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March 26, 1970     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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March 26, 1970

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I OLI / t jes Tmun Anyone wanting to help plan Easter Day will begin in Zion /V~ bllgl ~,~i I Vflfl lllyll the reunion contact either Susan with a service of Holy Comnmn- . ~ Rissier or Larry Webster. ion at 8 a. m. The Church School ~l~(U|Al'ilHlirl []A~ P1~111 Easter service will be held in the Eg L PTIg NHEER DRE ONASTER ASTAIOEN !in: tt t :h a iJ ;clC/:e ili heldI " " The Pioneer Home Demonstrat Holy Communion will ion Club will h}old a rummage with the Rev. John Q. Beckwith Plans for the 1965 Charles sale, April 17-18 in the Hanson as celebrant an d preacher. Appro Town High School Class reunion Shopping Center next to Hanson Tw0 M0rm- W0rshJ- priate music has been arranged are n0winprogress. Allgraduates Real Estate in tile old Dress ~ ff by theSeniorChoirforthisserv-,I ~!!~!~MHar!~Ip!01MI"! are requested to send their pre- Shop. The room has been donated r, . P, m ice. J [ sent address to Diane Collis Rt. to the club by Blakeley Bank & ~|ce$ ~s~r ~}unGav All who desire to come are I t, Kearneysville, before April 15. Trust Co. a specifically invited to participateI At n'@h in any or all of these services, I MIIMIPIDAi PftlIM/~ll /I?~/V 17CTfltmATt" II'i~UllV%lll= ~iiitnut, commemorating the occassion ofa u~A~a[~ ~,~$,aL, ~,v~ ~uvaetsa~ the Risen Christ. I .) TWO morning worsmp services , STATE OF ~ST VIRGINIA, will be held at Asbury Unitedt~At~. T P J I-- I COUNTY OF JEFFE~N, Methodist Church Easter Sunday, AiiVe I OLliOO Ill I MUNICIPALITY OF CHARLES TOWN, To-Wit: the first being at 8 a. m. the sec- ] ,~. ond at 11 a. m. The churchis ~,~,&n @ E~, I ~(~At a Regttlar se,~ion ~ the council of the mtmicipal~ty of Charles located on the corner of North t,llllbl ~'~l'llllm FUI" I ~pw~ held in Che council chan~e~s thereof, in the City building on Charles and North Streets, the j t~e 16th day of March, 1970, ~here were present D. C. Master, Mayor, pastor is The Rev. Mr J Lee [J~[~ ~undav ] ~.~Ufu~ W. Park, Re/cording Off~r, and Robert L. Nleew~rner, Howard Wdhams. His sermon topic will I ~hitmore, F M Braxtoa, James Sengeney, Ernest Houser, Ezra Camp- be "The Easter Victory". A nur- "Alive to God In Christ," will ~1 and Edward L. Pine, members of Che council of sa~d mu~'patitv sery for pre-school children will be the sermon subject for the 8 ~ In accord~ace wi~h m~ ,fi~, 14 Art}c~e 8 Cheer 1~ ,~f the w,~ be provided for the 11 o'clock a. m. and 11 a. m. Easter morning " I/ir~ttia C~,~ ~ a ~,),~ the .o,~,~ ~,)n ~^ ~t. ~; service only. services at St. Thomas Lutheran ~.-- ~- . ~, -~ -.~ ~ -,~ -~,~,~. v .'"~" ~.: ~." ~.~" Church School, with classes for Church in Hanson, it was announc ~ta~e o~ me arnoun~ necessary ~ De ra~se~ oy tevy ot taxes ~or me all a-,~s i~ ot 9 30 a ,- The oh, ~.~ ~,~, ~ )~ v~ ~ ~n currem ~LSCaL year, ann ~0~a aer~rmme mm esmn~e me .~verm rch invites you to come and wor- E NeaL nast-r Holy Communion :) aounts o be follows- ' shi " " i " "" --RRE ~* " P U P" w 11 be celebrated at both Serv- " CU NT R ULAR MUN|CI ~L P RPOSES ices Nursery held during 'worship 'Estimate Form No. 1 F-~TIMATE m~ ~ ~ ~ ,~ o for pre-school children. Sunday (1) The amolmt due and ~ amo~ nt that will become due and noiy week ervlces Church School classes at 9:45 a.~ collectible from every som'ce duxing ~he fiscal year, EXCEPT I~ROM m. for adults, young men and ! THE LEVY OF TAXES ~ ~o be made for ~he year. ~#~ ~m~,~l ~,~ women, and children; Edwin A I Rsl~ e~ .~, H~.*-t.~ ,X Ci~ q'%,~ i,~.r ,~i.~-~,~1'~ ~ 9 ~nn I UI I,~i~t,V~l]l ~bllUItJU Fitzpatrick, Superintendent. Party ~ or "il'r A il t -^^ . . . z en u en on pr a 7:t m finn(ks of Sher~ (Esthnatod) 400.00 Zion Episcopal Church will ob- n m Choir rehearsal on Thurs- i Pol~'e F nes and Co~s " 16,000.00 serve Holy Week with services on ~, ~, m Chila)-,m'~ ~),i,- ~ Pevnllts--Building, Street, Sewer and Other 50.00 Maunday Thursday evening at pra c( ce'o Fl day at"4 00- p.-m I Parking Maters 15~000.00 7:45 The cel.ebrant.for this corn- First year catechism class meets Rents, Buildings and Concessioi%s 5300.00 taunton servme.w~l.l t~e tne Key: at the parsonage on Saturday ati Potl Tax 4~000 ~r: Unaries Atne~on: un ~ioo~. 9:00 a. m.; the confirmation class [ . "" rxaay me Key. wiuiam meets at 11"~ m I Ii h d the customary thre i i i ~ep~n arm ~0g 7~ UO hour service, beginning at 12 [ e'rancMse 2200.00 noon. GO TO CIH CII SUNDAY I Carusurners Sales (I~quor) 18,000.00 i I Fe~n.'u~E~;nteai." Plumb'ing" ~d '()~her 1"~0~t MUNICIPAL COUNCIL LEVY ESTIMATE I Cr~n~atory and C~rhage ~i~i~)~ 22,000100 STATE OF WEST VIRGINIA " Licen~ Fees . 200 00 COUNTY OF JEFFERSON, ' I / . Fees ; 300 00 i MUNICIPALITY OF HARPERS FERRY, To-wit: i ,: rcen es: I I ) General 9,500 00 1 At a Special session ~ff the cottr~fl of the mtmictpality of Harpers I i(ii Miscellaneous ~ 400.00 Ferry held in the council chambers thereof, in the Municipal Build- [ ~- Total Estimated Receipts $91,183.00 t ing on the 9th day of March, 1970, there were present Tern~lt G [ ~ ESTIMATED CURRENT EXPENDITURES: [Wheeler, Mayor; John & Howard, Recording Officer, and E. L.I ~. Salary of Mayor $ 600 00 ] S~n~llwood, H E. Sperry, Bernard Dermic J. T. Dalley, W. E. Jenkins, [ Salare of Recorder or Clerk 720 00 t members of the council of said nmn i, pality. I ~3. Salary of Treasurer 1~20.00~ In accord~mce w~th Section 14, Article 8, Ohmmeter 11, of the West] ~4. Salary of Police Judge 1,600.00 Virginia Code as ,A~nended, the Council proceeded to make ~Tt esti. I ~!~95. Salary of CRy At orney 600.00 m aSe of the amounts necessary to be r~j~d by levy of taxes for the I ~. Salary of City AudRor 1.00 curren~ fiscal year, and doth detemdne and estimate 4~he several [ Salary of Councilmen Commissioners 2,400.00[ emounts to rbe aS fotlOWS: I ~ Salaries af Assistants and Clerks 600.00 CURRENT REGULAR MUNICIPAL PURPOSES I '9. Salaries of Chief and police 36,700.00 Estimate Form No. 1 ESTIMATE " I0. New Eq~ent Police Department 4,000.001 (I) The amou It due and the amount that will bec~me due andI 11. General E nses Police Dc arlment 2,500.00 collectible from every source durhtg the fiscM Fear, EXCEPT FROM [ 12. Policemen s Pension Fund 4,000.00 ~ THE LEVY OF TAXES to be nmde for the year. i 13. Salaries ~md Exl~n~os Feeding ~ 600.00 1 BalRnce ~n Hands of City Treast~rer ((Estimated) $I,000 00 I 15. New F,~ Equi~m~ent 1J~00.00 ~ Balance ~n Hands of Sheriff (E~ted) 1,500.00. 16.General Expenses I~re ,Depa ~rtrne~tt 1,500 00Police Fines .avid Costs 250.00': 17.Jefferson County Communication System . 1,500.00PermiCs---Building, Slreet, Sewer and Other 100.00 18.Salaries Health C(mm~shners and Employees : 50.00, Ren~cs, Buildings and Concessions 400~00 i 19.New Equipment HeaSth Depar(~ent 25.00J Taxes: [ 20.General Exp(ms I[eMth Departn nt 200.001 CapRatiori and Dog 50.00 1 21.Salaries, Crem~t0ry and Gerbage Employees 20,000.00 1 Franchise 300 00 1 22.New Equipment Crecn~tocy and Garbage Dept. 500.001Licenses: " I 23.General Expenses Crematory & C arbage Dep xtmen 3,000.00 1 General 600.00 1 24.Buildings M~e~ ~Jar~es and Supplies 100 00 ]Miscellaneous 600.00 I 25. ~s to City B~ m~d Jail . ~ 2,000.00 (Total E~imated Receipts ~ $4,800.00 / 26.Furniture, l uresa dOff ceMac i es 300.001 1. Salaryof M yor $ 160.00 27.Statianery, Office Supplies and Equil nen 300.002 Salary of Recorder or Clerk 150"00 i 28.Postage " ; . . 200.00 ~ 3 Sahry of Treasurer 150.00 1 29.Water--Fire Privet, Streets antl Sew(~rs 1,600.00[ 5. Salary of CRy Attorney 100.00I 30.Wa~r--CLty Build~-g a~d ,Other Pu~ ; 40.00 ~ 7 Salary of Councilmen or Commissioners 300.00 ] 31.Light for Street L~ghth~g 8,300.00 [ 8. Salaries of Assistants a~d C~lerks 200.00 } 32.Ligl~--~ty Bt~dt~g, Traffic Lights, I~c 1,200.00 J 9. Salaries of Chief and Police 200.00 33 Repairs, Street and ~ic Lights 600.00 ] 11. General Expenses Police Department " 200.00 34.Fuel--Heating City Bu~d4ng i00.00J 15.New F~re Equ~pmem 100.00 35.Telephone and T~egr~h (All Departments) 150.001 16 General Expenses Fire ~en~ 100.09 36.Rents--~ty Hahl cmd Other Buildings 2At)0.001 20. GeReral E~s Health Dep~rtrnent 100.00 37. Legal Pt blicatio@.s 500.00 ] 24. Building Ma ten nce Sa, lar es Supplies 1(}0.00 38. Insurarme on C~ty Bu'~ ~ . aZld Property 2,000.00 [ 25. Repmrs to City Buildings ~md Jail ~ 100.00 39. Premitm~s or POLicem(m s and O~ftcal Bonds 250.00 ~ 26. Furniture, Fixtures and Office Marines 500.00 40. Eleotion Expenses 300.00 [ 27. Stationery, Office Supplies and Eq nent 50.00 A torney Fees, C sts Damages 0.001 28. Postage . 50.00 42. Salaries, Depm'tment 700.00 29. Water--Fire Protectto Streets and Sewers 750.00 43. General Expenses, Engineering Departmem 300.00 ] 30. W ter--CRy Bu Iddmg and Other Purposes 100.00 44. Satm'ies and W~ges all ~a, eetF.anployees 7,000 00~31. Light for~treet IAghting 1,032.00 New Zq .p ,e t treet,xqmer t 2,000.00 / 32. Light---City B ildings, TrMflc L.ights, 200 00 46. Material, Supplies xpetm( Street Depar(ment4,040 00 38. Repairs, Street and I ghts 100,00 48. of New Strem Sidewzdks and Sewers 500.00 34. Fuel--Heating CRy Building 200.00 49 Workmen s Compensation prerrdums 700.00135.- Telephone and TelegPaph (A I Departments) 50.00 50. Audit by Tax oner 450.00 J 37. Legal Public tlons 150.00 52. Parking Me rs, SM es, Supplies and Expenses. 1,500:00.[. Insm'ance on C ty B and Prp erty 200 00 53. Parks altd Phty Maries, I Pre ur . on Paliceman s and Official Bonds 150.00 Supplies and 1.00 1 40. Eleotion Exper ses 50.00 55. Traveling and car Expenses of. city Offk ia s 400.00 1 46. Materials, Supplies ses, Street DePartment 2,354.00 56. Parking Lot, Salaries, b'~ppL!es and Expenses 100.00 / 47. ~Ma~tenartce of Sewers, Selaries m~d S~ppHes 500.00 57. M arket House, Sahvies, Sttppties and Expenses 1'.00 1 50. Attdit by Tax C oner 450,00 59. Planing Zon g 600.00 ! 55. Traveling and Car Expenses of OiW Of ,lc ls 100.00 60, Social SecurRy 1,600.00 i 0B. Dues to League (Code 8-1-3) 2 .00 60A. Pu*blic Employees Retiremertt 2,200.00J A--Tota Currenft Expenses $8,771.00 00B. Dues to League (Cod~ 8-1-3) 200.00] E~nated Former Years Obligations: 61. Cor tingent Expenses (M tory Only) 600.00 ] Orders $ 200.00 62. Capi~d Rese. rve Ftmd 1.00 ~ Estimated ~otal amount outstanding 63. HospitMizatkm . . 4,500.00~ June 30, !9-- $ 200.00 A--Total Expenses $132,449.00 ] B--Amount tmpeid obtigations he paid Estimated Fourier Yea~s Obligatlo~: n ,~m ~urrent levy 200.0o To4al estima~d d~sb~ts (A-B) 152,449.001 Total "estimated disb~ents (A-B) S,971.00 Less Ce!ptS $91,183.00 f Less receipts $4,800.00 Net amount t0 be m sod by levy. 41,206.00,] Net amount to be by levy 4,171.00 TOTA~L~ ~RECEIPTS $132,449.00 . TOTAL RECEIPTS $8,971.00 CLASS Assessed Rate Levy CLASS P te of ,Levy Number I Vahm on Number I Valuatlon Personal Property $ 2~05,015.00 12.5 e Personal Prope~y $11,760.00 12.5 c Public Ut~ty Property 64,500,00 12.5 c Public Utility Property 70,~D0.00 12.5 c Tot~ Olass No. I 2~69,515 00 Total Class No. I 82,060.00 Number II Number II Real Esta '. " 3#,61,900.0025 c Real Estate 458,900.00 25 c Number IV * Number IV Real Estate 3,667,900.00 50 c Real Estate 286,800.00 c Personal Property 2,137,150.00 50 c Personal Property 163,475.00 50 c Public Uti "~y Property 683,900.00 50 c Public Ut.Kity Property ~ 177,400.00 50 c Total Chss No. IV 6,488,950 00 Total Class No. 627,675.00 TOTAL VALUATION $12,020,368.00 TOTAL VALUATION $1,168,635.00 STATE OF WEST VIIt~INIA, COUNTY OF JEFF~/SON, MUNICIPALITY OF CHARLES TOWN, TO-WIT: I, Rufus W. Dark, Recording Officer of said munlcll lity, do hereby certify that the foregoiv4g are copies from the record of orders made and entered by the council of said ,mtmicipa~ity on the 16th af Marvh, 1970. Olden under my hand this lff@t day of March, 1970. JFUS w. PARK March, ~" Clerk STATE OF WEST VIRGINIA, COUNTY OF JEFFERSON, MUNICIPALITY OF HARPER8 FERRY, TO-WIT: I, John J. :Howar~ Recording Officers of sa~d municipality, do hereby certify thet the foregc g are true copies from the record of orders made and entered by the comtcii of said mlmicipalRy on the 9th day of March, 1970. @iven under Itand 9th day M 'v.h, 1970. JOHN J. HOWARD SS- t. Itecorder EPISCOPAL WOMEN TO HOLD LUNCHEON APRIL 1 The Episcopal Church Women of Zion Church, Charles Town, will hold a luncheon and bake sate along with a White Elephant sale Wednesday, April 1, in the Parish House from 12 noon until 2 p. m. The price for the luncheon will be $1.50. SPIRIT OF JEFFERSON FARMER'S ADVOCATE B A K E R T 0 H THI ARCH 26, 1970 . Mrs. Bertie Moler man Geary and d~u~hter. I Feltner of Charies.Town ,~ ~ : ~ - Mr. and Mrs. Carl Hill, Mrs. irles Speaker of SharpsDu~ ~.::,~.~.:- ~o;.~ :,'.;~; ~:'~>:.:~.[~:;:;~ '~>.',;".(~>~" ::(~ Frank Hill and Robert Hill visit- ] Mr. and Mrs. Earl Keif o~ Mrs. John Bragg of Engle and ed Mrs. Lee Homer and Mrs. [ tinsburg were guests of Mrs Mrs. Leo, Jamison visited their Nellie Sponseller in Bolivar, Satur I Loudan on Monday. mother, Mrs. Bernard Mitchellday night. [ who is spending some time withSundav dinner gues(s of Mrs J GO TO CHURCH sUN~ her son and aau~ghter-in-law, Mr. George 1~. Jones included Mr. and I an~ Mrs. James ~v~itchell, in Mar- Mrs Earl L Jones and famih, I tinsburg, last Thursday. Ma~tinsburg'and Mr. and Mrsl] READ THE WANT /~ Frank Grimm is a patient in Ronald Willingham and family, [ the King's Daughters Itospital in Snfithburg, Md " [ --o, Mart!nsburg.~ Best wishes for a Mr. and Mrs. Carl Hill, Mrs. I L 0 S E W E I G speeay recovery. Frank Itill and Robert Hill were ] u Rev. and Mrs. Cedric Sullivan, Sunday afternoon ~uests of Mr I Get amazing r~ults when yo .~ Mr r ' . ~. " product called SLIMODEX. No and M s. Leo Jamlson and and Mrs. Clarence Hill, Scrabble, I tio, ~e~,to,I Y t lo~e Ug~ Mrs, Madge Meier attended Revi- W Va I your money" back SIAMODEX , val ~erives a* th~ ~h ~. ,f G,n :. " . let and easily swallowed. No $,' ~ ,~ u.~, u uu Mrs. lsactora ~viyers anu son, I no special exercise, no harmt'Ul in Waynesboro, Pa Saturday Larry of Br-nswick were l SLIMODEX costs $3.00 and !s.~ y ." . -'~" i this GUARANTEE: if not sat~S~ ~nt Sunday evening vls~tors at the l~ny reason, just return the.( Sunuay visitors at the home of holne of Mrs George E Jones J portion to the makers and ge~l~ Mr. and Mrs. John Dopson were Easter Services " " I money back. SLIMODEX is so Mr. and Mrs. William H. Dopson / Easter Sunrise Service will be] MOFFETT'S PItARMA! and fami}y of Herndon, Va. and held Sunday morning, March 29,Ch~l~s T Mail OrderS~ Jonn 1 l)opson ot Martinsourg. l at 6 A. M at the United Metho-I Mar. I~" SP/4 Frederick Lloyd, wno was dist Church in Bakerton. I x Q), 0411~ O,~I~'O'~P' stationed in Korea for two yearsI Regular preaching service will] is spending a furlough with Mr. ~ be conducted at 9 A. M. followed I 1' U E and Mrs. Lester Eichelberger and by Sunday School at 10:00 A. M. [,II I. daughter. On his return to duties Everyone welcom. I -, he will be stationed at Fort Sill,~ S/S~. George I. Kidwiler of l ~|~|~ T ~T~|~ Oklahoma. I Plattsburg A. F. B. spent last] t-tnuL,vnnl u, ,pmumnwn~,- Mr. and Mrs. Carl Itill and Mrs. week with his parents, Mr. and I ~ ~ T. n ~ T A I~ Frank Hill visited Mrs. Bertha Mrs. George Kidwiler and son. He ] ]~ Hoffman, Mrs. William Hoffmas-was called home due to the death ]FUNERAL HOM ter and Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hoff of his grandmother, Mrs. Mary C. I master and family in Martinsburg Kidwiler. I unarles low~ Saturday. Sunday visitors at the home of I SheDherdstown Mr. and Mrs. David Rechenback Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Mose were t ' - ~, of Silver Spring, Md. were week Mr. and Mrs. Gary Mose andI 725-7068 " Phones- 8'~ end guests of Mr. and Mrs. Nor- family of Ranson, Mrs. Katherine ~ a~~o~m~.o~m~.~ i ~.~ .}:~:?:,?:" :::' )": !:!:!:!:i}:~::ii -, : !- I :::~i~;?:;:!:::::::: ~i~::i~ii!:~ ::~ :;:~!~: ::,i!::~iVi!!: :"i "" . tgm~~/i iili! i iiiiiiiiiiiii ~:~-:~:i::~" ":: .}ii k i ~!ii: ':{: :}: ~ ~ ~i!i?iii:~ii:: i?:,:, ~::~:: <~ ~ " .~.~,:.:,v; S :::.:;:::'::::':':::,"::"-:::::::::::'::::::::::5:::: ,;@:, :':~ ~~" iiiiiiiii'iiiii!!!i/!!;/!i ~.~.~' .: .:?::::?::] :! :, ",:': :::3::i:~!:::::::::::::. "<::::::: C :;:~ " i~i::::!ii[~:!i!:i]~:i::. :::::'i;:k.'~ :." ' :.::~i:}::~.!?~i~? i!. F! dress, chocolate bunnies and col-the Bible stories she hears in Sun- , ti ored eggs. But I noticed on the day School. : way home that Betsy kept hum- Bob and I believe that no one ruing the "Alleluia" of the anthem, too young to learn the loving waYS ' She even remarked how happy the of God. That's why we take BetSY' choir sounded It made me feel to church With us. We want to happy too share with her the depth and At five, she s too young to real-meaning our church has added to ; ize the true significance of the our days. Risen Christ, but she can appreci- ' Make every Sunday glad! Go to :1 ate the beauty of voices raised in your church, and take your familY" "r joyful harmony. She can't yet read ' with you. the New Testament her grand- )-~ Copyright 1970 ]~eister Adver/~ng Servt~e, Inc Strasburg, Va. fhe American Bible Society I Sun~v ~hlrd~v I This series ot messages is made possible by the following Charles To~ | Jetferson County firms who recognize the value and service ot the Cb~ of our Community. KABLE OIL CO, INC SUPERTANE GAS CORP. MERCHANT- NOLA~ ESSO DISTRIBUTOR Phone 725-7087 - Charles Town CHEVROLET.OLDSlg~~u Phone 725-7510 - Charles Town ~ Route 340 E~ J. RUSSELL FRITTS Phone 725-7045 or The MELVIN T. STRIDER CO. PHILCO & FURNITURE chaHes Town,~W~~'~ COLONIAL FUNERAL HOME DEALER ~ Phone 725-7068 - Charles Town Phone 725-5511 - Charles Town COMMUNITY oIL,~ SUDLEY FUNERAL HOME -- CITGO SER ~ Phone 876-6460-She~herdstow~ HANSON MACHINE WORKS Charles Town, W. CH--A Phone 725-5621 - Hanson burg, Va. -Martt RLES TOWN ~ Va. - ShepherdstO l$~SO SERVICE CENTER IL M. HANN Brunswick, MeClure B. Willingham-Owner ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR Phone 725-9904 - Charles Town Phone 72~5215 - Charles Town WILT'S PU~ SERVIC~ t~z HARRY W. ASHCRAFT $. EDWARD MAGAHA Washing --~ WEST END GULF STATION ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOB Minor 7 Charles Town, W. Va. APPLIANCE CENTER Comer Wasn. Phone 725-9905 N. George St. ~- Phone 725-551{ Phone 725-.9989 ~t HANSON REAL ESTATE HAf~LTOWN PAPERBoARD J.C. ] )ENN! & INS~CE C0, INC. COMPANY "Always First Hanson. W. Va. Phone 725-7072 -- 725-7071 WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE J. E. Senseney, Owner Charles Town, W. Va. Halltewn, W. Va. Charles Town, W. Va. Charles ToW , ~EFFERSON 111 N. c~arl~ i Charles ToW . "Cash When Loans UP