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Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
Charles Town, West Virginia
March 17, 1966     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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March 17, 1966

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Miss Dorothy Bowers accompa- nied Mrs. Leo Cogle, of Charles Town, to Winchester, Va., Tues- day morning on business. Miss Sharon Ott, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Ott along with the Ca~lettes of Harpers Ferry,of which she is a member, attended a skating party Tuesday afternoon at Berryville, Va. Mr. and Mrs. William Bowers and daughter, of Charles Town, visited Mr. aand Mrs. William Hoak and Miss Dorothy Bowers Tuesday evening. Mrs. Nathanael Gray was a sup- per guests of Mrs. Ramon Gray Mrs. Wallace Ott and Miss Imo. Miss Dorothy Bowers spent sev- gene Shiley spent Wednesday eral days last week at the home morning with little Miss Kelley of her brother and sister-in-law, Williams of Stiles Trailer Court Mr. and Mrs. Austin Bowers and of Charles Town. son, in Charles Town. Dwight Mrs. Winerd Bowers, Mrs.. Bowers was on the sick list with Alton Muse and children, Karen an ear infection. and Timmy, visited Mrs. Bowers'] Mrs. Wallace Ott and children, brother-in-taw and sister, Mr. and Sharon,-Michael, Larry, and Ste- Mrs Carl Clark, of Clearbrook, phen, of Halltown, accompanied Va.,'Thursday evening. Mrs. Bet- Mr. and Mrs. Ellis Williams, Jr., nard Ott accompanied them as and daughter, Kelley, to Winches- far as Inwood where she spent ter Va., where they spent Satur- the evening with her sister, Mrs. day afternoon shopping. Cornelia Laye. On their return Mr. and Mrs. John Edward home they visited Mr. and Mrs. Meyer, of Charles Town visited Lee Sipe, of Charles Town. Mrs. Moler's mother, Mrs. Natha- nael Gray, on Saturday evening. Mr. and Mrs. Ellis Williams, Mr. and Mrs. Ellis Williams, Sr., and son, Donald, of Ranson, spent Thursday evening With Mr. Jr., and daughter, Kelley ~)f Stiles and Mrs. Wallace Ott and chil. Trailer Court ,Charles Town, vis- dren. The occasion was the ited Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Ott eighth birthday of Stephen Ott. and family Sunday morning. Mr. and Mrs. David Penwell Mrs. Nathanael Gray and Mrs. and daughter, Linda Anne, spent David Penwell attended a Bee Sunday afternoon in Charles Line fashion show at the home of Town With Mr. and Mrs. Ned Mrs. Harry Dinges, of Charles Kimes. Town, Thursday evening.I Mr. and Mrs. George Zombro, of Master Michael and Mark Shepherdstown, visited their son- Simons, of Ranson, were Saturday in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. overnight guests of their grand- James Watson and son, Gregory. parents, Mr. and Mrs. William Mrs. Nathanael Grey visited Hoak and Miss Dorothy Bowers. 'Mrs. Margaret Hostler, of Mt. Little Miss Kelley Williams, of Mission, and Mr. F. E. Brenne- Charles Town, and Miss Imogene man, of Charles Town, Sunday Shiley and Master Gregory Wet- afternoon. son, of Halltown, were visitors at r i i I I ]l I nnlll with TRIPLE ACTION KILLER 1. 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The devotion was in charge of the vice presi. dent, Mrs. Capriotti and a duet was sung by Malissa and Susie Mills and a solo by Mrs. Harry Martin, Jr. Business was in charge of the president, Mrs. Hel- en Mills. BE ACCIDENT PROTECTED Every three seconds someone, somewhere in the United States suffers an accident. It might range from a broken finger to multiple injuries requiring weeks of hospital car. Yes - - accidents can be expensive! You can have personal acci- dent-insurance protection for only 10 cents a week. That's right! Mr. and Mrs. Joe Seibert and Ten cents a week provides you daughter, of Vanclesville, were]with accident insurance protect- Sunday guests of her parents, Mr. I ion whether at home, at work or and Mrs. Charles Knott and son[at play. and Mrs. Florence Runion. I Complete details are available Patrick McClellan Welsh cele- by wrting to the Registrar Agent, brated his first birthday on Sun-=Washington National Insurance day with a family dinner. Those Co., Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Read attending were his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Welsh and Tract, Mrs. Martin Welsh, Sr., Mr. and Mrs. Martin Welsh, Jr., of Baker. ton, and Mr. and Mrs. Bobby Welsh, of Bolivar. Mr. and Mrs. Jack Loudan, Harpers Ferry, Mr. and Mrs. Bob- by Loudan and children, of Knox. ville, Md., and Mr. and Mrs. Gard- ner Londan, of Ranson, were Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. Harold Harding and Mrs. Annie Loudan. Mr. and Mrs. Bert Loudan and son, Mrs. Bertha Harding and Mrs. Annie Loudan motored to Brunswick, Md., on Sunday eve, ning and visited Mr. and Mrs. James Schamel. Mr. and Mrs. Jack Holler, of Brownsville, Md., Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Holler, Brunswick, and Mrs. Becky Walker, Brunswick, were Sunday dinner guests of Mrs. Maude Holler and family. Mr. and Mrs. Amos Holler, of Charles Town, and Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Fries and children, of Martinsburg, were Sunday eve- ning guests of Mrs. Maude Hol- ler and family. W.S.C.S. Meeting W~S.C.S. held its regular monthly and business meeting on Wednesday night,, March 9, at I , er-Insurance Dept., Box 957, Pitts |r .... G. E. Appliances Old Dominion Appliance Co. Phone 725.28U W. WASHINGTON ST. Charles Town, W. Ca. r b rg, Pa. , SPIRIT OF JEFFERSON FARM]ER'S ADVOCAT] For the best orts, coverage]THURSDAY, MARCH 17, 1966 and top-flight women s news every morning read The Pitts"i[ Can you solve the crossword~ week. See clues, word list burg Post-Gazette. Contact your local newspaperboy or dealer to-[puzzle correctly for $600? That's lentry blank in THE BAI ~I~ day, [the kind of prize that could begNEWS AMERICAN On sale [paid for the right answer to the lYur Local Newsdealer PUZZI,E soLuTioN l Baltimore News American Jack. I ---I ,~, WORTH BIG CASH I pot Crossword Puzzle. Try thisi ~0 1"O t nurcn i Mrs. Martin Grimes and chil. dren, Dabble and Jimmy, of Charles Town, and Mr. and Mrs. ~"" Irving Gray and son, Robbie, of Ranson, visited their brother-in- " ........ law and sister, Mr. and Mrs. Da- vid Penwell and family. BirthdaY Party A birthday party was held at the home of Mr. and Mrs. William Hoak, Jr., of near Zoar, on Sun- day afternoon in honor of the fifth birthday of their daughter, Marilyn. Those helping her cele- brate the occasion were Mr. Ray- mond Dillow and daughter, of Bolivar, Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Pendly and family, of ~ Jefferson, Md., Mr. and Mrs. William R. Hoak, Mrs. Frank Simons and sons, Michael and Mark, all of Charles Town, Mrs. William Hoak, St., Bruce Bowers, Terry, Judy and Jeanne Penwell, Timmy and Kenny Muse, all of Halltown, Mr. and Mrs. William Hoak and sons, Bruce and Clark, and the honored guest, Marilyn. During the afternoon Mrs. Hoak served refreshments consisting of birth- day cake, cup cakes, popcorn, po- tato chips and cool ade. Marilyn received many nice gifts and a most enjoyable time was had by aIl. They Wished Marilyn many, many more happy birthdays. Anew list everyweek fromnow until March 31st.429 first priz'es. CHARLES TOWN, W. VA. 014 2J71 2S53 362K 3G74 3S48 41535 4E74 4R42 4Z78611 863L OJ4 2J72 2S72 363K 3G76 3S52 41739 4E76 4S45 614B618 864L OK4 2J74 2U51 363S 3G78 3S53 41839 4E78 4S63 614C6J4 864W 114 2J76 2U52 3A43 3J2 3S68 452 4G51 4S72 621M6K4 ~74T 21135 2J78 2U61 3A47 3J51 3U43 453 412 4U60 622L732 884L 21235 2K42 2U62 3A63 3J52 3U47 454 4J4 4U65 624F762D 884P 21535 2N26 2U65 3A65 3J53 3U63 45315 4J45 4U66 625i" 762L 894K 21545 2N63 2W53 3A66 3J68 3U65 45415 4J63 4U68 628K774 816 262 2N64 2W72 3A69 3K48 3U66 45537 4J72 4U69 628W7J4 8J4 263 2N67 2Y83 3E52 3K49 3U69 45837~4K4 4W45 630K7K4 BK4 264 2N69 2Z53 3E553 3N60 3W67 473 4K6 4W63 632T804M 962L 2E53 2P71 2Z72 3E53 3N64 3Z52 4A60 4N52 4W72 635(3 814K 962S 2E72 2P72 315453E54 3N66 3Z53 4A64 4N53 4Y87 635L814M 963A 2F42 2P74 315653E61 3N68 3Z54 4A66 4N54 4Z45 636(: 824P BJ4 2G26 2P76 316353E62 3N72 3Z61 4A68 4N61 4Z63 638A834A BK4 2G63 2P78 317353E65 3R31 3Z62 4A69 4N62 4Z64 639W834L L74 2G64 2R31 352 3E68 3R32 3Z65 4E45 4R31 4Z72 654 844M 2G67 2S32 353 3F49 3R41 41135 4E63 4R32 4Z74 662W854W 2G69 2S42 354 3G72 3S47 41235 4E72 4R41 4Z76 663PB62P - - i i - ii i B II II Here's how it works. 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