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April 11, 1968     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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April 11, 1968

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TWo SECTIONS * READ THE 16 PAGES OF Ch.ified Ads News Photos FIND MANY THINGS S rts Ads You Stud Need 15 Business-News Dept. - Dial 725-2046 or 2047 CHARLES TOWN, (Jefferson County), W. VA. THURSDAY, APRIL 11, 1968 West Virginia's Oldest Newspa N i mmumwm~ mmu mmmmmm ~ ~ ~~ ~ ~ m~ nuumm maemmm n numummmmm ~~ ch Senic, ] Illundneds(]f' ters Ii|plril Ir,31(, DonaldE. Reryls. . 'n Cnrcc nt ,Court Named President Of q, . p a. t----"-' "'-' [MnllerChemncalCo. I/0 .tint :,is1 ,satll ;OllV(''' " " ]'ue sday Morning; .ure .oulr wl eeK I was effen'son F'a rdavL . Wolrk To Be Light at n~ [mer residem or Charies Town I ~ I J~ ' l:p r nun rv' and son of Mr. and Mrs. Frishy ~ --,:y I|~l~.~[W. Fiery; of Hagerstown, alsofor-I The big hunt for the l~ttle folks .|.t Al.~." p. T. II[;r, lnl vn v~vv nw u INIIVV [mer residents of Charles Town,]will get underway Saturday morn IIILI|UI03 ~OI~UII /U,1 ml am.It .~ [has been named President of the ] ing at 11 o'cloc~ a: the Jefferson ] t~-"':'-' ~ -- - -- ]Miller Chemical and Fe~lizer [ County Park in Charles Town ~lN~ R~,[]~[~ AS ] ae Weather Man is [ kn.-- J h---.*J---L ne [ Corpora, tion. He has for some [ when. hundreds of children go ~v - [ any rain or dam- ] dmeu rremuem UI I time been ~erving as vice-presi-[ over the field with a fine tooth ~n -- ~ n ] ~|&-. r. OA I I J [ The regular April jury rm of ; of the otential[ [dem of Sales for the Company. [comb in search for hidden Easter ~na~ |own ~v0r [ |u][~ |~ D~ [~Y ] ~0rn]~l . [the circuit court of Jefferson P - . ][AffA~eAn ]~u#.A e [ Mr. Fiery joined the staff of[ eggs. The accasion will be the " / "' '" I County will convene Tuesday te ~Unaay, ne lS la~;nu~n~mu $u$1.~-~o [,the Mil, ler Chemical Company in[ annual Kiwanis Club's Easter ~ ~: [ i;AM U .e,~n Into ~,n~ ~A ~1. [morning, April 16, with Judge =mperamres ann " n ~':~ +::::: ::~: *~:~:~::':~ ~:::: n ~~ [ April 1953 at the Ra son plant. I Egg Hunt. : ] ] UI iVl 13o LQI,~||U V] I1~ W a3 [ Gray Silver presiding. And while :~ ~rmay through [ ~~-y- - I And he served as sales manager[ There will be dozens upon doz- ~i ============================================================ . A ] the number of matters which ~ .cou+m present in this area for a number of ens of brigl~tly colored eggs many i:i : ii::ii:: ~Y:::!:/:~!!iiii::!:.i/::i~;:,~:: ",- with res ect to : k ~o'- "P [ ~~ [years before ]ommg the Miller]of them w~th prizes of varying ~ :~i:: ::::i:;::i::ii::i]Jictlv{, ]n Nt I] i, .~ ~, [t~ v~t~ [Prosecuting Attorney John C. I Vl ~,l ~V |~,U|~ [ Skinner, Jr will present to the a~ services, es- [ ~~~ [ organization in Baltimore, Md [ values attached to them. And all ~!i~):::: ::!:i:ii!!!!:iii:iiii!~ ] .~ [ grand jury are fewer and than in ~ter morning [ [ as assistant sales manager Three [ that will be necessary for the :ii~!i::~:i~:i:i:/!!!i [ Funora,~ services will be held ~ ~ + +. ] some previous terms of Court, the ~ [~~!~~ [years ago he was promoted to[ohfldren to do ,s to fred them. : :::,~::,: / / ~~;:!)~i~i~iii~!iii [ Civil case load is once again ex- ~g special tioiy," e ~" ~r::.::~::::~::: ~.~::;~ ~rmay mormng at 11 O'CLOCK ; [ ],the offxc of Vxce-Presldent m[ The eggs will be hard~bofled : ~i~::~:~::::~ [ ~ ~i:ii:::!~:~:::::i::,::ii~ii~i~!ii!i~ii!iii~ [ petted to be heavy. rom,tonigm~~ :"+- --" - ~ f Sales He's marrie~ ~~~+:::::~~ ~ trom me melvin r ~trmer ~ua-I ~~i~i%::!~!::::::~ii~ii~~ [ Grand jurors have been sum- ,k il~U,~t~ U . 1 U UIIU. COIUZ'CU 'Llllb ~Y~llJ.Xl~ ~ JL;IUE3- ~ ::~ii~'::~.-::~:: ~: " '; ::~ ". ~?) also on Good[ ~~ land has three children, Carolyn,]day) by Kiwanians, following ~ ~~i!~!:!i:'~i~:? /~eY Funeral Home an Shepherds: m :::i~ ::: :~!i~i~!i [ moned to appear Tuesday mon~. ~:~: [~~~~ [ Michael and Leisl. Mr. and Mrs. ] their weekly dinner meeting and i " ::/~i:;i!!iii: / town, zor mrs: ~aura ~. nammonct ~ ~ili:~:i:::::i:i!.~::i!iiii!~i!~,! [ ing in the Circuit Court Room, ',s wm tina every I ~~?~:~ I w+ a *hoir ohilaren reside ~* ~ ~ 1, ~,~, - -.; +h, ~:~ :: / reurea reglstereo nurse ot me [ ~ ~i~ :~ii~i~!i~!!! [ and after being drawn and sworn )UrK J "-" : : ~ :''~' *:'~: !:i ~+i~:::~:~,/:++i, . ,'lie sectio f ry and section I ~~ [ ~gn~ Providence RoadTowson [ ~,~u ho o~e- - *he L~lon Filed ~ / [ Kearneys~l n o Jefferson I ~ ~~i!!: :~!i~ ] in, will be given the charge ~ention as there ] ~~ ] Ma [ ~.a hla,~ -~ the h,~h.~,: ~~~:~ [ CourtLy, who died Tuesday, April [ i ~~i:::~!~i!i~iiii!i~i [ their duties by Judge Silver. Then unnse services +::~:~ i~ 9, m Winchester (Va) Memorml n, - [ ~V=: -- I Mr. Fiery was graduated from[ leaves, hummocks, etc ~~ [ :: . . ~ ~ ~i:: i~ii~ [the jurors will retire to their some are [ore ~ laOSpl.~al, alter an illness ot a'Dou co~ . ~ "[ ~i:~: - -:-]West Virginia University with a [ A total of 24 prize eggs will be ~::,' ' ~ ~~i!i~i~],room to consider the matters to mmunity ~un r i " ~: . ::~: ::~:::!~++, ~/:~: three weeKs The Key t~eorgo c BS degree In Agmcuitu al Sc en- hidden away ~ : :~ ~:: :: "~'v:i~:r'r'l~:::i~#'~:~:~ " " h as in Harvers I I o .~. o.a ~ ~.i ,1] ~ +. ,~, ,~o ~: ~:' [ Hurtter Jr astor of the Preshy- m ~~ [ be presented to them. -- . s " ":::.:~ :.~ ~i :.~i~!:;'!i~!::~:~:~i:~ ' . ' "' P - ~~~~ [ Prosecuting Attorney Skinner il~ler Cemetery at [ [ known in Charles Town, having [ past three separate areas, will be ~::):~:~i:' ::i::: i;i16!~: ~i~.).::? : +~i~i!~i~:: [ ter]an C2aurohes of Kea.rn.eyswtle [) ~ ~~~ [ said today he plans to seek indict. a.Jso ~e specia 1 ~ii~ l h~an i ", unity an I a d o f o h nge the e : ~ ~:~~ :~:: : ~i~++~+~ Iaria ~nepnerastown, wi i oztici- . ve i. eomm . d m .rke of t e a~e.~, thre :. :::~/:: :~:/:~::!~i: ,~. . . . [ ][~ ~~~ [ ments against four persons, two .at Leetown. Bap: [ ~~i~ [eivie affairs while residing here [ age groups, thus giving each child :+:!~i i : ?:i::~::::/:~i~ ,~i~!~!;i~!ii~l~i~$~ [ ~te. Burial w~I1 bemade in Elm-[ ~ [ in connection with breakings and for a number of ears a fmr opportu Ry ~t h,or hers ~. ~ :%~ ~! ,:::~ ~:~,: ~:~2 :~, . ,~ [ ~~~ ! Following his appointment to [search. : [ . The za:m~fly has. re~u ~3d that 1~ [ enterings, one for receiving stolen me Easter oo ~ m tmu o~ ttoral trlDmes, ~nat con [ ~ ~:,goods and another for the theft - [JOSEPH P. CHRISTIAN, JR the presidency 0{ the company, [ Many Kiwanians wR1 be on NICHOLAS CARSON ~ - :" ~.Y' "[ !,of an automobile. eoum wm oe t~muzions De mane to me l~ar .- Y. . [ Joseph P (3hristian, Jr, of [ Mr. Fiery nameffLRabert D. Stone [ hand Saturday to patrol .the Nicholas Carson, who has been[ ' : - : ] ! - - -- : - - -,In addition to the new criminal me churches, neysvl,~le Fresoyterla t~nurcn ot - . [ Charles Town, wh~ has been" con- J of Charles Town, to be in charge [ grounds and to see that the Hunt serving as Mayor of Charles Town],~!e r~ ~+ ~ . [ I ~:+~ : [ cases, there are a number of cases ann specm~ 1 business m s e u ~ a rde,wmcn me ~eceasea was rang an a ca--f'- - ~e [ nected with the Melvin T. Strider I of the Mfl er Company " ",i carri d o t "n n o rly lash- for the past 20 years, longer than ' - [ n :: :: listed on the docket of causes and ~, S~ a,~m to. o [Campan-y in Charles Town, $0r[thc Ea~t~r~ Panhandle area. Mr:lion.: ". ~ ~, any otherpe rscnever to held tt~. ~e.+ ~.~+ ~ +.%.~. [ I : '- : ~ .~q.m~ters "carried:~r +frora former h o-nepnenast wn [the past yeam,~w~ nm~ci ~~. t~+*i~: ~a ~-t~e: em-[ +Bitl Benton, is elmirm~ of th~ ~i~ ~ln'~+history of the mu;+ ~ ~rim~l~:W~~V~l ~t+t~e I l terms+of Court, plus a~ber of ~un~ay evening [dent of the Jefferson County Jay-[:P!oyee of th~ Miller C21emi ~'projeeL with Bill Jackson, Chuck dicipa}ity, announced today that ~,uneral. n?~ ~ ~:~o untn j MRS. LAUIIA B. ~(~ID+ ,[ appeals cases. " '~e.-ven't~a~uraaY[cees Monday nieht when: tl~e |~mpany and he and his wife a~ Kisuer, Cliff Eag~ton, Leo Wid- ~ has once again filed his Mayor- ~p~m. tomg ~t'l~umemyL and talems and those to, whom] .Criminal cases carried over ~erson lviemor- I organization "held ]t's anmml eie- [ famiTly reside on Hijh street in [ myer, Jack Akers and Roscoe Pay alty candidacy. He has served for . ~2ne aeceaseq: WhO was ,tt naottb she brought aid and ~mfort too] from t~ January term of Court, -,ca nun~re~s ~ tealy one ot me coumy~ most I ction He will re~lace Gary Kable, [ Charles Town. --ne his assistants, ten consecutive two-year terms :" " " over that long temure of time in1 are the S,ate versus I~obi)v A ,~ expectea to n : - ~ - "t ~ " " ~----:--- '--'-- first elected to the wl ely'Knowrfl and most nelovect ~ tncluae tlaree telony charges They V~ll be the an i wno nas oeen semng as neaa oi l~lllg u~, i ladies, was born in' Poolesvflle" which she served the nursing pro-] p L+,~ ~o B~.~, /~ p~to~: Uh'~ ~ the Jayeees for the past year ~ office m May 1948, and nstalled +, ~a ,~ +o f + - - -~as~r ~ss r~+h~ .**;,~ ~ n~mM ~o~a. u ~ ~,~ ~ hv th,~ late Dr c. p ~tvloutg~i[le y w ~t~, m ~,~t.~,- e~slon, numoer in the nunare~s State ver- s Thomas Pe=L" Dillow . m. The only n ,r.~ * +ho ~,~;*~ ~ ~.~-, ha o~ected not to seek ber 6, 1800, a daughter of the and possible *hou~nds. She had and Wfll~am t :2 ~'a'~er :='~ ,t of . ~,~, ,~,-, -,~,-s ~-. hi ' rd in e nursing profess- +ho ~+~,~ ,~,~ o,~ x~ri]lio, v~ , a rehgaous~ ~^ ^. ~ ~ 1 ance A-e~'~, .~.eleo,o, late Joseph T. and Laura MeGarry a reco " h a ~a~ vv~ ~, w$,mau all ~au~uuu~ ~.a* s "'~-~ "~ ~* "" " Ion ,n people nave ever wich, Jr Easter dance White She was graduated from in the HiLl-Dale Shopping Center Mayor Carson said today in an-- " whig few " nigh,t at the A total of eight appeals cases Center. in Charles Town, as irttern~l vice nouncing his intentions to seek Powhatan College when it was been able to reach. I.t was on tooated in Ranson and the Rey- May 18, 1966 that she completed carried over from the las~ term At Week serv Lutheran as announced E. Neat, pas- of Holy Corn- at at 7:30 on thc Seven Litany will Good Friday m. The Sacra- will be at 7:30 president; Lou /~hey, who is associated wRh the E L. McDon- ald agency in Charles Town, as external vice-president; Rufus Park, secretary and Stewa~ Whar ton, as treasurer. New Directors named were Robert Funkhouser and Tommy Specht. Other direct- ors will be the ne~ly elected of~i cers and Gary Kable, retiring presidenL The new ef~cers will take over their duties April 22 when the next meeting of the orgav.ization is held. This will be a planned meetirtg at which time the various committees w~ll be named. Cahristian, a graduate of Char- les Town High School, attended Colum'bia Prep in Washington, D. C and Shepherd College before being graduated from the Ameri- can Academy McAl+liSter InstRute of Funeral Service in New York. He is a member of the Episcopal church. Fire, the cause of which has still not been determined, inflict- ed about $3,500 in damages to a large metal building, and some of Rs concerns, located in the 100 block of East North street, in Charles Town, about 2:20 Wednes day afternoon before firemen could bring the blaze under con- trol. T, he corner of the building, own ed by Peoples Supply of Charles Town and occupied by Wells Ind ustries of Charles Town, was heavily damaged by fire, and there was some damage to the entire b~l'ding by smoke. Wa~l.ace DeGrange, manager of Wet,Is Industries, said this morn- High School auditorium was filled to capacity Friday night, April 5, for the "Charm Revue sponsored by the Shepherdstown Band Parents Association and of Mr. a~. William Baker of Shepherdstown, was picked by the Judges is a sophomore at Shepherdstown High and is a me~r of the an English teacher. The above pleture shows the queen and tre (left to rt~ht) -Mtrtha Hammond, fourth framer-up; runner-up; l~s . Rose D~ddox, first ~up; and Mary Ann Fuss,t in front are;+ Master Seo~ Bu/~ crown *hea~er and [Rile KarenI (Photo by Jim Tabb.) i ing that the volunteer members of the Charles Town Independertt and Citizen's Fire Companies did an outstanding jab in getting to the fire and brin~Irtg R under control. He said what might have been not only, a serious major fire, but also a cosily one, was handled quickly and expertly by the firemen and w~thin 40 min- utes after arriving at the scene of ,the blaze they had R not only under comrol, but coml~letely ex- tinguished. As a matter of fact the fare was cor~tralled so wall, and damage 1.imited to such a small area, that it was possible for opera,ions car ried on in the building, to be re- sumed this af~ternoon, DeGrange said. The building, used as a paint shop by Wells Industries, con,tabu ed in addition to some very valu- able equipment, large supplies of chemicals, such as pair~t, primer and totual. And when the fire first broke out there was a high risk that explosions might occurr from the high volatile chemicals stored in the build~ing. DeGrange said three employees were working in the building at the time the fire started in the area of a large tank filled with paint primer and totuol. The tank had just been filled when the men said they heard a loud crack and saw flames shoot into the area around the machines. Two of the men grabbed foam fire extinguishers in the plant and began to spray them on the blaze, while the third hurried to ca~l the fire departmems. By the time firemen arrived on the" scene flames were shooting from a w~ndow and two doors on the South end of the building. But wRhin mintttes after the firemen began to spray foam on the blaze they had brought i~ under con- trol. DeGrange saict that while ~t has been established where~ the fire started, the cause is still under investigation. The fire damage was covered by insurance, he said. BE WISE ADVERTISE re-election in the May 23 munici- pal election, there are still pro- grams now underway in Charles Town which were started under his past administrations that he would like tohave the opportun- TURN TO PAGE 3-A nMds Memorial School of Nursing in Moundsvi.tle, W. Va. For more than a half cer~tury, some 58 years to be exact, "(Miss Laura" as she was often called, was .most .generous with her time (BY MAX BROWN) The election of tweny-five dir- ectors .to serve for the ensuing year, dine for the 1968 opening of the park and swimming pool and the imposing of an 11 o'clock p. m. curfew, were the prideipal subjects for action as stockhold- ers of the Jeffemon County Mem- orial Park held their annual meet ing Wednesday nigh~ at the Civic Center. Charles F. Reininger, presidem of the Park Board for many years presided and appoir~ted a com- mittee to nominate directors for the year. Those elected to the Board for the 1968 season include, C. F. Reininger, James W. Strider, Tlmrman WhitaCre, Max Brown, Joseph Christian, Allen R. Mar- sha~l, Oliver Kastle, Paul Meyers, Ernest Houser, Jr Lee Gruber, Shirley Hurtt, Mrs. Glenn Ed- wards, Glenn Ramsburg, Hazel Oden, Jack Huye*t, Mrs. Edward McDonald, Mrs. Leeds Rialy, Patti Cain, James Morison, Harold Kis- ner, T. A. Lowery, Mrs, James Gore, Dean Nichols, Mrs, Edward Gano and Garnett Morison. 1Ki~s Hazel Oden ga~e a detail report of the past year's activRies at the park and the swimmlr~g pool and it was slmwn that be- cause of the very cool and unsea- sonable weather last summer, re- ceipts at the pool showed a con- siderable decrease. Otherwise the park in general enjoyed a success ful year wRh numerous picnics being held on the grounds and the almost round the clock act- ivRies on the two tennis cou~ts and ~t the s~t b~ll diamond. In a ~scussi~n, Mr. Reininger spoke a~o~ the park and R's many advane~ages to the commu- nRy in general and solicted the support of the directors and others to visR the park whenever the opportunity and get a first hand glimpse of just how many youngsters, older people and others visit the park every day. Mr. Reininger said that while much of the funds had become vastly depleted because of the poor year a'~ the park in 1967, it wo~'Id be necessary to plan a fund raising campaign of some nature before the opening of the park on Saturday, June 8th A commRtee to work in respect ,to some action as to raising funds will begin shortly R was ann~unc ed. Directors nmned the fellowing slate of officers to ,head the park for the coming season. They are Charles F. Relninger, president; Ernest Houser, Jr executive vice president; first v~ce president Oliver Kastle; second vice presi- deal Paul Meyers: secretary Mrs. TURN TO PAGE ~--A ii.o,~ll.o.gnl.o C: .'~ ()dll Frost of freeze warnings : -- Becoming mostly sunny today and a bit~ ooler~ highest 58 to 64. Clear and colder tonight with frost or freeze lowest 28 to 34. Sunny and warmer Friday high- est 68 to 74. Outlook for Saturday fair and warmer. Winds North- west to North 8 to 15 MPH today variable 5 MI~H[ or less tonight Southerly 6 to 12 ~ after mid morning Friday. -- 57 years in the nursing profession and although since+ then she had been accepting only part-time work, she continued to devote considerable time and effort to volunteer communRy and civic programs, par~iculary where her nursing experience could be of he~rs. H~mmond first developed an interest .in nursing as a girl at the P6whatan College, and she TURN TO PAGE 3--A of Court are also on the docket. They are: City of Charles Town versus Robert Stiles; City of Char- les Town versus George R. Staubs; City of Charles Town versus James N. Whetzel; Enrico Rinaldi versus William Jackson; the Town of Bolivar versus John Watters; John Kusner versus Dr. Jules F. Langlet; John Kusner versus the Rev. B. C. Fields; and Blakeley Bank & Trust Company versus Phyllis Anderson. The 62nd annua~ convemaon of O. th~ West V~rgin,ia Federation of W~n'an's Clttbs held la~ week ~c the Green+brier H~tel in White StttphurSr,p~ings, W. Va was a most enjoy~t~le and certainly re- ~arding affair for the delegation from the @harles Town Woman's Ol~ttb shown above. The reason because their chtb wa4ked off wi, th the lion's share of the sta~e award~ presemed a~ the conven. ~on. Those who a4~ended ~e con- reunion from Charles Town as ll'~own were (le4~t to r~gh~) - Mrs. S: Bloom, president; Mrs. Frank BuShong~ Mrs. Tlmmas Rogers and Mrs. H, H. H~r~ter. This year as in past years the Cl~arles Town Club met w~ in- compara, ble succe~ in winning awards and honors, some 28 al- together. In 1963 when the Governor's Beautification Bo,~l was awarded for the first time tn Federation's l~istory the Charles Town Club was the first @l+ub to win tl~ Silver Bow~ and it has+ kept the+ TURN TO PAGE 3-A