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Charles Town, West Virginia
March 30, 1961     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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March 30, 1961

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l U * * ee*eeeeet REPORT--.' "-- * " TWO. SECTIONS ,oni t, " '" '" '" ' '" '" '"'" '' '" '-- .................. [] ges Toda !, . ~ _ * 99 ' "Best For News and Adverhslng In Charles Town--Ranson and Jefferson County Since 1844 ~ COMPIETF LOCXI NEWS COVERAGE PRICE 10 CENTS , NO. ]4 ~'EST VIRGINIA'S.OLDEST NEWSPAPER CHARLES TOWN, JEFFERSON COUNTY, W. VA. I HIRSDAY, MAR(:. , ' : ..... i: Actnrtnttnn"" i lames Operating Loss Charles Town. Hospital IJaycee-ettes_ '- Church es.. Will" Be Center ngHgh tSh gg I " " " ,.. - -. StdlRunn, , .Bu 0wsDr0p IStageEasterc I ot,Df Easter Observances In n lurectors, 1o Elect, Over LastYear; Hew Directors Named Iflunt Saturday # O mm ~ I -- [ The Jefferson C yJaycee-I [Anllnllllrlrt l$ Aftnl Although the financial report from this fund amounted to $4,-[ettes will hold an Easter'Egg[ T id * . 1 ,n~ ~vmmnummmumvv~ vvum of the Charles Town General tIos 622. /Hunt Saturday aftetrl~emn.a::sr aol~] u tt gtn |~II~~T ~|1 I~1~11~ ,7 }pital for the year of 1960 presen-I President Fuss led a discussion lcmmren 2eyween "g~s o~ },,| lJilbli qLJ/ll k.A . 'Uilt kJLIL il~.~LL~L~ C,r' (# ........................ ted a little brighter picture than'of a 'possible "campaign for the three anu ~z. ,~," ~/ e/ ~ ~..,. s" s of Je$ferson ......... Coun- I kJ-- U U U..--L.- ,t' d,d" for 1959, the net po erat-enlargement'" of the principal" ...... inI ALL children desiring to partic-]' -- I -- :," ,: ..... . nc,,nem tnelz[ ~'~r.._~. El. [Io [lU|I|~]- ing loss .... of $19,731 reported, was the fund and it was pointed out/ ipate in the hunt are to be at the IP*L.. L I A,s a f'tttm' g chmax ," to Iloly_ .~eN .ring In tne countyI. ' . still considerably higher, than it that it is hoped that many .... folks ]Charles Town Senior High Z:2o t It,done. ......................... Presbvternan aurc. ,woo ,.o ~o~, . weunesuay, n~gnr] Will u,...J U,...t.,! I had been up until about two interested in the hospital will pro/no earlier than 2:45 nor later l' w I tion have arranued for s cial twenty ilve Ollectors pe ' th~ -..~,,, .... r~ [ WIll IllgtlU iqt:Hlal lyears ago when the move was star vide for better hospital and nur-lthan 3 p.m. * flit kl,,,,, D^-,,~,$,,I Dl a,. IGood Friday and'~Faster services. ! I ........ . I ted to provide the facilities zor sing care, especially for the many/ A prize of $5.00 will be award-I1JIl~ ally DigaUlllUI [la~,l~) lAnd like in past years there will . ',,='"Ts~'' ~.;~;"~ , n Xaal~h I~nnaB Rtuva Ihaving the hospital become an ac indigent and less fortunate pea- ed to the child who finds the ___ " _ undoubtedly be good response by ! _~oaru, presmeo anoI hi, all./u.u itll1~; credited facility. And another pie of the county. Iblack egg A $2.00 prize to Sh[lhde-[l:aM ~AIq~h|~ alMI ~Nq ~k~INPII~IL~IdPII Ithe Christian people of Jefferson i ocommitteeoi Z. /~:1 .......................,:.Mnt I brig ht aspect of the picture is iAuxlllarv Renorts /ren finding silver eggs and $1.00 I 1|151 I/1/./~111. I~Pll LIIII~II~IIvI.IHIH~ ICounty to the Friday st, rvices, Ir~lne~ectmiS~t~Bctoa~r}l~ii!}ryMeH}!!i!'tIeal~ot~ay?tM~e i!!tr)ir~gnet~eyi!(e!h~tmi~n~l~AMr~.;arJ~h;resMaer~?~ew;lm?~ne~prdlz:gg's?~hosefipndmgg:ldo:lt~r] ~i!iiiiiii!iiiiii~!:::ii!:ii!~:ii!!iiii!~iiii!iiii!:i:~iii:~ ii!~i!!:ii!!i:!~:iiii~i~i i!~iiii~iiiiiiii!iii~i:~:iiii!iii~:i:ii~ii; i~i:i ~(:ii:/~!!~ii; !i:ii~iii~:~' ~v:'!b~:c::~fe tur~i!es~fl~rr th~a~iarr i W " " " ]ch 27 with Mrs Willis Shuman / g " the assistance ~iven bY her rup]children participating in t he sev" I ~!~::iiii~ifi~i::ii!i::::!I ~i~i~/ " iiii:::i ~i;:::ii;ii;:!!:~: ~iiiiii~iisii:;):'!'il :::::'/i':::i~:"~'~ I Warship services in all chu ehes"t ere.C. F Retain ........ g ' ~ .::~:~;::.,,:;;~;~;- ' ............ :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: ................................................ ": ............................. ~..',.~:~:~;~:~:~,;: ................ ~:~:::~>::~::.~-~. fl " . . " . n in the meet- The annual fmancml report pre ~ - . A otal of 2 732 en through twelve age group. :~ .... ~:~:~:;*~:~:::~:; ..... .-:"~:::~.~:~!~,~.;:~ ...... ~i:~:~:;:~:~i;::~::~'~ .... :::~::~*~:,~:~:::~,: s a which was Pahn KronerMrs E L Mc president co duct g in the past year t $ :~:..:.~ ............. :~:~,~...~:::~:~ .~'.,w,:~.-.~,:~:~ ...... ~:~:.:,- La.t Sund y of the hospital s bored of mana Ultras an needed has ~t awarded ten cents.., fox" each,!!~b~lSegg , ~ , ' , , t church ': on, James W Strider, Mrs IT H Htmter was appoint , " ~ " ment far'' ' d p" :::!;~:~ii~: i~::~::~~~ili~:~i::~;::~::~i~:::::i~ 1ttol5 %etk attendance a ' ' ti ~cre, Francis White;led chairman foi' the 1961 fund lgers, snowed that income ~rom se l al supplies she reported. Includ-lfounG]. They win De in separatel ~!ii:~i::i:?::~:::~i!~:~!:i~i~~i:~:i:iiiii:i~iiiii~i~ [servit, es was much heavier than Y, J E Mauaha, Jos-[ raisin~ camna~ic, n Mrs Willard I vices to patients for periou of i ed in this figure were funds tak-| groups away from the omer cnim-I i~i~i:!:::ii::~i!!:::::i::~iiii:ii!i~iiii~~i!i!ii!!!ili::~i!iiiiiii~ / usual. This Sunday, however, with ! an," Leonard Whit-IMartin andS'Mr "Charles J W [Jan. 1, Oct_31, 1959.(ten months)t en from the Memorial Fund a.|ren; ..... ] !!ii!~ii~ii~:! i!!i~:i(:~i~:~iii~i!~i~i!iii~ii!!~!~ /cooperation front the Weather J C " ' " was Sz~o '~ or $~.oz per aaULtl mounted to .1 69893 / 'z'ne prize money is oemg uonatl ,~:::~:~:::::,~:i~:: :~::i:~~~ii~~!~:~::~!~ I Man the churches ~ill be filled Perry, Mrs. C. N Smith were named co-chawman .... ~::~:~.:~::~::~::.: :~: :~:~::~:~'~'.. ~:i~i::i~::~: ::~:~:::~:;~;~ , [ ' Brawn Mr~ O S [,,mh ~a~ .,,.t.r /patmnt per day. And operating[ ~s.~ .;~.;,,;~ ~n.;. q~ .... ,~. ,~e[ ed by The Blakeley Bank, The ] ::~ :::~;~:~;:::::+ ~ :~::i~i;~~::~!::~ii~%i~i~ [to eanacitv ...... ~ ........ ~&&o ~#.~,l~z.lf,~ .~A~a~ta, ~.#*..-~..-.~*-. ~..-. : +""' . :>:+:'-+:+;':,'': ~'+::,>.':.+ :=::'::':+:, t *+" .................. expenses for the same period to- ' /Bank of Charles Town and Pea- ::::: : :::~ ~~::~:~;~ ~;*~:::~:::::~: t Marshall, B H. Barr] The National Bell Ringer Mar-/taled -~205 224 or $2103 her adult ]the Rouss Fund which reported,Bank of Charles Town [ ::: :::!;~: ::i !~:i::~:~}:i:~i!ii:i:iiiii~i:ilB [ There m only one Sunrise ser- ' e~ls Riely' Mrs Nr"/ will be lawn/ ..... n ] " ' ...... : : ::~ ~:+~:~~ ~;:::; ~::~:~!//vice scheduled far any f the ch for Mental Health - " nations She sta :::: : ~ ..... :::: :~/.:::~. ~: ::::~:~:~:~ ::::~:~:~*~: ..... t , M t , . patient per day. on patient care do In the event of heavy rain the ...... :::*: ~:~:::~~:~ ::~::~:~:~:~ " n ch ,s rs Edgar Smoo Wee A rfl , " " .................. ':L~:~ ......... "q" ..... ~ ......... Charles Town Ranso chur t, ched Mental Health k p . the ast 20 man .... ....... . ....... . ...... - ............... .......... : .... ted that covering p Easter Egg Hunt will be postpon- ~. '~:: ~ :~ : ~::::~i .... ::~ ":~ ~~:::~:~:::~:~:~:~ " Elite mornin, that one to beK z Oliver astle and A1 Thin result was an operating loss IL ~! ~i 3~Oh'~M,,ay6~.anwd~wlu~,,cn:int.m.t~~l of $19 731 or $2.02 per in-patient Im per!oh ,~.v cases hadreceived f! ed until Sunday afternon at 3 ~i:i:: :i i~!~ii:ii:::ii::!~: ai 6 r m the gCalvarv Asseml)ly l s .......... : ..................... er da" nanclal assistance m me amount o"clock If st" should also ram on ' ":"~~.~,~-~ ~.:~~'~'~-~ ~ ~:~:~:. , " " ". . Oden park treasur-|.i.~,;.,, in Charles Town and Jef|p Y" . .................. I [ ~.~i~i ~i!:i :~:~:~i~ [of God church on Flu'fax Boul- I Port ' "t ears ".,'"~'"'~', , " r " at $~,J' tram r~ouss zunta m- Sunday the Easter Egg Hunt ~ ~ ....! : :i;i!~i .... ::ii:~::~., ~:-:i~ ::~ii~:i:::::;.!; ~ . ' n of the pas y .. n o nced Change Fnscal Yea : ::::,. -:::~:: ....... ~ :,=~: : :~ eva~d m Ranso fezson Count.~ wall be a n u ........... , ......................... ,~.~ .: .......... Lch showed the operat[,o+~. " [ wh ....... ,h ...... t .... r-a ]cOme. Mrs. Albm also stated that [would be held on the following ] /~i:~: :~:i;.'~.~"~:::~/ / ........ i h!ghly successful in[ "It Was reported that a program[only ten mantas wasthat the re-[ TURN TO PAGE 4---A t Saturday, April 8th at 3 o'clock. [ ~~~~::iiii!iB , ,alance in the bank to/ ~,iven to tl~a Jefferson Count cent financial audit of the hospit-] | l~l/~l ~!::::: ii~:!!i:i~ | duled for Bakerton Ha~pers Per ~, , year. , | tv Farm Women's Council Friday Ill books made by Burnham and l ~o.o I ~ Fo ~ | .::~::.::~/ry and Shepherdstown. i eai h r s ehr e a:d LI11zen-s rurem en :)p0ns0rn.=l ]UNXTE" CHRISTIAN YOUTH ; ''ties there in ~ene~:[~r~ie~" .era..+ this [ o~.Ly~ the~,, fiscal period. [ - -~-- - ~. ~. ~ m,, '. "m~ ' m -,m o- '. .[,SI~RVI~CE KASTER DAY !1~ ~., ' . ~.____~_a~:~:~q~, .,.-,--=.~*,.ur( , ~ "*- ' .......... , ., ' -'.~ ' "* ,, 4"~- ' ~ . w ~ ~ . ..... ~~. t hoped.tha an ~t~,I- tth ha '~" at other Or ranizat I:s the ~/u:ture the hospitals hscal ....... . e " " s | q w pf .... ~ " . , ..... Every ChuLch In th oau~ Ira. , cou,d will avail themselves,of such Iyear wf~ run from October until[Vtsnt Of Red Cr(gs Bloodmobile 1 sched~ied either special music or ' program sponsored by the Men-n o+oo , __ " _ ' ~~~ | servic~ f.r their ~ular worshil~ ! ~:~ '~ '.~T_~ ~. /tal Health Association. ' | The hospital's operating loss, I I I . sip ~,l ___|__.. lip .....~ A ._..o| 1~ ~~~:~.~: | hour and then to @'ind up the re- . , m, ana.. me neepr at I .............................. ~nd n at,t=l haur | was however reduced considerab r|| 1 lig, ious. celebration of the day the pav]hon was su'essI ......... /l'" b'" income from other sources IunIT lO t.narlel lawn AD o [......... ~................... IrOllOWefl me Ouslness session. / y Y '/ N * , ~\~-.-- ~ -~ | Ulll/,d(l L[l~l~[litn IUtLltta UI L[l/~[- " . I , |this amounting to about $13,445,/ .... ..-"-"7":7--., ...'-77:-7"-- ........ + I les Town and Ranson have arran ~oran additional.ten-[ t~ ~ o , /thus making the final net loss/ The.,.ae(tt:.ros.s ..pmoum2one w~uoe here are: m:~a a, m. umu [ged for a united service to be ~s Spring anu it ]Sl Katln0 L0mmlssl0n [during the year of 1960 stand at] umt wm oe niCK m t;narms lown a:~a p m. i I held at the ~harles Town Meth- ~_might be ready for I .... ~ [$,6 286 or .64 _her adult in -patient | for .anther visit Tnursuay, Aprn The need for blood. . is now great I odist. C~hur(:h at 7 n m. 30, the date set for o per day for the ten-month period 13, it was announced Wednesday er than ever and ~t ]s hoped that "b Bach ' Dear Chmstmn' ' s 'rhe~e will be s ecmt' musm" pro he park. I Renects Summer Dates [ ........ oo h.~,o fi~.v:]bY Mrs. George R. Heidrich. And new blood will answer thecall as' Pictured above is the.front oflue Y. '~. ;.:,. ~ .... ",,:,,,~.~l"~i],;,~.~a :, .~,,h~;~P~', ........ ~ .... ,,~ sw" ' "1 " ............... ~" - ~" ..... thin time the unit will be sponsor well as 'the re ular donors the imerior of me ~narLes aown one ana An, tteJOlC~ o~ z~-va.., v ....... ~ a ........ : ..... ~ w,-v,-. '_' lmmlng pool w ll _. _ " _.=, o . ]which stood out in the report,] ................... g " r'----t--'+",'ian Church This house[and "Alle~ro"-(Concerto II) by[from all the ehurches of the two of pa!nt and will[ 50me 0l?laals /that of $80,090 in accounts receiv- .re Ycommea nnvares xown Letters have been mailed to all o ' wTrsl ip which was built in ]Handel. Each of the church's/communities. And (luring the ser P eon(lluon tor me able v ~ .... J J J ,~. .... ;+ .,,;;] I.. ~+ +h,, ~;*;..n~ blood donor recruitment chair- ~-~1 ia'as been onen for nublicJchoirs will sing anthems as fol-|vic~ a filmstrip entitled "~ou -e season mr Kern ..... ' ~.= u..~ w... ,,~ ,,~. ................ , * - - . .... . , " ] The West Vwgmm Racing Com| James W. Strider secretary of ~,~,~ l~.~u ,hi~ ~im,~ in~tead of the men encouraging special efforts worshiv continueuslv since that I lows: Junmr chow "The Whole|Shall Reeewe Power will be ws ,ht Wmld Re races Now \Ptt shown l~ez one ts mv~ttd to at ...... ' ..... |mission meeting ]n Charleston] the Endowment Funds gave a re- ~,.~o.n.~ Pari~h House because on their part to make this ' it date I Brig " ' J ' *' , " i ~'" ~' 'Y : - " I Tuesday turned down applicat-/port explaining investhmnts of ~hVe~v~s~" is-~)e~;ng-sponsored by the most successful in a long For many years the observance | mary char Ch~sts th)ly Morn,[lend flus setTee of Easter in this church has beent Adult choir Christians, Awa~en~ Preceding the service the te ~" "".'"""" ~ ions submitted by Shenandoah the fund used for general purpos the firemen Hours when the unit time , ' usm of same - , ,, ' ..... g .... .[Downs and Charles Town Proper-~ es, also certain restricted purpos . .. ' significant and as is customary, a[and Publish Your Gladness. In/young people will have a covered ~wemom.e an~ lt_]Slties, Inc. for Summer dates indies. The endowment fund princi- - - - - o -- m. m. ~ ~' * special service of worship will be[addition, Katherine C. Brans will|dish supper at the Methodist -ore resmentsanu , , te at s also named a number of Commms pal is now $156,335 Income re I 5 nr[se erY|ce conducted on Easter morning this sing one of the most fa~ori ' church beoinnin, at 6 m Fach Will take advantage[ .... ial tao work the u-co~ I ". ". .... " ....eri =-, H01y Week Servnces n0H0 a u ~} ......... 7-,[~- "'aster sol()s "Tl;e Ihfl'" Cit-" [ *' "g - p'- "-" ~,~ ........ lion OHlC s p -/celveta in me ten-monm p ou year at 11:oo A 11. AS ffsual, Tne[a~ E ,' " :, y Y ./young person IS asKefl to ormg ~,~.un otter eta mele|ing Shenandoah Downs meet. n t. ~m n n_ m=. la, U ......PAm,~&~,m, |~ public is extended a cordial in-/ Eighteen young people whO[along a covered dish and table ~ger sam: ....... | w P c Perry, Commission| P_ ..... U,:J.t,k no r0r 5nenanaoan JCI. AI narpn- t,n,m,c,1 ,, vitation to thi~ service. /have deeleared their Christian] service; the meat and beverage wett~" meet mg.w,~z/ ................ oh~irrnan c~id the reason for re] ~t~U|Ut~., Iit~UUIILH 13 - - - included ms the service-" will' be~ faith before, the session an~. nave. and dessert will b~ furnished nesuay, April x . . A Service of Holy Communmn ~ been recewed by the sessmn, ~ill ' " Vhen officers will be/3ecnn of the dates was the con-l U^., UA~,J !~..$$ .. D.~,Ni .................... Hamers Ferry Sunday the reading from one of the Go=-]. ...... , ....... ~ ;.+,, ,~,~ oh,,roh ,tu,] lmi,_....~ ....... .a.,~ua ,~.,,"'~'~ I filet in them. /I]~ IIt~[IU I$1all UVUlUdaWlllMethodistDe conauctea. Churehat tIleof oeme~-Moler,s -IV ~ ~' vn~l .................. ao~,,r~t~ tho narr..tln 've of the l O~mg. ~=,Cthe .................... serwce' To those who"" I' " . w,.i aced for the opening] Perry also announced that the[ A" ..... q-'" meetin- of the ........ ~o s ,..a. Whursda,, at There will be special Eas!er resurrection of the Lord Christ.[~ ..... (~, ~-en ~antized the sacra-/H0 y ~,0mm~|0~ w| i 0 * L tll~::: lllUllt ,t.tff ~ %.,1U~IUd~ UII ltlauu.y J. J " ' neu D *~av~- .. ,~ v,.. t" 11 May 30, Memor)al|Comm~ssmn has named Robert 0.| ................ l--tire Ser ......... ' " "'l be con Sunmse services Easter ~unaay A sermon will be preac Y] ..... hristia Ba tism will be/ | deHersoIl ~ounty ~e ec 1 ~o r ~a Tne ~ervlce wn ment at u n p /(Kibby) McCormick of Charles ....... ~l _ _- : . : ." ...... morning at 6 o clock in Harpers the minister the topic of which[ . . ,s , /Ra Admlnictam ! mulau , vice t~oaro nelo we~t, ~arcn 2z ducteo ny me pastor, me ttev ' " , ' "Re acmfinistereo t,~. J't~u.mem~m~u~u ~nw$ at the Wednesday[Town as Commission audRor; Dr ......... 7 ............. ;" Cemetery m Harpers Ferry, It will be 'Assurances Whmh -/ ' | m me x)ralt t~oar~ OlnCes m me James v: ~mim ot ~nenanooan " eek b the r" / Nursery care will be provided / and an unusual| Dale Keyser as vetermarmn. The .... . . . was announced this w y suit From Easte . The ' Rev Richard E Neal astor '. ~'iasmwas shown[post of track inspector has not Professmna!Build!ng ~n C harle.s ffunetion, W. Va. The pubhc is in Rev Harold McCloy, pastor of Special Easter music will mark|for little children in the nursery|.~ ~.. ,,;.. .... , _ ;.,p "~ : as they looked/yet been decided upon. nent-~le~;;r;ogn C~unt~,;,~rmmown- viteu, the Bolivar Methodist Church. the occasion. Organ selections by|church school class room. Eve,'Y:|corner ~,~Oge~aSn~l~t~eranne,~:c~ t , successful sea| --~ . . Y .... " On Easter Sunday Morning a The Rev. John Wright, pastor of the organist, Cecelia Heins, will| one is invited Io come ann ormg/ ~.,,.,.....:__.r' "...~=... ...... 2: er, rear estate man anu civic zeal ,, , ~ en s ~.,,...,,.~u ~.vct, r,~..~on ~..uun 1 ' ' ~ | GO TO CHURCH SUNDAY ...... " Sunrise Service will be held at Camp Hill Methodist Church, be Cathedral Prelude and Pug- his fri d . /red the ~(P~ .... ;"'- ~'.*"~-~'"- "-~ er, was namer cnalrman oz me ................ u ...... ~-n~.,, ,,.m ~,e the s.~eak t . , ...,...a s..,~...~ ,,z -- board me l~emeL Memouist unurcn oz .'_'~'v_~'~~.':L~ ~-'"..f_ .... .~ ~.v +t.[ _ = _ . .a ._ | Holy Week and Easter Sunday Other members of the board Bakerton. The service will begin e,z,~e ~t~te, u, .... :-- _= Cnmm,nitv fi~ Pridav /Services. Easter Day, April 12- are Howard Sechr~st and Donald at 6.00 A. M. The pastor of the ,m. .... m;~ ~o ~.,,,~,,~a ,,, ,tona ~l]~fl I~fl ~tDl~l~#~L~ll)VlltL~] |The Service at 11.00 a. m., .er- Noland. church, the Rev. James E. Sm th k~l~.~gUl~tg~,,IU~l ~ .o n .u_ .__ |mon,, Our Ltvmg Lord an(t the ' The board also handled a num- will speak for the service.. The ~ .-~---'---~ 3ervlces AT tumeran [administration of the Holy Com- a 1 mwted to at BAKE SALE APRIL 1 St Thomas Evangehcal Luther nmnmn N is ber of routine matters pertaining public is cordi 1 y " " - ........... " + " . u'sery held during wor to classffmatmns' " " of draft re is- tend this traditional Easter Sun- . . . .- ---- . . .. an Churcn win nora ~ooa rrmay t~L .... 11. t'k_-L--J.L-. -- ----~-.~hin ~.--.--~"nds~ -~.,.....~'h ..... h ,.~,,,..,.~"h'v" ,.t~" trants, g rise" Service" at+ Bakerton. A oaKe sale sponsorea ny tneVespers Friday" night" at 7:30 p. ~,~ur~B ~B~p[l~r~l~|~W[I 9:45 a. n). ; 3ose.:' ph R. Stale" y, dSu- Senior Class of Charles Town m. After the meditations on the perintendent. Junior and Senior April 1, fire compan- to all fire alarms, 'W~L or country. was arrived at by representatives and Independent a new approach to of the problems recently in con alarms on this move, the roach on county two companies in the past, feel in making that they will be protection for some of the ," runs t9 other out-of- and in general long run. Respond program the will auto- to every call and their- bus, Company and their sal or third fire break out while both companies are on a run then "mutual aid" wilt be called for from a .third nearby com~)any and the Citizen's company will in turn dispatch it's Dumper to the scene of fire No. k The two local companies also ag~ree.d_~o alternate regarding the "mutual aid" status from month to month Beginning Saturday noon, if the Independent Company is on "mutual aid" call and is fighting a country fire when another a- larm comes in, Citizens will make the "mutual aid" response If a second and different fire alal"m comes in while the com- :panies already are fighting one, operators of the county's central communications system have been instructed to first get in touch with officers on the scene of Fire No. 1 before sounding an other alarm. Officials point out the possibility of using men and equipment already in action in case the second fire is in the gen eral area of the earlier activity. If the companies are at a court try fire and a town fire alarm comes in, the desk onerators will TURN TO PAGE 4---A House, Grounds of Happy Retreat, Historic Washington Home One of Homes To Be Included In Seventh Annual House and Garden Tour The house and grounds of Happy Retreat, the historic home to which Colonel Charles Washington and his wife, Mildred q~hornton, moved from Fredericksburg, Va., in 1780, will be open to the public for the first time during the 7th Annual House and G~rden Tour, sponsored by the Shena~doah-Potomae Garden CounoiL April 22- 23, 1961, since redecoration by the present owners, Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. MCabe. In Its beautif~ly proportioned rooms will be seen fine period pieces, paintings, a~tique rugs and objects of art. Location: Mordington Avenue at Blakeley Place; between Routes 9 and :340, High School will be held Satur, day, April 1 from 9 to 12 a. m. at Nichols and Stuck Drug Store. CHARLES WASHINGTON THEATRE IN RANSON FOR 11 DAYS THE GREAT rdovIl "BEN HUR" STARTS WED., APRIL 12 and Runs Thru Saturday, April 22. Don'tMisa It. Make Your Plans NOW. Ma,rch 30-1t.--F~ CORRECTION ! In Leggett's advertisement on page 3-B, second section, of this issue, Flower Garden Gloves are priced &t $1.99 a pair. This is an error. The correct price of these gloves is $1.00 per pair. 2V~arch 30 ~lt.-~nc--~P BAKE SALE, APRIL 1 Bake Sate Saturday, April 1, at 9:00 A. M., in former $. C. Penner Co., steep room by Clmrles Town Methodist Women. Orders t~ken. Phone 805-J, Charles Town. March 30-1t.-PP Seven Words, "Seven Times He Spoke", the brief order of public confession will be said in prepar attar for the Holy Communion on Easter Sunday ZION EPISCOPAL There will be a one hour Good Friday service-from twelve noon to one-in Zion Episcopal Church. with the Rev. John Q. Beckwith officiating. Many persons in the community, of all denominations have customarily attended this servicd, commemorating the time of the Cricifixion Of our Lord. Communion At Zion Church Easter Morning On Easter Day a Communion will be held in the Church At this service scholars in the Sun- day School will present their Len ten mite boxes, the proceeds of which will go for missionary act. ivity in the Episgopal Church The annual Good Friday ser- vice, sponsored for the commun- ity of Shepherdstown by the Min isterial Association, will be held at St. Peter' Lutheran Church Friday, March 31 from 12 noon to 3 o'clock p. m. The Three Hours will be divi- ded into three one-hour services of worship, beginning at 12 noon 1 o'clock and 2 o'clock p. m. The preacher will be the .~Rev. J. An- drew Gullick, J'r., minister of the Presbyterian Church of Shepherd stown. The Reverend John Gris- singer, Jr. pastor of St. Peter's Church will be the liturgist To Have Sunrise Service The Rev William P. Reed. pas tar of Calvary Assembly of God located on Fairfax Boulevard at Fifth Avenue in Ranson announ- ced the following schedule of meetings for Sunday and subse- quent week nights. Sun Rise Ser- vice at 6 a. m, Sunday School at ~10 A. M., Evening Evangelistic service at 7:30 p m. Tuesday, the Christ Ambassadors meet at 7:30 P. M. Thursday, Bible Study at 17:30 P. M. Luther Leagues meet at the Char les Town Methodist Church for a covered dish supper at 6:00 p. m. and a~n Easter serwce at 7:00 p m. Tuesday, Chinch Council meets at the parsonage at 8:00 p. m. Wednesday, Brownie Scout Troop 15 ~t 4:00 p. m.; Evangel- ism Committee and lay visitors meet at the home of Mr. and Mrs. John Martin at 7:30 p. m. Thurs day, Dens 1 and 2 of Cub Scout Pack 39 meet at 4:00 p. m Senior Choir rehearsal at 8:00 p. m. Fri- day, Junior Choir practice at 4:00 p. m.; meeting of parents and leaders interested in Cub Scout Pack 39 at the ehur~,h at 7:30 p. m. Saturday, Confirmation class meet at the parsonage at 11:00 a. m UNTRY HAM OR TURKEY DINNER CITIZENS FIRE HALL WEDNESDAY, APRIL 5(h. 4:30 7:30 O'Clock P. M. Buy Your Tickets Early from Members of the CITIZENS FIRE COMPANY. March 23 -2t,.FP