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March 28, 2012     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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March 28, 2012

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,pirit JEFFERSON aad FARMER'S ADVOCATE LegaIs Wednesday, March 28, 2012 B4 22nd day of February, 2012. way District, Jefferson County, BONDED SPECIAL Laura E. Rattenni West Virginia, and more particu- COMMISSIONER'S Clerk lady described as follows: SALE OF REAL ESTATE 3/7/4t All that certain lot or parcel of real Pursuant to and by virtue of estate just off Route 9, near Kear- an Order of the Circuit Court of neysville, in Middleway District, Jefferson County, West Virginia, Jefferson County, West Virginia, entered on February 7, 2012, in TRUSTEE~S SALE OF in the Fox Glen Development Civil Action No. 11-C-207, therein VALUABLE REAL ESTATE known as Lot 27-A, as shown pending under the style of Roy T The undersigned Substitute on a plat of survey dated June, Craig, Jr individually and as Ad- Trustee, by virtue of the author- 1970, prepared by A. G. Hooper, ministrator of the Estate of Roy T. ity vested in him by that certain Jr entitled, "Fox Glen, Section Craig (Sr.), deceased, Petitioner, Deed of Trust dated December 'A'", and recorded in the Office of vs. Crystal Craig, et al Respon- 5, 1997, and duly recorded in the the Clerk of the County Commis- dents, the undersigned Bonded Office of the Clerk of the County sion of Jefferson County, West Special Commissioner will offer Commission of Jefferson County, Virginia, in Plat Book 1, at Page for sale at a public auction to be West Virginia, in Deed of Trust 103, to which said plat reference held at the front door of the Jef- Book 883 at Page 221, and by is hereby made for a more com- ferson County Court House situ- Modification Agreement recorded plete and accurate description by ate at 100 E. Washington Street, in Deed of Trust Book 1147, at metes and bounds of the parcel Charles Town, Jefferson Coun- Page 275, Leslie C. Payne and hereby conveyed; TOGETHER ty, West Virginia, on Thursday, Stacia L. Fuller did convey unto WITH and improved by a 1970 March 29, 2012, at 12:00 o'clock, Douglas S. Rockwell, Trustee, Topper Mobile Home with Serial noon, all those certain contiguous certain real property described in Number 3259. parcels of real estate, together said deed of trust; and the benefi- AND BEING the same real with the improvements thereon ciary has elected to appoint Rich- estate which was conveyed to and the appurtenances thereun- ard A. Pill as Substitute Trustee Michael L. Fowler from Catherine to belonging, situate in Harpers by a Substitution of Trustee re- U. Gartner deed dated April 22, Ferry District, Jefferson County, corded in the aforesaid Clerk's 2005, recorded in the aforesaid West Virginia, more particularly Office; and default having been Clerk's Office in Deed Book 1007, described as follows: made under the aforementioned at Page 424. PARCELONE Deed of Trust, and the under- TERMS OF SALE: All cash; Lot 4-A, Keyes Ferry Acres, signed Substitute Trustee having 10% on day of sale in cash, cer- containing 0.702 acre, as shown been instructed by the ooourod tiffed or caahier'a Gh ~,k may be and described on a plat recorded party to foreclose thereunder, will required of bidder(s) other than in the office of the Clerkof the offer for sale at public auction at the party secured by the refer- County Commission of Jefferson the front door of the Jefferson enced Deed of Trust, before a County, West Virginia, in Deed County Courthouse, in Charles bid ~s received and accepted, to Book 275, page 99. [Tax Map 13 Town, West Virginia, on be refunded to the bidder unless (inset 3), parcel 28.0002] Monday, April 2, 2012, the property is sold to him or her. BEING all and the same real at 2:36 PM Settlement in 30 days. If the pur- estate which was conveyed from the following described real es- chaser cannot or does not com- Athel W. Murphree to RoyT. Craig tate, with its improvements, ease- ply with the terms of the sale, or (Sr.) by a Deed dated the 8th day ments and appurtenances there- fails to settle within 30 days, the of August, 2002, and recorded unto belonging, situate in the Substitute Trustee(s) may con- in the aforesaid Clerk's office in Harpers Ferry District, Jefferson sider the deposit forfeited and Deed Book 1045, page 721. Cou.nty, West Virginia, and more readvertise and sell the property PARCEL TWO particularly described as follows: at the risk and cost of the default- Lot 38-39 and Lot 40-41, Sec- All those certain tracts or parcels ing purchaser, or, without forfeit- tion E, and Lot 46, Section D, of real estate with appurtenances ing the deposit, avail themselves Harpers Ferry Campsites, as thereunto belonging and situate of any legal or equitable rights shown and described on a plat re- n Harpers Ferry District, Jeffer- against the defaulting purchaser. corded in the aforesaid Clerk's of- son County, West Virginia, and If the Substitute Trustee(s) can- rice in Plat Book 1, page 17. [Tax being more particularly bounded not or do not comply with or com- Map 13-D, parcel 171 (Lot 46, and described as follows: plete the terms of the sale, the Section D); and parcel 205 (Lot ~: All of Lot No. purchaser's sole remedy shall 38-39 and Lot 40-41, Section E)] 556-A in Section 5, and Lot No. be limited to the return of any de- And having a physical address 600-A in Section 6-A as said lots posit. By bidding, the purchaser of 146 Stone Bear Lane, Harpers are bounded and described in a agrees that purchaser is not enti- Ferry, West Virginia. plat entitled "Resubdivision" of tied to any legal or equitable rem- BEING all and the same real said lots made by James Allison, edy in the event the Substitute estate which was conveyed from Surveyor, dated July, 1974, and Trustee(s) did not have the right Harold J. Taylor and Muriel A. recorded in the Office of the Clerk to sell. The balance of the pur- Taylor, husband and wife, to Roy of the County Commission of Jef- chase pnce shall be due in cash, T. Craig, Sr. and Bonnie Snyder ferson County, West Virginia, in certified check or wire transfer at by a Deed dated the 22nd day of Deed Book 512, at Page 575, settlement. All costs of convey- June, 1990, and recorded in the which Lot No. 556-A, Section 5 rag, examination of title, record- aforesaid Clerk's office in Deed being a merger of Lots 556 and ing and transfer taxes and settle- Book 661, page 753. 557, Section 5. ment fees shall be at the cost of BEIN G ALSO all and the same Parcel Two: All of Lot No. the purchaser. Neither the Sub- real estate in which a one-half 600-B in Section 6-A as said lot stitute Trustee(s) nor the secured (1/2) undivided interest was con- is bounded and described on a party assumes any obligation to veyed from Bonnie Snyder to Roy plat made by James Allison, Sur- deliver possession of the prop- T. Craig, Jr Leah [Ellen] Dillow, veyor, dated November 1982, erty. The Substitute Trustee(s) Crystal [Dawn] Craig, David Mi- and which plat is recorded in the reserve the right to postpone or chael Craig, Mark [Henry] Craig, aforesaid Clerk's Office in Deed adjourn the sale for any reason. Tammy [Jeanette] Penwell, and Book 512, at Page 574. Further terms may be announced Andrew Kowalski by a Quitclaim AND BEING the same real es- at the sale. The deed from the Deed dated the 20th day of April, tate which was conveyed to Leslie Substitute Trustee(s) wil be sub- 2011, and recorded in the afore- C. Payne and Stacia L. Fuller, by ject to any liens for any unpaid said Clerk's office in Deed Book deed dated December 5, 1997, real estate taxes, water rents and 1092, page 320. from F&M Bank-Blakeley, and re- sewer charges, utility line ease- THE CONVEYANCE OFTHIS corded in the Office of the Clerk merits, rights of way, restrictive REAL ESTATE WILL BE MADE of the County Commission of Jef- covenants of record, and mat- SUBJECT TO all easements, ferson County, West Virginia, in ters appearing among the land rights-of-way, restrictive cov- Deed Book 883, at Page 219. records and/or upon inspection enants, conditions, reservations The above-described property of the property. The Substitute and other conditions of record will be sold subject to any cov- Trustee(s) will deliver to the pur- found and enumerated in the enants, restrictions, easements, chaser a Trustee's Deed convey- chain of title and those reason- leases and conditions of record, ing the real estate sold, but will be ably apparent upon an inspection and subject to any unpaid real without covenant or warranty ex- and view of said real estate or as estate taxes, pressed or implied. This is a buy- determined by a survey. The subject property will be sold er beware sale and any buyer is THIS SALE SHALL ALSO BE in "AS IS" condition. The Substi- advised to retain counsel before MADE SUBJECT TO the rights of tute Trustee shall be under no duty the sale. No representations con- any person or persons occupying to cause any existing tenant or per- cerning the status of title, leases, the premises, if any there be, and son occupying the subject property occupancy, zoning, physical or the Bonded Special Commissioner to vacate said property,environmental conditions, ac- shall not be under any duty to cause TERMS: Ten percent (10%)cess and/or availability of utilities any person or persons who may be of the purchase price as a cash are made either by the Substitute occupying thepremisas to vacate the deposit with the balance due and Trustee(s) or the secured party. same. The property will be sold in payable within 30 days of the day The party secured by the Deed an "AS IS" condition and the Bonded of sale. of Trust reserves the right to pur- Special Commissioner makes no Richard A. Pill, chase the property at such sale. warranty of any type as to the con- Substitute Trustee FEDERALTAX LIEN: In the event dition of any improvements located P.O. Box 440, 85 Aikens Center, that there are Federal Tax Liens upon the premises, if any there be. Martinsburg, WV 25404 against the property, the United The Bonded Special Commis- Phone (304) 263-4971, Fax States would have the right to sioner's Deed to any purchaser will (304) 267-5840, e-mail: pillfore- redeem the property within a pe- not contain any warranty of title, riod of 120 days from the date of The aforesaid real estate will 3/14/3t such sale or the period allowable be offered for sale in such se- for redemption under local law, quence or manner as results in whichever is longer. the highest aggregate bid for the NOTICE OF SALE OF Pursuant to the Deed of Trust, real estate. TERMS OF SALE VALUABLE REAL ESTATE the Trustee may postpone the sale by public announcement at 3/28/2t Cash or bank check on day of BY SUBSTITUTE TRUSTEE the time and place designated or sale equal to ten percent (10%) of Notice is hereby given that by posting a notice of the same, the highest bid, and the balance default has occurred in the pay- and act by agent in the execution due, in cash, forty-five (45) days ment of an indebtedness secured of the sale. from the date of confirmation of by a Deed of Trust dated April 25, EP Trust Services, sUBSTI- said sale by the Circuit Court of 2005, between Michael L. Fowler, TUTE, TRUSTEE Jefferson County, West Virginia, Borrower, and John C. Skinner, 115 E. Washington Street to which this sale shall be ex- Jr Trustee, recorded in the Of- Charles Town, WV 25414 pressly subject. All real estate rice of the Clerk of the County Phone: 304-725-7029 taxes and all other charges and Commission of Jefferson County, 3114/3t assessments levied against the West Virginia on April 26, 2005, " property shall be pro-rated to the in Deed of Trust Book 1421, at date of settlement. All recording Page 276, and which Deed of ACCEPTING PROPOSALS fees and charges and all transfer Trust authorizes the Lender to The Board of Education of and excise taxes shall be paid by substitute a Trustee, at its op- Jefferson County will accept pro- the purchaser, tion, and the Lender having ap- posals until 4 p.m. on April 13, Given under my hand this pointed EP Trust Services as 2012 for before and after school 22nd day of February, 2012.Substitute Trustee, by Substitu- care programs beginning with D. Frank Hill, III tion of Trustee recorded in the the 2012-2013 school year and Bonded Special Commissioneraforesaid Clerk's Office in Deed continuing to the end of the 2014- 136 E. German Street Book 1104, at Page 617, and the 2015 school year at the follow- P.O. BoxA undersigned Substitute Trustee ing schools as a package: Blue Shepherdstown, WV 25443 having been requested by the Ridge Elementary School, Blue Telephone: 304-876-9333 owner and holder of the said in- Ridge Primary School, North Jef- debtedness to enforce the Deed ferson Elementary School, Page CERTIFICATE of Trust, will offer for sale at pub- Jackson Elementary School, I, Laura E. Rattenni, Clerkofthe lic auction at the front door of the Ranson Elementary School, Circuit Court of Jefferson County, Courthouse of Jefferson County, Shepherdstown Elementary West Virginia, hereby certify that at 100 East Washington Street, School, C.W. Shipley Elemen- bond and security has been given Charles Town, West Virginia, on tary School, South Jefferson El- by the Bonded Special Commis- Thursday, March 29, 2012, at ementary School, Wright Denny sioner as required by law.9:30 o'clock a.m all that certain Intermediate School, T.A. Lowery Given under my hand this real estate situate in the Middle- Elementary School and Driswood FISCAL YEAR JULY 1, 20t2 * JUNE 30, 2013 LEVY ESTIMATE - BUDGET DOCUMENT STATE OF WEST VIRGINIA MUNICIPALITY OF RANSON, WEST VIRGINIA In accordance with Coda 11-8-t4, as amended, the Cound! proceeded to make an es~mats of ti'~e amounts neceseaW to be raised by levy of taxes fo~ the currant fiscal year, and does detarmine and estimate the several amounts to be as follows: The amount due and the amount that will become due and ollastibte from every source during the fiscal year INCLUDING THE LEVY OF TAXES, is as follows: REVENUE SOURCE Property Taxes *Current Expense (Linked to Rate & Levy Tab) Prior Year Taxes Supplemental Taxes Tax Less Restoration Tax Penalties, Intere~ & Publication Fees Gas & Oil Severance Tax Excise Tax on Utilities Businese and Occupation Tax Wine & Liquor Tax Animal Conbol Tax Hotel Occupancy Tax Fines, Fees & Court Costs Parking Violation Licenses Building Permit Fees Franchise Fees Inspection Fees IRP Fees (Inlet~te Registration Plan) Private Liquor Club Fee Reluse Collection Planning Commission Revenue Federal Government Grants State Government Grants Contributions/Transfer from Other Entries Charges to O ~t Funds Payroll Reimbursements Gaming Income Interest Earned on Investn,ents Reimbumements Sale of Fixed Assets Accident Reports Video Lottery Proceeds from Sale of Bonds Miscellaneous Revenues TOTAL ESTIMATED REVENUE (GENERAL FUND) COAL SEVERANCE TAX FUND 912,521 4OO 100 t,000 800 t.OO0 150,000 1.050,0OO 50,000 I,OO0 184,000 2OO,000 400 14,000 80.000 25,000 2.0OO t,600 2,750 348,000 40.000 38~090 33,000 ~O,0OO 2,000 180,000 15,OO0 300,0OO 10,000 2,000 9OO 2,000 1 ,OO0,000 17,000 5,000 s REVENUESOURCE Coal Severance Tax TOTAL ESTIMATED REVENUE (COAL SEVERANCE FUND) ESTIMATED CURRENT EXPENDITURES General FgF~ 6,000 $ 6t000 Coal Severance Fund Mayor's Office City Coun it Recorders Office City Manager's Off~ce Pogce Judge's Office Con~b~ons to Comms/Agthorttiea Regional Development Authority Planning & Zoning Elections City Hall Corr~butions tTtansfers to Other Funds Co~ngen les Police Department Police-Special Duty Streets and Highways Street LightS Garbage Department Parks & Recreelion ' Visitors Bureau Capital Projects -Health & Sanitation TOTAL ESTIMATED EXPENDITURES 9,228 29~080 6,872 227.801 4O,570 82.000 1,647 438 95O 4,000 723,323 260,987 176,585 1,265,410 19,474 759,234 80,000 360,000 100,000 loo,00o 14,400 $ 4,699,561 6.000 $ 6,000 MUNICIPALITY OF RANSON, WEST VIRGINIA FISCAL YEAR JULY 1, 2012 - JUNE 30, 2013 Regular Current Expense Levy CoJurnn E Levy Taxes v~tio~ Rate/$t~0 Levk)d CLASS I Person~J Property $ ,0 I 12.500 J S 0 Pub~ U~itiht o o T~tat Class I $ o $ O CLASS II R~I Estate $ 92~g27~4,~ I,I $ 2:~319 Personal Property I~ 257 T~d Cl~s II $ 93,030,0~ $, 232.57.5 CLASS IV RealEsta~e $ 1~0~ i I $ 60hsss Personal Propet%y 29r~tr~ '145~18'1 Publ~c Ul~ti~3~ 3,s39,Ts8 ~8J~ T~aJ Class IV $ ls~oosis~ $ 765,0~ Total Value & Pm~e ,t~d Revenue $ 2~,~,aTa ~ ~7~ Less D~lim~',~ie~, IEx~m'~ 8, Uncoltectz~e Taxes 5,00%,49~, Less Tax Discounts (use Tot~ P~o~ested Revee~te to ,~ah~ulate] 2.00% ~B,g55 Less A~,~ow~P, ce t~T~ IP, ~ement Rnar ~ if Appt,~e,~e 0 Total Projected Propelty Tax Collection ~,774 Less Ass~so~ Va~u~d~ Fer-,d (Subltac~e~ from ~l~t current ~e taxes l~i~I opt) 16~254 Net Amount to be Rais~d by Levy of Prope~ Taxes $ 912f52,t STATE OF WEST VIRGINIA COUNW OF Jefferson MUNICIPALITY OF RanCh I, ~, Recerdfng OffI~ ot sa~d municipalS, do here, by testy ~at the ~omgo~r~ are ~ cop~es fr~ ~ ~rd o~ Rec~: d~ Elementary School. Please submit proposals to Marti Soltis, Coordinator of Ca- reer Adult and Community Edu- cation, 110 Mordington Avenue, Charles Town, WV 25414. For further information or a list of provider expectations, contact Mr. Soltis at 304-728-9248. The Jefferson County Board of Education reserves the right to reject any or all proposals. Ms. Susan Wall Superintendent Jefferson County Schools 3/28/2t TRUSTEES" SALE OF VALUABLE REAL ESTATE The undersigned Trustees, by virtue of the authority vested in them by that certain deed of trust dated June 22, 2007, and duly recorded in the Office of the Clerk of the County Commission of Jef- ferson County, West Virginia, in Deed of Trust Book 1658, at page 9, Raymond R. Lebida and An- gela K. Ritenour did convey unto Joshua Keller, Trustee, certain real property described in said deed of trust; and the beneficiary E. 100 feet to a point; thence N. has elected to appoint Teays Val- 82 W. 365 feet to a point; thence ley Trustees, LLC as substitute S. 14 W. 121 feet to a point; Trustees by a Substitution of thence N. 84 45" E. 380 feet to Trustee recorded in the aforesaid the point of beginning, containing Clerk's Office; and default having 1 acre, more or less. been made under the aforemen- 97 Old Middleway Road, tioned deed of trust and the un- Kearneysville, WV 25430 dersigned Trustees, having been The aforesaid property is instructed by the secured party SUBJECT TO any and all ease- to foreclose thereunder, will offer ments, rights-of-way, conditions, for sale at public auction at the covenants and restrictions of re- front door of the Jefferson County cord or in existence. Courthouse, 100 East Washing- The sale of the foregoing real ton Street, Charles Town, West property will be made subject Virginia 25414 on: to all exceptions, reservations, April 19, 2012 rights of way, easements, con- At 02:00 PM ditions, covenants, restrictions, All that certain real estate situ- leases and other servitudes of ate in the Middleway District, Jef- record, if any, pertaining to said ferson County, West Virginia and real estate, subject to all matters more particularly described as disclosed by an examination and follows: inspection of the property, subject Lot 1, as shown upon a plat to any and all unpaid taxes as re- recorded in the Office of the Clerk corded against said property, and of the County omission of Jef- to any further matters announced ferson County, West Virginia in at said sale. The property is sold Deed Book V, at Page 84, and subject to an accurate survey at therein described as follows: Be- purchaser's expense: ginning at a point in the center of The sale of the foregoing real the Middleway and Charles Town Pike and the Scollay Road, N. 80 Continued on next page i