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Charles Town, West Virginia
March 24, 1966     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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March 24, 1966

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i u l r ' " How ther --- SPORTS SECTION--- Soft Speaker, But Carries Big Stick 1 1 IFair . cfi " !! ...... l ,L _ HI I1_ &| .... t I _ ] Monday was the first day of -- i ' . Spring, and it was also the first LOCAL COVERAGE-SCORES-PICTURES uon fie [Zf,ll II$ ii am ] /I . For WVU Ba b A! Iglllgm_[ ~( , . " , / I [ ~ Jordan is going to have [o fred ~ I day of extensive outdoor, work.1 os sam ne tee,s m,s Kma ot a mt ,s '- [ -- --1 - ~ ~ ] ~.~ ~~i!~ | outs for Coach Bill Jordan s 196-5 SPIRIT OF JEFFERSON FARMERS ADVOCATE .......... ]r n mn (!nn'hirfnalr / RSDAY, MARCH 24, 1966 SECTION--B ,,x,.oor "- ome [VUULUIIIm iFq IILI,IIIVll It will be Leon's Citgo.of Shep/ how the Panther trackmen will _ it.we can come up wltn so ] IF I - m herdstown and the Kmgh of ! /fair in sectional and area com- pncmng, we may nave a .ew! Pythias edgers or t;nanes Town tit[on this season surprises in store for the other ~ battlin it ut in the finals of pet . .. ' , ~ l g o ~ut early intticauons are that ~ ~ ~ I "' / ~ schoolboy baseball teams of the q~ the post season Independent cage the Panthers ~11 once again be ,~ ~ I __ I ! -- ~ I .~ I L__ .--.1 # ~ i i section. That was the comment league tournament Saturday .' ..... @:~;': ' which Harold (Zip) Lorenz, new .... ni-ht in the Charles Town Hi-h illweak in the field events and [3 Ii n II r3 i'~ r'i {'~ head baseball coach at Charles A nroduct of the baseball sand ...... ~rvmnasium at7"30n m ~" ~~~]sprints, but may possibly hold I I I I I -" I / / I ~ I'P ..... 14"i~h U'~hool made Wednes - - ": ........ " t |-- " ' :: ~:~ ~ ~' ...... I~~i~i[their own in the distance races, ] ] V'-- i ] i I Ir~ ] ] i ~.Ya~l ] ]sp _ . -] is expected to play a major role I [ ,. :i:, .~;i lar season league play and so ] ' - - --~'; - " ]star- a Bi .... e--e- ~'obb-- Do[e- l ! II I I kl Ii I I I/ / I [J ] ioanteam. /onceagammthebaseballdestm-I ! .... this could be a continuation ell I s m rctr,.! y ;_ I I I k - 2 I I I I/ / k 1 I Lorenz said since this my lies of West Virginia UniversityI | : :. the terrific battle which they[ . . | man, nocKey an. mcn L-] t_J I__J I first year back in the coaching ] this Spring. He is Don Hetzell, I | : " ;/{!i waged ali season for the league ---At--- ] t;a er me runngag e2"ents i ----'--',' " " as tHe result oI gracmation, t:oacn game ~n many years, and since who will captam the Mountameer ~, ............ ...... - ,, .... crown. ] . , . . most of the 45-player squad which/ basebaners as a centerfielder, t I " In tournament action Tuesday I-I T.T J'lW i kll2 ANe A klr 1117.1A1 II am now working out are new/ Don who is referred to on the/ I evening, Leon's, league champ-I ]somegood replacements, if the 1%1 r YY IJ y IL @ land inexperienced, it is not yet/West Virginia campus as a youth] I: if" : :: ions, defeated the Home Alter l GOLF t l)Ul d. l J I Yanmers qo .an):tn ng in me ............. I possible to tell just what the Pan] who speaks softly, but carries a] ! ij:-~;! ~ { .:!:~i:~ii team 85-55 in the first game of I ] sp~nts an~_snor~ tns~nce runs. l~x ~t~ t~tu~z'~ I ther team will be like this sea-| bi~ stick is the only returning/ ~::v:~:!!~'~,:~..:~li~!~ .,. o.a in ,~o ,~,,.na ~,~m,~ th" I THe rough part ot t;oacn nor. " ' renc diamond l " : ""~. ............. r ........... dan's assignment is that he has ItILE THEY will be facing one of the top high school/sn- ...... 4" bos have/sa lleSc ?tnhe nCn e Virginia tlii Knights of Pythias won over With the official opening day 'only ten days in which to round ball pitchers in the area, we at:e happy to. see that Charles/ha ;n~y ~a~gl~tsct~eol ~liaYond ex-]this Spring. Last year he batted !;~ltt~rpe~'l~er~r~Yl2~etween Leon's ] JnUStl~b:u:f go a enrtshaeWatYa'kan ar i ut t m,and be. ad ' a High's Purple Panthers will De mee~mg tHe lwm ms-[ perience at all, and many ella nifty .355 on the season anal ~ii and Home Alter Allen Mahoneylvanta.e of eve,~, or~nortunity now lY .... '.'s ."=~.~,~':~"":YY,~"" "~'~%" ' Bulldo s in a home and-home series on the diamond this them saw only limited service / turned in an outstanding defen- ~;~!a :~ and Rust,, Miller led the teen's I. ~ . _." L _T_.~ ........... I any, Apru a. rms WILl De a oua~ g - , ~i~: a to ge~ in a iew pracuce rouuu~ a~ ..... meet with Boonsboro H~gh al tg Junior Smallwood is quite a pitcher we understand[ last season, Lorenz stated. But]swe" job at third" base.. The .355 ] team to victory, the former col-]Sleen. Hollow Golf Course It is] .......................... ' " Undoubtedly the locals will have to wear their hitting/ from what I have seen of the[ batting mark of last season gaveI lecting 23 points and the latterlexperc ed that chairmen for bothl i a~ career avers e ~='=-="=~ . -,,~, ~,-,-~,,,,*- --.s.. --,,.~.. -,,- when they face him i boys m the few outdoors worK] n m a .a g ] ~,,~,., ,t,,~==,t t 1 22. Others figured in the scoring | the men and women dlv~sions will I . _ : . ~ _ " "'" ........ louts which the weather has per-, Steve Harrick, baseball coach l u v,...r~a.~,~,~ - . !for Leon's were: Washington 11,1 be announced soon and the offi-]year ~.gomgoenure~2or~ac~ "" . mitted, the Panthers won't be at West Virginia, reports Hetzelllhard to juage.the speea ot a naru ]Ken Waldeck 10, Myers 9, Bran-] cial ooening is expected to fea-| ~.~.ov..~.t~v~ ....... - ........ [D GETTING BACK to the Panthers and Bulldo s. We ] ,.. ~.a And b- mid-season they ,.. i. ....... U=nt ~eader a m-eat { hit liner comm~ directly at you, I son 8 ~nd Stenhens 2 | ...._ d--_.: ....i ,Jm.~ ,,11 b..a ! ~--.vwu ......... ! hke to see a resumptmn of both basketball and footbal I could be the surprise team in the ] hitter and a fine glove man who I Hetzell stated. . i Lead[m, the scorin- for Home I [can medal nla~" with a startin~l SOME VETERANS BACK -~en the two schools. Both are natural rivals and neitherI section. Just how fast my boysI can cover a lot of ground. And] ALWAYS ONE OF BEST I Alter was Frank S' mons, 21, [ hou"r possibl~ at' 12:30 p m. The ] It will not be an entirely new 1 ever suffer at the gate and we do know that. And / come along will of course depend ] his ability to move fast in either ] A native of Bakerton W. Va., [ Gene Thompson, 10, Steve Weller ] complete schedule of home-and- / an inexperienced squad which the ugh the Bulldogs held the upper-hand, and held it wellt on what kind of pitching and [ direction, caused Coach Harrick/ HetzeU has been playing baseball 1 9, Oliver Weller 7 and Ken And- I home events for the men and also [ Panthers will trot onto the track >tball and also in basketball for some years, the contests catching we can uig. up among I to decide to shift Don from this ] since his grade school days. And I ers and Walker 4 each. I for the ladies will be forthcoming| that afternoon, However, . since ~d . ~,~ ,~ ,~v,~;,~m,~nf oncl h~lA n lot of interest for the I the many new recrmts, Lorenz I base, to cemertiem to nil a vac-| durin~ his baseball days on the I In the second game between I soon and the men will again meet/wimam ~mltn, a veteran in me n* r...,~ , ..... ] said. I ancy created by the graduation o / ~,n,n,, in n,a ~rnuna Rak~rtnn ] the Kmghts of Pythias and Harp- I Martmsburg, Frederick, Carpers[ h gh lump is back on e agam to ....... I "But win or lose, the Charles / All-American Bill Marovic. t [ ers Ferry it was the well-balance ! Valley and either Purcellville or/compete in this event and also ............ " ..... 7"- .......... [ Town High baseball team is this 1 Hetzell said the hardest play] nty, I3"on" w'as 'a ways"eon s[dered I scoring of five players which ] Beaver Creek, both newcomers on| the half mile run. ur" Luulx to l enny Anclers and l arney mus aS lyear, and in the future, going to ]for him in Ce;r emviei i ia l e/one of the best baseball prospects/played the key role in the K. of [the schedule. Details are now be-] Also back is Mike Walters, who attempt to organize a baseball club in Charles Town I play the best teams we can get on / drive hit squ y a: ~ ;'... ] in the county During his high | P. victory. Sam Taylor, John New | ing completed by Sleepy Hollow/ turned in some fine exhibitions Xembership in the Tri-County League... It seems to us]our, schedule. And w. hi e its p - ............... ~--* ~ ......... e }school days at Harpers Ferry, ]man and Connie Harem.ann allI pro._John Elwooa a_na an early| last season in mile and the thaetret reop;:YrtYOt ;go a mb il;latYhersth: h i eOnUida! Ok uetO:onle p r ;cet ie m:y! U q u c y:a id i H::l e lal ?rtaiC lPabt:debia l' fa lbahl l c: elt XanPO] l Pe etc oss] / :oYaraor dnSic oOne ;SS, ae .................. ~._=.~ -.....~.:.... v..u I son, we will be building for 1967 " _ ; . P.q. . Y[ nlaved all three very well" While I For Harpers Ferry, it was| events before the season comes/ tance runs last season for the and we Hope ior ur, wo ="71 TURN TO PAGE ~--B right in front ot you. it is also[ [l~ere was not too much emphasis ["Jack" Jackson who led the at-[ to a close in December. The cou:[ Panthers is back again and- he enny ,and tsarney WHO nave always gaven nen" oes ] / ... *.oDe*.-', at Har,,ers I tack with 17 points. Norval Willis] rse is in excellent condition anaI will be going this year in the ~s promoting baseball in our town and county... ~.. iiU n / ~ ,o. ~,,o ~,, ., *he l~i,,h also had 17, Dave Jones 7, D,i has been seeing a great deal of] 440-yard dash and possibly also .......... Pl~--'lAA Alma I~ A A4~AIIIiil~ / scl~ools ';n "t'he"'~ounty "for t~atiwillis 5 and Alger and Trail 4. [play in rece~t days. Several new] in the 220-yard sprint, John Ris- V KOVENS of Baltimore who is president of the Charles[ I mlil /l r|lld __q |m|W ||- Ll~l].i~l~.ill~Wll / ...... ~ .... ~, .~^...~^.~ .~.. i.,. ~ -/members have recently joined the sler is also back to run in the h .... - T--.. "1"1----21a$.'.~1~1 i Vlllll~ll UVV mv l l I1~ II~'ll In ] tll~ltter, Kll~b/~ell Ul~.lU~ldt tll al. Ug- *- __ t.^^,.._ ,,r-., ,r:--.'-:_ e^-t ClUb and another e ovable sea- .v d a,~h nn~t Rnvmnna r~nv , ace ourse and ms generm manager, ronul etu, ) " _ _ cause ot ms wmgnt and s ze, 3 v.-gm,a zor/ ....... certaint- a J lae ..... 1-- .arq --_ :-_2:;:" ;'-'='_--- , " of " lie some auuate work ~"" '~ a :, v,,v-,,- WHO snoweu weu tor rage sacK- , With resident manager, Charles Funk, and a party [ q~ ml~ _ _ __ I _J .... 1 ..--baseball would be h~s co ge gr . / ................................ dz, occupied three choice tables at Shenandoah Downsi II lln in sport if he decided to participate Don said he has received en-| town e"er u" vom,ty, near isonia t aason an me nurses is ;i netP i : iamp :; L ermh]dg!:nt:he hco p2 _ h | Z l . '''O[] ill A }: Uh i g :h!dSi s ah ili mate] i[started l r ~'lw'l~b:J~f~!hfi~ge~ } .......... fTrt.ffnWnl , a. .hall t00n -, Bakerton, Pto play with, lege baseballers this Spring. 'again among the front-runners in 'out in the hurdles also as well a: lll VVtmBU m~ ~vv~ Mlk n ,CORDS GALORE -- Two half-million dollar mutuel] "$ r thereby improving his playing West Virginia will get their1 pre-season guessing for the South ' e Ha kins, Earle Johnson and lea. back to-back for the first time; $532,796 on Friday[ ...... -----v-. ~ .... ["in-ton of Leetown ability and also sharpening his season underway Saturday, March ern Conference crown and Het- Pierce Barr. Paul Davenport and sT/.,.,. ~ ............ ,~ ..... / unanes Town win once agam tmanes w~ t~ ~ - - - ' batting eye 26, when Indiana State (Pa) in-~zell said with hustle, desire and Scott Whitmore are working hard ,o u,aoa bamr ay re-wrote ~ne recoro DOOKS a~ ~nenan- n in the Tri Count was re-electea presiaent; Junior - ' r, ................ ] be represe ted " Y ............ Hetzell said in Morgantown this vades the Mountaineer campus some luck, both he and the Mount at the 880-yard run, Arthur Dod- owns over ~ne pas~ weekend. lnecrowa numoerea/ Baseball League, it was announc- wagner or ~aarunsDurg, vlce-pres week tiaat he is reatl-. -lad he and Capt. Don says he is eager aineers could have a fine season in the 440-yard dash and Cliff 'rada and ran u to 9 060 for me mmmay program h~ eek b Kenn Anders sent anl Deloert ~mrmy ot mar :, ~ Y P , ] ed t "s w y Y ...... decided to -'la" basebal" i- col- and waiting for the action to get~ TURN I~ P~GE 2-.-!1 1 TURN TO PAGE e popular red carpet track... ] who along with Barney Mills, who tmsDurg, was named secretary- l--e r'-ca"-e" t~i "~-v- ~a-~' .... - ...... .... n f treasurer. , -o ,o ,,,,, - - . , ........... is heading up the organ~atm o . " u " lea e h~m an opport mty possibly to To ent Another meetmg of the gu UL MENTON, sports editor of the Baltimore Evening] the Charles wn ~" - ..... i-ector as to have -et "nt- - 'ofessional baseball m n. IkCHRYSLER " omer et omcers an(/o r s w 1 o p a ' "" n standin in that Anders sa~d m g .... nd former basketball ofhcml of lo g g ] ,--,,~, ..... ;- ~,~*~-- f,~,- fielding, bee held Tuesday night, but ~t [w~th the close of his college car- L " ' " was ""'~"""'~ "'" ......... " ~ " c " ' ays, There s no question but that Texas Western '|. a meetin was not possible to cents t any I eer. And ff he doesn t make a con er team than Kentucky last Saturday night at College] of a 'l" asel a pla ers interested of the league officers Wednesday ] nection with some professional and deserves the N. C, A. A. championship. Texas in playing with the Charles Town at noon to gain the details of the [club,. Don, who is majoring in I ' forced the as been called meeung pnysma etmcauon, sa d ne plans outplayed the Nation s No. 1 team and , team this season, h " . Wildcats were not up to it."... for the Charles Town American " ' L .......... Legion field Sunday afternoon att ',", 2p.m. HOLR.IN-ONE : Ken Smith scored the first hole-in- season, as far as we have been able to learn, at the Golf and Country Club on Tuesday... Anders said it is important that all interested players be present at that time so that some idea can be gained as to the extent of in- DELIGHT: Hagerstown Raceway will drop the terest in such a league entry. flag on the 1966 season Sunday afternoon, April 3 and Those attending the meeting are also asked to bring along their gotta be good news for our casting man Walter Carper baseball glove so that following enjoys the sport... Charles Town Kiwanis Club a "Big Shoot" Saturday on the range at the League near Lee- all indications are that be one of the biggest of this kind to be staged County. from all parts tri-state area of Maryland, and West Virginia will in a variety of shooting for a host of great prizes. expected that the trap- event will be a most one. And with such shooting there may the n~eting some throwing and other limber[rig up drills can be be a need for shooting off "ties," and using back-up men. Turkeys, hams and some cash prizes will be awarded the win- ners at the conclusion of the events. There will also be refreshments available and this event should have the real outing atmosphere, the first big one of the 1966 Spring season. Kiwanians Carl Benton and Emery Kable will have club mere bers lined up to serve so that everyone's needs will be taken care of. The profits from the pro- ject will be used by the Kiwan- ians in their youth work projects. conducted. At least six teams will partici- pate in league play this season according to all indications pre- valent at the organizational meet ing of the league held recently The teams that indicated at that meeting an interest in league participation in addition to Char- les Town were: Leetown, Sleepy Creek, Tomahawk, Great Cacapon and Shepherdstown. At the organizational meeting Thoroughbred Racing's Back at Shenandoah WORLD'S BI66EST SELLER Miller Try the lxdtinll ubb The runner= are back at Shenandoah, and that mean~ the Twln Double's back in town. Go Shenandoah tonlght for more racing fun. *UTHORtZEO OEALER Auto Sales Miles South On Rt. 522) -- WINCHESTER, VA. _ 0NDA 50cc CUB -- (To Be Given Away F-R-E-E) In And Register Between March 1 -- April 30 (Must Be 15 Years Old or Older To Register) ~OURS --. 8 A. M. TO 8 P. M. --- Monday Thru Friday ou.~e$ tOWN, WE~ V/emL4 Saturday -- 8 A. M. TO 6 P. 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