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Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
Charles Town, West Virginia
April 2, 1959     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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April 2, 1959

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{ tA!__ I. I;- /!..L kA.l... SPIRIT OF JEFFERSON r, RM~RS 1 u I MISS JUll$ LInK MOI{ [ T6_ k "'IHURSDAY, APRIL ~ In Ha erstown Church /FIrst Three Months of Thns Year, [ ' " " " ~ ~rc~C~)~y gsh t ulMi 'icrl k2 6M01 t Been Bustest m Hustory of Cdnzet EVERYDAY AT .,-..----,,,.,,, [J, .ll..~ o..~.v A 9r | BakerLon and the late Mrs. Mo]er , ,||I; ~IJ|||pU., 1 I|. V-I[ --iIU/ZHJ Im|' .y %Jr.& JL~JL.ILI~.J VV ] ~nd Chazleq William Rowland, son [ -- " of Mr. and Mrs. David M. Row-| ~ -. . . -- -- land, Martinsburg, Route 3, were[ The first quarter of 1959 was In addition :to the spiel b91 - " ---I Weddings Enga ements Club News Church in HagerstownICitizens Fire Company with the Ass't-Chie,f Dodson ra~ g volunteer members answer ~vez'e extinguished under The pa.~or of the church, ,the|ing ei,~ht fire alarms, able leadership of Firs i Rev. Charles M LeFew, perfowned| By far the largest number of I Da aarn,, ffond ~r'-----~ -------------- | the double ring ceremony in the/alarms was brought about by the I~re an.o. in lrct %ul~fice~s' E:I~ ~1 ~A~ . Thayer 1[ MI ....... Me/an.u K.ramo /ieslpreseneef the immediate famil-|extreme dry cnditin in this secItra" All I'~neand a tion with forty-one grass ...... Anllhllnr Fnnan m nt I Mr. and Mrs. Richard few or'her guests. | and [ ceeolngJy n, zgn in ~z~, tF ~n.,,vu..~. ,--.~$u~$~,,,~,-- and children, Christopher, Mary I r..a.J ,',~,.-w,~$ ~,v,,,~.,J | Afterward, Mr. and Mrs. l~ow-|brush fires. Chief Kenneth r~il- Ime ~rucK anvers, no~ .... ...... land Tom of Vienna, Va. spent the ....... |land left, on a northern honey-llin~ham commenting on the large [men aria .nz'emem. ...... r kdIee kd:teu ;||n.nhhu [Easter weekend at the home of] Rrida fir Mr Irma, |moon. | number of grass fires was high in ~.~ ..roger ~amey, ~z'ea_~y, I'HO,) I'IUl,] WUHVU~ttU$ j the litter's mother Mrs. James O. I t~H~t, v- n'u. avn~.J | They will reside at the home of| vrais- of the many volunteer fire J~l.~!zeus ~'lre wompany T TH CIRCLE IN R ~ S N - "~ . ea mar even grass llre>- ...... [Shirley on South. Samuel St. The I ....... ~the bride at Bakerton. |men who on several occasmns pze ~ ........ rz'z: on Monday mormng and on Ties- Mr. Rowland is engaged in farm vented grass fires from reaching pensive mr rne nre ~ To Mr. John Davenport ]day sailed on the liner "Constit- tn nepherdstown [ing with his fa,ther. /houses and other buildings and ]one occasion during t~l OUR SPECIALS Start on Tl ursday ...... . [it|on" for Athens, Greece where | For her marriage, Miss Moler|.thereby kept damage to a mini-[a~ar{ns'.,~ne.cransml.~i ~,,~r:and M~. ~o~n ~.:^~ooe~s, lthey will live for the next two ..... : ]chose a navy blue suit with navy|mum. In addi.tion to these forty ]~I~ate z~re/e~lC~ga~'~ ...... . I" ~,=~.~.ur,~ .~. ,,,,,,,,~= ~,,c =,,- lyears : .... :" :~: :~: ;~. "I efllf ~kin ,hoes and ba~ aria con-],,,,~ +i.a th~r~ wfl~ onf* y~rv ]arffe [ a ~ , :~ ". "A Y MEATS gagementfthe'z'daughterMary'Rti'R'vWilh'rncr'nmnhl![ [ | | , Willoughby to John T Davenport ......: ............ , ......... ....... i was a white or .............. ............ ~one for a good lent~- o .. :, _ :: . . _' I D. D. B,shop or the Dlocesses of/ I ned on her su t , "/res of mountain land. 1.7, ......... , ...... ir r~ _ ........ [West Wzgm a will be the celebrant ...... ~~i~1 ........ ,~[ch . | The largest financial lo~ses dur- ] ~h,~ ,~m ...... ~ men o -- LIT son oI b~ wo, ano mrs oonnb .... ~:~;.~t~ id ....... ...... a ........ ,-,avenporr /~rnngton va.; tVllSS ] mmuni a BRI ~i=., ::-:{~ ~ - " ' "" --,,,~ v-,,~ ........... ' ' . of HO y CO on t St. - ing ,t,his very busy period involved - " m an url Robertsit. oflSviro'ini~a graduatel.lno..;,o,of the~.~^,.,Um- [ tholomew s' Episcopal Church ni [ :~ : '] W~Jr~vst. "~.f*~ ~'h~J I five residential" f,lres' and one barn [oneZZenStoFIFebe carefulC P where tY of Nursing She is the granddau- IA MAi] aze weicome I l't ...... ~7 .............. ~-~ =:o . icernea. ~on~ te~ ~nv-~- r . n Mrs. laude Mar ' t #- ~ .~ I chimney fires seven auto nres.[ ~llr)w vn~ tn cr~f. over WHOI,E OR CUT UP Mr and Mz~ Norman J John l0 gave tin rarem s o.o very damaging and costly while burning trash l FRESH FRYING CHICKENS - lb. 29c M~ Davenport is a graduate of Iston and baby daughter Jenmfer I P g /house trailer hre and nine or.her ]~rass Robert College, Istanbul, Turkey, ]Katherine of Charlottesville, Va. ] ~ ~ ~ . , |alarms involving small buildings ]~ Kenneth Wlllingham,( Roekingham ~,~ is with the First Federal Sav I were guests, of their parents Mr. ] ] ~y [ar0gr~m ~[ur{]~y | and miscellaneous calls. . ]Wednesday ,the fire l~og~ ings and Loan Association of Alex land Mrs. william mcweney of [ | / The s~rietly vomn~eer memoers i the Citizen's Iire .nail s~ Fresh Pork Shoulders--Meaty - lb. 35e ~nor~. He is the grandson of Mrs. |Winchester, Va. and Mr. and Mrs. ] | The Walraven School of Dance|f the Citizens Fire Company an- [lowing ala~ns answerea Walter Byron Stehl and the late [Nmman E. Johnston of North Law [ ~,;~! twill 4have .their annual Spl~rxg Par|swered six mu,tual aid calls, as- iThursday. ., Sugar Cured Smoked HA.MS- lb.LoNGHoRNCORKHILL . FRANKScHEESE - "-" iiiiiii t I i iei: iil/ : ii I Esskay s Null-Up Bacon - - lb. 43c PERSONALS ........ ky Kay Ware will present, a be., " County .had" an"" unusually' large' while there- local m Mrs Elmo Tharpe was a bus- ......... :::::tfful ballet to 'Ahce Blue Gown '' ell Cube Steaks--Esskay Quality-lb. 69c iness visitor in Winchester Tues MRS JOHN L JONES /as well as a ,tap routine. Little| I ' " .... hard ............ ..................... ~,,,, ,,,,--,.,~-~ v,,~- .... day. M~ss Nancy Lutz will dance a , ', " ' n fou ht " a one-~ The marrmge of Miss Mary/, ...... v, .... a o ~o,~ a .... ~,,~ /the Cltmens Fire Compa y g [at Mlllwood and . _~ tta,J~e~2#eJ,~J2.a-.~,.~-,eae'.~'~,~'~,e'~",~'~".~. ................ ] Mrs. Naomi Barrow, secretary at [ Jane McLaney of Arlington, Va.| ~"~ ~',~'~'~.'~ ~:;~, ~:~,~"~"~,~'~2~,~| a fire wi:th the Berryville firemen [ fire on the county nt~v RIB STEAKS---Esskays - - lb. 79C Mr. and ,Mrs. J. B. White, Jr. [..the General Telephone Co. has,daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. M.|~'~".'.=~;== '~,',~"~'.'~,-,_=ll::'~'~ah'.'|~for nearly four 'hours before bring ~side Berryville. . and l~wo children Robin and J. B.|been a sm'gical patient in the|McLaney of Arlington to John|ff~;'~:'::.~ff^.'~v['~'rou~n~ Lit|,ing it under control. [ A l~-acre grass fire a~. In Mr. and Mrs. William W te [King s Dauohtel Hospital. She is [Link Jones of Shepherdstown, son| ,t. *K~oo ~Z ..... ~n~,- .... t.n ,~..| ~r,,,t,,.~ o,i,~ wor~ in hnth dir-I of J. P. Nuckles at ~u FRE!- -HD =" and. .... two children Elizabeth Ann | nov~ at her home and expects to ,of Mrs Ernest D. JOnes, took place, ce~. "T~e "Bat)~e~."Canc~v'~o]]i'ns | ecti'on:-'for-the--Berz"y~l'l~e Fire|Junctin" and Faulkner of Perry, N. Y. spen,t | return to her work on Monday. ~Thursday, March 26 at 5 p. m. in|~t~,, z~nt~i,~ :T,di~ r)~rf ~ric'|r~,~o-~-nt c~me to the as.~istan | A fire at the home ,the Easter Holidays with their par~ ~the Lutheran Parsona e She ......~ .................... " "-'~" ......... wn H FRUITS A VEGETABLE ~ _' .. _~ Mr. William ~", Graham of Mal . ~ g' P-[ia Mangrum and Ginny Lou indite of the Citizens Fire Company|Harris, Jamestown, :-e~ en.~s.~ar..ana ivirs. J: ~urns riuyet~ den, Mass. nephew of Mrs. Leland theras~own. ['Susan Tabb will dance several nur! on four different occasions. In ,ad-| ed g.rass and old, un.~ on bourn ~amuei ~. Shugart stopped over for Easter [ Pastor John Grissinger officiat-|sery rhymes "Quack Said the [,dition .t:he Friendship Fire Depart| rnis zire was star~ , Mr and Mrs Anthony DiPippo wekeend with t~he Shugarts alter~ed [Duck ....~nnv Li0t~le Bunny" I ment 'of Harners Ferry responded| ashes were thrown on BANANA ........ lb. 10c of East Wuravo, New York wdth spending his spring va, Miss McLaney is.a graduate of ["One, 'Two, Three" and ~'Dancing'l'to four 'mutual aid galls by the]and when the grassu~ four aaughters, a!'e spenamg sev- Florida. M r..~ranam, is an.. m- [ College, Farmville, Va. and i's eml Leaves". Beverley Kidwell and Jan [:Citizens :Pire Company during thag| ~ar.paper was mssea ! .,[ girts, lips Academy, Andover, Mass. t SChool Board. Mr. Jones is a gradl tine to "Jumping Beans" and Deb '(in the Charles Town vicinity than| .spreaa rapiaiy ~o SOlls~ O E S ..... lb. 10c eral aays wztn ,me Leland Shu- s~rucror oz Ma.memarms..~r r'mi- ployed by the Warren Coun.ty Arthur will dance a cute ballet rou I period when there were more fires| ana pu~ ~.~ ou~, ~--[o T O M A r o ' Mr. and Mrs. E. E. Furr spent Miss Lillian Tumblin and Mr.| uate of Shepherd College, Shep- I bie Ballard and Debbie and Mick- ] there were fire ,trucks. Chief Wil-| rags. LETTI CE ...... 2 heads 25c Easter with Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Theodore Malamed of Baltimore| herdstow'n, W. Va. and the Unlver I ey Morris will dance a can-can, ~lin~-ham s.bated he was very grate| The Citizen's Campa Alward and family in Arlington,visited Mr. and Mrs. Adam Prain|sity of West Virginia, Morgantownl''I'm Learning Frenc,h in Dancing !fuji for the quick response and the] ~wered two alarms ~8~ [,7. S. NO. 1 POTATOES - - - 5O-ll)s. 99C Va. on Sunday and also visited her| W. Va and is employed by the[ School" as well as a lively tap rou excellent co(~per~tion of both t:hel first to the Ranson r'rt Mr. and Mrs. Irvin V. Propps of sister and brother-in-law Mr. and ]Warren County Educational Foun It[he to "Goody, Goody". Li~tle Berryville and Harpers Ferry Fire] property to extinguish Martinsburg and Mr. and Mrs. Mrs. Conard Burner in Martins- d~tion, Front Royal, Va. |Misses Benita Anderson and Mary. Companies during Vhese emergeni ~t 11:05 a. m. Then a~ Creighton 1%. Propps and daugh-burg. ] The couple will reside in Front]Elizabeth Watson will also be on ties | they went to the Hut 'A-E v ON ter Trina o.f Front Royal, V a,. Mr. Richard L. Rissler, it stu-[Royal, Va. |Ohe pz'ogravn. . .._ During this exceedingly 'busy]prP::mtYe g~asHsalltWi~, SEE HOW YOU spent t-he Easter Holidays wire dent at Oklahoma State, StAll-/~1 All parents and frienas oz rue period the fire trucks of the Ci.t-t -.~^ ~heir mother Mrs. Fred Propps. water, Okla. spent the Easter hol [ ~t, ~.n ~t,~ ~ ~ ~ .... ~ ..... ~lchildren are invited to be present izens Fire Company ~traveled 1068[ March .24. at 12=~u M a I ~[ ~ " " . " .. turned home after spending 2,~ " dren are ractic "." grass lire- ana a~ ~ : , ~J~ ~ tL-Jl | L J and son Calvin Jr. spent the Eas Mrs. Br(>wn L. Rmsler a,t. theu [moriths in Florida -{temvard. The chll . P ",big water tank ,truck was m use[ ,^ ,~.~ .;~:.,,,,, ,,f NeW ~. ~ " ~ ~ i ~ ~ r nd Mzs Calvin Fleming [days with his parents Mr and ..................... "". ..... ~ for the program and the ,tea if- miles respond,lug to aiarms The] mace ~o me ~ans~ ~ ter holidays with their son-in=law home on Second Avenue. ~ ~ .. ." ...... ting very hard t'nese aays m an- .at ~en of 'hese fires. This thiCk ]~' ~'=,~..'~.'~.a~.='~ln and daughter, Lt. and Mrs. Ed- Dr. and Mrs.B. I. Barnes ofl ~nn ~aoore, .a smaen. . g!tici, pauon, of t heir.anlnuai reci:~ai :is the property of Shenandoah Ij~r~'w~'~'n~"~ras~ ward A. Lloyd at their home in Baltimore, were v.iistors in Char-inesSch~~l'~Alexahn~,ri'a~ ya~,~,,~ [which wil| oe n eJa m me aua~gr- Downs and when i,t is not in use[-~;v~ "~"~o~:- r~ FRESH COUNTRY EGGS - - - doz. 49c Greenville S.C. les Town EasterMonday enroute ?~"2:'.,'~".")Y"tL2,.~=":~2"'~2" ~"-~_'2 }il~m of the local oumor rlzgn at.he race track i is kept a,t I~.Z,~:~'^~,Z;2~,"~f ' . ,,,~t,,u ~e, z.,~x~.~'~uu, va. ~pun~;School earl in June -- ' ". '"="~ ~" ~ ......... Mrs Nettle L Smith of Berry- home from Marlowe and Berkeley . . . . . ~cnooi eany m ~une .... ,th~ fire hall foz use by the fie larea for a rass fire :|st PEAS, No. :10,2 - - 2 for 29c ville, Va." spent "~Fnday ...... mght and Springs a.z~ez a sno~- ........ wsz~ wsm iparentsthezr EasterMr andVacatlnMrs HughWl'th Caper i thezr I .company. ! ...~ ;,...g~.~,t..a~a Kounty EVAP. MILK - 6 tall cans 79c Saturda with Mzs Mazy Clagett relatives Mr Barnes reported feel " ' " spent Emster width their .paren.ts Assistant C'hief Marvin Dodso.] MONAR(HKrispy Saltine"(RACKERS,~" Sunshine, l-lb. pkg. 25e aettherdh~ma~uz'dM~'plehu[~' She ~spgell.much bete, following h,s s,c! cheMsit~ Hve2enpY:tmt~nedEa~e~onh[dL ARvemSuler.;~ ~au~i!r~:~:~eO:ii!ieralfCsn~p~y~a~ I ~ g~rae~tSfSe~y fiv~ atl: /clays with ~ and Mrs Brown L I LFttle Jeffery Propps, on of . .... ' ' - " I~wered; the: fir. home on Second Avenue [ very ill with pneumonia, result in ~heavy loss due to 'the lackI to standby while a KEF, BLER .% LTINE CRACKERS - l-lb. pkg.25e [Rissler and son Richard at their ]and Mrs. Paul F. Propps has been ,trol fire~ t,h~!..would o;therwlse]Hale prooerty on Jef, PREMIUM SAL3INES---NABISCO - 1-1b' pkg.23c t L " " } ~ ..... ~ ~mtth ~ ~t.udoni'. at Of saffi,cient water. The truck car]burned off. The fire Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Sechrist lef:t I Mo~.~an'to'wn ~U"n.'iv'ersi-tv'~VIor'gan- ties 2,500 g~llons of water. | some old chickea [Wednesday morning for Pei'ry, N. [ town s-cut t'he EaSter holidays Over 1,000 man hours werel At 12:30 ~ gr~ss KRAFT OIL - , pt. bottle 31c ]Y. where they will Wsit t~'s paren,ts ~vIr. and Mrs. soenLt on.these firesin addi:t,ion to'sell Fritts place in and relatives. .'. John A Smith Also visiting with the many hours spent in the fireI At ! P. m. to he WESSON OIL - qt. bottle59c Mrs. Charles Crabbe of Mar-I them were the[l" son and daughter hall cleaning and repairing equip : farm near the Sta~te CHASE & SANBORN COFFEE - l-lb.75c 'tinsburg spen~ t:he weekend in-law Mr. and Mrs. William M. ].ment and making preparations a grass fire. --e her parents Mr. and Mrs. T. D. Smith of :Baltimore Md. l'Ior the nex.~ emergency. "rnese A~ ll:lt) ~p m. azs' Webster Liberty street, i "~ ................. [.countless hours of ~prepara.tion.and swered in tlle Mid~ I OS( I L COF" F EE .... l-lb, '73c Mrs Fannie Janney of Hagers-1i~~$ ~|~m~ ],tradning paid off during this busy town Road sect,|on ~,,,-"1~,~ o,-,~,* *~,~ .,~o~.o.n ,,,i~|ill'~;~Kl~C;lll II1~111~;11 |period for on several occasions five acres of alfalf~ DOMINO SUGAR--- ! ~ ..... .~" 4v~,:~ ~,.~ .,2.~,~,:,, ,,'~., t " - | one piece of ecmipment .would be [ Then again at 2 p. u (Wilh Purchase of" $5.00 or More) 5-ibs.39e i~r .ana mrs. riowara tiiarecK. [/~.^& ~ts~&~ ASb~r |,at one fire While the other would J a train set' fire to Norman J. Johnstom son Of Mr.|~7$~l ~l~alll~l MIIt; | be at another .alarm. I Brucetown. , ' ' .land Mrs Norman E Johnston wast,, ., q, tin , | ~~ NING 3 lb can 59c ESKO oSHORTE ..... " recently a, warded a Na.tional Scien ! | .' . . : . ~. I oo i neclfc 1W0 wee s colored mowe with mumc en,t,:tled Da~aw~Msn ~(l~ COMO TOILET TISSUE- - 16 Rolls $1.00 I loin'gre'se' rc-A" inc'l:mm:ls "tr"y aTthe After a hectic week of all ty- --The Care and Growth of e I .,... |University of Virginia in Charlot- pes of fires some rains came and "l'ne movie was pzoaucea !Y~ . [~, ~. n_- I A. B. C. DO(; FOOD - - 12 cans $1.00 /tesville, Va. '" lbz~)ugbt m'oisture to the fields and ormo ~'ompany. ananpresen~e~ o?[ eer nme , | Rev, and Mrs. Albert St[he and I woodlands in Jefferson county this me cJuo oy ~vn. ..... ~ ..... .. , CIGARETTE,%--Popular Brands, Reg. Size, Ctn. $2.31 /Misses Jeanette Whitmore. Joan~lessening the fire danger to the ,m~IrV:Z~Yey:~;ey~ember oflTruck Driver [ | Mrs. William Boyd went to Cum-bwere recewed by the Charles ~ne .... ~Y-.,~. ~..a ~, ~'... F~,.w" [ ~loyd E. DodsOn, 2 Maxwell House INST. COFFEE - 6-oz. jar 99c /Ballenger, Dorothy Brown and le~tent that only ~wo fire alarms ._ I:~ll Madison Club discuss | berland, Md. Monday to a Fellow- ,Town Independent P e C P Y ....., ~..~ . ~ ...... ~,,,,, am,n= I,wa .hned $10 :-II~PER SI, DS, - ..... large box 23c | schip mee,ting. . during, the past week. Fire cCallSm -,~,,~"~"*'~'~"~':~'~"+Y':"a "~('~ds"in [ pleading,,~,.v--, ,~'~ ~..,- ...~ hOle. reC~ answered by the Independent o char e of faalu (1 Box FREE with Each $10.00 Order) / Mr. Cleveland Tumblin of Ri.p-I .~,- ,~ ...... ~,~ w~s the antic[nat-/' g | port his sister Mrs Sarah Shutl~PanY now t