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March 18, 1999     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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March 18, 1999

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12 SPIRIT OF JEFFERSON Farmer's ADVOCAT.~ ~E - Thursda Marc. ~h 18. ~, 199. 99 One of Dickman's 1 a coaching habits is to take ~[)Ol~ l!dW~tnl~ll ented player, no matte: Continued from Page 11 young, and blend him :nto h . sity fabric even should that Gelf nally secure a state championship,~t '[ . St ll :: lllllq tll | r that vlrtuauy no one coma nave ,-, . . UlcKman played [our ye l 1 envisioned before the season be- She herd, seein his la "nal ,['lcL]]ge Q 3I,J -an p g p 3ng[~'] s diminish as Shepherd got I~ dl31~[7 1,ow lnomas donnson nan rive and better as his career re~~ ourfl first-line players coming back, an . his junior and senior years other quahty jayvee team, another c ~.^ ~T^ ,~.^ / quality freshmen team, and a re- ~'"~," ~,'~, ~,"~"[ By Bob Madison Baseb 1 ', . The 8th annual Kiwanis . . . nanale ana piayea ior 9 a 1 in the 1800's, football But above all, You can t do this ahstlc chance to capture still more .~.^~ ^. m rv.~ ~[ w na~ is rne purpose o~sport in h .~ ~nenanaoan ~reaKIasr ~lUD LTOI~ . . . St~ ~y, ,~ ,~ ~,~,o, a t e second decade of the 1900 s w~thout the proper gear Do, t t,~ Tournament will be held this -ear Dickman-led championships, school coach in Maryland [ ine reasons zor navlng spor~s and in rapid-fire order came ban- to do it with a pair of cutoff jeans, ~ ~, l or competition nave cnanged dra- ketball hockey and motar sn~ ~I~ on wlay i~ wlm a ram uar~ oz ivmy | ~, --- ~ ,~ um sneakers, anu a ~ee-snlr~. 26 The tournament which nor - *** ma~.lca!ly ,rom ,heir l ncep~lons Sports had become entertain- The purpose of sport to corpO-lna m:lh, ;. ,]0,~,~ ~1 ,:.~ ~ JL~ IL~J,JL qUW 1"~" ltl~dnkW / i aurmg ~ne clays oz ~ne LTreeK ClW ment and then business a-- . ~- j states The business of sports meant 'p~ra~:'~)r~ng~:si:::s?''me' member, will t, hls year instead be Starkey's South Hager~ld when me 1sea mr compe idon the marketin- of lea-ue aealca ea w all aeceasea memvers v, team lost just three games i]| was formulated, the most obviousmerchandise,~and individual?ms' ca2t~r:V:t~:rP:::n~:/o~e:leCa~ of either the Breakfast ,or the Not only were there indlvldual " on F " " " ~ regular season, but was als~ reason for such acti ty was to in- As the Industrial Revolution sport. Eve, nmg Ki 'wan s.Clubs !twas ' m 144-I111,1bi I 10-school region and had toll crease physical fitness in the touched every person's life in some Comnete a~ainst -our~=lf It.~elt ,s~atedthe.clunrreslaen~,~y- Ill il~lmm~ four games just to reach the,l a'ndSucnbomng,aS gol~,but~ennls,the heydaySWlm " ~ ~ ' "" " ' r e Jill population at large mond Frazmr, that the ear many -- A state tournament I . . large or small way, leisure time the best you can with the body you of these members who would never A fit body leads to better thin.k- became important to a higher per- have. Join a team and compete have a tournament in their memo,', m" 1- "r The Rebels drilled North ~ [ lng, better work habits, and the centage of the population against other teams Enjoy corn :~ ~L/~] 1~I1111d'~11'1 Garrett County on Nortl~l stamina co concentrate on matters Recreation t. ~ " as lnalwauam, so seemea ngn~ m ~ ~ J[][]~][~. home floor, then easily de~ . . ~ ~a.t~ atutu~ ~yu- pe~l~lOn wlcn orners wl noul; a con- ~. .~ n ~; ~ ~ ;. , omer man now urea or lU a per ;~. o^~ ~ onor e Beall of Frostburg at Soutl . ~ ~ p ~p~ ~-- s~rlc~ing structure, compnca~ea This tournament which enio,s By Ted Black the third region game, ~ll son was menng, joyed themselves at the same rules, or exvensive and needless " . ~J.~ The first sports were meant togames or sports as the profession- equinment. - consmerame populam.zy ~.n ~ne Even before the last blast of smothered Smithsburg in aj test a person's endurance and fit- als who made their living at the ~ area, is the major fund-rinser ot winter could arrive, Charles Town played on a neutral floor at~)n Geary, nest and the only competition was ~ame or snort Rebel aeainst the idea of corn- the club All monies generated are hosted its first stakes race of the Hagerstown. The Rebs trave~ rch, and against one's own standards. Sport was business. There mercialism~. dedicated to the projects and pro- 1999 season, the inaugural run- Cumberland and edged Sou~m with It Could each person run faster than were nrofessionals But many bil Have fun Enjoy yourself grams of the club. During the pro- ning of the seven-furlong Opequon of Garrett by a point to rea~ two Iota before, could the um hl her wous seven years of the tourna Y J P g lions of dollars were being spent The purpose of sport is hidden - Handicap for three-year-old fil- state semifinals at Cole ~',ist Partn than before, could they throw an ment, over $25,000 has been . worldwide by all sectors of the beneath marketing ploys lies House. South Hagerstown, ~riginatb object farther than before raised and distributed throughout ,population on their favorite pan- shrouded by clouds of smoke pro The first of 12 stakes races Starkey's guidance, had re, ending el The first Olympic Games didn ttlm~ duced hv ~ hunln~ l~,ao.~,r nna the community. NotaDle pr0jec~s added to the schedule at Charles the state semifinals in 199~is was t: take place until 1896. The first ~[arksting experts tried selling probably'changed'forever~rom-tl~e of the club include the BUG Town this year, the Opequon at- lost a narrow decision in thei~ m revival competitions of any consequence,(t~rmgmg up ~Jraaes) program in the public on finding each person s days of games to be played to ira- " I tracted eight fillies set to compete game, The same fate befell S L Virginit between indlmduals were at those two county SChOOlS rmnson ~. niche in the sports or recreation prove physical fitness and " -for its $16,320 winners share again last week as it loi'.h 400 ac Games field If you couldn't have fun or stamina, ementary ana ~n! aaai- As. could be expected of a race Pikes~lle of Baltimore Coud lie made -- '~les town ~: gers 7 p n y- p. . --"r ~" C and G~ mmg,Spor~sThe Olympics were for corn etl tlon, yearly donatmns have been g, ay 9 30 P "" excel at a traditional sport, then But as the weather warms with carr3nng a five-figure purse, the two points. !or us, th~ t!ons held to judge the individual's go it alone --- turn to hiking, bik- spring chasing win,ter to the backs maae ~o~ne ~ospxce oz me t'an- Opequon included a trio of Mary- Starkey's fourth Rebel of the pe fitness against his equal from ina ~, rnele ~limhln~, *a,- of our minc]~, ~vn" 11 haydn, tn ~ nanale . L*ooa,~ ~nepnera,~. m~er~mm, land invaders who garnered the finished with a 23-4 records)didn't] other countries The motto of "Do spor~s.-- p-ick-up games, people nsnlng VOlunteer ~Jare L, lvers, ,~u,mu- most support at the betting win- Monocacy Valley Athletic" L~ that. n sows uo nave, Your Best" was a major theme, The theme had chan~ed. The from the hanks of rivers with cane n~zy ~vnm~nes. ~oum yrograms, . championship, and a tr| u~ alon" with the s"ortsmanshi - - ~ VOlunteer tire tsompames ana me . Silent Valay, a Carnivalay filly Maryland's Cole Field House~-- F t, overwhelming Call was oul; --- pu~e~ xn nanu, aria tam.y aogs supposedly exhibited by the indi- "Find your place and we will sell tagging along as joggers trot County Red. Cross Chapter to rained by Jerry Robb for owner- w ,o CHARL vidual. There were no women you everything you don't need to through subdivisions name me major reclplen~s. ~dany breeder Hal Calgett, was made enrollment, as well as cha~li~rr~~ competitors in the first Olympmd,other groups and causes also ' " be successful at whatever you Hey, commercialism can t win the 4-5 favorite u.nder ~reg school boundaries in Washi$. Bill and L " ", snare mete iunas WIIZN ~ I~:NNI~ z~oo tsar Only 13 nations had athletes have chosen em all . Hutton. Thlrd behind the un- County, should keep the Reb~on Street, there. " The tournament features the beaten Potomac Bend ~n the Class A for at least anothe$ctiChVltms"' for But the world was not a totally Captain's Choice format with four Marshua Stakes at Laurel Park son Even though he lost a si~ friendly place. The European ~ ~rt4 1 11 1" 1 n player teams. The field is limited last out, S11ent Valay looked to use cant number of senior coni~y " 9:30 a. her early speed to control the torn countries had alliances, ententes, ,~irll~l~n~l JJ,~Ov Kams to 18 teams or 72 players and -,Starkey will again be "~[5a ma~ Worshi"Cht' and treaties that had played roles ~.~. wm.~ .=~ ~ j prizes are awarded down to 18th tempo. . the region favorites to go tO~gers. 6"~0 1 in wars and hostilities from the Sh--herd o-ened its women place so that every player is a Saratoga Friends, now trained again in 2000 i~l~ ' " ' beginnings of recorded time e p,~ . u WalKS, as e, manaa fleming, prize winner. The site of the tour- by Anthony Dutrow for a partner- ' Jday - 5:30 ' softball schedule in Institute on Brenna Remsburg, Katie Allnutt, nament is at Sloe"'" Hollow Coun It was only natural then that if Saturda- b- lenin- a twinbill to ~# - ship that had been headed by his ^ ~ ~.p~ SMonday-Fr: y y g ana uKun scorea m g~ve ~nepnera ' ' late father, Dickie Dutrow, was ~MI=I"MF.I'IIJ ~UI" I I:~tffmeeting; athletes from France or England the Lad "Yellow"ackets W-st Va try Club whmh provides a cook out . y j . e a a-u leau. were in the same arena with those St-te took the o--n-r 7 2 an~ supper after the event the 9-5 second choice under Larry March tage ; a pe e,-,u ~nepneru p~cKea up ano~ner - mt, o me; f,n~o Reynolds. This daughter of Valley 21@ Bloomsburg phandle; 7 from ~ne ~ermany t~epuDncs or v " " J came from fi e runs down to corn- run m the third when Remsburt~ Crossing had captured her previ- 23 @ Columbia Union 2:3~a~ 4 - m ~pam mere WOUla ~e more man -mete the swee- with a 6 5 win in gieanea from cn~s projec~ involves p P - scoreu on a who p~cn oy ~m~e re ,just sp~mted competition and ,~^ : ~ the sohcltatlon of sponsors whose out start against allowance foes at 24Shippenshurg 0y Rin era ~tt,z utKttbc~tp never Amanaa Pall sportsmanship ~, " names are listed in the official Laurel by 15 lengths. 25 @Wes~tmMaryland 2 g " ,iVlelanle ~Kun scores zne xlrs~ ~ - - . - Each country s medals were Sh~nherd ,-,n of th~ ,~,~,~, program of the ~ournament. Fur- The other Maryland invader, 27@ V#rVU-Tech 12[~esday - 4 1 counted Women were allowed to tAIAln~ ortr,~r~ ther mformatlon on thls event can Singular Broad, was the 7-I third April ~.( ." . ~ . sacnnce ZLy Dy tsnnssy Asnley m wvMv ~ ovvvLn t. ; i r -+~.^ ~; COl e~e in ~ne ~uu ulym ]cs . . u~ ,~,v~u ~,u ~,~,~. ~ P P the fifth inning. Shea Slrbaugh The WAVE under-12 soccer Hecker "725 4012" or Rolfe Ha es ! ' ' " " : "" "" even .though only 11 were there scored the second run of that game teams played in the March 7 tour- . ~. ". ) -- - y and thenjus~ six in 1904 ~ ~ ~ . LI ~ -n~ t#za-zzz~), wno are me co-cnalrs ' when she uouu eu a u nnally namen~ a~ ~ . dames. J~ozn ~eams of the tournament committee y " ' " : " The purpose of sport, at least crossed on a double play. reached the semifinals with one " ' " six starts. 10 Charleston ~; in the p every four yours, was changed Shepherd was led in game one team going on to wm all mx of its OAItS~ nmt~l~ It would hardly seem right to 13 Fairmont State 2:3~t~ " : . aram.atlc~ly zro.m ~ne or)glnal by three freshmen as Sirbaugh, games and the tourney title. The ne~. n~.~ ~ n~. r ~rs are weic have a Charles Town stake with- 14 Alderson-Broaauus z: L premlse oi par~Iclpa~ing ~;o en . cnuren " Okun and Ashley were a corn- team will next play in the Na- ~i~LF (~P[~N[~H out the presence of a Casey horse, 17@ Bluefield State ~Otrmation nance ones pnyslcalfitnes.s ~. bined six-for-n~ne, with two tional Capitol Soccer League's Despite a nifty 69 by Jason and there was one in the Opequon 18@Davis&Elkins 12~t~tivities. from me laea oz pnyslcal n~ " doubles and two runs scored outdoor season Pierson, Shepherd opened its golf Trainer James W. Casey sent out 22-24 WVIAC Tournamen~ nest, spor~ evolves qUlCKly ln~o a The Rams took the early lead in ~ season on a down note, losing to Under A Willowtree for his wife, ] GRACE pla~zorm mr compeuuons ne~ween . -- me mgn~cap as mey WOUla score n~r-r~o# ~a~m -rr~ae~v P~ewpor~ P~ews ~pprenuce, ~lo-Eleanor, and the My Boy Adam SHEPHERD LCm -cH countries. Au oz mls was on me v~rr~novll nn~n four runs m the second on five 329, in a match held at Hampton zace J~apdst filly was made the 11-1 fourth l,~ e, k-~ , mr~ernauonal scene UUU It'RS MEET Roads (Va.) Pierson s round was choice, sporting one win from ~ ~ ~ In Amerlca, sports became " orlL--rmAnn ssE~-Pnanr. There will be an organizational all the more unusual because of seven local tries. 20@ Francis Marten ~y~ool somemmg enurely ameren~, ovr I ~/~tt-t- IVlg~l~IUI1~1 meetin~ of Jefferson High Track the windy conditions he played in Of course, trainer John McKee zx uneonta SKate ~, II a.m.; C '. " " . RESCHEDULED a--n-d-F-ield- ]3oos--ters-on-Mon-day-~ riday'. Sophomore lan'Elkin arel r v misses" a Charles Town 23 Lawrence University l~sllship, 7 p.m stake and the prominent owner- 24 Colby-Sawyer . I~sday, Pra) breeder sent out a pair of fillies in 25 U. of Southern Marne ~-.mA McKee ent o 27@Concord 1 the Opequon. s ry f B1 fi ld State l aylVisitati Snobby Glide and Jowell Song was 7 # ~ ue e sent out at 13-1 with Richard 28@Salem.Teikyo ~ Cornwell and Todd Dupuis in the 30 Eastern Mennonite3:3~ ~6 iorns, respectively. April JLUTHERA rrute u,t*. m 1 @Bridgewater r of East Sdent Valay mmntmned an un- ^ ~r ~atrmont ~taze streets ( contested lead through early frac- " ;Y.l~ichard'N JLU uavls ~ I~IKms tlons of :24 and :47.3, but when ~"S~day in Saratoga Friends moved along- u Ia .te:z 's (Nurse' 14~m. ~ ary 1 ' side of her, the favored Sxlent 17"1"I" Wesi tldren at b Valay could offer little resistance. 18 ~I~C eyan ~asses for ~tren meet Entering the far turn, Saratoga ~w Friends went b Silent Va zorros~urg ~tate ~wtn iuncr y lay wire 22 West Liberty ~asses mee~ unmls~aKavle, ease ana me secona tat unarleegon, -""3:3~ w v) : is at 6-4~: , thrace drew off from her foes to an :~]~)Vered dmt zz w vt u lournamen . r ~-, ~t, ~ ~, im-ressive nine-length score in " ;n~rnunion at 1"~ 2 t, Home matches are h~.m. --Si gu, r n.r I.n ,n for the first half-mile, rallied nicely to gain the place spot, a length better than Under A SHEPHERD GOLI 22 Clarke Co H 5 g - m~. + ~ ~ r ~. March 22, 7 p m at Jefferson High posted a 79 for Shepherd s second of team s-orts was -uickl-" ex-lod Slow-Pitch softball meeting will School Parents of JHS athletes best score. The Rams will next P ~ q - Y. ~' " now be held on Sunday, March 21 and supportive community mem- pLay a~ rlpes~em ~a~e rarK on lng on me scene mr no~ only muse at r at 7 p m in the cafeteria of bert are lnvxted to attend. S u day. wno paruclpa~ea, vu~ also mote ~. . " " . - . who wanted to witness those ~narles lown Jr. Hxgh. ,All inter- Girls Varsit Te " Boys Varsity Tennis ~ ~ ' es~ea ~eams neea ~o De repre- y nots n ~ ':--- came into tented at this meeting For more March March -- . info call Meredith Polen at 725- 20 Jefferson Invitational H11 ~u~enerson invitational n I# ~nencan spor~s. . ~ Jefferson vs. James Wood & oe~erson vs. ,#ames woou ~ Sherando vs, Hampshire Sherando vs. Hampshire Winners & losers 3:15 Winners & losers 1:15 D,"~'~ ,t y| ~ v~ f~ . 23 Handley A 4 23 Handley H 4 DL) VV 111 24 Martinsburg H 4 24 Martinsburg H 4 25 Keyser A 4 25 Keyser A 4 27 Cougar Classic 9 27 Cougar Classic 11 WEDNESDAY NIGHT toga ~cr ~erms - team -- ~mtuea ~o a~e~, " -- - -- J-fferso-- -'o ur~-'-'en ~" HANDICAPPE~ Outsidars 21S6, Ladies & 'Ikamps 1826. ~ezxerson vs. ~eagesvlue ~ ~'~" d " :~'" ""~ ;~" v~. Teams W L High 8or Game - ABC --JJ Townley 245, Mart~nsburg vs. Mercersburg ~u.e ges~gllle vs. ~tanuney ^^ We Don't Know ~8 16 Eddie Oubbage 214, Terry "t~rner 210, Earl Winners & losers 1.1~ winners ~ losers ~:~u Pin AeUons 28 le ~towe "-~ . - Anril Aoril High Ballere 27 17 High ~r I~OS - ABC -- dd lowmley nl~,-- r . ~ --~m ~ ~,u A ,~ Plnsidflers 27 17 Eddie Cubbage 595, Terry Turner ~7, Earl "l MercersDurg H 3:30 Alley Cats 25 19 ROwe saT. ~ 9 Fort Hill A 4 Iz ~ampsmre ~ 4:to Twittapater~ ~3.S S0.5 High Ser Game- W~C-- I~. dy~ubbage 10 Handler Tournament A 9 13 Loudoun Valley H 3:30 Bruce's Wrecker ~rv 23 21 21S, Debby/'de 200, Becgy "minim tez. ~. ,~- ~. % 14 ,U'a ~,~ .t u The Strokers 2S 21 High ~r ~rtes - WIBC -- Tr~dy Cubbage 14 marzlns~urg 14 4 .~ ~ ~.u ~ ~ Ran 8. 21 28 664, Debby Poe 6S6, Cindy Ott 506. 17 AVL H 10 te t'reston uo. rx Kings & Queens 20 24 High Ind. Ava. - ABC -- JJ Town]ey 204.63, 19Hedgesville A 4 19Hedgesville A 4 Intimidators 19 5 24 5 Eddie Cubbage 200 74, Kenneth W, Leake oq AIIA~ . ~ . 9~a .Tnmaa Wnnd & A . an. ~ ~ - Willowtree, who rallied from last March Zero Cool 19 25 -- ~ -- The Wild Bunch 19 25 High Ind. Ave. - WIBC -- Trudy Cubbage 24 CVAL A 10 Goodwreneh 19 25 168.69, Elaina Simms 161.49, Bonnie Rowe 27 St. James H 4 23 Allegany A 4 to finish third. 20-21 @ Concord No Luck 18 26 159 6S 28 Keyser H 4 24 COAL A 10 A winner three times in 10 life- Invitational Side Winders 1232 Y NIGHT MEN~S 26 Goretti H 4 time starts, Saratoga Friends has 23 @ Shenandoah High Average Women: Gloria Grove 188 Becky F~mx now earned nearly $60,000 in her 25-26 @ Glenville Mercer 176 Bonnie Webb 175, ' COMMERCIAL LEAGUE may z~/keyser n 4 High Average Men: Little Tuggy Davis 209, Teams W L 1 Jefferson Round Robin May career. It was her second straight Invitational Dave Mercer 203 Jim Grove 202 Outsiders 29 11 Hed esville vs l~niv r " j~ .^- ~ -~ o ; g .- e slty 9 1 her impressive score over a sloppy 30@ Hershey High Game Women: Vicki Rehanek 213, Gloria The Who ~o t~ ~ .m ~u, - . . " "~ Hed-'esville vs Universit-- 9 uters 2218 xl~.lll~vJtu~ vet. ~v~xMItul~Jwll Jut x~ 15 J' Grove 211, Lisa Reynolds 203, Sequoia Comp : 2 ." track Invitational 1~ High Game Men; Frank Conard 277, Mike Cook Strike ~orce 22 18 denerson vs. university l:lb /-leugesvl~e v& morganmwn u:x~ They called for rain and that April 257, RebTau]ton259. OddBuneh 21 19 JeffersonvsMorgantown 3"~0 Jefferson vs. University 1:15 persuaded me to come here more 5-6 @ Southern Regional High Seriee Women Gloria Grove 597 Vicki Bad Boys 20 20 . ~ j ',22 neogeswue 11 4 oen'erson vs morgan~own a:,~u Rehanek 570. Becky Mercer 550. Big Daddy e lS than anything, trainer Anthony 11-12 @ Northern Region| High Series Men: Frank Conard 703, RobDean's Painting 1723 0 ~. dames A ~ neeqge~ue n e Taulton 684, Mike Cook 657, Courtney & Son.Tow lS24 7 Mercersburg A ~15 7 Mercersburg A 4:15 Dutrow said afterward. 16@ Apprentice High Team Game: Side Winders 774 The Screwballs 7 33 10 1R~dnn~l H R la 1R~nn~! H S "As soon as we got on the back- Invitational Strokers 766, Zero Cool 761 ' High Team Game: The Who 966, Odd Bunch 960, :.- .=~-~.-----"~ ~= '~ :'~ ~ "~ ~---- ~ ~ ~ -- High Team Series: Tl~e Strokers 2178. Side Strika Force 941. . U^ Mr,~egmmu ~. ~^ u~elpomu .~ n . side, she got in gear," jockey Larry 25-28 WVIAC Windeers 2161, Zero Cool 2158. High Team Series: Odd Bunch 2740, Strixe F.A~ ;~lr~tlr~ unanes~on ~ ~aze unarlest~n Reynolds said. Championship Force 2740, The Who 2714. WEDNESDAY NIGHT SCRATCH ^ High Gum . ~,Y ~.~t~,7~:,$;~.~.~,~:: ~4%~.g~;C~,~:.7.t%~,j~ ~;~,~j.t~t:?~,);t~j/~ ~**~,r,~;(~;~*,~,j~t~,~$~t, ~;~/.~.;t~. Davis 16 5 High Series' Charles Wolfe 687 Brian -#it" m,tms ,mmmsm mamm-, ~mm ~m,~, m Bun ,s4 n,erh.am836. ro, Pa'mer62" u -u nnnnn, mnmn n v i nnnu -m n Conard 144 High Average: Charles Wolfe 201.36, Rohert Jmvmmvmunlm m m rum-.qk,8'Ik=Imn mmm , Cubbaga 14 S Poacher 191,96 Dennis Woodward 191,00. ~.L ~ ,~ v ~tt. Mercer 12 9 ,~ " ,~ * Seltzer 118 INWOoDEATERYSR crrlz~Ns ",~Euclid Ave Charles Town, W. Vs. : Carroll 9 l0 Teams W L %r f ~, ~ ~.~ ,~ Roth o~ 7 Ctt o Home Heann ut~ . ~1 Longerbeam 7 9 Smoothlel 26 14 j; ~.1 1 "--A~ll~ ~;~'":'~'~:~'~ ))@" Lewis 4 12 Pinbusters 24.5 15.5 ) m.wc~ uurnumc ~:;: II: Bon.r,r 3,21 19 ~ Y /~ ~!~ "" ~LEJ~Friendly High Average: Carlos Bunting 211, Dave Mercer HotBuns 21 19 ~t~ ~llf/~Fl~ ~'M #'~/~'1I? ~ ~J~i~ '~t" & Informal --7- 210, Pork Barrow 208. Eiaie i Herd 19.S $0.S,~.~ ~ ~ ""~'~'~ ~ High Game', Dave Mercer 278, Tuggy Davia 256, Hits & M|seea 12.5 :O.5j",I 3, L- Shon & Sweet Gary Seltzer 248. nee Gee's lS 21 ~:~' ~'~ ~t ~ r ~ " 'L'.t' HighSeries'DaveMercerg09TuggyDavis900 TrynHard 19 21 ,~'~: [ ~ ~/~-~'~ ')'~" ~CasualDress (;ary Seltzer 844, -l~,wdy'-I1 ]: ::,x.': I ervlng ule Fetr01eumNee s I Full Ein- - Y [ Stimalating Other Options " OUPLES uneel i- eeae ~ / v / a" MONDAY NIGHT DOUB~ C ~ Unpredietables 18 22 ~/ ~ Teams W L ,~ ss 125 E y.oor ,7 2s:: / of the Eastern Panhandle/ f ~ll, 1 :i;. ~L.~.JVlbrantll~fl Music,WorshiPwith FullatCholrsW'SO &ll a.m. " Hoad Pins 17.S 22.5,*.~ *j'f, ,Sunday ~hnnl h)r sll Ages at q .~0 s Totllly Clneless 31 17 17 28*x" ~ h ,0 ,s " " t f0rthe past 60 Yearn J / ~ / ,~. F-~DuringChildrens SundaySchoo] I" '" ' ':' tour umsee 15 2 .-.~ -- ~ n ~ m ~|;, Mo psr ml.maes ~ a ~ Femily 14 20 ~;~. l~, ~,ASBURY UNITED METHODIST CHURCH i~tlllel TPm~I 2Z.S Zo,a tilth av.~.~. M-n Kon Wilt 187 ~t. / rrt~.n / ,'~'f. Outsiders 29 2S Doris Cline164 ] ~ J '* 26 HighAvengeWom - ,~,:, A Dru Free Workvlace .L 'L~ A Church of the Ever-Widening Circle offering d!versity, ~m "2 2~ High Geme msn- uon u~me- 225. ,*:, o # LU DrlGan[s ~rewoat|a ~ ~o High Gains Women. Patsy Nu~ - 17s, '~"V ~ outward with Christ at our Center.' Ul~r minus ;1:4 ~O ~ ' "* in High 8eriea Men. Ken Wilt 608. ~.:~ ' ' W' "~ Sh ts Love Shmumna 23 22 wheeler ,: We Honor l Partners In Educatton tth 1 10 W. North Street Charles Town, W. Va. . Lete Bloomers 19 29 499 ~:~. i ~ ' ~|; TheP-ek 14 s4 ,:::. Visa / Mastercard Harper Ftrry Jr. High 725 5513 Ill Bet Geme-'I'eem-- Outsiders 765, ?~,' '!'.~ ,:~.' .:';' t,'.~, ,'.',-,5"." -t ' ( ~.~ ~(,: ;~.~'. **~; ',f~ .A" f~,~ ~ .' ~. -- -~ -- ,