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Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
Charles Town, West Virginia
March 26, 1970     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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March 26, 1970

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! TE J- UgPIR1T OF JEFFERSON. FAR.MEWS MRg. MARVIN L. ADAMS, SR. behind lhe Wait as an example of AY, M *,RCH 26, 19z0 ADVOCATEA ?, Funeral services were held the poverty seen and the progress ;" ---" Wednesday at 2 p. m. from the that is being made in working nces Osbo~'rn Smith, 43, wife of Melvin T. Strider Colonial FuI~e- with lhe less fortunate. She told Donald"L. Smith, of 132 Main ral tIome in Ranson, for Mrs. about the small village that the street, Shepherdstown, who died era Gazelle Adams, 78, wife ofKiwanis had made possible for Friday, March 20, in the Washing Marvin Lee Adams, Sr, of Rippon the homeless. She also told of the ton Hospital Center in Washing- who died Saturday, March 21, in many welcomes she received and ton, D .C. The Rev. Charles S.Charles Town General Hospital,the gifts that were given which . after an illness of about two are great treasurers for both she Cathcart and the Rev Franklin and Mr Moler Mrs Moler was " int n weeks. lne rtev. t, lenn Stevens L o o tticlateu. ,~urlai was and J. Lee Williams officiatedintroduced by Mrs. Richard WI l.n)aoe, m ~imwoou t:emetery in Burial was made in Edge Itili Adams one of her colleagues at ~blAM C. BECK, JR. [ Shepnerdstown. Cemetery in Charles Town the Ranson School. ate services were hehl this I The deceased was born in Shep In lieu nf flowor~ ~ho "fm~ilv Mrs. Virginia Birkitt Program ~ (Thursday) at 11 a. m laerdstown, Sept. 11, 1926, a daugh- re,mests donations be made to Sponsor gave the devotionals Zion Episcopal Church in ter of Charles W. Osbourn, Sr. ,h~ T,-~,~,~, ~J-,~,n~ t -h h Mrs Bloom. annointed "Ylrs ~own, bv the Rev Tern- oi Snepnerostown ana the lateor to the Charles Town General Namoi Barrow as Press Book Wheeler of Harpers'Ferry, Mrs. Leotah McKee Osbourn. She Hospital buildin~ fund Chairman, Mrs. Ralph Sheetz as ~lliam Christian Beck Jr was part owner and operator of 'rh~ doo,~ ,~,1 ~ h,~, i, ~,-,~t Health Chairman, Mrs Sterlinz ,ast Washington street, Cha the Shepherdstown News Agency, crick County Va Aut, ust 2 1891 Tenney Beautification Chairman. .own, w " " as ' " ~' "' ~" ' ' - " hodmd Sunday .In w ,also a registered nurse, aa daughter of the late William n. These persons wilt start Scrap ,~t r~est Home in Charles gra(tuate or the Lumeran ttomeand Martha Alice Miller She was Books for reporting. The follow- marial was made in the Hospital, Baltimore, Md ; the new a member of the Kahlet" ing Hostesses served delicious re- 'a- ,- . - own Meth ~Y uemetery Beallsville, street Methodist Church and theodist Church the W S C S of freshments with Saint Patrick's de WSC: o~:hech:rChactSih: had for the Church and the Rippon Farm color scheme from a table with eceased was born in Wash- y ' .~oyWoman's Club. tmany Saint Patricks Day eye- D. C May 13, 1894 a son ana t~lrl ~cout WORK, a memberSurviving in addition to her hus catches. Mrs. Guy Ebersole, Mrs. ~ter William C and'Nelli~ of the Shepherdstown Council,band are three son~ M " Andrew Guerin Mrs Max Wine, the She her s n ar - arvm Lee . Beck, Sr. tie was formerly . p d tow P ent-Teach Jr of Jefferson Avenue, Charles Mrs~ Raleigh Shaffer and Mrs. ~rof the Reconstruction er Association; the Homemakers Town; Charles F. and Franklin ~Virginia Birkitt. Corporation and a mem-! ~mb,me Laaies' ~uxiiiaryof the W. Adams of Rippon; s~ grand- ! !t. Albans Episcopal Chu- ~nepnerastown vommeer ~lre Dechildren; three sisters - Mrs Ber- M~,~,*~ ~,m,~ ~|eb~,|~*b ~ashinmon D C He was partment, the Jefferson County tha Newcome Winchester" Va" IIQI~I ~ II;|l] V|~III~,I eteran ' World W~r I Democratic Association; Treasur-Mru Mvrtlo Dol-l~won Rotho~d~ of ' ~%ll ~ ' ' " * " ~I * served in the Field Art- er of the Shepherdstown Little Md.; Mrs. Lillie DeHaven, Sliver W0m~n s ~lub ~s ~0yle, a second lieutenant League; she was also very acuve Spring, Md. and a half-sister Mrs. ,~ im tne promotion ot tne spol Ella Fisher * - ~ *'*J ,- - "~ are DIS V IOOW, rant at t he " e Hughes Beck of Cha [P~ g ~ . he S pherdsto~ ~ Lecture un tdrl 2~ 0urs 'n " riigh School MR N and a daughter Mrs %. " S. AN A. L. BLUM tim ~.', . " I Surviving in addition to h The March 19th meeting of the lyre 0! White t'lalns, . funeral services were nelti , "k. al~- *~,-,~,~ onn Ihusband are seven children ~ o~,~o, o, o,m ~ ~ ** wm Womans Club of Harpers Ferry Sha on D Donna L Donald District received a report of the ' r ou funeral riome in Augusta, t~,t I J David W Mfla-J Mary ", State Convention held recently at --- nd Denise . tor Mrs. Anna L ~lum, ~o, a . D"'- [ a L. all at home; a slst "~ . . I the Greenbrmr ttotel. Mrs. GI1- UNALD L SMITH resment ot the aeztersonian iwan '. I Miss Betty Osbourn, ofShe " . -]bert Perry, President and dele- It ser or .~ursmg anu t:onvalescent 0~. ,vices were held MuD ] herdstown and two brothers ] gate, said it was the largest Con- ~, ~6 Dome near t.narms lown Ior tHe e--* ~" at 1 p. m. from the I Charles W. Osbourn, Jr of Sh, I vention in its history, with an at- =t metho ist past several years wno meu ~at I" d" Church in herdstown; and Robert B. Osb ' - . ::tendance of 701. StOwn t uraay mgnt at me Dome t~urial ~ra ~urn, Hagerstown, Md . I Mrs Perry brought home for .= was made in westover t;emetery the 1' - two Citations f r Com m Augusta.Ga. oo I munCty Improvement and for be- lilt:; Llt;t~t~a~tD~l WaD IdUtll 111 I/'4,~L" or 1 lng an Hun C ub. The club also D II D I I ~ C A I El saw, Poland, April 8, 1889,a dau-]received a Certificate for work I gnter ot isaac L. anu vannle . . ~m~ ~ ~ ~~~" t in the Cancer Drive. ~ueisteln Levy. ~ne came ~o tinsIMrs Ar-hie Franzen Chair,-an o all heal h I,country with her parents at the : ~,will sell the following located 2 miles East I with Mrs Nell Glover and Mrs ~a~les Town " age ot two Her nusoana, ~amuei ' " ,W. Va a,t Meehanmstown on Kabletown - - " I Leslie Schumann had been active 0n: t~mm;wno.(ueu in June luoz,:.n.aa [ as a nominating committee. They owneu ana operateu a eiotnlnglr,~,r ~n the following, ~late of i 1 s ~v ~ store n Char e Town for many SATURDAY, MARCH 28, 1970 vears officers for 1970 to 71, which was 10"3" * M " . . I unanimously elected. u 2~, . Su~lvmg are two daughters, [ President - Mrs. Gilbert Perry; Ht lmrun/n t,t~t~ne mrs. ~manuel (Helen)Host, LaKe l 1st' Vice President - Mrs. Carl ~,~or4au~u~ ~J~UO wood, N. J and Mrs. Charles] Auvil" 2nd. Vice President- Mrs. ale gas range; small Browasville cook stove; G E re- (Sara) Bernstein, Charleston, S. !Reginald Seiders; Recording See- M r; Warm Morning heaCrola; 5.pc. dinet*te set; 3-pc. C.~ threesonSA~v~naroldLL.B~omr, i retary Mrs Franklin Cummings; room suite" ki,tchen ~ahh~-t. -ld ~*f~" ~b,l.n olt,~m~. t-~l,~ ~ ?yo ~-, ~.;. ~ ~. ~"~-, ~? - [ Treasurer - Mrs. oscar wilt; t~or- chairs-sewm- mo-~-~,-~'f--~'~;Z''~"~(;' .''-~=~'*'-'~VZZ.' 'Y(~'~" t ol.~, va.; ~at is. ~lum laraa~ocK [responding Secretary- Mrs. Mon- e~ " ' b t~, o~w~mt$ ~ OLt~aa,~'t, ~-U t.~.UX~;~, w~zat- Hewhts Md three sisters lvlrs ~ dress ~' ' -" " i roe r(atnoofle; rnstorlan - Mrs. o ers, z uouo~e wararooes; me~ai peas; rockers; Hannah Jacob, Long Island, N. Y. Nell GIover 'er;~aYi bed; roll bed', Titan heater;, raidos': books', clothes Mrs Rose Ginsberg, Hattiesburg i It wasGirl Scout Evening,= shun - s. P cture frames; lamps; cooking utensils; hand ~ools; Miss.; Mrs. Dorothy Robbms, ! sored by Mrs. Archie Franzen, ~ Wheelbarrow; Turf Trim lawn mower; Pennsylvania Augusta, Ga.; one. brother, Jacob and Miss Lisa Franzen, Assistant "lOwer Levy, Augusta, 12 grandchildren and other articles not mentioned, i. . " Leader of Girl Scout Troop 427, two great-granacnuuren ann me 'r,~ I . gave an interesting lecture, with " ' "CASH: Nothing to be removed until settled for. ces ann nephews, color slides about her trin to [:E-MILLER. Auctioneer I ~ [Mexico to attend the Girl Scout mzt r rtr t,t .ex ' Sl r 0RELAND. Clerk ]Ses "on at Ou Cabana just a year ~ ~ [ Funeral services were held Mon lago. Lisa is now a Freshman at t, eorge w. aones day at 2:30 p. m~ rom.the Eacktes shepherd College, majoring in ~^ - . [ Funeral Chapel in Harpers Ferry, Elementary' Education. ,u~ t~esponmme vor Accments On Premmes. by the Rev. Ronald Kitterman, of The Girl Scouts are now work- Inn-- ----- March 19-2t- Harpers Ferry for Mrs. . Elizabeth in.g toward a Mexican. trip in 1972. : ---. ~ Jane Hedlcan, 67, wife of John F. Miss Galeen Shirley, an outstand- Ill~ qedican, of Harpers Ferry WhOh ing student at Harpers Ferry: ~::.:~::s::::::~ :.~ " died Saturday, March 21 in C ar- High School, modeled the attrac- t ~***~ ~%"~:~~-~:~~!:':~ les Town General Hospital follow tive Senior Girl Scout uniform ~~~:~':~::::~::~~.~ ~ ing a long illness." Bur!al was and managed a Sale Table to !!~ ~!i~ii:i~:ii!i~iii!i~i:ii~ii~i~//~i~!i~/~:~;~:~:~:~": ~. A~~r ~i made in Fairview ~emetery in help finance the trip. Misses Pat : ~ ~ ~ ~~~~ ~! Harpers Ferry. Shiley and Nancy Cummings also ; ~ ~l~v~~~r ~i~i The deceased was born in Loud are planning to go as representa-i ~! A~][L~a~I~v~' ~'~ 9" ~.~ ~ Dun County, Va May 16, 1902, a tives from Troop 427. [ 1~ ~~" .~~~lmr ~ daughter of the late Charles Mrs. Oscar Wilt, chairman of' t ~ ~ ~ J~'~AV~',~I~ ~ Augustus and Ella May Stautsen- the Garden Department of the i ~ ~p,~~~l~~,~r ~-~ berger Hackley. Harpers Ferry Woman Club, re- - .'.: " . ~".":"~::'~"~:~" ' ' one ii ~ ~L~P~~'~ ~" ~@.'-~.:~---~-~v::.: " Surviving are her husband, eelved a Certffmate of Appreemt-, ~: ~ ~ ~ - . 1~:~!.' '~~ brother, Robert Hackley, of Bal- ion from the Sha,~tnee Girl Scout ! ~;i ~:::::::~:~:-:~C;~ ~a~mw:~,~ timore, Md and a number of Council for sponsoring the troop :~:'~ ~:~':~:~::~:~;~":.:~J~:~:::*~:::~':::: :':':" nieces and nephews, during the past year Mrs. Fran- ~ zen has been the leader of the l ---- A5 WE flAVL AI I --,-nainh Helms Dies year-G-ir!s.Se uts during the past 14]1 I tiCS AUTO SALES, IHC From Injuries In ,rr ND VA, I o. O, Tv:O,te 9 Fail At County Jail .EAD THE~DVOCATE I ~, '. Ralph Helms, 68, of Charles ! ~"~-~l VJFJ~,LN I~ 2tL LEL U$~I.II.~ ~ r, IV|t, " Town, died Monday morningI ~ 1[ about 9 o'clock in Washington I,~ |1 : ' O, County, Md Hospital in Hagers- [ I -~ II town, from head injuries he re- [| " ~ - 11 ~ ~o,~ ceived in a fall at the Jefferson I |~ I I ~g ~onv. ~Oor(t ~,~o~o . . ,] ~ ;" - County jail Friday afternoon [I ~ [[ ~ r.~ a-~l~ warran~y The deceased, who had been I I I'll|,l:llII II .-?. unner 2-Dr. H. T V-8, P. S A.T. 2395 employed as a groom at the local,',|[ me 500 2-Dr H T V-8 P S 2395 race tracks, fell backwards down,| ~ [1 ~t] ~ ~ ~ I-. ," " " ,-,'~." ,~ ".~ ~. an outside set of steps and struck,| ~ |1 o z Dr, v r r IJ, A. U z;~0 k 1~I " " " " "~ his head on the concrete sidewal . |,| [ uth Fury III, 4-Dr. It. T :. 2395 He was first taken to the Charles ! I[ . S V-8, A.C. Town General Hospital for treat- ~ ~ .~I ~ n~m [[ Rtl ment and later transferred to the ,: nner 2-Dr. H. T V-8, P. S A.T. 2595 i L II tl t*agerstown tacluty. I l " 500 2-Dr. H. T V-S, P. S 2495 !l I I dc v I h on,V-8, e. S A.T 1995 I*L L T w II II e SS 2 Dr H T 2095 1 11 1"i /UWIi WOmdil m ,v-8, P. ,A.T II II : Electra 225 4-Dr . 2795 [1 1[ s v A.c. " Club Hear Reports I 4-Dr. H. T V-8, P. S P. B A. C 2195,e, -- I! I Oltl I/ COny. V-S, P. S A. T 2095 Ull dlOl bUHI IIHtRI [ 11 I ap. 4-Dr. It, T V.8, P.S.oA.T,A.C. 2145! The Charles Town Seniorl| I',f hl II let Rebel 770 4 Dr V 8, P S. A. T 1495 Woman's Club held their March [ I~J~--~I Jr ,|St& o n o r. meeting in an atmosphere of en-.I I I I ~)l ~t " " thusiasm, interest and appreciat-i| [] gen, 4-Speed 1295 ion as they heard reports and anI |[ C e 2-Dr. H. T V-8, P. S P. B A.C. 1995 informal discussion on the recent I ",I ~t~~!11 " " " - -r.State Convention of the West Vir [ |[ pma ~ ~onv v-~, ~pa, iuva , i~ " glma Federation of Woman s [ KLLIAULI |1 -85 4-Dr. Sedan, V-8, A. T 1095 i Clubs eiven by their delegates II II tlda V-8, P. S A.T. 1495 I M o s moore, P ident, I DELIVERIF !1 - 2-Dr ~,~, A n, v Q ,a~ discussed the Awards as they I I I i ul. [ ~ .-o .~o were presented to the club. She~, r Monza 2-Dr. Sedan, A. T 595 stressed that the club remain act i[ We re always on call ][ ~. ' II S W 6- '"1 A T 695 ive in their Education, Literature i ~^ 1. ~ ,-^.~[] t Lr 2.r~ ~ Beautification and Community,| ~. o t. ou~ Betterment Programs. Mrs. H. H. I,with top heating oiL I1 ta. Wagon, 6-Cyl Std. Shift .395 Hunter presentedhth aaelUb a21oUe,|[ II Convertible, V-8, A,T 495 Ribbon which s e d wo [,------------- |[ her Christmas Wreath. Mrs. LairdI,|l - ~ Marshall won a cash award in the[| |[ " Creative Writing Contest on her il~ k~ ~k~ll'U II ,poem. 1.1. 31ql/n " llll/il iill' I|ii: James Moler, Past President of[| DISTRIBUTOR l/ l~ rlV/V VmlI,i~Vt li'lVI the Kiwanis International told of { [ |J " ~I - her year of travel with,Dr. Moler. i Dial"725-2215 It or 267-6331 - MARTINSBURG, W. VA. She called it her Citlderella,|/ tt Year". The key note of her talk]l RANSON W VA. I! *~mal lYallaK lqnanclng Available) was people explaining the differ- I '~ " |[ ent clutures, refering to China II II II "[ For The Freshest Holiday Produce Under The Sun!