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Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
Charles Town, West Virginia
March 19, 1959     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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March 19, 1959

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o,, B'rthdays Of Members Pa'd Tr'bute ' " t , and family in Jacksonville Pla It I I ! eit,~ler side. ~iL. ?:d~iek Day'~ car- METIIODI~T~ W,~C~q WiLL ~Vg.ysi(]e Gardetl 6--A FHI RSDAY, MARCH 1.), 1339, .... ried ou~ the color scheme in green tlAVE EASTER FOOD SALE i Mee( TuesdaY ] __ " .......... { Mrs. Charles Peer is improv- and while. A most delightful ev- Th W. S. C. S. of the Charles ,ing slowly from a heart attack -JR" Methodist Gleaners Class IVl U ~~0n~u ening was spent aL "The White Town Methodist Church will have The Wayside Gardel~ ,, ,,, , , . ~ . Home. m....,,,! [which . he had sometime ago. She The April meeting will be held their annual Easter food sale in, meet Tuesday March Alhl Ill dllL~ ~t Ill Illllbmllllm~lllmll~ {is allowed to be up at, inteiwals tb at The Potomac Light and Power the store room at corner of George home of Mrs.' Jose~ UI~ I~~WI~ &R'&'IKI~}-I~I- { Mrs d r ~ aILn;IS2 ;oI-IIzPYa2ier .Pte~:egra 2~nniBe~v~ash day, April 14 with Mrs. Norman March 28 beginning at9 a. m. To mm"~"'~"~""m"~''""'''''"'"~'"''"'""""~m"m~'"'~"''"'~""""'"''~'""m"''"'''~'''~''u'"'"~u [ .. E wa d Young ot near m r ..... {town and Mrs. Young's mother singing and fun for 35 members [Mary iVIaga'ha, Miss Mary '/vIaga~J Johnston,Mrs. ErnestMrS'Hahnlngerand Mr:~.GarrisnJ. W. order colored eggs call 905-M. Read The II II Mrs J R Costello wez -- sof theGleaners Class of the Char ha Mrs A B Cash and Mrs An- ~'azz~l' h ........ ~'. : 'e VISIT, OIL ]e " . " ~ . ' . ..... . " r~,c ""o i o:%t!sst~.s. Born to Mr and Mz':~ Augustine visited wi~h his parents Mr. and . s ............. ' s Town Methodist Church when me Dmhl. Por thew program they W Tucker on Thursday Marcia 11 Mrs. Charles Peer Saturday night ~asL~Tmay.W~lm. Mr' a.n,a Mz~. r~e{ they met Monday evening at the wore bows of ribbons in their hair ~ t [~ ,~ at' t he "Winchc tc r Memozial Hos and Sunday ~u ~YU l -~t)lnsn zalaeK t"arm, lovely and spacious home of Mr and sang "School Days". They ~ () I I (.~ 1~ 0 I A M 0 N D ' '~' ~ ,-l- Miss Mar Randol h Smith and Katherine r~analli spent the and Mrs. Francis N. White on were accompanied by Mrs. Garri- rr~ r~ f}, ,i. , ~.~ i a baby boy Augustine Wash]... ~ ._ ~ ~. p ..... weekend with Mrs. Helen Watkins South" George street, Charles Town son. 10 [fie I UDllC ~:~::,m Tucker, Jr. Mrs. Tucker is{MiSS r~uLn roger:~ ~m}tn, students St. George Apartments, CharlesMrs. White was hostess to the af For October Miss Frances Her ..... ~:'.~ "ormer Miss Susan Worrall of [at Stuart ttall. Staunton, Va. will Town. Both are employed by J. J. fair and she Was assisted by Mrs. lebower, Miss Lucille Printz, and It has been brought to our at CahltotLesville, Va. [arrive home today to spend their Newberry Co. in Charles Town J.H. Norris Mrs. Glenn W. Ed- Mrs. Glenn Edwards, had birth tent{on' re~,ently that the fa,'t~ Mr. and Mrs. Merle Alger are on I spring vacation and t~aster Holi- Mrs. C. P. Miley is recuperating wards, Miss' Lucille Heflebowerdays with Miss Heflebower read- concern{n,- i~"I~C,E ItlL1 CEME an extended motor trip t;o New Or ]day with their parents Mr. and at her home on East Washington and Miss Frances Heflebower. ing a poem "Columbus Day" as- ;i~,Rv ~'ho~'.,~ m~,, .... ~ .~,.., +,~ leans, New Mexico with their fin {Mrs. Robert R. Smith at their Street after several weeks of ill- There was also one guest Miss I.,or sisted by Miss Printz. ~'h~"~.,~.~ ............ " ............. al de~tmatmn Cahforma before Ihome "Silvez' Spring" neat" townness and being a patient in Win- na Lee Shull who participated m For November Mrs Inger Gar ,-,,-- -- ......... r eZurning home. They left Charles { Mr. and Mrs. J. Burns Huyett { chester Mer0'orial Hospital. eerLam phases o.x the meeting ann nson, M~ss Lueille Heflebower, [of choice family lots available. Town early last week. {made an airplane trip to Pense-{ Mr. and Mrs. Edward Young of program, esp.eemuy when .t~me Mrs. Mildred Lennon, Mrs. Grace and ~lans are in nrozress ~t the W. P. C. Perry returned to his|cola. Florida on March 11 where{near town spent last Wednesday came zor a pzano aeeompams~. Johnson, Mrs. Roger Manuel and ~resent t"~e }or a~ beautifulnew ~ I :R LDtI I 11kll lWII home in Charles Town over the [they are visiting their son Jack I night with their son and daugh- Mrs. l:?.o.scoe Payne, class presi- Mrs. Ira Merchant. The poem ~nd modern addition to Fdge ltill weekend from Charleston where/and his family, Burns reports to [ter-in-law, Mr. and Mrs James 1~ dent, conducted devotionals, using "Thanksgiving Day" was sting byFor prices ~nd information day he attended the State Legislature [us on a postal card today that I Young and children of P.~nson for her theme "The Master." Thel;he group or night e~ntaet Mrs. Fanme Janney of Hagers- |the grass ~s green, flowers m full lInn. L~tJe Debbie returned home groul? sang In the Garden as the For December Mrs. Mary Pran- JAMES WHITTINGTON, town, Md. wa~ hostess at a birth- {bloom and the trees coming out in {also Wednesday night after a vls opemng nymn, with Miss Sh,ull ees Ingram, Mrs. turin Tenney, 407 East Congress St., day dinner for Mr. Howard Shreek [full leaf. He says that the sea- lit wi,th her grandparents, accompanying on Lne piano. Tne and Mrs. Louise Orndorff had bir_ Phone 72-W C~ U } last Sunday. Mrs. Janney is the If odd is delicious. Mr. and Mrs. I Mr.~ Edna Coon-r ~,~,~ ~r.~ ~,-~ 27t~h and 28t'h Chapters of Matt- Lhdays with Mrs Ingram in char Ch~rle,~ 'r,--,~ W V,x aunt of Mr. and Mrs. Howard {Huyett, expect~ to return home a-[ma Zimmerman of L~anca's~er" "Pa: hew ,were read as the scripture ge anti displaying the funny side ,'" ~""~'~,.,~:~',~..~.=-- Shreck. /bout March 20. ~spenL the weekend wit.h the 'for" which was ,followed by prayer, i and the more serious side of tlaink ~ "" r'm~SleerSe~ar.~' Mr. and Mrs. Charles Peer and |Mr. and Mrs. H H Lehman 1 mers sister Mr and Mrs Charles Next the group sang "Lead Me i ing which she lighted Chris- Charles T~wn w ~'~ hr s - " " ............ t ee ,'ons 'of S~lver Spring, Md. lspent a month touring Florida and {Peer and also visited with her sis To Calvary" after which Mrs. I tmas candles on the coffee table March 12 2t. {ter Mr. and Mrs, Howard ShreckP~yne read a poem "Risen In-land the group humxned "Silent - -' Sunday dinner euests with Mr"deed." The closing hymn wa~s "Ben I Night". "~r ~~o .~. " utlfUl Garden of Prayer R t , INO[ltc u, ,uceUn ; i)T R Fll I( I;( / [. X land Mrs. Melvin Davy were MrJi .... ." ] For January Mrs. obe 't H. HilI ! Mrs dames Moler gave a secre let Mrs Ke ~ " :~ :" "~ ~, ~ ~ /and Mrs. William Dougherty of . "' . _ 7[ , ,. nn~ Alger, Mrs. J W {OI MEMBERS OF EDuE- ~ [New York. Mrs. NelLie Shaw of ~ary:s retxw~ and Mrs. Margaret {Carroll and Mrs. Goldie Morrisi ~T ~ ~,~,x~,n~,)v ,,~ \'~ "~ {Nort, h Wales ~rr onn ~sr~-~ a,,~v ~:nn]s gave rne ~reasurer's report {had birt.hdavs with Mr~ Morris in ~.~t~ ,..x~zu,.~t,.~,~ u!u- g"l/ ,,~,,,$ [andria Dun~lop"an~t"~da'ughte'r'"of which completed the buMness [charge. The'y'sang "Jingle Bells" IPANY, A CORPORATION "I '~ -~?~ ~ It - tSummit~Point Mr and Mrs Levi meeting. . {accompanied by Mrs. Garrison. I " /a' ~C:a _ ' Seekford and sons 'of Front i~"-I i Miss Lucille Heflebower in char i .......... ,, ...... "-"-5- . . l~ ~. ~'~[I, ~r [. ya,i -e of the --ro-ram for the' evenin- { r'or r-eoruary, mrs. w. ~oroon i wnereas me unaersagnea ineor- ~,) M V { ca. ' used as her ~laeme "Ha'"- Births |Eismon, Mrs. Singleton Luttrell [porators of Edgehill Cemetery # { Mr. and Mrs. Nelson Peer of Har ] ....... n " ~ s as- land Mrs. Owen SLumbaugh (Feby) } Company have appointed the time ) all O..t l,%.k$ [risonburg Va visited their parents {~ayvoAu, ~ma ers ;.2~ e.~m _ - [Sweetheart month. The group and place of a general meeting of IH: lid ' " .. slstea oy her SlSl:er Misst,-rances ,, f~'~ OOl[, IlUllt, {Mr. andMrs Sam OrslnlandMr. ltr ...... w-'- /sang Let Me Call You Sweet-the members of said Company CAN u~ USI:D iii 0UB -~xc~l~ou ~l. " Wi h " " " ' ~" / ~1 "1 ~ . land Mrs. Charles Peer the past .r.~..~ ...., .... ,.......,h..s^ ~.i.+h {heart t Mrs. Garrzson at the t notnee is hereby given to the men- / I [~/'~,.\ ITI~I'~ Wl,~n.l~ /weekend, i,~ox,,~,~,~ ~'~'[~"~;oy,,Z';%,~":,,;/piano. Mrs. Stumbaugh conducted I bets of said Company for the: n ~v" _',~ .......... r- I ............. 1,"'~ ..... "' ,?~" ..... ?'2 .... ~'~'~ |a contest most words from "Sweet holding of a generM meetin of ~1~ I 5P/f"x'~ I ~ars. mary ~;npp visicea wma ner loeeause oz iuness anu no progrem {h,~., .... n~ ................. I ......... Lg._ W!~MENIS IN ~ANTS' d~ ' ' , ...... ,~,,u ,vxt~, ~v~..,..c,., ~c.uuu ~ne members on wLDN~LPA]~ , L~\ [ ~'~f,,...._'~ II~ {h/'~ ~,lllll~ll'~ [ ughter and son-m-law last week was given for the month because, had 42 words and was the win I ......... ....... ' i Ill tl{O{iiUI end in ~ {~.e +,.,o . : -I~r~,~ ~ tu5~ at me rownatan, \ [ /Z,//~.-"~ { Hage] stown Md and al ........... ner ' ' .... Brass & Iron Works in R~nson saw their new home which they Ror the month of May Mrs. . -- . . . . , ~l~ t 7~'/~ /will move into the 28th. /Fr ce Wh, Mrs. BernardBarr Thirteen members of the class West V,r.gmm at 8:00 P. M., to BOYI7 OR GIRI,S' Sfl0P \ t " ~.~ ~ / l an,~ Mrs Br,~w-tZi~sler eel~brat- celebrated birthdays for the non-{elect ~ ~oard of Directors ~nd \ "7/I _ _ |1 %. eL . t. {in,",a .... i, that rn,~nth san~, {Vhe month of March. Mas. Arose officers thereof or other manag x r~/" c.~.~~ {lavfee-ctrs Meet /it [,,x~-e]~m'2""~w~;'tT~'~rin~'~,im~';,~ {Kelley, Mrs. Daisey Fritts, Mrs. ing body of the Company to make ~ "~ "~ "- --/- [ ~ ......... { 'rh",-,',--,,"X~o ~o"~,~',,~n'{~,~ ~t ~ [Richard Adams Mrs Louise Sa- I the by-laws of sa~d Company and ~ ~ ~ |~A~ ~,~, /~.l^~ k~.~,d~.~ ..'ian~,. b':~"~is'~'~';;;~ ........... ville Mrs Virginia Ramey Mrs it,, transact any other business t'i .. I-- I'-I.. ~l ~ hv {H~IIIU IVl13. ~,]lUIIII ma~alla 1" The two" members with birth-!James E. Godd. Mrs. Arlene Fun~k Iwhieh may lawfully be done by 310p Ill /0oay ~'1 The Jeffers houser Mrs Ma'bel Johnston Mrs the members in the general meet- ~ { on County Jaycee-{days m June are Mrs. Mildred ~ ..... {. . . . Herman Willis Miss Kathryn m~r growmg out of the above ~r~ A ~ |cites met at the home of Mrs. Thomson and M~ss Nma M. Ram i ..... ,. 1 .. iV/ / ' ~ ,~ ~. IGlenn Magah~ on March 12th {ey. Since weddings ,are usually the ~.russeu: ~3rs. d..~ed Srmth, M~rs. {mat.rers. For ,,.e0m-ne+e -*-,,,''"-.....,. ,IV/ ~ ~ ~l.*'-~..*[/~ i'-.~*~ ]with thirteen members present.{highlight of this month, Miss o~mes ~vt~er a.~Cl Mrs. J.J. Hi}n-I G~ven under our hands this - The resident call h II sa " P~ mise Me" She r, er Miss rtefleoower conducted a ~lSth day of March 1959 '- ~ I \ /VlU~7/~"~ ling to Zrder with 1;~: ?eh:dim;et, {~Jasu aeengpaOnied~by~ Mrs. Inger quiz on I.rish T.o~vr~.and Irish Rid J. BURNS HUYETT I~A ~ as sun ~ /the minutes. " l Garrison. rues ano m eiosm~ she rea~ a very [ MAX BROWN : -- Wk ,~ | A seavanger hunt was held on' For July Mrs. A. C. ttalvosa beautiful poem, "This IsSpring". I I~ARSHALL ORNDORFF }UkMOND . I[~iL~k \ __In.__ S~W-~:~ [March 7 and was reported to have {Mrs. Charles Ahalt, Mrs. Ed Diff: Delightful refreshments of Lime I C.F. REININGER SrYLE ~ LAD11SS" __.~~ |been quite a success. ]enderfer Mrs Edward Stanley and fruit jello, salad on lettuce.leafP.O. DUNAWAY ;~ , ~ "~ HOME I~'~~ i Flowers will be sent to Marty ]Mrs. Halvos~'read the poem "Hats fancy erac~:ers .~oppea with cheese I RICHARD W. BROCKMANN h spread peanut~ fancy mmts and F DEAN NICHOLS ~PICTIrRED ~ JOURNAL ~\ ~"/~ [Beeler past president of the Club [Of{" She was accompanied at t e _ , ", " ~ ~ ~ ~ ,-:---. ~, IX-f'l l who has been ill in the Winches- IF{and by Miss Shull conee was served by the hostesses INCORPORATORS OF EDGE ..... ~ ~ ~\ I_~'~'~ [ter HospitM ~or several weeks. " / For August Mrs. 'George Cole. assisted by Mrs. Roscoe Payne. t HILL CEMETERY COMPANY Robmt The B~rthday cake decozated m March 19 It : ~1~ ~ ~ ~".~'.~ ~\~" "~ I Tickets are now on sale for ,the [Mrs. Maizie Ware, Mrs.' . , - SHART I:hSIll0NS ~IU"m ~ ~ ~"L"~-~'5~ ~ ~ ~ ~ {1959 Charm Revue to be held on I Buddenhagen, Mrs. Roscoe Payne, green and white was served with [ '~ ~ ~"l~rk | ~ \ IApril 17th and can be obtained I Miss -Frances Heflebower, Mrs. Er cortee, t~a~er me dinmg room ~able i The House veterans' affairs corn "A Girl's Best Friend" , t'~,"~W\~t~ I:~ ~ Ifrom any member of the Jaycee-]nest Hahn and Mrs Wilbur Thar was covered w~th a white linen {mit, tee has voted, 13-7, to permit ' " cmth with two green shamrocks the admimsLr~tion to rmse Lhe m /~, ~A~-~Y"='- J letLes $1.00 for adults, 50c for stu } pc-they sang "In The Good Old o ........ ". I ' " " - ~--~s-.-.-~-,..~ J , ..... ~ ............ zor me center p~ece A ~iiver zsowl terest z~tes on new GI housing CHARLES TOWN M RTINSB[ "n -- ~ [ I.IUIlb~. I OLtlllllt~tulll/,e , * ' I " { After the business meeting de-{~ of, wh~te.mums.and silver candle-i mortgages from 434 per cetn 1;o ~'^~ ~,.. ~/:,~JA,..~. I'~. ~&L~_ t'L I__ !licious refreshments were served I" ..... S~CKS- w~n mu green ~apers on ~ 5~/4 per cent. "-~-~-~,~'.~"~ct~,~-~'~a'-~'-~'~'-~-~'~'~'-~'~~~ ace um m.uuw ,u, umer Ty{es {by the hostesses, Helen Magaha.NhPnand#lall liard n " and Mary Ellen McKee. { ................... ,. ~ .. - .. .. . " ~~ { The door prize was won by Bar HflF rFMTFR Hart {Club Met et Home of Phnno 7q/l (~hnrlo~ T~vtrn IV 17o I g Off news makes for an inform-{ ~[~1 ........................ 9 ,, , t** ed person. I .... ~ ..... ~ I ---~ ........ =~_--_------::--- :. ...... ==== ..... -_-= ......................................................... I Tne bnenanaoan uaraen iSlUD ~ I[~ 1 r: _lffl -"ff~'- 7 -" .......................... III I II _l,met Wednesday. March llth at ~1~ | lithe home of Mrs. Hugh Caperton.a I r ~ ~ ~ ~i. I / ~ :;'~':'"::~:':':*::~:1:::':~::i::::'::~':~::::::::~:::::::::::~ ~i~li~w~l~t~ IIImade folios which will be used at ~ | ~ ]kl"~ ~k~l [] F l'lr-~r7 ~M~ |1 ~i~i~ IIIthe annual meeting of the West~ ~ 4 I i .-- ~ ~ IlIVirginia Federated &arden Clubs. AF'~ &llAi~ ~r'l___-----il ~..~ll~~ Im[speclmen of foz~ced .flowering 1~ ! ~"/i ] IMl ! M~{IIIIM II After the business meeting re- Ir~ ~" " "~ ' 1 ~ ~ ~ freshments were served by Mrs. FIF' Vr* LADIES AND TEEN FLATS ----- ---~_ _ Ileph Warrenfeltz. ~ * New S-'l'in"~ v~,~.. ~ I - buy1 v ~: t II s h r,t,es ar maW,de Choice~}~{1~!,.i!!!~' : New York Late aut o''. e " " " Lovely New Spring Styles c T , .r ,v ") ,,,. 1 pressing (or a state l~w compelt- . of Styles. Blaek m H,~h.M~dmmandTl~en I~{P IIM /I d ' ~ ~ ~ I ,v, ~'~""~ I Iling hospitals .to footprint newborn [~ ~ ~k ----.,Nn"rv ..... 1/,d, .... 12.;,,.,~,,. I- .... ' .... I i:Di:l:ll IIIbabies and record mothers' finger- iiTg ~~ /~ ......... I_________ J rR[I;, llprints with them. Purpo~: to ~ ~~/:~: .~,' all~ wm2e. ~lze~ "~ : N~'~~~.. ~~ , / m?fe ~t?t:~hv :yhil~b~abtYh m~:e:P :e v i i ~ --~ ~gz ; ~.98 ~: iiiiii!!iiiiii~i~ , '.. Other Flats At . - - $3.98 to $5.98 ' ""- ) I/I i.IO)RITAu. , - o,,, tl LAMES AN, TEEN CASUALS GROUPp LL-PARROT.seontinued Num'-SHO S: , l/ ll' 1 our Choiee of Styles in Black or ,I .98 One f 'B~rlM . Three boysand two girls is the . -r $~.j . I! h,s bab de I Wh,te Closed Flats Also New ]- r ' ' -- ) I q ' L..-- way the stor 'vided "' y be s in Boys or G!rls Styles. e Country Frted ,,w,.~o~ at. the Charles Town Gen-Spring Sandals at This Low Price. 4 to 9. were See znese ano Save Mort Y' " . II[eral Hospital during the period of LI~ . . I/Maro,, " Fre{ c n Frn ^ sod o.o or. es, A le Sauce and Roll PP , Thursda;, March 12 to Mr. and lADIES SUN STEP CASUALS HILDREN'S STRAPS OR OXI _ _ l/Mrs. Vernon Neal Snyder of Har- I1~ i;~,., I1,,,I,,q~l Ill: I/~er~ Ferry; and a son, Dale Way- ~, New Warm Weather Styles 11.98 & .98 /UI lliV E/ne, was born to Mr. and Mrs. Aus "I~ ~'~ Wli a " l/tm Crumb Barton of Failings ~ in Washable Fabric Sun- Girls 'Slraps in Patent, , Waters Steps Flats and Wedges Ill Sund'~y, March 15, a daughter ~ " . White, Red or Brown_ was born to Mr. and Mrs. Charles , u .l, ,, ,.,,. , an _ t u., a... e, aa {{Oro er Long of Harpers Ferry, Chddren s Sizes in Sunsteps At - $3.49 Boy,s Ties in Black r o IlalllU II jr,{3 I.UU 0 II l PUg3 , I,UU l/ Tuesday, March 17 two ~irt~hs I~ ...... ~ Brown. Little Tots Sizes llOCcurrea, a son, WlIli~m ~ryan, lm 1 being born to Mr. and Mrs. Roy ttp. F## , lamht r, I*lq[ AIi ' 14gt+ I~AtlC IMl+h Ch~ll~, CO, Mason of Route 2, Charles i SHOES F011 THE FAMILY 4 to 9, and Children s Sizes _ ' " /Ito Mr'. ann Mrs. Samuel D'Angelo ~ It's "P-F" Time Again," and .qllW QR TO _qlim 1 l to 3 at This Low Price. //of Millville. li~ A " "~" , w~F~''' Wqil~*"v i] | // Surgical patients admitted to I~I gain osen s nave a om. ill the hospital weze Mrs Urcelle M lete Selection : u " ": p " of Oxfords and High Tennis for the Dirtkle of Harpers Ferry" Mrs. Ed . , , [l 'L I il r eT IC!)'/ l/ha M Wharton Robert'{3. Ba]]en Enhre l amfly, All with the Famous Arch. $2"98 : 1 ger and Mrs. ~loria E. Brown of . ~ . //cas of Brunswick, Md.; Mrs. Lil- ~ I um,' hl~lI~ ~V~l~Dhf t~,~,,+,~ O "~,___ . ...... t t~ ,, ,) , //lian V. Custer ofShepherdstown; ~ 1 IVll-I'dI ~^,~,,~ BIG BOY'S OXFORDS , ,,-- merican t, egmn l all lark 1]Mrs. AvaEstenel~eynoldsofHous I ........ .... Brown or Black Oxfords in //ton, Tex~s; Mrs. Sarah N. Dailey ~ 1 ~egumr Ili0.~ ~ty!es In ~rown or .~ q~ Charles Town, West Va. I B ck P i.n wMen sgS :?es. Big Boy's Sizes 3 to7at This LoWi# o Price. Well Constructed. ~li~Pl~l~ II/l~ll IPl~ll //Wilnamas, Bakerton: Mr. Elmer I: ~ .... II i Haines, Mrs. E,len L. D~rllO~, Hat , .For ChildrenCHILDRENsizesS8,SCAMPEto RO0 . , , )D . .u tcn nauur, rn, Ferry; Mr. Franklin J. Muo ~ MENS RANDcRAFT .vmnnc . _ _ __~ _ ----L l/maw Mrs. Maude V. Milton Mill- IMI VltlVllMml ourmg secona wee~ l|vme: Mr. William MI Henretta, ~I J - . //Mrs. Rose V. Willis, Bolivar; Baby I~ ...... ; of grand opening /{Natalie L. La~vson, Mrs. Mildred L. Ill A Larger ~electlon ' 3. Straps, Ties, Saddles, 3 k /[Twyman, Mr. Alvey M. Landers, ~li Than Ever of The ,e Loafers. Black, Brown, ! [] IP.--t llillnilG at Ynur /!Master Robert E. Simons, Mr. Famous Shoes " - ::" v~m ~1,,=~ ........ /I Henry J. Green. City; Miss Jane ~t " Red, White and Patent, r tastee-freez store l{E. Gray: Hall, town: Baby Robert ~i~ Blacks, Browns, .... .' - l[ Lee uycne, ~noxvHle, Md.; IAttle II Ties Loafers " "7 l~Cover, City. R. D. 2; Mr. William ~ ~p! '.~O ., , o.,h m Poll Parrot Shoes At . . } / T. Ott, Harpers Ferry, R. D. 2; / Mrs. Daisy Webster, City; Mr. Wayne Tribby, Knoxville, Md.; IIIIIIIII Illl lilt II I I , Mrs. Flora Homer, Baltimore, Md. . , i