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Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
Charles Town, West Virginia
March 28, 1968     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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March 28, 1968

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[~J~M#*|2| V#tei~ ~a~#.a Inured as " ou,th Night", The Rev. A,$~m~M,* = b~kground qualify him as t~e if are office In ~aui ivum.~evub~ .Mr. John Wright, pastor at Bed-I AOJUlIIOIIk |ideal ,re~lacemon~ ~ con tinue~those ~u~mlies m A .m ~n " I in,ton, will be preaching. We I ,~,~ ~r,~,~, I the grov~th and develo~nent of i T, tmse not rec amurv mnmmst Ln.rcn ! urge al,1 of our youth to make an ~=~,~,~,~ A-~ ~ I Badger Fire E~tinguisher Corn- ] be cel~ied at th~ PUBLISHED EVERY THURSDAY I ---To The--- t i effort ,to attend this service. /ran every~ing and did every-lpany. Ioffice Th,~ fourth of a series of Snec-I *Cherub Choir Monday 3:30 n. P thin~ - - they're still here and/ Under (the able direction of[ Assistivrg MT. Ott~ BY THE JEFFERSON PUBLISHING CO INC. I ~ ~,T ~ R l ial Services being conduct~cl"- in m. ; Jr. Choir ~t 4 p. m.; Sr. Choir they still play key roles in the !Ned Paine, Badger grew in four [ Stamp opera, on .~]~ 210 North George St. - Charles Town~ W. V~. - Zip Code 25414 I I~ lip,/ qkF I Asbury Methodist Church, Charles Wednesday at 7:30 p.m. business. These same ,totally loyal years from a sma~ .local company [ Pame]'a Peter~ n, ~ Town will present emphasis on ~ttitudes which are reelected grossing just $180,000 anntmUy] worker and Mrs. / (A department of Letters In l Youth, this Sunday March 31, at] Ds~| h|~n,~,|~m ~ ,through all Ws employees make into an industry leader with a [ office secretary a~ Second Class Postage Paid At Charles Town Postofflce] Which Readers Express Their i 7:30 p m. ',lOIgl Yl3t~M~h~lVll Yl B aager one of the best places to complete fire extinguisher line,~ s~id. .~ "~ ' t Views.) I The" Rev Mr John Wright, [ - - - woi"k here or anywhere. This is sales in excess of $5.miilion a year I na~- ,f "p~m~o~,~ ~,~di~[Hh~/~ R~11~r~ ~ .the source of my real satisfaction and a record of pvofi~a'bility out-| ~m~h~ ~~:k NATIONAL NEWSPAPER / : -~ : [v--~ T.~-~, u,v,~ ~,u~, u~.~v ,~,u o.n t ~-;,~ stan~r~ in the business I i11~1111~1=-" urcn wm ne guest spe ker Mr " he " " Gharlos Town, W. Va :; .:'1- ~= I proudly announce t appo- We are confident .that Mr ] ~ 1~ (~~/ ~ IA~C~T~ J ,Mar~h 19, 19681Ch '" a : s-,~ ~" wrigm is a ~irecmr o~ xoum~ ~: i" " f Mr "'* P Mahle as " PA{~ ~ ~ " ~ - ~- -.V;,Mr. Max Brown, Editor [ work in the Ha~erstown District l[~[ nalpm rt~TV n~nen~ a,w. . r Manmr s exectmve opera.on ex-I - , and has been very active in work] ~ my successor of Badger. Bill has perience and know~edge of the[ Secti~)na.l, Region~ ~ "~~,Spir~.t of Jefferson.Advocate ] of youth in our area. A message I The Harpers Ferry Dist~ct Ad. b~en a per~nal as:well as b u~ !- fire.p, rotecti.v.n in.du~ry, qualify| C l~ -AA eha~2emr, TM [ Clmrles Town, W. Va 25414 ] not only to challenge the youth[ wsory womm~ttee ot ae~terson u~ ~ v~ mine ~v~. ~:~.y ~m ,~o con.unue ~a~t~ers accem-| ~rma~. ~-~, MAX BROWN, MANAGER* -- DON RENTCH, NEWS EDITOR Dear Max: ] of today but adults as well will ~ ~ounty with regard to the Hof- years ano,i nave every commence raled rate of e~pansion.",of the t~namtmr, [ I would like to take this oppor] -' 1 ." e " b~ d~livored Th~ nubtic i~ ex-[ stetter Report will hold a public .that our company w~ t con~nu A native of Boston, Mahler at-| plans for the t~ NATIONAL ADVERTISING REPRESENTATIVE ]tuni.ty to publicly cong.ratulate/ tended a-cor(lial invitation and a~ panel discussion and question and to prosper under his fine leader tended Northeastern University| be held in .~he TA Oharles Town Kigh School on its ~,~e~ ~-vi*~fl~ *- ,h ,h ~,~ [ answer period in the Harpers ship', and the Bentley School of Accou-| gy~mnasimn, Slttu~ AMERICAN NEWSPAPER I~FRESEN TIVES, INC. ] outstanding performance "in the' '" ~" Wednesday, April 3, 1968, at 7:30 Commerce, P~ine also serves as business career in 1946 as a salesl Chamber me n~h ~ Atlanta- Chicago. Detroit- Los Angeles. New York~ San Francisco I Sta~e ~ketball T~urnamen~ in ~'~rc mmttnit~" ~ Ferry High School auditorium on A member of the Chamber of ntin,g and F, inance. He began his[ April 6, 'at 7 p. m. [ Ol-mrleston. The team, coaches, tm . . ~. ~ l P.m. Chairman of the Legislative Corn man for General Equipmen,t Corn| project through SUBSCRIPTION $5.00 Per Yr Plus 15cts W. Va. Tax,cheer leaders, teachers and stu- - l Re ~~ ~,~ [ A film strip, "Make A Mighty mittee of the Fire Equipment pany of Med ord, Mass and laterl s~le of .tickets i der~ts were |aeries and gen, tlemen --~ l Reach" will alse be presented at M~g's Association where he has joined Rotor Tool Co~pany of| adults and $2 eac~ " " e [throughout 1:he tournament and ~or Buslnes~ News or Advertising Departm nts trace" ~|| ~ ~:A[,man I the meeting, act!rely prom~ted Congressional I Glev~and, where he became Poe-|, Ki.sner, :ah)ng ~ .~ [ made me ~ery promo m ~e Irom ~uv~ ~vmi~ ~ ,J~llllyll I enoorsemem oi me ~:lre r, esearcn L ilic ~;oast sales manager ~emrei~un~, u. ,lwanmn~ DIA~ ~za-~u or ' ~Gharles Town and a graduate of [, n= ~ and Safety Act. He will mairttain I joining General Fire Extinguish-[ber president, a~ l Che same school. Far Ms--de ~.nda. I nar ers re~ uISIflcI ~s offices a~ Badger indefinitely Her in 1962 rfli, principal THURSDAY, MARCH 28, 1968 I T~e Panther victory over MUl- " v. ,-,~,vm~,~ ~ vu$I -- ~un il new Corporate offices are At General he advanced to pos-u High, is the |lens .on Thursday w~s tremendous A worship sew ice is held every ] pT~ WHi ~t A~I~| ~ I completed in Gleveland . I scions of inereasing responsibility, ar.ra~gements for~ . ~ and proved to all of West Vir- Su-da, m-~-i-- a~ 11 ~t- ot I ~ " '*'~'*" ~ q ~r l zormer~y vice r'res~aen~ ot I and in 1964 was named vice pros- l Miss Jeanne ~ PI P~U II1~ 1~lkdl~ I gmia there is an Eastern Pan- ~,~, ~h"~,a;'~s~ ~.~,~'~'.: [ [ General F~ire Extingt~isher Corn- [ iden~ in charge of the com~ny's [ librarian ~ the ~[.(:~ ~ l I~ "='*= [ handle and .tl~at Charles Town .~ r~ n~o.] n ~+~ ~ ~o,~ [ |pany, the 44 year old execu ]ve 23-state Northern sales region, [Town hbrary, a I~4gh School can play and win Yv~:"~'.',~"~'~ "~" *~::~"u~Z~'~":[ me Apr~.mee~ngo~ me ~arp-jsucceeds E. K. "Ned" Paine as]and simultaneously served as [library now has a .~ ine mon~n ot prii is annum clean-up month. It is the against any school in West Vir- -:: ~;'" ~: ~=.'~ ' I ers ~erry ~]s~ric~ ~-. r. ~. win De I ~resident of the $5~niilion Ran- [ bosh ~f i~ ~ v rb h~ ~h s.~ i book~ tha~ should Will ttse The ~eamng ~ Tne "~--" ~-r his -~= ] held m the Harpers Ferry Ele-[ son, ~livi,sion Paine was recently I I~tern~ttional Division ~ est al~l lielp ,to the season when one wonde how so much trash and rubbish [gir ia. ~ "'~" r~ could accumulate on the premises in a year, but it is always ~ "l~he teenagers represer~Ving ~,~ u~ ~r~o~p~c~,: I memary annex: ~ormer!y the I appoimed Group Vice President land su@gested Ch~ there just the same, We think it to be only fitting for the Charles Town in Charleston are ~h~' ~"~"~'~ ~;'~"~'":~':'~J~w ~ ~ ~ .~ v ~ ~::[--- ~ranaat ~'~ vieWp m ~cnoo~ on Apru a, linl charge.of "Automatic's'. . rapid- l~J ~&~m~ land, the general p, two Councils of Charles Town and Ranson, to announce an |the men and women of tomorrow ~,~; ; ~ ] . ] y expanding fire pro~ectmn, safe-[ t~/U JIOll~ ]of them. . 1 ' ' " Smith official period, and, do it soon, for property owners and those I our fu.'ture leader~. At a. time " I The s ate of DEfiners for the [ty, and security nucleus. [ I President unurcn, bcnoo~ ]s ~nelo .at 9:30[ coming school year will be pre-[ Commen,ting on che new appoi-[ (FROM PAGE I-A) lche program and who rent properties also, to start with your part of the work [vnen ctrn iYe U oerngene n a. m. wire classes ~or all ages. [ sented at this meeting and tenta- [ nCment, Harry E. Figgie, Jr I J~wer the f~mily income, the less I was by Edward now. All anyone has. to do is to take a look at the premises ~ s.~ that our* vaun/,st~r~ ~v~. The church inwtes you to come [ ti~e plans for the P. W. A. Auct- [ ohalrman and presider~t o ,the [ it must pay to receive the s~mps, I her committee - -----~ antiworship where he lives to see ust how much of a spring cleaning is " themselves -~ [ ion to be held on April 27. will ] highly diversified C~eveland~ba, sed [ and the more bonus is received,------ needed. Then why not get to work and join with others who w~ ar~ m~t *. harp Evenirtg worship services areI be made, so it is especially im-lgrowth corporabion said: ~Mr. [in food purchases READ ow he ~ --~ b~ir~g held each Sunday at 7:30~ portant that all parents and teach-[ Mal~ler s demonstrated executivel Certification of applications is I -- " try to keep their properties clean and tidy. We kn that tsuch revresentation from our Councils of both towns will haul your trash and rubbish sohoal. The basketball team justly p" m. Tttis Sunday has been desig ers be present, I abi, tiCy, .industry experience, and I done at the Department of Wel- ] BE WISE - away---at no cost to you. Have you taken a look at your deserves the high atl~etic honors property, back yard and other surroundings lately ? Maybe they attained and our cheer lead- you should ers were cer~iatly the finest, but - " equally important - the student represe~ing Charles Town did COUNTDOWN--LOCAL ELECTIONS LESS 9 WEEKS credit ~. their school and our community oy exemplifying me Town Elections are just 9 weeks away--Thursday, May high cal, i,ber of our young people. It was a great pleasure seeing 23 to be exact. In the changing world of which we are all a part, it is now necessary for all of us to take our political life seriously both as voters and as candidates. This political life begins at home in our town of Charles Town, and must be of vital interest to all of us. We will be electing a Mayor and 4 Councilmen this time. True, there is not much glamour connected with these positions in a small town--there is considerable work and very little pay---however, someone must seek these offices and help in the day to day operations of our town. We can ask ourselves such questions as: What do we look for in a Mayor? What do we expect of our Councilmen ? What are their duties and responsibilities ? Do they get paid and how much ? Do you have confidence in their ability to reach intelligent decisions ? In the next few weeks, we will attempt to answer some of these questions to the best of our ability. In the meantime, you feel that you could do a good job, make a decision to run for one of the offices up for election. Contributed Public of ChaHes SPIRIT OF JEFFERSON FARMER'S ADVOCATE THURSDAY, MARCH 28, 1968 A--4 March 18, 1968 Max Brown, Maaager SpirR of Jefferson. , Charles Town, W. Va. Dear Sir: The le,tter to the ~di~cor by Don Phillips (March 7) stressq~tg the dmportance for the people of W. Va. of a strortg system is most timely and urgent. Entirely too much emphasis has been put on gst`ting federal gov- ermneat install*a 'irons and govern men~ a~ivities going in our state. Too many of such expenditures, while perhaps useful, pay no taxes and have a low multiplier effect, A new successful f~ctory crea- tes jobs while it is being built (much tike a federa~l project), but much more important, it creates our students win and being the first school from ,the Eastern Pan handle to play in the t~inals of a State Basketball Tournament. Yours truly, Shirley M. Hun~ Vice Pres~den~t & Trust Officer Bank of Oharles Town continuous self-susta~ning jobs and income. Getting and holding good em- ployers slmtfld be a maj<~r goa~. T, he creation of a political and econumic cl, in~te faro:ruble to job making would benefR al,l of us employees, savers, investors, job m~akers and even the tax cvl~lector. Sinoerely Emerson P. Sclm~Adt Rte 2. Harpers Ferry, W. Via. I t tr, n v,sts The calendar of activities for the Leetown Baptist Church was announced this week by Millard E. 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