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April 6, 1961     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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April 6, 1961

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iS to find wisdom. It "cannot be nn ernal Mr. and Mrs. George Benedum daughetr in Martinsburg. Bigi and daughters, Judy and Barbara Mr. and Mrs. Lee Friend and gotten for gold,"--that is, you can i~cJ Et walk into a store and buy anything of Harrisburg, Pa. spent the week family of Riverdale, Md, were Eas in it if you've money enough; but Life Will Be Sermon end with Mrs. W. B. Hammond, ter dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. wisdom is never to be seen with !Helen and Barbara plan to extend David Penwell and family. a price-tag on it. It is also gently y F their visit a few days. Mrs. Donald Frye, Mrs. Frank suggested h~re tl~at n~ture does Sunda or Lutherans Mr. and Mrs. Doug Arvin and Simons and son Michael of Char not have the answers for man that children Scott and Debbie of Mar les Town accompanied by Mrs. man needs. Doing what comes The Rev. Richard E. Neal, pas- tinsburg spent Sunday with Mr. William Hoak and Miss Dorothy :- . ........ naturally is a sure way to get into tor of St. Thomas Lutheran Chur and Mrs. John McCarty. Bowers were in Martinsburg Fri- :- ~. - " 0" "." trouble, ch, Ranson, Monday announced Sunday dinner guests of Mr. day afternoon on business. Bible MaUr~d, Job ~:12-28; Proverbs NO| In Rebellion the following schedule of services and Mrs. George Ambrose includ Mrs. Martin Grimes and child- 1:1-7; Ecclesiastes 12:13, 14; James for Sunday, April 9 and subse- ed Mr. and Mrg. Hunter Banks ren Debra, Marta and Blaine of 1:14. DeveUonsl Resdinst Psalm 90:1'12. In every generation the same quent week-day events: The Ser and daughter Phyllis, Mr. and Charles Town were visitors Sun .... foolish notion comes to life again, vice at 11:00 a. m.; sermon, "Be- Mrs. Bill Ambrose and children day at the home of Mr. and Mrs. newer " the same notion that (in the Gene- ginning Eternal Life". Nursery Bill, Sharon and Suzette all of Charles Gray and daughters. G0d~s A sis story)occurred to the flrst peo- held during worship; coffee hour Shepherdstown and Mr. and Mrs. ET/1 Granville S. Wright was pie in the world: that if we wantfollows the Service. Sunday Chur Irvin Kearns. admitted to the U. S. Navy Hos- ! ~ Lesson for April 9, 1961 to be wise we must kick over the ch School at 9:45 a. m.; Joseph R. Mr. and Mrs. Irvin Hall and son pital in Portsmouth, Va. March , traces, get out of the harness so Staley, Superintendent. Junior Turk Lynn and Mrs. Edith The- 13 where he remains a medical pa LIFE IS made of innumerable to speak, break the rules, stop Luther League meets at the par- mas and daughter Darlene were tient for further treatment. small decisions. Even in being God's yes-men, throw the sonage at 6:30 p. m.; Senior Lu- Sunday dinner guests of Mr. and Mr. M. H. Hindman and his dau ., childhood and in second childhood, Ten Commandments into the ben- ther League meets at 7:30 p. m. Mrs. C. H. Edwards at Leetown. ghter Mrs. Philip Perks Jr. of something has to be decided every fire and live by some "higher" Monday, Church Schol officers Mr. and Mrs. George Cox and Charles Town visited Monday at- day. We sometimes say that the law. The roads of history are meet at the parsonage at 7:30 p. Pam were dinner guests on Sun. ternoon at the home of his son- ; haunted by ghosts of such rebels. li: Bible has the answers, or the ChriSt is THE An- People who do this (and we all try m. Wednesday, United Lutheran day at the home of Mr. Leon Up- in-law and daughter Mr. and Mrs. swer. This is true it some time or other) really look Church Women: Epiphany Circle right at Bolivar. : Paul Mills and sons. [~~J~ for the great life- to themselves as the sufficient meets at the home of Mrs. Robert Mr. and Mrs. Marshall Edwards Mr. and Mrs. Alton Muse and ~~l changing deck- source of wisdom. They may not Stone at 10:00 a. m.; Trinity Cir- and Marshall Jr. and Charles sons Timothy and Kenneth were cle meets at the home of Mrs. A1- Sims of Middleway and Mrs. Kay guests Easter of Alton's mother ~l siena. But there admit this, bt~t it's true. vey Ebersole at 2:00 p. m.; Em- Haynes of Marlowe were Sunday Mrs. Gentry L. Muse and family ~~ are life-shaping The Fear O! The Lord manuel Circle meets at the home visitors of Mr. and Mrs. George i as well aa life- Fearing God, as the Bible uses of Mrs. F. T. Fiery at 8:00 p. m. Hilliard. changing choices to be made. Wis. this expression, does not mean be- Brownie Scout Troop 15 meets at Worship Services at Presbyter- ~?JB dom is needed for ing afraid of him. There is small 4:00 p. m. on Wednesday at the inn Church will be held at 9 a. m. wisdom in terror. Fearing God church. Thursday, Senior Choir Sunday with S. S. at 10 a. m. The mllm~~ the everyday means reverencing him. The fear rehearsal at 8:00 p. m. Friday, Ladies Auxiliary will meet at the Dr. Foreman small problems J t~st as truly as for the great once- of the Lord is said many times to Junior Choir practice at 4:00 p. church Thursday, April 13 at 7:30 be the beginning of wisdom, that is m. Saturday, Confirmation class p. M. in.a-lifetime crises. Can the Bible to say Lesson I, the foundation of meet at the parsonage at 11:00 a. "The consistory of Grace E. & help tm here? everything else. This does not m. hid Eltd Reed, mean that a Gd'fearing man' just i KFAR-~-~LLF R. church met Wednesday at the because he worships God, and hen- church. Worship Services will be The highway department has held at 9:30 Sunday morning with two kinds of signs. One is the kind ors him, will thereby acquire all that says "Louisville 50 miles ' or wisdom. Fearing God does not S.S. at 10:30. The Men's Brother "Through Traffic Keep Right." teach a man how to ride a horse By Mrs. Elsie Hamstead hood and Women's Guild will Such signs tell you exactly what to nor mend a tractor nor cure can- meet Thursday, AprilS 13 at 7:30 ~~ ~ii do, or to expect. The other kind of eer nor to select a school for his A Correction---'--" p.m. at the church. children. But the fear of the Lord A correction concerning the Mr. and Mrs. Norman Whetzel sign is the one that reads "Dead is the beginning of wisdom, all the wedding anniversary of Mr. and attended a birthday dinner given ~:~:~:~:~:~:~"~ End Road," It doesn't tell you much about the road, or how far same. This means frst of all that Mrs. John Stanley. It should have for Mr. C. W. Zombro at the it is to anywhere. It only tells you God's will is always best and that read 56 since they were married home of Mrs. W. A. Walker, Brun that if you try that road you will so far as it is made known to us, March 22, 1905 at the Reformed swick, Md. Eight of Mr. Zombro's not get anywhere. Now the Bible it is utterly foolish to pay God no Church Parsonage by the Rev. ten children were present. The ~:~:~:~:~:~:~:~:~ ~ puts up signs of both kinds, attention. The fear of the Lord Mr. Joseph Guy. occasion marked his 82nd birth- Take the question of wisdom, means, further, something that Mr. and Mrs. Tracy Snyder of day. ii~iii~ii~!ii!~ii~!i!i!ifi!~!~!~ii!i!!!i!!~!i!i~i~i!iiii~!i!!~i~ii~i~:~I for example. There are certainsaves us from fearing men. We Zenio, Ohio spent the Easter hol Sunday callers of Mrs. S.C. ii!~i!~:~ !~~ books in the Old Testament called bow to something, or some one, iday with Mrs. Ralph Border. Heinz and Mrs. John Dick includ "Wisdom Literature," because unless we are that most foolish Personal News Items ed Mr. and Mrs. L. V. Stuckey Jr., they are crammed with directions figure of all, the self-idolizer. We on how to be wise. But a great part bow to public opinion, or to what Sunday visitors,of Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Donald Heinz and ! ~i : of the wisdom literature (Job, the So-and-So thinks, or what we think Frank Powell Sr. were Mr. and children Mr. and Mrs. S. E. Price ~: Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, some of isrequired of us to be respectable. Mrs, Frank Powell Jr. and-child and children M#. and Mrs. John ~ .... the Psalms) is not so much con- We bow to the, idol called "Every- ren Charla and Rick, Mrs. Elean- Heinz and Suzette, Mrs. Elwood ~!! corned with How to be Wise, as it body Does It, as if a Gallup poll or Watson and son Bonnie and Hamstead and children and Mrs. : Is ~ith How Not to Be a Fool. To could find out what Right is in any Mrs. Kathleen Deck, all of Mar- !Evelyn Payne of Martinsburg. put it another wa~,, the Wisdom situation. The fear of the Lord tinsburg. Kearneysville P. T. A. will meet ~: LiteratUre puts 'ui~ some Dead- means thatwekeep remembe~:ing, Little Billy Cline, son of Mr. at the school house April 11 at ~ ,End-Road signs for those who all our days, that the last judg- and Mrs. Bill Cline of Silver 7:30 P. M. Election of officers wish to be wise. ment, and the present judgment, Spring, Md. spent the weekend is to be held and it is hoped that ~ One of these blind alleys is and the only judgment that finally here with his grandmother Mrs. all interesting parents will at- Money and another is Nature. Ourmatters, is God's, not man's. J.W. Cline. Mrs. Cline returned tend. An interesting and humor- chapter in Job suggests these. In