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Charles Town, West Virginia
April 2, 1959     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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April 2, 1959

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SPIRIT OF JEFFER,qON r RMr S ADVOCATE 8---A THURSDAY, APRII, 2, 1959 Two Homes FROM PAGE I eral Hospital and was later releas ed. Property damage amounted to about $1,200. Coulter who was 'coming from Martinsburg to Char tes Town, was charged with drunk en driving. At a hearing before Justice of the Peace Roger E. Clipp he was fined $50 and costs and had his driver's license revok- ed for six mor~ths. Friday afternoon about 5 p. m. two cars were involved in an ac- cident 2.3 miles nort'h of Halltown at the intersection of Secondary Route 23 and Secondary Route 29. Charles Town State Trooper Tbmmy Ward said Curtis Lee Kranenberg, Route 1, Harpers Ferry, driving a 1949 Chevrolet Coupe, f~led to stop for a stop sign and he was charged with fail are to yield the right of way. He Was headed to Shepherdstown. Harry Howard Hone of Grant- ville, Md. driving a 1955 Ford north on Secondary Route 23 was charged width failure to have his vehicle under control. Damage in the accident amount ed to $250.00 Total d~mage in the four acci- dents amounted to $16,575 to the five cars and one truck involved in t~he four accidents. MRS. O. S. BLOOM ]Prom Pan One workers will march forth on this Great Crusade. We are asking you ~,o open your doors and welcome $hese workers. Some will work dur trig the day and some on tJhe night of April 18. Next weeks paper will carry a list of the workers and .t~eir territories. Help research find the answer save more l.ives. Give generous- ly-boldly to Lthe American Cancer Society's relentle~ war against all forms of Cancer. Make ,this our best drive ever-Mail all checks to Miss Catherine C~hilds, Charles Town. Make ,them payable to West Virginia Cancer Society. 209 Bills From Page One ~te aid was considered one ne- cesary step toward this result, as there were several coun,ties which ~rently had no intention of ~'~h~.g to help themselves as long &$ ~ate aid was being increased ~ year. It is noticeable bhat, ~rding to news reports, no less ~ twelve counVies have sched- ~ elections wit'hin t'he last ten ,~i,,,,,, • - QUALITY MEANS MORE FOR YOUR MONEY The Westmont, Modal |224S. 21'" Ove˘oli d~og. meaL. 262 S41. in. rio ~nOv~r plctuce et~. In groined WoI- nvl. M6hoggny 0˘ |lend Oak ˘01o~, $299.95 LESS SERVICE HEADACHES days to submit proposals for the 100'A excess school levy, and more will undoubtedly quickly take the same action. In this connection Jefferson County is doing about all it can at the moment, except for the fact that an equalization of property values is badly needed. Until this is done and our assess- ed values are adjusted according to requirements for receiving our share of state aid, we are going to be short of adequate money for our public schools. Colleges Get Increase Per State College there was pro vided in the budget an increase in pay for instructors, and Vhrough an increase in student fees of $50 'per semester there has been set up a building fund w~hich will, on a long term basis, enable the state colleges to plan and build addit- ional buildings. Two-thirds of this fee increase will go into the build ing fund and One-third into Gen- eral Revenue, .where the colleges will ghare in the available addit- ional money. In connection with college build ings, I am glad to say that Shep- herd is in process of getting a new women's dormitory and cafeteria. We managed to squeeze a $66.000 ftem into the budget for equip- ment for the building, a federal re quiremen~t upon which hinged fed eral approval of a loan they will grant for a good portion of the money for the building. This ad- ditional, together with the new athletic $ield w'hic~ is nearing completion, will definitely give Shepherd a greatly improved phy- sical set-up and we will have one of the best equipped state colleges in this section of the country. Among the 'bills passed, ! think ,the following will be of most inter- est to Jefferson County residents: 8ales of property for non-pay- men,t of taxes may be conducted inside or outside .the door of the courVhouse. All primary elections to be on the second Tuesday in May effect lye wit'h the 1960 elec,tion. S~hool teachers to be paid on days on which they ,are available when schools are closed because of weaVher conditions. Extends the paren,tal responsib- ili[,y law to parents of youths un- der 18 who wilfully set fire to woded areas etc. Absentee Balloting Widened Permits college student~ to vote by ~bsen, tee ballot, except those going to college in home coun~ty. This Includes wives of students. WWes of soldiers may vote ,by abseritee ballot in same manner as the service man. Broadened the law against "llt- terbugs", to include debris thrown from cars and increases ,the penal- ties to as 'high as $500. Establrlsthes a *special $5 auto li cense plate for :amateur radio stat ion operwtors. Requires the standard ,blood test ,to be taken'in ,a period not more ,than 30 days prior to issuance of marirage licenses. Regulates ,th@ sale of hog clef- era virNs: A l~epmit from the Com misisoner~ Agriculture is now ne ces~ry. Petunias admission to the Col- ored Home for the Aged and In- firm in recommendation of coun- ty Dept. of Public Assistance ra7 bher f, han ?~he County Court. Extends the state transpoz~a~- ion privilege tax to barge lines and airplanes. Raises the fee Sot Learners ,per ml~ to drive a car from $2 xo $4 with $1 going to the sta~te road fund and $3 to State Police. Sets up a statewide me:a~ in- spection system, and prey,ides for Hcensing of slaughter ,houses by the Commission o,f Agriculture. Requires l~hose pu, rchasing cars outside the stance to pay the two percent tax on entire purchase price regardless'of trade-in invol- red. Sets up a system of licensing motor boats, with a fee of $2 a year. Boats of not more than five H-P exempt. Makes anyone cutting timber without permission liable for three times the value of damage done. Salaxies Raised i{;O0 peund.~ ~22.~0 plu~ .45 ccnt~ for each additional 100 pounds above 8000, for weights greater than 1600 pounds $68.50 plus .90 cts. for each additional 100 above 1600. Parm trucks of 800 to 1600 pounds carry a license of $30 from 1600 to 2200 pounds the fee is $80. Provides that unneeded funds originally collected to retire school bonds may be used for general school purpo:~es, at preesnt there are limitations on u~e of tho:;e funds. Requires the licensing by the Road Commissioner of junk yards out~ide of municipalities, and re- quires that the facilities be more than 100 feet from any primary or secondary right of way. Adjusts and makes increases in the Gross Sales Tax. Empowers municipal and coun- ty governments to develop urban and rural areas by planning and zoning. Imposes upon deeds conveying real property a tax of 2.20 per thousand of value. It should be noted Vhat deeds of trust are not included in this measure, having been eliminated by amendment. Increases from 5'~ to 5.75 per- cent the tax on pools at race tracks. Copies of all bills I have men- tioned, as well as all the others passed at this session rhave been left in the office of Miss Emily Stanley, County Clerk and she has said that s~he will make them available to anyone wishing to look at them. Zenith handcrafted hori- zontal chassis uses No* Printed Circuits for less service headaches. Zenith SEE ZENITH RADIOS SENSATIONAL Trade In Allowances Now Going On WEBB:S RADIO--TELEVISION APPLIANCES 2..2 West Washington St. Charles Town, W. Va. OPEN FRIDAY NIGHTS Special Election From Page One ,they be brought within the town's corporate limits. Controversy Develops WVhin recent weeks a real con- troversy has developed on the is- sue. And t,his week with the elec- tion near at hand, members of the Charles Tow[z Council are moving ~o enllghted~ng 'those opposing the plan on the advantages it of- fers to them. One such move was made Mon- day night when a public meeting was held for the purpose of ex- plaining the areas included in the proposed boundary extensions, the savings in money and the extra conveniences and protections which Council says will come ,to those residing in, or owning prop erty in these areas should they come ~nto the corporate limits of the town. At this informal discuss ion which was attended ',by both those favoring and those opopsing the boundary extensions, many questions were asked regarding say ings on insurance with a reduction in rates which Councilmen say v˘ill come with adding of more fire hydran,ts, water service, and police protection for the areas. The City FaVhers also feel the water sy- stem which the municipality of Charles Town is now negotiating ~o purchase, can and will, be ex- tended into these outlying areas, along wi,th instalaltion of street lights. The answer .to two of the fore- most questions which voters, both wi*thin the town's limits and those .in the outlying areas, have been asking frequently in recent weeks ,came Vhis week from the West Vir giniu Rating Bureau in a letter to Charles Town Mayor Nicholas Car son, The question which has been uppermost in the minds of the people already residing within the ,town limits has been "What chan ge in classification, if any, will the proposed boundary lines exten- sions have upon the present class- iftcetion the city now holds. C. E. McGinley, inspector for the Bur- eau reports to Mayor Carson that the proposed changes will not change the classifica~tion .the city now enjoys, providing the water distribution system is improved. Councilmen point ou,t that many improvements to the water system have already been made and plans are being drawn to make other extensive improve- ments. The other top question, and one which is being asked mostly by those living in the outlying areas b~ing considered for incorporation into the town, is-W'hat rate class ffication will cover the new areas if brouuht in,to Charles Town. Mr. P,,alses the salaries of S~ate Pol- 4YlcGinley stat~s that all dwellings icemen $50 a monVh, in that area that are within 1,000 Revised workmer~ compenswtion feet of a fire hydrant that will pro payments to bring new benefi,ts duce sufficent volumes and press- totaling about $600,000 annually, ures for fire protection will receive Gave Justices of t~he Peace jur the same elassigication as the city. Jsdiotion in traffic cases involving All dwellings beyond the 1,000 juveniles, who must now be tak- foot distanc@ will receive nlnth en into Juvenile courts. The juv- class r~tings which is wha, t most eniles will be entitled ,to bail in of t~hem have now. ::: :::::: ::::::;::::: ::::::::::::::!: ~:~i~:~: :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: ~: :~: :: ~I :::: ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: :::!: s:::: ~: :::::::::: :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: ::::: :::: :::::,h: :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: :!:::::::::: ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: :i: ::!:::::: :::::::::::: :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: :i:i:i::: : :~: : :::::::: ::: !:: ::::i i i !:: -i:i:!:?! i:!:i:i:i:i:i:i:!:~:?~?i:!:i: :?!:i:~.? :;:: :: ::i::: ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: ii::i! ',ii' i':il!iiiiiiiii iiii',!i !ii! iii iii;' '/,ili !',! ii /:ii i!ii! ii' ?;/:',i', :ii': '::, ! i ':': i i ! ',', i i :ii', i!i! i :i'ill i:i':':', i':'?, ';/' :: '.::'. :,i!i "ii ;-iii :i :!i'Jiiiiiiii' !i! i if!: ys Your Car FREE of to Wait on All PHONE 159 WEST WASHINGTON STREET CHARLES TOWN, W. BANANAS - . . JUICY FLORIDA GP PEFRUIT--80 Size 10 for 0 tray IN 10 BOSCUL INSTANT COFFEE - - Big 6-oz. jar CHASE & SANBORN COFFEE.. l-lb. can 2-1b, can $1 l-lb. tray WHITE'S MERIT INSTANT COFFEE - Big 6-oz. jar BORDEN'S INSTANT COFFEE--IOc CFF-Big 5-oz. jar LUZIANNE INSTANT COFFEE - 4-oz. jar H E S C A F E--25c OFF - Jumbo 8-0z. jar $1 Che same manner as adults. Based on rates as published by --'" ^FF - - Be -0z. ar Raised the annual state package the West Virginia rating Bureau N f S C A F E l Uc u "g 6 j beer license from $5 to $15 and a Shows that frame dwellings in 7th club beer license from $50 to $100. class categories run $2.50 per L, I B B V ' S . Clarified a law which ~tates thousand; $5.70 per thousand on that Vhe State Pire Marshal. not 9th class property; and $6.90 per TOMATO JUICE - - - 4 46-0z. cans the local fire chiefs..has jurisdic- thousand for those in the 10th tion over state buildings located class group. This covers fire and in municipalities, extended coverage without the $50 2-lb. pkg. , C R I S C 0-5c OFF . - . 3.1:. can Expands On definitions and qual deductible clause. For brick hous- iflcattons in connection with real es bhe rates would be considerab- estate brokers and salesmen, ly lower, running at $2.10 for 7th Provides ,fer issuance of spec-[class; $4.70 for 9th class and $5.50 F t U F F 0--8c Off • - • 3- . can ial license plate numbers upon for 10t h class. Thus by moving payment of $5 extra charge, from a lOth or 9th classification HORMEL SPAM - - . ,,~,~-^-..-can Prohibits littering of screams into the 7th class group would and impoundmen,ts or areas with bring about a considerable say- ~ ,,~1 in 100 yards of them, with fines Ings each year in insurance alone, PILLSBURY cAKE MIXES .... l~aises from $5 to $7 the daily Early in September when Coun r fee forvolunearypaeAentsatstaŁe cil first announced publicly it's PILLSBURY ANGEL FOOD MiX - - pkg. mental hospt,tals. [plans for extending the town's Increases from $100 to $150 the [corporate limits some 770 acres yearly fee for patients the county included in the plans then. G000 IlW~ Mh~hm,_ [~ • = • ~I[~e~....l.ll[l~. sends to mental hospitals. I Shortly thereafter, however, Coun R~lses from $1 to $5 .the driv-[cil decided to include an even er's license tee for four years. ]larger area into the plan and thus l= Raises the state gasoline .taxlthe area now covers 817.5 acres. , TEEN QUEEN HAR~RINE - - - 24bs,°m six cents to seven cents per[ lo~sens vlet ties. SUNSHINE NEW ORANGE . orEmp°werslooal au horitiesthe RoadtoCommissiOr/se, mini-I SANDWICH COOKIES - - - l-lb. pkg. mum speed regulation~ where ne-] Truck frei~h,t rose sharply dur- cesary for s~fe driving. [ ig December. Adds an additional registration DRESSED WHITINGS • lO-[b, box $1.49 L. & S. PURE ,feeof $50 per semester fors~,u-[ ~ = 5"11 9 [RAWBERRY PRESERVES-.large 2! den s at West Virglnle University . bOX 7 C S "OZ-ja; and t~he ten SLt~te colleges. Y Raised Licenses Raises hunting and f~shing l~i- ESSKA S CHICKEN KEEBLER SLIM SALTINES " 1lb. I censes from $2 to $3 and the corn binatlon'from $3 to $5. BACKS AND NECKS . 5 lb. bOx 59c N.B.C. RITZ • • . Set~s new reg~straŁ1on fees for r,~, ~,.m.qsA~lV--~l':-- motor vehicles as follows: Passen- ger cars of 3000 pounds or .less ,2o; of, , to 4000 in e cess MORTON'S ROLLS pkg 24 33 q of 4000 pounds $30. "." " " • S C I For classes B, H, I and K trucks 4000 lbs. or less $20., from 4000 to 8000 pounds $22, from 800 to