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March 30, 1961     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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March 30, 1961

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104 E. Washington St. Charles Town PHONE 780 PRESCRIPTION SERVICE Imumsa~! Undcral Bible Materi&l: John 20, 21. DevottomlJ l~sdiug: I Corinthians 15: 14-99. il f J Our"v'. r'i JESUS CHRIST is not a histori- cal character in the same way that most such characters are. For historical characters are by definition figures out of the past. Whether the revived character, or the "image" of him that is now cherished, resembles the original man or not, still the historical ch~ract6r ~ al- ways a dead-and- gone character. But Jesus Christ is radically dif- ferent. He is not dead - and - gone. He did die, to be sure; but he rose again from the Dr. Foreman dead, as millions of Christians will be saying and singing this Easter morning. Yet this is not the last word about him. His rising-again in Joseph's garden was far away and long ago. The strange and most significant truth about Jesus Christ's resurrection is that he has risen over and over again--in the hearts of those who love him. despair. A darkness deeper than =Ranson were supper guests Sun-[ Mrs. B. H. Riddleberger of,day afternon with Mrs. Corrine SPIRIT OF JBFFERSON FARMERS Good Friday's "darkness at noon" day evening with Mr. and Mrs./Charles Town was a luncheon [Stevens. . 1 4--B : THURSDAY, MARCH had settled over them. But after Robert Frye and son Sylvester. guest Thursday of Mrs. MaryI Mrs. J. S. LocKe was a supper l ~ ___ _._______~ guest Monday evening with Mr. the first shock of the Easter dis- Mr. William Frye of Brunswick, Bruce Furr. land Mrs Warren'Collis and fam- [will meet Friday night, April 7 at This would be a b covery that their Friend still lived, Md. was a Monday caller with his Mrs. William Harris, Mrs J. ]ily " ]the home of Mrs. Ernest Slusher if we had more wild all the shock and sorrow were mother Mrs. Frye. Frank Gardner, Mrs. W. L. Bar-j Mr John Pennin-ton and fam l Jr. with Emma Ruth Bradley as i forests and less in the turned to joy. So it is wherever Mrs. Harry Shirley gave her Mr. John Wagaman of Itagers- r0ri, Mrs. Mary Bruce Furr and . . g " hostess Christ comes into alife. The dark- daughter Judy a birthday party town, Md. Mr. Roland Whipp of Miss Mary Magaha from the Lee-i,ly have moved from the Dr. Harl . " ........ [ ness fades, the sun comes in, tears on Friday evening March 24 cel- Millville and Mr. and Mrs. Albert town Farm Women's Club attend iden home to the Bradley house. ] lvirs, r.t-. ~wens le~ ~amraay] Most youngsters thl are hitter no longer, ebrating her 13th birthday. Aiar Viands Jr. and daughter Mary ed Home Central meeting Friday I ~, o,,a ~,~ ~,~ u,~,li,~o, |mrnmg ior HoIiman, 1~. ~. to a~- lard only three seasons in' ge cake centered the table with and Nancy of the Bloomery were afternoon. We had a very inter- ] an'~"~,,"'~"~i~*~A ~v~:" (:~"LVoc. ] tend the funeral of Mr. Eddie ] baseball, football and b~ ............................. "'BI s From Doubt to Faith 13 candles. Ice cream along with Sunday callers with Mr. and Mrs. Rev. Neal. I w th Mr. and Mrs. Frankm Gardl .... ...... I Fearlessness Is the ~1 If the story of Mary Magdalene the cake, potato chips, mints and Bert Viands. esting talk on Mental Health by Ike were callers Sunday morningl o som.. ......... I Mr, ana Mrs lyranKlln WlnKter ( illustrates the change from grief candy with soft drinks was served Miss Barbara Sluher of Ranson ner and dau hter ano ~amuy ana ~virs rxea Lew~s ^^..,:~ .... to joy in the living Presence of by the hostess asisted by Miss spent the weekend with her The Aid Society of the Metho-I g I ....... ". __ ]~u,.u~,~. I M- T ~ .... ~Xra+o,nM~r, [ OI k'lKeSl(le were visitors Tnurs-[ the Lord, the story of ThomasEva Pace. Among those helping school mate Miss Judy Shirley at I dist Church met Friday night ................ z i " I" " ' day n ght with Mr and Mrs Tay- lnustrates a passage from doubt Judy to celebrate were Barbara Uiddleway, with Mr. and Mrs. Bates Watson[E lzabeth Watson, Mrs. JameY]lo, ,,,inkier " " [ to faith. Now there is something Slusher, Mary and Nancy Viands, Mrs. Maude Smallwood and son with a fair attendance. The soc-lWatson, Mrs. J. S. Locke and Tric[ * " ~ " i e, tAl,rU o ',TDIJ we need to remember about Jesus' Debbie Shirley, Eva Pace, Davie Marvin and daughters Linda and iety are sponsoring a Silver Tea[ia Collis visited the Criswell Fiord Mr. and Mrs. Taylor Winkleri ~MB|n ~ ~][~ h e M t'n u un and Dougie were dinner guests appearances after the Resurrec- Viands, Garry Martin, Bobble, Zella spent Sunday afternoon Sunday evening April 16 at the list S op n ar ar 1 sb rg S -I .......... I tion that may help us with the Harry, Donald and Rusty Shirley. with the formers son and daugh-church in the form of a buffet Idav afternonn I~unaay wlm lvir. ana Mrs. t~mylL'WT~T~'~DAT ~1: - " Smith a" ~ ~ a~l~z-x~ ~,, story of Thomas. It is often sup- Adults were Mr. and Mrs. Bert ter-in-law Mr. and Mrs. Walter i supper from 4 to 6 p. m. They[ Sorry to note the death of Mr.! " [ posed that various people sawViands, Mr. and Mrs. Albert Smallwood and family at Fallsiwill also have a Rummage Sale ]Eddie Blossom in Hoffman, N. C. J Mrs. Billy Owens and children] ......... _,, i at the Church on Saturday, May JHe was a former resident of Lee-Jwent to Winchester, Va. Saturday] 3~4 )yes[ waslun~ Jesus after the resurrection, and Viands Jr., Judy received a lot Church, Va. because they saw, they believed, of nice and useful presents. Mr. Mr. and Mrs. Milton Popkins of 6. I town and the Hatchery where he J and up to see Mrs. Ike Phillips] n,o,4,= qp,,~-, W As a matter of fact, e study of Harry Shirley, Judys father was Kabletown were Sunday after- Miss Geraldine Fritts of Wash-[was employed, land family. [ "~ ......... ' " the four gospels is likely to con- also present, noon visitors wth the latters bro- ington, D. C. spent the weekend] Mrs. Lyle Tabb and children] Mr. and Mrs. William Carper] vince the reader that it was the Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Fritts ther and sister-in-law Mr. and with her parents Mr. and Mrs. Band Mrs. Wolfe and son were tour [had 4 of their children baptist] PHONE:-- other way around: Jesus did not spent Saturday evening with Mr. Leroy Gray. Kenneth Fritts. ling the Antietam Battlefield Sun JSunday morning at the LeetownJ .. ~'0 appear to people to make them friends in Brunswick, Md. at the Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Fritts of Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Harden of lday afternoon. J Methodist Church by the Pastor] a~ believe in him; on the contrary, Moose Charles Town were Saturday visi Baltimore, Md. were callers Sun- The Leetown Toppers 4-H Club ] Rev. Samuel Butcher. [ there is no record that he ever Mr. and Mrs. Charles Stocks tors with their sons Messers Nel- appeared ta tur,~l~cers such as and~ Mrs. Catherine Holler of Caiaphas and Pilate and the Brunswick, Md. and Mr. Forrest Chamblin of Middleway were Wednesday evening visitors with Roman soldiers. Was Thomas an exception? On the face of it, Thomas was an unbeliever, yet Jesus appeared to him. Wait a moment--let us straighten this out. Thomas was (he said) an un- believer in the resurrection, but he was a believer in Christ. He believed enough to be there with the disciples the Sunday after Easter. He was ready to believe, readier than he thought, as the ~tory shows. He had doubts, yet "e was still in heart a disciple. ~o the living Lord to this day ..urns doubts into faith--it hap- pens somewhe~ every day of the ~orld. From Sorrow to Joy Jesus Christ is a living person, our contemporary, one with whom we can speak in prayer and high moments of meditation. People outside the Christian religion do not always realize this, that Christ is as well as was,--that what he is and what he wants and what he ~pproves are questions to which we can find answers. He is a per- son of the present and future, not only of the past. And not present 'as a mere ghost, a haunting spirit Mr. and Mrs. Robert Frye. Mrs. Edythe Jones and children Charles, Garry, Louise and Anna of Martinsburg were Thursday night callers with her brother and sister-in-law Mr. and Mrs. Harry Shirley and family near Middleway. Mr .and Mrs. Garland Henry spent the weekend in Baltimore, Md. with their son-in-law and daughter Mr. and Mrs. John Hampton and son Terry and also called on Mrs. Henry's sister Mrs. Catherine Goliday and son Gary. Mrs. George Vickers and two out of an ancient tomb, but a vivid, ie featuring the many beautiful science posts of West Virginia, modern coal mining as well as glass, gas and other manufactur- ies of our state. vital, present person Have you ever known people whose very entrance into a room seemed to ]change the climate? Jesus was ~and is that kind of person. What kept happening during the forty days after the first Easter aas kept happening since. The dis~iples after Calvary were in the depths of a grief close kin to Sunrise Neighborhood 4-H Club In Meeting A Date With West Virginia was the principal part of thc public meeting of the Sunrise Neighbor- hood 4-H Club, which was held in the Men's Club at Shepherdstown on Friday March 10. After the re- gular routine business Mrs. My- ers, County Agent showed a mov- From Disoouragement to Devotion little daughters of town were call ers with her sister Mrs. Lester With Simon Peter it was still another kind of story. He was a Ott and family on Tuesday even- ~tisciple and a believer in the ing. ~'esurrection besides. But it did not Mrs. Nelson Bush called on her ,.t first seem to make much dif- mother Mrs. Wililngham and dau erence with him. He went on back ~hter at Kearneysville one day last week. Galilee, to the old familiar fish- .,~r. and Mrs. Ross Stagner Sr. g-grounds, to the old familiar and granddaughter of Murrell ~b. For Peter, as for some today, ]Hill were last Sunday visitors hrist had to knock twice to be ~ard. No true disciple can face with their son and daughter-in- ~e risen Christ in personal faith law Mr. and Mrs. Ross Stagner nd say, "So what?" The living Jr. ~)rd says still today to all part- Mr. and Mrs. Donald Hover- :ay believers: "Do you love me? male and children of town were . . . Feed my sheep." callers on Wednesday evening with their grandparents Mr. and (Based oD outlines copyrighted b~ Mrs. Bert Viands he Divisi~ of Christian Education, :~tional Council of the Churches of Mrs. Maude Smallwood and son 'arist in the U. S. A, Released by Marvin and his twin daughters ommunity Press Service.) Linda and Zella were Saturday afternoon. Callers with the for- GO TO CHURCH SUNDAY mers grandson Mr. and Mrs. Fran cis Smallwod and family in Ran- son. Mr. Sylvester Frye of Bethesda, Md. spent the weekend with his parents Mr. and Mrs. Robert Frye. Mrs. Cora Foster of town was a Two other 4-H clubs were caller Saturday afternoon with guests. Next meeting at Margar- Mrs. Albert Viands Jr. and family et Tablers at the home of her at the Blomery. Mrs. Donald Hov parents Mr. and Mrs. Randolph ermale and children Donna and Welch. 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Md. has been visiting her daughter Mrs. William Dillow Jr. Sorry to hear Mrs. Dillow has been on the sick list. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Stocks and Mrs. Catherine Holler, Mr. and Mrs. Sublette Chamblin of TRUSTEE'S SALE HOUSE and LOT. By virtue of authority vested n the undersigned Trustee by a :ertain Deed of Trust made by Rosa V. Johnson, widow of De- Aurtburn Johnson to Darrell K. Xoonce, trustee dated June 26, 1958 and recorded in the office ff the Clerk of the County Court, ;efferson County, West Virginia n Deed Book 225, page 319 de- :ault having been made in the )ayment of the note thereby se- :ured be requested so to do by i~e owner and holder thereof, roll sell at public auction at the front door of the Court House in :~harles Town, Jefferson County, Nest Virginia on Saturday, April ~th, 1961 at 10:30 o'clock A. M, he property described and con- eyed in said Deed of Trust, ~cing that certain lot or parcel of .and with the improvements ~hereon situate in the town of Charles Town, Jefferson County, West Virginia, fronting 28 ft. ~ore or less, on the north side ff North Street, extending back in even width between parallel ,ines the full length of the ad- joining Eliza Johnson lot to a line in the rear thereof. The dwelling house thereon is known at No. 222 West ]North Street, two story frame construction recently im- proved by asbestas siding, con- :aining five rooms. Being the same real estate con- veyed to Rosa V. Johnson by deed from Ella R. Haines, widow dated December 21, 1949 and re- corded in the office of the Clerk of the County Court of Jefferson County, West Virginia in Deed Book 178, page 430. TERMS OF SALE One half cash day of sale, the residue in two installments payable one and two years after date of .sale, evidenced by the notes of the purchaser bearing interest from date and secured by a Deed of Trust upon the prop erty sold with assignment of a reasonable amount of fire insur- ance with extended coverage, or for all cash at the option of the purchaser, ]Darrell K. Koonce, Trt teo son and Melvin Fritts. Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Wiles and daughter Sherri of Loudoun Hei- ghts, Va. Mrs. Floyd Bagent and daughters Brenda and Penny of Winchester, Va., Mr. and Mrs. Donald Hovermale and children Davis and Donna of town were wekend callers with Mr. and Mrs. Albert Viands Jr. at the Bloom- cry. Mrs. George Jones was a caller on Monday with Mrs. Julia Viands. Mr. and Mrs. Harrison Tumb- lin of Bardane and Mrs. Lester Viands and sons Glenn and Jack- ie of town spent Sunday after- noon with their parents Mr. and Mrs. Frank Jackson and family near Marlowe Mr .and Mrs. Donald Hover- male and two children Davis and Donna spent Sunday with the for mers parents Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Spearer in Berkeley Springs. By Mrs. Mary Bruce Furr Mr. Roy Furr of Hagerstown, Md. was a luncheon guest with his mother Mrs. Mary Bruce Furr Wednesday. No other monument can be "just as good" as a Rock of Ages* Monument available only from your Rock of Ages Authorized Dealer. MARTINSBURG GR41TE WORK$ 109 West John Street Telephone Amherst 7-6141 Martinsburg, W. Va. FLOYD C. ODOM, Owner' These are the times that try women's souls. But all the mischief youthful fingers may perform can only fray the nerves and upset the budget. You can't spoil Easter. For Easter isn't frills and finery. Easter isn't pride and parading. Easter is the soul's own Life---bright with God's love today--rich with His promise tomor- row. Its adornment is a world at worship . . . souls at one with the risen Christ... fulfilling the ageless quest for the beauty and joy which cannot perish. Copyright 1961, Keieter Adv. Service, Slruburg, Va, THE CHURCH FOR ALL , . . ~'~.~-~ ALL FOR THE CHURCH The Church is the greatest factor on earth for the building of character and good citizenship. his a storehouse of spiritual values. Without a strong Church, neither democracy nor civilization can survive. There are four sound reasons why Day Book Chapter Verses every person should attend services regularly and support the Church. They are: (!) For his own sake. (2) For his children's sake. f3) For the sake of his community and nation. (4) For the sake of the Church itself, which needs his moral and material support. Plan to go to church regularly and read your Bible daily, Sunday John 20 1-10 Monday John 20 11-18 Tuesday I John 4 9-15 Wednesday I Corinthians 15 55-58 Thursday Revelation22 13-14 Friday Philippians 3 8-12 Saturday Galatlans 5 1 !: ":: .w.:..., -- THIS ADVERTISEMENT SPONSORED BY THE BUSINESS FIRMS BELOW IN SUPPORT OF THE CHURCHES OF THE COMMUNITY: CHARLES TOWN ESSO SERVICE STATION Phone 5007 Charles Town, W. V&. WHITMORE LUMBER CO., INC. BUILDING SUPPLIES Phone 650 Charles Town, W. Vs. H. W. WAGELEY, INC. SUPERTANE GAS SERVICE Phone 241 Ch~,~les Town, W. Va. JEFFERSON HARDWARE CO., INC. SHERWIN-WILLIAMS PAINTS Phone 45 Charles Town, W. VL J. EMORY KABLE FM~O ~ DISTREM~OR Phone 575-W Charles Town, W. V~ J. RUSSELL FRITTS, INC. PHILCO DEALER Charles Town, W. Vs. Phone 403 SMITH & STRIDER FUNERAL HOME Chsxles Town, - - W. V~. MAGAHA" APPLIANCE CENTER Industrial - Commercial Wiring Victor Refrigeration Equipment N, George Street - PhOne 424 RANSON MACHINE WORKS PHONE 481 RANSON, W. VA. 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