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April 11, 1968     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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April 11, 1968

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STATE OF WEST VIRGINIA, COUNTY OF .JEFFERSON, to-wit: At a Regular Session of the Board of Educ~ition of Jefferson County, held at the regular meeting place thereof on the 25th day of March, 1968. Present: L. H. Hetzel. President of seid Board of Edu- cation, and Leo J. Widrnyer, J. Strider Moler, W. W. Hammond and Richard E. Neal, Members. In accordance with Section 12, Article 8, Chapter 11, of the West Vir~.inia Code, as amended, the Board proceeded to make an estimate of the amounts necessary to be raised by a levy Of taxes for the current final year, and doth determine and estimate the several amounts to be as follows: SCHOOL CURRENT--ESTIMATED RECEIPTS collectible during the current fiscal year EXCEPT F~ROM THE LEVY OF TAXES to be made for the year: Amount due from Sheriff $ 244,062.00 Taxation and Appropriations Received (Other than net tax collections) 4,030.00 Other Revenue from Local Sources 1.500.00 State Funds 1219,241.00 Federal Funds Received Through State 4,030.00 Revenue from Federal Sources 48,000.00 Clearing Accounts 105,300.00 Total Estimated Receipts $1,626.103.00 (2) The total of all other expenditures to be paid out of the receipts for the current fiscal year with proper allowance for delinquent taxes, exonerations and contingencies: SCHOOL CURRENT--ESTIMATED DISBI.~RSEM]ENTS ADMINISTRATION: Salaries $ 38,i]fl0.00 Contracted Services 3,500 00 Other Current Expense 8,000.00 TOTAL ADMINISTRATION $ 50,400.00 INSTRUCTION: Salaries: Principals $ 156,100.00 Consultants or Supervisors 52,400.00 Teachers 1,288,000.00 Other Professional Instructional Staff 41~00.00 Secretarial and Clerical Assts 40~?~)0.00 Total Salaries $1,578,600.00 Other Current Expense: Textbooks $ 29,500.00 School Libraries & Audovisual Materials 21,703.00 Teaching Supplies 12,000.00 Other Expenses 4,600.00 Total Other Current Expenses $ 67,800.00 TOTAL INSTRUCTION $1,646,400.00 ATTENDANCE SERVICES: Salaries $ 7,512.00 Other Expense 800.00 TOTAL ATTENDANCE SERVICES $ 8,312.00 HEALTH SERVICES Contracted Services $ 6265.00 TOTAL HEALTH SERVICES $ 6,265.00 PUPIL TRANSPORTATION SERVICES: Salaries'~. $ 95,500.00 Replacement of Vehicles 23,000.00 Pupil Transportation Insurance 1,900.03 Other Expenses for Operation & Maintenance 26,400,00 TOTAL TRANSPORTATION $146,800.00 OPERATION OF PLANT: Salaries $ Contracted Services Heat for buildings Utilities (Except Heat for Buildings) Supplies Other Expenses 59,800.00 900.00 21,000.00 30,600.00 9,600.03 400.00 TOTAL OPERATION OF PLANT MAINTENANCE OF PLANT: Salaries $ 39,000,OO Contracted Services 8,000.00 Replacements of Equipment 24,000.00 Other Expenses 21,500.00 TOTAL MAINTENANCE OF PLANT FIXED CHARGES: School District Contributions to Employee Retirement Social Security $ 80,500.00 Insurance and Judgments Workxnen's Compensation Inc Rental of I~nd and Buildings Teachers' Sick Leave Non-Teaching Employees Sick Leave TOTAL FIXED CHARGES 11,500.00 32 0.00 24,030.00 3,700.00 FOOD SERVICES: Other Expenses $ 2,500.00 Personal Property 7357,095.00 Public Utility Property 6,686,700.00 Total Class No III 25,303,945.00 CLASS NUMBER IV Real Estate $ 6,920,100.00 Personal Property 4,641,270.00 Public Utility Property 1,222,600.00 Total Class No. IV 12.783.970.00 TOTAL VALUATION $69,883,050.00 171 8 (HERE FOLLOW WITH ALL OTHER LEVY ORDERS, INCLUD- ING INTEREST AND SINKING FUNDS AND PERMANENT IM- PROVEMENTS) TOTAL CLASS I $ 5378,350.00 2.9 c TOTAL CLASS II 26,416,785.005.8 c TOTAL CLASS IH 25.303,945.0011.6c TOTAL CLASS IV 12,783,970.0011.6c TOTAL LEVY $69~,050.00 C I, T. A. Lowery, Secretary of the Board of Education of said county do hereby certify that the foregoing are true copies from the record of orders made and entered by said board on the 25th day of March, 1968. Given under my hand this 25th day of March, 1968. T. A. 1 OWERY BOAW Of EDUCATION JEFf ,tSON COUNTY April 4-2t- STATE OF WEST VIRGINIA, COUNTY OF JEFFERSON, MUNICIPALITY OF RANSON, W. VA To-wit: At a Special session of the council of the municipality of Ranson held in the council chambers thereo~, in the Town Hall Building on the 9th day of March, 1968, there were present Wilmot G. Carson Mayor, Mary I. Baker Recording Officer, and Mrs Elizabeth Jenkins, Charles S. Beahm, Jr Merle Goode, members of the council of said municipality. In accordance with Section 14, Articles 8, Chapter 11. of the West Virginia Code as Amended, the Council proceeded to make an esti- mate of the amounts necessary to be raised by levy of taxes for the current fiscal year, and doth determine and estimate the several amounts to be as follows: CURRENT REGULAR MUNICIPAL PURPOSES Estimate Form No. 1 ESTIMATE (1) The amount due and the amount that will become due and collectible from every source during the fiscal year EXCEPT FROM THE LEVY OF TAXES to be made for the year. Balance in Hands of City Treasurer (Estimated) $ 1.000.00 Police Fines and Costs 5,000.00 Parking Meters 2,000.00 Taxes: Capitation and Dog 400.00 Franchise 500.00 Amusement 200.00 Fees: Crematory and Garbage 6,000.00 Licenses: General 3,000.00 Miscellaneous 250 00 Total Estimated Receipts $18,350.00 $ 122,300.00 $ ESTIMATED CURRENT EXPENDITURES: 1. Salary of Mayor $ 900.00 2. Salary of Recorder or Clerk 300.00 3. Salary of Treasurer 200.00 "5. Salary of City Attorney 300.00 7. Salary of Councilmen or Commissioners 600.00 8, Salaries of Assistants and Clerks 360.00 9. Salaries 0f,Ch~ef and i Police 8.000.00 10. New Equipment Police Department 1,500.00 11. General Expenses Police Department 1,400.00 13. salaries an(1 Expenses Feeding Prisoners 100.00 18. Salaries Health Commissioners and Employees 75.00 21. Salarieg, Creraatory and Garbage Employees 5,300.00 22. New Equipment Crematory and Garbage Department 1,000.00 92,500.00 23. General Expenses Crematory and Garbage Department 1,200.00 27. Stationery, Office Supplies and Equipment 50.00 28. Postage 50.00 29. Water--Fire Protection, Streets and Sewers 850.00 31. Light for Street Lighting 3,000.00 32. Light--City Building, Traffic Lights, Etc 200.00 33. Repairs, Street and Traffic Lights i00.00 35. Telephone and Telegraph (All Departments) 25.00 37. Legal Publications 100.00 400.00 $ 123200.00 38. Insurance on City Building and Property 39. Premiums on Policemen's and Official Bonds 75.00 [ 40. Election Expenses 150.00 43. General Expense, Engineering Department 200.00 TOTAL FOOD SERVICES $ COMMUNITY SERVICES: 4-H Club $ 3,800.00 TOTAL COMMUNITY SERVICES $ 97,475.00 CAPITAL OUTLAY: Sites $ 37,500.03 Buildings 40,275.00 Equipment 19,700.03 TOTAL CAPITAL OUTLAY 2,500.00 46. Materials. Supplies and Expenses, Street Department 14,557.00 50. Audit by Tax Commissioner 200.00 52. Parking Meters, Salaries, Supplies and Expenses 100.00 e0 seclal Se rity 650.00 $ 3,8OO.OO 61. Contingent Expenses (Mandatory Only) 500.00 A--Total Current Expenses $42,442.00 B--Amount of unpaid obligations to be paid from Icurrent levy Total estimated disbursements (A-B) $42,442.00 Less estimated receipts 918,350.00 Net amount to be raised hy levy 24,092.00 TOTAL RECE~ $42,442.00 CLEARING ACCOUNTS: Food Services $ 105,300,00 TOTAL CLEARING ACCOUNTS $ 105,300.00 SCHOOL CURRENT EXPENSES---RECAPITULATION $2,299,952.OO CLASS Assessed Rate of Levy Number I Valuation Proposed Personal Property $ 472A90.0012 c Public Utility Property 8,800 00 12 c Total Class No. I 481,290.00 Number H Real Estate L365,20 .00 Number IV Real Estate 2,i69 800.00 Personal Property 1,898,1,90 00 Public Utility Property 201,200.00 Total Class No. IV . 4,269;190 00 TOTAL VALUATION $6,115,680.00 I. Administration $ 50,400.00 2. Instruction 1,646,400.00 3. Attendance Services S,312.OO 4. Health Services 6,265.00 5. Pupil Transportation Services 146,800.00 6, Operation of Plant 12'2,300.00 7. Maintenance of Plant 92,500.00 8, Fixed Charges 123,200.00 9. Food Services 2,500.00 10. Community Services 3,800.00 11. Capital Outlay 97,475.00 STATE OF WEST VIRGINIA, 15. Total School Current Expenditures 16. Plus Clearing Accounts ~. $105,300.00 25 c 50 c 50 c 50 c 18. Total Clearing & Transfers $105,300.00 COUNTY OF JEFFERSON, 19. Estimated Outstanding Obligations June 30; 1968: [ 20. Former Years Orders $ 80.030.00 I MUNICIPALITY OF RANSON, W. VA TO-WIT: 22. Total Orders Outstanding, Encumbrances t ,Mary I. Baker, Recording Officer of said municipality, do hereby and Bills Uopaid : 80,000.00 I certify that the foregoing are true copies from the record of orders 23. Amount ~Above Obligations Pro~ made and entered by the council of said municipality on the 9th $85914900'80'00000 I to be Paid from Current Levy day of March, 1968. 24. Total Estimated Disbursements $2,485,252.00 Given under my hand this 28th day of March, 1968. Lt~es 15, 18 and 23 222~7"i Net Amount to be Raised by a Levy $2,465,252.OO ~ "'" " - " Total Lines 25 & 26 (Must agree fwithTaXeSline 24),t ",~ri, 4-2t- Recorder SCHOOL CUI~AKE~--~EXPENDITURES I- -: =- -: ~ ~ :~Igm will soon be out and feeling much ESTIMATE I better. t ] Patient in VA Hospital Assessed Rate of levy Proposed I Georgia Pearl 42.95 c = --i :; : -:-- I Suffers Heart Attack Sorry to report that Mr. Cecil Ever, hart is a patient ia Fairfax, c, Va Hospital from a heart attack ~e suffered w~le at work in that c i cRy. Our prayers are that he Mr. Clarence Hardy is a patien,t in Newton D. Baker Hospital hav- ing suffered a heart attack We are wishing him a. speedy recov- ery and can soon be home wi~ his family. Mrs. Rosotta TaRon and Mrs. Georgia Piper attended a baby shower for Mrs. Judy Cogle in CLASS NUMBER I Valuation Personal Property $ 5,177,950.00 Public Utility ProperW 200,400.00 Total Class No. I 5~78,350.00 CLASS NUMBER II Real Estate $26,416,785.00 CLASS NUMBER III Real Estate 911,280,150.00 and Mrs. Betty Rutherford of SiI- ed by breakfast in the church ] ver Grove were also present. Mrs. Doris Brackett, M, iss Janet Cra~in and M,iss Carol Lancas- ter were visitors Sunday with Mrs. Linda Ro]linson. Miss Cheryl Lancaster of Charles Town, was a Satm'day vis- i, tor of Miss Pa~ricia Piper. Ilad Bruised Hand Mr. John Hawk suffered a bruised hand while working on a fence We are thinking of you, John, also as a t;ine neigl~bor, you will soon be feeling much better Mrs. Gertrude Broyley and daughter-in-law, of Seven Cor- ners. Va,and Mrs. Ronney Gorza were visitors Sunday evening of Mr. and Mrs G. C. Pearl. Mr. and Mrs. Herman Garrett were visitors Sunday evening of of the former's mother, Mrs. Sa- rah Garret,t, who is visiting her daughter, Mrs. Pauline Alger of lhnson. ~rs. Virgirga Wilt and daugh- ter Gindy Lee of Charles Town, wore dinner guests Sunday of Mr. and Mrs. Perry Lancaster and family. AMA Churches To Hold Combined Services At Stewart Chapel Sunday The Mt. Zion ALME church at Shenandoah Junction and the Stewart Chapel AME Church at Kearneys~ille, will hold a com- bined Easter Day service at Stew art Chapel in KearneysviHe, it was announced this week by the Rev. J. W. Washington, Sr pas- tor The services will begin w~th Sunrise Services at 6 a m. follow Ill l SPIRIT OF JEFFERSON FARMER'S din, ing room at 7, then Sunday THURSDAY, APRIL 11, 1968 School at 9:30 a. m and Morning Worship service at 11 The topic for the Sunrise Serv- ice will be the "Empty Tomb," and for the 11 a. m. serx~ice it will be :"The Risen Christ." At 7:30 p. fn. the Youth Followship hour w4ll be held w~h a Singspiration .to be featured. The public is in- vited to attend any or a/,l of ,these services. AN ESTIMATED $20,000 TAX DOLLARS EACH RACING DAY GOES INTO WEST VIRGINIA COFFERS OVER . Jefferson County's Horse & B ggyu If You Want Better, Safer Highways " WAHTADS U VOTE REPUBLICAN Pack Change Registration To Republican l,'ower At County Clerk's Office Before NORMAN KISNER Ir urance Consultant Fairfax Bldg.-Phone 725-5814 100 I will sell the following on the Malatt Farm, located 5 miles S. of Martinsburg, W. Va 1 miles E. of Route 11, on Naden. bousch Lane. SATURDAY, APRIL 6, 1968 --- 1:00 P. M. 35--HEAD CATTLF --35 23 Angus cows with calves by side; 5 Angus and Hereford steers approx. 500 lbs. each; 5 Angus and Hereford heifers, ap- prox. 500 lbs. each; Angus bull, 5 yrs. old; Shorthorn bull, 2 yrs. old. FARM MACHINERY Farmall H tractor; J. D. side rake; Ford tractor pulley; Roto- tiller; 1947 Dodge Pickup. TERMS--CASH. Nothing to be removed until settled for. EDWARD (Ned) MORROW~Auctioneer R. E. MORELAND. Clerk CLARENCE KERNS Not Responsible For Accidents On Premises. II Having sold our farm and moving to a smaller home, we will sell the following located 4 miles south of Charles Town, W. Va. Turn west off of Route 340 at Duff's Diner. SATURDAY, APRIL 13, 1968.10:30 A. M: HOUSEHOLD GOODS Frigidaire electric range; Frigidaire refrigerator; 9 Pc. mahog. any dining room suite; 4 Pc. maple bedroom suite; maple t@tn bed springs and mattress; bedroom suite; 2 bunk beds; cedar wardrobe; solid cherry table; early American davenport; day. eno bed; knee hole desk and chair; chaise lounge; chest of drawers; vanity; 3 easy chairs; arm chairs; recliner; rockers; school desk; redwood porch settee and 2 chairs; glider; stands; end tables; coffee tables; foot stool; utility cabinet; kitchen cabinet; base cabinet; Singer sewing machine; Seth Thomas clock; 2 9x12 rugs; mirrors; lamps; jars; curtains; bed linens; pots and pans; other articles not mentioned. Farmall Cub Tractor, with woods mower; side mower; culti- vator; plow and trailer. TERMS---CASH: Nothing to be removed until settled for. MILLER. THARPE; Auctioneers MORELAND. MOORE; Clerks John R. & Ruth M. Grove Luncheon Rights Reserved. Not Responsible For Accidents On Premises. April 4-2t- SEEDS And FEEDS - Be Sure To Shop Charles Town Cooperat RANSON, W. VA. --- Discontinuing farming, I will sell the ~following Farm, located 7 miles north of Martinsburg, W. south of Williamsport, Md 1 mile west of i-81. Mill exit west. TUESDAY, APRIL 16, 1968 10:30 A. M. 50--HEAD HOLSTEIN CATTLE,50 Two reg. cows will freshen in July; 8 cows will July; 3 cows (springers); 17 cows full flow of milk 3 heifers (yearlings); 9 calves 5-12 meN.; bull 16 mos.; bull bucket calf. TB and Bangs tested 30 days sale. Individual health certificates will be given. FARM MACHINERY Int. 414 tractor; Farmall H tractor; Case combine; ensilage wagon, self unloading; Int. Model 70 self unloading; A. C eom picker; Case field Kools ensilage blower; Grove 3T wagon; Case conveyor; Daft side delivery rake; Int. 50T baler; spreader; J. D. disk harrow; Boggs disk harrow; 13-7 grain drill; J. D, corn planter; J. D. plow 2-16" plow; N. H. mower; springtooth harrow; can milk cooler; 2 McD. milker units and pumP. articles not mentioned. 1965 Dodg~ ~ Ton Pickup. TERMS: Cash. Nothing to be removed until Auct.: 'Edward (Ned) Morrow Clerk: R. E. Moreland HARRY G. Not responsible for accidents on premises. rights reserved. Sel|lng my pt'operty and moving, I will sell the cared 1 mile west of Summit Point, W. Va. and of Clearbrook, Va. on: Discontinuing farming, I will sell the following located 3 miles West of Lovettsville, Va off Route 287 on Route 691. FRIDAY, APRIL 19, 1968 -- 1:00 P. M. FARM MACHINERY Int. 300 utility tractor with McC. 34 B power loader and blade; Int. TD 6 erawler; Farmall super M.D tractor; J. D. 24 T baler; McD. 16-7 grain drill; McD. 141 combine, 10' with pick-up at- tach.; MeD. 15 field harvester with grass and corn heads; 2 Grove ensilage wagons with self unloaders; 2 R. T. wagons with hay sides; Papee ensilage blower; McC. ensilage blower; May. rath conveyor; N. I. side rake; J. D. hay fluffer; mounted corn picker, fits H'or M tractors; McC. mower; 3 pt. hitch; Moline 10' disc harrow; 10' tractor spring tooth harrow; McD.*com planter; Fergus0n cultivator; Danhuser posthole digger; 12' grain auger; culti.mulcher; 2 binders; 8' and 10" land drag; CHpper seed sower; Dearborn rotary cultivator; Dellinger ham. mer mill; Remington chain saw; dirt scoop; Little Farmer garden tractor; Toro" lawn mower; wood lathe; drill press; forge chains; belts; small tools and other articles not mentioned. 1953 International L 160 Truck. TERMS--CASH: Nothing to be removed until settled for. W. D. ORNDoRFF- Auctioneer R. E. MORELAND - Clerk IRVING HESKETT Not responsible for accidents on premises. April ll-lt- SATURDAY, APRIL 13, 1968- I FARM MACHINERY & HOUSEHOLD Glidder; Lawn Chairs; Tables; Stands; Living Room Suite; Chairs; Two Metal Beds; ditloner, %-Ton; Washing Machine; Rocking Leather Chair Set; Dresser; Wardrobe; Kitchen Stove; Table and 4 Chairs; Comer Cabinet; Serving Cart; Swing Set and Bicycles. I Complete Set of Mechanical Tools. FARM EQUIPMENT Farmall A Tractor; Plow; Grading Blade; Deere Trailer Mower; Morrill Five Wheel Chain Saw; Water Tank; Trailer Sprayer Ladder; Laying Off Plow; Locust Post; Hose; Too Cable; Grass Seeder; Barb Wire; Wire; Corn Sheller; Pipe; Tarpaulin; Coops; Wire; Water Cans; Heaters; FeederS; Clothes Line Post; Rabbit Pens; Lawn MoWer; Farm Tools and other articles to numerous to 35 New Hampshire Red Hens and 21 Crossbreed 1958 ~-Ton Dodge PickUp with 31,030 actual z~ile~ clean. TERMS--CASH. LU~CH RIGHTS RE Not Responsible For Accldent~ LEE W. D. ORNDoRFF-Auctioneer Sum lt