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March 23, 1961     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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March 23, 1961

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l l llll ' |Aee|nn Tn Aer.|}|nn !Mrs. Elizabeth S. Brenneman, SPIRIT OF JEFFERSON rammers [ ~m, m ..., lJ't~n~nl~u IV nl~r.,~lMIIIli~ :City; Mrs. Hilda C. Buhrman .I A ~lLIlTl~l)~rl&v "~iffA'l[)~T.:l[ J j I Kearneysville; Mr. Vernon O. __ ...... I ., ,mfl,m iService Dmv in hr a Tomblin. Harpers Ferry; Mrs.. , , , WEST VIRGINIA'S OLDEST NEWSPAPER I I* V It, K)ll Ul || J "- Virginia L. Dunlap. Kearney-s stuoied for the priest-houR anu up problems. CHARLES TOWN W. VA. | .... 1 .......... ville; Mrs Edith E Nicewarner, preached all over Ireland. As a[ Mr. and Mrs Geor | 'row W. I mmmlNNIimL " Millville; "Mrs Hester J Fritts result of his religious efforts, [Jr and Broke Blackff ...................... lAID TO PAROCHIAL SCHOOLS much headway in meeting the l City; Mrs Grace M. McKnight', shrines have been erected to him led to Char!eston recel m .:an MEDIUM OF ADVmt ni >lr / It eems ........ I real issue b-" becomin- involved Brunswick, Md in many communities I tenaeo a state wide s to me mat in tile great . : r : . . . FOR REACHING THE BUYING POWER OF JEFFERSON COUNTY AND ALLI ....... [in a morass of semantics owr *h-[ Medical -'atients were" Mrs The speaker stud that St Pat-|gram for ClWC bette controversy mat has erupteu e t e v ,. . : SURROUNDING AREAS FOR MORE THAN !1(5 YEARS. i',............. .......... n n "nl Pauline M Cain. Little Charles rock is credited with banishing while there they learned w. mer am to ..uestlon of whether fe,.eral al,. : ......... I , R[AO EVERY WEEK BY .... E .... "----" -- l ation should be extended to in-[to parochial schools traverses the E. Pulse, City; Mr. William Tutt, au of me snakes trom ,reiand. At [pms labor can be made ......... elude aid to parochial schools nebulous dividing line between Millville; Mrs. Betty J. Ring, Uar mast there, are no,snakes m Ire-[to local communities -- 20,000 PERSONS -- sight has been lost of the real church and state At its most dis- :pers Ferry; Mrs. Ella F. LaseRs- lash, proD.holy because they [!rig in this program l-l.ow ---- --- land basic issue involved. For the lcernable points this line is hazy ter, Miss Sarah E. Crider, Ranson couldn't swim the Irish Sea. He [mvo!ves .adequate PUBLISHeO EVERY THURSDAY I most part the debate has, so far, land, like many arguments, is in- Mr. Rodney C. Engle, Harpers said .mat there are very in-Imunlclpant es anu Imp,. BY THE JEFFERSON PUBLmmNG COMPANY. INC. I been limited to two questions" I voked mainly'by an instinct of up I : ]Frry; Mr. Clifton E. Haines Hall oustrms m reiana as a result ]This moor orce is avam ~gECOND CLA$8 PUb"TAG~* PAID AT CHARLES TOWN, W, VA. ]first, is federal aid to parochiai [position rather than a reason for : I town; Miss ainda L. Painter, Ran most of the people.are very o!d ]ever: only for public. --- --- Ischols constitutional; and second/opposition. It is vulnerable to the : Ison; Mr Charles F. Booth, Mrs. or very young. wost ot me ame |not De useo m cmanmg, PIR,T EeTABLmN O ,e,* - AOVOCATE EUTABLmHEO !ly, would such aid do violence to/most classic of all rebuttals that] [Betty L. Anderson, Brunswick, bodiedpeop!e have gone to other ]dividual)s property: COMBINED MARCH !, |9.48 the traditional notion of the wis-lwhen the reason for the rule fails I !Md.; Mr. A. Russell DeLauter, countrms where jobs are. more / Auamonal aetans w ---- [dom of separation of church and ]the rule itself must fail. This is] : [Mrs. Anna S. Basch, City; Miss plentiful. ]the county program are MAX SROWN, Em'ro Istate? While both of these ques-lnot to say that the reason furl IM. Estelle Gibson, Mrs. Nora A. Mr. Bushong introduced Mrs.|to be announced soon. OFFICE NORTH GEORGE STREET TELEPHONE 222 - tions are certainly germane, net/the rule has, in fact failed. But I Staubs, Harpers Ferry; Mrs. Nora William B. Snyder of Shepherds- | : "AV ....... ..................... "---- I th goes to the heart of the mat-]at least this proposition can be l ]G. Williams, City; Mrs. Pauline town, who sang a number of Irish | When parents are ab! = " ' " E Denaven Summi " s " s e e ' es WEEKLY ...... PER --E - I ter For even ff we assume that |argued, and thin argument I , t Point; Mrs. ongs, she was accompamed at [ w r th children s qu 404 FINF'T~[~APV~NUE ~Z?:::ATIVEN~.' INC. Ifel'eral aid to parochial schools / being exploited to the utmost bY l ' IHelen M. Elliott, Middleway; Mr. the piano by Mrs. Mary Ellen [a sign that the kids are ATLANTA -- CHICAGO "' DETROIT "' "Lo's ANGELE [is constitutional and even if we [the advocates of aid to parochial l [Garland C Dunn, Mrs. Lucy L. Peters. Both of these young .lad-]up. __. l assume that such aid may come |schools. [ [Penwell, Bolivar. ies are talented musicians and | Suescm o = O uv= =o m A,= BueJ c'r VO a% CONSU.= Iwithin the scope of a permissive | So, it can be said that the up- | I _ _ their program was enjoyed by ]Advertise In The Splri SALES TAX. ItUSSCmPTION saao e=a Y=^R m A=V^.C=. [wedding between church and |ponents of federal aid to paro-[ P h Pl ' /IV all. chlal schools are on weak round .v.m.,n wu U state, we will leave the larger | ' g [ SGT. BERNARD F. WOODS I $ I MEMB a OF THE ]and more basle questions unan /when they argue against the pro/ I N ATIO N A L swered. That. questions is. Can position, on the ground of constit- a cS:rmg::tnteBternardteran of F.11 WoodS,years set-28 Theme Used At Ladies Plans Being Made For SOLVE Ci30SS . DITOR I.AL federal aid to parochml_ schools utmnally, and they are a!so on vice has been assigned to the --o - - IE..a___...._ PI___ I1_ P II 7 7 | F.* ] [ A C/14 TI N jr 171 [be!ustifieu )n prineipm? |weak grouna when _mey .mvo .e [Martinsburg and Charles Town ]Mirth} Ru EXIII$1e LI 811 up I . v.... ! kJ / M I l I1 1 / *znere is, it seems to me, a vast/me argument mat SUCh am/area as a ronro onf tivo a tho TT m~m~|m! g~ IIII~UIIIUII] I '11 - [difference between arguing that ]would violate the traditional con |S Army-recr ,q in" - 'r i ...... [ -. .... * , w, / win [a proposition is constitutional |cept of the wisdom of keeping[ "Ser-eant and'M s 'Voods ...... .memoers of the Charles Town amaalan LOCallY / ............. [ and arguing that it is wise. A giv |church and state separate, since |formerly located at ] . wanls Club held a Ladies Night -- " [ Match your wits lnursaay, march z3, [en proposition may be both un-|the proposed legislation may be[Proving Ground, zue rass Inn,. in the]. Plans are now being, made to[ ex~e~tr.osswTrYr t~solT:~ [constitutional and wise, or con-|constitutional and since it can |travels have taken him to T....2 I S Je terson Hotel an(] Inave an extensive Clean-up-] . -. .ra ..uzz , t* I Vkll |stitutional and unwise. Here is be argued that the doctrine of se- ]Germany France as .... , [many of the ladms and men ear- Paint-up-Fix-up campaign design ] Ray nn xne m3numore , ,,,.,, ,,o ,..v,- riea out t " I rewara is never !', LIRu" [where the proponents of federal [paratlon may be outmoded. Dives [o. [.. . he St. Patrmks Day ed to make Charles Town and, nn .,,,t ** . /aid to parochial schools distort ted of these two arguments, what | ood 'i b een {tneme _OY wearing something Ranson a cleaner and better place { 'i' i med " ....... v - [cantheo--onents offederal aid[ . . . - soou]green The men wore green necK- inwniehtolive Thedrive will[ . me issue. TRey WOUla na e us De- pp conouctmeaal America . " week until someone We were shocked when the word eached us yesterday . . , n and tms and the ladies reen dresses et " l lieve that if Congress has the to parochial schools say The an ...... g .g underway April 30 under the afternoon of the sudden and unexpected death of C.. power to provide for federal aid[ swer, I think, is that federal aid[ [The dining room was also decor direction of Mrs. O. S. Bloom of[ .Let. the whole , Korean pres dentml umt c tahon, LyRe, in" Shepherdstown. For years Mr. LyRe was to parochial schools it follows |to parochial schools, is unsound|. . Ua NomS r iceeMa d 2 dc heK% lateau s in green. * GeorRansn aSc chairman and with | nneexi: me ner aoY e :h:! principal executive officer of the Jefferson Security Bank oer se, that the exercise of this l in principle, notwRhstandmg it [ Kiwanian Lee Bushong, who ge Vi kers, Jr. as co-chair-[ ....... a I, .... ,, , oS n Phi:d too h!: t :d Idii tonYme a i" " bea dk:e fh ttide " !!lrWyas lidh ig i i" hTtahsill [ d Y:b " " t d t :m iOyn.d mnde:nn ci HDMai dlM r "wOO' dsar enat es aS o h!l y P 1 :h:e: t ti lman R;o dc eC Ot em Sg ne s [_] ........ Sunday ?in ....... The ' " Y " P " + " " "" s e n :fi sburg," he plans to join scrib " BALTIMORE AM An avid ardener rest" three months he retired stitutional power to, amongotherlto the doctrme of epr o o /the con-re-ation of ooor" ed many of the show places and remove dead animals andl ..... ,: ........... , ;.. ,t,.. ,w,; .... hA thmgs, regulate mterstate com-[church and state. It unsound lush,s Catholic Chur ...... u 1 n that country. He said that the other extenswe debms along/On ,~LI~. Ynnr I,aeal .... t. ........ 1.;. v ..... ;+.. ..... merce, and to declare war. But [m prmc]ple because would [resumin ..... sh almost worshipped St. Pat- them, but Itthe respons blhty [ cuutu . ve , vux, e .vo, y. "-'" " channel ublic funds exacted un ........... "*"" rick " "" ................. ' certainly no one would be so fool [ P , " ]fraternal ,,, u .... I , who was born in France, of the communities to handle [ M ,rch 23-1t. OI nlS rel;lremen 0iileers anti oi .ne D .... ish to argue that every regulation Ider compulsion of state and fed-/Ameriean 'Le ion" an " e'terans I came to Ireland at an early age, their own clean up, paint-up, fix/m m I I ne naa so ial~nlully serveo nonoreo mm wits pUOllC recog- , interetate commerce or ever-!eral taxinu law, into programs/ ...... I .... - ....... - o . oI Foreign wars " mtmn of the part he had played m the commumty declaration'of war would, of Re- and purposes over whmh the peo-[ ........... % .... | . To his widow and children and the other members of cessity, be wise simply because it pie have absoluitely no e Oan:fol [C2a ]ge;a tow n p an o lOerm] r . his family we extend our deepest and most heartfelt sym- is constitutional Accordingly, ev- either in creat'ng p p u " g/and at the Po ~ ffice h I ---=-- DI . TA r . .... ' sto ere every OJL . " ath The have lost a loved and cherished member en if we assume (which, mc den,[or dmsolvmg. Pmvate schools are [Wdnesda-- a ............. [ ' t eir f aYlv We have lost a devoted friend tally, I do not) that fede.ral aid free to admit whom they please,[2, m .u ~rluay ,rom to[ mtv.. ".m ........................ to parochial schools is constitut- teach what they please, and do | " [ n II In H,% HI I l i [] nkl I tonal we have still left unanswer- what they please. And what they/ I m |l ,m u o ,v,,, ,'Jmu m. "i ' ......... is n ne of the ublics busi n - n ----m. n nmnnw n nmln _ A It V g D T I I tu ed the quesuons ot wnemer sucn ao o p - / . ' I n.l Nlll ..-. i V V L. n / I I R a program would be wise. ] ness. And since this so they have ] I | I'lIP | | [ ilU l __1 _ '. Nor, it seems to me, do we gain claim to public support.] . _______-_ .I I AL I ......... l ml ml nTgl mvvavanun v'-uana Editor & Publisher quotes the head of a large retailing .... [I I La !1 LW osganization, which has 36 stores around the country, as velopment of our Civil War Cen-[ - [ | , saying that it "couldn't do business today without the 84 I q' r n t enmat ommmee. z?.r .ne cur-[ [ --'--" n pat)ers in which we advert,!se." i t / I !: It r~ yeat~ ~rS.s~U~;~ al~lav~ ~v~aly | Seevn births, four of themboys I ASSOCIATE STORE _ .. ..... / at the Charms Town} ._._ f)f g The magazme adds- Other retaflmg estabhshments .... " ' ' " ..... , . will be authentic. General ' " are paying the same tribute to newspapers every day m ---TO THE--- " * * * * unf t , urlng the per-[ g , the year through their advertising dollars They Know --- The Credit Bureau Committee/' A ...... .... _ . u ........ - / son, uwayne cott was born which advertising medium sells goods with speed and econ- has suddenl-come to life and de Wedne " " .......... "t shay, warch 15 to Mr. and U om ews a er hoverers]rig moves gooos re 1 f abh h nt y . . . "p p - finite p ass or the est "s me I Mrs Donald E Dennison Mill- railers' shelves into the hands of consumers regardless of of the Jefferson County Credit ville; and the same day a claugh- whether the sales effort is made by the'. manufacturer or Bureau may be expected any day. ,ter, Cathy Lynn, was born to Mr. ....... '"i the retailer." Saigon, March 12, 1961 Nothing replaces the printed word--and most parties- Mr. Max Brown larly, from an advevrtiser s standpoint, the printed word Spirit of Jefferson-Advocate which the thousands of daily and weekly newspapers of . . .... lions o readers narms Town, w va thm country...___brmg_______to their tens -----------f mfl f " D a, o- ~,,~,,:~""'" " ' ..... .......... | Yesterday received the January Mrs Kegls tlelnzer ot t;naries lAb|An DAe~ M,'~a~nn~ "26 issue of The Spirit and enjoy- L~IVII /V;)l n,,n~llnl~ ton, president of the group, an- ed it as I do them all. Also re- nounced the appointment of Mrs. April 6; Plans Spring Dance Saturday March 2S The regular monthly meeting of Jackson.Perks Post No. 71, Am erican Legion of Charles Town will be held at the Post Home on West Washington Street, Thurs- day, April 6 at 8 p. m. This will be an informal meeting with Dept. Commander Robert Luster, Department Adjutant Tommy E. Jones and members of the Ladies Auxiliary as guests. The Post will sponsor a 'Spring Dance' at Shen andoah Downs race track on Sat- urday, March 25. Dancing to the music of John Hafer and the "Blue Notes" from 8 to 12 mid- night. Admission is restricted to 1961 Legion members, their wives or partner and a couple as their guests. Admission will be $1.00 per couple. , George-Crim Plans New Business Buflcling Owens today Mrs. Owens rms been serving as acting district director, since last June. She will replace Miss Mad- alyn Bazzle of Keyser. As district director, Mrs. Owens will organize new clubs and visit Republican clubs throughout her district. She will also have char- ge of the Second District meeting which will be held in Keyser in June. She has been membership chairman for the Second District and is serving as a member of the State Awards Committee. She was an alternate delegate to the Republican National Con- vention this past summer. Bishop Son-in.Law Gets Democratic Post Ray Niblick of Charlottesville, Va. son-in-law of retired Bishop R. E. L. Strider of Leetown, has been appointed special assistant I Berryvlll Va for public information to the com n e, missioner of the Federal Housing Construction of a modert bus-Adminigtration. tRess building at the northwest! He has been news director for corner of Church and Main St. Radio Station WINA in Charlot- in R~r~ille Va tesville and correspondent for y i we k ..... " .... The Washington Post and Times .. _ : .. : ._ I Herald He also served in 1960 as eorgett urlm owns me prop : . _ _ ". ...... . ........ [executive d rector of the V rgm- ervy annSala mat me Jot nas .... ........ Im Straight Democratlc Tmket veen vacant slnce arouna . . - ..... ",__ IComm ttee, an orgamzatlon form ~x~ sax{l ERe PriCK OUllQlng Scne- .................. id led to support the candidate nom- outer for compzeuon m me m - l inated by the Democratic eomen d!e of May will have a flower [,i,n shop and storeroom downstairs ....... I He is married to the former Miss Sidney G. Strider. and three offices on the second floor. The Berryville Florist will move into the building when it is completed Mr. Crim said. Mr. Crim of Summit Point ob. rained permission from the town's Board of Zoning Appeal at a special meeting Friday night to construct the building. Mrs. Fiord Owens of Kearneys- ville, has ben appointed district director of the Second Congress- ..... gi~Federatioa ol Republican WILLIAM PRINGLE TAKING FIVE.DAY COURSE MOHAWK CARPET MIIJ~ CLINIC William H. Pringlc of the B. tI. Riddleberger store in Charles Town is attending the Mohawk Ed ucational Clinic in Amsterdam, N. Y. where he took a five day course in carpet manufacture conducted by the Mohawk Carpet Mills, Inc. While in Amsterdam, Mr. Pringle will study first hand the latest techniques of manufac ture used in every phrase of car ,baseball, football:and basl tbag, USE CLASSIFIEDS in December. In October and Nov ember we will be enroute back to Charles Town via Athens, Rome, Paris and London This oriental life continues to interest us intensively In two more weeks the children finish their school year and we're look- ing forward to a family vacation with a chance to see more of Asia. Sincerely, Donald McIntyre Washington, D. C. March 8, 1961 Max Brown, Editor Spirit-Advocate Charles Town W. Va. Dear Sir: I always enjoy this weekly con tact with Jefferson County and my many good friends there. A1. though there are fewer and fewer names that I recognize, I still en- joy it. Sincerely, Dorothy Knott (former employee at'Bank of Charles Town). Chamber of Commerce By Brooke Blgckford Ezecutlve 8ecret~ry Your Chamber was represented at the ground breaking ceremon- ies of Harpers Ferry, Inc., March 18th by President Joe Staler and your secretary. This could well be the biggest development to hit our county in many a year. Harpers Ferry Enterprises, Inc. was quick to see the advantage of belonging to our Chamber of Commerce and signed up on the spot. , , ;;: ::: ~': :'3 "" The proposed re-enactment of the John Brown trial at our Court House is attracting wide- spread 'attention. Mayor Carson has already received an applicat- ion for. four4i, qkets .... The staging of this trial will probably be the out.standing de- ,Buddy Smoot, Emory Kable, Jim Senseney and your secretary visi- :ted the Credit Bureau of Fauq- uier County at Warrenton Feces tly. We received helpful informat ion that will be of much value to us here in Jefferson County. * * * * * Each year four members leave our Board to be replaced by four new members Our loss is great this year in that we are losing John S. Alfriend, Linden Bush, Thomas W. Steptoe and T. A. Whitacre. However, our Nominating Com mittee has come up with eight- outstanding nominees who are Paul Cain, H. S. Clopper, Jr., P. L. Hockman, Shirley Hunt, J. Em ory Kable, Harold (Chuck) Kis-i her, William Pringle and J. Ed i ward Saville. From this list of l eight, four will be elected at our April meeting which will be held at Shannondale. They will take office June 1st. There will be a re-enactment of the burning of the arsenal at Har pers Ferry in April. The actual burning took place April 18,.1861, but this year's observance will take place on April 22nd. Confed- erate troops from Winchester, Front Royal, Frederick and Knox ville will participate. Our House and Garden Tour will take place this same week- end. The two events should tie in very nicely. * * :k * * Sgt. Lyle Furr has done an ex- cellent job getting the Jeffer- son Guards off the ground. This Confederate unit met March 16th to officially re-organize and elect officers. They voted at that time to join "Living History, Inc.". We hope the 3efferson Guards will be far enough along by Me- morial Day to take part in those ceremonies. Charles W. Murphy Given 10 Year Service Pin Charles W. Murphy, a painter at Harpers Ferry National Monu- ment, was awarded a Ten-Year Service Pin by the Federal Gov- ernment, Superintendent Frank It. Anderson announced last week. Murphy has worked at the Mon ument since November, 1956. The years added to his length of ser- vice with the United States Air Force prior to and during World War II have made Murphy eligib- le for the award. IIe is a native of ttarpers Ferry and with l he ex- ception of the years spent in mil- itary service has lived in Harpers Ferry all his life. This would be a better world if we had more wild life in our forests and less. in the big ,cities. Advertise in The Spl lt.Advoeate and Mrs. Richard R. Robinson, Bethesda, Md. A son, Floyd Eugene was born to Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Nick, of Harpers Ferry Thursday, Mar ch 16. Friday, March 17, three births occurred, a daughter, Roseann Elizabeth, born to Mr. and Mrs. Forrest L. Willingham; a daugh. ter, Kathy Sue, born to Mr. and Mrs. Joseph L. Burcker, Kear- nysville; and a son Stephen Way ne born to Mr. and Mrs. Herbert M. Slusher Shenandoah Junction. Saturday, March 18 a son Char- les Rare was born to Mr. and Mrs. Paul R. Nesslerodt, Cha~;les Town. Surgical patients admitted to the hospital were: Mr. Robert Anders, Rippon; Miss Irene V. Colbert, Little Diana L. Brown, Master Roger L. 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Brig, s and Stratton Engine New Instant Self Starter New Jet-Style Engine Hood Custom Tiller Jas. E. Senseney, Mgr. Charles Town, W. Va. Free Parking for Custo- mers in Rear. W. Washington St. [1R S Only...$10 Down $2.50 C L 0 H harder than a full crew digging at full t,! 16 steel 13o1o Tines till to depth of 7 . PHONE sso, rt , sro,, 14'; 20" and 26" furrow widths. Heaw-dutT Charles Town, W. Va. Stratton 4-cycle engine. Buy at low price!