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March 19, 1959     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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March 19, 1959

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!s!e , J ,, . SPIRIT OF JEFFERSON r En$ ADVOCATE IVfl" dly Orwtho " inadr THURSDAY,] MARCI 19, 1959 Thursday, March 19, 1959 Letters For Students I auction. In fact, I sometimes won-It~on. I enjoy the paper wnich i[ Squadron Commander h T At the invitation of my good lder if of the e ra-cu=icui E harp r ad o ti:uou ir. oLma:y I.. "1" friend, Max Brown, and my equal-Iar projects in our senools aren't ~years..1 mermen anct lez~ wnarles I I_,lons crap raper MADDV I~IOTMnAV ]y good friend, Joe Christian, IIs over-emphasized they a rown['l.'own In 1to.n-.1 am aaugnser ozI ........... jf~ Iii.1/// UIIi/IIUi4/ t~11~-~d ~T,~lV~t~'~t~ tT~ C~ha~-l~ I OU.t the real purpose of having a Ine lace ur. win. INelli, long ~lm~ I Tne ~,narles Town ~,lons I,]JU'D .................. ~ ...... ~ ......... '~ ............ ' s r a r collect Town Junior High School last Fri I school in the. first place. It's a!- I re~d%t %C~ar~es Town. I ~l co UCrtla c~ppo~ Ranson A~v roornlncr tn ~h~arv~ h.~ h~odva I rlghl, I,o la In ,bile l~Ancl IU'S al- I ~r~tma wastxv~-~.c~c~j,, I ~o~ ~t~ ~..~a ~o ~v**...~'u , We are happy to extend birthday greetings to the n g-o ' -p o ee w i n'h'as eenlraght to Pki Yk a footban;'it s al-I Mrs. Kelth Neville It, s Saturday. MaEh 2.L. .ose American Legion which, this week, is obser 'ing its for- dear to my hen= for a long t e, gh' to. shoot a 'sk. tba! or, I Yy2 p RI [ ~;.*~, ~,;~+ha..,XXTh,~n ha ~xrh,~la .,.a,'..-,,.h ;o ,~vo~i.~aa h,~ It se~ms that the Charles Town I ~nrow a .oaseo~l~l; but ~rnen these I ~vx=~w.~.u.~,~u.v. i a.= ~-~ v,, ..=.c .o v.~.... ~,~,..- . ~=~t u,~-~,~.r. ,,,,,,, .... ~,,. ,,,v,~ ,~,~v,u ,o ~A,~,,,,~, ~,,~,~ w ~nis Club h s ark d on things overshadow l~he basic rea- Civil Air Patrol dies and placed on the sidewalk will" be few who lll, dispute the fact that it has been a Kt ....... a ernb ..... ea |sons for having schools in the firstl Box 54, Inwood. W. Va. l in front of their" homes For ?era r force for good. Perhaps it is at the local level that its :s[ie'- crffev meg g our':p i ' lplace we are headed for trouble, l . ._ March 13, 1059l inffr .ati_on, abou the collection achievements are deserving of the most commendation. It s~hools Last Friday a group ~flIf a kid wants to .blow a horn [Spirit o~ oenerson-Auvoca~e I call ~an r'er~s, ~eJepnone z't, tmar has been a potent factor in the war against juvenile, de-!ocalKiwanians met w!th F varl hgerg'shnt.n Uu hatP etlnadmieSC i ;/ rl f d a IlesTwn" AT THE CIRCLE IN R kl 1 . 1puserasses ~s~mepie ~narles , ' " " IN hnquency through its celebrated baseball programs. An- Tow- ~i~h .~ah~1 n~ t~ ~v-Ihe ought to be brough.t .to realize/Dear Mr. Brown: I GIRL SCOUTS LOOK G ............................ th t h 11 s - " IPMENT nually it sponsors oratorical contests which have had the enth eighth and nint'h grades ofl a e' oonbe oooldtomareh|Iwishothankyoufortheadver-IFOR THEIR ,OU OUR SPECIALS Start on T i h r 1 h h 1 and an m parades and there ll be need for tisement you ran in your paper effect of providing educational benefits for high school t e Junio H'g Sc oo -1" ,, . ' | " . I ~ . _ . ................ ,-~ nounced that .this Spring i.t wi.ll'some~ning else. /last week regarding the (lance at I All former leaaersoz ~im ~ ~ ~ | ,patna waG ml at otnerwme nave been coleooLam ' --}UALIT ~, ~, . g .......... hold an ACHIEVEMENT AWARD I Extra currlcul,ar actiwties have/Bardane Community Cener. It I Scout troops m Char!es Town are the advantages oi advanced e(luca~lon, in a nunarea re- DINNER. The honored gues~ wi]llaproperplaeein~heschoolof to-|was a success irregardless of thelbemg urged ~o turn}n :all equip- V M g h T lated ways it has instilled in the hearts of people in exery:be ~,11 ninth grade students now Iday. But somewhere ~ong 'the l baxl weather .and the amoun~ of I ment SUCh as ,flags, Iirsv aid kits, / iVi L /4 / community where it has been organized a respect for our taking Algebra, English, Civics I line we have not done a very poor sickness in our Squadron and also ] books, literature, etc., .to the Girl .... t~-,, If has it be admitted been o ,ilt- of some and Science whose grades in these I job of .teaching our kids 'that .they in the Community. I Scouts so .that it migh ,be put ,-~,~ .... s. .... ' " ,. _' ... ~"~: %J .... subjects place them in the upper l are and should bg just exactly' ~f there is aT~y ,thing that .the I back into use. Persons having FRESH FRYING CHICKENS " indiscretions, as was tne case wnen li~ leaned me late~third of the class Each studen.t/what they are EXTRA And thatlCAP can do for yo~ any time inlsuch equipment are asked to call Senator McCarthy; and sometimes it has espoused Ameri- so honored will receive a certifi- word "extra"' means "that they the Suture we will be glad to do i. Mrs. William Roth. TURKEYS--Oven Ready - ...... i - o"su- that it has lost sight of the fact that cate of merit and .the school will I should be subordinate to basle ed [ " " he ~be given a permanen.t Honor Roll ucat onal courses Indeed it ....... with the names of the honored[nught not be a bad idea .to t'lll HEIIIEC Rockingham if we go .back far enough we are all aliens. But on t " ' whole it has had a healthy eIIec ; on country, l ones inscribed .thereon. ]the activities of udents in extra I _ % II | | | I I | We salute the Legion this week. In particular do weI This is a worthy undertaking[ curricular pursuits to such an exI Fresh Pork Shoulders--Meaty - ~,~h,a ~ local Jackson-Perks Post 71 The local o'rounlana we hope the parents and the l tent thac a certain aegree o~ sunGI ... ,.,~ ~,,A. ~'..~ P~P~ ~'~ .... , ...., ...... "~ ........ ~'___-Y]teachers will give .the Kiwaniansllastic achievement would be aI ~ ~U VUU "Me ruvu Sugar Cured Smoked Hams - nas always snown an lnteress in tne chairs oz the corn- . -- ~ . I their whole ,hearted cooperation so [,prerequisrte to participation. I ~,~'--~ mumty. It has loaned its support to the Jefferson t~ounty ].tha.t the project can .be an annual I,When I was teaching night school I ~~ ~.~*~*;~..*:--.z,.~..ev~ Park; it has provided healthy recreational projects for our i affair. Apart from a few choicelat Shepherd Collee.g ~ .few yearsl ~J~ Esskay's Sun-Up Bacon - - ,,o-n ,ster It has su, norted' the Teen A, e Canteen In : mmu~es as T~ne average graaua~ion I ago one s~uaen~ ~mlssea sour class I ~'-~~11 ~i~~~~----~'~I 7~ I .r - ~ ~ o. .. , r'r" .... -. ~ .... ; , i exereise scholarship comes in forles in a row; 'since .the class only l ~V~~~~~-~t L CORKHILL FRANKS - - man omer ways has proven to De a irlend ~o 1;lqe wnole far 'too h 1 Y I' 'tt e recognition. I met once aweek 'he had missed a I ~-~- -- - ~ _-~,.t..~ I community. ~p in New Jersey, according to I bou.t one .fifth of the work .Under I ~~~ ~~I~--ffi~[/)~ [ ~. an article I read in the New York/the rules every one of his 'four a~-I ~ ~ ~'~\.-~-~,,~-'~///ZJ LONGHORN CHEESE - - __ __ __ /Times months ago one school has I sences was excusable since he was [ ~ ~4~:~*~~/////~r~ ~ 100 Girl, Brownie Sc0uts,Present !e!~.e~i~3t~a?~,c.tio~hue:[e~r~nsr?~!l!r~lrm~a~ti~a~ilgi!tnmoi:~:i:~iil CUBE STEAKS - - - - ', l==]|~&&~ | ~..= ~l~l~. ~m~.m~,~ [dents. They are distinguished from|have to choose between the class[[~t[[~~~d ] ~ JUlllfllt-~ LOW rllt3lUMllU rlUUlalll I Athletic letters by design; .thet or. Che play He wl,thdrew from I I--~~~U, ~i~;~ SEE HOW YOU SAVE ...................... |- --~ "- sports letters are ,printed in a reg | ~he course. I doubt if he has yet | i ~~)~r~...~"'~.M/~l }~ utar design, wh|le the seholarship/come to the realization that hist ~ ............................. I~ ON GROCERIES: About I00 Cdrl Scouts and [English International Camp "The letters printed in Olde Eng-I parents weren't sending him ol ~i~i~ . Brownies of Charles Town and I Ark" as Brownies brought on lish. And if my friends of the Ki- I college for .the prim~.ry purpose I ~ ~ii~ Ranson presented a delightful Jul [ stage a large pi.cture of "The Ark" wards don't mind the suggestion, I of acting in a play. / [ I IDAHO INSTANT POTATOES - 2 7-oz, I iette Low International Friend- [Brownie .troop 45 played a folk ~T~ay I suggest that a similar prac I The long and 'the short of all of/ I ---,~=m----- ~ ~ L. & S. STRAWBERRY PRESERVES"" - ship program Sunday afternoon [gaxae "The Jolly Miller". lice be commenced here. [,this is that I hope .the Kiwanis i I [ t at Charles Town Junior High I Brownie Troop 14 represented ! The v~lue of this whole project/sponsoren program will catch fir~./ * ' -- - 2 10-0 . " School. ].the Netherlands .by doing a Dut- and others similar .to i,t is that i.t/It could 'be a valuable shot in,the I ~CMffDA/ I~/gPTDI~ lq. _lllll .l flflT i The program opened wlh the |oh Song and dance, "The Land of .tends to put the emphasis in purl arm to the whole educational pro| ~L~LnmL "-h'-~.,,,V ,V VV~,,V ,vv. . LOG CABIN SYRUP--Country Kitchen 1, flag ceremony and the singing of I the Dutch. Dutch, Dutch". Inter- schools where it should ~be; on ed-J gram. | , ' Family Size 24-oz. America. Flag bearers were Diane [mediate Scout Troop 38 represen- . t , I [ |~ i~rrl~ll~rl~ 1Tfll~ Wagner .and Rosella Kearns. I ted France by a_dance and panta ,,_ ~._ ....... ~._.=__ - -_ tv without favor due to anvone,~r I ! ]l~~ l~rrnll~rRMI uII-rilEL/.I! c R I s c 0 - - - 3:lb. Brownie color guards were Beppie Inane "We Were Ten MaidenS." . tx~ any industry " " I I ~ll~l~d~l ........ -- ............ ~:~ Clark and Angle ~IAoyd. I Brownie Troop 15 did an Amer- !| L~I~PI~(~ qP~ I~I~I*IP~I~ . ' I I " S P R Y .... 3-1b The Brownies sang the .Brownie [lean Folk Dance called "The Stick LI~I|~3 1U I:llllUn W~a~ real purpose does Shenan I I ~w~m~l F L U F F O ...... 3"fur song and repeated .the Brownie | Dance" around an Indian maiden t , ~'' doah Downs have in naming Mr. I I ~]~J~ ........ __,_.__ ~_z_. .... ,u 1 Promise. The Intermediate and l Sammy Carper. [ .... - - " Hehle to this office? Could not I l |l li " Atr[o aUc Oetrostmg errlgeralor 1 MONARCH SHORTENING - . 3-1b. Senior Scouts then repeated their l The first InternationM Girl ------------------------" they secure the services of a ~ri- [ I ~~ ",, ........ ,-,~, , ~, IT r- ..... | .promise. l Scout Camp was buil.t on the Kearneysville, W. Va. va.te detective a~encv or some| I t~l~n~ B gzero-uegree I~ULL'UUI rr~P.,z~" 1 ESKO SHORTENING .... 3-lb. N a.rrators ~or theevenmg Sus- [mounta!n slopes near Abelde~: I March 17, 1958other non-elected person ,for this I ] MO~t - - | Chase & Sanborn INST. COFFEE, 6-oz~ an ~inn ann ~ay ~tuao~pn, explain | ~wt~zerJana in ~ne nea~ oi '~ne. Mr Max Brown Editor positionO Could it be they seek [ ~ ~. , ed the use of the International [ Alps This .is called "Our Chalit" " - ' -----" ; " " " ' Maxwell House INST. COFFEE - .oZ, ~ ~Frlendshl9 Fund in sending Cdrll and was given by an American S,~p.pir~^f~Jeffer2~n~Advocate csp~n~t o~iOc~rr~rom our mw enzor- I3 SWINE-OUT SHELVES, a T'~" -- Ir o rs s ~,-=~,e~ .z,..,w, w. v~ Scouts of the Nations belonging [ O 1 Sc ut M . James J. Strops . _ _ ' " " " T h~U,,~, th~. t.h* ~ti~,~,~ ,~ [ ADJUSTABLE AN0 REMOVABLE 2"k MONARCH INSTANT COFFEE - G-oz, .to the Girl Seout World r~x,~.~.~fl~/'~lt~L-:~Our Chalit" De~r Mr.. ~rown, To~o~.~'~OU:~V S~oul(~'~:n~.: ,.~': ..... . r~ . . ~ " read " d Bless is ,,~,.~ ~ ,~ ,,, .v ,,vw '~,~ , rm.~. ion to camps. There they,~q C~ Th House and In recent momhs we have heard facts behind this ~nd if ~"- H"*''- I ' _ .......... trace In BOSCUL COFFEE ..... 1-1b, o :In n 1 ~ ..~- v'"~ ~wlng-4..~t vegetable ttlns~ 'better acquainted and thds 157o- |.all Wh Go a d Out of 't." much a,bout the conflict of inter ..... ' " I . ... mote International Friendship [ 'Carolyn Urquhart presided at . . ... '." " " . )dnbemme_payr :_.Pr. rl Egg Rack, and Butter Conditioner. Allowance COFFEE--Maxwell House, Wilkins, ChaSe , ,.~ ...r~ ...... ~ ,..,a ,~o r._~.~ I ~r~o ,~i..,, -rm,~ w,~,~.,~ ~h,h ~,U,~ es~ m goverranen~, we nave seenep nuu u' ~ue t~ ca~r,,y zns I In White and Mix-or-Match colors. -'L-~ql & Sanborn or Beech Nut - " ~.xu= ....~-o,,.~,s ....... ' ........ ~ .... ~- ........................... i i for taki h ' ---" s " " both pohtieal ,parties ,take a criti- pos t on ng t e office with Scout basket ~t.s a representative ponsor Girl Scouting In Charles .............. hen_nd_^h ....s I f .......1 ..... ~ ........ ~ ...... "~ ~'~ ~ow~ se~,ed ~unch on~ ~..w~ cal wow OZ ~ne si~ua,~ton zn sca~e ~ = ~ . .,~,,e,- pc- I DOMINO OR REVERE SUGAR-- ~-~t'~'~'~'~r'~Z"~h~',~-" ~'~'~"t~ from" a be'cubiCal ~r~'~n.t~ed~'t~o'le and federal government I am won lieve that no law enforcement of- I ~l I~ t~| k~ ~h tt ' ~ (With Purchase of $5,00 or More) ~/.~'~..~'.~.'~2.~ ................ ' P~rentaland =uestsc~)nt~but~ to dering if we In Jefferson County fi~er-sheriff, deputy sherif, state I ' !]!1| JIM N AI~I* J NI. ' .|1 'u ....... ~, *u ........ , ~ .......................... li~* oit.v ~lir~-~hm,ld h* ~r~ f.h~ I ~'w W" , n--, ,,n, ,w , ~ ,w* ~ACHT CLUB~Red Beans a..~o ,-~,,o,~ ~,,~,~i,.t- read the J-liette ~-~w Fund b~' ~laci-~' up .o~ .u,v= ~w..~v-v.-,.w.=o~ .- ,~ .......... .- .................... .... i ff ri i our county governmen.t You an-pay oil of Shenandoah Downs . Our Cabana Song ~hieh ~o.ldthe r o e ng n a large brass - ...... Re-- T--ck The Ch-rl.... w~ PH N ,HARL S w vA Great Northern Beans ..r +~^ w~ .... ,^~ ~,,~ ~o~ ,~ot~ ~,hi,.~ h~a ~ .~ ^ ~ nouncea in a recen~ column ~na,~cc . = ,~ .~ a v ~ ~ ... _ . Pork & Beans in IvI'exic'o~.=B'ro%vn'~e'Tro'~p" l'2~:~d ~vor]d." ...................... our sheriff, Mr. C. A. Hehie, had Turf Club, or any other larlvate in ,the "Mexican Hat Dance". Rosilla Kearns played the piano Barbara Henesey told of the as guests were being served. Discontinuing Farming due to 111 health, I will soil the Following Personal Property, on the Huyett Farm, located 3 miles South of Charles Town, W. Va~, Off Route 340, adjoining Poca Dot Farm (Follow Signs), Jefferson Co., on WEDNESDAY, APRIL 1, 1959 REGINNING AT 10.00 O'CLOCK A. M. 30 - HEAD OF CATTLE - 30 Holstein Cow with calf by side; Holstein Cow, springer; White Fa~e Cow, will freshen by day of s~le; 6 Hereford Cows, close springers, 3rd. calf; Registered Cow, with papers, bred to Polled Hereford Bull; 5 Holstein Heifers, carrying 2nd. calf; 2 Hereford Steers, a@prox. 1,000 lbs. each; 3 yearlings; 3 Hereford Steers, yearlings; 4 Holstein Heifers, ' White Face Heifers, yearlings. All Cattle T. B. and Bangs Tested 30 days prior to sale. FARMING IMPLEMENTS 1957 Ferguson "40" Tractor with cultivator and mower; Ferguson P.T.O. Hay Baler; New Idea "12A" manure spread- er; Smoker Special 32-ft. Conveyor. with electric motor; Morrill wheel rake, rubber tired wagon, John Deere corn planter, with fertilizer attach.; Oliver disc harrow, pulve- rizer, low wagon, Oliver 2 12-inch bottom plow, 3-point hitch; 2 spring tooth harrows, hog brooder house, 3 Webber French hog feeders, ~ne 12-holes and two 10-holes. DAIRY EQUIPMENT Eight Can Victor Milk Cooler, wash up tank, 8 10-gai- milk cans, buckets, 2 strainers, water separator. HOGS Hampshire Sow with 6 pigs; Hampshire Sow with 9 pigs; Hampshire Sow with 5 pigs; Registered Hampshire Boar. FEED Thirty-Five Bbl& of Corn; 25 Tons of Alfalfa and Mixed Hay. MISCELLANEOUS Fifteen Bolts, log chains, shovels, forks, digging iron, scoops, sacks, block and fall. mattock, hay fork with 150-ft. of rope; s~usage grinder, meat blocks. HOUSEHOLD GOODS Warm Morning Stove. Home Comfort. Stove, Wood or Coal Stove, Living Room Suite, Dining Room Suite, 3 Reds and gprings and mattresses; Piano, 3 Overstuffed ~hairs, 4 straight back chairs, rockilag chair, wash stand. 2 tabbies, 3 dressers, porch chairs, library table, stands, rugs, mirrors, mad articles too numerous to mention. TERMS :--CASH. Nothing to be removed until settled for. I. W. ATHEY LEWIS and ORNDORFF, Auctioneers. R. E. MORELAND, Clerk. Lunch Will Be Served By the Ladies of thc Wizard Clipp Farm Woman's Club. March 19 ann P6- 2t, been named chief security officer dustry in this county. If any are, for the Shenandoah Downs Race Track. This strikes me as being in conflict with ,the interest of county government. It seems to me that suoh an of- rice would auto~natically mean that the sheriff would ~be ~alaced on the payroll of the race track ~f this is the case, what relation- ship does this place the sheriff and his salary as 'paid by Jefferson County? Could not the Powhatan Brass and Iron ~Works, Valley Board Corporation, or some other Jefferson County industry demand like favors? It seems ,to me that when a 'person Seeks an elected of rice, and is elected, .that person automatically becomes responsible for the wel.fare of the entire coun their status should be made known and reasons given. Let me emphasize again that when an of. liter's salary is paid from either city. county or state ,taxes, I be- lieve it is his duty to ~rotect the welfare of ell who pay taxes in order to have ~poliee ,protection. Let us not condemm other pep ple ,for having conflicts of inter- ests until we clarify some points in our own county government. Sincerely, Dewey D. Underwood Pass A Grille Beach, Fla. 2205 Gulf Boulevard March 5, 1959 Circulation Editor Spirit of Jefferson-Advocate SPRING--and time to Brighten Up Your Home With A Brand New Coat of Paint-- t and Be Sure to. Make It DUTCH BOY Paint, the BEST PAINT You Can Buy Today... COME IN TODAY and LOOK over OUR LARGE DISPLAY of Colors and SELECT YOUR NEEDS Right Now. -- ASK FOR "DUTCH BOY" --AT THE-- for the Amerlcan Personality in young men's shoc / as PORTS IZ,Z U R Lf D St,]b n 377 3775 SU-Z-Q RED KIDNEY BEANS - DANDY POTTED MEAT . - * BONNELLE'S SPAGHETTI - " " PREMIUM SALTINES . l-lb. MONARCH EVAP. MILK - 6 tall BETTY CROCKER ) PILLSBURY ) DUNCAN HINES ) SU-Z-Q MARGARINE - - COMO TOILET TISSUE - 16 SUPER1 SUDS - - - Box FREE with Each $10.00 CAMAY SOAP - - 2 bath CAMAY SOAP - - 3 reg. PET DOG FOOD . . 12 STAYMAN APPLES - . 4.1b GREEN PEPPERS - - " FLORIDA ORANGES .... POTATOES--U. S. NO. 1 - - " SEED POTATOES--KATODEN COBBLERS YELLOW ONION SETS - - CUT YELLOW CORN EVERFRESH PEAS .... " FORDHOOK LIMAS - - DRESSED WHITINGS i OLD FROTHINGSLOSH - , I$ VALLEY FORGE .... GUNTHER .... " / Hom Ot "Over-The-Top" F,eds Charl Town, W. Va, Phone 78 & 74 / K Numbcn 3630-3631 tyk Numben 36S7-3658 Phone 796 TO $10.95 i CENTER Charles Town, W. Va. SCHLITZ .... 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