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Charles Town, West Virginia
April 2, 1959     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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April 2, 1959

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FOaECASr. 'It TWO SECTION'S I ] I /l 1 - ~?~!'2tri:!mk iltlgllliVSIKII3 ~ Ill / "'~ uonr~mueo un rage a A ,-town 6z _~anson ato ~t t- TOWN, COUNTY, VA. TttURSI) AY, APRIL 2, .... y aog[Spec, ! Ilect,on Callel By Counol [Sr, E. ,s,,,,|Oa r iLra[her windy with I I,T_D i des 8(,,Serving cTheoolng]0Charles, iTown- Ranson andRep0rtedJefferson i In C0untyCU"tyfl CommunitY, T0 Br,ngSince 8171844-1 Acres !_ nt)To o**Wn, .oL o, .m,,t ,s J just missed about 20 fete bein , different hem othels ever held . nee bal ill e to detelmme hethel the bounda- y , g ~ _~ struck and heavily daxn:aged by Wm All 11 riPs of the corporate limits of Charles Iown shall, or shall not be extended, and not on 0ers, on' I coo.,', ,,, ..........,, .--,,!, ,,, 16 S.,,j,z~ ant1 com ~ rl[[s saacz 1~ Is e~pectec~ ~netc ela was f m lv he ertam ay, highest near (;7. [ttlOeUt/or s.. V/ Read By More Than 20,000 People Every Week. ~..~_],| WEST VIRGINIA'S OLDEST NEWSPAPER CHARLES JEFFERSON W. 1959 COMPLETE LOCAL NEWS COVERAGE PRICE l0 (ENTIt l I I l l To 1 ......... -- - , !n $15,000 Truck Wreck Tuesday; Three .. , ther Ac i t _ c den s ll,'l l~r~-~l~,r~'w~,'~ ~r~,'w , ~'~a-~,l" ~ .-I-'l~'r [ Two homes ~near the foot I ...... ------/ Tuesday, April 21 will be election day again for voters of Charles Town and cer- Ill -=v-,.- ,-, ,-- --Ii-, tl |! ,., |/ . ~..m. ~,! I I~V 1 34f Alstad.t'sf Hillh rln U. ownS" Rou.ter [ IllUl~{ || ~ RIAA~lll ] tain outlying neighborhoods, bordering on Charles Town proper. But this election will be jtaxes in Jefferson, the county has ben penalized Ac- ~wo huge power transformers IT III IIUau vuIII] )eople for public office Thqs the showdown on whether Charles Town will become larger ag up ~ " ' vchit~h left the ,truck on which they l ....... , eSSor'Kathr n Trus' cordlngfsa toid~fs'ta, ternish ' tolaW .t.he effamUntrs Count Court were being transported .a.nd rolled " Clty" by 817or- ac~es, o~ ~em,un" its" ' plesent size .... comes just about se~en months attel the . '. "uctAoris County schoo,ls is geared to the . : o: .... ..... Cancer Drive h ilia Charles Town Council initiated tile movement to )usa the towns boundaries farcher out tUader mstz r skelCe t ough t e yaras , ~hirley E. Alger an assessment figure placed on Jeff- vf ,th~ W~bb ,,,d C~,~Ho~t, h ...... ~ . r " , 1 . * . ~ - _, per yesterday erson County propel ty. Thus, Names ectal ............. ..... ............ . his pa ' " ~ while Lthe huge traetor-railer ............ .............. ................... in three dn'ectmns--South, "v\ est and East, the town being bounded on the North br I,anson ,sot- s o I- t k kldd d d d ~ f z~- race is now in vchile local taxes will go up as a re the'"~hill' ~ and~partially"': ..... off the~ h~gh""- i:) ...........~::}~i~::~ii::::ii:~:::::~ :i The decision to call for a.pu,blic The voting will be on a straight ............................................................... all real estate in it is 'h~ped .thane the higher taxes eDutv Assessors way.. . _ . ::: ::: i::: :: ,ther the boundaries of .the torpor-Ision of the corporate boundaries I ~etd rllAee Bil~tua,'-evatuating the suit of the upping of assessment :i : : r~ferendum on the issue o, wne- "lor" and "against" of the exten ~nat the val m f in e .e Charms Town St~e "zrooper ~ te hm~ts of Charles Town should of Charles T(~wn ll~,U _ uation I will be co pensa:ted or in - I , / .- " I a ' ' " I : I Ik~lV$O YlI5 r rce s be ex- Icreased grants fro,m t, he S,tate. [ - The Ck)unty Court of Jefferson / J" Wa~de said Orville Eugene.~arn [ ::i i::i: ~ be extended was made by the ] Under Charles Town's charterI ~. a~v~.sea upward for I The second cause for the re~is- I t=oun[y this wee~, on [ne recom- |hart ~z, oz winiaxnsport, ~aa. was [ i Charles Town Council at a special I omy a simple ,majority of the bal [ Pals 1-rAm ~'ap59 assessmen,ts lion upward is the fact that a for-Imenda:tion of Assessor Shirley E./driving a Harris biotor Express i ~iiiii iilImeeting held Thursday eveninglm~s cast by ,t,hose wathin the ci,tyI ~JIIII HUH IlVlll i..~ue and :taxes pay I met source of baxable property, [ Alger, apoplnted Paul :Milton of |'tractor-trailer ,ruck down Ais~a'a- i : ::::: I at which time they authorized the [ and also those in t~he outlying ar- l ~ . A . i ~'lll be due October [ money, was exempted from taxa~t- ~ Charles Town and J. Ernest Wat~- Jt's Hill heading for Western.port, [ i :i:ii I calling of a special election for[ eas is required to decide ,the issue. I ~[g~Ph|IHl~l ||IIA~ .... ion by a cons.tiltutiona]' amend- son of Charles Town ,to t;he rank Md., ,the des~ina,tion of two huge] :i express purpose. The C i.ty[Should the vote carry in the city] l ll~,Ulb|ll||~ MUV|U l,~ixed by ~ne con-]men~ aaop,~ed las~ year. me ,assess I of deputy .assessors and charged I power tz:afls,furme~rs. ~arn~al% sala [ i:ii i Fa, t'ners n.act acsually set the e,ec-land lose in ~he areas propsed for i ...... 7" ..... ii ~*mrn the same but I or's office pointed out t~ha,t loss of | mere w,i.t.n me responsioifi~y oz as ivne zz,u~ pounaioaa on cne .~ruc~ i i ii::! ] tion call date a~t a special meeting [ being brought into the city, then i ....~nouffn. o~c~ais oi Jenerson ~l'~ Will be increased [ tax income from t.axation of mon } sessin,g real and personal .prop- i shifted, piclong ,the truck up on ] }i:} i!: I held Monday evening, March 23 ] the issue is defewted. ] ~oun,~y ~ea t~ross Chapter had } i =e increased value i ey had ~o be compensa,ted for iT I erty in t~he corporation of Charles | the road and %ossing (i} on one ~ i:: ii:i : I but because of a misunderstand- ~ All qualified voters wit~hin the ~ hoped to nave ~heir :annual mem- ~zevision is a result I the coun,ty was Lo con~tinue Leo ] Town and the corporation of Ran / side. At the truck 'turne~l over the [ I ing about the nu, mber of days in I corporate l~mits of Charles Town I oersnip drive compzeted by this ~irs,t, there has lma4n, ta,in i,ts curren't obligation [ son. /trans, formers rolled off and.down[i! i Iwhich the election mus~t be 'held I will be eligible to vote at a pre-Itime !~ ~een [ouno necessary ~v~at present as- ] and ~that raising the ~aluations on ] Appoin,tmen,t of the two special/,$he hill, [ / foll(~wing 'the issuance of the call, [ tinct to be set up in Charles Town [ to exfena it because the goal ot .~ low, wi~h the re'[ real estate was the only practical I deputies ,was ne,cessiated by the in / The driver of the ,truck suffered [ ! }:ii~: / Council ,nod to rescind it's action I on whet,her they want the propos I sa,~o~ has not been reacne~, it ~ogram in I solution. I abili,ty of Alger o carry out ;he | orHy minor ~head and leg injuries, I [ a~t this meeting regarding the date, I ed outlying areas brouffht into ] was announced We~nesaay. ~s a lassessmen,t beoause oI ill health ITroo r Wade said and meet again Thursday night,to Charles Town And .all qualified ..... ~ '" ~,L D~ -. a. -e -- I Alger was oOn~rfined to ~he hospit- / T~epeaceider~t blocked traffic on I set a new date. I voters and pr~pert.y owners with- I ~tltl .needed to meet the goal as al around ~he first of the year, ig' ycompletely for ~about :i :::.~i~i: : : : ~i~: : Charles Towns munici al ~ha in the areas covered in the pro- lail;esl~ reports snowea weanesaay . the h,. hwa , : :::: ::: **: .......... :::::. :: ..... p r . . ~ rresent t0r Meelmq 50us land .is presently recuperating at [a .half hour and restricted trot-I leer requires ~bat sueh a special I Posed boundary extensions will [that only $3:949.74 has been re- ........ - _ i his home. He expects to return to i tic to just one way for wbout four J :::: i election be ,held not before 20 days J vote whet:her they desire to come | por[ea ~ ~ed ~ross neaaquaz'ters, ........................................................ ........ ' : .... ~ ' Mrs ueorge nemn n executive AT H^lal T, ae4 . I his duUes in the near future, but I hours. I,t occurred about 4:30 a. m. [ I nor later than 30 days after .the Irate the mty a.t a precinct to be |secze'a,- :" :h- .. ,- "'~, .ll;,1~',U,= FI, ,V,1~;] ,ul[;;.)ua~ I en~rtr~tU~ee~y c~s~nsUPnd~]i~u~ne[ ~ndcki'tw~sl~lmasOStg~o~ [ MRS O. S. BLOOM ~ed~e~:i~nigf#.~a~y~se~t~?~izuegci]Th~i~swe~s~t:~'~~e~;~g~~i~{~i~";~! ~ly ^ _ ~ _ . which m us,t ,be comple[e , ce in ished ~t a loss of $15.000 was re- Mrs O S" Bloom will serve a not fall within the 30-day ti,me will do h.eir at the Indep- " _ ' . .... ~ ..,- ~,large u.ttendance, lL:amp are aose,ph ~ Thompson, line S'prin,g. I mo~d from the scene I .... =. 7.~.~.' ............. :^[[limit thus i.t was Iound necess-]encten~ Fire l~au While .t'nose in/~n. Mrs, John Glove," S.. s=:'- ~:'~Y members answ- ] James Senseney and C. DeForrest | Milton will assess persons and I When the transformers left ~the I ~.~;*.^.~.,,.,'~=~.~'~.,'~.~." ~[-~.~ I ary to move to an earlier date | the outlying areas wil lvote at the / veo as captain el vne Mi.llvilte clis ~,',v= w.,u, ..... c,~.~ v'pc.~ ~p~'h " new Chazles Town Hi h School tzic~ wh~c1~ collected $449 55 as a ~'~aes ~hen ar s wn and Char Arms m Charles Town Corp0rat amounts af oll ~hich ~..::^~ .. the rolllBoyer of~h le To :,l i ._L , ,,. , "l,tmck 'hUge 115 She will act as chafrm,a- for[Boundary Extensions / " s "g * ./ ' ~ ' . ..... -__ ':s_ - ~?u zne re_guiar l~e tsrooks elf Mufti'uS,burg., [~,~n: .W.acsor~ w~u assess p~',.ons~ Ihad laeeU storqd inside ~hen pour 1(7~arlaa 'ra~wn l~an.em nne] ~t,h:l~ / The present and lal~,ut tlxr~PLala~ are now to have only ~t~/.o IRa:ms,~_ a^ quota ot ~i}~o.t~9 M,:s. i~ O~ ~ne ' l-l'eriYy'T "A~ter t~he bu~ness p0r~ton o{ the I'ana z,irms in tcansort corpora:uon, t ecl onto the hi,Away,, ,thus making ! ~ev~mns~'-~"---" -""of the .......... Coun,ty Thls ~sY'"~'-the wh|ch Council l~ ad~ted fd]rf exex polllng places in op ~'atlt'.'~ on elec oIt"na!'~s-uwenS'me ~ervt~ a~ ~pta.ln ~n'P, Sons of Con-/meeting, members enjoyed an in-IBoth stated they would make an]for most, hazardous .~ghwaN con-Iq.;: ..... .% . .... " .,.:. o~.:~.~ ]tending th'e town's li~s, runs]~on day.. ] ..... l~e. t own team eel!coting a ~'~ at ~he Thomas tezes~ing movze which was pres chert to con~ac~ persons ~o oe as d~tions un~fl a sba~e mad crew ~ .... ~.....~ ..,~,.,.,,, ,,~ ~..~u 1 n n ie f 1 Onl ~ I s ~oca~ o~ SZZV zu as agams~ a quota : tzl .... " ' " ...... " ' ' ' ' as chairman of ,~he local drive a o g the bou dar s o *Ralaavan n y a s'mp e majority is requir ~ " ' ~;' ..~?harles .Town/cured by James W. Strider ofise~sed ~ersonally, but also l~,intedlcould rea,ch the scene and cover[w c has been marked as st]a Northeasterly direction taking[ed bylaw to decide the issue Pith- [f$1,25'0.0' . ...... : '~:~' ..... no~e~ man ' Oharles Town Donald Smith had ou~ ~nat persons in .~ne ~wo ~o,wns the' road with cinders, Trooper ~-'ucce~ful Not' .... only has ~he been ~'n the new Shenandoah Downs er for or aga~'nst the extension, r'onowlng are the als~ric~s ana ~., 0aked ham dln charge of o.peral~ing t~he projection also call a,t the asses~or'.s of-IWade sold . I,,ho~,.,~o.,'.e ~o ~,~,o r,,,~ ~.~o ,~ /race track and exeludtnlr the I ....... ,~. h,~,~ .... /Lheamount they nave contributed .;~-~on. i mac,hint 2~he invoc,a~ion was giv- I rice in the Court House and have I One of "the ransformers just I ~m'. ...... ?~ ~%'",'~"" ?."~ "'.?? '~,~" /~urns f.--... ,.. ~.~..~, ~f .~.~-t.~k I .~"~\ ........... ~)'u ,~.. ~. .... ~ ?"?'~. t ~a~:eron still ~ts not reportea ~'~ ' " ~,~;~ea much oi her a,c~lve me ~o "-",~,.. ,. u,~,, u ~.~ ."'~ (~z-~ne more neavny populatea s .... :l leharcl Crane pre Ien by the Rev George Hasel of]thor assessrner~ts ~made. ~ _ ~missed ~the Web'b house by about[l~e work of Cancer She has been[It then moves Southward to theiareas borderin onto Charles|'a'-.-~tL-t}lue^~ldge-~Ov-ez) --$97"36' L~l::df] a/terLhe bn~,D~aracS~wnof the'meeting, an-I V~a~Pu~slgm~ea [ 2fJt,eety:Sditar~l~lea~imn:.tothe C~a~:t IreS, sP~Sub]e/~rh:hesS~on~nr eWc~m- i[I;WSr?gofStPh'~n~yi~fa~larmantdo ~Tr.O~, Pr?iP~mft:n~vathe tf:rVnnauSlC~):d [~wUna~e-$1}{-~;: N~ .~.. ~L:f]es - .... ] ouncemont was m,e ,holevery roaso aole coo:.o I f house -/ .. !.own o, N. c arles l own some 20 feet : rom e0he i ' s r" Houte 340 thus taking sn the Char man months a o b mere ers f [s .... s ng t;he drive and the ~ta tmg of , y . g y b o $514 53' S W Ch s ~1 com mrt, tee on Ca~-np wall meet on Tuesday A'prfl persons to be assessed, yet at ~.he ~The ,truck also cut off a power I . Its Town race track property On . , .... alle: Town $2~0. ~ch .... . ' , . a Lending Closet for .the a~d o,f , the Charles Town Counml. Much 30" En le l~ 92" Ka ~e w I ~,enner W 28 at the B~g S rings Dinin s~ume ~me vne mw ~mposes upon s th g $ b to n $~z~ ~New ,members Room near Martinf~urg. Adjourng ~he ,tax,payer ~he du~y of being as p~ye ~ndpWnget:~l~oa~r~Saffi~e h~gh IC~ncer ~nd other ill pa~ents of tnheew S~:ut~nd~dyeli~e ~l~ut$4:ctohs; p~nning and groundwork ..was 50;. Flowing Springs Road $67.05; .~ ~erslaip in ~he ~ men,t was a 8:30 p m. i sessed whether the assessor :calls i time - ..... I . _. / the Dutrow Willis and Jones I ~'~"~,~.'~'_ ~'_'.~-,~',"-n'o'~"_'._'_~.',..'.'.'~.~[ I l-i,alTtown $42.45; Harpers Ferry i ............................... I on him or not I ~r~ ~,~,~ w~ nr, f, rred in th~ I e~ new ~ancer tending t;loset/e ...... .1 ...~. ,..,. ~ ~,z~:. x.~ten eav~ ,zz o~eznve~ bile $29 50' Bolivar $88 96" J(rhnson ~}, ...... ,.' ..... I They also ~in.ted out that mo-I ae~len~ .... --" ............Ihas just been completed at t.he H|I / L'.'7"%~::7. "~' :;~:~ S t~.~oROU~.9 [Cit, l~the, rs f el.t they had moved [ town-~rown's Shop S23.25" Keyes v . . a~ ~u.~t ut ~,,c ~.,..,~ -,.u,.,,, iar enouwn along i:o orln Lz~e ' 1 ,~ nn ~11 I~l~fl[1 O,.~AII [=.,&&,. I torists would be unable to secure/,-, ~--r .... de also re'-^rted that I leary Home and a last of artacles [ .... ;.__ ._..:^- ~._~.~,, ~,^,.~ I. . ~" .... s ._ I Perry Head $62.00: Kearneysvilte .:, v,, ~OVeVUI$1$, nu~li /ilii~ I,, ..... ~,.~o e,. ~o,. ,-..~ ..... Ixrpe wa . . ,.vo., _ - i'for loan will be ,~-sted at the/ ....... c,~, ~, .... ~m./lssue into tne open anct learn 1;ne/$5600. Leetown .~299a ( ..... . _ I .... ,,., / ,"Y~. .... r,,,~'~o "Z" o,: ...... u~Z'~^'2- / a 1949 Chevrole~ ownea "oy Josepla i .............. ~ ..... 2 _' :_ i The line will then swing North- / sentiment of voters both within ! -- ' -. ' - _._ ..,_=.== ~_:.:z:.; )b a. ,enese liutldin, zor ~ne ziscai.y,ear xs~)u-:~l|Mazzacco of ,the Kra~z Traller/~e"nea~U~u~u~eU~)~eUofPoul~r~Ci~tt.X|west in front of the MeCabe prop-|the city and in the oulying areas|-~a-ac~'~l~lnsurg--r~e $~u,vT; Midale VII /IV|ill ~ ~ ~ / unless ~ney aecmrea ,their mo~ort f,,,,,,+ ~o,,~,,n o,,,~ hei'~a drive'*hvl' : "/o..t., ,-,,..~l.,~ ;,,~t t,~ h,,,~- .- ,~.../ ' _ /~vl eway ~laz.~o; t~umm.~t t~oin~ n%' i Jeet on a part I sell Frit.ts Charles Town electricai| | driven by Gerktn struck a car own| ,~2 ,....... i] ~_..~. ~^,; y| join there with the city's p'resent[ ~a~: f.r th~r~.e~yS ..... '' ........ | $151.68;_ R, ip.pon $7.1=20_ ove!'!; ~111 _ e. City Build I ~ppUance dealer and home-buzld-/ T~ ~A~ll~ T~ ~laan}u / ed by Edward Lee Ew|n,g, 35, of/^. ^~.~ .^ ~, .... .~.. r, ..... n~ / boundary hnes. Another smalrer/+*'e move ex~olll--" *~-~ ~-~'+i---~'| ......... " - "~ '=, ~- y ,~, ~ by Char- er /V @VI~OI~ IV ~UlI/3 Fredertck, Md. and which was . . area m also being" proposed for v'ant s a ' ' ..... Iicho " . . t~ents Thzs has been a practice . , ad age th t wH! come to those Charles Town $52 68 ~ovez') N W ~: bu.!.a.s Ca.rson.,_ Possession of the.building w,!l| . . a ... |~rked:n.~~w;nt~tzh_~r~ck.fiof ~he Soeie~y for the past several/!.nel.~usm,n in the towns eorpora.|l,iving ~n the outlying areas s,hould|Charles Town $3858" Charles zlcdng being I oe given e'rl, B~s WI,I~nlD- line nex~ 1 II~IIMU~PM~ A~Fll U /~a. anu lvar. ' t, / ,,~ars 1 llmlI~ in ~ne ~or~nwes~ westernl ............... "..,, ' " ea now being l60 days. No sale price for the build/ ~ / Gerk,ln was charged with leav-| .." [ section of Charles Town-an area| ..... ' " i len:tral Restaur I~ng was ~announced. / [ ing t,he scene of an acciden,t, / ,ss. b~aJ~ne~lne .;nilcls win_.s,er-| beyond the Me. Puree section| ~~ .,~ .oreroom on ethel -rmo ~"-'ldin- ^he of the la-~est/ Martin V. Bostetter, prominen,t/ Damage ~o the ~wo vehicles a./ve as.:.rreasurer oz.cne ~ve which has become rather heavilyl ~ I~ell d~A I~ 1 le I~ 1 I~ . i t!; ,ling located ] i,, ~'~s Town nurc'~la~sed | HagerstOWnuest s eaker~t~trneY'at t)he re'Willlarbemeett:he moun,ted ~to a:bout $125, Trooper[ r'aria~,sne~us,nongWm ~e assis~ce.aoot~l laclms'Y MrS.are I populated in recent / -.-/i1 -...,,,lilIK- .-I1 ..,,-....K~flllITIi ~n~tfflt~/itf~FtaF~~- 5v : ,Re and Wash- i ~ ~'"-:~'~Funkhouser some years| g L 'P ' gU i Wade sa,id .... / " . ' , : . . . . . Eligible Voters / " : I ~'~',~' ca. ~.w.r f]~r ~f t~ lhas/ing of the Jefferson County Demo- Charles Henry Coul.ter, 38, of very aeuve ~n cmr) anct czwzc wor~ Those who are eligible ,to vote , ...... | ~:,*~'~"~,~;iecl~for ~me vears"as|cratic Association at ~the court I Cha ,e Tow injured/and tremendously interested in ion the .~ssue will be all Rata Ha,,cac I n,da i mmn trl l~os~.:~e~nsen | a~sa'les~aead.u~rters for new and] house in Charles Town at 8:00 p. ] ~bout 7:25 p. m. Saurday eventng/me t;ancer crusaoe. I voters within .the corpora~te limits| uvaai i HV~ a-~a~|~ iUa~l V~||iiVii~ ect ~.n ..... , I, oon .... ~,,~,~]~ -,s- Thursday, Apri'l 9. [ on Sta~te Route 9, near Kearneys-/ Mrs. Bloom will use as 'her I of Charles Town and alL] Qualified " " t e~ser~'~desi'~ec~i some ~2"apa~,t'men~s'on'~he'secon~|' .Bostetster's topic will be, "WhY lville when a 1956 b'~ord which be/THEME when t~he Drive officia.lly I voters and property owners wi4,h[ V~r|l filll gV~#~lHl~' fi# A,,~^,,md|ekm,a,di,~ rov, ao ............................. ,2.. I .... / Should ,the Democra,tAc Party Be I was driv, ing went out of con,troll opens April 15-"A Pot Of Luck" I t'he areas covered in the proposed/VU/$ VII LXI ;lll VI /41, ,VII1 1 1311111 1113 ..... I .............. /Preserved." land crashed ino a u~tiliLty .pole. /"LuckilY you can g~ve so eL*hers I boundary extensions. Those with . ' i . ... !t _'/ The Association, whi. or i Trooper A. J. Wade said Coul-/ ay 1, e". S .w~ll ent ~ ' all]in the City li,mits desiring the vote ............. ~..~. ........ Clesl an announcemen~ WillDe maae "gn of .the | ..u. ._ . . ~_ . _ | med in December of 1958 as a I ter .suffered lacerations of the/'the workers with a pot luck sup- Iw~ill ca~t t,he{r ball(~ts at the In-1 ~a]~or s ~ote:- rms time as ]n I veo oemg a'~ou~ mnety miiimn ao~ wltrun ~ne nex~ week or ~;en aays urant area i .... i ......... | merger be t~ween elder Democrats I forehee~l and temple and was| per at her home on "C Day" April I dependent Fire Hall while ,those/t~he ,past W. P, C. Perry, Jefferson I lars, so it can be readily seen that n he da w en all County s rep~esentwtive m the it was imperative Vhat the Mat ~k is ex,-~::,~,~ ] l oz ~ne z~rs~ioor] and the Young Democra~ts of ,the I treated at Che Charles Town Gen/18. This bet g ~ y h ] in /;he outlying areas will be vet-/... . .:: , " . .. . , I . ' . ' * . " " ~,~u~, oI the DUll(ling IOF a ~naries xown wes~ vIFglna tiouse ol l)eiega~es CFlln mone De !ovlaed fol A ..... _ ! . . | Coun, ty, is rapidly recruiting' mere- I Continued On Pa~e 8-A * | Continued On Page 8-A I ing at the new Charles Town High/ s ] " g y" p. " -, -~t,~u zmousmess enterprise. ,bets and now has dues ~ayi~g . School. it was stated, w~as kind enough to prowide, tl~ls ] Gas'Tax For Road _ members in the hundreds. ~ .M~m.ber 1 I11111,. ,, . ., , I I ws roW t'resumeL?n re, This additional revenue came as I sm'p is open I;o any bona Ilae t~e-., : ~. u..~ .~.; ...~o ~. ~....~ .~ , . , s f t r his w a ~esult of placing one additmnal mocrat m ,t~he County Dues are $I e o the le~isla u e and t eek ters, Hew Donors Heeded r,oZ Jaycees wtttsponsor nagen.romers ,ss Julia B. Shirley I"e has ~takerL t'he ti~e and'troul~: ~Pez~nYhl~litnhe sftateuLi~:~l~le ta~~ ~'1~;0 III ~llUIIq~ /VI~II l~ Y detail a llt,tl f r I~ll ~m[{ ve[emoer u[ Haters Ferry Grade ~,llt, H~ III ~llgll~ 1U]q~ll 1UlllgV~ll 1HIIU Iresolutions and what eff/~c,t theyl ' e urt'he on, an in- ! .~ Unit to Charles Town Sch~l Burguiarized 'ToOCn Th?r dav si Yo r' hCeh ]r f? i.gnhialf e 0( 2d%12) andh nraed_/ LglMl o nS. ei i trWdd!8i![ lagemenL oa t ?s i w on pEm a i CCcp a i i d !:ll:t tnul'ou .oa' i i! ii I Corporal I. P. Richardson of .the ,time in several years 'by a real served section. These prices in- in ~arles Town General Hospital i ,~ +h. /t~n, .... +~"'- ~*r D .... ,~ ] chases of motor vehicles, l ..... ~_ ,~ ._ . Charles Town,St, ate Police tented circus officials cff the elude all taxes. The La~.ternoon per where she h~td been a "atien~I .... .~,.y ?~,.~,~_.,~,.u ........ "'.~1 There w~ litt]~ dnn~ ~t t~h~ ~Zllllar. l%ea vure ~om'pany was vne mo's~ sue- r r F r ' r C v g~ve in 'nel~lng I~0 zeep our reaa- -~ ' ........... L--~ u ....... I .......... ed Monday that bhe Iffa pe s e ry Jefferson County Ju.nlo hambea" formance will be held shortly after since March 26 . i ......... ] sLa, te level for "u~lic s~'ools ex ~zzb W'lll De ,cesstul ever nel~l Aria ~e~awross been r c d " lets ~nzormea on wna~ I, Ne legls-I" ~' ~" " "" Elemen~ary school had b ok of C(~nmerce unnoun e today, school is dismissed for ,the day ~ , , . Town Monda i officials s~id Wednesd,a t~he ,he , ................ ......................... Born March 16, 1~72, near S am l~ture was doin each week and cept ~or the ~equtred increase m ~er~ .... .............. ^ en in'to and buz~larized someth.~ The lt~M J..~,~ ch.,pter i~ s'po,.~ ~.d the mght show a't 8:00. Mail mit Point the deceo~,ed ,*,as a dau I ......... Vhe an .... , h:..~;. ,.....t. ....... y y y Pe g - sance la.s~ me Insrvm~yna:ay WllJ De even mor~ L " ' ' ~ "* [.0 ,I-tlm we say manxs lor a j oo ~ , ,- ~ , ~ ~~ ~LV ~V ~ ~ ~ ~ "~ U ~ ae~, ..... dunng the m gl~t of March 24. He sonz~g the Hagen Brol;he:rs famous orders for advance .tickets will .also .h~o. ,~ ~.ho ~o~o "~.-~.o., .~.n t,,,,. I .... *~.~ ,, ,.ou,~n ,,t.,,,..,~o.,+,, ,,~ r~,, ~,~J ana ur- su0cessIUl , . ~ . ', . ,, ,~..~. ~. ~.,~ ..~ .~v~.~.,, .~.... ~.,.,~ wen clone ) ~"~ ~'~-""~" ""~'~"'~"~ ~- ~.~ oU._ ~ms~'-' we z~ " sa~d entrance to. t.he braiding was big .top , which will. present ,both be handled promptly and should . __._B~vlnr ......... S'hlplev_ _to I~;.~t.x~v ...... C~rnl, e_ 9~'.,t, I " ,,,,.r~~o~o~........ ~,J*" ~,~'~v.,~.~.+~nl'~'~'~ ~.~.,~i'~a .--t-'~ .__~._t~h~ r i Red ~r,~o ~e~ FURNACE AND ItEATROI A gained 'by ,breaking out :an upper maCAhee and evening perform an-be addressed: J~ycee Circus Fund Su,m, mit .Poin,t She was a me,rnbe,r ] BY W. P. C. PERRY improved de~rree status and len~- i ~ot on~..o'~.~CLEANING--Call 545-R, BUDDY story window ~n the East. end of ces at ~he Charles Town '~'urf Post Office Box 432, Charles Town of .l~he Hcdv Suirit Episcopal Chur | During ~he session of ~the Leg- th of service~The totai" increase ]'rt 'iou: "':&- "Y~-~- ~AZIER the building. Club Grounds. (In ordering reserved Seats .be ch Summit Potn~ | ~hich came to a close a- "State Aid"" w*s ~,-~,* ~a~ aan VISI S I;a'a~ , , ' , ! | ~, a~,,.t#~ ~,.~,,, ,.v,, If o ~ ou ,~;,-~*- ~ + ~ i The ~l.ass was broken from the Norman Camobell Jaycee eir sure to state which performance) ' ' ~ ar t , , bottt ~wo weeks ago thence were . ' ' ' ~ ~a z ...~.~. ,,-~..-- _ . , __ , - Surwwn e a bro.her. George , all for th~s purpose. ea~,~" q o,~a o ----------------~-" I door leading in,to bhe office of cus chairman' , announced that alt The Hagen Brobhers circus in- T. Shir]e' v~wf Summ4~, Point and 1 209 bills and 22 resolutions' passed ~ ......... . --'~"" ~ - , ~ h ........... , ~ tz]e sessloI1 progressea ~nere rl~h .... ,. ATTENTION--I REE GAS I school Prmeipaq Waldron Shipley. of the sponsor s proceeds from ,the eludes more tlaan one . undid a m~mber ~f nieces and nephews. | by both^ houses. T1}e... Oo:vernor was a noticeable and frequently q~a~'_~?.% ..... ------ ' Then a metal locker in the office circus will 'be .turned over to t~he perzonmers anti amm~Js, o wren Friends and relatives ,w411 be re/s~gnea lea oz ~nese runs, he" ve- oxnr~,~ f~,-u ...... .~ ,~,~ ~'~.~.. aaol~lerS..m.~~," TItE RANSON ATLANTIC SEa- was broken open and piKered. Jaycee H, aven Fund, to retire the many~ new. ac~s.; a nera-o.z ele- ceived at t~he home of ~the dece~ |,toed 10 of t~he,m, aa.dallowed .5 to ~e~s~:{a~ ~e'"~e~'~er"~c,~)l:~'~/~'" "*" .... Some half dozen softballs and debt on the Children s Haven o prta~n~s l, ralnt~t Dy (Jal~ ~enmact a oecome m,w vnMou~ ms s~gna~ure be ac~,~+~,~ ~,: VICE STATION (on the Ra,nson .... ' , P- o. ~., . . ' . _ ,ed .from l~rid y afternoon unt,ll| ' ~ ' mendmenV' ~t~)~the Censer.ration a ! 10:15~'~'~a ,~'~ Ctrcle) WILL GIVE AWAY 10about $25 in ohange was ,taken er~ted by the Rev Temple W~eel-.~owa.r~l, s m~n,ary horses 'one 1~o: Saturday. .... afternoon ,when the b~dv / Tl~is 60-day session ,has been do~ted~ _ last~_ ~v~r ................. ~hm,~ h~ ~l~'~n m, Gallons of Gasoline to the lucky from ~bhe locker ~long with some er. Advance sale of circus ~tiekeCs la.s eauea~e~ ~ogs..many c.aes o~ will be ~taken to Zmn Emscopal i eharaoterized as good, bad, or in. o ,~ho-~o ~ ...... ~o~, ......... l~ seeki winner each week. Dr,wlnp on records and o t~her small l.tems, Cor is now being e~rried on 'by Jaycee ~m eax]O~ve a nl,mo.!L~ ~[! a,ls? Church in Charles Town for ser-/d,ifferent by v~rious observers, de- " ~." .... ..~, ~"=" ............. " ,r~ .... .rig a re Saturdays at 2:00 P.M. porui l~ichardson said. members, Che eh~i,rman sea, ted,. on alsp~y. An aen .~.ue~ vtces a't 3 p. m. The Rev. Stanley|pending on Cheir ~arying tn/;erests or me omer, t~alling a h~lt on ii 1~2. ,~nis time uran~. ~a~.~r~rr-,~,eA bu.}~,,laxv was also re.r~,rted .to and he urged people of .the eounCy sr, a,rnng cue l.~ra)cs; ~us~ra~an H~tuser rector of Zion Church wiil/| or points of view, As .a .member of Continued On Palre $-A ! .to give ..... "-'-"--~-~ ~'~':':"~'"r ..~h,~r' o.~"-~.,w,.'., .~,~o,.~+o~o _,.~ice~,, ~.v~,..s ..a.h ,, to buy tickets in advance for oeer~r ~_~ra artis[;s and th~ a-offiiea,te.. Burial will I~e .In zion l;he House of Delegates I can only c~n. .:the Redl~. M, ~M['Z'~t,U~S~ zou~or,, ........ ..~., ~.^...o ^f r,l~.~n~.~ three reasons Pirst the prices will mazlr~o., g ~sere~,ti trou, pe axe among Churchyard ] list here a brief summary of what ANNIVERSARY' SPECIAL. -- ., r reservwt- May 22-tf __yrp Hardy R,~t~te 2 ~arr~rs Perry be higher at the circus gate" See zeatured atA~ractions I took place and leave it to each 42 Tufted Sheer Material 57c ~;ross officials ~' ~ ' ...... r 4~ " r ' ' ' ' ' " an- ~r " ~l :' ~ The ~ncident occurred sometime end, advance tickets assu e the a~-T~r~a~v ~p~,ra~ ANNIVERSAR~ SPECIAI I reader to form ~s own opinion, i yard. PENNEY S, Charles Town. ~ is ,,~-~,-~e~n~--a-e- Boo sv' ~ho~ rt Sleeve S,-nort Shirts, between Mar~h 26 and March 28. p~t.ron .th.a~ he ~i]l not .h'a-ve- ~. 23" x 46" Bath Towels ..... 2 for ~1 00 S~mle~. ...... Nylon Hose 2-Prs $1 00 [ First ~n regard *o the road sit- I April $-lt.--FE ~serv**,^~-~-y .1 aa P~NNI~.Y'~ ~.harl,'~ ~,~wn ,Entrance was pdned by forcing an wm:~ In ~r~. aI~ ~ne b~.~, :l'mro, P~-~Ev'g Charle~ 'town PENNEY~S Charles Town. [u~tion, several bit,Is were passe~i ..................... ~IS Wi-"~'~ *-~'~ ~z~ ~ A~ril'2" it---FI~ .......... ouCside basemen~ door. Nothing a, na_mos,.,t. ~n'.~ .potent, ~ne .zlav~n A-'pr"il2."~t ..l~p " --. " April 2-1t.--1~P lwhich will resul.t in additional re The W. S. C. S. of the Charle~i .. ~,~ ,,~..-x~,,. ~-~ ..... , was ~c~ken us .far ~s van be aster l%trta Will receive one rt~,l.[ el ~ne "'~ ......... --- /venue, pr.actieally all of Which will ]Town Methodist Church will hold Ch - ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL: -- Cained. There was no one home at advance ticket sa)es, bu~ only t~n ANNIVERSAR~ SPECIAL: -- ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL: --[be used ,to match Federal h ,is. I RUMMAGE SALE in the office e Blood~no- Boy's Denim Overalls, $1.00, Che time of the burgl~rly, per cen~ o~ s~les ~t the arcus ga~. Mens Short Slel~ve Sport Shirts, Women.~ Panties 4 for $1.00. |To be s~eeffl ,-pproxirr~ately . n~ : the Bakery on East Liberty ~a w~ich PENNEY'S, Charles Town. ----------------- , Tickets for either performance $1.22. PENNEY~S, Charles Town. PENNEY'S, Charles Town. I million aoIlars was needed for ~h~slS~eet, from April ~ to April 11, Citizen's April 2-1t.--l~P ' ATTEND CHURCH SUND&~ are priced at $1.00 for ,ad)u~ts; $.75 April 2-1L--FP April 2-1t.--FP Ipurpose, ~he federal money i l~Vol- April 2-1t.--FP