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April 13, 1978     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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April 13, 1978

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10 SPIRIT OF JEFFERSON Farmer's ADVOCATE THURSDAY, APRIL 13, 1978 I I BOARD Of EDUCATION LEVY ESTIMATE STATE OF WEST VIRGINIA, COUNTY OF JEFFERSON, to-wit: At a Regular Session of the Board of Education of Jefferson County, held at the regular meeting place thereof on the 27th day of March, 1978. Present: Richard E. Neal, President of said Board of Education, and Paul R. Manzuk, G. Warren Mickey, P. T. Por- terfield, III, and Kenneth H. Sims, Members. In accordance with Section 12, Article 8, Chapter 11, of the West Virginia Code, as amended, the Board proceeded to make an estimate of the amounts necessary to he raised by a levy of taxes for the current fiscal year, and doth determine and estimate the several amounts to be as follows: SCHOOL CURRENT--ESTIMATED RECEIPTS tl) The amount due and the amount that will become due and collectible during the current fiscal year EXCEPT FROM THE LEVY OF TAXES to be made for the year: Taxation and Appropriations Received (Other than net tax collections) Tuition From Patrons Other Revenue from Local Sources State Funds Revenue from Federal Sources Clearing Accounts Total Estimated Receipts Exclusive of J Current Property Taxes $ 21,000.00 1,200.00 55,013,00 5,327,613.00 50,000.00 658,335.00 6,113,161.00 (2) The total of all other expenditures to be paid out of the receipts for the current fiscal year with proper allowance for delinquent taxes, exonerations and contingencies: SCHOOL CURRENT -- ESTIMATED DISBURSEMENTS ADMINISTRATION: Salaries 142,263.00 Contracted Services 7,500.00 Other Current Expense 18,000.00 TOTAL ADMINISTRATION 167,763.00 INSTRUCTION: Salaries: Principals Consultants or Supervisors Teachers Other Professional Staff Secretarial & Clerical Other Salaries Non-Professional Total Salaries Other Current Expense: Textbooks School Libraries & Audiovisual Materials Teaching Supplies Other Expenses Total Other Current Expense TOTAL I NSTRUCTIO N ATTENDANCE SERVICES: Salaries Other Expense TOTAL ATTENDANCE SERVICES HEALTH SERVICES: Contracted Services TOTAL HEALTH SERVICES PUPIL TRANSPORTATION SERVICES: Salaries Replacements of Vehicles Pupil Transportation Insurance Expenditures in Lieu of Transportation Other Expenses for Operation and Maintenance TOTAL TRANSPORTATION OPERATION OF PLANT: Salaries Contracted Services Heat for Buildings Utilities. Except Heat for Buildings Supplies Other Expense TOTAL OPERATION OF PLANT MAINTENANCE OF PLANT: Salaries Contracted Services Replacements of Equip. Other Expense TOTAL MAINTENANCE OF PLANT FIXED CHARGES: School District Contributions to Employee Retirement Insurance & Judgments Rental of Land & Buildings TOTAL FIXED CHARGES FOOD SERVICES: Other Expense TOTAL FOOD SERVICES COMMUNITY SERVICES: 4-H Club 7,200.00 Adult Education 9,000.00 TOTAL COMMUNITY SERVICES 16,200.00 CAPITAL OUTLAY: Sites Buildings Equipment TOTAL CAPITAL OUTLAY 'OUT-GOING TRANSFER ACCOUNTS: Expenditures In-State 75,104.00 TOTAL OUT-GOING TRANSFER ACCOUNTS CLEARING ACCOUNTS: Food Services 658,335.00 TOTAL CLEARING ACCOUNTS SCHOOL CURRENT EXPENSES RECAPITULATION Administration Instruction Attendance Services Health Services Pupil Transportation Services Operation of Plant Maintenance of Plant Fixed Charges Food Services Community Services Capital Outlay Outgoing Transfer Accounts Clearing Accounts Total School Current Expenditures Total Estimated Disbursements Estima ted Receipts Net Amount to be Raised by Levy of Taxes Total 254,973.00 80,478.00 4,159,212.00 139,395.00 118,470.00 102,626.00 4,855,154.00 45,000.00 17,900.00 60.000.00 10,500.00 133,400.00 4,988,554.00 17,259.00 900.00 18,159.00 13,578.00 13,578.00 395,499.00 64,572.00 12,000.00 1,200.00 133,000.00 606,271.00 202,424.00 I0,000.00 100,000.00 238,500.00 27,300.00 800.00 579,024.00 115,546.00 38,000.00 12,300.00 23,500.00 189,546.00 353,000.00 90,800.00 6,600.00 430,400.00 I03,540.00 103,340.00 30,000.00 30,000.00 26,726.00 I06,726.001 167,763.00 4,988,554.00 18,159.00 13,578.00 606,271.00 579,024.00 189,546.00 430,400.00 103,340.00 16,200.00 106,726.00 75,104.00 658335.0O SCHOOL CURRENT-- EXPENDITURES ESTIMATE 75,104.00 658,335.00' 7,973,000.00 7,973,000.00 6,113,161.00 1,859,839.00 7,973,000.00 CLASS i Personal Property Pubiic Utility Property Total Class I CLASS II Real Estate Personal Property Total Class II CLASS ili Real Estate Personal Property. Public Utility Property Total Class III Rate of Levy Proposed Assed Including Excess, Taxes Valuation if any Levied 12,127,765 42.95c $ 52,089 115,600 42.95c 496 12,243,365 52,585 67,419,460 65.9c 579,133 2,351,900 85.9C 20,203 69,77.1,360 599,336 22,803,950 171.8c 291,772 17,093,235 171.8c 293,662 14,466,200 171.8c 248,530 54,, 9,9 f CLASS iV Real Estate 9,685,500 171.8c 166,397 Personal Property 8,872,095 171.8c 152,423 Public Utility Property 3,066,200 171.8c 53,021 Total Class IV 21,643,795 371,641 TOTAL VALUATION 158,021,995 1,957,726 PROPOSED RATES FOR BOND PURPOSES: Class I I0.8c; Class II 21.6c; Class III 43.2c; Class IV 43.2c. Net Levy for Sinking Funds and Interest 445,100 STATE OF WEST VIRGINIA, COUNTY OF JEFFERSON, TO-WIT: I, Raymond H. Frazier, Secretary of the Board of Education of said county do hereby certify that the foregoing are true copies from the record of orders made and entered by said hoard on the 27th day of March, 1978. Given under my hand this 29th day of March, 1978. Raymond H. Frazier Secretary COUNTY COURT LEVY ESTIMATE State of West Virginia, County of Jefferson, to-wit: At a regular session of the County Court of Jefferson County, held on the 28th day of March, 1978, Present J. T. Mentzer, Sr., President, and Henry M. Snyder, Jr., George R. Crim, Charles J. W. Smith and Garland H. Moore, Jr., Commissioners. In accordance with Section 1O, Article 8, Chapter II, of the West Virginia Code as Amended, the Court proceeded to make an estimate of the amounts necessary to be raised by a levy of taxes for the current fiscal year, and doth determine and estimate the several amounts to be as follows: GENERAL COUNTY PURPOSES ESTIMATE Estimate Form No. 1 ESTIMATED RECEIPTS: The amount due, and the amount that will become due and collectible from every source during the current fiscal year, EX- CEPT FROM THE LEVY OF TAXES, to be made for the current year upon the county as a whole and upon any district of the county for which the levies are laid by the County Court. Balance Due Fund From Sheriff Delinquent Taxes, Redemptions & Sales Earnings, Sheriff Sheriff's CommissiOn Earnings, Clerk County Court Earnings, Clerk Circuit Court Property Transfer Tax Miscellaneous Grants: (Specify Source & Purpose) Coal Severance Tax Revenue Sharing Miscellaneous Receipts: Pari-Mutuel Wagering (19-23-9) Planning Commission Landfill TOTAL ESTIMATED RECEIPTS ESTIMATED CURRENT EXPENSES: 1. Office of the County Clerk 2. Office of the Circuit Clerk 3. Office of the Sheriff & Treasurer (Tax Office & Law Enforcement) 3. A. County Jail 4. Prosecuting Attorney 5. Office of the Assessor 6 Cbunty Commissioners 7. Agricultural Agents 8. Courthouse and Buildings 9. Elections 12. County Health Unit 13. Vital Statistics 14. Dog Warden 15. Libraries 17. Mental Health 18. Fire Departments 19. Communications 20. Landfill 20. A. Postage 20. B. Building Fund 21. Parks and Recreation 22. Housing Authority 23. Landmarks Commission 24. Planning Commission 25. Committee on Aging 26.4-H 27. Civil Defense 26. Region 9 29. Publications 30. Employees BenefitS 31. Audit by Tax Commissioner 32. Contingencies 33. Premiumb on Official Bonds 34. Slate Police Lights 35. Duos-W. Va. Association of County Officials 36. Dues-Other Associations 36. A. E.P.T.C. 37. Crime, Delinquency & Correction 37. A. Intergovernmental 38. Supplemental Personnel Costs (All Depts.) 39. Unpaid Bills-Last Fiscal Year 40. Orders Outstanding-Last Fiscal Year TOTAL ESTIMATED CURRENT EXPENSES LESS ESTIMATED RECEIPTS NET AMOUNT TO BE RAISED BY LEVY TOTAL RECEIPTS Ass'ed Valuation $ 125,000.00 30,000.00 3,000.00 6,000.00 40,000.00 5,000.00 25,000.00 51,500.00 60,000.00 413,000.00 80,000.00 8,500.00 45,000.00 $890,000.00 59,400.00 35,400.00 96,670.00 57,909.00 34,345.00 75,270.00 ,400.65 17,800.00 293,305.00 22,600.00 38,020.00 600.00 11,813.00 6,000.00 12,150.00 38,000.00 40,000.00 122,798.00 11,000.00 60,000.00 18,000.00 100.00 700.00 39,871.00 I0,000.00 700.00 2,400.00 1,796.00 6,000.00 118,300.00 5,000.00 96,477.00 7,000.00 1,000.00 1,300.00 600.00 10,000.00 100.00 100.00 18,300.00 7,000.00 35,000.00 1,509,224.00 890,000.00 619,224.00 1,509,224.00 P Rateof Levy CLASS I Personal Property $12,127,765 Public Utility Property, 115,600 Total Class I 12,243,585 CLASS 11 Real Estate 67,419,460 Personal Property 2,351,900 Total Class II 69,771,360 CLASS III Real Estate 22,803,950 Personal Property 17,093,235 Public Utility Property 14,466,200 Total Class III 54363365 CLASS IY Real Estate 9,685,500 Personal Property 8,872,095 Public Utility Property 3,0,200 Total Class IV 21,643,795 TOTAL VALUATION $158,021,905 14.3C 14.3C 26.6c 29.6e 57.2C 57.2C 57:2C 57.2C 57.2C 57.2C All interested persons are hereby notified that a summary of the fiscal year 1979 Budget of Jefferson County including the intended uses of Revenue Sharing is available for public inspection at the Office of the County Clerk between the hours of 9:00 A.M. and 5:00 P.M. weekdays, and 9:00 A.M. to 12:00 noo on Saturday. STATE OF WEST VIRGINIA, COUNTY OF JEFFERSON to-wit: I, John E. Ott, Clerk of the County Court of said County, do hereby certify that the foregoing are true copies from the record of orders made and entered by said court on the 28th day of March, 1978. Given under my hand this 31st day of March, 1978. John E. Ott, Clerk of County Court Jeffermm County April 13-2t MUNICIPALITY Of RANSON STATE OF WEST VIRGINIA COUNTY OF JEFFERSON MUNICIPALITY OF RANSON, To-wit: At a Special session of the council of the municipality of Ranson held in the council chambers thereof, in the Town Hall building on the 23rd day of March, 1978, there were present J. Kelley Lance, Jr., Mayor; Mary I. Baker, Recording Officer, and Thomas Clark, Eugene Baltimore, Marvin Dodson and Wilmot Carson, members of the council of said municipality. In accordance with Section 14, Article 8, Chapter 11, of the West Virginia Cede as Amended, the Council proceeded to make an estimate of the amounts necessary to be raised by levy of taxes for the current fiscal year, and doth determine and estimate the several amounts to be as follows: CURRENT REGULAR MUNICIPAL PURPOSES Estimate Form No. 1...ESTIMATE (1) The amount due and the amount that will become due and collectible from every source during the fiscal year, EXCEPT FROM THE LEVY OF TAXES to be made for the year. Cash Balance on Hand (Estimated) $ 9,500 Police Fines and Costs 12,000 Parking Meters 2,500 Taxes (Other than Property Taxes) 17,200 Fees 20,000 Licenses 3,900 Total Estimated Receipts 65,100 ESTIMATED CURRENT EXPENDITURES I. Salary of Mayor 1,200 2. Salary of Recorder or Clerk 350 3. Salary of Treasurer 200 4. Salary of Police Judge 1,000 5. Salary of City Attorney 1,000 7. Salary of Councilmen or Commissioners 3,000 8. Salary of Assistants and Clerks 2,000 9. Salaries of Chief and Meter Maid & 2 Police 34,200 I I. General Expenses Police Department 8,000 13. Salaries and Expenses Feeding Prisoners 500 16. General Expense Fire Department 3,000 20. General Expenses Health Department 75 21. Salaries, Crematory & Garbage Employees 13,200 23. General Expenses Crematory & Garbage Department 11,000 27. Stationery, Office Supplies & Equipment 200 26. Postage 300 29. Water-Fire Protection, Streets & Sewers 900 31. Light for Street Lighting 8,736 32. Light-City Building, Traffic Lights, Etc. 350 33. Repairs, Street & Traffic Lights 100 35. Telephone & Telegraph (All Departments) 400 38. Rents-City Hall and Other Buildings I,0 37. Legal Publications 350 38. Insurance on City Building & Other Property 3,900 39. Premiums on Policemen's & Official Bonds 130 44. Salaries & Wages all Street Employees 6,300 49. Workmen's Compensation Premiums 2,000 50. Audit by Tax Commissioner 1,000 55. Traveling & Car Expenses of City Officials 600 56. Parking Lot, Salaries, Supplies & Expenses 150 60. Social Security 3,000 60. B. Employees Insurance 2,600 64. Unemployment Insurance 600 TOTAL ESTIMATED EXPENDITURES $ 111,561 Proposed Rate of Levy Ass'ed Valuation CLASS I Personal Property $1,479,185 12z/2c Public Utility Property 2,800 12/c TOTAL 1,481,985 CLASS II Real Estate 2,336,900 23c Personal Property 120,000 25c TOTAL 2,456,900 CLASS IV Real Estate 3,147,300 30c Personal Property 4,631,550 30c Public Utility Property 403,100 30c TOTAL 8,181,950 TOTAL VALUATION 12,120,835 STATE OF WEST VIRGINIA, COUNTY OF JEFFERSON, MUNICIPALITY OF RANSON, TO-WIT: I, Mary I. Baker, Recording Officer of said municipality, do hereby certify that the foregoing are true copies from the record of orders made and entered by the council of said municipality on the 23rd day of March, 1978. Given under my hand this 27th day of March, 1978. April 13.2t I I Stephanie Smith Has Rob In W1/U Theatre Production Stephanie Smith, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Steve A. Smith, Mordington Avenue, Charles Town, and a sophomore drama student at West Virginia University, is a member of the cast of "La Ronde", a sensitive 19th century comedy by Arthur Schnitaler, which will be the next production of the W. Va. University's Division of Theatre. The play, to be directed by Mary I. Baker Recorder and Treasurer l l Ill l lllllll Robert Healey, will be presented on April 18-22 in the Creative Arts Center Studio Theatre. Tickets are $2.50 and may be reserved hy telephoning the Center's Theatre Box Office, 293- 3020. "La Rende" depicts the game of sex, seduction and meaningful personal relationships through a series of ten vignettes. The play will be enhanced by a background of Hungarian music and dancing of the rende by various characters. Happiness is a State of mind--try to remember that when worried. PUBLIC SALE I will sell at public sale the following personal property located at 406 South George Street, Charles Town, West Virginia on SATURDAY, APRIL 75, '/978 BEGINNING AT '/0:00 A. M. Library table; several smali tables; fireplace set with screen; bookshelves; air conditioner;rocker straight chairs; pair of chairs; metal chairs; folding chairs; chandelier; Ray-O-Lamp; Cranberry hanging lamp; floor lamps; gone with the wind lamp; num"ous other lamps; figurines; 2 school desks; server; dit set; dining room table; plant stand; 4 pc. bedroom suite : c. bedroom suite; 2 iron beds; twin beds; junior bed; 3 cir. s hampers; oak dresser; odd dresseri towel rack; Bachelors chest; trunks; lu.,age; baby crib; play pen; high chair; car seat; children's equipment; 2 sets of encyclopedias, Americana and Collier; books; 14 grass rugs; rugs; pictures and frames; brass fixtures; baskets; HOt Point refrigerator; Kelvinator washer; kitchen range; gas oven; Broil-King broiler oven, new; step stool; bar set; garden tools; fires; crocks; jars; jugs; bed linens; assorted jewelry; quantity of china, glassware, dishes; kitchen appliances and utensils; other articles too numerous to mention. Mrs. Renee Viener Weiss Terms; Cash Auctioneer: Paul E. Miller Clerk: N. Clark Furr Lunch rights reserved. Not responsible for accidents on premises. April 3-3t. JEFFERSON HIGH STUDENTS WORLD AFFAIRS SEMINAR IN Two Jefferson High students Julie i and Tim Mumaw, right, attended the 1 World Affairs Seminar, held at University in Morgantown, March Mrs. Robert Rizzo, the former the Social Science Department at School, accompanied the which was held in the Ramada Inn town. The students were sponsored Science Department of the school banks and businesses. The topic "Third World Nations", with the key being given by West Virginia Randolph and Maryland Senator Gov. Dalton Speaker beginners ting. For 50th Anniversary Tuesday, volleyball; Dinner Of Boy Scouts splint bottom p.m., Warren French, president of until 8 p.m., the Shenandoah Area Council of sketching. the Boy Scouts of America, announced that Governor John Dalton, of Virginia, will be the guest speaker at the 50th An- niversary Scouters Recognition' Dinner to be held at the Robert E. Aylor Junior High School in Stephens City, Va., on Tuesday, April 25. French indicated that in- vitations to the dinner had been mailed and that he expects record attendance at this 50th Anniversary function. Guests and Scouters from the nine county area of Virginia and West i Virginia are expected. In addition to the Governor's speech, other highlights of the dinner are special award }resentations made to area Scouters including the 'recognition of many Veteran Scouters with ten to fifty years continuous registration. The Shenandoah Area Council, Bay Scouts of America is a participating agency of the United Givers Fund of Jefferson County. Have Openings In Some Community Education Classes There are still some openings for additional enrollments in some of the following Com- munity Education classes, it was announced this week. Monday, 7 until 9 p.m., beginners Macrame and Thursday, 7 beginning int. guitar; reading on level; 7 Also and p.m., adult, Earl D. SUMTEB, Quarter S.C., D. Unger, unger of Airman service honored for ( and duty The 817 NeW Keckley, Naturi million not knOW wear NEW ZENITH Distinctiv compact cabinet. Finished American Walnut =HI9 SUPERTANE 116 E. Washington St.- PHONE: 7