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Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
Charles Town, West Virginia
March 23, 1961     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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March 23, 1961

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The~ was a large, weather beaten, blacksmith's sholk Nonchalantly cause he had several quilts and ert Renalds and uncle Mr. Victor hoary, yellow farm house, peer- looking into a side of it, which a rather hard, saggy looking pil- M. Osbourn. ly ing out through the green sway- was completely dilapidated, I low at the head of it. While Mo- Mr. and Mrs. Robert Cross and could see an old anvil, a chisel, ther and he held an interesting*daughter Mrs. Granville Mercer Car0 n W~r~ ing tree tops. Upon entering the a couple old wagon wheels, and conversation of his past, I tried i and Miss Sandra Morgan drove to Excellent gate to the yard one couldn't help a large collection of other rusty, to listen and scrutinize every lit- Fort Jackson, S. C. Thursday for noticing the non-painted gate out-of-date tools and items. An- tie detail of the room. their son Private Robert Cross , broken off of.the top hinge lean- other eye absorber was a loosely Beside the couch was a small who will spend a two weeks f~r- entitled An Old Tim- mg almost to me grounu; me oro hanging spouting from the roof pot-bellied stove which I presum lough with them. This is his first by Miss Carolyn Ware of different windows of the shed leading into a cistern ed, served its nurvose in the win- furlough since he has been in the "student at ~..h~.~ on me seconu ann tnlra tloors; at the c~n-- -f '* .... ~" - .... ~ ..... : . o.=v.~.,~ ,.. 0~.... .... ,..~.., ,_.:.._. ,~_ -* =-- -. ter (Keeping him warm in tins-*-,-s. ~won her honors and~'.'1~ ~[u~,~..~,u~_~tff,~,.....t~e I was now stepping around the one corner). In the opposite cur Mrs. Walter Ronemous has ~a., ~cw~, u.cut ~rdu~ ~[.wm~ n been confined to her home with ~ea_ excellent by her through the picket fence and dog when Mother was loudly nor were about a dozen old gu s ...... ,s aaugmer Ol lvir. . . relics which might have been an attack oi virus. Ernest Wa~ -* ~r, ~ slabs of wood lying on the ground knocking on the front door. After .............. T,*~. ~.~...~ ~ ..... ~..~ ~. .... @ , -~ ,,~ *~',-, ~, .... useu in me U1Vll war. ~ome nan~..~ ~...~.,a~. ~...a~.~...a~ .~- own Th- ~--'~-- ~- -as a walkway leading to the por- waiting for a while, footsteps ...... ..... a ~, .... **,,,, ~..,,~... ~,~,., late .....=,.~ ,~ a- ch; and a lazy, sleepy-eyed hound could be heard coming closer to uayonet.s on mum; some nan. a ...... .,, ,: ................. s ..... Whether it's the deed to Charles T. Engle ............. . ...... large circular barrel at the end; very ill in the Charles Town HoB r-Year ...... ;.._... _. ^ flog lying on me trom porch With me uoor. A squeecny floor Knoo ........ i,.~ your house, your port-folio a Jef" V-umme.L ~uc its right ear hanging over the was turned and the door was some were nOODle oarrei ShOt v .... of securities, your insur- f erson County ...... guns; and some I had no idea Sgt. and Mrs. Floyd Ferrall and aL, ..... rode of it. The old farm house opened. Standing in our midst we ~ ...... b#"" -" ~r* ~"^'" ~- "-w been ante policy or your wife's ,~ ULU TIMER had a ........ " "" ~ " "sa ........... "- _ ~._._ ,what mey were.There was a .~ v~ ru t r~uux, r.y..a sense HI antiquity aoout it " w a very ageu nlan In a ulrty : ' " vi i " ' precious jewelry, the saf- ther and I drove down ,'~* * ..... ~ ........ ~^~ . ~:^~ ............. , _.,~. ,~.. ~... ..... i huge, round oak table standing in s tlng his parents Mr. and Mrs. ,^_ - v-- ~ ~,,c ~,uc wa~ a, w,.c. s.ay ,,.c.~a~, w.. t.,~ ~o,,.. uv, .............. Homer Ferrall and her narents in ~way on a breez summer ..... me mlame oI me Iloor With ev- v eatplace to keep it is in ,. Y at one time looked as if it were m the back, with a homemade l .......... Ha_er~town Flo"d wiP *'~ sent '~, and cumin into si ht .... erymmg imaginable on it, ann s ~ , ~ a Safe Deposit Box. g g used for a toolshed or even as a cane, and with a pipe stroking out ...... to Korea on A"ril 21st - - ~ of a hen 1 ra - r- - "a i~next m a DUCK ooor entrance v ~.__ , v.y, g y oea uea i ce.. I there was a desk He probably Mrs. Leonard Reed and Mr. and OF JEFFERSON FArMIngS ADVOCATE had the impression that he haa I wrote a great deal'because of the Mrs. Donald Brownward and son ~- ...... none a great ueal ot nara work In ......... Gre-- of Front Ro"al Va were In our vaults your Safe ?u&y, MARCH 23, 1961 7---B~ -*-*~ ......... ,*.--o* ..... ,.. I clean white paper ann oome ozss ~ , . ....... %~':'Y"'?. ..... ."%~ "~.~"~Y'link Both the ink and paper look visitors at the home of Mr. and Deposit Box will be SAFE cause oi ms canousea nanas, r~el _ .......... Mr- Robert Renald~ from theft, fire or loss at '~ ........ ea out ot place lying ammst o1(1~. ~. ~'.. invited us into his hvlng quar- ~ ........ The man" friends of Mr~ T.... ||- _ A A | era We were slowl ....cortedltattereu uocumems, mugers, ann ~ all times, yet readily a- ? a ~ books Old books and clothing is Sager are glad to know she re ~!~~ I I~T ~l~ ] ~hrough a little hallway and into] "" ..... ..,~turned to her home Saturday af vailable, to YOU whenever J, ~ .... were lying everywhere, om v,~" - - you wish to refer to it, , ~ Vq~l ~ V ~ ~ ~ill~ II ~ I his one room in which he lived. I Itures hun~ from th~ .~ail~d wall.~ ter having been a patient in the ~ 1 ' e a h z ............................. This S O L I D protection | cou dnt unfl rat nd w y, ou~ oz iwith cobwebs around the edges Charles Town Hospital the past - u .nayoe a aozen, rooms, ne n.aal ....... ,h. means much to you . . . ~1 the Following Personal I :.osen only this one .to live m,]nie c::;d have sta-'ed for h~urs '"Mr."Henry Blackford of Alexan but costs little! " pert oecause ll~ was way in me DaCK OI ~ v ~iles East of M~rtins- | ~h,~ h .................... , ~,-~-* [observin~ the room and listenin~ drla, Va. spent the weekend with ~pherdstown, W. V~., I ing because of the tall trees and to his stories he loved to tell of his paints Mr. and Mrs. Robert ~oss Roads, Berkeley I it also seemed to have a cadav-[his "good ole days", when he, his Bla.cmora. ....... aty, s ..... Mr. ann Mrs. rranKnn rramy WHY NOT [ ] 1 }~ . aty, West Virgi~l~, on " " I erous effect. This one little room] ~ . .... a..~ v ..... . ~ We t Vlrgl~l~, on brother, and sister lived happily o' , ~.. ~om,,.MARCHto De remover25,..,1961~,.~. tor in "~/.....--, which " he and his" brother-be- tgetM ..... hr err illness t nut thBeea His hncm brother eanbdeas u , tnifs UlA'r|I v.. All a~r,sons ha~.~g el~ms~,ga!nst o .................. . . v ........ ~ ~'~ ~--\%' \\ ,~~ Y "//~-~, ~ ~ . .mr kk ~'~s~~=~='~ ~ "fit :~ ACCOUNTS ESH EG ~/ /// [ ~v~ l HOME SATURDAY, MARCH 25, 1961 I fore his brother's death' about [busy farm, and how touchy his sWoee.fe.~dwwithr hlaSndaU~ihrtser ~nd BEGINNING AT 11:00 O'CLOCK A.M. I ~woweeksag'hadprbablylivedlsister was about keeping, the vral~.'~.a a~::.~,~,-u,-o :~Van~a We'll gladly Discuss Any Banking or Business ................... I for the hast fifty -ears had un-|house as neat as a pin. Whim sit %" .... ," ....... ~ ................. " ~ - ~rant - HEAD DAIRY CATTLE - 34 I Joubtedly not been cleaned since I ting there I could image how the " Problems You Might Have... Talk With Us ~r H ..... heir sister was still living. The now gmtterea up room must ~alf by side; Guernsey I ......... ]liave been very beautiful with its ~1 A "rl] [~ ~A~A~-~I ' Wi colonial room naa a misty, austy I'I[ I1"1I III /UUglgl th 3rd calf by rode, Guernsey Cow, milking, 2 Hol ~ ~ng.; ~ ~o~! I smell about it.I had the feeling told furniture, and how the mar- First... ~ers, springers; 3 Itol- 1 z was entering an old museum,/ble tops of the furiture would l__t_~ .... ~..__ ~gers;-Je-l~y I hich hadn't been cleaned for/sParkle with a sheen; however, A lslant;e myen JUST A 0F 0t !1 MANY SERVII:ES ~ngs; Angus I{eifer, "1 years; things were piled into it lmy day dreaming was interrupt- _ ...... '~ Jersey EIeffer, year- | without any order or arrange-led, when I heard Mother's soft T~ |~Al~nn ~rh~nle ; ~s~in- Bull, 18-mos. I merit; cobwebs hung from the cor |voice say we had better be lear- tv ~,tt~.l ~wn ~,nvv ~ ~. IAI C~ttle T.B. ~nd I hers; and the brown, once white llntge oecauso it was getting quite The Jefferson County Board of Tested ~0 ri curtains hung uneven at the oot .... CHECKING ACCOUNTSr PERSONAL LOANS ~e. Indivldtml health cur- I ~ .... ....... / He "r-"e f-^'- th ..... t. ...... Education was advised Tuesday ~les wm ~,~ .~.~-. ~.a .... . .... ,o ...... wh.,.a ..... 1 tom ano mey lOOKe(1 as it mey / a ~ ~um ~ ~a~uex u~v- b" Con-res~man Harle,~ 0 Sta~ ~a~ze are e~znooa vae- ....... ~ ered arm chdir" sli~hq,, ,~addlin- a s ~ ~ s" WOUla OlSlntegramas soon as , ,, - tetL . gers of this second Congressional ~l. - - - ' I someone touched them. He offer-[depending on his cane for sup- m~,,,o, o,,a rr ~ ~,~,, n-ho-t Regular or Special to meet you Low-cost; convenient terms: .... a .............................. prompt, friendly service. FARM MACMINERY. ETC. Ied Mother an old rociklng chair, [port nd walked slowlly towards u,,,~ ,~o~ ch~ uoo~,h ~ ..... H,, rartlcular ~eeas. . . "mall~~~H Tractor with .......... m un ' ~'~'~'~" I !which looked very comfortablelthe, door while we followed be- anu~-~':;:':-:~"~':L::"--'-~::7~:==,,~,...~"" "' SAVINGS "~ted disc ~low and cultiva- I !and me the old couch. I presumed ]mnd. At the door he bade ua fare ~, ~_ ....... ~ ..... H~i IMP r. LOANg "aeuormick~se Grain Drill; New Idea 1 that the couch- was his bed, be-/well and thanked Mother for the ~.'..-.~YL~'':" .... -'?Z~ ........ ?~ ' e~nve cnerr i whi h h ~la, t~a ou zor ~mmealate payment Interest compounded semi- "" . i.i '~u bet; 8-ft. disc lmr- I / y p e c s e had given ~.. ~a~.~ o~,~, .... ........ , ho., ..... ....... | ......................................... annually. For Remodeling, Modernization. ~wr, 8-can milk cooler, I ~ --.-- 1 ~ ~t /him. . exnenditures for Jefferson Court! g W&go~ttle; butchering kettle, I 1 It PAYS To Buy 1 / We .again stepped around the ty~chools. [ I1 lard " presses, 2-sausage I / .TOM LENbIObl'$ ~ /dg st~!l lylngon theporch and The check is expected to be re-I ters ~own me walK towaras me gate , 1 is electric; 2-wheel horse cart, silo rods. cast I Advertising Specialties i l .......... : ceived by the local Board of Educl " In Di I Room Tne sun naa just begun to set. it , tore, 2 lawn mowers, 2 rockiog chairs axed other ar- | |..Egs.Y~!~.a'P.. s_PaY..... | [1 ............................ atlon about March 15. This ap-I -- OP~H YOOR ACCOU~ TODAY ATillE RI[HDLY- .... , | NIChOlS ~lOg. uflarles lowlb w, va. | uu~utl et~ 11 111 ~tl-tlSL n~tu DtllllLetl r~Pn~inti~t~ |~ t~r~ ~JyhiPh ~h~ I ~(--.~m numerous to menuon. ! | | Ca I llect -- 486' After 6' 1132 I Ibis canvass' the sky' with a burn" Y"v% ",, " flO " ..... ooara ....... receives ...... annually':U'~'" 7"" lunaer I WN Approx. 200 Bales of Orchard Grass. , I I 'Say. Wdh Belier $*1, n" I |lug orange, mixed with a pinkish ,, .... ~, .... v,,hu,, um ~.r, ~ea J rE ed, scattered about with dabs of . - l' i :~This Farm of 160 Acres is For Sale by C. William ] ~ l.ur.1" a..a . ~,,~. ., ..... ,^.whlct~ provides Federal ass stan- .... ................. PEOPLES.SAIl! OF C!Alt!ES TO .~l, Re ce to school boards in areas " altor Phone Maxtinsburg, W Vm, AM 3-5566 ' " " I | [sunbeams, with just the right a- ...~. .... of ~'-aeral em i ' ' . WIIUIU ~tlll~l~ll &" ~t.t " I M mounts of tint and hue While S:~-CASH. Nothing to be removed until settled for. I ~ / " 61ovees attend county schools i | I _]L-7--. - ~ I | driving down the now forgotten " ~" *~tal of *23 17~00 has been I IkROWoRA~AN~?~'NI)~R;: E;n~C*KLIi I i oo: . For Friendly Help "thAUYu Bankigr ed, yu--depend o. tl& / A , . . MEMBER FDIC--MEMBER FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM ~eh house and its surroundings were I con Bights Reserved. i : : I I | | l[ " " end of the fiscal year, thus onlv J - I i ! I /a huge fire, however, when turn-[the $14,774 will be received this 1 " | I I~1~11 I tl~/~l~il .IP. I ling out oi me lane onto me main Lmanth I I|lt~lll[/Ii~.XIIA~ I l/aighway, the sun had gone be-[ .......... ~ , PHONE 10 CHARLES TOWN, W. VA. / .... 1 I ~" .... I l[hind a cloud casting a dark, e-~ Fearlessness is the mother of / ~ I _ __--. I I/~on snaaow on me om tarm. /confidence ~ ~ m lP& A A ~ ~ ~ | !1' ~ ir~l1-~ | u/ it was only a week after our [ " " I Ii 111" "~, ~[~ l~n I l~ ~liJ~l~ Illvisit when Mother read a, not so/ France and,rebels still split on fkA,k^ud l comes of the Conference account ltheir efforts on the fraternity's II m=.l V ff, m_g_ i - I t/unexpected, article in the news-/means to end war. JIII;pllUlU Will J|O~l~ l for its desirability. College and annual Talent Show. The Talent | _.._._.., | l~ [ paper. It read as follows: _ | If you find life i~ empty, try ....... [community becomes better known Show is to be held Thursday, Apr . | ~ ~I lr~r~ | ! [ Charles T. Engie, ltetired farmer |vuttin~ somethin~ into it % ennd Anmml Fnllana I to each other. The total college il 6, in Reynolds Hall. Show chair,v .~,,,.wu, ,.,v,,,.~,. [program is made more understan iman, Gaylord Dillow, has already ~:~n~:~of~:: =,~* I i I. t|[ March 8, Char-/~~C-R~REDITORS. , o. , , I dable. Ways in which the college I received many applications from r,,~s,~=-": -me,ted at ...... 115 Fmrfa~ Boulevard, Char~es "xown," .,1 I am I~P|/lea Thornton Engle, eight-five | To the CreW*ors------ ,rid ~efl L0mmunllV ~0~I~r~c~ [can better serve the community i students of local high schools. . n ~,~ ~ l|years old, retired auctioneer and/ " " ]are determined. Services avail-IActs for the show have been in, ~* ~ust North of B. & O. Tracks, on ~| farmer, died Monday in the Gen-|elaries of the estate of William Shepherd College, Shepherds-|able to the community through lvited from Maryland, Virgini~ eral Hospital, here following a El.Us Jackson, de?eased: ~/4TItRI]A9 1 N ~lshort John,/ town, has scheduled its second Ithe college, sometimes overlook-land West Virginia. |l~{&i , ~ " ta~e es~e oz me saaa wzm~m annual College Community Con-led by community leaders, are| NNING AT 10:00 O CLOCK A. M. SHARP [with whom he formerly operated|~m~ J.~s~ deceased whether ferer~ce for Tuesday, April 18, Dr. [pointed out. Communication be-]fin,- V~|nnn~&,~n~ ~. ~A~ -~ . . P m s w~smam =~ m~ | Head Spring Dairy, d ed two-[due or not, ,are notified to James Moler, Coordinator of Ed-]tween College and community is |VUl~; YVIUIII~I ~ [ul ANTIQUE FURNITURE: I:. L. IqCUUNALU, J, ]weeks ago. In addition to operat-lexhabbi.t stone wi~h the voucher ucational Field Services, has an-]faciliated and means of mutual|lndtw || n. ~aut. ~lm~ ...................... ~ea w]m springs ann mattress, wmnu~ ' /ing the 600 acre farm, he had au-I there~f,d r ~ nedlegallYa mVerified'~fhce mt~helale c~tUn" at 2:00 p. m. and close with a 6:30 [ ~ IP~oln~fl~ Exam]n~flo~ T.- .- ...... =. -. ! A ~ ~ N ~ Y /ctioneered for forty-seven years e s'g t y " , , ~. y nounced. The meeting will begin lassistance are determined. I IllUUq, lliVII, V~ J~ll IVI _ p uresser an, wash ~t~na; unerry una,r, old 4- |retirin~ about four years ago He |of Harpers ~Pe:rry We~t Vlrginla p. m. banquet in the College Caf-~ Benn- It Jones Eleded ... Desk, Several Old Chairs, Some Walnut Lumber, Old IXT~ITDA]~Tf~I~ ~xTr~ | served as Jefferson County sher I on or ,before September 9th, 1961, Old Books, Child's Bed. Old; Old School Room | iff from 1916 t0 1921 and he was[.aP 10:00 o'c!oek A. othe.r v e: eter)a... ....... I $ ] Walter Clarehce Bowling of ~OId Chest, Brass Bed with springs and mattress; Old REAL ESTATE |a skilled blacksmith. Born onl~r~ffm ~?Ybe~Yefi~f'seal~XeV~: The onterence wm lncluael "" "" ICharles Town, a volunteer was Clock | November 10, 1874, in Jefferson I All be~aeficiaries of ~tid estate are teachers, business men, physic. [ [remrer m [sent to the Armed Forces Induc' Mason Building [County, he ,was the son of the [notified to be present on sa~d day arnS,ed iverS,o nm vrSt nd_re"] N__, .. ~,n . / [tion examining station in Balti- MODERN FURNITURE: ..... | late George Washington and Mar [ to proteot thelr ir~terests. ..... h, o,ooZoo ,~, go;I fleece At ~mnem [ more, Md. Tuesday for induction L,. rhone 'l~D |fhn MAnt~amorv Chanman En (~iven und m hand this the n gidaj o , ,- eg y . re Refrigerators, 5 ell. ft., In running order; Kel- / ~'.'- ~'~"~: .... "-% '" "] 9"h da" ^f ~arch 196[ io~l~'~ave'~een"~ext~n~e~l ":--':"~" I " -- l into the nation's Armed Forces, it ~ 8 gle ~urvlvers lnCluae a sister, ~ ~ v ,,, , , , tare, Apt. size, with 4 units, like new; Frigidaire Charles Town, W. Va. [ ~,: ~ o m,sh ,, C, harles Town" J LOUIB D. NlX~OLS, ....... to ~eyI Benny Roger Jones, son of Mr. ]was announced by Mrs. Helen .. th4 units, Apt. size, A-I shape; Also Another Apt. |twonephews; and one neice The ICommissioner of Accou,nts, ~u;~s/g :ellrCOemamUnlt~neS:etar~; ]and Mrs.,Ralph B. Jones of Har. I Goleun~,, cle[:cti:ef s~hreic:e~foe:;~)n ~ve, 2 unit hot ,,late" 2 toasters sandwich *oaster ~ v~t v~t~t.~. ~ I.. v .......... : .. I Jefferson County, West Virgln`ia West Virginia, Maryland and Vir ]pers Ferry, W. Va. has been elec. I .. a ... . ., ~., ** , , - , /ooay remains at me l1elVln I.I ,~l'~r~h 1 _2k ~ iron, yard candle lights w~th globes; electric fan, 2 ~| Strider Company Colonial Funer-[ ' - ~ I ivirs, menn also announcer " ' ............. glma. I~si.treasurer of.the Phi ~igmalthat Robert Lee Jones, Summit ~ fans, 2 20-in. window fans, bed lights, 5 floor lights, | al Home here, where services will I NOTICE TO CREDITORS. ~ecause the success of the Con- I~P Ion pleage class, t~enny naB I p, int had h~n ~n~ ~. Raitim.r~ ~lr lights, 3-Piece Living Room Suite, Maple bed with ~ | be held Wednesday at 4 p. m. | ------- ference last year brought so [as his major field of study Math. [ fotYhis'pre~in"d'uction'~v~'ica~e~ nngs and box sDrin~" mattress" M~,~,, dresser with ~W~ttmn m I |with the Rev. Carlyle McDonald[ To the Creditors and Benefl- many requests for this second|He plans to enter the professionlamination Tuesday v ,: trod chair; single iron bed with springs and mattress; Ire, when m 1 [ o: the Char!es Town Presbyterian [ ~a~ees, oof 2h~ estaa, te of John E. conference, there is a strong prob I f math teaching upon graduat-| " , ...... I~d witi rin ' t3nurcn otnciaung. - ................. ability that the affair will become Iion from Shepherd College. | Commissions are not maid on h sp gs axed mattress; dressers and Wash ~"'L'~'" * .... " -'. ! | .......................... ] Alllaersonshav~ngclaims~ga~nst -- -- ~' davenport bed, 2 folding cots, 36.1n. cot, 2 over stuffed I| 111mlIV mnn.mpnl' ! | ^t^_. I the estate of the said John a regular annual event at Shep- [ Sigma Chi chapter of Phi Sig J arguments won, but on sales ~' bed li 'n~ m~.u.~ ..... ~ .... a,~,,~ .m..,~ ~*wv~ II mMunumj immumlMaumuu~ I | e ~ry. |E. ~, Glover, deceased, whether herd College. Several worthy out ma Epsilon is now concentrating made. .,o, o, oo - FR 'i---i 65 DAILY ', chars, smoking stand, Reed corner ehmr, lug- I - I / e u e .| . ^ u lsa~me ~th the voueher ,~tl, P*rch ehadse lounge, 6 straight back chairs, pic- i I I / ri ARIIUAH Ithereof legaillyve~fied, totlheu.- i~ td IMetur~ frames; oak settee ~nd 2 chairs; window yen- I t ....... I I / ........ .,. I dersigned, at my office in *he City book rack and mirror; oak dressers and wardrobes; I ! / I Ul M U I I !1 M i of Ha,.rpers rry, West Vtrglm. , ~erZ - ................. I I / J qo II ~ I 1 V m~ t on or .t)elo~e ~epr~anaer ucn ~z, ?~ ~trtners, 21-ft. a~d 12-ft. long: some small new Lino- [ " " "-= ] t By Miss Lillian Myers |they "may by l~, ~e excluded ~ .t~, ottoman; Ue rack, hat rack kitchen t~ble and 4 [ aal~ l| ~ | from ,.all .benefits of sa~d estate. ~.~\ \ ~ I i /" / * "~ ........... " ........... ' "": I / ~eam ot lnrs. ~mrley I All be,neficiarles of said estate are I / / ., Fresh Dally Prom ',!'~ ~k:~.~ g;r~Cnenist~.s'old s nkram breaking, tfor 32-in.tames' z uun~YsinK, new," pna~tm"m'a:Tr llLIU~.~D.. -l_ OT" ~'~[li~" """ / ] leyThewerefriendSdeeplYf grievedMrS" Johnto learn I t,~ Shir-] notifiedprotecttO theirbe pl~e~nt on ~a~dinterests. day ~, ~ // t tl !// " // /'/ ,// / Our Egg Factory ~Y ear washer, new; wardrobe with glass door; hall . d 1:7 | of her death which occurred in| Given under my hand, tkis the lire~k t ck o~$r 9th day of Maroh 1961 I~, fast set and chairs; upholstered stralgh ba $| |the Charls Town Hospital last] ..... ,-, \ \1 { i/ !,] // e.,.m airs, coffee t~ble, serving tea cart, 12 go- -.-.-.v.~,I)~"hI" .it~"'--~/',~,~.,~,,. |Tuesday. Much sympathy m exten| ..~o~,oi~or.._~__ ..... ,o // f No Fertile .L,,,~ eglasses, 6e.geu.sehina.ndgiassware;elothes _ |ded to the bereaved husband. | Jefferson ~ount- wes, V,r~i-,-., "' "" " " "- ~" ~ ' '~ ~L~~3 / ' bread boxes, ice refrigerator, metal window boxes, Guarantee | Mr. and Mrs. Charles Snyder] March 9-3t. ,. Pots and k0~he, u*~n~il~ ,,-'~ and -arts"' -~ . '., /visited his sister ann ~rother-in. t ........ /~ _ :.- -: "-.7:" "" .7.:-: . w en =o**-|law Mr and Mr Chink Phillips, I NOTICE TO CREmTORS. \ Lg. White for % ~n oowt ana pitcher; ~lsn oow~s ice cream men* t. tA~..~a..~ wt*h *h" ~" "- "'- " .... ,,l.~ " . ~ m ,.=...~,. - - -./t~runswicK. ~a. ann ner mother , -~ttstone~ bag, glass jars and jugs; garoage, ea, m a R00kof Aceso trademark" /Mrs. L $. . Virts, Harners.. Ferry[. To the Credi Bona,- "" Easter Dying. ~e chairs and settee; 3 benches, Hoosier kitchen teal ttto~,aro,,*ood not on | ..~., [elaries of the estate of Robert L. , , usa. ge grinder and lard press, 2 large iron pot~, ,,~.--'~_ ~t,O you buttO ~he / Mr. Francis Sloat of Baltimore I G~e~in~etsd~oea~d~....,~, ...... ,.o, l~ pe holder, 8-in. circulax saw and mandrel, /KUI,.K' cemetery wher~ It ]spent the weekend with his par. I the estate of the said Robert a rs, hand lawn mower, 6 window Sash, 2 half bu. I IS erected. A Rodl | ents Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Sloat. 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[ from all benefits of said estate. V" ' ' " IAQ W~# l~h~ ~f~-~at / A h i IAll be~aefi,ciaxies of said esbate are ~11~I~1 T~t4"g'V~Trl~ 1") C~L-~tIIOT~rI~ .................. /thur Jr. and Bill of Silver Spring, [notified to b.e p~esent on stud day x~t~uzvt~z~ x ~. o~ntx~xox ,ro]o.h..o a..h,..,~,, ,z a141 / Md. recently visited his uncle Mr. [ to protect their interests. TI~I...~ .,,.t, .... |Vict0rM. Osb0urn. | Gienunderm~h~nd,~l. t4xe 0PIIS SUPPLY -" ' * ~h day of M~rch 1961 o . ..... Cler'k ........ .. Martinsburg, W. Va. | Mr. and Mrs. Medford Slaugh. [ ' b " ....................... xuwn (. sup.per of:fll r0 er-ib, l, iV: m .... .... ; -1 and: ister:Mx. alad. Mrs.- ttob:l : ....... 7: