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March 23, 1978     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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March 23, 1978

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2 SPIRIT OF JEFFERSON Farmer's ADVOCATE THURSDAY, MARCH 23, 1978 Good (Holy) Friday For Christians, Good Friday is an especially nostalgic, or sad day. It is the day Jesus was crucified, according to the records. And whether one belongs to this or that church, or any church, it is one of the major days of history. Even for those who doubt the miracles, the life of Jesus is greatly admired, and his teachings generally respected and admired. For those millions of faithful, Good Friday, or Holy Friday, which seems a better name for it, is a painful day of faithful observance. It is ,shortly followed by the glorious Christian Easter, of course, when Jesus, according to St. Matthew's gospel, rose from his grave. That gives Good Friday, the Anglo-Saxons called it Long Friday, a happy outcome, one upon which the world of Christians has long based its faith. The Easter weekend is, therefore, a logical, appropriate time to recall and study the life and teachings of Jesus. Easter, 1978 Easter, the principal ecclesiastical event of the year, gets its name from Eostre, a Teutonic goddess, whose festival was celebrated in the spring. Her name was given to the Christian festival, as it was she, according to legend, who opened the portals of Valhalla to receive the White God and Sun God, representing purity and light. The Christian observance, this year on the 26th, is a symbol of the Resurrection, and intertwined with many religious customs and observances, some dating back hundreds of years before the time of Jesus Christ. The Easter Egg became associated with Easter because eggs were forbidden to be eaten during Lent and on Easter Sunday they were traditionally served. The Easter egg though, dates back to the Egyptians and Persians, and also the Greeks and Romans, who ate eggs annually in the spring festivals.. In any event, it's appropriate that Easter comes in the spring, when the renewal of life is so apparent. Sunrise services in our churches -- an observance of recent origin in most churches -- symbolize the Resurrection at sunrise. This practice is observed in practically all churches today as a symbol of hope, inspiration and faith. The Message Of March There's something about the days of March which moves even cynical newsmen. Whether it's the new life and green of another year, the first southern winds, the longer days, the different shading of the sun's light or baseball, or even the first lightweight dresses  cutp young things -- March stirs the nostalgia of bthersprings. March ushers in springtime flowers and showers; it is a forerunner of summer, school holidays and vacations -- now being a good time to plan 1978's holiday. It's the last month, until October, when nights average longer than days. It's then goodbye to winter and welcome to another spring and coming summer, with their long days, short nights and hot weather. DEFEAT IN ITALY Official Publication of Jefferson County -- Established 1844 -- EDITORIALS,/OPINIONS MAX BROWN- Editor DON RENTCH. News Editor LETTERS TO THE EDITOR, ,I TOLL ON PRESIDENT Editor Spirit of Jefferson Charles Town, W. Va. Dear Max: It has always been known that the Presidency of this Country takes an awful toll on the one who is President but one now only needs to watch T.V. to see how quickly that can take place when frustration enters into the picture. Last year we saw an ever smiling Young Couple walking down Pennsylvania Avenue at a good clip and we saw the crowds returning the smiles and we hoped that finally all the "gates" through which so much had passed that affected the "Economic and Moral Facts" of all our lives in some manner or other, were finally closed and that now we could get hack on.the road to better things. Today, we see that same young couple with less smiles, age and worry lines deepening, and eyes that are not smiling as much so that the faces now look steely and hard I And the Bigger and Bigger are the problems we face and are asked to solve in a "reasoned way" after we have considered all the facts that have been given us in which to do this. Unfortunately this cannot be done for the "facts" belie any possible "reasoned approach in -their favor". This has been a very rough Winter for a part of our population who have never had it any other way and who unfortunately are not apt to gain much in this line by the only neans they have at their disal and that iS a Strike! It s gon on too long and has affected all of us and continues now to do so but with even more disruption of all of our lives and our total Economy. Thus, too, must our sympathy turn elsewhere in equal amounts, The second fact that is to be taken out of the "rumor" stage by careful "explanation" is still "a fact" but it cannot be said to have been taken anywhere where Reason can apply to its solution! Reason says "NO on all Counts!" We are asked to give away a Canal that is supposedly indefensible and of no use since big ships cannot get through, and yet we all watched the biggest ship still afloat, sail through it - albeit with careful guidance needed and much breath holding on the part of those watching both on board the ship and those watching on T.V. But the Queen E. III royally proceeded to send that reason out the window! Now we still very much being asked to accept yet another fact. Along with this gift we are being asked to provide the money necessary for others to operate it and alsowe are telling them that : even though it is too small for our big ships to go through, we would like them to allow us to he the first ones there to defend it for them in case they are threatened. Who in the world could refuse such largesse? But who will be the first ones asked to go to its defense? Our hale and hearty young men who, as yet, are still out of jail since they have not become users of the very drugs we are trying so hard to stop from coming into this country -- so much so that we pay other i countries not to produce the substance that makes it possible to make these drugs ever in- creasingly more powerful? And our poor Johnny in School, very often cannot read or write and is so rejected by Society that he loses interest and turns for some relief - if only temporarily to those very drugs. And yet Panama has a member of its governing family whose main mome is from drug traffic, and:. hi brother, the leader of ta( country; says that private business of his brother or anyone else is really not anything he can really "control". Dreams, in the light of day sometime stand up and can very often be partly, if not all the way, made to work but nightmares never can! Nor, always, can they be forgotten. This is also a fact. And thus the Panama Canal, since we are asked to consider all the facts in the matter so that we can reasonably accept the Treaties is not even a dream, it is just a plain nightmare and should he treated as such so that we can quickly proceed very quickly, to really take care of the problems whose solution will benefit us all and really be based on "Reasoned Facts"! Sincerely, Betty Smith Ben Lea Box 535 Charles Town, W. Va. Dear Sir, Was it the beginning of the end of U.S. sovereignty over the American Canal when those senators voted last week as Article IV, Section 3, paragraph 2 of the Constitution which states: "The Congress shall have the power to dispose of and make all needful rules and ..regulations respecting the territory and other property belonging to the United States..." The Congress is, as you know, the Senate and the House of Representatives. What can we do? We can deluge Harley Staggers with letters asking him to go to the well and sign .the discharge petition, so that the resolution will be brought before the entire House instead of remaining bottled up in committee. If you have relatives or friends in other districts or in other states, write them urging them to ask their congressmen to go to i the well and sign the discharge petition on the Hansen Resolution. Members of the House dare not be so contemptuous of their constituents as are some of the Senators. After all, they are elected every two years and know that to keep their well paying job they must represent the people, and the people want to keep the Canal. We can't give up -- that's what the give-away proponents want. They plan to wear us out. But keeping control of the Canal is so desperately important that we must continue to fight. Sen. Paul Laxalt said there had been 170 hours of debate about the Canal on the Senate floor. If the Senators who are trying to carry out the will of the American people instead of the wishes of the president can endure 170 hours of debate, surely we can put forth more effort to persuade Staggers to sign that discharge petition. ,/. LelaGardnr Shepherd "Professor Co-Authors New Book Dr. Joe Manjone, Associate Professor of Recreation at Shepherd College, is the co- author of a book that was recently published and released for sale. Manjone's book titled, "Co-Rec Intramural Sports Handbook", deals with the many implications of a new trend in our society -- men and women competing together and against each other in sports. This tiook is the first one written that is devoted totally to this subject. The book is the product of more than seven years of research by Dr. Manjone and Dr. Robert Bowen, Professor of Physical Education at the University of Georgia. It was published by Leisure Press, Inc., of Cornwall, New York. Dr. Manjone is in his first year at Shepherd College, where he teaches recreation and super- vises the recreation intern program. Previously, he has served on the faculties of Penn State, Georgia, and Lander College, South Carolina. In addition, he has worked as a i ii News Of Other Years For the first time since 1947, before the Marshal Plan saved western Europe from chaos and presumably Communism, communist leaders have county and surrounding areas. been included in the coalition Italian Government. MARRIED: Miss Doris This follows a serious public relations mistake in Gregory, of Martinsburg, and Milton Rouss Boyd, of the U.S. State Department, which only recently Washington, D.C.; Miss Shirley issued a strong warning against this very eventuality M. Sinai/wood, of Charles Town. -- a warning which gave Italian Communists a and A-3c Larry L. Watson, of rallying cry against outside, American dictation to Harpers Ferry; Mrs. Bertha L. Henretty, of Berryville, Va., and Italy. Mr. Guy Henretty, of Charles The inclusion of Communists in the Italian coalition Town. raises serious questions for the United States and all Miss Daphne Fairhanks, 18- NATO countries. As a member of NATO, the Italians year-old daughter of Mr. and have access to defense, supply and weapons plans of Mrs. Douglas Fairbanks, Jr., of Los Angeles and London, is that organization, the security of which is now named 31st Shenandoah Apple perhaps jeopardized, though ruling Christian Blossom Queen. Democrats hope barring Communists from cabinet 30--YEARS AGO--30 posts avoids such risks. Charlqs Town High School's "Ricochet" wins select honors in Ill , , ,, , , the state cor0petition. Miss Betty Lou Henshaw" is elected president of the Home SL illness; Sherry Lynn Hayes, infant daughter of Maynard Phillip and Lorraine Foster Hayes, of Middleway, fails to survive birth in the Charles Town hospital: Mr. Rufus Thomas, 75, of Rippon, dies at his home. The Charles Town High Panther cagers, who finished 2rid in the State Class-AA tournament in Charleston, had two players, Paul Johnson and Larry Carr, named to the All- Tournament team. For the 4th time in its long and colorful history, John Brown's 10 -- YEARS AGO -- 10 The Charles Town General Hospital is once again the recipient of a sizeable bequest of $100,000.00, which the late Raymond J. Funkhouser, Ransom industrialist and banker, sets up in a trust fund, with the income from it to he used by the Hospital's Board of Managers as they desire. Dr. Oliver S. Ikenberry president of Shepherd College, announces his wish to retire as president of the college, but to continue as a professor of education at Shepherd. Council. at Madison College in Harrisonburg, Va., in campus elections. The Page Jackson High School in Charles Town, is badly damaged by fire. MARRIED: Mrs. LeOla Cross of Harpers Ferry, and Mr. Oliver Danner, of Hamilton, Va. DEATHS: Rufus Jackson Pierce, native of Clarke Co.. Va., dies at the home of his brother- in-law, William Psillas, in Charles Town: Miss Frances F. Hesser dies at Windber, Pa.; Mrs. Mary C. Shugart, of Berryville, Va., dies in the Winchester Memorial Hospital; Lucy Jones Yates dies at her home in Rippon: Mrs. Anne DEATHS: Mr. Kenneth Nelson Feltner, 46, of Charles Town, dies at the Baker V.A. Center near Martinsburg, following a lengthy illness; Mrs. Kenneth E. "Margaret" Knode, 60, of Shepherdstown, dies in the George Washington Hospital in Washington, D.C.: Mr. Jesse Carson Lawson. 80, of Ranson, dies in the King's Daughters Hospital in Martinsburg; Mr. Willis Woodrow Hough, 48, of Bolivar, dies in the Baker V.A. Center. following a long illness ;" Mr. James Madison Fields, 73, well-knownjetired farmer of Neersville, Va., dies in the Londoun County Hospital at Leesburg, V.a., following a long Fort is on the move again in McDonald Craighill dies at her Harpers Ferry; this time being home in Millwoud; Mrs. Sarah oved from the campus of E. Hostler dies at her home on Storer College, one of the highest the Big Eddy at the Shenandoah spots in historic Harpers Ferry, down into the valley at Arsenal Square close by where the Potomac and Shenandoah Rivers flow. 20-- YEARS AGO -- 20 Students recently elected to the National Honor Society of Charles Town High School, honored their principal, W. G. Eismon, by naming their group the Gordon Eismon Chapter of the National Honor Society. County communications and power are completely paralyzed by a snow storm that hits the River; Mrs. Gretchen A. Dodson dies at her home in the Jailers residence in Charles Town. 50 -- YEARS AGO -- 50 Congressman Frank L. Bowman recommends the ap- pointment of John W. Irvin as postmaster of Charles Town to succeed Captain H. C. Get- zendanner. DEATHS: Mrs. Evaline Tucker Lucas, dies at Rion Hall; Mrs. Emily Walker Moore, dies at her home in Charles Town; J. P. Sheetz, a native of Shepherdstown, dies in Pilot Grovel 11o. Carter wanted them to vote? regional sPorts director for the I heard the votes when I was at U.S. Army in Europe. The a political meeting in Shepherd College Professor Washington and for a time I received his Doctorate in thought it was the end. Then, Recreation from the University that evening, members of the of Georgia in 1776. House of Representatives and Dr. Manjone has had some senators came to a numerous articles published in reception. And told us there was )rofessional journals and has reason for hope. I think it was Phil Crane who told us about a resolution in- troduced by George Hansen which is co-sponsored by more than half the members of the House of Representatives but which is bottled up in com- mittee. To get it out of com- mittee, so that it can be con- sidered by the entire house, 218 members of the house must sign a discharge petition. been the-featured speaker at many state, national, and in-" ternational sports clinics and workshops. This, however, is his first published book. Dr. Manjone is married to Teresa Moreland, also a former professor at the University of Georgia. Mrs. Manjone is currently employed by the Jefferson County SChool Board as a special education teacher at Harpers Ferry Junior High The resolution? It is a School. The Manjone's reside in resolution to have the House as Heatherfieidwith son'Joey, a 6th well as the Senate vote on the grade student at Shepherdstown Canal issue. Remember 4-3-2, or Elementary School. *" ....... C-%%%-.-%%-: "SPtRIT Of JEFFERSON Farmer's ADVOCATE t ESTABLISHED 7 MAX BROWN DON RENTCH EDITOR.PUBLISHER NEWS EDITOR Published Every Week At The Offices Of The r 4[ JEFFERSON PUBLISHING CO., INC. ] 210 North George Street CHARLES TOWN, W. VA. 25414 " Subscription Prtce: $7.50 Per Year Second Class Postage At U. S. Post Office CHARLES TOWN, W. VA. 25414 Changes of Address, Undeliverable Copies, Orders for Subscriptions and Other Mall Items Are To Be Sent To: P. O. BOX 231 v , WEST wonderful VIRGINIA At last, an election reform bill passed. Secretary of State A. James Manchin said the Elections Felony bill passed by the Senate and finally by the House of Delegates, "is one of the most important pieces of legislation of the last half cen- tury". There are some provisions not all will agree with but in total the bill will indeed serve the best interests of all West Virginians". First off, it makes vote buying and selling a felony and was wntten to make major election reforms. This writer agrees with the Secretary of State. Election maneuvering should be a thing of the past and certainly our state has some bad marks related to certain areas of the state and money spent. The bill provides for political action committees at management and stockholder levels as well as at labor levels. This feature provided prolonged debate but delegates with 100 percent labor voting records supported the bill as being long overdue and much needed. This will be recorded as the only significant bill passed by the legislature that was not related to taxes, appropriations and budget matters. Delegates Harden and Martin were among the 49 Democrats who supported the bill. Delegates Joe Caudle and Bianca James voted against the bill. The Senate served Governor Rockefeller a blow when it failed to confirm four of the governor's appointees. Three were ap- pointees to the Civil Service Commission. Evidently senators were not pleased with the ac- tions of the new commission. This appears to be politically oriented since it is well-known that many of former Governor Moore's employees are still holding second level positions which some DemocratS dislike. The changes made in Civil Service that drew so much at- tention to Governor Rockefeller during his first six months have not satisfied all party members. On the side of the Governor patronage is not as easy as it once was and the courts have made the difference. Among the appointees ap- proved was the re-appointment] of Louden Thompson as racing commissioner. This was the position several Jefferson County persons sought. The legislature finally passed a bill to provide for a more flexible school calendar. Dr. Daniel B. Taylor and the West Virginia Board of Education asked for more local control over the school year. One county lost 21 school days because of weather and the local Board of Education was troubled by the interruption of schooling for its children. It does seem that the local people ought to have more say as to when school might start and when it should end. Report On Recent Session West Virginia Legislature BY BIANCA JAMES The 63rd Legislature ended its regular session March 14 after passing ll8bills of the more than 1500 introduced and so far the Governor has approved 15. Mter much debating and bargaining a million general revenue budget was passed in the early morning hours of March 14. Due to the deplorable road conditions I felt compelled .to vote for the increase of 2 cents per gallon in gasoline and motor vehicle registration fee of an average of $5.00 in every class. This, with the increase of 5 cents a pack of cigarettes will ! generate more than 30 million in the Kanawha Among others dlord and tenant all I would passed, but I making offense, because, many good ding is not good yet! revised. Of course I am j lost the chance to Sunday Racing after all my effortS! that we on the older bill and even the failure to relief for the In all it was exciting and I hope that I'll portunity to serve my own right, assurance and ' HARPERS! dollars for roads. We must forget that we approved millions in road bonds during the previous administration for new highways and now the time has come to A hake sale 25, beginning . Harpers Friendship Fire by the Class of Bolivar Mr. and MrS. from Bluemont, and Mrs. Albert day, Mr. and Mrs. spent Carson and nondale. There will be service UM. Church Wesley Church on 7:30 p.m. Mr. and Mrs. and family of visited his Zombro on Mr. and Mrs. visited Mr. Isherwood in Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Sunday dinner daughter and Mrs. Mervin children in Mr. and pay for repairs on the secondary I Robinson, Mr. roads. Jenkins and Walter Pratber after a visiting Dis sightseeing Mr. 'and, Mrs. and family Md., had his mother, The best spring is that end to The Legislature passed an election reform bill for which in good conscience I could not vote yes, because, it has some good points badly needed in certain parts of the state, it now allows corporations to form political action committees. I am very happy that we passed a bill protecting the Cranberry Wilderness Study Area and prohibiting timbering ROIJNDUP DISCOUNTS Buy before April 30l Get big preseason discounts on hay and forage equipment John Deere Roundup of Come in soon and make a deal on any new equipment described below while the special $195 to $2,600 discounts are available, No waiting for a rebate Plus, no finance charge wilt be im- posed until the first of the month MACHINES 25 and 34 Forage Harvesters; 15A and 16A Rotary Choppers; 336 and 346 Balers; 100 Stack Mover equipment is used in our ready to deal anytime ... portunity to gain these ends April 30 Don't let the away. Come in today up some bargains, DiscO. 1207, 1209. and 1214 Mower/Conditioners: 466 Baler: 35 and 3800 Forage Harvesters; 800 and 830 Windrowers 100 Stack Wagon 200 and 300 Stack Movers 2250. 2270, and 2280 Windrowers 200 Stack Wagon 300 Stack gon 230 Stack Shredder/Feeder Dscount is subject to equipment ava=lability CARLYLE & Route 7 Hamilton, Vo, Phone: 703-338.41 March IMh g 23rd i )!