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March 21, 2018     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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March 21, 2018

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PAGE B6 Wednesday, March 21, 2018 LEGALS SPIRIT of JEFFERSON and FARMER'S ADVOCATE REQUEST FOR QUOTATIONS Eastern West Virginia Com- munity Action Agency, Inc. (EWVCAA) is accepting Re- quest for Quotations for Weath- erization Assistance Program for the following services: HVAC, Electrical, Plumbing, Chimney Repair, and the following materi- als: Cellulose, Blown Fiberglass, Mobile Home Windows & Doors, Vinyl Replacement Windows & Mobile Home Furnaces. Contact Bobbi Wilkins at 304- 538-7711 to request an applica- tion and the RFQ General in- structions. EWVCAA encourag- es M/WBE & Labor Surplus area firms to apply. All Applications & quotations must be received by EWVCAA by Thursday, 2 p.m. June 14, 2018. Late RFQ's will not be considered. 3/14/4t IN THE CIRCUIT COURT OF JEFFERSON COUNTY, WEST VIRGINIA STATE OF WEST VIRGINIA, ex rel, WEST VIRGINIA STATE POLICE, Petitioner, VS. 2008 Pontiac Grand Prlx (VIN #2G2WP522641288123) THOMASSEN FORD, 100 S. West Street, Charles Town, WV 25414 Respondent/Owner CIVIL ACTION NO. 2018-P-54 ORDER OF PUBLICATION The purpose of this action is to obtain the forfeiture of proper- ty below described. Any claimant to the property must file a claim in writing with the Clerk of the Circuit Court of Jefferson Coun- ty, West Virginia on or before the 13th day of April, 2018, and serve a true copy on Nell Zah- radnik, Assistant Prosecuting At- torney of Jefferson County, West Virginia. In addition, any claim- ant must file an additional written notice stating you wish to con- test the forfeiture within 30 days. Any claim filed must clearly state the identity of the claimant and address where legal process can be served upon the claim- ant. The property seized and sought to be forfeited in this ac- tion is: 2008 Pontiac Grand Prix (VIN #2G2WP522641288123). "The Confiscated property is subject to administrative forfei- ture unless you provide written notice, within 30 days of receipt of this notice, that you wish to contest the forfeiture. If you fail to provide a notice to the Pros- ecuting Attorney, you will imme- diately and forever lose all right, claim, title and interest to the confiscated money, and it will be disposed of according to law." The Office of the Prosecuting Attorney of Jefferson County, West Virginia will seek an Order from the Circuit Court direct- ing the forfeiture of the above described property to the State of West Virginia investing own- ership of the said property in Charles Town, West Virginia, in open court in the Circuit Court of Jefferson County, West Virginia, sitting in Charles Town, on or af- ter the 13th day of April, 2018. Laura E. Storm Clerk of the Circuit Court of Jefferson County, West Virginia By: A. Reynolds, Deputy Clerk 3114/2t NOTICE OF BONDED SPECIAL COMMISSIONER'S SALE OF REAL ESTATE PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that the undersigned Bonded Spe- cial Commissioner, will sell to the highest bidder pursuant to the Order of the Circuit Court of Jefferson County, West Virginia, on Thursday, April 5, 2018, at 10:00 a.m. in front of the Jeffer- son County Courthouse at the corner of Washington Street and George Street, Charles Town, West Virginia, the follow- The sale of the above-refer- 3/21/2t enced Lot 22 is subject to con- firmation by the Circuit Court of SOLICITATION FOR BID Jefferson County, West Virginia The Corporation of Shepherd- in the above-styled cause,stown is seeking bids for twelve Michael L. Scales, Esquireone-unit outdoor, triple-stream Bonded Special Commissioner recycling receptacles. Michael L. Scales, PLLC Specification requirements are 314 W. John Street as follows: Martinsburg, WV 25401 Each compartment 35 gallons, (304) 263-0000 for a total of 105 gallons per re- WV Bar No. 3277 ceptacle 3/21/3t Color - green with gray or brown trim NOTICE OF INTENT Front service and deposit TO APPOINT openings The Jefferson County Corn- Includes rigid liners mission proposes to name per- Labels to include: ' /aste Only" sons to serve on the following Au- "Mixed Recycling" and "Glass thorities, Boards, Commissions, Only" or Committees on Thursday, April Deposit openings as follows: 5, 2018, or as soon thereafter as Waste - Rectangular shaped the Commission may decide: Mixed - Co-mingle Jefferson County Glass - Circle Development Authority Must meet 2010 ADA Stan- Board - four three-year dards for Accessible Design terms ending April 5, 2021. Bids will be accepted until Personswho may be interested 2:00 p.m. on Wednesday, April in the above listed agency should 4, 2018. Bids can be delivered submit a letter of interest and a re- to Town Hall (104 North King sume or statement of qualifications Street), or mailed to P.O. Box to the Jefferson County Commis- 248, Shepherdstown, WV, 25443 sion, P.O. Box 250, Charles Town, Attn: Frank Welch. WV 25414 no later than 12:00 For further information, contact p.m. the Monday before the pro- Frank Welch, Public Works Di- posed date of appointment,rector, at 304-876-3322. Additional information regard- The Corporation of Shepherd- ing these appointments may be stown reserves the right to reject obtained by calling the Commis- any or all bids. sion Office at (304) 728-3284. 3/21/2t SCHEDULE OF PROPOSED LEVY RATES JEFFERSON COUNTY BOARD OF EDUCATION For the Fiscal Year Ended June 30, 2019 The following is a true copy from the record of orders entered by JEFFERSON COUNTY BOARD OF EDUCATION on the 12th day of March 2018: Class I Personal Property Public Utilities Total Class I Column E Current Expense Levy Cedlflcalte of Valuation Levy Taxes Assessed Value for Tax Purposes Rate/S100 Levied =000 $0.00 Class II Real Estate Personal Property Total Class II $2,269,924,200.00 $2,957,900.00 2r272r882j100 8,607,306 11,477 8r818~783 Class Ill Real Estate Personal Property Public Utilities Total Class III $545r812,570.00. $256,512,980.00 $1.39 113,248.0.0 941 ~438~798 [E3EE] 4,235,506 1~990r541 1,079~519 7,305,566 Class IV Real Estate Personal Property Public Utilities Total Class IV ~299t892,330.00 $69,471 ~500.00 $24,854,989.00 394t218~819 EEEE] 2,327~164 539r099 192~875 3r059~138 Total Assessed Valuation and Projected Gross Tax Collections $ 3,808,539,717 $ 19,183,487 (I,151,oo9) 08o.32 ) Less Allowance for Unceltactibles, Exonerations and Delinquencies 6.00% 1,00% 1.80% Less Allowance for Tax Discounts CORPORATION OF SHEPHERDSTOWN JEFFERSON COUNTY, WEST VIRGINIA NEW STREET UTILITY IMPROVEMENTS THRASHER PROJECT #202-020-1507 ADVERTISEMENT FOR BIDS Sealed Bids for the construction of the New Street Utility Im- provements will be received by the Corporation of Shepherd- stown, at the office of the Corporation of Shepherdstown, 104 North King Street, Shepherdstown, Jefferson County, West Vir- ginia until 11:00 am local time on April 12, 2018 at which time the Bids received will be publicly opened and read. The approximate quantities of work to be bid upon are described as follows: A. This Project includes removal and replacement of approxi- mately 450 linear feet of exiting 6" VCP with 8" PVC SDR 35 and 8" Ductile iron gravity sewer; two (2) 48" Diameter Manholes; ap- proximately 200 linear feet of 6" PVC Service Lateral Pipe; ap- proximately 16 service lateral reconnections; bypass pumping; approximately 450 linear feet of 8" PVC 909 waterline; abandon- ment of approximately 450 linear feet of existing 4" waterline; ap- proximately 350 linear feet of %" PE service tubing; approximately 16 water service connections; two (2) precast drop inlet structures; replacement of one (1) 48'-6"' x 11 '-7" box culvert; approximately 320 tons of 2" asphalt wearing course. The Work will be substantially completed within 120 calendar days after the date when the Contract Times commence to run, and com- pleted and ready for final payment within 150 days after the date when the Contract Times commence to run. Liquidated damages shall be $1,000.00 per day. The Issuing Office for the Bidding Documents is: The Thrasher Group, Inc 300 Association Drive, Charleston, WV 25311. Prospec- tive Bidders may examine the Bidding Documents at the Issuing Of- rice on Mondays through Fridays between the hours of 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, and may obtain copies of the Bidding Documents from the Issuing Office as described below. Complete sets of Bidding Documents may be obtained from the office of Thrasher, 300 Association Drive, Charleston, WV 25311, for the following costs: Bidding Documents issued as hard copy drawings and hard copy specifications are available for $100.00 per set. Bidding Documents issued as digital drawings and digital speci- fications on a C.D. are available for $10.00 per set. Amounts paid are not subject to refund. Less Allowance for Tax Increment Rnsnclng - see workshest (Subtracted from regular' current expense tax levy only) Net Projected Tax Collections, before allowance for Asssssor's Valuation Fund Less - Allowance for Assessor's Valuation Fund (Subtracted from regular current expense tax levy only) 17,852,153 (321,339) Projected Net Taxes to be CollK'ted $ 17,530,814 Note: Copies of ell spproved excess end/or bond levy orders and certified copies of the canvass of votes must be on file with the State Auditor's Office end the Stats Department of Education before exce~ or bond levy rates can be approved. SIGNED THIS 12th DAY OF MARCH 2018, BY SECRETARY OF THE BOARD OF DR. BONDY GIBSON EDUCATION SCHEDULE OF PROPOSED LEVY RATES JEFFERSON COUNTY BOARD OF EDUCATION For the Fiscal Year Ended June 30, 2019 The following is a true copy from the record of orders entered March 2018: Class I Personal Property Public Utilities Total Class I by JEFFERSON COUNTY BOARD OF EDUCATION on the 12th day of EX~ss~ Levy ,r ' Pen'nanant Improvement ~,Bond Levy Levy Taxes Levy Taxes Levy Taxes Rate/S100 Levied Rata/S1 O0 Levied Rata/S100 Levied Class II Real Estate ~ 10,418,952 ~ ~ 835,332 Personal Property 13~577 - ~ 1 089 Total Class II 10~432~529 836fl21 Partial sets of Bidding Documents will not be available from the Is- oess =v suing Office. Neither Owner nor Engineer will be responsible for full Rea Eatata or partial sets of Bidding Documents, including Addenda if any, ob- Perso.a= P e.v Public Utilities tained from sources other than the Issuing Office. Total Class IV Bidding Documents also may be examined at Total Assessed Valuatlon Corporation of Shepherdstown The Thrasher Group, Inc. roea Tax 104 North King Street 300 Association Drive col,scuo= Shepherdstown, WV 25443 Charleston, WV 25311 Less Allowance for Uncollectibles, Exonerations Dodge Reports Contractor's Association of WV and Delinquencies 6.00% (1,361,632)8.00% 2114 Kanawha Boulevard East LessAllowsnce forTax Discounts 1.00% I213.322) 1.00% Charleston, WV 25311 Class III Real Estate ~ 5,010,559 ~ ~ 401,718 Personal Property 2,354.789 188,794 Public Utilities, 1~277~060 - 102,387 Total Class III 8~642~408 692,899 2,7 ,0 2 220,7 637~748 51 ~131 228fl69 18,293 3~618~929 290,145 . $ 22,893,86(5 $ $ 1,819,465 ' 4.55% 82,865 A two envelope system will be used Less Allowance for Tax Increment Financing See Worksheet PII Envelope No. 1 must have the following information presented on Net Projected Tax Collections before Aeassods Fund the front: Less - Allowance for Assessors Valuation Fund Name and address of Bidder ProJlmted Net Taxea to be Bid on Contract #1 - New Street Utility Improvements Collected $ 21,118,g12 $ $1,736,600 ' Received by the Corporation of Shepherdstown Tot=~ Projscted Net Taxes from Regular and Excess i Levies Envelope No. 2 labeled "Bid Proposal" shall also be placed inside of Envelope #1. $ 38,649,726 ing real estate: Lot 22 as shown Envelope No. 1 will be opened first and the Bid Opening Require- SIGNED THIS 12th DAY OF MARCH 2018. BY on that certain plat entitled ment items checked for compliance as outlined on the Bid Open- SECRETARY OF THE Lots 22, 23, 31 and 37 (Resi- ing Checklist on page BOR - 1 of these contract documents. If such DR. BONDY GIBSON ~, BOARD OF EDUCATION due)", Fairfax Crossing lI, LLC, documentsare found to be in order, Envelope No. 2 "Bid Proposar', made by Dewberry and Da- will then be opened and will be publicly read aloud. If the documents vis, LLC, dated November 15, required to be contained in Envelope No. 1 are not in order, Envelope ~! 2006, recorded in the Office of No. 2 "Bid Proposal" will not be opened and the Bid will be consid- 3/21/2t the Clerk of the County Corn- ered non-responsive and will be returned to the Bidder. mission of Jefferson County, f i da s ' ' .-- A bidder may not w thdraw hm bid for a period o s xty (60) y " west virginia, m P'la[ ,:o, ft r the te t f From Page B3 . a e oa se or the opening of bids. ~ ~. i:: at page 7u, containing z. ]~ B ds she be accompanied by a certified check or b d bond pay- ~: ~ acres, an unlmproveu uum- ~, able to the Corporation of Shepherdstown, in an amount equal to five ~ Weekl, SUDOKU CrOSSWOrd -- ~T: :. mercia~lot s~aOJa,~ntto percent (5%) of the base bid. 3 -- ", "~ tne ri n[ or way uHrn~ ~u~ ~-u :" .g Contractor Is required to provide the Drug Free Workp ace Certfi- -- Answers %'~ :'~, Home ~ in Hanson, jefferson .% cat on n accordance w th WV Code 21-1D-5 Answer ~ ~ : ~;ounty, west virginia, Oellevea . ". . ~;~ ~*" ~" " rrentl, titled in the name All B,dders are required to have a West V, rg,nla Contractors U- Solution time: 27 mins. ~,: ,~. ~o .~ ;, .~ cense per Section 21-11-11 of the West Virginia Code. I I I I ~,: ~ ~ 01' i-alnax L, rosslng, LLL% IJU/- E%, :: Bids received after the scheduled closing time for the reception of I 7 I 3 9 I 4 5 6 8 I 1 bids will be returned unopened to the bidders. . . . I oun ,Jenerson oumy, vves[ Uir,',ini,~1 =~'o,-I l =ng~rv ~1 nlr The Corporation of Shepherdstown reserves the right to reject any R 4 I q 7 1 .':1 I ,~ anQ all DICIS in the civil action thereto filed, ~%:: Civil Action No 17 C 274, styled The successful b,dder shall have the ab,hty to rece,ve payment I,I = = I o = ,= v I,3, ". " -" ": --, "." from the Corporation of Shepherdstown via WV Purchasing Card I " I v I "- v 1, a I / II ~,~ :=- Mlcnael (J. ~ooae, Jr t"laln[liT i I .%~(; '; v. Fairfax Crossing, LLC a West (VISA). ~'~',%:t/;rnlni~limlt~Hli=hilitv~.~mn=mp A pre-bid oonference will be held at l0:00 AM Iocal time on March 1417 6 219 I % S'taie"T, " 29, 2018, at the City Hall, 104 North King Street, Shepherdstown, I I I i : i n o State of Jefferson County, West Virginia Attendance at the pre-b d confer- I 3 I 2 6 I 8 9 4 1 I 7 "i ,~;~ ' L,ommlss o e o e ~," . i i i I West Vir inia, Defendants ence is high y encourageo Dut is not manaamry. I I I ~,~'~i~ TERMS OF SALE,: 10% Corporation ofShepherdstown 1519 811 2 7 613 3 ~:~ :i down by cash, cashier s check Post Office Box 248 I I I I | ,~i~ :~ or certified check on day of sale. 104 North King Street I 6 5. 4 I 7 3 8 9 I 2 ~i ~ Balance due in thirty (30) days Shepherdstown, WV 25443 I I I i ~i?i~ or within five (5)days after ap- The Thrasher Group, nc. I 11 I K 1 ") 4 I 6 7 ~'%~ ~ % proval of the sale by the Circuit 300 Association Drive I v I " "" I v,-- I ~-~ Court of Jefferson County, West Charleston, WV25311 I ,~l I 4"7 I =AI ~ I= I Q ~'~!:~ ~ Virginia, whichever first occurs. 3/14/2t I " I " " I " " " I "'