~.,4 ~,,~,~an~e tt, io proposea coumy-wiae coal tinraz- Works Committee" the Interstate . i : +ross. The local Red !Summer at the University of Mi-, Ion treatment system. Commission on the Potomae c~i~ ~rbnenevlfve~eamU~)~g~- ~ ::-~'. ~ ; +:~-= aapter ~s an aouve par- The Reverend William P. Reed, ami Coral Gables, Fla ~ The men have been in the River Basin and the Economic v ..... :. . | + . g Cha ter of the Unlver , " prowoIng aaequate sewage collect P - pastor of Calvary Assembly of The Board also approved the county for the past several weeks Development Administration was ion and treatment e~i e I ,~ ~ - d Program. And the Red ~~~ God Church, located on Fairfax attendance of a group of school gathering data for the survey, in Charles Town and explained s c s. i ~k~X~ ~ ~l+/~','j 'On, des blood ~3 the n?l~e WAYNE ALLEN WATTS Blvd., and Fifth .Ave. in Ran son, personnel at a series of educat- One of them told this newspaper plans which the Federal Govern- Serve Two.Fold Purpose I -- +- .... " " " : o cost to y u o Wayne Allen Watts son of Mrannounces me zouowing scneaule tonal meetings to be held this late last week, he expects it will ment had under consideration ~or ~, .... +., ,.~;.;~ ...... +^+.~ +~.~i and Mr.~ Arnola Watts of Ran-of services. Spec al servzces wzth Sprin~. , be another six to eight weeks be- the constructmn of a $2-mllUon oYn~irn~nfnl fwt~ ~a~u~, +~at I I " ch sed .... ' everend Arthur E Bloom .... ,---,- ............. ~- ..... s ...... " ~ + - ..... , if It were pur a son has completed his bamc train the R , " Delegates named to attend the for the ~act.ftnding mlssmn has demonstratmn coal filtration sew- ,~.,+ ,.~,,+ .... ~.~ ...... + .... | . _ } ..... 1 r ontin in Th .............. v ....... "" ~='+= ~ "'~" rail e e expenmve indeed be- ing at Great Lakes Naval Train- fie d a e c_ .u g ursday,West Virginia Education Associ- been completed. 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