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April 7, 1966     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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April 7, 1966

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"_^ le, 3.5; Carla Colhs, 3.5; Robert ~maa ~lnS,; ~usan utt, ~.ou; Hankins 34" Barbara Lall" 34 , ., y, .; Jeffry Sagle 3.50; Frank Welch, Judith Furr, 3.4; Mary Bowman, 3.50; Pierce Barr, 3.40; Gregg Cor. 3.4; Nick Snyder, 3.4; Donald i ~" Speck, 3.4; Bill Merchant, 3.4;! "- ............. - ..... - Shep Ogden, 3.4; Rose Mary Pie-i AN~,IDIDIFOR/IIV~I~ERA. rce, 3.4; Jim Lewis, 3.4; Sheryl[ A &l Starkey, 3,4; Karen Day, 3.3; Bill HLJ ~ ~ Henshaw, 3.2; Daniel Lutz, 3.2; I t i Caroline Cloud, 3.2; Bane Schill, LHolnsuranoePlan 3.1; Sue Ellen Bush, 3.0; John |or your Sho, ckey, 3.0; David McDonald, 3.0 u~ se ~ s "~ a u s |v Sue Bush, 3.0; Annie Hostler, 3.0. nrlvt g rA m i LI SOPHOMORE -- Na6onwide's new Family Pol- icy covers Morn, Dad, and Ml dependent children under age 18. And new babies covered at no premium increase (after 15 days old). One policy - one low premium -- for all- family protection! Glenn Bradley, 4.00; Charles Printz, 4.00; Jack Rickel, 4.00; Kay Jackson, 3.80; Lisa Shuman, 3.80; Pat Doyle, 3.75; J. T K~tchen 3.75; Jeneane Sagle, 3.75; Steph- anie Clopper, 3.60; Shells Jones, 3.60; Bonnie Minor, 3.60;, Vickie Rudacille, 3.60; Cindy Tuning, 3.60 Daniel Athey, 3:50; Darlene Bart- D~l~ItSd t lea, 3.50; Francis Grantham, 3.50; Karen Marcus, 3.50; Mary NIaster Insurance Consultant 3.50;Nancy Barnado, 3.40; Pat Falrfax Bldg.-Phone 725-5814Mler, 3.40; Donald Willingham, 3.30; C. Dale Manuel, 3.25; Mary West Liberty Street t Paul Marshall, 3.25; Althea Ruth- ,erford, 3.25; Thomas Tumblin, CHARLES TOWN, W. CA. !3.25; Nelson Wilt, 3.25; Doris ! i Brackett, 3.00; Gary Chrisman, / 3.00; Charles Cooper, 3.00; Donald / Curry, 3.00; Steve Evans, 3.00; ATIONWIDE [Brenda Everhart, 3.00; Diane Ris LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY t sler, 3.00 ~o.~ off~. coi..~.~ Oh~ " FRESHI~N -- For Clean And Use Triple.Refined TL T! And For Prompt Delivery CALL .... Jacquelin Bush, 4.00; Pamela Hoffman, 4.00; Selma Jones, 4.00; AmerMe's 111~141~ washer, the IttaM~ IH)U tiln ~or~il, $3.00 Per Week DISTRIBUTOR fllARI TnWH Belt Avenue "--'-- "" .... Ranson, W: Va. GAS C0..ilNC. Phone 725 2215 114 North Charles Street CHARLES TOWN, W. VA. I I I , ' ....... You Get Precisely What Doctor Orders Accuracy is a highly important ingredient in any prescription. Your registered pharmacist is thoroughly qualified, by years of professional training and experience, to follow "doctor's orders" with utmost precision. RELY ON US FOR ALL YOUR PRESCRIPTIONS STUCK & ALGER PHARMACISTS Dial 725-2621 -- Charles Town, W. Va. Donna Martin, 4.00; Daniel Nich- ols, 4;0~; Pauh Prt~pps, ~.00; Char lotte Rowe, 4.00; Elizabeth Snyder 4.00; Susie Ward, &80; Cindy Cain, 3.75; Diane Kratz, 3.75; Christopher Sagle, 3.75; Robert Hu, 3.50; Nicholas Kercheval, 3.50 Michael Maya, 3.50; Debbie Rin- aldi, 3.50; Fred Whittington, 3.50; Olagene Bush, 3.25; James Flea- gle, 3.25; Kathy Henshaw, 3.25; Jeff O'Bannon, 3.25; Kathy Sagle, 3.25; Jerry Salsano, 3.25; Peggy Taylor, 3.25; Jeanne Mason, 3~20; Martha Seibert, 3.20; Lois Athey, 3.00; Cleveland Bell, 3.00; Robert Cain, 3.00; Sammy Carper, 3.00; Linda Deeds, 3.00; Glenn Edwards 3.00; Michael Kisner, 3.00; Dennis Gayhart, 3.00; Glen Hint.n, 3.00; Carol LaRue, 3.00; Pam Liles, 3.00; John Robinson, 3.00; Pam- ela Shiner, 3.00; Claude Wojdag, 3.00. Apdl Set For ldmissm Tesh At P0whatan School Saturday, April 16, and Satur- day, April 23, have been selected by the Powhatan School, in Boyce as the dates for the administrat- ion of admission test for the first grade for the 1966-67 academic year. In releasing these dates, headmaster Donald E. W. Nie- mann stressed the fact that for the past several years there have been more applicants than places available in the first grade, and he suggested that parents who have'not yet made formal appli- ~cation should call the school office for the proper forms. Admission to the first grade at Powhatan is based upon a num. ber of factors, including a per- sonal interview, the detailed re- commendation of the child's, kin- dergarten, and the resluts of the readiness tests given in April. At the present time Powhatan has no plans'for dividing next year's first grade into two sections. GO TO C - UNDAY NOTICE TO CREDITORS To the Creditors and Benefici- aries of the Estate of HENRY WEATHERS, deceased. All persons having claims a- gainst the Estate of said Henry Weathers, deceased, whether due or not, are notified to exhibit same, with the voucher thereof legally verified, to the under- signed at his office at 104 W. Congress St., Charles Town, West Virginia on or before the 31st day of July, 1966; otherwise they may by law be excluded from all benefit of said estate. All bene. ., , ,Glad to report Mrs. Wilt is feel- SPIRIT OF JEFFERSON FARMER'S A/IB~dm~kifFF ilia i I hag n2t~h better at this writing. THURSDAY APRIL 7 1966 i nl'NINlll 11111 I Mr. Frank Lancaster ,of Mill- " .......... ' ....... ' .... .------.------- ~leluelq~l~ iliamm I ville, who has been living alone VI ~eorgla" Pearl= I since his fatlaers death, is nowshocked when we heard of the visitors in Martinsburg [] ::---: ~w~u~ Imaking his home with his uncle, passing of the pastor, Rev. C. W. evening. ]1 .................. [Mr. and Mrs. Perry Lancaster. Lloya at his home. The serviceMr and Mrs Fred Jen 1 Mr. Leonard Fritts, of Charles l ........ was very largely attended. We Mr and Mrs Garland Jerddl~. , ..... ,,0,, u,,,.,, Town, was a visitor Sunday of his I tars. uar~e~t ue~ter extend our deepest sympathy toMaryland, were dinner ~'~. ~'"'~"L ..... cousin, Mr. and Mrs. G. C. Pearl. | Mrs. Georgia Piper, Mrs. Re- the family. Sunday of thei,- brother~and~ Patient in Newton D. Baker I .......... se ta Talton and children, Mr;.,1 ..... Mrs Lee Potts, of Hillsboro, ]Iv Mr and Mrs James-Jd~ IV IMr Runin' wh [s a sur |lie naw Mr" an'a' Mrs" " er" Va'' was a visiter f her mther daughter' Karen"" YEARSahi M . .. . " man uarrett were visitors Tnurs- and sister Mrs J-h D--n .... d ........... i glcal patient in Newton D. Bazer I ~v ~v~ni-~ ~,~t~ ,h,~ ,,,.,~o,.,~ .,. , . u n ass er an Mr. ann ~rs. ~lenn Hig~_ ~-- Wn~nitai ~a,-,in~h,,r- ;~ ~ho,,ing/'-~ "-.":" "'~..--'~.-~"~ :: .... ~o lvirs Rosa Wilt Miss Rose Grove, of Ba ins Shelia Cli io|0[y View some Improvement at th~s time. [are -l~d to r~"o-* ~a,o ~a,~.** Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Piper and Md., were weekend guests~i~ ........ r. and Mrs J~"~" T', e, .~ .~- ;, sister, Mrs ~aran tiarrett, we" " - b | Les~Ifor April 10, 1966 I We extend o~tr best wishes to [is slY, wing sx~me"~ im~ov'ement: two daughters, Linda and Patri- latter's parents, Mr. and Mti~rles Town,'w~ you, Mr. Runion, for better | She has been Sufferin- from[cia and rM. Lee Rollinson were car Grove. ~ tndepend ~,~ k,~,,~ ~ c,,~m~., Is, E~h,,I,n, i health. Iartbviti~ ' " I pie Bless, |:5-23;Revolatl(m7,9-17. i Mr. and Mrs. Frankie Angel,/--: ........ . ..... I~~l~or~e Russell a " " Mr anu Mrs Melvin riper ana o "~*'*~*|Withln''"~:the~h"~'lifetime'"s'aaof living [ ande S~nKeV~st:f#2;keof Vt~e /family, Mr. and Mrs William II V O R Y O U R k\of'Mr, and__ men it could be truly said that latter's parengts, Mr. and MYs. Wil-[Lngerbeam and familY and _Mr~I! n~xav _ ~w rnurnm: Christianity was growing faster liam Wilt /nuu ~urs. ~aiw, ~ancusmr ann II rl~Al# I Ill^ b~bnLIL ~UJ l~" daughter, Diane were dinner ......... " ...... Mrs. Anme Grove, of Charles . " than any other religion in the 'Town Mrs Rosa Wilt Mrs Jea~ [guests Sunday of their parents,I! ....... ~#----- ipb ~ world. This was true, but not , , -- erry, was now. Other religions are creeping Danner and Mr. Humphrey Wilt] Mr. and Mrs. Perry Lancaster. Ii ~~25:762 oR *!'~ ~ewether B up on us. Look at Japan for ex- and Mrs Nettle Staubs were vial- / Mr. and Mrs. George Talton and I1 VI~.YlT,T,E_ W_ ~;!~ service as s ample and figure mrs weunesuay evening wzm Mr. I.. ? .... ~ .,.ue~ua.ywzt,z iij .............. ..... L.irlq~r~er it out for yourself, and Mrs. G. C. Pearl. i [ne ~rmer's roomer, ~rs.yzay: i I THORN LUMBER COMPANY I~.." Mrs Su [~l One half of one mn raimn anu son, AloerL oz Mrs. George Talton, Mrs. Geor-I ....... I I m~~.~. 'Pnwm l~kle, sister of percent of Japa- -ia Pi-er and M-- D-lori- ~en /rlamllton, vs. Ill ~uzt ~t - ~ttt ,4u-,uxa - uat~ xuwn .!1~ _=-, e " " s PI , of Summit Pc i~~ nese are Christ. kins were dinner guests Thursday I Death of Bey. Lloyd II Martin burg ant 267-8955 e, Tenns; Pau l~i~ words,lens" Inthe othernon, of__Mrs. ~Myrtle_ Wilt and family. } Our community was greatly I~ II ~11 I II I I I I I I :1I I I ~.ii~.~stenCharleSstate ~A~ Christians out- - 'Fowler, of I[ i number the Christ- I~.~ C. Gener$ m~r.:m lans 200 to one. :.~, ~ia Bartlett Dr. Foreman Suppose that for l~L'~ddleway, wido each pair of Christian parents ;I.~ight, in Ch now living, there will be four :~,~;~Lester Mario Japanese tn the next generation, i~ of Martinst Then 30 or so years from now be, or can be, twice aa w .--n"a___.... recent there will many Christian Japanese as there are today. But by that time, there will be twice as many non-Christ- ian Japanese as today. If then.n- Christians outnumber the Christ- * ians now 200 to 1, how muchwill they outnumber them in the next , generation, ass.aming they all have about the lame number of children? Population explosion All over the world the popu- lation explosion works against the Christians. We are presently becoming more numerous, to be sure, but no as fast as our rival religionists. It is not only thepop- ulation growth that is bringing that about. Christianity was en- joying a great prestige lathe days when the "Christian" nations were running the world. Now with the decline of colonialism the prestige of western religion has likewise declined. Not only so, but here where our religion has more pres- tige, and influence than ever, the world is very stubborn in its resistance to the ideals and the life of the church. The church stands for God; thecontemporary world lives as ff God were dead. The church honors the home; the world tears it down. The church preaches chastity and calls un- ficiaries of said estate may chastity etn; the world (to Judge appear on or before said day to by the movies) finds unchastity" examine said claims and otl~r- merely funny. And so it goes. The wise protect their interests, church is low-rated so much that Given under my hand this 31st day of March, 1966. T. W. STEPTOE Commissioner of Accounts Jefferson County March 31-3-t. NOTICE TO CREDITORS To the Creditors and Benefici- aries of the Estate of ANDREW WI~kTHERS, deceased. All persons having claims a- gainst the Estate of said Andrew Weathers, deceased, whether due or not, are notified to exhibit same, with the voucher thereof legally verified, to the under- signed at his office at 104 W. Congress St., Charles Town, West Virginia on or before the 3ist day of July, 1966; otherwise they may by law be excluded from all benefit of said estate. All bene- ficiaries of said estate may appear on or before said day to examine said claims and other- wise protect their interests. Given under my hand this 31st day of March, 1966. T. W. STEPTOE Commissioner of Accounts Jefferson County March 31-3-t. ORDER OF PUBLICATION IRCUiT OF JEFFER- SON COUNTY, WEST VIRGINIA DOROTHY ELLEN WEAVER, AN INFANT UNDER THE AGE OF 21 YEARS BY ESTHER Y. DEMORY, ItER NEXT FRIEND Plaintiff v Civil Action No. 803 JERRY CLAY WEAVER Defendant 1. (The object of this suit is to obtain a divorce from the bonds of matrimony.) To the Above Named Defendant: Jerry Clay Weaver It appearing by affidavit filed in this action that Jerry Clay Weaver is a non-resident of the State of West Virginia, it is here, by ordered that Jerry Clay Weav- er serve upon Kenneth W. Metz plaintiff's attorney~, whose add- ress is 322 N. Mildred Street, Charles Town, West Virginia, an answer, including any related counter claim or defense you may have to the complaint filed in this action on or before April 30, 1966 If you fail to do so, thereafter judgment upon proper hearing and trial, may be taken against you for the relief demanded in the complaint. A copy of said complaint can be obtain~i from the Undersigned Clerk at her office. Entered by the Clerk of said Court this gth day of March, 1966. MARY L. RIGGLEMAN CLERK OF COURT March. Jl t. even some of her leaders are be- ginning to call this the post-Christ- ian era. Even the Christian with an optimistic faith must admit that this is for the church a time" of weakness and defeat, Whose victory? But there is no need to be a pessimist. The Bible's view of the church is a victory view. When we speak of the victory or defeat of the church, what do we really mean? It is not the church alone whose future concerns us. This is the church of Christ. Every true church is his, every defeat and every victory are his also. The church cannot win unless he wins. That would be as absurd as for an army to win while their general was defeated. And if he wins, the church will win. For in spite of every discouragement and setback we persist in b~lleving that Christ will win over all his and our enemies. It is Easter, and one meaning of the Resurrection is a sign and pledge that the God who conquered death, the"manof God's own choosing" whom death could not hold, will in time con- quex all other forms of evil, all that is hostile to God. What Will victory be? Victory we hope for, but not triumphalism. Triumphallsm means the victory of one party "over another. A world in which some one denomination had wiped out all the others, so that ihere would be one Established Church, would be triumphalism, and this is not promised us in Seripbare. But ff trtumphaiism la not the shape of Christ's victory, what Is? The victory of God when complete will be what and where it is now: in the hearts of merL Christ promised that ff he were lifted up he would ~draw all men~ to himself. No man can be forced to follow Christ. The kingdom of heaven for which we pray wUl not come by force or bargaining. It comes only where men freely give their heart to the Son of God. (Based on eot~nm c~y~Med by ~he Divld~n Chur~h~ o~ Chri,t in the U, S. A. R~mled Comm~nily ~l~lIH ~l~?ke,) 7he OM "Drive-in banking was in. vented so earn Imuld go in and theb eal-owmm " Naturally, you've wondered! Easter Is a Christian festival, and chicks are barnyard fowl. How did they get together? And eggs, for that matter --- how do they fitin? And the lively bunny .... what made him part of it all? . ( These are symbols of LIFE. And life m the Alway theme of Easter THE CHURCH FOR ALL*ALL FOR THE CHURCH "" i The Church is tf~ greatest factor on earth for the i~iidlng of Christ was dead ! Christ lives ! His resurrec- char~k:ter and ~ cRillnship. It is o storehouse of spirituo| tion nromis~ ]if~ fn mort_ !11 I l h " r . ,. ............. w ~i. values. WlthOUt o strong Churc .s ne~tl'~ democracy nor ctvih- ""- ~l[ ]l A I zation con survive. There ore four sound reasons why crecy We would not ~Xn~f*t. s~ ~e.~t ~e m,~]~ .~mv~ [ 1 person should attend services regularly and Support the Church ..... - ~":- ~'o ".---" "~.'~-",'--~"-~" I[ 1 I They ore: (1) For his own sake. (2),For h~s ,chi~re.'s sok, e. erememverea omymmsmry, z nastoucnea l*| Vim (3) For the sake or his community ona nori0n, t~; for the sake :farm and home, c~--m--'-'-;~mumUy, ...... nation, iamlly. . m L i* of the Church itself, which needs his moral a~l moteeJol support. " l[i |l~tenaim, Plon to go to chumh regularly and road your etblt dally.It affects our lives--the humble and the _ . mighty. Easter is God's call to worship and of s] _L . " faith. A time to re.dedicate your life ! ill i off o ~S $"nday ' M0'nday "ruesdoy'' Wednesday' l"hursday ' F'id~ ' ~Um~oy I |l ' ! "~q~:~:i John Acts Acts Acts ~OrtlC~ || COt|hthkZrl$ I Peter | = -:l THESE FIRMS INVITE YOU TO A HOUSE OF WORSHIP EACH WEEK. -J. RUSSELL FRITTS, INC. PHILCO DEALER Charles Total, W. Vs, Phone CHARLES TOWN ESSO SERVICE, CENTER MCLI tE B. WILLINGHAM, Owner Phone 72S-9904 Charles Town, W. Va. SUPERTANE GAS SERVICE H. W. WAGELEY, INC. Dial 72Jt4 1 Town, W. Vs. KABLE OIL CO., INC ESSO DISTRIBUTOR Phone 725.7S10 Cbarl Town, W. VII. SOUTHERN STATES Charles Town Cooperative, Inc. RANSON, W, VA. T The MELVIN T. STRIDER CO. COLONIAL FUNERAL HOME Charles Town, W. Va Phone SUDLEY FUNERAI HOME Shepherdstown Pheae 87e.361 dl H. S. CLOPPER, JR. INSURANCE, REAL ESTATE AND BONDS Hill,Dale Shopping Center Phone Charles Town, W.* Vs. JEFFERSON HARDWARE CO , INC. 8HBRWIN.WILLIAMS PAINTS Phone 795-224 Charles Town, W. Va. HALLTOWN PAPERBoARD CO. HALLTOWN, W. CA. WESTERN AuTO ASSOCIATE 8TORE $. E. SENSENEY, Charles Town, W. Vs.' COMMUNITY OIL INC. CITIES SERVICE ChaHes Town, W. Va. MartUmlmrg, W. Va.. Leesburg, 8hepherdstown, W. VL RANSON MACHINE woRK Phone 725-5621 W,