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March 24, 1966     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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March 24, 1966

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] Hardly Worth U +e,oo ,o+ O o .ooe,v,no, - " .... every week. The news about our Jer, presented a very interesting rHTTR T]AV MAR~t~ 94 l qan native county is read with a great / lesson on "The Family Looks At ......... ' ............ ' ...... deal of interest. ]Highway Safety." Give ,our best to Don, June, J Mrs. Hugh Via gave a short with the work of Alcoholics An-I DEDICATION SERVIC~ " k r ' " " " " ...... PUBLISHED EVERY THURSDAY S eet , Winston, BIII,Slug ,]talk on our West Vzrglma Col- onoymous,, commencing with[ LEETOWN CHURCH SUN~ ....... Cedar and the otherson your lieges, what the Church can learn from] Dedication services wili bel BY THE JEFFERSON PUBLISHING CO.~ INC. J I staff. We enjoy the results of] Committee Chairmen reported this organization and follow]nil at 2'00 p m on Sunday, The Ti~.ers are h~re in f,,ll/rh~nm~. ~.~i~A~n +h~ .~.~,..~ through with the varlous aspects J 7th, at the Leetown Metl~. 210 North George Street-Charles Town, W. VL [ H By Henx7 W. Morrow Illenti0n their efforts, on the various committees Mrs ~ 2 " ' " ...... /o ....... "'~_, _ ~" "1 "~;'~'~'~. ;'".?;'~'.~'~.~"~ ""~"~.~: of the problems of alcoholism. ] Church. The public is cortll [ WH T'II [thIs ~natin~s disastrus fl'irt ~u,~e ~o oprmg an, goou weamer / ot me bmo W0rK ~nops on fiats ..... / invited to attend Zip Code 25414 should be just around the corner.[to be heid Friday, March 18, at llne program may oe nears| " ------' .......... .... ' They have all of their farm teams| 7:30 p.m. each morning commencing Marcn/ FRIENDLY CLASS TO here as well as the Tigers and| Mrs. Calvin Fleming Secretary 28 and running through April 2| MEET MONDAY AT ?:$ S liEID :BY MORE THA.N 22,500 PEOPLE I ERE Or WHEN; PAR at]on thaatemakTel~e a large number of]is a patient at the 7~inchester at 7:55 a.m. | The Friendly Class of the h82 Postag~ P&id At Charle~ Town Posto I Writin in this column last]withMcCarthyism It is the same eeond C ffice g " v J ... ~ -,,~ s~,,,~ -, "'~'3/memormt l-iospi~ai, ano we wish /bury Methodist Church w" J Week the thou ht was su ested sort of thinking that led to our .... + ............... dl ' g gg d " . . new staumm is mls Samraay with| her a speedy recovery ...................... + | Monday, March 28, at 7:30 P NATIONAL NEWSPAPER ]that the violence and revolution ebacle tn the Dommman Repub- afoot in the world today has its|lic, and to our misadventures in the Twins. .. | Delicious refreshments were [~ |O ~H~|~ ~|JN~AY | at the home of Mrs Jean 1 [ ~=~[=~r~ ~ ~ j A~ /~t~lrl~N [ roots, its basis, its foundation,[ the Congo. ... ~est to al!| served and Secret Pal gifts were .................... /hood Samue, .qt in the historically established[ I am convinced that the biggest ~nirley xiunt[ exchanged ..... fact that change is inevitable and] single flaw in American foreign /=i=* '*['Trgiv 'J -I ", -" " ' " that the nature of the change .... ]policy sine World War II is and P0~t~J ~~$~ ~MAX whether it is to be revolutionary [has been American support of 6o Int0H.gher ratesEffedfor SalardaYthefive spec-| ] teA. I..i~ ..... C..,.,J... -~:: ~ ......... -'(" or evolutionary-.depends largelyI both existing and new govern- BROWN, General Manager Ion the presence or absence ofI ments long after those govern- Hecessary" Sermon DON R~, News Editor -- HENRY MORROW, Assoc. Editor / stabilizing forces. That is to say, J ments, both old and new, have . / where there is a middle class]ceased to merit the label: "the | National Advertising Representative, American t with an attendant vested inter-lrepresentative government." T.he ial serviceS offered under the] IUI LUI|It~|0H~ .IUflUG~ I "" '~'~'~'~"~"~'"'~'--1~ ~::~ A |Jr- Postoffice's Postal system will go| .... I D AI & I Newspaper Representatives, Inc., 404 Fifth Ave. New York | est in not allowing change to pro-I sorry, sorry fact is that in Asia, into effect Sunday. | Forgiveness Is Necessary, I RDSIICll I ceed too rapidly, the process is]in Africa, in Latin America, we~'~'i~i ~/~~e h:P~f ~:3~h+ LOOte~ ~hoWm+:t f,,.~t/Wtll be theitserm~n tomt c SlsoUndav ~llt ttl~nl~ ~P _ .y,_LWl_,_ l~~ol~l! Detroit . c~eago . Allanta . San Frallelseo - Los Angeles / evolutionary. Where there is no|have unwittingly promoted com- middle class, where society is|munism by supporting every- W divided between a very few] thing that was anti-communism SUBSCRIPTION $4.00 Per Yr., Plus 12ts. W. Vs. Tax /,,haves,, and an overwhelming[without regard to whether it was thereby cuts dent in the annual] Monday by the Rev. Richard NealJ IJIrtDl'd"tiM l'~_llen_e ! majority of "have-nots," the re-|also "pro-gootl.' And in doing For Business, News or Adverting Departments [suit is revolution. This is what/this we do not ~necessarily sup- $60-million deficit now being reg-| the pastor. Nursery held during] _~VJ[~ 1 V J|~ | V UUV||~ | istered by the postal service, l worslaip for pre-scnool children. J ..q~l~ - L 1~ | DIAL 725-2046 or 725 2047 is going on in the trouble spots| port the right side; we simply Money order, registry and c.o.| Sunday Church School at 9:45 ~]~ ~ ~ ~ ]~ ~I~ | of the world today and Vietnam|support the lesser of two evils, d. fees will go up for the first|a. m. for adults, young men andI ~s~l~[,~_~.~_~J .,~ |~ ..... J~...~- .... "| THURSDAY, MARCH 24, 1966 | is no exception. [ This is what worries me about time since 1961. The last previous| women, and children; James E.i V V II'll~ |,., FOR ~ZClIA~n.I.IIO | Our trouble in Vietnam is not lthe elections we have belatedly fee increases for insurance and| Brand, Superintendent. Social |wm~ :urp~n=no~ D0 ~0 ]that we are nt aligned with the ]decided t spnsr and supprt certified mail were in 1957"| | Ministry cmmittee meets at the I ' HOW ES YOUR PERff tOOK? wrong principle. Our problem is in Vietnam. Vice President The fee for domestic and inter.| parsonage at 3:00 p. m. Seniorl . that we are aligned with the lHumphrey eagerly looks forward national money orders will be in-| Luther League meets at the par- We are indebted to a friend ours for the story about a| wrong peopm. At first blush, this I to an election in Vietnam, and fellow who was suddenly called 6n, at a public gathering, to| wou!d suggest to the less per- [ happily states that the Commun- creasedThe minimumbY 5 centS.fee bracket for|/"Sa.ySnageNothingat 5:00To p'Nom';One.''prgramInter- I" I " - llMM/m&mm=m'"i~ ceptlve that we are aligned with[ists have never won an election postal insurance will be increased| medmte Luther League meets atI i ILIUlII ILL.~I~ ~U1 1 l-1 get up and say a few words about Hong Kong. It was part of| the wrong side and that therefore [ yet. This is true But does it from $10 to $15, with a minimum[church at 6:30 p. m. Lenten Ves- [ a public speaking traimng program designed to teach people[ we should either get out of Viet-[ follow that we wili win the elect- insurance fee of 20 cents instead[ pets on Wednesday at 7:30 p. m. [ PHONE 725-2002 CHARLES TOWN, W. VAo totalk, on a second s notice, about any subject that happened[ nam, or, heaven forbid, support [ ion? Superficially it would so ap- of a dime Above .~20 the fee will] Children's choir practice on Fri- to come to mind. The respondent, in our opinion, met the[ me wetcong, t~Ut noming couiu I pear. But unless a zenuinelv Don- be 30 cents; above $50, 40 cents;[ eday at 4:00 p. m. Catechism class-| ~ i~~ situation Vith rare brilliance. Knowing absolutely nothng[ be. further from the truth. The[ular government is instaliel "it above $100, 50 cents, and above] s meet at the parsonage on Sat-J about Hong Kong, he slowly rose to his feet and said that he[ point I am trying to make here | will be a cheap and worthless $150, 60 cents. | urday at 9:00, 10:00 and 11:00 a. 1 !~ I ~ ~' U ~ ~I~ never heard the words Hong Kong but that he didn't think| is that there are hot two, but I victory, because without some The present registry fees of 60| m. I D | I~ | I1 'U A | of Singapore (he having had some knowledge,jar least, about| three sides to the yietnamese~measure of popular support no and 75 cents will be combined[ -- [ - ......... the latter subject) and thereupon proceeded tO deliver a five| proolem. The first szde is the] government, not even an elected into a single 75-cent fee for val-[ I+IIRI II= MI'IIo It ] __~ Vietcong, which is Communist]one, can long endure This is ues up to $100. Registry fees for| ~n.un mzu$ u,nnuu~,u m~ | iW,~,/llli~ minute extemporaneous speech on Sin Tapore. /controlled; the second side is the lquite a different thing'from say- articles at more than $100 will|,, , un Ro , ,, I "~'~,,J~'~_-~' ~ J So it is with us as we prepare to write a few words about] existing government of South]aug we will have to get more remain unchanged. | nm wnen recycle Me ~ i~~Im YAm National Wildlife Week. There are so many "national weeks"[ Vietnam which is only right to I votes than the Vietcong. We need The fee for certified mail will| ] ~, ~r--~ j, __j, in these times that many of them pass Us by without us ever/ the extent that it is less wrong J more than that. We need enough be increased from 20 cents for|e +DiAl.,., W|I t%,= I [ having known they were upon us. But when we are reminded| than the Yietcong. And the third I votes to be able to say that the each item to 30 cents. | Ii~ I! UIII~ 11113 bill [ | ~ ~ Ai,/.. ~ "Jr that this is National Wildlife Week we immediately .thing of| side is the side that represents] hopes and aspirations of the the surrounding country side, and the thought prompts the/the hopes and aspirations of the[people are behind the electedat-cent'^And thence oracKetsPresent 40-centfor c. o.and|o.~. Cliff_ Rav~ Miller, Routo.. 1, ,~-,'-'/c'+'" I I~...~~~lll~ll~ people for a new and more equit. | representatives. For while it is .... | les Town, sustained minor in-[ conviction and the conviction prompts the observation that| able social order. Where we have I true that the present government mml will be combined Into one . 0 [ Jjurms about 4 30 Sunday after 60-cent bracket for amounts up : " ,,r 6th Year In Charles Town our surrounding country side, urban and rural, leaves much| allowed the boat to leave us is|in South Vietnam is more pop- to $10, with no chanue in fees noon while riding his bicycle n to be desired insofar as the preservation of natural and art]-| in permitting ourselves to believe | ular in South Vietnam than the covering items valuel at more| Secondary highway 15, in Jeffer- [ ficial beauty are concerned. Every property owner or tenant| that simply because the govern- J Vietcong, it is by no means true than $10 | soe.~oun~y_ . _ I YOU ARE INVr'PPr Tn could well ask himself what he is doing or has done lately,| ment of South Vietnam opposes|that some other alternative is " | unarles Town State Trooper] ...... or plans to do concerning what we will call, for want of a| the Vietcong it becomes, ipsolnot in the hearts and minds of . . . p . |Tommy Ward, said Samuel C.] better phrase, property maintenance. Lets face it: the natural| facto, the "right" side. It is this I the people. And the unrest will Anorew J. I'oro !Shade, Jr., of Shepherdstown, re- i ~ ~ ~ and structural beauty of jefferson County is not without[ sort of weary and tired thinkinglcontinue as long as this is true. /ported he was driving his car ~il ~ ~.-~r/~, ~+11~-~ blemish, the complexion i,s far from good. The days are | that has plagued the governments [ That is why we cannot look to F0zmtJ Dt~s~ A~ ~ | West on the highway and just as ~ t ~ R ,[ IV ~[ ~ | ~ Jl of the Free World for years. It islthe elections in South Vietnam 111111 ~Uta #41I he started to pass the boy on the i II ~ ~ i getting longer. | this sort of weary and shallow[to solve anything of any great - + |bicycle, the youth swerved the . Monday was the first day of Spring. Both the country side| thinking that was responsible for I consequence. H Iml In llan n |bicycle into the side of his car. and its residents could use the few extra hours of daylight| ..,-.,.,, .....u..~,,.. |The youth was taken to Charles In I[| ~=l 'll|l~ J i~ I~ 1 itl~' ~ Town General Hospital, following togreat advantage. Not only would our natural and structural| HeMth Department, and Ernest ships and grants-in-aid and how Funeral services were held th s| ....... ill [| Jl I |][ | |W the accment ant aumltted Id II beauty be enhanced and benefitted. So would those who re-| Houser and Mike P!ttinger of the to obtain loans. It also explains morning (Thursday) from the . I l ~r III | Mill |II ceived the therapy of good, clean outdoor work. | Volunteer Firemen s Association the w0rk-study programs offered Melvin T. Strider Colonial Funer-, treatment.. . .' . + \ + Who discussed "FiFe Prevention.'L ,]!~+ many college. . al Home in Ranson, for Andrew~ The accioen~ is still unoer in- ~,,,~,,~ r~ ~a~r ,_ ,-,~^ =~,~-.+~,,r -r,., -.~. ~L vest] ahon O.tJ r. tel. m v.uu r. vl. rlilay ~I~'IU; The demonstration was to teach " G. L. Shumaker stated that, "If Jackson Ford, 33, of Marshall g ................... some of the basic facts about fire the People Bank of Charles Town St, Ranson, who was found dead i I ' ) its use, and control, Two of our,,thrugh its sponsorshipg, of this 6in his one-room apartment about Work Of Alcoholics ty It most valuable servants, petrol- What About College Booklet p. m Monday evening. The Rev. eum products and electricity, can helps to influence a single stu- Russell Urquhart, pastor of the] (FOR EVERYONE) be involved in causing a tragic dent to enrich himself in higher Charles Town Baptist Church,] An0nynl011$ Subj~t Of fire when misused, learning, it will more than justify officiated. Burial was made in J The highlight of the monthly ldldate from the Charles Town The size of the wire in an ele-our sponsorship." Pleasant View Memory Gardensl Broadcast Next Week LOOK TO ....... meeting of the Jefferson County ldistrict; who urged an enriched ctrical circuit determines how Donald K. Mickey, Coordinator near Martinsburg. 1 Republican Club held Thursday|curriculum, an active health pro- much current the wire will safely Testing and Guidance Services of Charles Town State Trooper l Due to a popular demand for _ .. J evening, March 17, in the Funl~.jgram, a driver education program carry. An excessive flow of cur- Jefferson County is in charge of M. M. Davisson said Ford dietl of| houser Building auditorium in |greater safety on school buses, rent through any size wire can the distribution of the What a self-inflicted gunshot wound in la "repeat broadcast," the Char. ~' - -" ~1 Ranson, was the appearance of land other policy matters. . cause incandescence, or even About College?" booklets, the chest. Dr. Mildred Williams, lles Town radio station, WXVA, ~ ,, ..- ~ ~ - will rebroadcast next week, on ~'~'~ f~ ~ ttarvey ~ercneval, of Summi~ the various candidates for the ]Point ca -'- t " ._ -= _. melt the conductor or set fire to This is the second project the Jefferson County coroner, who] fe , a nmaa e from me l~aole a series of six separate broad- 7 I~ ~ I~ I~ ~ ~ ~1 Jef. rson County Board of Edu-ltown district, stressed the rmed any combustible materials near Peoples Bank of Charles WOWnl was called to the ~cene, pro-| its Morning Devotions program, J ~ ~ jr ~ ] canon oezore me group to sta~e I for vocationa~ train]n+, Pla.~o+r re- by. A fuse or circuit breaker has has developed to be of service to|ounced Ford dead as a result Of|casts dealing with the problem ~~~ their positions on the county's a 1 s """ ee o,- .... nd Jl t'on hip betw n the board a been placed in each circuit to the schools. The People Bank of]the gunshot wound. I check the excessive flow of cur- Charles Town also makes a schol-| The deceased was born in Ran. | of Alcoholism. -" " I II arshi~a available to some outstand I son, JanUary 13, 1933, a Son of } The program was first present- +t~tlh~D~r L-+o +'t~n~zr~,T or~r~,l~rS thoughtseducatinalon systemhow, theand systemtheir J| teachers,Dr. HirametC" Sizemore, a candi-" The fuse is a kind of safety ing senior student planning to I Richard Lee Ford, and the late J ed over WXVA last month by the ~L]ll~klt+lJ.lUdO "l~J~/ Jill ~lq.JI~l~J might be Improved upon. [date from the Shepherdstown dis- Average household circuits are attend Shepherd College. I Mary Liela Walker Ford. He was I Reverend George Hunter, pastor Alwa s FREE PA 'KIN ............. The first to speak was William |trict, a medical doctor in Shep- designed for fifteen amphere fus- |but was self-employed. He was J inn Church. It deals principally I I I I I I I J. Brown, former principal of|herdstown, favored a vocational J a carpenters helper by trade, Iof the Shepherdstown Presbyter- Y ~ t~ ~or t~t~t#~v~,.~ Charles Town High School, can. | school, declared the existinggereS andampherethe practiCeone Ofor usingputtinga lar-a , _,.,~.,,,., ~ ~a veteran of the Korean War. I ' :: ]school system to be deficient in penny behind a blown fuse is I LZ'II@K~ ~! I Surviving in addition to his| " ~J~K~ ~~'~'z''~'~"~~ " I -== :_T.:-- IP-all LI |father are five sisters--Mrs. Mary | Bidck~ ~00~0ff I |mathematics, chemistry and bio- just asking for a fire to start. | TD TII| It,J] III I L. Cotta, Mrs. Sadie Wood, Mrs. I ~,,|qq|~~. : I /local administration of the school/lgy He also called for strong ors which cannot be seen but canPetrleum products emit yap- |_---_:---- ~1 iMargaret Stottlemyer, Mrs. Clare l null Illuu|~ I|1~~ I I0||~1~" e ~|| ~- exlPa I eOITORI-- | , IE Barb and Mrs Ellen M Ruff-I 9 V t2,382 in cash? _=l[W I I,system, rejection of encroach-explodewithagreatdealofforce, i ....... I m=== | I Iher, all of Ranson; and four| /ment fnto the schools on the part One gallon of gasoline has the ' --'-'-- Ibrothers---Henry E., Charles C.,I ,i A new list every week from nowuntilMarch31st.429firstprizes.=: I - - I /of the State and Federal Govern- explosive forces of thirty sticks I Frederick C., and Melvin E. Ford / |H | | | ;| /ment; and he proposed consider- of dynamite. ! [--' - " J |at]on of more male teachers in Martinsburg. W. Va.]also all of Ranson. ~ J 21645 2N72 2W65 3A52 3G68 3U51 41635 4E65 4565 554 612 854A | /the county schools; the establish- When using petroleum pro- March 21, 19661 j I 21735 2N74 2W76 3A53 3J1 3U52 41645 41=664S67 563 6J5 862K I I 21835 2N762Y87 3A54 3J54 3U53 41735 4E674S76 564 6J6 863D ! ", i,= J |ment of a subsidy or dependency ducts, exercise a great deal of, Mr. Henry Morrow , ] Poflce Re-'* I I 2D51 2N78 2Z52 3A61 3J57 3U54+ 41745 4E68 4U52 572 6K5 863W I l! +il lallowance for mare teachers to caution. Do not use these pro- Associate Editor I pVII I I1~11 I I 2052 2R32 2Z63 3A62 3J62 3U61 41835 4E69 4U53 621C 6K6 864L I __. r - J |keep them in the county, ducts in a closed room or store Spirit of Jefferson-Advocate I _ ~ .o ] | 2D6l 2R42 2Z76 3D64 3376 3U62 41845 4E76 4U54 622W 762S 864P I / Leo Widmyer, incumbent memthem in rms with heaters or Chareus Tow W. Va. I Of Cement MIxer, t ||2D622R47308373D723K12D65 3W5245335 4134U61625M7J5 874MI electricial appliances. +.~,,1 ++.n, 2S52 31745 3D76 3N43 3W53 45435 4J5 4U62 625W 7J,6 884K | | 2E52 2S63 31835 3D74 3N47 3W64 45635 4J65 4W65 626K 7K5 884S | /ber of the board from the Harp- After a question and answer We await your further / I 2E63 2S76 31845 3D78 3N62 3W68 462 ~tJ67 4W67 628A 7K6 894~ I I 2E76 2U26 362 3E51 3N63 3W72 4A51 4J72 4W76 632M BO4M 811 I |ers Ferry District, advocated voca period the meeting wds closed merits on past revolutions, peace-| Mi~gil~ill~ ~ L|II~|||I~| | 2G71 2U63 362L 3E54 3N65 3W74 4A52 4J74 4Z60 635K 804P 818 | |tional training; stressed the im- and all present l'etiPed to the _ ~ = - - _ -| ',portance of visitations to thr lunchroom for refreshm, ents. ful evolutions,h If and ehWrldt help I Charles Town- State -Pohce I I 2G72 2U64 362W 3E57 3N69 3W76 4A53 4J76 4Z65 636W 814B 8J5 I --- :- _ _ =] lschOols by board members; point, the ot er haof th wo . | .... " t I 2G74 2U67 363 3E62 3R38 3W78 4A54 4J78 4Z66 638C 814C 8K5 I led to the need for a better gui. ~! v erfe are investigating a breaking and Do you think the abo e p ct| + j I 2G76 2u69 363P 3E76 3R42 3Y87 4A61 4K5 4Z67 639A 814P 9621:) I I 2G78 2W51 364 3G60 3R48 3Z51 4A62 4N5t 4Z68 639C ~24B 963S I Peoples Ba T0 Offer plum of American WASP middle-]entering and also the theft of a/1 2J52 2w52 372 3G63 3R49 3Z53 4A65 4R38 4Z69 66+, 824K ,14 I -=--= -- ,. - ] |dance program and a greatly im- cement mlxer ~~~~~1~~ IlPrveti academic prgram'Ernest Dandridge, former Page Booklet 0u|lid. class respectability (and middle| m ~" :. ..... / I 2J63 2w61 373 3G64 3S49 3Z68 4E60 4R43 4Z76 663A 834~ AJ4 | ~rs ~teva wieners reporml on I 2J76 2W62 374 3G66 3S62 '3Z76 4E62 4R47 552 663K 834D AK4 | .....n= + Income,i, 'hell aboutt)theglVeSrestaoftgdhe wht / ,,orld| ~v~onclay'" to State. Pohce~t that a ]1 J 2N71 2W63 3A51 3G67 3576 415454E67 4R48 553 664 844C BI4 tJ ~~ll~l~+i~Im |JackSOnat least aHighMaster'sPrincipal of Charles ,. ..... if you take a minute to check + that is starving~ Take a noll a-/vacant farm house which she| =~ - ~ ~ ~ _ " [ [ Town and a candidate from the mong tllem an~l" try to come up [ owns and is lochted on Secondary 1 +-- _ --__ - ] I Charles Town district, called for College Problems wilh ~ low fnrfhi .... r fo,-IRoUte 19, was broken into and -- :- = - 1 I degree require ~,"~-';+'~.~,,"-n'*'~,;;';~,,~ / damaged by vandalism Entrance t L I ment for all school super]uteri- A 32-page booklet designed to Son they are living just the/ ome house was via the breaking] our liSt Vlilllf winning velilcI6 Whether+,11 ad oininltS a~5oeWacreaCreSfarm,Or J dentS;school; aa betterVCati0nalguidancetrainingro, answer the questions of high way they want it. And come hell[of a window. I J g I p I school ~udents and their parents or high water you ain t gonna| ...... Report was also. ........ made to the I lU lm numbePS my i:~,~ ~oai~ ~ r~,~,, +~ ~,,~. I gram of remedial reading; and a .................. ~ .... t,- "et |about college is being made avail Phnn,,= +ham mister For,,et a /~ate t'once oI me tnett ot a j ply .... the moneyy0u neea--.,, libtheterstudentsSChls safety program forl ablet to Jefferson County schools bout middle classes as far aslcement.,m~xer owned by Mallott | You I ho,n,. ......... ..................... "+ lland Brlc,er, a masonry contract-] know how it leels this -oek when need it. ,. ins a community service of the IP C . - I Peoples Bank of Charles Town "'~knvwav"we"~hal, devour v,,,~lor of Mercersburg Pa., from the ]Fire Prevenhon lit was announced today by Mr. c in site of a new church bulldmg choice epistle of the om" g edit. ' ! ~U m G. L. Shumaker, Cashier. ~I~a!~P~N ~~ ih -- _ ] This booklet titled "What ion lconstruction Dn State Route 45, . l rr0gram Prem.te