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March 28, 2012     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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March 28, 2012

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I PAGE Wednesday, March 28, 2012 Spirit of JEFFERSON and FARMER'S ADVOCATE A cold and blustery morning the H. Hart Bennett Founda- greeted more than 50 4-H and tion. The Jefferson County Fair FFA youth and adult volunteers Board had planned to renovate at the Jefferson County Fair- the swine barn prior to the 2011 grounds Feb. 25 as the group fair but had to delay that ac- assembled brand new hog pens. tion until the hog pens could be The pens were donated by manufactured. Under the direc- tion of Jack Wysong, the wood- en pens were removed, posts replaced where needed and ad- ditional concrete poured in the barn. With the assembled pens in place, the swine barn is now ready for action. SLAUGHTER COWS 102 #378-1101bs.$170-200 head $1-2 Lower Holstein Heifers 80-100 lbs. BREAKERS $180-210 Breakers L Dressing $73-77 Beef X Bull $155-220 BONERS $75-82 Beef X Heifers $160-210 Boners H Dressing $84-89Slaughter Calves , Boners 1 @ $ 95.50 High Choice 280-325 lbs. $132- LEAN 69-75 139 THIN & LIGHT $68 Down STOCK CATILE 93 head $78- BULLS 7 head $2-3 Higher83 YG#1 $94-104.50 Strong Demand For Steers. Light Weights $90-105 Heifers Lower FED STEERS Few Offered FEEDER STEERS M&L High Choice 1368 lbs. AtFrames $130.75 200-400 lbs: $165-190 Select 1280 lbs. At $115.50 500-600 lbs. $147-174 FED HEIFERS 600-800 lbs. $125-135 Select 1328 lbs.At $117.00 800-900 lbs. $117-131 Dairy Replacements 66 head FEEDER HEIFERS M&L By the Head Frames Springer Heifers $1250-1525 200-400 lbs. $125-146 Small Med. $900-1200 400-600 lbs. $130-167 3 Jersey $675-785 600-700 lbs. $120-135 Fresh Cows & Heifers $1200- FEEDER BULLS M&L 1500 Frames 1 Jersey At $1125 200-400 lbs. $125-145 Short Bred Heifers $1000-1250 400-600 lbs. $130-167 Open Heifers $700-1050 500-650 lbs. $140-154 Small Heifers $400-725 650-725 lbs. $130-137 CALVES 105 head Record 750-8501bs.$97-110 Prices Beef Stock Cows NONE Holstein BullRetuming to Farm LAMBS 19 head $20-30 Lower High Choice 60-75 lbs. $250- #1 78-i10 lbs. $230-250; 112- 255 125 lbs. $190-225 Yearling Rams 100-125 lbs. #2 78-110 lbs. $200-230 $127-145 SHEEP NONE GOATS 21Head Sold By the Head Large Billies $225 Med Billies &Nannie $110-160 Selection 1 Kid 90-100 lbs. $130-147; 40-50 lbs. $100-125 Selection 2 Kid 40-60 lbs. $75- 99 PIGS & SHOATS 67 Head Strong Demand Good 70-100 lbs. $70-85 BUTCHER HOGS 57 head $3-6 Lower 1 & 3 240-270 lbs. $63-65 Few 300-325 lbs. $67-75 2 & 3 275-320 lbs. $58-62 Few 375-400 lbs. $63-70 Sows 8 head Steady Prices 475-600 lbs. To $59 675-750 lbs. $54-59.50 Boars SOLD BY THE HEAD 10 Head 20 lbs. At $40 3 Head 37 lbs. At $69 2 Head 52 lbs. At $52 BY THE POUND 100-180 lbs. $55-65 Few $73-76 Stock Boars 200-250 lbs. $45- 50 Heavy To $27.50 290-350 lbs. $30-40 Wednesday at 7:45 pan.: Special Feeder Cattle Sale Kalvitis FROM PAGE C4 at some significant Civil War 'site or another, I came up with a column entitled "Steppin' In It." It was intended to be about humorous and unusual circum- stances in our area during that p.eriod. I'm not much of a Civil War buff. A photo of Patty, Maxine and LaVerne under the wing of a B-17 Flying Fortress does a whole lot more for me than a faded daguerreotype of a bunch of whiskered geezers stand-- ing around a six-pounder. Try- ing to get into the right frame of mind and to appear halfway knowledgeable, I borrowed a few books from the local library about our area's Civil War his- tory. Because I was north of Rom- ney, part of a report that I had read in my studies by Union Col. Lew Wallace kept com- ing to mind: "four regiments of Rebels in and about Romney under a Col. McDonald, what their particular object is, I can- not learn." I imagined a scattered bunch of Confederate soldiers clam- bering over the nearby hills and pastures -- doing what? I decid- ed to take my camera for a walk. The woman working in the sta- ble suggested that I see an old mine on the property. After fol- lowing her directions, I soon found myself at the edge of the property, standing at a barbed wire fence, reading the neigh- bor's "No Hunting" sign. soldiers who had so bewildered serious editor nixed "Steppin' In Col. Wallace suddenly had a pur- It," and though I pitched the sto- pose. ry of the mine to the usual pub- "What was the name of the lishers, it just couldn't get trac- folks who had the farm before tion. Locally, historians are de- you bought it?"I asked, voted to the theory that Rom- She replied with a name that I ney's significance was due to its didn't recognize, location in relation to the rail- "And before that?" I persist- roads. This has often been ques- ed. tioned and this supposed advan- "McDonald." she replied, tage was never fully exploited History was speaking to me during the Civil War. across a 140-year void. The little I wondered how this infer- mysteries that surrounded Rom- mation eluded history for more ney started to make sense when than 140 years. My guess is that this mine was factored in. One being sworn to secrecy meant could easily reason that the min- something in those days, and the erals extracted from this mine term "declassified" hadn't yet near this cold, rocky, insignifi- entered our vocabulary. Recent- cant little mountain town fueled ly, my wife talked to an elderly Confederate rifles and cannons hunter who was searching near at such significant engagements Crystal Valley for an old road as Fredericksburg,Antietam and, that he remembered as a child. likely as not, Gettysburg. It went back to a stone founda- The Kubota was responding tion that they then called "the well to my efforts. In most cases, old powder house." So, the story a long-neglected Japanese trac- isn't over, but my adventure as a tor just won't come back. The Civil War historian is. I'm pass- ranch's owner was quite satis- ing along my notes and photos to fied and I had gotten in a good a West Virginia History class at a day after all. I waived on the ad- local middle school. Hopefully, ditional charge for waiting, they'll continue the research. The foregoing is one example Rather than this mine, I would of how things go around here; have been just as happy to find go out to fix a Japanese tractor an old tractor, truck or crawler. and make an important historical After all, what can you do with a American discovery. An overly dang old hole in the ground? ]iiiiiiiii!]iiiiiiii]i iiiiiiiii!i!iiiiiiiiii iiii!iiiiiiiiiiiiiii Sign up for the 22nd Annual iii iii:i i!ii / Shepherdstown Volunteer Fire Department/ I re-traced my steps and final- ~////~/::~ John D. Lowe, Jr. ly found the tiny opening in the i:: Memorial Golf Classic i i{i hillside. A pool of water was just inside. I didn't try to enter. The Cress Creek Golf and Country Club :!!!i!iiii~/iiii~=!iiiii/i manner in which my weight is i~//~i~;ii!ii~il proportioned would have land- ii{ii~i!!i{ ed me facedown in the water. : Back at the barn, I mentioned ~i;:~ :i this small, natural cave-like en- ~g//~ii~ i trance and asked how this hole qualified as a mine. She told :me that the interior was quite a ::::::::::::::::::::: 'bit higher and wider and even had steel tracks for rolling a 7 cart. The mine extended in this manner for more than 200 feet into the mountain. It had been a i saltpeter mine during the Civ- i il War. Saltpeter is an ingredi- ent in old-fashioned black gun- :powder. My imagined Rebel Deadline for Entries: May 4, 2012 Shepherdstown, WV Thursday, May 10 Rain Date: Monday, May 14 To register contact Vonda Miller at 304-262-0336 or go to: www.jeffersonsecu rityba nk.corn and go to News at JSB at top. iiiiiiiiiiii!!iiii ii]iiiii]iiiiii[i[ili iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii iii!iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii 24 HR BANKING 1.866.255.4190 iiiiii!iii]iiiiiiiii!i iiiiiiilililiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiii !ii!i!i!i!i!i!ililili ][!ili!]!iii!i!iiiii Farmers Livestock Exchange Winchester, Va. 540-667-1023 HOGS: 5 LAMBS: 62 - Hi Choice & Prime - $150-181; Choice - $108-196. SLAUGHTER t3WES: 6 - $79. KID GOATS: 20-40 lbs. - $220- 241; 40-60 lbs. - $200-250. SLAUGHTER CATILE COWS: 80- Utility & Comm. - $83-98.50; Canner & Cut- ter - $67-78; Cutter & Bng. - $71.50-89. BULLS: 17 - 1-2 - $89-105.25. STOCK COWS: 43 - Beef - $1,000-1,575. BABY CALVES: 4 - BH - STEERS: 239 - Med & Lge #1 -300-400 lbs. - $178-194; 400-500 lbs. - $180-188; 500- 600 lbs. - $178-187; 600-700 lbs. - $152-164; 700-800 lbs. - $146 50-149; 800-900 lbs. - $127-139; 900-1,100 lbs.- $125. Med & Lge #2 - 300-400 lbs.- $170-181; 400-500 lbs. - $165-179; 500-600 lbs. - $161- 171; 600-700 lbs. - $146; 700- 800 lbs.- $121.50; 800-900 lbs. - $119-50-124. HEWERS: 235 - Med & Lge #1 -200-300 lbs. - $197.50; 300- 400 lbs. - $158-173; 400-500 lbs. - $152-162; 500-600 lbs. - $140-154; 400-500 lbs. - $138- 150; 600-700 lbs.- $119. BULLS: 182 - Med & Lge #1 -300-400 lbs - $183-195; 400-500 Ibs. - $168-182-50; 500-600 Ibs. - $159-168; 600- 700 lbs. - $130-144; 700-800 lbs.- $117-120; 800-900 lbs. - $117.50. Med & Lge #2 - 300- 400 lbs. - $162-175; 400-500 lbs. - $150-165; 500-600 lbs. - $132-147; 600-700 lbs. - $129; 700-800 lbs. - $106. GOATS: 99 TOTAL: 972 Regular sale every Monday, 1 pan. State graded feeder sale H.EAST strike out and and surpris- season! l t