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Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
Charles Town, West Virginia
March 28, 1968     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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March 28, 1968

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NUAL M ;ET] LINDA MARIE O'BRIEN, by ordered that Donald Leon THURSDAY, MARCH 28, 1968 ~-r~ -- ~ r~ b ~ falfa ha~ 55c her bale; straw, 40c I aa~a " ~-. JAMES EDWARD O'BRIEN, Jenkins serve upon Roger J. ":'':" :~':" ":": ~er bale' Stanley Dunn, Jr I :'*:':':':':':' ~ muai m( :un NAN ALLEN O'BRIE~4 Perry plaintiff's attorney, whose ~:~~ ,C B ~pe pool table, Telephone 725-5~)6. Mar. 212t- IWANTED: : O~p~a~~ o~ t)e;~ ST~)HEN PAATRSIKE O~B, BRIENI~ ~ddar~s~ ~:w0~n,~resC~tn~;ssS~re:t ~l 7 5-.114, - - -- years of a~ 3wn, Wes Via ' ' L~i CAMPAIGN CARDS I March 28 1 MABEL M PENWELL, [answer, including any related G E 0 R G E R. H E I D R I C H - me unaz es ~ - " r efens : r ur I ; GEORGE T PENWELL, I counter clam~ o d e you may ~:,-- ~ ~ow ,s me ume m orae yo t weun~ my, " " R E A L W 0 R ~] ~s and Onion sets al "25 2046 r JBUSINE SHARON A. BAGENT, I have to the complaint fried m ( supply ~mp in or c 1 - o elgn~ o cJ )CK, I Y ar SOUTHERN ~: e I MAt PAUL V BAGENT,this actmn on or before April 15, O0 aunt, bplrz~ m Jezzerson-Aavocat e report )z u " P Also we have J ~ 1" "-I r -. .- BRIAN A PENWELL, 11968 H you fail to do so, there- $1 L ~ OZZlce, unarms Town we prm~ ~e 'I~D e,rpora%lon~n~ " Me fertilizer . " J - . -- - GEORGE T PENWELL, JR, I after judgment upon proper hear- L any amoun~ - - any rime ~o service o cn omer ous " " " e ai " e " CHARLES FRANCIS 0 BRIEN, mg and trial, may be t~k n ag n- Jan l14f. ioperated ~lspense~s. No exp n-may be proper before the meet-~TTTAI~I~mI-I A~T~%T g~'I~DTI~T ,M" xra,1 fr~r tho ~p*|iof ~gll~nd~] . " - . : -: HOMES FARMS LAND 1967 Honda 300 "UBBER TAMPS" Made an"Je ce needed. We eS r ieShen:Cs !.g anti the nomm U2n and elv UNKNOWN PERSONS, now liv-Im the complaint. I~ ~ * 3 CUtlIIII;S zur you. ~', 1on oz a D~aru oi ulrecmrs zor -**~-, zully eqmpped - n k00 p sLze and m most type styles Gwe I and $450 to $1950 cash capital the ensuin yearmg or hereafter to b? b rn, who I A.copy of ideomp.lalnt can are or may De ranaenimren Of De oatam trom me unaers gne CALL CHARLES TOWN 72 -7942 t. us your order when you are m|neces.sary. Four to e~ght hours March 28-2-t g. 2 I need of same. Spirit.Advocate I weekly can net excellent monthly . me sala ~waru A. u ~rmn, ae- 1 umrK atn~ o~ce. ,~ W~l,1, no soil a~ all, office, North George Street, Cha- j income For local interview write: THOROUGHBRED STUD ceases, / ~ r~n~ere.a .?y rue ~erg o~ sa~a Oct. 13tf.- :lean . . " . UOtlIK thiS lien uay ot arcn, m~ ~. : ed wi~h Blue Lus- rles Town Dial 725-2046. j Mar~m- Bradley Associate 1850 TT~VTT ~(~XT~V w; t "~n, Defendar~ts. t lffal~X7 T O'T~[nT'I~ff&~.T ~ :wze shampooer. $1. Feb 8-tf j Shaw Avenue, Pgh Pa. 15217. ~v,m,m~ Po,q~ree I968 The object of the above enht-/ OT~ ~" r'~T~'r ",number ~ -.- . . ~ ~ v ',~'I~RIDER I Please include phone ' " stud fee ~200 00 live foal Horses led actmn is to construe the will[ " L~ COMPANY, INC. " . FOR SALE. . March 28-1~t. b~,~u~u.~ ~'~-~,~, ,~. ~ L~n-e-*-ea~s -~,of said. Edward A. O'Brien, to]~arcn ~'~'~" : Fiveroom dwelling well msu-I o~ ~. ~.~o To'"n w Va 304 determine when and under what l WA~SI'e:D" - A-man to oo genera, Spring eeder Ca ! ,: . ,~ fated in excellent condmon. J : " 5 %92 cwcumstances the testamen~ry [ Ig M.D ~.I= h./L ~& . *wo . ~ ,~arm work near ~,ppon "r s" --1 nll~ll~ DUIffI~I~ M~'l~al I II ~1 IlgallllllLi Ja, : ~l-~--t- ~.tvaoullaoJ.J l~tlb~u. "" I " ~ ~r.h 1AQ~ ~,~l I, U ~ es~ao Isne~ mereoy can De I . ~cK ann one pal- Burns, rhone 'lzo-vvn~. ,x= zTo-~-r . | r Moore Insurance and Realty Co. I termana~ed, and for other related . . 17~ a~~g- g e.n l eIe- 112 North George Street i March 7-tf. F~DII~L~D .IB~ DITDI IPArlPI.~T relief, i lhnnl ll In Br,nCwlck FRIDAY, ApRIL 19, 1968 -- At 1 P.M. I ,~z o.uu x. ~,*. ~'~-"le T" n West Vir-inia i ~-~u,'.-~ vr t~,~,~za *, And it a~'neavin~- b'* an affidav i ~;. LZ"2.' s I HELP WANTED" - Full and part OF ~'~')-' s :.a "I Farmers Livestock Exchange, In - Winchester, Vs. J ; t'none: vza-a~a i " ~ ~ -- 1 1rl~ znea in mis a~mn tna, t cne* The Kastles Ladies Bowlin" . tame. Apply Dairy ~ueen, ~anson e " s Priced for quick Feb 8-tf J~,r xr. JEFFERSON COUNTY, WEST def ndan~ Unknown persons, I team of Charles Town scored a -- ~' aving town ton ~JFeb*;2 tf VIRGINIA now living or hereafter to be 134) victory over the Dt~mbells I I~* [)56 "o ibt~t)t)l-~w~:IA)~l~''i~wl I " "" born, wno are or may be grand- rsa "h M ' ANGUS- HEREFORD . SHORTHORN I Interrmti na JOHN S ALFRIEND as Execu- . Thu d y mg t, arch 21 m act- Lrs " .~mp $~; zzo ~mp ~ J~mc. a ' . cniruren of tne saict ~ ~waru A ,chain saw, new ;~ . [ (~rmrtun~ties - - Falls Church tor and Trustee unde~ *he wi~b of " I zon ~n the Brunswaek (Md) Major I Decker saw. vm or w. emers,rU ePss n,[Beau--ty School enroll anytime. [Edward A O'Brien, have. oeen |Duckpin Bowling lea,gue on the ~cetyiene ~qmp. ~ompr,I I/. ~,- " mace par~zes aezenaams to tms lBrunswiek alle-s April 9th attle of Beef [ pE u 'ps, t raSustD 'aVe ,S'coHn SttSe j;m'aTdown'paymen .'So s gua;: CIV a TIbN NO. 1083 ~g~n'u~to~S ~?rhd:reads t~t ~theYt:: Gertrude Pram led the Kastle B eding. - J ~hard Grass seed r&atoPrl~St:nrdM~X;:wS~lsC, o~r~e V~ J~na~:dl~nr:gnBPel:t[yns~fo~C?Ss5e0 r, r.p:a~;f~ a~nr~eY,ss~hs~?e ~idaP~ t?n~e~ga~ ~rYorW~?J :734hisgh Write n on Sale and Health I seed. John t'. ' . I W Broad street, Falls Church, Va [ K !~ ~ L !~ ~ 1 A 1 !~ ~ - " . . .g "' t score. Other set scores were: Elea Requirements. I ' Le 725-7996 or 725- & uses ~qulp. rlA~ ~U~lUW~u, IDa:^ ^ ~o.m.~ ^. ~ ~ I ~ ,-~ ~ ,~ a r, Town, west virginia, an answer tnor Moore 296; E Johnson, 310' n K A L," ' E UIPMENT CO Ha erstow,r U . . Q. "' g I Dec z4-t~ I ?r other the co~plain.t Helen Kelican 294 and Virgir~ia ~ i. n e' ~reLa ry 1, . lyre. ~ naeu m mls acuon on or Dezore ~ Dorsey, 288 ~~estock, ~nc. 1 I ~ - - : : :, I 'rnree ~euroom ~wo story nome A ~, ~a ~a~ b ~i~. ~,l~ " March 28-1t- Box 440-Winchester, Va. 22601 :: 5age laying narcn . ' " " 'in Bolivar situated on Large one me t l y' de'fa-u[t 'wi fi"t)e ta"ke ' ) Ust be picked up :- g " l MISCELLANEOUS J . : " . g intt t any time there- iPi C'E ~l I FOR SALE No Huntm No Acre Lot Living Room carpeted a a s hem a BRUCETOWN METHODIST ~ M. Monday Con- Trespassing - For Sale - For Rent,~~ ~: : : : : :. Dlm ng uoom - ~en and Mouern a~ter. A copy of said c~mplaint t TO HOLD SUPPER MARCH 28 )unn, Midcl~leway, ! and other signs at Spirit of Jeff- I ~." ". " " I .Kitenen - ~everal race OUtBUnU- can be obtained frova t'he under. [ The Bruce,tow~ Method~ist Chu- ae )ne 725-2195. i erson-Advocate Office on North / orses boar ded, exceuem care. [].ngs .amt two a cgt rage.s Ue:t signed Cldrk at her office. Itch will l old it's annual ham and Geor e Street Charles Town Telephone 87 2111 tUl wew m ,OR RENT : ' " " onntrmaacdethn Brand New Facilities - Central Air Conditioning Jefferson Avenue Telenhone 7~5 5070 " |following automobiles will be lment, Carport. Situated on large l /g o . z~ " " " " ORDER OF PUBLICATION a ai me ,ne az Utilities FmTfished -Adjacent Offstreet Parking tment only Call t j sold at Pubhe Au mn on our J 200x400 Lot. This home only three i [ ,-.o,o a .s ] " " I Used Car Lot located on U. . ]years o d. I CII~CUIT COURT OF JEFFER - - " [ ~,Rou~e 340, Harpers Ferry Pike,Very comfortable three bed- I SON COUNTY WEST VIRGINIA / " - icku cam ers and trave trail Charles Town, Jeff~l'son County, room Dwelling on HaUtowu --[ Iv n o l .l,a Irin~ an I --.~,~ ~~ MASON BUILDING p p l - Sa L A n Russ L ~ n )65 Cutlass Olds-[ers at Brunswick Camper Sales,[West Virginia a,t 10:00 A. M. onIShepherdstown Road. Livinglinfant who sues by Anna Mav[ WAa~. 1 1 6 East Washington Street Hard Top I Brunswick, Md Decorated for / Friday April 5, 1968 to the high- I Room and Modern Kitchen - Fort I Russell, her next friend, ' - / FREE - Water analysis on your 6marie tTahS~li~ c~ual leisure "time, Huntsma!~, est bidder. Terms o~ Sale CASH. t ed Air oil Heat. This home simale I Plaintiff I water supR~ at any time We ate t accessories. Ex- moun&ineer and Jewell Topk, " l"-"1~B4'Oldm'nobi~e Hol. 4 Dr. Ied Is less than one year old andt ~ va a~ ~a, ,aonl equipped to" test water " supply's Chades .Town, W. Va. t: Will sell at low Priced from $189.00 Call collect Sedan Serial nux~ber 84~L035388. Listed For quick Sale at $9,500. for proper water conditioning ;lephone 725-7527 301-834-8194 Brunswick, Md I 1 - 1961 Chevrolet 4 Dr. Station J Luxurious living in this all ele- I ~. x~ I equipment. Phone 725-7021 Com- " ' " " mlber 11235]3173166 ~onam Leon JenKins, uetenaaml " Mar. 21-~t- ~,~ 14-t~ Won. Serml nu i earle large brick home in Herml-[ mumty Oil Co Charles Town. CONTACT. E. M. WHITING ,--~- -- I (Tne ooJec% o~ tins sul~ lS to " " . I Merchant Noland Chevrolet Olds, [ rage Ridge, approximately 3 miles J ." ~ . . [ May 4-ff y, secona ann ~ro - ~ ; ; ; ;o 34 Charles Town I Obtain a fllvorce zrom me oontts t" " " " " * " " ~"~ ~ " " " ': ~ " ~ " ~ * " " Inc Route 0,from Charles Town. Completely . . [ " ; amo mixeu nay. West Via" inla I ox matrimony.) i g modern in every respect. Design-, . ~ ~.~ ~,~To . March 28-2,t ex uiste taste Owner To theAbove Defendant. Donald ed with q i . . 202 East Liberty Street -- Charles Town, W. ' ar 21-2t- ho, h, I Leon JenKins KEMPER INSURANCE M . S s : . . . . PHONE : 725-7031 ""--------- 1 . CARD OF THANK I ~ It appearang by affldawt filed se FOR RENT' - Two bedroom trail-I pointment only. . Auto - Home Owners- Life hbedroom hou," - S BESSIE E WASHINGTON in this action that Donald Leon Dec. 28-tf- 0rn . er near ~t. Mtssmn. Telephone MR . Ask us about a very attractive - :,modern k~t- . I ~r ~ ~ *" e--,~ress .~ur sincere I Jenkins is a non-resident of the ARLEN B. PROPST ~f b~,*if,~ ,-,~od ' zzo-ozzu. ~ I ,v ,~, ~, ~,~,t IV= story nome on ~alrtax IMVU. I I " " ' Dr Vaica counter top,[ March 28-1,t. i a-pprec~ati 'n'vand, MnareaWllll~ms, th"anksj:t~n~ L" ]Completely modern. Must be, I J 725-7973 UAL AUCTION SALE [ area Ceramic tile ~i ~ seen to be appreciated, t Stuart McGuire Shoes, Boots 1^-" ,FOR RENT" - House trailer Tele Vat, Metre, Reverend Luck e~t,the Two sto,~ ei ht room frame H~se Lad" McGuire H~n"k~-'~ Charles Town, W. Vs. ~1~1~ ~rlcally neatea, ~ " " . :.~. ~ u - y,u.=~, phone 725 5143 pallbearers, ,the many nmghbors home on Rid e St in Bolivar Feb 29 tf t basement with~ " " ' ' ' r g -- Hosiery, Shoes. CHARLES L. " - in. carn-,-t wi~h -" ILot size 121x131 Reasonably I TURNER- charles Town, W Va [ March 28 i t and friends for cards, flowe s, 1 ~h Lo~~ 150 x ~1f' d and many other acts during [priced. " [Phone 725-5932 " . ReCstered Polled Shorthorn Cattle I j- =; - our room nouse. I the bmess ann aea n oi our I . t J----- !- -. ] ,}a 7 t [ 2k'l'l' i l) IUIL IT e~terson Village ~'-l~"h-ne 725 2431 I ~ A * ~ro I "IWO STOry IlYe Ill~tltlN~lllt llulltl~| Vlth ~- - IJu. ly $1,000.00 down. :v cp u "~ . [~ls~eT.ln-m,w a.~ .~ attractively finished with I ' SUBSCRIBE TO THE SPIRIT ~ C,n T C I d 662-4116, Win- I-- . ews [ alumlnlum siding on Rt. 9 approx zayaor anu nieces ann nepn " imately 4 miles East of Charles 10 Bulb - 30 Cows (Sev. with calves at toot) 1 Bred & Open Heiters 1 This includes a partial dispersal of the Courtney = Jenkins Herd. SA RDAY, APRIL 6, 1968 I SALE AT 12:30 P.M. 1 LIVESTOCK EXCHANGE I Route 50 -- 1 Mile West Winchester, Vs. Shenandoah V ley Polled Shorthorn Ass n. m 1 cou Y HAM /m ees Se n ffe :nlal "home In COMPLETE NEW BODY SERVICE CENTER Cat logs, Write: I C O Home for the ElderN with nurs Or TurKey upper at Mlddleway| Mlddleway features large recept- -- DROP IN AT -- Harry L. McCann - Winchester, Virginia SPECIAL in~ care Tele,~hone ~725 5270 " Methodist Church; Saturday, Ap/ ion hall. spacious living room -- kdClMNJAkl'r kltM A Mh PUI=t/D/M ~ tM,h Mar. 28-1t- 1 " COMPLETE -u'~- t. ~ I t " " " ril 6 at 5 p. m. Adults $1.75, and modern kitchen with new range MI:I~Ii/~I]/=I]U~.AI]I/' t~ill.YllMll.k I "UI,MJ $14,935 ~v,~,~, ~o- -. children, 75c. and Ref. and 80 gal, water heater elec. beat, WANTED: .Dependable ~ Mar. 28-Apr. 4 Three fireplaces all usable. CHARLES TOWN, W. VA. --- 340 EAST power com~ birch cab- equaled in price, We furnish surface unit W. "V'a. Feb. 8.TF-- JEWELRY REPAIR ton St. W. Vs. PROPPS 510 si,tter in my home. Telephone 725 2659. Y~arch 28-14. STONE & FILL Dllfl" HAULED HOWARD G. SHADE CIRCLE SERVICE STATION Telephone 725-7514 Take Over Payments On MOBILE HOMES See Carl Frye, the Country Boy~ or Cousin Bob, at Win- chester Mobile Homes Sales, 2 Miles South on Route 11 WINCHESTER, VIRGINIA Telephone: 703-662-2503 Dec. 28-tf- INSURANCE AGENT Es~blished Deb~t & Accounts - Charles Town - Harpers Ferry area. $100.00 guaranteed salary. Company car, after 1 year em- ploymer~t. Write to; Home Mut- tml Life Ins. Co P. O. Box 673, Frederick, Md or Phone 663-6231- 8:30 - 4:30, or 662-2061 AFTER 5:00 p. m. for appointment. Mar. 214f- WE'RE LOOKING FOR A GOOD MAN OVER 40 FOr Short Trips Surrounding JEFFERSON COUNTY MAN WE WANT IS WORTH UP TO $16,500 ,N A YEAR Plus Regular Cash Bonuses AIR MAIL B. C. PATE, JR. PRESIDENT TEXAS R~FINERY CORP. Box 711. Forth Worth, Texas 76101 Mar. 28.1t-pd. W. Vs. Possibility of assuming present FOR A FREE ESTIMATE OF REPAIRS Deed of Trust. For qualified pur- chaser. Situated on large two acre lot. Thirty four acres Just off Rt. 51 approximately two miles from Charles Town. Asking $500 per acre Five room home on 6th Avenue extended in Ranson- Excellent fin ancing arrangements. Small down payment. Call now for particulars Investment property. Two Lo- cations on N. Lawrence St. Just two blocks from downtown. Finan eing arrangements on these prop- erties VERY, VERY Reasonable. Charming Five Room Bungalow on 5th Ave. in Ranson- Ideal For smal| family, with moderate in- come. Worthy of your investigat- ion. Why not call or stop in at our office & investigate our complete Listing of several Large Farms ideally ltuated in Jefferson County. RANSON REAL ESTATE AND INSURANCE CO INC. 3rd. Ave. -- Phone: Charles Town Ransom W. Vs. 725-7071 Sept. 14-tf. t II II IIlllIlfil II Mar. 28-2t- This Sale was scheduled for March 2, but was postponed due to bad weather and has been rescheduled for: AT 1:00 P. M. IT WILL BE HELD AT THE 4-H FAIRGROUNDS LEESBURG, VIRGINIA Selling -- 20 Registered Angus Bulls And 25 Registered Aagus Females Weights and grades will be available and most bulls are of service age. Sale Mamtger: VIRGINIA ANGUS ASSOCIATION P. O. Box 196, Charlottesville, Virginia TELEPHONE 293-3044 or 296.4927 Max. 21-2t- SPRING is HERE! 0 THIS SPRING enjoy a home of your own! May we suggest one in th~,eountry or with a a view?. HARPERS FERRY: Small well-constructed home, i baths, nestled amid 2~ wood. ed acres; SCENIC VIEW; Ser- enity and privacy, yet utmost in convenience. STONE RAMBLER: 3 bdrm. music rm, kit din."rm Ige. liv. rm. with stone fireplace, 1 baths. Located on 2 scenic acres, 2,ear garage, Pony stable bus service. BRICK RAMBLER: 3 bed, room Ultra modern home, liv, rm. attractively designed with stone wall fireplace, SCENIC VIEW of mrs. from patio. A lovely home in one of our re. cent subdlvisious. Has large attached garage. COUNTRY HOME: 6 rm. re~ 79 ac. pt. wooded on Opequon creek, easy access to Potomac River. BLDG. LOTS: Wooded, 3 mi from town. Large and Spacious ACREAGE: 13' ac. rolling land, sm. spring-fed lake near town. Lovely bldg. site. INVESTMENT: Store room, Ig. residence & apt. Centrally loeatod. FOR RENT COUNTRY HOME, 1st fl. apt. and lg. 2rid fL apt. i It LINAWEAVER March Real Estate Agency 212 N. George St. Charles Town - 725-9111