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March 26, 1970     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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March 26, 1970

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--- IN THE ON TA C, tT T/ER'/ T/,4 --- IN THE SPIRIT.ADVOCATE 1844- The Newspaper Charles Town, Ranson and West Virginia Grew Up With- 1970 i106 NO. 13 Business-News Dept. - Dial 725-2046 or 2047CHARLES TOWN, (Jefferson County), W. VA. THURSDAY, MARCH 26, 1970 West Virginia's Oldest Newspaper PRICE - 10 CENTS Saturday, March 28, 1970 at 11:00 A. M. the Charles To~la Kiwanis Club will again host an Easter egg hunt at the Jefferson Memorial Park. Children ages three through ten are invited to particinate in this event in which prizes The annual financial drive of lions and make a report on same will be awarded in each of the Jefferson County Red Cross J at the earliest possible date at the three age groups. Chapter is badly in need of a the Red Cross office Children are asked to bring boost .if the Chapter's goal of J With the final date of the drive $6,795.00 is to be reached.I only five days away, campaign of possibly services in some churches, with their own containers. -- for the day, Easter the Roy. William Brook presiding y To date contributions are only [ officials say that a lot of effort I The Jefferson County Court tin : some zest to for the service at Zion Episcopal V [ this nmrning tentatively approved Confederate about one-third of the quota set [and work is going to have to be for the quiet, but Church beginning at 12 noon The this year for Jefferson County, it ] put forth and the public will have - la budget for the year 1970-71 'anc of the most reading of the Passion According was stated. However, campaign off ]to respond generously if the goal Y Ishowing expenditures in the ,el of the church to St. John and the Bidding Pray- Meet Jn Town icials report that not too many [is to be reached. [amount of $374,139.00 which is erson County. er, will feature the service at St. drive team captains and workers[ All businesses, industry, clubs, i Inn increase of $70213.00 over the this week, known Thomas Lutheran Church at 7:30 The He nry Kyd Douglas Camp, have reported on their canvassing J organizations are being urged to,[ current budget of $303,926.00. c, many of the chu- p.m. . Sons of Confederate Veterans, effort. |make their contributions when [The budget will be sen't to the rles Town and rite Also at the Lutheran Church on will hold its monthly dinner meet Oliver 7 astle, general chairman ] contacted ,or if not contacted to - I State Tax Commission before con aeral have been and Easter Eve at 7 p m. the Sacra- ing at the Citizens Fire Hall, Cha- of the drive ,this week made an mail same to the American Red Garden Clubs of Jefferson and . J sideration before it will be coma ing special services ment of Holy Baptism will be ad- rles Town, Tuesday, March 31st, appeal for the various campaign [ Cross Chapter, County Building, Berkeley Counties figured in the I |1 } effective July 1. day through Sunday. ministered, awards presentations made at the ] J ,II ! Three new items are included least several church- Sunday morning will, mark the atHost6:30 members p" m. are: Merle workers to complete their solicitat,Charles Town Alger West Virginia Federation of Gar-]t rl l establishment a county-wide :erian, St. Thomas climax of the county s religious chairman, George R. Crim, Shir- Zion EpiscOpal, all observance of Easter with a num- ley M. Hunt, Emory Kable, Sher- den Clubs, Inc held Tuesday eve J [ police force; an amount for sett- ning, March 24, at the Greenbrier { I I lng up a county Park and Retreat- Town, will observe ber of special Sunrise Services to man League, W. P. C Perry, S. Hotel. White Sul hur S rin s i lonal Commission; and a sum for One will be held in Harpers Preston Smith, and James W. [ iscopal Church the Ferry at 6 a. m. in Harpers Come- Strider. A total of six awards went to financing the work of the county Children Will Be First garden clubsinthetwocounties[ u . |surveyor. Lrlesp. m.Athert n' will torY,as thewithspeaker.the Rev. Richard Lesliev |7 a with and award of honor offered I Jonn w. Kmner, Jr prolnment ] At the January 1970, term of to businesses and industrial estab [ Charles Town attorney, was re- |the Grand Jury of Jefferson Cou- ms Lutheran Church Several churches will also hold lishments which have taken in I elected presiuent of the Board of [nty, a recommendation was made lebratedt fH lyC mmUn'at 4:15 serv includingSpecialservicesat8a'm'Zunday'zion Episcopal Church |0 ~ []~I~|, To Get Measles Vaccine "- "0-----' MaC making their buildings and sur-[ Managers of the Char!es Town the County Court that a county roundings as attractive as possible ] .enerai. ztospltal weunesuay ] wide police force under the Sher- rnoon and again at and the Charles Town United ' ' being presented to the Shenan, [ mgh wnen me ooara met ann [ fits'" Department be established ling. Asbury Methodist Church. In Charne Deta&ment doah Garden Club of Charles[ rganizea ,or.m.e.year Sk nner with all due speed, and such L M. Easter Service Many of the churches in addit -- = Town for it's nominee - the Peo-lnau oeen re-emctea to the oara Ipolice force be in sufficient 5Town Presbyterian ion to the special services will : Some 2,400 Jefferson. CauntyfAllthose who return the slips rles To nwhich[ f Managers for a four-yearterm[strenh to r pies Bank of Cha w . gt p owde adequate eature special music also offer special music which Announcement was made Sat- School children in * grades one |signed on or prior to April 14, last year constructed a new colo-I at the annual membersh;p meet-i around-the-clock prot tion to the urday that, Gary F. Arthur, who through six, will be offered free j will be given the vaccine, Cooper nialtype building with well-plann ] mg of the ospltai A ssoclauon ] People of Jefferson County. The choirs, directed has been prepared by the church has been serving as a Trooper of eharge,a vaccine for the con.|stated. Frazier: More tha choir,ed landscaping, making for an ne a.wvane.saay mgm lar l,Grand ;ury further recommended hiidren, youth and While most of the Easter Filet the Charles Town trol of Rubella (German who .-was substituting attractive addition to historical I. o tner .o:ncers namea were" ] that such police force be adequa- erabers of the Carol, servance in the county will center detachm fft Of. he .Virginia at Special clinics to be carried on| for Kath n Rudol h, count Charles Town. / [ (rote) ann: ttanson, re- ect- [ tely equipped with motor vehicles 7estminster and Sen on the churches, the children will State Police, has been promoted ry p y Senior Choir will have their big moments Saturday to the rank of Corporal and plac- m the schools of the county, 0hi public health nurse, on the Chum The Dolley Madison Garden I a v ce preslme.n ,f'r,anc f. ye ] co!nnmnication equipment, and ,leluia Chorus" and morning at Jefferson County Mere ed in charge of the Charle Town April 14. [ ber program, said Rubella, or Club of Charles Town was award: I : / crmm t etecuon eqmpment. The Burns, unit. St. will sing orial Park when the Town " t o r term at Charles John Cooper, Jefferson County three day measles are normally u" -n [ to membership on the board of [ Grand Jury urges that only train- ,managers for a w yea e sanitarian, made this announce-| harmless to children. But if pre the Rosettes Junior Garden Club s] ee'ln el ] d and experienced persons be ty". Kiwanis Club stages it's annual The promotion became effective ment in a talk before some 251gnant women are infectedit participation in the Junior Flower|me.mem ersmp me g, was, e-|employed as County Police Of f i- , cteo secretary, an~ Jack 1~ l~Uy e also be Good Friaay Easter Egg Hunt. last week and Corporal Arthur n ho s re " - members of the Jefferson County|could result in physical and even Sho - - N ture' Who I " " "Ic rs and that they be free from assumed command of the local Chamber of Commerce held Tueslmental defects in babies born to for luh is n h, 'he [ett' of Charles Tow,w wa - all pohtical influences. The Grand oar Adopts -, . a -- elected to the board for a two-i Jury further recommended that 11 B Post Monday. ' day at noon at the Village Rest-lmothers who have the infection. Dolley Madzson club and Mrs. I . " a rer ear term as su th Corporal Arthur, a veteran of aurant in Shenandoah Junction And since mothers can contact Richard Hart is their leader |Y - [ e County Court utilize excess The Dolle- Madison -lul3 The board also heard reports I and surplus funds to finance this Virginiabetter thanstatenine yearSPoliCe,in camethe WeStto Cooper said Jefferson Cotmty/the measles germ from other -- / on the various hospital activities, ! law enforceme-t action" children through contact with mparable-0T the local detachment in January will bethe first county in West. " wmcn Mrs. Allen ~vlarsnall, lS/ e ma-eonj ill Virginia toofferthisfreevaccineithem, it is important mat me lpresident, received a $50 Sears[,mcm .mgpr gf ess .mg a ,n[ Jefferson County has no excess 1964, after having spent some and that teams Of doctors and children be innoculated as a dou-Roebuck awards m the Cry ic De-l t, o ram" w I or surplus, tunds but in. accord b0 time with both the Fairmont and Clarksburg detachments. A native nurses, who will be donating their ble precaution. He. aimdi h:t colon-ran' 1,nt/Pr g /w th th s recommendatmn, the Or Cut Year of Jumping.Branch, Corporal time and services will be in the ingtne last geeP e to have[ rary.ings ' heymade f R'l d dendron'i . j. At" the'h spital "m en bershiPIC unty C urt has budgeted $26'Kelley Lance, Jr and Col Recreational Commission has [boxw,~oa a h,qbs at the Jeffer- meetmg virs to ert ~. Leavltt|000.00 for the establishment of was named along wRh F y Arthur is a graduate of the State schools on that date to administer ~UDel}a was P; -irt- "efects in r e as - a county pohce force r n county cwlc Center and Lib- r 1 cin " members of the board ep ag A Jefferson o t Police Academy at Institute and the vaccine. He said prior to that peon cause3 z.0 0 i dren He he and his wife and two children, date the 'children who will be . "a l f C unty Park and Angola five and Shelley, nine, re- eligible for the vaccine will be sa.m. since ormario Yo ensOl: oS,jrne r'otomac araen of I Joseph Crane, Jr who were not [been set up and $2,000.00 was pro mrs m epla p p side on South George street in given consent slips to take toI i .nep.nerustown also won wo oi l eligible for re-election to the[vided for this body in order that budget sho v g shows $6%000 00 for admin stra.t- Charles Town. their parents for their signatures, TURN TO PAGE g--A I me awaros, oemg ueclarea I board I the winner of the Governo s tro t e emb rsh meetm nditures in the ion as against $65,408.00 the [ " [At h m e "p " g [ ion of the county s present facili. pny ~ a Sliver nowD mr melr n Jefferson}09'941 00 the present budget, a decrease of a- m- . [ . both Pr de t Skinner and Mr /ties and in the c---ati clean-up project which involved IHarry Harner, hospital admin-[ areas County S bou $3,000 00. I te fiscal year ofAttendance services will be [a clean-up projec ,nameu oper-listrator gave their annual re-| r^ i x,oumy ourvryo p n- ation Clean Swee wh ch mvol )Pted by the Jeff. $10,000 00 as against $9,960.00 hi$ ] P "I ports on the actzvltles and con-,v: i" oard a Education, !year; $7,000.00 or hea h services Iced not only club members, but Jdition of the hospital during the ] o'r anizat on "repair Ular ser t-mo thly as against $6,520.00 thi year; city officials, civic organizations, I ast year / - -: r s proper storage, anti maexmg ot night. This bud-lpupil transportation $170,360.00 youth and college student. Mrs. ] James W Strider ,ave a de-| o,me etterson ;ounty t~lgn-oI-way Clude the of J as against $167,532.00 Chis year; George V. Hunter l,s president of [ tailed report on the hospital s en- / t r t " Increase For Fire Companies also came as the resul of Ope a get for such spec-| against $150,300.00 this year; " chant on the hospital building , n it as for - rhe sum of $24,000 00 has been Ion Clean Sweep a d w , are funded wi { malntermnce of plants, $67,700.00 trust fund. Shirley M. Hunt, re- Io qn. and maintenance ; p v,u u uu* vu,- ,Such the iva-I as against $90,700.00 this past I s portea on the l ouss tuna anal work done at the three city park md,ESEA pro-]year. Most of the d fferenee in also the new hospttal buildingever, of this sum, the fire' corn hers that mighL I'the 1970-71 budget over this and a terracedll flower bed at Shepfund. Hunt gave a. very optomlst. " pames' use $18,000.00' for the int" by the Board ye,ar's budget figures in l is de- herd Co ege. report on the drive to rinse $1- o The Berk Mar Garden Club of . . operations of the Jefferson C u- - ' mfllon for the new hospital, point . partmer t will be due o the fact nty Commumeatlons Commission. kes a, dj.ustmer ts there will be less maintenance on } Martmsburg also won a elvzc de- ing out that a total of $562,000 ] velopment award, for s proje t en r o date in cash rum time t me k, some of the smaller schools o of,lacin eraniums "etunias had be a sed tc used by all local fire companies, se ftmas w,en be closed when the consolidated,v aonations ant] pmages . ,ambulance and pohce The re- . W, ith the add- elementary schools are completed and coleus in 12 flower boxes at the FrieMrS O of theS Bloom, president of aeh e rnnanv Fnr'-^:lh^^ Camp Tomahawk where undreprl n s t Charles Town 14s the Board s and also because less tmintanance mammg tro for be a hn st rpers n~el will be needed, vlleged children from three states Hospital Auxiliary, also gave a c aseflan 'n ' n{enance"e puer expenditures Fixed charges have been bud- gather, and for assisting 55 men- detailed report on the organizat- fighting eqmpment. This repro- tally retarded children in the ion's activities during the past sents an increase of $500.00 to budgeted gored at $116,600.00 this year as planting of tomato seedlings and year. each company. against $109,720.00 last year a d' crocus bulbs. Board did $59,508 in ,increased prop- Jefferson amount the county's will be re- Sch l,s Super- stated. comes ~ spl,te County ~f on- of ~my eounCy the 1970-71 be su mStted School l i- and up- costs single $2,112,350.00 as ia .the pros- of the increase allowed for and certff ica - teach- new con- schools sai expenditures this increase is due mainly the added increase in Social Se- curiW payments. Food services have been budgeted his year at $8,600.00 as again,st $9,700.00 last year, commumty services, $4,200.00; ,the capitM outlast TURN TO PAGE 8--A KiWanians T0 Color Eggs Tonight For Annual Easter Hunt Members of the Charles Town Kiwanis Club will be coloring them blue, yellow, green, red, etc. this evening (Thursday) follow- ing their regular dinner meeting to be held at the Rib Room in the Turf Diner Hank Jovanelly, chairman of the annual Easter Egg Hunt which the Kiwanians stage each year, said all members are re- quested to assembly following the meeting and help to color hun- dreds of eggs for the hunt to be staged Saturday morning at Jeff- erson County Memorial Park. While Charles Town High School could not quite bring back two championships Satur- day afternoon in the 57th annual West Virginia High School basket ball tournament staged in the Charleston Civic Center, theydid win one with the Panther cheer- leaders being named as the best in the state In the Ciass-AA tom- petition. This made the third con- seeutlve year they have worked their hearts out trying to bring back this honor to Charles Town, and this time they were success- ful. Actually it was not too diffi- cult for the Judges te bestow the honor upon the girls b - ause the nearly 6,000 fans in the Civic and intricate formations and Center when the award presentat- cheers in a smooth and well-execu ions were made following the ted style, had to feel some degree championship game, anticipated of pride when they were signall- Panther cheerleaders have won they had been presented the at, the state crown, due undoubtedly traettve plaque by S. B. Williams to the fact that in the past in state assistant executive secretary of competition the award has been the West Virginia Secondary given to the best cheering section Schools Activities Commission. rather than. cheerleaders, they They are: Front row (left to won both sectional and regional right) Judy Walker, B. $. Allure championships. Anyone from Cha and Nancy Alexander, co-eapiains los Town or the Eastern Pan- of the group, and Jody Butler. mndle section in watching the Back row (left to right) - Beth Charles Town I lovely young Panther eheerlead-lPerry, Kathy Sims, Dottle Lloyd majority of the lets go through their numerous |and Debbie Hess. Mrs. Leeds K. Riely Re-elected Presldent Youth Center, Inc. Election of officers featured the annual meeting of the Jeffer- son County Youth Center, Inc held Tuesday night, March 24, at 8 p. m. at the Center, with Mrs. Leeds K. Reily of Altona, Charles Town, one of the founders and staunchest supporters of the Cen- ter, being re.elected President. Other officers named were: Mrs. Thomas Mentzer, of Harpers Ferry, executive vice-president; the Rev. Temple G. Wheeler, of Harpers Ferry, first vice-presi- dent: Joseph P. Christian, Jr Charles Town, second vice.presi- dent; W, P. (Bill) Perks, of Char- les Town, secretary; Mrs. Dorothy Mullens, Charles Town. treasurer. Directors named addition to the officers were: Hugh Crawford Mrs. Jerry Salsano, Mrs. Charles Marcus, Norman Kisner, Mrs. James Senseney, Dr. D. C. Master and James P. Morison. Observe Maundy Thursday Communion On Thursday evening members and friends of the Presbyterian Church are invited to join in a Maundy Thursday service of Holy Communion conducted by the Pastor, William H. Ramkey. The Lord's Supper will be served around a table as was done on the night when it was instituted and in the early years of the Christian church. Variable cloudiness, becoming windy and mild today with a chance of showers this evening, and possibly a thundershower this afternoon. High today in the low 60s. Friday and Saturday - Fair and cooler. The probability of pre- cipitation today is 40 percent to- day and 30 percent tonight. The last session of Legislature increased the maximum salary of the Jefferson County Prosecuting Attorney from $6,000.00 to $9,000. 00 and established the office of Assistant Prosecutor at a salary of $3,000.00. The proposed budget increased the Prosecutor's salary to $7,500.00 and sets up $3,000.00 for an assistant in the event this position is filled. The above, items reflect the principal increases in the budget. Amounts were increased for equ iping, maintenance and repairs for the court house, purchase and repairs to record boo s and jail expenses. Nominal increases were provided to the various offices for deputies and clerks. The bud- get provides funds for all county operations including garbage dis- posal, county health unit, mental health, circuit court expense, ele- ction expense, county agent, civil defense and general relief. The County Court does not set the amount for the General Relief Fund as this is established by State Law and is $17,699.00 for the ensuing year - an increase of $3,912.00 from $13,787.00 in the TURN TO PAGE 8--A