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Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
Charles Town, West Virginia
March 17, 1966     Spirit of Jefferson Farmers Advocate
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March 17, 1966

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Class I property, which includes ] ehn|ae Pa| William 6. Psilhs , SPIRIT OF JEFFERSON FARMER'S ADVOCATE all tangible property used in agri / ilil, iavm lmmiwvI I T ITRSDAV 17 1q66 B--5 cHture: taxable bon [i . . .. . t^ ,.,. ,- ...,,. t accounts receivable, excluding~ Lommtsstoneo econo /tluaums rot mmon . . .. t I America Is A America To Adv pubhc utlhty property, totaled ' . .... $4,699,210, up $100,000 over lastI . m year. Public utility property ini Lieutenant By Army Dollar Round Table ! A Reliable Shopping Grade r = this class was $124,600. 1 - . i '-v'~ ...... :' ...... : ........... | i 1 Class II property which in-1 Fort Berming, Ga. (AttTNC)- Wore was received here this i ....... Illl - ' Nicholas W Palumbo, 25, whose week from the Million Dollar ~ ~ ~ ~ ....... ' [I 1 cludes homeS lwif ~.l~ina" liv0~ nn f'.arlilo rd Ro d q'able an internation 1 i LIVING ON WHEELS --- By BOB STILES -- When the club was , t ana Par~lPeo~VwnU2e~c~Yij~e ?arWrme: I Wcstford, I~ass., waS commission association of the top echelon of ]looking for a neW chef, they required that he have a big vocabulary. i I *.~A ~a~4 a~ ~',P~. ~a~o~[ed an Army second lieutenant life insurance salesmen, that Will i ' |How else can you give the vegetable soup a new name every day? ~,,~..~,. ~,,,,,,,o,,,,~,,, uv ~,..~=,v,,, -. " P " " i * * * * | J f..,~ ~oo, ..... , .......... , ,~ ] after graduating from the Infan- zam G. sfllas" of Hagerstown, ~d. [ Murder, suspense, and lnsan ty / .... I } }, $15,s4s.s 5 . . . . . . . tm g ss. t | i .~;_ .:;. ...... ]Fort Bennmg, G a., Feb. 25. Town, has again completed all [dealing wz~h the emotz01~! ms~-| try Offzcer Candsdate School, a former resident of Cha les f gure in thzs mystery thn er There s one t about baklne "I s n. at . ,as~. ssmems tom.muj During the rigorous 23-week requirements to be certified as[bi!ity of a goverae~s who saw her| a h.~t.~,~' W~'~. n~ohi~,~ u,h~ w.,~ in .,~ anti. z,v .ozo oro en uown into alif " " an a ' i' to .- ...... .............. .-. -,.-v ..... I ................. ] course, Lmutenant Palumbo was a qu ymg member of the org | w y of ire threatened an4 ok| T~.~` ,, .......... ~*~. ~ .,"., ~ ,-.- ~* ~,,"^, ~,~ *-.. m ..... " ., . . / ~,~zu~,vuu zor real esmce.~,~a~s:Itraihed in the Classroom and in ization. [ what she considered appropriate| .':Y.~ ";'~'~.'~ "v ."'~. ""'~ ...... a ........... s .... ,~ ,-~s~- and personal property i The increase was renectec~ i~' Ho zor personaz property ana ) th^ field in~ leadershi- tactics of n~.^ oo, ........ , ,~o m action Audiences should find [" ~romoepartea s~pirit~... . * ~ ~) ..]%.IJ~ .mm.%k.U~ll%.4L JL~UIg:; 1~ UII~; UJL ~,11~ 'T- , , , nts of taxable property addztmns to the tax rolls and $4,994,300 for pubhc utzhty prop- sm~,, infan*-- u"i's e---lo"ment - ' " ~" " | the u"-"~'- "*'~^'~'~"" ~ +~.;.l : .... ~^~ v^l" a':-ns -laced ^--err,. This fi"ure com"ares with) ,-z ~,y .t, my y most excmmve orgamzauons m/ . ,-~y,-,s *~-~:,,s ~ t~'Y/ .................... Jefferson County has hit .t~xe~yu . ~u uo .P .. yv y~- . _.s .... v .~^_ lof infantry weapons and support the world It's membership com-|ta~e untozas at an interest-nolq-[ I nave a m~a wno nas z~o voogs, out no oool~case. No oae wit iher all-time high this year property azreaay on me rolzs, oy i a. mt~o~ ~la,ozp,zza in l~i0, Up [ ing arms, map and aerial photo- prises about one percent of all [ ing pace, aided by good perforna- I lend 'him a bookcase.... the fourth consecutive year, ~the.assessor. . ...... $1,~,~ ~rom zas~ yea~ .... I graph reading, jungle and guer- life insurance salesmen. Becom-Lanc~s by all. concerned. " [ ~ * * * * the figure for this coming "rnis year unti~e in ~oa wnen~ Tne assessments xor ulass iv rilta warfare, and counter insur in- a member of this -rou- is ~ ~ I-'we ......................... " ..... assess ~ includes "3 912 930 for re " es ~ " " s ~ v t ......... .~ . -. __ / a~ ys ~ougn~ my mg oromer was smarter man z uaui ne zo~[ ms 1 year being $46,880,120 as mey snowea a (lrop m - ~ , , at -Igency operations, comparable t. an actor winning t "wm~ ~r~t, ~nowmg wea . "/10ha~ an ol~va+.r .rmrstar Wo oa,,|dn,t ~rn~rnht~r tho ~cmha ared to $44,065,655 for the ments of $203,990 Public Utilities tate, $3,434,325, for personal pro- J q'h. ie,,i nant ent r a thaan "Oscar" or a baseball nlaver Thurs., March 23 - 24 / ...... . .......... ......... "" .... .... ...... went up by $34,700, to a hgure of P riiY and $9 5,300 for pubhc utfl. I " " e " t e Ha "- " " ed a d l year of 1965. .. ................. _ .......... . Army m 19~ and was last stahon being plac d m h I1 of Fame. Produced, d~reet , and cte | Route v--rself r~ht to T~ STAT~. M(~BII.E !tO~ and v.u'tl find iss Kathryn L. Trussell, coW .... ~-. ...... --~. v.~ ~...= .~..~o o..,~..~,up~ .~ . ,,-o ,~w~, - "~" ~" " ..... o 1 De of $6,069 500 I up $548,495 n .... ,. ....... ..... ............ oll ...... .... e thig maria ie a t y Ur Way to he h~"t ~l Ever on a Beautiful Mobile llama, assessor, said the 1966 fig- i _, " _ ~a~umuo w~s ~;~-,.uua~=u ~um Is mat a salesman must nave sore ~ ~ w~u~ ~z,, ,,. ....... v "~' - i ' show an increase of $2,814, Of the total increases In prop- The assessor will now turn the Charles Town High School in 1959 at least a million dollars worth of commendable effort. Story con- [ TPd STATE MOBILE HOMES ;r last year and this huge erty assessments in the county l new assessment figures over to His parents, Mr. and Mrs. Savino insurance during the year Mem- centrates on a boy and girl who I ....... .... , ........ e brings to $4,865,760 in- over the past four years, the 1966 levying bodies in the county, such j, Palumbo, live in Charles Tow~ bershi~ is only for one and make a box-car 0d~;ssey across I ~nanes Town, west v]rgmm -- TeL ~e~ .#z~.~ in the past four year~ increase is by far the largest, as the County Court, the Board . ~ -- to maintain membership "an asp)r- America. " ~, .... ] ill I II I m ~ m ( i ii m m i i i .... of Education and town councils ~ommm ~ mmt ~ ant must a--l'- and -ualif-- each "-' ..... "~ ~ I'!~'~ ~ '~J~'~t~'$s' ~ ~j~ ~.... ~'~ ~+~ ~" ] '1 ~F~" ~: ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ mm. m,. mm . 4 : mm m [] mmmm m .............. for the levying of taxes. ~l~nJaro lrussen AgOra year. Life membership is how ............... 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NOTICE TO CREDITORS To the Creditors and Benefic- iaries of the Estate of LAURA WILLIAMS CARTER, deceased. All persons having claims a- All Keepsake diamonds are protected against loss from the setting for one year. Each ring carries a life- hme trade-in privilege, plus permanent registration.. all this is y0u at ne extra t:ost from Keepsake. CDMPLETE SETS ROM: Little or No Money Down. Take it with lrOU. We axe Your Authorized Keepsake Dealer. FEAGAI JEWE.ERi ' 230 WI ST WASHINGTON STREET PHONI 72 -7411 -- CHARLLES TOWN, W. YA. -- -~ - _- J ~ t~ " OS_~ ever, granted to those who quali- fy for six consecutive years. Garland i Martin Is ticensM As Real Estate Salesman Garland S. Martin, of Charles Town, is one of 24 West Virgini~ men and women who have been licensed since February 1, to sell real eastate in West Virginia, according to Donald E. Port)s, ex- ecutive secretary of the West Virginia Real Estate Commission. Portis also rep6rted that four broker's licenses have been issued recently. Each applicant receiving the license qualified by passing the required examination. ~.,~ ---,~ --, _ ._ _- By Kani Lane, Mgr. Charles Washington Theatre gainst the estate of the said Laura Williams Carter, deceased, wheth- ~~ -.-: -:~ ~- er due or not, are notified to ex- -7 WOMlZN" Showing Friday-Set- h)bit same, with the voucher urday, March 18-19 undersigned at his office at 104 A group of women of differing W. Congress St., Charles Town, ages, temperaments, and back- West Virginia, on or before the ground thrown together under 10th day oJ~ July, 1966; other- difficult and terrorizing condi- wise they may by law be excluded tions are offered here. Their con- from all benefit of said estate, flicts and outlook are never dull. All beneficiaries of said estate Audiences shoHd be attracted by may appear on or before said day the cast the situations and to examine said claims and other then interested in the plot devel- wise protect their interests,opment, made all more realis- Given under my hand this 10th tic by fine performances. day of March, 1966. T. W. STEPTOE '~rHE NANNY" Sl~owing Sun. - Commissioner of Accounts Mon. - Tue., March 20-21- 22 Jefferson County March 10-34. Notice Of S le Of Valuable Real Estate Default having been made in the provisions of that certain deed of trust dated August 14, 1957, made by Louise Krieg, wid- ow, to Forrest A. Brown, Trustee, of record in the Office of the Clerk of the County Court of Jeff- erson County, West Virginia, in Deed Book No. 220, page 156, and in the payment of the indebted- ness secured thereby, and the ben eficiary of said deed of trust hav- ing required her Sa to do, the unctersigned Tr0 ee (having been substituted as Trustee for said Forrest' A. Brown, now de- ceased, by order of the Circuit Cburt of; Jeffer~bn County, West Virginia, made and entered on l~ovember 19, 19f~, in a certain motion therein pending entitled Robert R. Smith: et al, vs. Ann t~ufnagel, et el), in execution of ~ $3 ~Q~ said deed of trust and pursuant to the provisions thereof, will sell at public auction at the front door of the Court House of Jeff- erson County in Charles Town West Virginia on SatUrday, April 2, 1966, at 10:00 A. M. E. S. T., the following real estate, to-wit: All that cerL~in lot or parcel of land with dwelling house and other improvements thereon, f~onting on the east side of King Street (also called Upper Street) C~ir Mo~za Sp~ So.dan. On All Orders Received D ring M ath Of March PHONE 72!-2069 in the Village of M[ddleway, in ,Ieffe~son County, West Virginia, n0w-I}0ulde llay at your wht~ch was conveyed t~0 the said Louise Krieg by Helen A. Z. White, widow by deed dated Triple Track Aluminum Storm Windows And Screens. 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AJWays |a~ea them befor, e starting. notes of the purchaser, bearing even date with day of sale, pay- able on or before one and ~o years after date respectively, bear ing interest from date at six per cent annum,payable se~i- anfiually, secured by deed Of~ trust upon the property sold; qr, at option of purchaser, the whole amount may bepaid m cash. L. C. BRISCOE, | " Substituted Trustee [ Auctioneer: " " ' [ PAUL E. MI , JR. / ROUTE 340 EAST CHARL] S TOWN, W. VA. dealer's buys have m ! PHONE 725-704 I I In I