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March 31, 1966     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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March 31, 1966

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--- SPORTS SECTION --- ? LLO ICTURES RSDAY, MARCH 31, 1966 SECTION--B I d ] I' ; their opening bame is not sch-~e ~ The Lakers,--'~'aoached by Mau- J i l i I t J Ii I I I/ / ~ ] [ q [ duled until April 12, or about a[rice Braxton, outclassed the Red Ca l k " J I I [ [ I I k "" J I [1 With S--tin- havin- ah cad- officiall'" arrived the next week later than most of the other " ps "n the finals of the Charles :_/1 I ..... ,. , ,. * " . L ow. ocroat on ba ko*- II / d un new arrival upon the sectional schoolboy sports scene will be COULD BE ADVANTAGE ball tournament held Saturday, @ - -- . [ baseball. And if Old Man Weather cooperates this will happen ....... _ [ March 12, in the Page Jackson , !te-I I~ a I r% l I- ~ With the 1966 golf season fast| .... [on a limited scale next week, with the full-scale invasion of l ms augea week coma...?e a High gymnasium to become tour- ..................... " , . f ha m. * .. ..... real auvantage to ~oacn Trlttlpoe, nament cham,qons IN r- yy O /'~ |~ LJ V | It= VY O approaching the membership ott It lll l the Spring and Summer oum oor spor coming a week la er .... i .............. " v ". the Slee Hollow Golf and Cou-| H n~ [ ..... espee any lI me weamer warms In the consolation game the PY The first blasts in the 1966 sectional schoolboy dmmond u an i " - - BY MAX BROWN ntry Club met Monday, March 7,[ ['~r.ti~n will uro~h~r r~rnalttlno" 1~,~ ;~.,~A rl~ ..... ,4 .... + ...... p . d perm ts dally outdoorI Vikings scored a 21-14 victory [F ilgDI 'C klEll/ I:tlur11 AI I I:11:1 !1 for ..t __annual or.gan] _..tmna_l / [~ [with the Shepherdstown High Cardinals and the St. Joseph's | The Tigers will omen their 1966 v~rthenE:~rers'lad tbv Lakar.~ I,I Ill_fig J ~[LW /IUN$1UbI~L llLLU meeung auu nazu~u two new mere ........ . ............... bers for three-ear terms on the[ ~ i tCathohc H;gh Crusaders participating in the first battle on season Tue.~lay afternoon, April to their championship victory ~ ...................... mem"e-shi" eo-'mittee / I the Shepherdstown Hgh field at 3:30 p m. 12, on thezr home held, playing with 16 points, while Frank Brad wora when you l;aKe a looK a: toe new " " e " "' " " " " t " field at She,)herd College these da,,s A crew of k Named were: Jack Akers and/ r Then Wednesday the Charles Town High batsmen will get i host to the Charles Town H gh ford had 8 Bill Nunn and Alan . ~ ~ v " - t Oliver Kastle / ~ ~ into action, traveling to the Baker V. A. Center diamond near ! batsmen in a game set for 4 p. m: t Brady had six points each for the busy around the clock, re-modeling the entire grid-! Since this'meeting themem-~ ~ [] Martinsbur to be the o ]ests of the St Josenh's Catholic And between then and May 13, I Red Caps. ~ ~ ~ ~'- " " when the end of regular season goal to goal, running track around the field, re-. bership committee has met and ]l i Hi ,h batsmen at o'30 in what will be the home onener for ....... I Following tournament play tro. !g walls at the ends and when this job has been corn- ! organized with the following com / ~ [] StC'Joe " -- t play comes, me Tigers will play ]phies were awarded the Lakers ! ' -- l a total ot ~l games, s~x or tnem the facilities as far as the nlavin~ turf is concerned mittee chairmen and committee It :,T " ~ ..... ,, _ _: ..... 1. ~ ..... ,^ _^ :_,~ .~ . . .. . [as the champmns and the Red thi " . .... is: Oliver Kastle, h " man; Jun. "g P. . , " nd V'kings were pre- ng out of the fine soil is now m full swm It Des vllle andSt Joseph s of Mar ~1" ....... . . . g" g~. , ior Jones, handicap and rules and t l i A host of other sectional and area teams will also go into .. :, - sented the good sportmanship saying r zns are going ~o nave one nneI greens committee; Jack Akers, | " m [ action that afternoon and from then until about the middle ] unsourg.~ ..... i trophy. m play their football on, come the ram of 1966 tournament and home and home Coach Trlttipoe sa d ff his vet - [ [ [ of May there will be a host of battles at least twice weekly [ ......... An all-star team was also named _ - .......... committee; Ed McDonald, stag B [ ,,~ .,.,~n,,,- .,..~.~ ., eran pitching start comes mrougn [ and making un the covetod ~oam ~I " l night; Marge Brown secretary Y ......... v ....... the Tigers should be about aSlwere. Dann ........ :" E RICE, former coach who put Harpers Ferry High ....... ' - -- - ] John Elwood [ -- I ] ......................... I y Doleman, Scuttle ..^_ .. . . . .. t_. ~,_ .t ~_ ~.. :_,_ ann social committee ann tmrnara [ I lOS n } I~ [ I~e ~ ~ I I wug. to uea~ a~ ~,,y tea., m ~,~ I Walker Lawrence ro .Tim is toe la[es name in nat mr toe IOOl DaJl JOD ' section ., . G ~en, .... Hoo r Braccade Lmn ...... pc" Slee Hollow m I , el Walker, Alas ._ Hagerstown High. Rice lS now coaching in Ohio, Tho handican committee includ [ PY [ i ning I.ger' s en I The Ti~ers lost two nitchers,~rad,, c ....................... ~I~es " ' -- -- .... , . -- .... a, ~vuy ~ylor, Wllilaln L, lnO~- coming our way say, he d be glad to come back lea Junior Jones. member ex-offl I Golf Pro [ i~ one P a--- r,__ [ ~____ _JL__! 1"_ I~_ ] from last year s team in Buddy I sey, Greg Rector, Dennis Kirk, Yhnd . . elm, with William Roth chairman, [ ue{:lama raoor ror] ~.e~rea no ~e [ Warren and Clifton Peacher, but]Gre. Grove, Charles Spriggs, ........... Ralph Board, Marry Blackford, ] . . ...... [ ~ [ r- _ [they have four back, heaaedby[Frank Bradford and ,Jim Pierson. K~v~r~ h,~a .... t h,~ ,~]a ('ho,q,~o ,P,~u,~ q~o~t. [ and Ray Blackford. ~emoers ?t ~leepy ~ozlow,, ~I.~--I.A~J.& ..... [ their ace left-hander Steve De- Monday March 14 the [ ea ue .......... [ Tournament.Jack Akers, ex. Greet gs ann salutations to all:] ~n~UU~[U~|UWU I Better This eas0n [Angel a Junlr, who turned in A--Stars defeated the West ~treet Ved tons of earth-moving equipment into tn.e plea, t t officio' and Norman Wilt, chair- after what I hope was a g ooa] it- ] [some fine.performances last sea-[All-Stars 38-20 in a game Again a. crew workers Dusy punmg up . rees Wll:n DUll- } man. C. C. Hammann and A. G. I winter ~or eye,one. I nop e mat [ [ ,,ffi, ' i son, incluaing a close 2-1 loss to t it was Lawrence Green and Frank , grinding away at moving out the entire bank to your [ Hooper, Jr. ! a!l o.t you are lust as anxious m [ v,,,, . . [ ...... [ the Martinsburg High batsmen, [ Bradford who led the league All- .When you enter the track. Kovens plans to move the| June 19-Carpers Valley Match!ahimt t l:: ur YSt2: greensl s l[.h"wnat are me prospects or[ _ ecause lot mwein mlta ns]the topteam in the section and[Stars, getting 13 points apiece. a~'4t/,.,.f.rlrmo. ...................................... ~h~f hnp~ f~ whoro it will h~ 5 ar KIZ, ICarlz: Benton.. chairman, Preston . g nas .... eenlt e ~nepnerustown nlgn oaseoall I wnlcn me co a ano oy wea , l area last .... season Also bacK and f ~ammy Davis had 13. omts" for L~.~ :.7 - ~" .... "- , :- - ~- ~: ....... :-2-1Merchantand Elwood Heironi some play lately, the majority arelteam for the 1966 season~ Welllhas put on outdoor drills, ~tSllookin~, in nrett- ~,ood form are' Ithe to~er. P ..-, we unoers ana ne Will also give toe entire parking " t'n " " ' ' " J . s. .... " | mus [wa~ l g for warmer weather We [ even Coach Jimmy Kessel hasn t [ hard to tell yet ju~ what our [Bruce Davidson ~ senior and a [ S; .... h ................ " ~ ] , u ~ zz~-'..~ tll~ LUUIIIdlIIUIILleague ' remodeling job before the June 6 meet opens. Nothing Jul,, 17 Martinsbur% Charles I have been making some improve- [ been able to assesed them yet, | 1966 Harpers Ferry baseball team ri~,hthander who will be nlavin~, [ official ~, ...... ~ --a ..... ~-n - one right now about a new club house, but this ]s a I Cun-in~,ham chairman Donald iments and the course ]s gonng to [ because Old Man Weather has [ will be hke, said head Coach Ed, thi-d base wh,-~ h~ ~n'* ,," '~'~ I r ....... ~ ..................... .,, .-~.., , , " . ...~.. .... .o ~ ~ ~ xuz anuttlul- yt~r, Wltll roru WaLK when the high bank at the first turn is cleared [ Noland and Eu-ene Myers the in the best shape ever A1- I been .so cantankerous the past ten [Trittipoe Monday afternoon as he [ mound Lewis Home a senior.] er b~in~ namod .... iao.~ ~,~n K oven's olans are to have the new club house reach t Seat 11-Fre~derick"- Jo'hn Pro-[though you may find some'new[days, it has not been possible to | once again had to put his boys lriohtha'nder who wiD' be -la.,in [ to , st halrman and Pat Grant and hazards such as more trees which put the 21 man Cardinal squad through only a llmlted workout shortsto when not n the mound ~ o ,, the first turn and it will be a two and possibb P c:" " [ .... " ' [ . " .... [ ..... I P o [Ti~ ~roup is planning additional gto~, ~ .... + ....... a,, ........ ,-.,~t;,~o ,~,~., ,,,~o,. ] Ed'Rawlinos [have oeen planted in convenient i through very mucn in me way ot t in me nign SChOOl gymnasium. I and Junior Mumaw a sophomore , - mcts ,,- ~ ~ ...... [ Purcellville or Beaver Creek [spo ~for both hookers and faders, [ outdoor workouts. [ I feel reasonably sure, however, [who wilx be nlavin~ third base I __ - ~ " ........... [ (pending) Russell Miller, chair land the pond on No. 5 which has I Coach Kessel said he has been / the team will be much better this [ when Davidson is on the mound [ COFFINS HOLD SLIM BROWN, son of our good Blakeley friends Mr. and I man and Joe Servia and Meredith [ been a source of disappointment [ putting, his boys through some ] season than last since we will ] Of the four pitchers, Mumaw is I " G B. who is a student at Sheoherd College has been [Polen Sr [.to many of us for 1o! these past [limited throwing and limbering| have most of our pitching staff[ vthe onl one without hi h school[ LEAD IN JR. LEAGUE a splendid job of writing a,,sports column for thel R es and Greens committee, lfewwYears'I know,.as well as.quite l up sessions !n the high school [back, a veteran outfield and[experience. He is nev to the J CItARLES TOWN JR LOOP %. onfih l l avv hllno I v^*... Ia'~e .miners tna it rankles inside [gymnasmm, out nas nau very / some Ooys wltn experience m I sauad this season I " .......... ' .................... ~ ........ '~ ....................... ~ "ust li tl hit all" l ....... [ ....... a ......... '~-th l] a t e to your b xn the J lttle opportunity to see what they [ take over the mfmld vacancms[ ........................ [_ ........... ouml~uu uu ~am=y x~u .......... ,, . ~n the ~:at~nmg ueparunen~ *team W L r,~_ ~ S--~ial ~'ve-'- co--mi .... [pond, and you can see It nesthnglcan do in hlttlng and fxeldmg | left vm graduaUon, Tnttlpoe [ ............................... I blNG t or pc~= r~ nt~ m ttec -- -- . - " I ~oacn ~ritupoe sam ne 1~ expe~- 'of UNDER the hghts began a Waterf d Park onl.T,~" ~l,~--n ch=~,-~-- n. u [there, laughing at you, becausel And with only a few days re-[ stated. ;.. utah..., w;n. a.. : ~, .~, [C fins 14 4 a 7:15 Post t ae. ~te will be no racing pual , t anymore.. [miming h~ore the Cardinals are[ Coach Tnttlpoe onlyhas 18:and a veteran in this n~,~than tot U flertakers ; ~ 5 -raile thoroughbred track on Good Friday, April g, sol "itted" ~. For' |y| we .are taking care. i scneaulea w pen the!r sea- [ boys Working[ out w!th the squad, [ha'halle the b-acksto-pp~g-C'~or~s, | ~t~r*~',,~S ' ~ ~ ~ .: B : [~1~. ~nf ~'ho ~oxr ;n~er~v'v~ ~]~ ~ ~:. z*^.~..~..;-.~.-- ~.~ ~x....~_ / ma~ promem lne pona is oelng I son on Tuesuay, April O, ~=oacn the smalles(~" number in some ~ ._, ........ t....s. * *~, a _ __. .. ....... -, -o... | I" I wltn Jonn~utnenorn, a new-l] * ma and L o G" es For Ju concreted and is being filled right Kessel says he is not only in the[ " years But fortunately more than . Five Hearts 4 14 ........... n l Yd iI . ne, . comer to the squad, as his back- Dead Beats ~S WOOD'S Chuck Marks broke three records last Joseph Christian, chairman, Max|twotnh,~ toPlW.ithTater, s nfw, Yu~dark.a.s to what to expect from[half of them are either veteranslap man O 3 15 I_ Brown and Steve Smith. For [ , e n.a ~ man, or you [ nls clun,, ou~ n.a~ not oeen able. [0 [ of last year s team, or saw some I In the infield the first base I ... ...'~.- "-- , ..'7" --.. at the Herndon. Vs. Relays Marks heaved the shot a,,~,~ ~ w ~pa.~ .~a.~,m / won t even ne sole to see your I even make aeclsions on a possiole ~ combat exverience at various | . .... , ...... | ~ne ~ottms nela a snm lead inches, and threw the cliscus 140 feet, 10 inches c a r n'and"Bud" l lmson' nd [ ellnt.glating over your embarass [starting team. times last seasen. [ ?eS e: h$%l:;e aleoamgYin [ | :l rrs the thse O :rf:aTo Under- sot mark was a school and meet record The discus Carl Merchant [ ,, [OPEN AT HOME There is one very disturbing ["osition last -.ear until he was tim ....... s. !wn JUno Waa a meet mark " John Elwood heads the pub- [ Anybody have any scuba div. [ Shepherdstown will open on factor in the baseball picture at [ Injured with Steve DeAngelo, as | letTo~wnng mague wire ~ne corn- "". ........ licity committee and A1l Collins [ ing equipment for hire. ? [ their home field at 3"30 Tuesday the school, however, that being | his back u" man whe" he :s not [ p n ot acuon at ~'iKeslae t~owl tomobile through Charles Town one day this week: Hooper head up the social com-| " |the visitors. , | | " hn~ rn~ T'm ~wn.~r,-,a~l ~" mitfo~ [quarters and television in case [ The Cardinals, who won the Although Harpers Ferry, like [positions are the ones giving Cos- [set; Joe Snyder is third with 208 -o ............ ~-~ ............. [you want to see some of the var-[Sectional baseball crown last sea- every other school in the section [ch Trittipoe the most concern, [and Tommy Tumblin /ourth with -- ........... -- - -... - A. /toms sports shows which are now [son for the first time in the his- and area, has been handicapped [since he lost Buddy Warren, regu [a 203 set. KRATZ, seventeen-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. | ghri[ I i/'hlr [being shown on weekends. Last, hory of the school witl~ a 9-2 re- by the weather, the Tiger squad[lar shortstop of last season, and[ o , ra~z of Charles Town. rode his first winner aboard nlut, n ni~nus ~ ~n | but not least will be that charm-[cord, is expected to once again is more fortunate in the fact that/ TURN TO PAGE 2---B /Subscribe To The Spirit-Adyoeat etin the fourth race at Pimlico last Tuesday Jimmy II........ I~____. kl,& [ing and affable readhead to cater[be one of the strongest teams in ...... I the traditional initiation at tha.hands of fellow riders n fl[li[ r rrv r~H[][l[ | to your various appetites, wim [the section and area with a hum- 1 ~lc].aoa ~.o+t;~,. ~.i~hoA ,.,;h ~h~.,; ........ .a "=~=r'v"~ "=~ her culinary skill, I am reterrlng[ber of veterans back from last ~ = mn m ng other things. He got the full treatment, w th Krinl t I hie you already know she has had | Th^ Cardinals -"al ho'-eve" ~'^ /UU IIl~'l;i lill; flll,~:)l br^*her "F ,, =oR,---- ......... ...... ....... ~,z~uy, ~a~u Xl,~ ~v , . vv., y~z l.,~uz,~ _ ,~ .......... a lltUe sojourn In me nospll~l,[mlnus nn~ of the best nitehor.~ - ----!- -- - U---J. . the fun just as much as anyone else. Daddy Ha .rpers e erry.. ~tgn WIll nave but is ready and willing now to [thpv hnv~had i,~ rn~nv ~nn-~-i-n ~l~ [~[1 ~ IriSh[Ill ~[ P,~4 TO 2--B a^tara~k" and fiew~ll~omstag~em;~ ,serv.e you,. Aiding her. will be/M'lg;/~/'Xlr&"~;~'o~}7~;; r"-r ...... ..... -- - ,, , ..... Darlene,DyKe, woo IS equally/al~-, In t an ant t ndin hard hit " baSiS than even ............ ~ - ~l~ _ _ Monday by our golf surroundings and help/the Cardinals' fine outfielders of l~ ~omme to serve you; ~orry ~arquerim, last o i l season T m Wash ngton and You Get Precise y - s workm out , _ .-. , .-.. .Wl only boy - no offense meant about theage./Steve Weller were also lost thro- With tne tracksquaa, rpe Wh t I)c et or miners . Our greenskeeper, will oe l~O0O/.~h or~,,~*;.. ~" -. ...... Fer ;fan'taP ssib] nbe st ng i . gain and it.goes, with out eying | ~'Ba desp;~'these losses, Coach ~~~ _.___ ~~l~l~ ~~~.- ~ ......... d he~ " lot er team in .the section a lot ~ll~~~ II~l~.:,~i !-~~~ ~,~._:] ~- :~":_ -- - ] ~ lnmitea outaoors workouts az~ ] Our officia o nin da will - ~~ B said. theweather had ~hndi~:~ [ be April 1st ~nd oPeJr fgrst ~Yourna-I'" TURN TO PAGE ~-B ,, ~ "::" or which boys show the most . . g " nts in a practice round or two . " ~ :~ , L r potential for the various eve ...... " I ~ ,K [e--~'~bl--'"sa~4n'C'a=h ~i t' you are not on the green regard ~:~:;.:~ " d P y . less ot wnat club you are using ~i~~:~k:~ , ........ might SCOerveen~met p~i:ts l: :h: you may have the flagstick left in I1 Accuracy is a mgnly lmporr2 n ng . i the hole. Once you are on the put I F i 1 ] ml. m als ance runs t be ou ingredient in any prescmptm.n. As of today Coach Romine said I ting~eUrface~ thl~effloaeg n~u~ dro-~[ I'~! ~[' "~~~~ ciSl; IS ul~W ~ nu~v u v. . Your registered pharma he has only three meets ached - ,.,.._.., .............. '^~ of hole[ [~' ~1 ~~l~V ~~:l / .... - r~x*a*ty ~*at~=~l yiay " *u~ [. / thoroughly ouahfled, by years ed including the traditional .Bl- M~dal nlav 9~ ~trakes You mav[ ~ ~[.'5~ of professional. -- training an_d S~a~%:~dpeRset~'b~a'ab~ee~:S~eh~e~. clean and mark your ball O~ve[ M ~ "- . ollow doctorS ,,I,~ o+ ~o~ ,-~ ond nn~iblv two time, and finish putting out,.on Y l experience, to f ...................... nd" . if you do not have to sta m orders w th utmost recision more dual meets . . - [ ....... ---- P " ,,,^.t.; ..... ' ~,i'h ,h. ---ad your opponents line to am so. in ]111-11 1111@ I~.ll~ M ~l~ I~l n A nowa*re.." Ga y'Ha"ll_a's'peed'st-er, such it (s onlygood golf| Twln mbl, * I V INi V . euquette to mark your Dill again. , . - who is expected to be m the ........... for the the ~n.e~ ate b~k world s biggest selle . -lnlS rme was simply RELY ON US FOR ALL main Tiger punch in the spnnts; ......... ,_.. at She.andoab, a.d 8ha! rneanl C ' h$ STUCK & AIDER uel, John Fox, Freddie Ranalli, Nelson Fritts, Wallace Gifft. on the green as before, if you so April 30th. Must be Fifteen or Older to Register. PHARMACISTS Dial 725-2621 -- Charles Town, W. Va. Gary Taulton and Kenny Fauble. BLAKELEY FARM SELLS The Blakeley Farm of Charles Town, owned and operated by l Mr. and Mrs. J. Glenn Brown, hasI reported the sale of one register-! ed horned Hereford cow to the[ American Company of Lawton, i Oklahoma. desire. Check inpro shop to see what rules are being applied each day Again, I repeat, when on the green the flag must be OUT ! ! I will keep you informed as best I can during the season of happen ings and unusual events which may occur. I am glad to be back at Sleepy Hollow "Come on up and see us sometmie! I Post Time 7:1S /OWl, WIII WIGIHII 3 Miles South of Winchester, Va. On Rt. 522 L~ " Open 8 a. m. to 9 p. m. Mon.-Fri. Sat. - 8 a. m, to 6 p. m. Phone 662-4872